Webui js error 827

webui js error 827

Error mesage: [SEVERE] 4:827 "Error when loading builds stats for build type. youtrack.jetbrains.com › issue › Selenium-NavigationWorkflowTests-test-f. 4 on Debian 10) has multiple problems with the web interface: On the main page the error message, "An error occurred while loading commit.

Webui js error 827 - interesting moment

.- // TODO(timvolodine): consider doing this via the factory.- delete this;+ // Only wait for the original loader to possibly have a custom error if the+ // target loader succeeded. If the target loader failed, then it was a race as+ // to whether that error or the safe browsing error would be reported.+ CallOnComplete(status, status.error_code == net::OK); } // URLLoader [email protected]@ -510,6 +535,12 @@ if (target_loader_) target_loader_->FollowRedirect(removed_headers, modified_headers, new_url);+ // If ** NG Live Development Server is listening on, open your browser on http://localhost:4200 **web-server_1 19 03 2021 20:17:56.663:INFO [karma]: Karma v1.4.1 server started at 65% building modules 909/981 modules 72 active ...rc/app/node_modules/contra/emitter.js 65% building modules 568/611 modules 43 active ...srcwebpack: wait until bundle finished: / 95% emitting[../../../../../src recursive \.spec\.ts$] ./src \.spec\.ts$ 1.68 kB {main} [built] web-server_1 `-- [email protected]>

Freshly Built dashboard AMI does not Provide Functional Dashboard #9

I built and deployed a fresh dashboard AMI from cisagov/cyhy_amis in my development environment. When I attempted to access the dashboard from the environment I was greeted with the following page:


Upon investigating I found that a Node.js error is preventing the Docker image from running correctly.

To reproduce

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

Error was a result of building and deploying a new AMI. This resulted in a fresh, local Docker image being created for this project. After confirming the error I attempted:

    Same result observed, and again after rebuilding the Docker image.

    Expected behavior

    Website is accessible and provides a functional dashboard.

    Any helpful log output or screenshots

    $ docker-compose logsAttaching to ncats-webui_web-server_1web-server_1 sort > plugins.filtered.txt # remove versions as CLI complains when old versions are there webui js error 827 https:wget https:export JENKINS_HOME=~/.jenkins-64072 java -jar jenkins-plugin-manager-2.1.2.jar -f abdul-bas-plugins.txt -d ~/.jenkins-64072/plugins --war jenkins.war java -jar jenkins.war
    • Normally create a new freestyle job and then reproduce the issue, (requires enough information with steps to reproduce, sometimes it is a different page or requires specific config)
    • Once reproduced disable plugins in groups of about 10 and record which ones you disabled
    • Restart Jenkins
    • If you can still reproduce keep disabling
    • Once you can't reproduce enable plugins one by one until you find which one it is
    • Then report an issue with the label 'tables-to-divs-regression'

    original text

    After upgrade to 2.264.1 via yum package, the confgure UI of all my projects was borked, showing things that the project didn't support, preventing modification and updates to jobs.  Jobs were still running correctly however.  Looking at JavaScript console there were alot of errors in js files.  console log attached.  

    Fixed by downgrading to 2.263.1 via yum downgrade and temporarily locking the version.  While the UI appears better in 2.263.1, webui js error 827, some boxes are still long and an error is still received in the console:

    dr.web error 00000002 Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token ')' at onSuccess (combobox.js:19) at klass.respondToReadyState (prototype.js:1657) at klass.onStateChange (prototype.js:1600) at XMLHttpRequest.<anonymous> (prototype.js:414)
    +-- [email protected],516c515,516< +-- [email protected]< +-- [email protected]> webui js error 827

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    Webui js error 827

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