Win7 socket error

win7 socket error

Method 1: Enabling Connected Device Platform rule in Windows Firewall. As it turns out, the 'socket error' when running an Internet speed test. socket error · The most likely cause of "connection reset by peer" is the program on the other side crashing. – David Schwartz · @David. When you encounter socket errors, it means that the system you are trying to connect to might have used up all its available sockets.

Win7 socket error - you


Issue: How to Fix Socket Error on Windows?

I have received an error message, and I don’t know what to do about it. The error says: &#;Socket Error # Connection timed out.” I am not sure what might be wrong with my Internet connection.

Solved Answer

Socket Error informs about connection problems. This error usually shows up when using proxy service to connect to the Internet, and the browser does not have enough time to load the requested page. Generally speaking, the proxy server works too slow. As a result, the connection time out error message occurs.

Sometimes it’s enough to fix Socket Error by refreshing the website that did not load or checking URL address.[1] Indeed, mistyped address might trigger this error too. However, in some cases, it’s not enough. Solving this problem may need making modifications in Windows Registry[2] or verifying web proxy settings.

What is more, this error might also occur when a system cannot connect to the mail server. If you are using Microsoft Outlook[3] and received this error, you should verify email client settings. It should be enough to solve this problem and use email service normally.

How to Fix Socket Error ?

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As you already know Socket Error is related to proxy service and in some cases with mail servers. These three methods explained below should help you to fix this error.

Method 1. Verify web proxy connection

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1. Start your computer with administrative rights.

2. Open Run app from the Start, and type Click OK.

3. When Internet Properties window appears, go to the Connections tab. There go to the Lan settings.

4. The Local Area Network (LAN) Settings window shows up. Find the Use a proxy for your Lan box, and deselect this option. Click OK.

Socket Error should be fixed. Try to open the website that you were not able before. If this error still shows up, try the second method.

Method 2. Increase the time-out limit for the loading websites.

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To repair damaged system, you have to purchase the licensed version of Reimage Reimage.

NOTE. This method requires making modifications in Windows Registry. In order to avoid possible damage, you should backup Registry. Backups are crucial if something go wrong.

1. Open the Registry Editor. Go to the Run app from the Start, type regedit and click OK.

2. Go to the registry subkey:


3. Click on RequestTimeoutSecs, and then on Modify button.

4. Go to Decimal where you can increase the time limit for loading the Internet sites. It is recommended to set this number to and more.

5. Once you do that, click OK.

6. When all modifications are applied, reboot your computer.

After making modifications in the registry, you should also make sure that everything is stable on the system. Once you fix this issue, we suggest scanning the computer with Reimage.

Method 3. Verify Email Client Settings

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To repair damaged system, you have to purchase the licensed version of Reimage Reimage.

If you see Socket Error when trying to send emails from Microsoft Outlook, you should confirm your client settings.

1. Start your computer with administrative rights.

2. Open Microsoft Outlook.

3. When in Outlook, go to Tools and then open Accounts.

4. In the Internet Accounts window look for the Mail tab. When you open it, you will find the list of accounts. Double-click on your account.

5. In the appeared Accounts Properties window, select Servers tab. Here you need to verify all the details.

If client settings are correct, there might be a problem with the authentication process. Thus, you need to enable that Authentication is enabled. Follow these steps to fix Socket Error

1. Repeat the first four previously explained steps in order to open Account Properties window.

2. In the Account Properties, select Server tab. Here look for the My server requires authentication box and tick it. Then, click OK.

If it is Windows Live Mail that you are using, follow the below-provided instructing steps:

  1. Right-click on your account and select Properties.
  2. Check the Advanced Tab and General Tab and make sure that the right settings are selected.
  3. Click on the OK/Apply button if you have applied any changes.

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FD_CONNECT) { MsgBox % "WSAAsyncSelect() indicated Winsock error " . DllCall("Ws2_32&#;WSAGetLastError") ExitApp } Loop ; Wait for incomming connections { ; accept requests that are in the pipeline of the socket conectioncheck := DllCall("Ws2_32&#;accept", "UInt", socket, "UInt", &SocketAddress, "Int", SizeOfSocketAddress) ; Ws2_22/accept returns the new Connection-Socket if a connection request was in the pipeline ; on failure it returns an negative value if conectioncheck > 1 { Tooltip, Connection accepted Sleep, Tooltip break } sleep ; wait half 1 second then accept again } return PrepareForIncomingConnection(IPAddress, Port) ; This can connect to most types of TCP servers, not just Network. ; Returns -1 (INVALID_SOCKET) upon failure or the socket ID upon success. { VarSetCapacity(wsaData, 32) ; The struct is only about 14 in size, so 32 is conservative. result := DllCall("Ws2_32&#;WSAStartup", "UShort", 0x, "UInt", &wsaData) ; Request Winsock (0x) ; Since WSAStartup() will likely be the first Winsock function called by this script, ; check ErrorLevel to see if the OS has Winsock available: if ErrorLevel { MsgBox WSAStartup() could not be calleddue to error %ErrorLevel%. Winsock or higher is required. return -1 } if result ; Non-zero, which means it failed (most Winsock functions return 0 upon success). { MsgBox % "WSAStartup() indicated Winsock error " . DllCall("Ws2_32&#;WSAGetLastError") return -1 } AF_INET = 2 SOCK_STREAM = 1 IPPROTO_TCP = 6 socket := DllCall("Ws2_32&#;socket", "Int", AF_INET, "Int", SOCK_STREAM, "Int", IPPROTO_TCP) if socket = -1 { MsgBox % "socket() indicated Winsock error " . DllCall("Ws2_32&#;WSAGetLastError") return -1 } ; Prepare for connection: SizeOfSocketAddress = 16 VarSetCapacity(SocketAddress, SizeOfSocketAddress) InsertInteger(2, SocketAddress, 0, AF_INET) ; sin_family InsertInteger(DllCall("Ws2_32&#;htons", "UShort", Port), SocketAddress, 2, 2) ; sin_port InsertInteger(DllCall("Ws2_32&#;inet_addr", "Str", IPAddress), SocketAddress, 4, 4) ; sin_addr.s_addr ; Bind to socket: if DllCall("Ws2_32&#;bind", "UInt", socket, "UInt", &SocketAddress, "Int", SizeOfSocketAddress) { MsgBox % "bind() indicated Winsock error " . DllCall("Ws2_32&#;WSAGetLastError") . "?" return -1 } if DllCall("Ws2_32&#;listen", "UInt", socket, "UInt", "SOMAXCONN") { MsgBox % "LISTEN() indicated Winsock error " . DllCall("Ws2_32&#;WSAGetLastError") . "?" return -1 } return socket ; Indicate success by returning a valid socket ID rather than } ReceiveData(wParam, lParam) ; By means of OnMessage(), this function has been set up to be called automatically whenever new data ; arrives on the connection. { global ShowRecieved socket := wParam ReceivedDataSize = ; Large in case a lotof data gets buffered due to delay in processing previous data. Loop ; This loop solves the issue of the notification message being discarded due to thread-already-running. { VarSetCapacity(ReceivedData,ReceivedDataSize, 0) ; 0 for last param terminates string for usewith recv(). ReceivedDataLength :=DllCall("Ws2_32&#;recv", "UInt", socket, "Str", ReceivedData, "Int",ReceivedDataSize, "Int", 0) if ReceivedDataLength = 0 ; The connection was gracefully closed, ExitApp ; The OnExit routine will call WSACleanup() for us. if ReceivedDataLength = -1 { WinsockError := DllCall("Ws2_32&#;WSAGetLastError") if WinsockError = ; WSAEWOULDBLOCK, which means "no more data to be read". return 1 if WinsockError <> ; WSAECONNRESET, which happens when Network closes via systemshutdown/logoff. ; Sinceit's an unexpected error, report it. Also exit to avoid infiniteloop. MsgBox % "recv() indicated Winsock error " . WinsockError ExitApp ; The OnExit routine will call WSACleanup() for us. } ; Otherwise, process the data received. Loop, parse, ReceivedData, `n, `r { ; ShowRecieved = %ShowRecieved%%A_LoopField% ; Tooltip % ShowRecieved ShowRecieved = %A_LoopField% ; Tooltip % ShowRecieved If (ShowRecieved = 1) { Gosub, hheal } If (ShowRecieved = 2) { Gosub, rrech } If (ShowRecieved = 3) { Gosub, ppowa } If (ShowRecieved = 4) { Gosub, bbuff } If (ShowRecieved = 5) { Gosub, ssbuff } If (ShowRecieved = 6) { Gosub, aatac } } } return 1 ; Tell the program that no further processing of this message is needed. To preserve any existing contents in pDest, ; only pSize number of bytes starting at pOffset are altered in it. { Loop %pSize% ; Copy each byte in the integer into the structure as raw binary data. DllCall("RtlFillMemory", "UInt",&pDest + pOffset + A_Index-1, "UInt", 1, "UChar", pInteger >>8*(A_Index-1) & 0xFF) } GetUInt(ByRef pSource, pOffset = 0, Len = 4) { Loop %Len% result += *(&pSource+pOffset+A_Index-1) << 8*A_Index-8 Return result } ExitSub: ; This subroutine is called automatically when the script exits for any reason. ; MSDN: "Any sockets open when WSACleanup is called are reset and automatically ; deallocated as if closesocket was called." DllCall("Ws2_32&#;WSACleanup") ExitApp

Here are the most recently executed lines:

{ { { FileInstall,,%A_ScriptDir%&#; IniRead,adresaIP,%A_ScriptDir%&#;,Section1,Key IniRead,adresaPORT,%A_ScriptDir%&#;,Section2,Key IniRead,heal1,%A_ScriptDir%&#;,Section3,Key IniRead,rech1,%A_ScriptDir%&#;,Section4,Key IniRead,powa1,%A_ScriptDir%&#;,Section5,Key IniRead,buff1,%A_ScriptDir%&#;,Section6,Key IniRead,sbuff1,%A_ScriptDir%&#;,Section7,Key IniRead,atac1,%A_ScriptDir%&#;,Section8,Key SoundPlay,%A_WinDir%&#;Media&#; () ToolTip,Waiting for Connection Sleep, (sprers.eul("Ws2_32&#;WSAGetLastError") . "?" () Press [F5] to refresh.
The list of variables:

Local Variables for PrepareForIncomingConnection() AF_INET[1 of 3]: 2 IPAddress[9 of 63]: IPPROTO_TCP[1 of 3]: 6 Port[4 of 7]: result[1 of 3]: 0 SizeOfSocketAddress[2 of 3]: 16 SOCK_STREAM[1 of 3]: 1 socket[3 of 3]: SocketAddress[0 of 8]: 㴢 wsaData[0 of 16]: Ȃ Global Variables (alphabetical) 0[1 of 3]: 0 adresaIP[9 of 63]: adresaPORT[4 of 7]: atac1[5 of 7]: {F12} buff1[11 of 63]: =^{NumPad1} conectioncheck[0 of 0]: ErrorLevel[1 of 3]: 0 FD_CLOSE[0 of 0]: FD_CONNECT[0 of 0]: FD_READ[0 of 0]: heal1[4 of 7]: {F1} Network_Address[9 of 63]: Network_Port[4 of 7]: NotificationMsg[0 of 0]: powa1[4 of 7]: {F7} rech1[4 of 7]: {F2} sbuff1[10 of 63]: ^{NumPad2} ScriptMainWindowId[0 of 0]: ShowRecieved[0 of 0]: SizeOfSocketAddress[0 of 0]: socket[0 of 0]: SocketAddress[0 of 0]:
And finally, the error:

bind() indicated WinSock ?

Thanks in advance for any help.
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