Virtualdub statfile error 1

virtualdub statfile error 1

Overwrite or NewFile on Second Pass DivX in VirtualDub? I don't believe the dummy file is used- it is the text stat file generated that is used for the. 284, @@1 File Extension, HiDownload Temporary 578, AVST File Extension, VirtualDub Template 4654, STAT File Extension, Statistics. Bug:6292 - "loadkeys broken, or kernel memory garbled!!! Bug:37465 - "new TYPO3 ebuild for 3.8.1" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity.

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Virtualdub statfile error 1 - opinion. Your

Incident Response

Risk Assessment

Remote Access
Contains a remote desktop related string
Reads terminal service related keys (often RDP related)
Spawns a lot of processes
Writes data to a remote process
Reads the active computer name
Reads the cryptographic machine GUID
Reads the windows installation date
Opens the MountPointManager (often used to detect additional infection locations)
Network Behavior
Contacts 4 domains and 4 hosts. View all details


Not all malicious and suspicious indicators are displayed. Get your own cloud service or the full version to view all details.

  • Anti-Detection/Stealthyness
    • Modifies file/console tracing settings (often used to hide footprints on system)
      "<Input Sample>" (Path: "HKLM\SOFTWARE\MICROSOFT\TRACING\RASAPI32"; Key: "ENABLEFILETRACING"; Value: "00000000")
      "<Input Sample>" (Path: "HKLM\SOFTWARE\MICROSOFT\TRACING\RASAPI32"; Key: "ENABLECONSOLETRACING"; Value: "00000000")
      "<Input Sample>" (Path: "HKLM\SOFTWARE\MICROSOFT\TRACING\RASAPI32"; Key: "FILETRACINGMASK"; Value: "0000FFFF")
      Registry Access
  • External Systems
    • Detected Emerging Threats Alert
      Detected alert "ET POLICY User-Agent (NSIS_Inetc (Mozilla)) - Sometimes used by hostile installers" (SID: 2011227, Rev: 4, Severity: 1) categorized as "A Network Trojan was detected"
      Detected alert "ET POLICY PE EXE or DLL Windows file download HTTP" (SID: 2018959, Rev: 3, Severity: 1) categorized as "Potential Corporate Privacy Violation"
      Suricata Alerts
    • Sample was identified as malicious by at least one Antivirus engine
      1/64 Antivirus vendors marked sample as malicious (1% detection rate)
      External System
  • General
    • The analysis extracted a file that was identified as malicious
      10/64 Antivirus vendors marked dropped file "KMPAddedCode_OpperCD.exe" as malicious (classified as "AdWare.DealPly" with 15% detection rate)
      1/82 Antivirus vendors marked dropped file "w7tbp.dll" as malicious (classified as "Adware.EoRezo" with 1% detection rate)
      10/64 Antivirus vendors marked dropped file "kmplayer[1].exe" as malicious (classified as "AdWare.DealPly" with 15% detection rate)
      1/86 Antivirus vendors marked dropped file "KMP_AssociateDefaultProgram.exe" as malicious (classified as "Adware.Downware" with 1% detection rate)
      1/87 Antivirus vendors marked dropped file "bass_spx.dll" as malicious (classified as "Unsafe" with 1% detection rate)
      1/85 Antivirus vendors marked dropped file "bass.dll" as malicious (classified as "Unsafe" with 1% detection rate)
      Extracted File
    • The analysis spawned a process that was identified as malicious
      10/64 Antivirus vendors marked spawned process "KMPAddedCode_OpperCD.exe" (PID: 1208) as malicious (classified as "AdWare.DealPly" with 15% detection rate)
      Monitored Target
  • Installation/Persistance
    • Scans for the windows taskbar (often used for explorer injection)
      "<Input Sample>" searching for class "Shell_TrayWnd"
      "KMPAddedCode_OpperCD.tmp" searching for class "Shell_TrayWnd"
      API Call
    • Writes data to a remote process
      "<Input Sample>" wrote 32 bytes to a remote process "%TEMP%\nss4B42.tmp\pin2taskbar.exe" (Handle: 1164)
      "<Input Sample>" wrote 52 bytes to a remote process "C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Local\Temp\nss4B42.tmp\pin2taskbar.exe" (Handle: 1164)
      "<Input Sample>" wrote 4 bytes to a remote process "C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Local\Temp\nss4B42.tmp\pin2taskbar.exe" (Handle: 1164)
      "<Input Sample>" wrote 32 bytes to a remote process "C:\KMPlayer\KMPlayer.exe" (Handle: 1204)
      "<Input Sample>" wrote 52 bytes to a remote process "C:\KMPlayer\KMPlayer.exe" (Handle: 1204)
      "<Input Sample>" wrote 4 bytes to a remote process "C:\KMPlayer\KMPlayer.exe" (Handle: 1204)
      "<Input Sample>" wrote 1500 bytes to a remote process "C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Local\Temp\nss4B42.tmp\KMPAddedCode_OpperCD.exe" (Handle: 1312)
      "<Input Sample>" wrote 4 bytes to a remote process "C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Local\Temp\nss4B42.tmp\KMPAddedCode_OpperCD.exe" (Handle: 1312)
      "<Input Sample>" wrote 32 bytes to a remote process "C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Local\Temp\nss4B42.tmp\KMPAddedCode_OpperCD.exe" (Handle: 1312)
      "<Input Sample>" wrote 52 bytes to a remote process "C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Local\Temp\nss4B42.tmp\KMPAddedCode_OpperCD.exe" (Handle: 1312)
      "<Input Sample>" wrote 32 bytes to a remote process "C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Local\Temp\nss4B42.tmp\kmpFileAssociate_NO.exe" (Handle: 1272)
      "<Input Sample>" wrote 52 bytes to a remote process "C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Local\Temp\nss4B42.tmp\kmpFileAssociate_NO.exe" (Handle: 1272)
      "<Input Sample>" wrote 4 bytes to a remote process "C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Local\Temp\nss4B42.tmp\kmpFileAssociate_NO.exe" (Handle: 1272)
      "<Input Sample>" wrote 32 bytes to a remote process "C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Local\Temp\nss4B42.tmp\kmpFileAssociate_NO.exe" (Handle: 1312)
      "<Input Sample>" wrote 52 bytes to a remote process "C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Local\Temp\nss4B42.tmp\kmpFileAssociate_NO.exe" (Handle: 1312)
      "<Input Sample>" wrote 4 bytes to a remote process "C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Local\Temp\nss4B42.tmp\kmpFileAssociate_NO.exe" (Handle: 1312)
      "<Input Sample>" wrote 32 bytes to a remote process "C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Local\Temp\nss4B42.tmp\kmpFileAssociate.exe" (Handle: 1272)
      "<Input Sample>" wrote 52 bytes to a remote process "C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Local\Temp\nss4B42.tmp\kmpFileAssociate.exe" (Handle: 1272)
      "<Input Sample>" wrote 4 bytes to a remote process "C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Local\Temp\nss4B42.tmp\kmpFileAssociate.exe" (Handle: 1272)
      "<Input Sample>" wrote 32 bytes to a remote process "C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Local\Temp\nss4B42.tmp\kmpFileAssociate.exe" (Handle: 1312)
      "<Input Sample>" wrote 52 bytes to a remote process "C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Local\Temp\nss4B42.tmp\kmpFileAssociate.exe" (Handle: 1312)
      "<Input Sample>" wrote 4 bytes to a remote process "C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Local\Temp\nss4B42.tmp\kmpFileAssociate.exe" (Handle: 1312)
      "KMPAddedCode_OpperCD.exe" wrote 1500 bytes to a remote process "C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Local\Temp\is-Q482M.tmp\KMPAddedCode_OpperCD.tmp" (Handle: 228)
      "KMPAddedCode_OpperCD.exe" wrote 4 bytes to a remote process "C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Local\Temp\is-Q482M.tmp\KMPAddedCode_OpperCD.tmp" (Handle: 228)
      "KMPAddedCode_OpperCD.exe" wrote 32 bytes to a remote process "C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Local\Temp\is-Q482M.tmp\KMPAddedCode_OpperCD.tmp" (Handle: 228)
      "KMPAddedCode_OpperCD.exe" wrote 52 bytes to a remote process "C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Local\Temp\is-Q482M.tmp\KMPAddedCode_OpperCD.tmp" (Handle: 228)
      API Call
  • Network Related
    • Found more than one unique User-Agent
      Found the following User-Agents: NSIS_Inetc (Mozilla)
      Network Traffic
    • Malicious artifacts seen in the context of a contacted host
      Found malicious artifacts related to "" (ASN: , Owner: ): ...

      URL: (AV positives: 1/64 scanned on 09/14/2017 10:05:18)
      URL: (AV positives: 1/65 scanned on 08/15/2017 04:05:38)
      URL: (AV positives: 1/65 scanned on 08/03/2017 06:07:18)
      URL: (AV positives: 1/65 scanned on 07/31/2017 14:13:45)
      URL: (AV positives: 1/64 scanned on 03/26/2017 22:51:58)
      File SHA256: 7d22ec2662b340f79a49a4556f1933a7155a554611660c0f72619cdbf5384ca0 (AV positives: 31/65 scanned on 09/23/2017 12:54:18)
      File SHA256: b7340c7dcfb12373d7f58d5eaef1979c174431f0a9e92b175d4dc60e7b471255 (AV positives: 54/65 scanned on 07/30/2017 20:39:34)
      File SHA256: 5092f1330e69842ea007bfbb25a0c7c779159ddbbbd1e5eb5c24f63d2125091f (AV positives: 52/62 scanned on 06/20/2017 11:58:55)
      File SHA256: 78b45557fc6d553b6ce99ec123a320b976818a3f4de2d8c3bb9e753a6bf9cebe (AV positives: 1/60 scanned on 06/16/2017 10:41:52)
      File SHA256: 5942e364ce2b5a323c4e4bf800bb8184b05ef6b34585207d7db27e0dbba5def3 (AV positives: 54/62 scanned on 06/11/2017 16:15:36)
      File SHA256: 6a545a7283be2e853bf590969c2f249fd7161dbc041027d91f83e6a153f01b64 (Scanned on 01/26/2017 01:23:06)
      File SHA256: f9ca47e5970cab062b9e1d286a57fca5ba2c9a9f15d16ce32aaeda4405865fce (Scanned on 01/22/2017 14:04:15)
      File SHA256: 03fce8bb6cc639937773d468adb1cda0be2bd312525d9fe0a429c7b27e4c2928 (Scanned on 08/18/2016 10:34:23)
      File SHA256: ec1ea8dcaf54b88910aa8745515cc299a4eb881c95f730581d45e81a43b36e2f (Scanned on 08/08/2016 15:00:48)
      File SHA256: 116949a69e8acf3e53ac93cce68c67d1878dab9f0fcb33f579e82f9d0dd8b585 (Scanned on 07/24/2016 14:54:04)
      Found malicious artifacts related to "" (ASN: , Owner: ): ...

      URL:{B8C632DF-1257-4608-83C3-70D7906BFF5E} (AV positives: 1/63 scanned on 05/08/2015 09:17:34)
      URL:{B8C632DF-1257-4608-83C3-70D7906BFF5E}&domainip= (AV positives: 1/63 scanned on 05/08/2015 09:17:33)
      URL:{60452142-8FD1-4BE3-848E-11DF52E35C9B}&domainip= (AV positives: 1/62 scanned on 04/15/2015 10:49:40)
      URL:{977AD16E-C1DE-490B-A14D-C22C713FD2EB} (AV positives: 1/62 scanned on 04/14/2015 09:59:47)
      URL:{88E1D3E5-4F18-44E1-80F2-BC0028462D88} (AV positives: 2/62 scanned on 04/03/2015 01:26:34)
      File SHA256: 7d22ec2662b340f79a49a4556f1933a7155a554611660c0f72619cdbf5384ca0 (AV positives: 31/65 scanned on 09/23/2017 12:54:18)
      File SHA256: a80e5ec6c8cfdac3273425e1ac83db910442bf17b472e9d20438154284cd24b4 (AV positives: 58/64 scanned on 09/12/2017 05:30:27)
      File SHA256: 3438c9c35aba261d9755282a4be11aca3e9fd23812e5ce19bbb2c33a720b77fd (AV positives: 55/65 scanned on 09/09/2017 10:41:21)
      File SHA256: 754c804659be2c7f2bf2f8399b6d1d95ea30f5a34c0d943fa5dd0b8d69f35ef7 (AV positives: 41/60 scanned on 06/30/2017 03:12:13)
      File SHA256: e5f6a5ac914f926385ba6e613e1da4366af96436471bb87367cd284390987346 (AV positives: 38/62 scanned on 06/24/2017 10:15:58)
      File SHA256: 3fb1039f7e66859909a9cf2500850e2646514717d6ff094882a8245cfb4f9df6 (Scanned on 06/22/2017 23:33:42)
      File SHA256: 78b45557fc6d553b6ce99ec123a320b976818a3f4de2d8c3bb9e753a6bf9cebe (Scanned on 06/16/2017 22:40:43)
      File SHA256: 4a88d8f047ef53a94fe771e8b10034ec3b83523316c58c343f72a84bf02f311f (Scanned on 05/30/2017 10:39:24)
      File SHA256: 00ac9ef9af778ed0b7f25c8b17945b4a4287717b2cb5a44108e1c68ff4982a24 (Scanned on 05/25/2017 05:25:17)
      File SHA256: e9cef9327b0f9841acd498322e0669cdf9eda5e526edb30b2aaa87f7f35fa737 (Scanned on 05/21/2017 12:40:12)
      Network Traffic
    • Multiple malicious artifacts seen in the context of different hosts
      Found malicious artifacts related to "" (ASN: , Owner: ): ...

      URL: (AV positives: 1/64 scanned on 09/14/2017 10:05:18)
      URL: (AV positives: 1/65 scanned on 08/15/2017 04:05:38)
      URL: (AV positives: 1/65 scanned on 08/03/2017 06:07:18)
      URL: (AV positives: 1/65 scanned on 07/31/2017 14:13:45)
      URL: (AV positives: 1/64 scanned on 03/26/2017 22:51:58)
      File SHA256: 7d22ec2662b340f79a49a4556f1933a7155a554611660c0f72619cdbf5384ca0 (AV positives: 31/65 scanned on 09/23/2017 12:54:18)
      File SHA256: b7340c7dcfb12373d7f58d5eaef1979c174431f0a9e92b175d4dc60e7b471255 (AV positives: 54/65 scanned on 07/30/2017 20:39:34)
      File SHA256: 5092f1330e69842ea007bfbb25a0c7c779159ddbbbd1e5eb5c24f63d2125091f (AV positives: 52/62 scanned on 06/20/2017 11:58:55)
      File SHA256: 78b45557fc6d553b6ce99ec123a320b976818a3f4de2d8c3bb9e753a6bf9cebe (AV positives: 1/60 scanned on 06/16/2017 10:41:52)
      File SHA256: 5942e364ce2b5a323c4e4bf800bb8184b05ef6b34585207d7db27e0dbba5def3 (AV positives: 54/62 scanned on 06/11/2017 16:15:36)
      File SHA256: 6a545a7283be2e853bf590969c2f249fd7161dbc041027d91f83e6a153f01b64 (Scanned on 01/26/2017 01:23:06)
      File SHA256: f9ca47e5970cab062b9e1d286a57fca5ba2c9a9f15d16ce32aaeda4405865fce (Scanned on 01/22/2017 14:04:15)
      File SHA256: 03fce8bb6cc639937773d468adb1cda0be2bd312525d9fe0a429c7b27e4c2928 (Scanned on 08/18/2016 10:34:23)
      File SHA256: ec1ea8dcaf54b88910aa8745515cc299a4eb881c95f730581d45e81a43b36e2f (Scanned on 08/08/2016 15:00:48)
      File SHA256: 116949a69e8acf3e53ac93cce68c67d1878dab9f0fcb33f579e82f9d0dd8b585 (Scanned on 07/24/2016 14:54:04)
      Found malicious artifacts related to "" (ASN: , Owner: ): ...

      URL:{B8C632DF-1257-4608-83C3-70D7906BFF5E} (AV positives: 1/63 scanned on 05/08/2015 09:17:34)
      URL:{B8C632DF-1257-4608-83C3-70D7906BFF5E}&domainip= (AV positives: 1/63 scanned on 05/08/2015 09:17:33)
      URL:{60452142-8FD1-4BE3-848E-11DF52E35C9B}&domainip= (AV positives: 1/62 scanned on 04/15/2015 10:49:40)
      URL:{977AD16E-C1DE-490B-A14D-C22C713FD2EB} (AV positives: 1/62 scanned on 04/14/2015 09:59:47)
      URL:{88E1D3E5-4F18-44E1-80F2-BC0028462D88} (AV positives: 2/62 scanned on 04/03/2015 01:26:34)
      File SHA256: 7d22ec2662b340f79a49a4556f1933a7155a554611660c0f72619cdbf5384ca0 (AV positives: 31/65 scanned on 09/23/2017 12:54:18)
      File SHA256: a80e5ec6c8cfdac3273425e1ac83db910442bf17b472e9d20438154284cd24b4 (AV positives: 58/64 scanned on 09/12/2017 05:30:27)
      File SHA256: 3438c9c35aba261d9755282a4be11aca3e9fd23812e5ce19bbb2c33a720b77fd (AV positives: 55/65 scanned on 09/09/2017 10:41:21)
      File SHA256: 754c804659be2c7f2bf2f8399b6d1d95ea30f5a34c0d943fa5dd0b8d69f35ef7 (AV positives: 41/60 scanned on 06/30/2017 03:12:13)
      File SHA256: e5f6a5ac914f926385ba6e613e1da4366af96436471bb87367cd284390987346 (AV positives: 38/62 scanned on 06/24/2017 10:15:58)
      File SHA256: 3fb1039f7e66859909a9cf2500850e2646514717d6ff094882a8245cfb4f9df6 (Scanned on 06/22/2017 23:33:42)
      File SHA256: 78b45557fc6d553b6ce99ec123a320b976818a3f4de2d8c3bb9e753a6bf9cebe (Scanned on 06/16/2017 22:40:43)
      File SHA256: 4a88d8f047ef53a94fe771e8b10034ec3b83523316c58c343f72a84bf02f311f (Scanned on 05/30/2017 10:39:24)
      File SHA256: 00ac9ef9af778ed0b7f25c8b17945b4a4287717b2cb5a44108e1c68ff4982a24 (Scanned on 05/25/2017 05:25:17)
      File SHA256: e9cef9327b0f9841acd498322e0669cdf9eda5e526edb30b2aaa87f7f35fa737 (Scanned on 05/21/2017 12:40:12)
      Network Traffic
  • Unusual Characteristics
    • Contains ability to reboot/shutdown the operating system
      [email protected] (Show Stream)
      Hybrid Analysis Technology
    • Spawns a lot of processes
      Spawned process "<Input Sample>" (Show Process)
      Spawned process "pin2taskbar.exe" with commandline "pin "C:\KMPlayer\KMPlayer.exe"" (Show Process)
      Spawned process "KMPlayer.exe" with commandline "-install" (Show Process)
      Spawned process "KMPAddedCode_OpperCD.exe" (Show Process)
      Spawned process "KMPAddedCode_OpperCD.tmp" with commandline "/SL5="$301EE
      %TEMP%\nss4B42.tmp\KMPAddedCode_OpperCD.exe" (Show Process), Spawned process "kmpFileAssociate_NO.exe" (Show Process), Spawned process "kmpFileAssociate_NO.exe" (Show Process), Spawned process "kmpFileAssociate.exe" (Show Process), Spawned process "kmpFileAssociate.exe" (Show Process)
      Monitored Target
  • Hiding 1 Malicious Indicators
    • All indicators are available only in the private webservice or standalone version
  • Anti-Detection/Stealthyness
    • Queries the internet cache settings (often used to hide footprints in index.dat or internet cache)
      "<Input Sample>" (Access type: "QUERYVAL"; Path: "HKCU\SOFTWARE\MICROSOFT\WINDOWS\CURRENTVERSION\INTERNET SETTINGS"; Key: "DISABLECACHINGOFSSLPAGES"; Value: "00000000040000000400000000000000")
      "KMPlayer.exe" (Access type: "QUERYVAL"; Path: "HKCU\SOFTWARE\MICROSOFT\WINDOWS\CURRENTVERSION\INTERNET SETTINGS"; Key: "DISABLECACHINGOFSSLPAGES"; Value: "00000000040000000400000000000000")
      Registry Access
  • Anti-Reverse Engineering
  • Cryptographic Related
  • Environment Awareness
    • Reads the cryptographic machine GUID
      Registry Access
    • Reads the windows installation date
      Registry Access
  • General
    • Contains ability to find and load resources of a specific module
    • Opened the service control manager
      "<Input Sample>" called "OpenSCManager" requesting access rights "SC_MANAGER_CONNECT" (0x1)
      "KMPlayer.exe" called "OpenSCManager" requesting access rights "SC_MANAGER_CONNECT" (0x1)
      API Call
    • Requested access to a system service
      "<Input Sample>" called "OpenService" to access the "Sens" service requesting "SERVICE_QUERY_STATUS" (0X4) access rights
      "<Input Sample>" called "OpenService" to access the "rasman" service
      "<Input Sample>" called "OpenService" to access the "RASMAN" service
      "KMPlayer.exe" called "OpenService" to access the "Sens" service requesting "SERVICE_QUERY_STATUS" (0X4) access rights
      "KMPlayer.exe" called "OpenService" to access the "rasman" service
      "KMPlayer.exe" called "OpenService" to access the "RASMAN" service
      "KMPAddedCode_OpperCD.tmp" called "OpenService" to access the "ServicesActive" service
      API Call
  • Installation/Persistance
    • Drops executable files
      "MediaInfo.dll" has type "PE32 executable (DLL) (GUI) Intel 80386 for MS Windows"
      "kmpFileAssociate_NO.exe" has type "PE32 executable (GUI) Intel 80386 for MS Windows"
      "KIconLib.dll" has type "PE32 executable (DLL) (GUI) Intel 80386 for MS Windows"
      "avutil-lav-55.dll" has type "PE32 executable (DLL) (console) Intel 80386 (stripped to external PDB) for MS Windows"
      "xviddll.dll" has type "PE32 executable (DLL) (console) Intel 80386 for MS Windows"
      "LangDLL.dll" has type "PE32 executable (DLL) (GUI) Intel 80386 for MS Windows"
      "KMPAddedCode_OpperCD.exe" has type "PE32 executable (GUI) Intel 80386 for MS Windows"
      "w7tbp.dll" has type "PE32 executable (DLL) (GUI) Intel 80386 for MS Windows"
      "libdts.dll" has type "PE32 executable (DLL) (console) Intel 80386 for MS Windows"
      "kmplayer[1].exe" has type "PE32 executable (GUI) Intel 80386 for MS Windows"
      "KMP_AssociateDefaultProgram.exe" has type "PE32 executable (GUI) Intel 80386 for MS Windows"
      "avfilter-lav-6.dll" has type "PE32 executable (DLL) (console) Intel 80386 (stripped to external PDB) for MS Windows"
      "swscale-lav-4.dll" has type "PE32 executable (DLL) (console) Intel 80386 (stripped to external PDB) for MS Windows"
      "bass_spx.dll" has type "PE32 executable (DLL) (GUI) Intel 80386 for MS Windows"
      "VSFilter.dll" has type "PE32 executable (DLL) (GUI) Intel 80386 for MS Windows"
      "iconv.dll" has type "PE32 executable (DLL) (GUI) Intel 80386 for MS Windows"
      "bass_mpc.dll" has type "PE32 executable (DLL) (GUI) Intel 80386 for MS Windows"
      "PProcDLL.DLL" has type "PE32 executable (DLL) (GUI) Intel 80386 for MS Windows"
      "bass.dll" has type "PE32 executable (DLL) (GUI) Intel 80386 for MS Windows"
      "IntelWiDiExtensions.dll" has type "PE32 executable (DLL) (GUI) Intel 80386 for MS Windows"
      Extracted File
  • Network Related
    • Found potential IP address in binary/memory
      Heuristic match: "GET /kmp?env=( HTTP/1.1
      User-Agent: http_parser
      Cache-Control: no-cache

      Heuristic match: "/kmp?env=("
      Heuristic match: "Your software uses an outdated interface, You must use MediaInfo.DLL instead"
    • Uses a User Agent typical for browsers, although no browser was ever launched
      Found user agent(s): NSIS_Inetc (Mozilla)
      Network Traffic
  • Pattern Matching
  • Remote Access Related
    • Contains a remote desktop related string
      "vncO~Rq%[G" (Indicator for product: Generic VNC)
    • Reads terminal service related keys (often RDP related)
      Registry Access
  • Spyware/Information Retrieval
  • System Security
    • Contains ability to elevate privileges
      [email protected] (Show Stream)
      Hybrid Analysis Technology
    • Hooks API calls
      "[email protected]" in "KMPlayer.exe"
      "[email protected]" in "KMPlayer.exe"
      "[email protected]" in "KMPlayer.exe"
      "[email protected]" in "KMPlayer.exe"
      "[email protected]" in "KMPlayer.exe"
      "[email protected]" in "KMPlayer.exe"
      "[email protected]" in "KMPlayer.exe"
      "[email protected]" in "KMPlayer.exe"
      "[email protected]" in "KMPlayer.exe"
      "[email protected]" in "KMPlayer.exe"
      "[email protected]" in "KMPlayer.exe"
      "[email protected]" in "KMPlayer.exe"
      "[email protected]" in "KMPlayer.exe"
      Hook Detection
    • Modifies proxy settings
      Registry Access
    • Queries sensitive IE security settings
      Registry Access
  • Unusual Characteristics
    • CRC value set in PE header does not match actual value
      "kmpFileAssociate_NO.exe" claimed CRC 0 while the actual is CRC 4522013
      "avutil-lav-55.dll" claimed CRC 593003 while the actual is CRC 5255111
      "xviddll.dll" claimed CRC 768010 while the actual is CRC 593003
      "w7tbp.dll" claimed CRC 24854 while the actual is CRC 1683558
      "libdts.dll" claimed CRC 214956 while the actual is CRC 24854
      "avfilter-lav-6.dll" claimed CRC 211584 while the actual is CRC 141330
      "swscale-lav-4.dll" claimed CRC 557316 while the actual is CRC 211584
      "VSFilter.dll" claimed CRC 1361620 while the actual is CRC 59499
      "IntelWiDiExtensions.dll" claimed CRC 244903 while the actual is CRC 136346
      "theora.dll" claimed CRC 249379 while the actual is CRC 244903
      "LibIntelCodec.dll" claimed CRC 141777 while the actual is CRC 532072
      "avformat-lav-57.dll" claimed CRC 1826515 while the actual is CRC 214840
      "libmpeg2.dll" claimed CRC 210537 while the actual is CRC 1826515
      "pin2taskbar.exe" claimed CRC 81413 while the actual is CRC 210578
      "nsProcess.dll" claimed CRC 55001 while the actual is CRC 81413
      "libmad.dll" claimed CRC 126544 while the actual is CRC 206677
      "libmfxsw32.dll" claimed CRC 10573452 while the actual is CRC 126544
      "libmplay.dll" claimed CRC 588601 while the actual is CRC 5238107
      "uninstall.exe" claimed CRC 39579549 while the actual is CRC 588601
      "D3DX9sab.dll" claimed CRC 4514069 while the actual is CRC 18264
      Static Parser
    • Entrypoint in PE header is within an uncommon section
      "bass_spx.dll" has an entrypoint in section "petite"
      Static Parser
    • Imports suspicious APIs
      Static Parser
    • Installs hooks/patches the running process
      "KMPlayer.exe" wrote bytes "e9f6d77889" to virtual address "0x7719FA39" ("[email protected]")
      "KMPlayer.exe" wrote bytes "c4ca6b7580bb6b75aa6e6c759fbb6b7508bb6b7546ce6b7561386c75de2f6c75d0d96b75000000001779b7764f91b7767f6fb776f4f7b77611f7b776f283b776857eb77600000000" to virtual address "0x73551000" (part of module "MSIMG32.DLL")
      "KMPlayer.exe" wrote bytes "8bff558bece9b8efe27490909090909090909090909090909090909090909005" to virtual address "0x0092DD44" (part of module "KMPLAYER.EXE")
      "KMPlayer.exe" wrote bytes "8bff558bece9b1c6e47490909090909090909090909090909090909090909005" to virtual address "0x0092DE34" (part of module "KMPLAYER.EXE")
      "KMPlayer.exe" wrote bytes "e9896f7b89" to virtual address "0x7717627A" ("[email protected]")
      "KMPlayer.exe" wrote bytes "8bff558bece9d036e37490909090909090909090909090909090909090909005" to virtual address "0x0092DD94" (part of module "KMPLAYER.EXE")
      "KMPlayer.exe" wrote bytes "e9d6b71c8b" to virtual address "0x75761469" ("[email protected]")
      "KMPlayer.exe" wrote bytes "8bff558bece91e9ae47490909090909090909090909090909090909090909005" to virtual address "0x0092DD1C" (part of module "KMPLAYER.EXE")
      "KMPlayer.exe" wrote bytes "4053257758582677186a2677653c27770000000000bf6b750000000056cc6b75000000007cca6b750000000037683f756a2c2777d62d27770000000020693f750000000029a66b7500000000a48d3f7500000000f70e6b7500000000" to virtual address "0x77411000" (part of module "NSI.DLL")
      "KMPlayer.exe" wrote bytes "e9322c278b" to virtual address "0x756BA629" ("[email protected]")
      "KMPlayer.exe" wrote bytes "e9ff974e96cccc" to virtual address "0x6A442840"
      "KMPlayer.exe" wrote bytes "0857b9750478c2750000000051c1bc769498bc76ee9cbc7675dcbe76273ebe76efb2c2760000000046ce6b75013d6c7538ed6c75cfcd6b7531236b75de2f6c75c4ca6b7580bb6b75aa6e6c759fbb6b7592bb6b7546ba6b750abf6b7500000000" to virtual address "0x6A431000" (part of module "SHFOLDER.DLL")
      "KMPlayer.exe" wrote bytes "8bff558bece9d180847690909090909090909090909090909090909090909005" to virtual address "0x0092E1A4" (part of module "KMPLAYER.EXE")
      "KMPlayer.exe" wrote bytes "558bec518b4518e96f4bb1699090909090909090909090909090909090909007" to virtual address "0x0092DCCC" (part of module "KMPLAYER.EXE")
      "KMPlayer.exe" wrote bytes "e984541b8b" to virtual address "0x7577773F" ("[email protected]")
      "KMPlayer.exe" wrote bytes "e9e6fe1c8b" to virtual address "0x7575CD01" ("[email protected]")
      "KMPlayer.exe" wrote bytes "e9858b1c8b" to virtual address "0x757640FE" ("[email protected]")
      "KMPlayer.exe" wrote bytes "8bff558bece9d0f0e27490909090909090909090909090909090909090909005" to virtual address "0x0092DE5C" (part of module "KMPLAYER.EXE")
      "KMPlayer.exe" wrote bytes "e935281b8b" to virtual address "0x7577A4EA" ("[email protected]")
      "KMPlayer.exe" wrote bytes "e910241b8b" to virtual address "0x7577A8B7" ("[email protected]")
      Hook Detection
    • Reads information about supported languages
      "<Input Sample>" (Path: "HKLM\SYSTEM\CONTROLSET001\CONTROL\NLS\LOCALE"; Key: "00000409")
      "KMPlayer.exe" (Path: "HKLM\SYSTEM\CONTROLSET001\CONTROL\NLS\LOCALE"; Key: "00000409")
      "KMPAddedCode_OpperCD.tmp" (Path: "HKLM\SYSTEM\CONTROLSET001\CONTROL\NLS\LOCALE"; Key: "00000409")
      "kmpFileAssociate_NO.exe" (Path: "HKLM\SYSTEM\CONTROLSET001\CONTROL\NLS\LOCALE"; Key: "00000409")
      "kmpFileAssociate.exe" (Path: "HKLM\SYSTEM\CONTROLSET001\CONTROL\NLS\LOCALE"; Key: "00000409")
      Registry Access
    • Timestamp in PE header is very old or in the future
      "avutil-lav-55.dll" claims program is from Sat Nov 21 22:57:24 1998
      "avfilter-lav-6.dll" claims program is from Sat Nov 21 22:57:24 1998
      "swscale-lav-4.dll" claims program is from Sun Oct 29 08:04:00 1972
      "avformat-lav-57.dll" claims program is from Sat Nov 21 22:57:24 1998
      "Old_QUARTZ.DLL" claims program is from Wed May 12 01:29:31 1999
      Static Parser
  • Hiding 11 Suspicious Indicators
    • All indicators are available only in the private webservice or standalone version
  • Anti-Reverse Engineering
  • Environment Awareness
    • Contains ability to query machine time
      [email protected] (Show Stream)
      [email protected] (Show Stream)
      [email protected] (Show Stream)
      Hybrid Analysis Technology
    • Contains ability to query the machine version
    • Contains ability to query the system locale
      [email protected] (Show Stream)
      [email protected] (Show Stream)
      [email protected] (Show Stream)
      [email protected] (Show Stream)
      Hybrid Analysis Technology
    • Contains ability to query volume size
      [email protected] (Show Stream)
      [email protected] (Show Stream)
      [email protected] (Show Stream)
      Hybrid Analysis Technology
    • Makes a code branch decision directly after an API that is environment aware
      Found API call [email protected] (Target: "PProcDLL.DLL.1678128875"; Stream UID: "27758-3521-10107726")
      which is directly followed by "cmp eax, dword ptr [ebp+0Ch]" and "ja 10107B0Dh". See related instructions: "...
      +213 push ebx
      +214 call dword ptr [1014F2ACh] ;GetLocalTime
      +220 mov eax, ebx
      +222 and eax, edi
      +224 add eax, 10h
      +227 cmp eax, dword ptr [ebp+0Ch]
      +230 ja 10107B0Dh" ... (Show Stream)
      Found API call [email protected] (Target: "PProcDLL.DLL.1678128875"; Stream UID: "27758-4396-10132415")
      which is directly followed by "cmp dword ptr [ebp-00000088h], 02h" and "jne 10132456h". See related instructions: "...
      +0 push ebp
      +1 mov ebp, esp
      +3 sub esp, 00000098h
      +9 mov eax, dword ptr [10196050h]
      +14 xor eax, ebp
      +16 mov dword ptr [ebp-04h], eax
      +19 lea eax, dword ptr [ebp-00000098h]
      +25 push eax
      +26 mov dword ptr [ebp-00000098h], 00000094h
      +36 call dword ptr [1014F2A0h] ;GetVersionExA
      +42 cmp dword ptr [ebp-00000088h], 02h
      +49 jne 10132456h" ... (Show Stream)
      Found API call [email protected] (Target: "PProcDLL.DLL.1678128875"; Stream UID: "27758-7031-1013261C")
      which is directly followed by "cmp dword ptr [ebp-10h], 02h" and "jne 10132673h". See related instructions: "...
      +48 call 10119530h
      +53 add esp, 0Ch
      +56 lea eax, dword ptr [ebp-20h]
      +59 push eax
      +60 mov dword ptr [ebp-20h], 00000094h
      +67 call dword ptr [1014F2A0h] ;GetVersionExA
      +73 cmp dword ptr [ebp-10h], 02h
      +77 jne 10132673h" ... (Show Stream)
      Found API call [email protected] (Target: "PProcDLL.DLL.1678128875"; Stream UID: "27758-4233-10110EC5")
      which is directly followed by "cmp dword ptr [ebp-00000088h], 02h" and "xor ecx, ebp". See related instructions: "...
      +33 call 10119530h
      +38 add esp, 0Ch
      +41 lea eax, dword ptr [ebp-00000098h]
      +47 push eax
      +48 mov dword ptr [ebp-00000098h], 00000094h
      +58 call dword ptr [1014F2A0h] ;GetVersionExA
      +64 mov ecx, dword ptr [ebp-04h]
      +67 xor eax, eax
      +69 cmp dword ptr [ebp-00000088h], 02h
      +76 sete al
      +79 xor ecx, ebp" ... (Show Stream)
      Found API call [email protected] (Target: "VSFilter.dll.1514900875"; Stream UID: "49750-6166-1000E700")
      which is directly followed by "cmp eax, 80000000h" and "jnc 1000E8D9h". See related instructions: "...
      +368 call dword ptr [100E0300h] ;GetVersion
      +374 movzx ecx, al
      +377 cmp eax, 80000000h
      +382 jnc 1000E8D9h" ... (Show Stream)
      Found API call [email protected] (Target: "VSFilter.dll.1514900875"; Stream UID: "49750-5996-100A0370")
      which is directly followed by "cmp dword ptr [ebp-00000120h], 06h" and "jc 100A0417h". See related instructions: "...
      +120 call 100B30E0h
      +125 add esp, 0Ch
      +128 lea eax, dword ptr [ebp-00000124h]
      +134 push eax
      +135 mov dword ptr [ebp-00000124h], edi
      +141 call dword ptr [100E033Ch] ;GetVersionExW
      +147 cmp dword ptr [ebp-00000120h], 06h
      +154 jc 100A0417h" ... (Show Stream)
      Hybrid Analysis Technology
    • Possibly tries to detect the presence of a debugger
      [email protected] (Show Stream)
      [email protected] (Show Stream)
      Hybrid Analysis Technology
    • Reads the registry for installed applications
      Registry Access
  • External Systems
    • Detected Emerging Threats Alert
      Detected alert "ET INFO EXE - Served Attached HTTP" (SID: 2014520, Rev: 6, Severity: 3) categorized as "Misc activity"
      Suricata Alerts
  • General
    • Contacts domains
      Network Traffic
    • Contacts server
      Network Traffic
    • Contains PDB pathways
      "%USERPROFILE%\Documents\xy_vsfilter\src\filters\transform\vsfilter\Release Unicode\VSFilter.pdb"
    • Creates a writable file in a temporary directory
      "<Input Sample>" created file "%TEMP%\nsq4AF1.tmp"
      "<Input Sample>" created file "%TEMP%\nss4B42.tmp\System.dll"
      API Call
    • Creates mutants
      "\Sessions\1\BaseNamedObjects\Local\c:!users!cizrbie!appdata!local!microsoft!windows!temporary internet files!content.ie5!"
      "Local\c:!users!cizrbie!appdata!local!microsoft!windows!temporary internet files!content.ie5!"
      Created Mutant
    • Drops files marked as clean
      Antivirus vendors marked dropped file "MediaInfo.dll" as clean (type is "PE32 executable (DLL) (GUI) Intel 80386 for MS Windows"), Antivirus vendors marked dropped file "kmpFileAssociate_NO.exe" as clean (type is "PE32 executable (GUI) Intel 80386 for MS Windows"), Antivirus vendors marked dropped file "KIconLib.dll" as clean (type is "PE32 executable (DLL) (GUI) Intel 80386 for MS Windows"), Antivirus vendors marked dropped file "avutil-lav-55.dll" as clean (type is "PE32 executable (DLL) (console) Intel 80386 (stripped to external PDB) for MS Windows"), Antivirus vendors marked dropped file "xviddll.dll" as clean (type is "PE32 executable (DLL) (console) Intel 80386 for MS Windows"), Antivirus vendors marked dropped file "LangDLL.dll" as clean (type is "PE32 executable (DLL) (GUI) Intel 80386 for MS Windows"), Antivirus vendors marked dropped file "libdts.dll" as clean (type is "PE32 executable (DLL) (console) Intel 80386 for MS Windows"), Antivirus vendors marked dropped file "avfilter-lav-6.dll" as clean (type is "PE32 executable (DLL) (console) Intel 80386 (stripped to external PDB) for MS Windows"), Antivirus vendors marked dropped file "swscale-lav-4.dll" as clean (type is "PE32 executable (DLL) (console) Intel 80386 (stripped to external PDB) for MS Windows"), Antivirus vendors marked dropped file "VSFilter.dll" as clean (type is "PE32 executable (DLL) (GUI) Intel 80386 for MS Windows"), Antivirus vendors marked dropped file "iconv.dll" as clean (type is "PE32 executable (DLL) (GUI) Intel 80386 for MS Windows"), Antivirus vendors marked dropped file "bass_mpc.dll" as clean (type is "PE32 executable (DLL) (GUI) Intel 80386 for MS Windows"), Antivirus vendors marked dropped file "PProcDLL.DLL" as clean (type is "PE32 executable (DLL) (GUI) Intel 80386 for MS Windows"), Antivirus vendors marked dropped file "IntelWiDiExtensions.dll" as clean (type is "PE32 executable (DLL) (GUI) Intel 80386 for MS Windows"), Antivirus vendors marked dropped file "theora.dll" as clean (type is "PE32 executable (DLL) (console) Intel 80386 for MS Windows"), Antivirus vendors marked dropped file "System.dll" as clean (type is "PE32 executable (DLL) (GUI) Intel 80386 for MS Windows"), Antivirus vendors marked dropped file "nsis7z.dll" as clean (type is "PE32 executable (DLL) (GUI) Intel 80386 for MS Windows"), Antivirus vendors marked dropped file "kmpFileAssociate.exe" as clean (type is "PE32 executable (GUI) Intel 80386 for MS Windows"), Antivirus vendors marked dropped file "LibIntelCodec.dll" as clean (type is "PE32 executable (DLL) (GUI) Intel 80386 for MS Windows"), Antivirus vendors marked dropped file "bass_ofr.dll" as clean (type is "PE32 executable (DLL) (GUI) Intel 80386 for MS Windows")
      Extracted File
    • GETs files from a webserver
      "GET /player/ini_goods/1/0 HTTP/1.1
      User-Agent: NSIS_Inetc (Mozilla)
      Connection: Keep-Alive
      Cache-Control: no-cache"
      "GET /KMP/player/ini/goods/old_00_unicode_20161102042649.7z HTTP/1.1
      User-Agent: NSIS_Inetc (Mozilla)
      Connection: Keep-Alive
      Cache-Control: no-cache"
      "GET /player/goods/?sq=46&division=d HTTP/1.1
      User-Agent: NSIS_Inetc (Mozilla)
      Connection: Keep-Alive
      Cache-Control: no-cache"
      "GET /Gtbusfax84UZ8q2damWR_BZNW8_Cp6bYh04IuaIHwFdR+k6KaMQfjC6DsvFOmXDKtqwg2p8ObWI3+kNxqSnGGX_JPguVMwaIS5_eUPhvMmcPbB8IiJOGkkJazTOQq9MW325e33mbmfNox3+LbeEL9geblcgc9A==-Ow== HTTP/1.1
      User-Agent: NSIS_Inetc (Mozilla)
      Connection: Keep-Alive
      Cache-Control: no-cache"
      "GET /kmp?env=( HTTP/1.1
      User-Agent: http_parser
      Cache-Control: no-cache"
      Network Traffic
    • Loads rich edit control libraries
      "<Input Sample>" loaded module "%WINDIR%\System32\riched20.dll" at 6A7D0000
      Loaded Module
    • Scanning for window names
      "<Input Sample>" searching for class "#32770"
      "<Input Sample>" searching for class "Shell_TrayWnd"
      "<Input Sample>" searching for class "msctls_progress32"
      "KMPAddedCode_OpperCD.tmp" searching for class "Shell_TrayWnd"
      API Call
    • Spawns new processes
      Spawned process "pin2taskbar.exe" with commandline "pin "C:\KMPlayer\KMPlayer.exe"" (Show Process)
      Spawned process "KMPlayer.exe" with commandline "-install" (Show Process)
      Spawned process "KMPAddedCode_OpperCD.exe" (Show Process)
      Spawned process "KMPAddedCode_OpperCD.tmp" with commandline "/SL5="$301EE
      %TEMP%\nss4B42.tmp\KMPAddedCode_OpperCD.exe" (Show Process), Spawned process "kmpFileAssociate_NO.exe" (Show Process), Spawned process "kmpFileAssociate_NO.exe" (Show Process), Spawned process "kmpFileAssociate.exe" (Show Process), Spawned process "kmpFileAssociate.exe" (Show Process)
      Monitored Target
  • Installation/Persistance
    • Contains ability to lookup the windows account name
      [email protected] (Show Stream)
      Hybrid Analysis Technology
    • Dropped files
      "MediaInfo.dll" has type "PE32 executable (DLL) (GUI) Intel 80386 for MS Windows"
      "kmpFileAssociate_NO.exe" has type "PE32 executable (GUI) Intel 80386 for MS Windows"
      "KIconLib.dll" has type "PE32 executable (DLL) (GUI) Intel 80386 for MS Windows"
      "avutil-lav-55.dll" has type "PE32 executable (DLL) (console) Intel 80386 (stripped to external PDB) for MS Windows"
      "xviddll.dll" has type "PE32 executable (DLL) (console) Intel 80386 for MS Windows"
      "LangDLL.dll" has type "PE32 executable (DLL) (GUI) Intel 80386 for MS Windows"
      "KMPAddedCode_OpperCD.exe" has type "PE32 executable (GUI) Intel 80386 for MS Windows"
      "w7tbp.dll" has type "PE32 executable (DLL) (GUI) Intel 80386 for MS Windows"
      "libdts.dll" has type "PE32 executable (DLL) (console) Intel 80386 for MS Windows"
      "kmplayer[1].exe" has type "PE32 executable (GUI) Intel 80386 for MS Windows"
      "KMPlayer.exe.lnk" has type "MS Windows shortcut Item id list present Points to a file or directory Has Relative path Archive ctime=Thu Sep 14 00:02:00 2017 mtime=Thu Sep 28 13:32:39 2017 atime=Thu Sep 14 00:02:00 2017 length=16668904 window=hide"
      "KMP_AssociateDefaultProgram.exe" has type "PE32 executable (GUI) Intel 80386 for MS Windows"
      "avfilter-lav-6.dll" has type "PE32 executable (DLL) (console) Intel 80386 (stripped to external PDB) for MS Windows"
      "swscale-lav-4.dll" has type "PE32 executable (DLL) (console) Intel 80386 (stripped to external PDB) for MS Windows"
      "bass_spx.dll" has type "PE32 executable (DLL) (GUI) Intel 80386 for MS Windows"
      "VSFilter.dll" has type "PE32 executable (DLL) (GUI) Intel 80386 for MS Windows"
      "iconv.dll" has type "PE32 executable (DLL) (GUI) Intel 80386 for MS Windows"
      "bass_mpc.dll" has type "PE32 executable (DLL) (GUI) Intel 80386 for MS Windows"
      "PProcDLL.DLL" has type "PE32 executable (DLL) (GUI) Intel 80386 for MS Windows"
      "bass.dll" has type "PE32 executable (DLL) (GUI) Intel 80386 for MS Windows"
      Extracted File
    • Touches files in the Windows directory
      "<Input Sample>" touched file "C:\Windows\Globalization\Sorting\sortdefault.nls"
      "<Input Sample>" touched file "C:\Windows\system32\en-US\SETUPAPI.dll.mui"
      "<Input Sample>" touched file "%LOCALAPPDATA%\Microsoft\Windows\Caches"
      "<Input Sample>" touched file "C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Caches\cversions.1.db"
      "<Input Sample>" touched file "C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Caches\{AFBF9F1A-8EE8-4C77-AF34-C647E37CA0D9}.1.ver0x000000000000000c.db"
      "<Input Sample>" touched file "C:\Windows\system32\en-US\MSCTF.dll.mui"
      "<Input Sample>" touched file "C:\Windows\system32\en-US\WINMM.dll.mui"
      "<Input Sample>" touched file "C:\Windows\Fonts\staticcache.dat"
      "<Input Sample>" touched file "C:\Windows\system32\imageres.dll"
      "<Input Sample>" touched file "C:\Windows\system32\en-US\imageres.dll.mui"
      "<Input Sample>" touched file "C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files"
      "<Input Sample>" touched file "C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Cookies"
      "<Input Sample>" touched file "C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\History"
      "<Input Sample>" touched file "C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5\index.dat"
      "<Input Sample>" touched file "C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Cookies\index.dat"
      "<Input Sample>" touched file "C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\History\History.IE5\index.dat"
      "<Input Sample>" touched file "C:\Windows\system32\rsaenh.dll"
      "<Input Sample>" touched file "C:\Windows\system32\en-US\urlmon.dll.mui"
      "<Input Sample>" touched file "C:\Windows\system32\en-US\KERNELBASE.dll.mui"
      "<Input Sample>" touched file "C:\Windows\System32\msxml3r.dll"
      API Call
  • Network Related
    • Found potential URL in binary/memory
      Heuristic match: "aP7xq2.Md"
      Heuristic match: "!Q;WqvE.By"
      Heuristic match: "!QO]my>6$.uS"
      Heuristic match: ";Nfx;3.cG"
      Heuristic match: ", .1]" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:major
    • Bug:70718 - "Emerge cdemu_0.6_beta-r1 failes" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
    • Bug:70772 - "app-emulation/vmware-workstation- fails to configure after merge" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
    • Bug:70780 - "Xscreensaver screensavers are not seen in KDE "Screen saver settings" list for normal users(not root)" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
    • Bug:70787 - "lincvs crashes on diff" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
    • Bug:70932 - "kopete mishandling MSN server messages" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
    • Bug:70993 - "Baghira theme cosmetic detail" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:trivial
    • Bug:71027 - "Guitoo 0.47.00 doesn't emerge packages" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
    • Bug:71052 - "Kernel 2.6.9 crashes when USB burner plugged off. 2.6.7 works fine." status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:critical
    • Bug:71080 - "Key bindings do not work in >icewm-1.2.13" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
    • Bug:71111 - "gentoo-dec-sources-2.6.9-r4 has SCSI regression with sym5x8xx driver" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:blocker
    • Bug:71210 - "Evolution 2.0 fails to connect to news server" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
    • Bug:71215 - "Disk stats not shown with Linux kernel 2.6.x (/proc/stats info has moved to /proc/diskstats)" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
    • Bug:71232 - "nVidia drivers 6629 doesn't work on old cards" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
    • Bug:71257 - "alsa 1.0.7 segfaults / hangs system on boot" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
    • Bug:71274 - "gpdf displays garbled fonts, ggv is fine" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
    • Bug:71280 - "hcfpciconfig causes major crash with kernel panic" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:blocker
    • Bug:71297 - "K3b switches down burning speed when burning on-the-fly (maybe a cdrecord-related issue)" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
    • Bug:71361 - "[2.4] SDL disables hardware acceleration and other settings on matroxfb console" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
    • Bug:71429 - "spamassassin should NOT be required evolution dependency" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
    • Bug:71435 - "nedit doesn't pay attention to X11 session management" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:minor
    • Bug:71442 - "openoffice-ximian-1.3.6 hangs when using reiserfs4" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
    • Bug:71519 - "media-video/totem-0.99.19 does not play DVDs when built with USE=gstreamer" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
    • Bug:71560 - "app-cdr/cdrdao uses einstall instead of `make install DESTDIR=$D`" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
    • Bug:71604 - "www-apps/tikiwiki-1.8.4 complains about missing abstract methods w/PHP5" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
    • Bug:71754 - "ftp binary transfers fail with Nautilus" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
    • Bug:71761 - "OOffice can't open Excel file if it has more than 32 K rows" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
    • Bug:71874 - "2.6.9 breaks cupsd and USB" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:critical
    • Bug:71879 - "xaos seg-faults at startup" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
    • Bug:71892 - "Konqueror crashes on simple CSS code attempting to do expanding menus" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
    • Bug:71947 - "hping2 and WLAN devices, again" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
    • Bug:72007 - "cvs-1.12.1[0-2] spits out a lot of errors when none exist" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
    • Bug:72015 - "app-dicts/ebview uses einstall instead of `make install DESTDIR=$D`" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
    • Bug:72050 - "KNotes does not find its notes.ics" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:critical
    • Bug:72095 - "kernel 2.6.9-r3 and r4 crash with mplayer and celestia" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:critical
    • Bug:72105 - "KDE kicker crashed after attempting to add an applet and now crashes everytime kde starts" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
    • Bug:72108 - "thunderbird core dumps when fonts are not accessable" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
    • Bug:72110 - "konqueror crash when closing preview in embedded ark" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:major
    • Bug:72150 - "net-www/opera-7.60alpha3 segfaults" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:major
    • Bug:72277 - "unable to build xorg-x11-6.8.0-r3 with grsecurity TPE enabled" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
    • Bug:72329 - "Using the disk sensor doesnt alter disk-sensor bar after mounting a device" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
    • Bug:72363 - "Alsa-oss works very fast" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
    • Bug:72376 - "Midi support doesn't work anymore with Wine >= 20041019-r3" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
    • Bug:72385 - "mkfs.reiser4 segfaults" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
    • Bug:72390 - "PHP iCalendar 2.0 beta ebuild" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:enhancement
    • Bug:72410 - "openafs will not compile using gcc 3.4.3" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
    • Bug:72427 - "version bump idesk 0.6" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
    • Bug:72483 - "typo in fglrxconfig in media-video/ati-drivers-3.14.6" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:trivial
    • Bug:72503 - "transcode-0.6.13 Build failure "undefined reference" in link phase" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:major
    • Bug:72597 - "vmware: fails on mm-sources 2.6.10" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
    • Bug:72622 - "alsa-driver-1.0.7 compile error dealing with 'remap_page_range'" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
    • Bug:72710 - "alsa-driver 1.0.7-r1 won't compile" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
    • Bug:72764 - "2.6.9 kernel oops with suspend to ram after resuming" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:major
    • Bug:72769 - "Cannot enable Gaim's Remote Control plugin because socket in use" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
    • Bug:72780 - "net-misc/openntpd-3.6_p1 puts weird time in messages" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
    • Bug:72797 - "kde-base/kdebase: Konqueror uses low-security ciphers by default" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:enhancement
    • Bug:72832 - "xfree -> xorg-x11 irritating font difference" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:trivial
    • Bug:72892 - "New vi_VN locale for glibc" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:enhancement
    • Bug:72934 - "x11-libs/nucleo-0.1-r2 fails to build" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
    • Bug:72957 - "quake2-icculus-0.15-r2 won't load games save with quake2-icculus-0.15-r1" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
    • Bug:73034 - "firefox's autoscroll feature shows a trail when using nvidia binary drivers with composite enabled" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
    • Bug:73059 - "slow transfer with usb-storage" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:major
    • Bug:73069 - "kontact crashes" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:major
    • Bug:73076 - "nvidia's tls breaks everything that wasnt broke before" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:major
    • Bug:73120 - "mythmusic-0.15.1 fails to compile with mmx use option and gcc 3.4.3" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
    • Bug:73132 - "ivtv firmware version not recommended one" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
    • Bug:73134 - "Add ivtv-framebuffer support to mplayer" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:enhancement
    • Bug:73145 - "Reiserfs - kernel 2.6.9, fs corruptions" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:critical
    • Bug:73153 - "Kopete doesn't use root CAs from KDE" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:enhancement
    • Bug:73233 - "Porthole 0.4.1 reports dependency on wrong pycrash version" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
    • Bug:73237 - "Nautilus (2.8.0) "Computer" window no longer allows custom icon selection" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:minor
    • Bug:73379 - "liferea-0.6.0 only stable version!" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:blocker
    • Bug:73462 - "Sidewinder gamepad module fills the kernel log with debug information in 2.6.x" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:trivial
    • Bug:73473 - "xorg v6.8 i810 / i815 Transparency Problem" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:major
    • Bug:73491 - "artsd (arts-1.3.0) causes other applications to segfault" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:major
    • Bug:73554 - "Kmess-1.3 and kde 3.3.1 compile problem, new dependency needed" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
    • Bug:73590 - "subversion 1.1.1-r3 and db-4.1.25_p1-r4 unable to read repository" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
    • Bug:73647 - "packages ignore MAKEOPT flag during emerge" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:minor
    • Bug:73651 - "celestia 1.3.2 crashes when "Set Time" selected" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:major
    • Bug:73719 - "Kernel driver tiglusb does not create device nodes (/dev/tiusb0, ...)" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
    • Bug:73792 - "gaimosd-1.0.0 emerges, but is missing critical features." status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:major
    • Bug:73815 - "VLMS v0.2.2 contains windblows ^M chars within source code" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
    • Bug:73873 - "patch for tdefunds quote support in Finance::Quote" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:enhancement
    • Bug:73889 - "VMWare Guest OS changes host's audio card volume" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:minor
    • Bug:73895 - "Tadpole Sparcle 650 and Viper fail to boot live CD" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:major
    • Bug:73934 - "g++ internal compiler error on amd64" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:minor
    • Bug:73961 - "Kernel doesn't detect the HDC drive on Abit mobo i865PE / P4 HT" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:minor
    • Bug:73964 - "audiocompress XMMS plugin allows 0s in audio values configuration, which causes SIGFPE" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:minor
    • Bug:73994 - "mail-filter/qmail-scanner - make call another qmail-queue replacement on env settings" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
    • Bug:74016 - "moldy crashed on some check-files" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
    • Bug:74092 - "Xorg freezes very often with firefox and mouse wheel" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:critical
    • Bug:74122 - "lftp-3.0.12 does not compile - gcc problem with -s" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
    • Bug:74150 - "Xorg doesn't start without a valid core pointer (mouse)" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
    • Bug:74163 - "Wine fails when accessing files from a Reiser4 partition." status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:critical
    • Bug:74243 - "avidemux 2.0.34_rc2 Videocoding crashes when coding avi file to vcd" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
    • Bug:74245 - "Nautilus 2.8.2 right click menu" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:minor
    • Bug:74253 - "Nautilus startup notify" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
    • Bug:74306 - "X11 version of games-roguelike/tome (any versions) does not reconize some keys" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:major
    • Bug:74369 - "poseidonCE 3.0 crash at startup (when loading main window)" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:critical
    • Bug:74573 - "kde-base/kdenetwork-3.3.1-r1: build fails in src_test" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
    • Bug:74585 - "creating new projects using kdevelop fails config due to gentoo sanity check (bug #73140 )" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
    • Bug:74586 - "patch for ipw2200 version 0.18 for amd64" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
    • Bug:74652 - "slmodem 2.9.10-r2 doesn't work with slamr module" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
    • Bug:74684 - "dvdauthor 0.6.10 mixes poorly with ImageMagick > v6" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
    • Bug:74689 - "/usr/include/math.h has macros that are incompatible with icc 8.1." status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:major
    • Bug:74783 - "[2.4] poweroff fails for gentoo-sources-2.4.28-r2" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:major
    • Bug:74785 - "wormux segfault when changing (or not) some options" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
    • Bug:74835 - "beep media player 0.97 seg faults upon startup" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
    • Bug:74849 - "Broken package: alsa-driver-1.0.7-r4" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
    • Bug:74855 - "Long line breaking" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
    • Bug:74904 - "[Ebuild request] Add ebuild for Trusted QSL software" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:enhancement
    • Bug:74910 - "Where do I post Compliments" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:trivial
    • Bug:75033 - "games-strategy/wesnoth-0.8.8 should have media-libs/sdl-ttf as dependency" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
    • Bug:75039 - "man raidhotadd is missing" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:major
    • Bug:75045 - "gcc incorrectly accepts multiple definitions of template function" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:minor
    • Bug:75075 - "Update ALSA 1.0.6a -> 1.0.7-r4" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:major
    • Bug:75158 - " cannot execute in /tmp mounted with noexec option" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
    • Bug:75161 - "mono 1.0.5-r3 fails with missing "mini/mono" file" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
    • Bug:75207 - "gnome-system-monitor 2.8.1 does not distinguish application memory and buffer memory" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
    • Bug:75266 - "sysstat 5.0.5-r1 "iostat" gives incorrect device utilizations" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:major
    • Bug:75288 - "cdemu-0.7 fails to emerge (`cdemu_block_ioctl' undeclared here)" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
    • Bug:75390 - "arts-1.3.2 can couse high cpu usage" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
    • Bug:75405 - "Kopete uses system background color for AIM background color" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
    • Bug:75425 - "nspluginviewer crashes displaying flash" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
    • Bug:75469 - "doxygen-1.3.8 compile fails @ pngwtran.c with Assembler message (K6-II, )" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:minor
    • Bug:75527 - "FAM (famd) starts using 100% of CPU" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:major
    • Bug:75541 - "New package proposal: recover to undelete files on ext2" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:enhancement
    • Bug:75598 - "menumaker doesn't add xchat to menu" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
    • Bug:75645 - "MPlayer and UTF-8 locale -> wrong charset" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:trivial
    • Bug:75666 - "xmms advanted title options add extra characters" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
    • Bug:75716 - "noatun crashes after pressing pause button" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:critical
    • Bug:75748 - "(selinux) libselinux incorect file paths" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
    • Bug:75800 - "patch for gallery-remote to add drag and drop from nautilus" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:enhancement
    • Bug:75813 - "Arts crash when it start" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:critical
    • Bug:75866 - "ALSA >= 1.0.5a does not load, failed with error -16" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
    • Bug:75872 - "net-libs/meanwhile fails to compile" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
    • Bug:75965 - "Software raid volume gets corrupt while booting gentoo-dev-sources-2.6.10-r1" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:critical
    • Bug:75985 - "xine-lib-1.0 xv output doesn't work" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
    • Bug:75989 - "speedfreq settings are poor from ebuild" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:minor
    • Bug:75997 - "xorg. Please add ru_RU.utf8 in locale.alias" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:minor
    • Bug:76012 - "kmail 3.3.1 and 3.3.2 => Antivirus wizard doesn't create filter rules" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
    • Bug:76213 - "haserl-0.9.18 (New ebuild)" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:enhancement
    • Bug:76217 - "USE="mad" emerge xmms me an xmms that does not show full pathnames in playlist" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
    • Bug:76229 - "2.6.10-r1 e1000 timeout after resuming from suspended state" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
    • Bug:76249 - "ffproxy-1.6_rc2.ebuild (New Package)" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:enhancement
    • Bug:76256 - "mail-filter/qmail-scanner - add qms-analog support" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:enhancement
    • Bug:76271 - "viruskiller has RESTRICT=fetch" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
    • Bug:76287 - "using links/links2 to search b.g.o always gives 0 results" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
    • Bug:76372 - "1) Document default usage 2) add Try Catch block around regex.append()" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
    • Bug:76508 - "mplayer 1.0pre6 xv problem (X11 Error)" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:major
    • Bug:76552 - "With udev there are no /dev nodes for sys-apps/pcfclock-0.44" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:minor
    • Bug:76669 - "app-office/dia-0.93 has wrong german umlauts" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:minor
    • Bug:76681 - "Some application are very very very slow in rendering/refreshing, like Firefox, OpenOffice, pdf and PostScript viewer and Gnome terminal ...for what I sow!" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:minor
    • Bug:76686 - "Kopete always formats messages" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
    • Bug:76691 - "Russian characters input in nano-1.3.5 is broken" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:minor
    • Bug:76701 - "root is able to change password on an selinux installation even if he is in context=root:user_r:user_t" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
    • Bug:76722 - "Opening file in KWord 1.3.5/KDE 3.3.2: Parsing error in the main document" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:critical
    • Bug:76727 - "GAIM crashes on file transfer" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
    • Bug:76800 - "su allows Control-C interruption of post password entry pause" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
    • Bug:76834 - "net-www/apache: htdigest buffer overflow" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
    • Bug:76916 - "setfont (from sys-apps/kbd) says "Input file: trailing garbage" (CFLAGS='--param max-gcse-passes=2')" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
    • Bug:76953 - "cronolog-1.6.2-r1 emerge fails with ./config.guess' not found" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
    • Bug:76993 - "RQST: Enable mouse button mapping in xorg.conf" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:enhancement
    • Bug:77010 - "GPG-Agent ignores default-cache-ttl, constant password requests of pinentry" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:major
    • Bug:77013 - "kernel Fusion MPT SCSI driver" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:major
    • Bug:77016 - "cannot login with qingy-0.5.2 and -pam" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:major
    • Bug:77020 - "Juk should be smarter in renaming files from id3 track number" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:enhancement
    • Bug:77046 - "saa7134 driver screwed up in gentoo-dev-sources-2.6.10-r2" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
    • Bug:77049 - "rhythmbox - "Shuffle" always starts off with first song in playlist" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:minor
    • Bug:77066 - "gtksee 0.6.0_beta1 doesn't allow long filenames when renaming" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
    • Bug:77070 - "xnview does not return from fullscreen mode" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:minor
    • Bug:77083 - "Gaim crashes on the second attempt to connect to MSN" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:critical
    • Bug:77132 - "sys-devel/patch: patch reports uncorrect failures with --dry-run" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:blocker
    • Bug:77175 - "mplayer and utf8: messages unreadable." status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
    • Bug:77218 - "some cleanups to media-plugins/bmp-midi-0.01" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:enhancement
    • Bug:77282 - "PTAL-MLCD ERROR at transport/ExMlcCommandChannel.cpp:1793 Crashes printer" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:critical
    • Bug:77287 - "gnome clock applet appears transparent when transparency set on panel" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:minor
    • Bug:77334 - "kernel 2.6.10-r4 still has lsi logic scsi regression" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:major
    • Bug:77389 - "xmms-mad shows wrong playtimes" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
    • Bug:77402 - "gnome-blog sends blog entries using wrong character encoding" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
    • Bug:77409 - "KOctave missing help files" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
    • Bug:77449 - "Save File Dialog displays wrong file count" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
    • Bug:77473 - "Xorg not scanning past PCI bus 0" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
    • Bug:77519 - "urw-fonts: no visual typeface difference in KWord, AbiWord and partly OpenOffice" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
    • Bug:77550 - "Eclipse xdoclet dialog with gtk+ >= 2.4.13 does not display the listbox" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:major
    • Bug:77606 - "k3b 0.11.18 crashes during "drag and drop" (0.11.17, too)" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:critical
    • Bug:77625 - "SMC 2835W fails to configure" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
    • Bug:77712 - "System directory for nautilus-scripts and nautilus Templates" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
    • Bug:77747 - "Several bugs in app-emulation/dosemu-1.2.2" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
    • Bug:77791 - "gtk+-2.6.1: Collision with & of gtk-engines" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
    • Bug:77795 - "sys-libs/db does not follow FHS!? others do / do not !?" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
    • Bug:77803 - "Several KPPP issues in kdenetwork-3.3.1-r1 and below

Glenster's Glimpse

June 5, 2005 Version 1WWW

Glenster's Glimpse into

d8P' `Y8
Y88bo. .oooo. ooo. .oo.
`"YME369. `P )88b `888P"Y88b
`"Y88b .oP"888 888 888
oo .d8P d8( 888 888 888
8""88888P' `Y888""8o o888o o888o

.o. .o8
.888. "888
.8"888. ooo. .oo. .oooo888 oooo d8b .ooooo. .oooo. .oooo.o
.8' `888. `888P"Y88b d88' `888 `888""8P d88' `88b `P )88b d88( "8
.88oooDodo. 888 888 888 888 888 888ooo888 .oP"888 `"Y88b.
.8' `888. 888 888 888 888 888 888 .o d8( 888 o. )88b
o88o o8888o o888o o888o `YMbododo" d888b `Y8bod8P' `Y888""8o 8""888P'

The Glenmeister's Grand Andreas
Playing the Steinway Grand
The Glenman's Gotta Whole Lot o' Auto
San Las Los the cosmos co-starring the li'l Dodo
Rated just O (for "Oo-oo!")

Don't adjust your sets--I'm the one with the draw distance problem.
(Thanks already to Ernie Kovaks.)

Oriented for the original PC version
with the Mouse and Keyboard Configuration and Mouse Controlled Steering

by Glen T. Winstein (glenster at Gamefaqs, IGN, Super Cheats, StuckGamer,
neoseeker, 1UP, My Cheats, GamersHell, GamerHelp, Game Revolution, and Game-

glenster (who's at)

This walk-through, with active links for the web addresses I use, is at:

Click "Back" to return from any of the links there--if you "X" it out,
you'll exit the web page. To compare pictures of vehicles, you might bring a
page up twice and click a link from each.

While you're there, you might want see if you find any useful information
in "Glenster's Guide to GTJ Brooklyn," which is also at the next link:

While waiting to put together a PC to play GTA "IV," I wrote a walk-
through for "Heavy Metal F.A.K.K.2"...

...and a walk-through for "Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven"

Game Revolution has this walk-through, with active links that open web
sites in separate windows (special thanks to Tim!), at:

Icey, who appears in the "Rockstar support for modding" section, let me run
this walk-through through a parser, so it could have active links not only for
the Internet sites that open in separate windows but the chapter designations,
which makes navigating this daunting thing a lot easier (special thanks to
Icey!). It's at the freewebs site.

"Glenster's Go On, San Andras, v.1 Misson Select Save Games"

glen1ster's YouTube channel

It's a G thang.


When looking for something in this guide, click "Edit" at the top left of the
screen, then click "Find (on This Page)... Ctrl+F" and a "Find" menu appears.
(Pressing "Ctrl+F" makes it appear, too.) Type in the name, or even just the
start of the name, of the mission or section you're looking for, then keep
clicking "Find Next" till you're taken there. At least that works if you have
Windows XP Home Edition--(update): or Vista Home Premium Edition.



I Introduction

I.1 Paying tributes and having things in common

I.2 PC Health

I.2.a Clean your disk, disk player, and PC
I.2.b Get your hard drive clean and in order
I.2.c Use the latest updates
I.2.d Turn off unnecessary applications before running the game
and use only one processor core
I.2.e Take-Two Games web site and support,
the v 1.01 patch, and v.2 and the Special Edition
I.2.f Tweak guides
I.2.g Volume
I.2.h System requirements

I.2.i PC hardware and software on a budget

I.3 How to save games
I.3.a The convenience of copies of your GTA San Andreas User File
I.3.b Glenster's Go On, San Andreas v.1 Mission Select Save Games
I.3.c Some advice about saving the game
How to use save games from v.1 for v.2 and vice versa
I.3.d An application that tells you your mission completion status, and shows
you, on a map, which Tags, Oysters, Snapshots, Horseshoes, and Jumps
you need to tend to
I.3.e A mod that shows you the locations of items left to find on your radar
I.3.f 100% completion guide

I.4 Settings

I.5 Stats
How to check the Stats

I.5.a Criminal Rating
I.5.aa Increasing the Criminal Rating
The fastest way to get "King of San Andreas"
How to make the fastest way available from the start of the game
I.5.b Health in relationship to Stats
I.5.c Player--Muscle and Fat Stats
I.5.d Player--Stamina and Lung Capacity Stats
I.5.e Player--Total Respect and Sex Appeal Stats
I.5.f Player--vehicle Stats
I.5.g Player--Pilot Ranking
I.5.h Player--Gambling and Luck Stats
I.5.i Weapons
I.5.j Crimes--Total number of wanted stars attained and evaded
I.5.k Crimes--Criminals wasted
I.5.l Crimes--Gang members wasted
I.5.m Crimes--Cost of property damaged
I.5.n Gangs
I.5.o Achievements--Flight time
I.5.p Mission--Mission Attempts/Missions Passed
I.5.q Miscellaneous--Progress made

I.6.a Some distinctions between the PS2 and original PC versions
I.6.b Adapters for PlayStation and Xbox controllers
I.6.c Gamepad controls


I.7 Controls

A couple of instant replays that should have been (and other odd moments)
WTF screenshots


I.7.a Foot Controls

Note: I remap Spacebar and Left Shift Foot Controls so each does the job
of the other--so Jump is Spacebar and Run is Left Shift, like for "Vice City."

I.7.aa Climbing trees Taking Photographs

I.7.b Initial fight moves Controls Having C.J. punch his neighbors to get to know them

I.7.c Swimming Controls
Walking, driving, and flying underwater
Swimming mania hits San Andreas


I.7.d Vehicle Controls

Note: I remap Horn from Caps Lock to Left Shift--same reason.

I.7.e Four-Wheel vehicle Controls
The things you can find in the back of trucks

I.7.f Motorcycle or Bicycle Controls

I.7.ff Stunt information
The Wheelie method for a faster bicycle
The San Andreas Superjump
Monster Superjump
Quad front flips
The BMX Stoppie glitch
The Two Wheeler gimmick
Quadruple Insane Jumps

I.7.g Note for all the flying vehicles
Where the three airline entrances are
I.7.h Plane or Jet Controls
I.7.i Hydra Controls
I.7.j Helicopter Controls

I.7.k Parachute Controls
I.7.l Jetpack Controls
I.7.m Crane Controls
I.7.n Boat Controls


I.8.a A rundown of some of the vehicles and some of their real names
Flying vehicles
Land vehicles

I.8.b A rundown of some of the people who drive them

I.9 Wanted Ratings
One wanted star and bribes
Some basics for handling a wanted rating
Things that remove any number of wanted stars
The Stat for how long C.J. can make a five star wanted rating last
Fun with wanted ratings
The off-limits area of Area 69
The off-limits area of Easter Basin Naval Base

I.10 Ghost hell, ghost world, ghost heaven, and Liberty City

Interior heaven
Liberty City
Entrance markers in the sky
How to enter the Bone County "Stowaway" Andromada
by MOrt(at)nius and me
Fireman's, edisoncarter's, and pdescobar's coordinates
Going through the Jefferson Motel skylight by me
Hole in a ceiling of the Prickle Pine safehouse

Ghost World and Blue hell entrances
The Pro-Laps, Alexander's Toys and Vulgari,
and Mulholland house entrances
The Las Colinas and Santa Maria Beach entrances
Ghost mountain
The_Raven's Mount Chiliad entrance to Blue Hell
Ghost garage entrance
Mxyzptlk's entrance to Blue Hell
W of the LV Turning Tricks Driving School
Great Saiyaman's Blackfield entrance
Ghost 69
How to enter the interior of Area 69 from the start of the game
Mxyzptlk's method
hdsgf and zmoonchild's method
jedisociety's method
Ring_of_Fire's way to open the door to Ghost World

Fireman's method to make extra interiors available
at the start of the game

Rough draft/Go through everything world 1
by sum GTA Guy and gamefarter

Driving a blown-up boat by Ring_of_Fire
Ghost land vehicles for travelling into buildings
Ghost Beagle and Mower
"Ghost" Glendales, etc.
Ghost upside-down chili vendor
Ghost house
Ghost 3D office building
Ghost woman in a pawn shop wall
A very minor ghost world find
Ghost Garver Bridge
Ghost walls
Benjimino234's invisible wall behind the Willowfield Cluckin' Bell
bagga rabbit's invisible wall on the porch of Cranberry Station
Ghost fence
The Vinewood cemetery

I.11 Odds and Ends
Rebirth: a suggestion for how to make music in a future GTA,
where to get the 1st two GTA's and "Wild Metal Country" free,
how to see the coordinates on the PC "GTA2,"
how to get Darkel into "III," find Odie's Statue of Liberty mod, the
Wichita-Airport Bridge, the Nakt patch, etc.
let Claude leave Portland early,
add working VC/SA-style flying vehicles to "III,"
use Robert De Niro as Travis Bickle for the lead player of "III,"
how to pick the version of "Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven" you run,
and some GTA clones you might try

I.12 Glitches

I.12.a Problem glitches
Cures for the gym and basketball glitches
Pdescobar's cure for the Taxi mission glitch
The extra gang territory glitch
Hmvartak's Online Glitch Repair Tool
System error's advice at GTA Forums regarding various other glitches
The Fire Extinguisher glitch
The Xoomer garage and Flips glitches

I.12.b Fun glitches, gimmicks, etc.

Pdescobar's way to explore areas that create a wanted rating without
creating a wanted rating
Infinite spray from spray can during "Tagging Up Turf" by InFeRnUs92

Invincible C.J. 1 by tommy vercetti guy
Invincible C.J. 2 by ?
Invincible C.J. 3 by most anyone who's observant,
which, at times, includes me
Invincible ped by GTAFAN4LIFE
Invincible gang member by gtamike123 and digimetal
Invisible gang member 1 by xspudx
Invisible gang member 2 by gtamike123 and Drizz
Invisible Vagos
How to make the Flint trailer park photographers appear
Lemmings gimmick 1
Lemmings gimmick 2
Lemmings gimmick 3

How to make the Jetpack appear at a save place beyond the airstrip
Invincible Police Mavericks by spaceeinstein and GTA_Phreak
How to enter the Verdant Meadows "Stowaway" Andromada by El Petone
The Vortex submarine gimmick by FYREWOLF88, Orion_SR, and GTA Phreak
How to jack a police helicopter by GTA Phreak
How to get C.J.'s gang members to drive or fly on PC by GTA_Phreak
"Stowaway" earthquake glitch by Mike_Toreno
Make any vehicle explosion and bullet-proof by gtamike123
How to cause a Packer toss by Redtier999666 and Webdude06
Rhino glitch by JÈrÈmie Blanc
Rhino "camera" front for cannon speed boost by Diego Mendez
Rhino sub by GTA Phreak
Boat flinging by Haro
5th Quarry mission Double Insane stat by FlannelMenace
Crane gimmicks

Kill a crowd by killing one of the people in it by spaceeinstein
Auto-aim the Minigun by Mr Killer
Destroying an Artificial Intelligence-guided helicopter with one
shot from a Sniper Rifle, one Hand Granade, or several Molotovs
by voodoochild19, TheTank, and GTA_Phreak
Infinite ammo by 2Shores
Fiery ballistic pool balls

Burglary ski mask outside of the Burglary mission by The Demon
Burglarizing Freddy's house by lord fido
Basketballs aplenty by gamefarter

I.13 Radio

I.14 Codes

I.15 Video walk-through/people who help with missions/entire games "Done

I.16 How to get as much done as possible before starting the main missions
Four star survival guides (and cycle jumps)
by Orion_SR and rubregg
Airborne bribes
How to open the fast food places before doing the main missions
Flying vehicles available early and how to keep them from blowing up


II The beginning

II.1 "The Introduction"
II.2 "The San Andreas Theme Song" Lyrics by Young MayLay

II.3 Los Santos 1st main missions

II.4 "In The Beginning" The Johnson garage is free and
immediately available
II.5 "Big Smoke" Carl Johnson
II.6 "Sweet and Kendl" Carl Johnson The Johnson house is available
A Camera is in C.J.'s room
Sweet Johnson calls about local
turf battles

II.7 "Ryder" Carl Johnson The restaurants, barber shops,
and tattoo parlors are open


III Preliminaries for Los Santos

III.1 Maps, map markers, teleportation, all items (Tags, etc.) shown on your
radar, and a trainer:
how to control space and time

III.2 Spraying Tags 100 Tags

C.J.'s gets Respect, and the AK-47, Tec9, Sawnoff Shotgun, and Molotov
Cocktails are available in the kitchen of the Johnson house.

III.3 Weapons
8 Ball's Bomb Shop

III.4 Armor and Bribes

III.4.a When Armor, Health, Bribe, and weapon pickups, and fast food vendor
booth markers, reappear

III.5 Maximum Stats of all kinds in one sitting
and the fastest way to raise weapon Stats on PS2

III.6 Cycling Stat (bicycle) Bicycles reverse faster, C.J. stays on a
bike better, and he can Bunny Hop higher

III.7 The Commerce 24/7 Courier Asset Mission,
aka the Roboi's Food Mart Asset Mission
III.8 BMX Challenge
III.9 The Taxi Driver mission (a Sub-mission) 50 fares unlimited NOS
Boost for Taxis and Cabbies
III.10 "Burglary" (a Sub-mission)

Burglary isn't needed for 100% completion of the game, but I'd consider it
more important than some such options since it offers the infinite sprint as a

III.11 Kill Criminals
III.12 Inside Track Betting
The Horse Races gimmick
III.13 Save houses
III.13.a Storing a Sea Sparrow on top of the N. Mulholland garage

III.14 Weapon Stats and Gang Respect
III.14.a Initial weapon gathering
III.14.b What weapon upgrading does
III.14.c Upgrading weapon skills while earning Respect
III.15 Recruiting gang members

C.J. has more moves for all, and can dual wield some, weapons, and, with more
Respect, can recruit up to seven gang members

III.16 Lung Capacity
III.17 Oysters Good for Sex Appeal
III.18 Sex Appeal Oo-oo!
The wardrobe glitch by bamspeedy1298
III.19 Flying Stat The airport opens, flying vehicles
handle better, and C.J. gets a
Parachute if he bails
III.20 Bike Stat (motorcycle) C.J. stays on a motorcycle better
III.21 Driving Stat C.J.'s four-wheel vehicles handle

III.22 Pimping Mission (a Sub-mission) level 10 Hookers pay C.J.
GTA Phreak's Pimping and Vigilante vehicle health boost gimmick

III.23 Firefighter Mission (a Sub-mission) level 12 C.J. gets the fire-
proof feature, good
for using Molotovs

III.24 Vigilante Mission (a Sub-mission) level 12 C.J. gets 150 Armor
The N San Fierro Cluckin' Bell Vigilante gimmick

III.25 Paramedic Mission (a Sub-mission) level 12 maximum Health
III.25.a Firetruck, Vigilante, and Paramedic mission pay

III.26 8-Track Los Santos Forum A Hotring Racer and a Monster
Truck are available
III.27 Some non-mission vehicle locations
and Orion_SR's explanation of how impound garages work

III.28 Make a copy of your save game


IV The main story missions of Los Santos continued

The Sweet missions

IV.1 "Tagging Up Turf" Sweet Johnson The basketball game is available
IV.2 "Cleaning the Hood" Sweet Johnson
IV.3 "Drive-Thru" Sweet Johnson Opens all three Gyms

IV.4 Los Santos gym Build Stamina and Muscle fast and
beat the trainer for boxing moves.

IV.5 "Nines and AKs" Sweet Johnson Opens OG Loc and Big Smoke missions
A Pistol is at Emmet's place
IV.6 Clothes Binco, Pro-Laps, and Sub Urban
clothes stores are open
IV.7 "Drive-By" Sweet Johnson Opens Ryder missions
The earliest opportunity to
enter the off-limits areas
without a wanted rating.
IV.8 "Sweet's Girl" Sweet Johnson
IV.9 "Cesar Vialpando" Sweet Johnson Unlocks Loco Low Co. lowrider mod-
ding garage, "Lowrider Challenge,"
and Cesar's missions
Transfender modding garage is open

IV.10 Lowrider Challenge Not required for 100% Use a Lowrider for it
and the next mission

Cesar mission

IV.11 "High Stakes, Low-Rider" Cesar Vialpando

The Ryder missions

IV.12 "Home Invasion" Ryder
IV.13 "Catalyst" Ryder
IV.14 "Robbing Uncle Sam" Ryder

The Big Smoke missions

IV.15 "OG Loc" Big Smoke
IV.16 "Running Dog" Big Smoke
IV.17 "Wrong Side of the Tracks" Big Smoke
IV.18 "Just Business" Big Smoke

The OG Loc missions

IV.19 "Life's a Beach" OG Loc
IV.20 "Madd Dogg's Rhymes" OG Loc Opens C.R.A.S.H. missions
IV.21 "Management Issues" OG Loc The "Management Issues" way to
make a copy of C.J.

IV.22 "House Party" OG Loc

The C.R.A.S.H. missions

IV.23 "Burning Desire" C.R.A.S.H. Girlfriend Denise and more Sweet
Johnson missions are available
IV.24 "Gray Imports" C.R.A.S.H.

The Sweet missions continued

IV.25 "Doberman" Sweet Johnson C.J. can take territories
from gangs, but any taken are
lost after "The Green Sabre"

Ammu-Nations are open Body Armor $200, 9mm Pistol $200, Silenced 9mm
Pistol $600, Tec9 $300, Micro SMG $500, SMG
$2,000, Shotgun $600, Sawnoff Shotgun $800, and
Grenades $300, are at Ammu-Nation.

Two of four Ammu-Nation Challenges are avail-
able, but you need four in a row to complete
the mission and the 4th isn't available till
Las Venturas opens up

IV.26 "Los Sepulcros" Sweet Johnson

The last of the 1st batch of Los Santos missions

IV.27 "Reuniting the Families" Sweet Johnson Two opportunities to enter
the off-limits areas
without a wanted rating
IV.28 "The Green Sabre" Sweet Johnson Cesar tips C.J. to the sight
of Big Smoke and Ryder with a
couple of Ballas, officer
Tenpenny, and officer Pulas-
ki, who drives the green Sa-
bre used when C.J.'s Mom was
gunned down.

The Badlands and San Fierro are officially open
The Badlands and Red County save houses are now available


V The Badlands and San Fierro Preliminaries

V.1.a Snapshots 50
Use the camera you're given in IV.28--it has an unlimited amount of film.
The Micro SMG, Shotgun, Sniper Rifle, and Grenades are available at the
Xoomer garage in Doherty, San Fierro

V.1.b Weapon gathering

V.2 Save houses

V.3 Barber and Tattoo shops

V.4 Weapons

V.5 Armor and Bribes

V.6 Oysters

V.7 Mount Chiliad Challenge 7:00 to 18:00 (three races)

V.7.a Race 1 Scotch Bonnet Yellow route
V.7.b Race 2 Birdseye Winder Yellow route
V.7.c Race 3 Cobra Run

V.8 Hippy Shopper Courier Asset Mission (four stages)

V.9 NRG-500 Challenge

V.10 Blood Bowl (Corvin Stadium) (like Bloodring but with drive-bys)
A Bloodring Banger will be by Corvin Stadium

V.11 San Fierro Gym Get stamina and muscle past the buff stage,
and beat the trainer to get martial arts moves

V.12 Beat the Cock 1st of two triathlons
Not needed for 100% completion

V.13 Some non-mission vehicle locations

V.14 Make a copy of your save game


VI The main story missions of the Badlands and San Fierro

The Badlands missions

VI.1 Badlands C.R.A.S.H.
VI.2 First Date Catalina cut scene--she wants to rob four places
VI.3 Tanker Commander Catalina Opens RS Haul Trucking Asset Mission
The Truth calls

The RS Haul Trucking Asset mission (part one)

VI.4.a 1. Timed: 2:15
VI.4.b 2. Fragile cargo
VI.4.c 3. Three star wanted level
VI.4.d 4. Timed: 6:00
VI.4.e 5. Fragile cargo
VI.4.f 6. Three star wanted level


The Truth calls and you can meet him for missions

VI.5 "Body Harvest" The Truth The Rifle, $1,000, and Remote Explosives,
$2,000, are at Ammu-Nation
Cesar calls

VI.6 "King in Exile" Cesar Vialpando Cesar Vialpando cut scene

Save house:
Fern Ridge C4 free
At the dot just NE of the "O" of "RED COUNTY"

VI.7 "First Base" Catalina Catalonia cut scene
C.J. can rob the three remaining places

VI.8 "Against All Odds" Catalina Cesar calls about street racing
VI.9 "Gone Courting" Catalina Catalina cut scene
VI.10 "Local Liquor Store" Catalina Cesar calls about courier missions
VI.11 "Made in Heaven" Catalina Catalina cut scene
VI.12 "Small Town Bank" Catalina


VI.13 Big Smoke's Cash/Yay Courier (not needed for 100% completion of the


Cesar calls about street racing in the country. Get a Cheetah, Hotring Racer,
Buffalo, Elegy--something like that--and go to:

VI.14 "Wu Zi Mu" Cesar Vialpando
VI.15 "Farewell, My Love" Cesar Vialpando The Truth calls
C.J. can get five wanted stars

Free save place in Doherty
The Xoomer garage W edge of C2 garage free

VI.16 "Are You Going to San Fierro?" The Truth

A glitch lets you send C.J. to the blocked off areas without a wanted rating.

The San Fierro missions


VI.17 Save houses

VI.18 Clothes Zip clothes stores are open


The Garage missions

VI.19 "Wear Flowers In Your Hair" Carl Johnson Call from Zero
Buy his RC shop

The Zero RC Store Asset missions

VI.20 "Air Raid" Zero
VI.21 "Supply Lines" Zero
VI.22.a "New Model Army" Zero Completes Zero RC Store asset--
it makes $5,000 a day and max.

VI.22.b "Beefy Baron" Not needed for 100% completion of the game


The Garage missions continued

VI.23 "555 WE TIP" Carl Johnson The Valet outfit is available
Opens the Valet mission


VI.24 Valet Parking Asset Mission (5 Levels) Vank Off Hotel in Financial
The hotel makes $2,000 a day and max.


The last Garage mission

VI.25 "Deconstruction" Carl Johnson Jethro calls--Driving School opens


VI.26 "Back To School" Turning Tricks Driving School
Have C.J. start dating Michelle before
finishing driving school to avoid the
glitch of her not showing up very often.
VI.26.a "The 360"
VI.26.b "The 180"
VI.26.c "Whip and Terminate"
VI.26.d "Pop and Control"
VI.26.e "Burn and Lap"
VI.26.f "Cone Coil"
VI.26.g "The '90'"
VI.26.h "Wheelie Weave"
VI.26.i "Spin and Go"
VI.26.j "P.I.T. Maneuver"
VI.26.k "Alley Oop"
VI.26.l "City Slicking" "Back to School" is completed


The Syndicate missions

VI.27 "Photo Opportunity"
VI.28 "Jizzy" Opens Wu Zi Mu missions, which need to be done
before "Yay Ka-Boom-Boom."
VI.29 "T-Bone Mendez"
VI.30 "Mike Toreno"
VI.31 "Outrider"
VI.32 "Snail Trail" Flying trains
VI.33 "Ice Cold Killa"
VI.34 "Pier 69" Sniper Rifle $5,000 at Ammu-Nation
VI.35 "Toreno's Last Fight"

The Woozie missions

VI.36 "Mountain Cloud Boys" Wu Zi Mu
VI.37 "Ran Fa Li" Wu Zi Mu
VI.38 "Lure" Wu Zi Mu AK-47 $3,500 at Ammu-Nation
VI.39 "Amphibious Assault" Wu Zi Mu
VI.40 "The Da Nang Thang" Wu Zi Mu

The last Syndicate mission

VI.41 "Yay Ka-Boom-Boom" Syndicate M4 $4,500 at Ammu-Nation
Someone calls using an electronic voice disguiser.
Jethro calls and a CV icon appears at Wang's Autos.
The Desert and Las Venturas (and the Miniguns there)
are officially available.
Three save houses can be bought.

The Steal Cars missions

VI.42 "Zeroing In" Cesar Vialpando Wheel Arch Angels mod shop
VI.43 "Test Drive" Cesar Vialpando
VI.44 "Customs Fast Track" Cesar Vialpando Export/Import boards open

VI.45 Exports and Imports for the Cranberry Crane (30 vehicles)

VI.46 "Puncture Wounds" Cesar Vialpando Completes Wang Car asset
$8,000 a day and max.


VII The Desert and Las Venturas Preliminaries

VII.1 Save houses

VII.2 Barber and Tattoo shops The Redsands East tattoo parlor is available

VII.3 Ammu-Nation and weapons

VII.4 Armor and Bribes

VII.5 Oysters

VII.6 Bayside Marina Boat School
VII.6.a "Basic Seamanship"
VII.6.b "Plot a Course"
VII.6.c "Fresh Slalom"
VII.6.d "Flying Fish"
VII.6.e "Land, Sea, and Air"

VII.7 RS Haul Trucking Asset Mission (final two missions)
VII.7.a Mission 7
VII.7.b Mission 8

VII.8 Horseshoes $100 x 50 and $100,000
The Combat Shotgun, Remote Explosive, M4, and SMG
are in front of The Four Dragons Casino

VII.9 Las Venturas Bike School
VII.9.a "360"
VII.9.b "180"
VII.9.c "Wheelie"
VII.9.d "Jump and Stop"
VII.9.e "Stoppie"
VII.9.f "Jump and Stoppie"

VII.10 Burger Shot Courier Asset Mission (4 runs)

VII.11 Kick start and Dirt Track (Blackfield Stadium)

VII.12 The Freight Train mission $50,000 and free train rides

VII.13 The Ammu-Nation "Shooting Range Challenge"
VII.13.a "Pistol Challenge"
VII.13.b "SMG Challenge"
VII.13.c "Shotgun Challenge"
VII.13.d "AK47 Challenge"

VII.14 Las Venturas Gym Stamina and Muscle should be past the buff stage,
so beat the trainer to get kick boxing moves.

VII.15 Beat the Cock 2nd of two triathlons
Not needed for 100% completion

VII.16 Some non-mission vehicle locations

VII.17 Make a copy of your save game


VIII The Desert and Las Venturas

The Desert

The Toreno missions

VIII.1 "Monster" Mike Toreno
VIII.2 "Highjack" Mike Toreno
VIII.3 "Interdiction" Mike Toreno C.J. can get six wanted stars
VIII.4 "Verdant Meadows" Mike Toreno Jethro calls about street races--
four checkered flag icons appear

VIII.5 Buy Verdant Meadows Aircraft Graveyard $80,000 opens next mission
Two Rhinos are available at Area 69

The Airstrip missions

VIII.6 "Learning to Fly" (Pilot School)

VIII.6.a "Takeoff
VIII.6.b "Land Plane"
VIII.6.c "Circle Airstrip"
VIII.6.d "Circle Airstrip and Land"
VIII.6.e "Helicopter Takeoff"
VIII.6.f "Land Helicopter"
VIII.6.g "Destroy Targets"
VIII.6.h "Loop-the-Loop"
VIII.6.i "Barrel Roll"
VIII.6.j "Parachute onto Target"
All bronze awards--the Rustler at Verdant Meadows
All silver awards--the Stuntplane at Verdant Meadows
All gold awards--the Hunter at Verdant Meadows and Easter Basin
The Four Dragons Casino is a free save place
Wu Zi calls with work at the Four Dragons Casino

VIII.6.k How to jack a Rhino from Area 69


VIII.7 Buy the remaining save houses

VIII.8 Clothes The Victim clothes store is open


VIII.9 Los Santos Race Tournaments
VIII.9.a "Lowrider Race"
VIII.9.b "Little Loop"
VIII.9.c "Backroad Wanderer"
VIII.9.d "City Circuit"
VIII.9.e "Vinewood"
VIII.9.f "Freeway"
VIII.9.g "Into the Country"
VIII.9.h "Badlands A"
VIII.9.i "Badlands B"

VIII.10 San Fierro Race Tournaments
VIII.10.a "Dirtbike Danger"
VIII.10.b "Bandito County"
VIII.10.c "Go-Go Carting"
VIII.10.d "San Fierro Fastlane"
VIII.10.e "San Fierro Hills"
VIII.10.f "Country Endurance"

VIII.11 Las Venturas Race Tournaments (Cars)
VIII.11.a "San Fierro to Las Venturas"
VIII.11.b "Dam Rider"
VIII.11.c "Desert Tricks"
VIII.11.d "Las Venturas Ringroad"

VIII.12 Las Venturas Race Tournaments (Aircraft)
VIII.12.a "World War Aces"
VIII.12.b "Barnstorming"
VIII.12.c "Military Service"
VIII.12.d "Chopper Checkpoint"
VIII.12.e "Whirly Bird Waypoint"
VIII.12.f "Heli Hell"


The Airstrip missions continued

VIII.13 "N.O.E."
VIII.14 "Stowaway"
VIII.15 "Black Project"
The 1st part of the mission
The layout of the interior of Area 69
The 2nd part of the mission
SAM sites: blowing them up, the blind spot between them,
and fun with SAM sites

the Desert Eagle is at Ammu-Nations $1,200
the Thermal Goggles are available

VIII.16 "Green Goo" the airstrip will make $10,000 a day and max.
the Jetpack is available

The Casino missions

VIII.17 "Fender Ketchup" The Four Dragons Casino
VIII.18 "Explosive Situation" The Four Dragons Casino

Opens The Heist missions and Hunter Quarry missions


Hunter Quarry Asset missions

VIII.19.a Mission 1
VIII.19.b Mission 2
VIII.19.c Mission 3
VIII.19.d Mission 4
VIII.19.e Mission 5
VIII.19.f Mission 6
VIII.19.g Mission 7 Hunter Quarry makes $2,000 a day and max.


The Casino missions continued

VIII.20 "You've Had Your Chips" The Four Dragons Casino
VIII.21 "Don Peyote" The Four Dragons Casino Combat Shotgun
$1,000 at Ammu-Nations
VIII.22 "Intensive Care" Caligula's Palace
VIII.23 "Misappropriation" C.R.A.S.H.
VIII.24 "The Meat Business" Caligula's Palace
VIII.25 "Fish in a Barrel" The Four Dragons Casino
VIII.26 "Madd Dogg" Madd Dogg
VIII.27 "Freefall" Caligula's Palace
VIII.28 "High Noon" C.R.A.S.H.
VIII.29 "Saint Mark's Bistro" Caligula's Palace


VIII.30 Clothes Didier Sachs is open in Rodeo, Los Santos


The Heist missions

VIII.31 "Architectural Espionage" The Heist
VIII.32 "Key to Her Heart" The Heist Girlfriend Millie
is available
VIII.33 "Dam and Blast" The Heist
VIII.34 "Cop Wheels" The Heist
VIII.35 "Up, Up, and Away!" The Heist A Minigun ammo gimmick
VIII.36 "Breaking the Bank at Caligula's" The Heist Night Vision Goggles
are available
VIII.37 Make a copy of your save game


IX Return to Los Santos for the final Los Santos missions

The Mansion missions

IX.1 "A Home in the Hills" The Four Dragons Casino

Thermal Goggles are in the bar room, and a heart pickup--the only one in the
game that will always be available--is in the kitchen, of Madd Dogg's crib;
Madd Dogg's Crib, with a gym, basketball court, and all four videogames, is

Don't save the game at Madd Dogg's Vinewood mansion since PS2 players report
that doing so corrupts their save game and causes the basketball to not appear
at courts. If you want to save in the area, save at the mansion nearby.

The basketball doesn't always appear at all courts, and the glitch may come
and go, anyway. You can download a fix for the PC version of it (I.12).

IX.2 "Vertical Bird" Carl Johnson

The Hydra is in a hanger at Verdant Meadows, in the NE area of Area 69, which
has two, and on the E end of the Easter Basin aircraft carrier.

The Minigun (with a 500 count for ammo), Rocket Launcher, Heat Seeking Rocket
Launcher, and Flame Thrower are available in Mike Toreno's (Tierra Robada)

IX.3 "Home Coming" Carl Johnson
IX.4 "Cut Throat Business" Carl Johnson

The Grove Street missions

IX.5 "Beat Down on B-Dup" Sweet Johnson
IX.6.a "Grove 4 Life" Sweet Johnson


IX.6.b Territory takeover

You need 35% (about 19) or more of the gang territories to finish the game.
Get all of them and C.J. won't be attacked by rival gang members again.


The Riots missions

IX.7 "Riot" Carl Johnson
IX.8 "Los Desperados" Carl Johnson

IX.9 "End of the Line" Sweet Johnson imut_knight's way to create
one or two copies of C.J.

100% completion

IX.10 Make a copy of your save game


X Basic skins, modding (use at your own risk),
music, and screen shot tutorial

Modding section

Special note about "San Andreas" v.2
Rockstar support for modding

X.1 Compressed File Utility

X.2 Web sites for skins and mods

X.3 Mods
X.4 Un-check the green dot 1st
X.5 Make backups (and where to find other SA backup files)

X.6 Tools:
The IMG Tool v.2
The TXD Workshop
CFG Studio 2
The GTA: San Andreas GXT Editor
The San Andreas Ultimate Editor

X.7 Installing most car, bike, or pedestrian mods:
changing .dff and .txd files

X.8 Skin viewing and editing and editing textures other than skins

X.9 Women

X.9.a The Hot Coffee mod

X.9.b Other hidden San Andreas pedestrians
DeeZire's "Things To Do in San Andreas
'Till You're Dead (Volume 1)" mod

X.9.c The Nude Girlfriends mod
X.9.d How to change the way they walk

X.10 Cars and bikes (TGIOPC)

X.10.a How to change their wheels
X.10.b How to change their mass,
ability to stay upright and hug the driving surface,
ability to survive in water,
cornering and braking, top speed, acceleration,
suspension, durability, and miscellaneous jazz
X.10.c Game play advantages
X.10.d Making vehicles weaker or stronger
X.10.e How to create your own "Alloy Wheels of Steel" Freeway
X.10.f How to change their colors
X.10.g How to change their on-screen names
X.10.h How to change the traction of surfaces

X.11 Weapons and Attackers
How to lessen or beef up the severity of attacks

X.12 Helicopters
How to make a helicopter easier to fly

X.13 Miscellaneous mods, etc.

X.13.a The San Andreas Place Manager
X.13.b The Map Teleporter/Vehicle Spawn
X.13.c The GTA SA Control Center
X.13.d The Skateboard mod
X.13.e The No Rust and Dirt mods
X.13.f 2x, 4x, and 10x Draw Distance mods
X.13.g John Lennon's glasses
X.13.h The Horseshoe Help mod
X.13.i The Driver mod
X.13.j The Roberto Clemente shirt
X.13.k The Tommy Vercetti shirt and Tommy's Shirt
X.13.l Pizzadox's Plus 27 Trainer
X.13.m Heli Magnet
X.13.n Darkpact SA
X.13.o Analogue Speedometer
X.13.p Gradius and Gyruss games mod
X.13.q Pawfect Skin Changer Mod v1.1
X.13.r MP5 ReSkin and more...
X.13.s rc vehicles (drivable)
X.13.t Spurtster
X.13.u Heavens on Earth
X.13.v The Homie Mod
X.13.w CJ Skin Tweak 512 and 1024/512 Hi Res Skin Tweak
X.13.x 2 Player Mod
X.13.y Easter Bay Aircraft Carrier Beta 2
X.13.z Jarra Mono Arsenal v1.3
X.13.aa Detailed Radar mod Holla Back Girl 1963 Chevrolet Corvette
X.13.dd Half-Life 2 Buggy SCM Hook
X.13.ff PLPynton's mission mods Pillager
X.13.hh Audio Toolkit
X.13.ii The All In One Mod
X.13.jj 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air
X.13.kk Transfender Fix
X.13.ll Chain game save games Unmodded weapons remake
X.13.nn Parkour mod
X.13.oo The "Design Your Own Mission" mod
X.13.pp FPS Limit Adjuster
X.13.qq '01 Mobil 1 Honda NSX JGTC
X.13.rr Weapons Pack Brembo Cheetah 2k9 Solid Liberty City
X.13.uu Flying Carpet
X.13.vv Alien City
X.13.ww Road Reflections Fix

X.14 CLEO mods

X.14.a Buy Back Your Weapons
X.14.b Player Changer
X.14.c Gravity
X.14.d Real Tram
X.14.e Speedometer
X.14.f GPS
X.14.g Teleport to marker
X.14.h Pimp My Car
X.14.i Bass Guitar And K-On Mod
X.14.j Ga-Rei Yomi And Ninja Action Mod
X.14.k Usama Bin Laden At Chiliad Cabin
X.14.l Rusty Brown's Ring Donuts
X.14.m Car Spawner
X.14.n N-Races
X.14.o SF Airport Ladder-Teleporter
X.14.p Digital Speedometer
X.14.q Weapons Menu Mod
X.14.r GTA San Andreas .LOD Mod

X.14.aa CLEO mod web sites

X.15 Mod requests

X.16 Music
MP3s and wav files
How to save hard disk space with shortcuts

X.17 Screen shots and videos
Fraps, the Easy Graphic Converter, and Virtual Dub
How I make videos


XI. And there's always more
XI.a Unique Jumps
XI.b Girlfriends
and jealous girlfriends
XI.c Basketball
XI.d Video games
XI.e Gambling


I Introduction

A few things I've noticed about "San Andreas" are different than in "Vice
City." Besides SA being bigger, C.J. needs to use the food system or his Health
will go down. It's gone from being a funny option to being like the Gasometer
(gas station) mod for "Vice City": it keeps interrupting things to make the lead
character get into a shaft of light and make his money goes down. Heart pickups
are only available during certain fighting missions--the only one with a fixed
location is at Madd Dogg's Crib after "A Home in the Hills."

There are gas pumps and birds (white gulls and black buzzards; red hawks?) in
"San Andreas." You can't make the birds explode by shooting them--they just
disappear, but you can blow up the gas pumps and blue Carcer Gas cans (or roll a
can onto the street to let the traffic blow it up). The little Dodo that always
flew around in the sky has been replaced by a variety of planes that sometimes
run into the ground and blow up, but they're just as capable of being blown up
by a Rocket Launcher. You might even have C.J. jack a Police Maverick (space-
einstein says the Sherman Dam is a good place to have him try).

Some of the shadows move across the scenery, including at night, even when the
only light source, the moon in the S, doesn't move.

The pedestrians sometimes ran into walls then bent over like they were throw-
ing up in "Vice City"; I haven't seen them do that in "San Andreas," but if you
feed C.J. eleven meals in a row, he throws up. When some of the "San Andreas"
women get up from a beach towel or lounging in Glen Park, they may do a little
of the sashay some of the "Vice City" women did.

There are a lot more clothes in SA, although I've usually had Tommy in his de-
fault blue jeans and shirt, and I've had C.J. do something like that in SA. I
guess it replaces being able to use the "stilllikedressingup" code in VC. It
offers some variety, if not as much novel variety (such as having an old lady,
or sexy young one, beat up a bunch of big thugs in VC). C.J. can't use clothes
to morph to a motorcycle or wear a cop outfit to go onto a military base without
a wanted rating, but a hat, shades, or something for torso or legs can remove
not just two but any number of wanted stars.

If C.J. takes over all the gang territories by the end of the game, you don't
have something like the attacks of Mafia or Haitian gangsters making it hard to
use an area to do stunts afterward. C.J. can swim with the fish, fly through
the clouds, and shoot the ball through a hoop.

C.J. can climb, including the trees that rest on square flat boxes, such as
along the sidewalks of the couple of blocks N of Avispa Country Club--to have
him do it, have him jump from beyond a corner of the base to the highest of the
bottom limbs. (To be fair to Tommy, palm trees don't have limbs.) While both
Tommy Vercetti and C.J. can push vehicles around, C.J. can't run fast enough to
catch them as often. He can swim out if they fall in the ocean, though.

The early '90's CA "Scarface" sources for themes and in-jokes includes Allen
and Albert Hughes' "Menace II Society," 1993, and the events of the 1991 Glen
"Rodney" King beating by corrupt policemen, the 1992 acquittal of three officers
and undecided jury for a fourth, and the subsequent riots. (In 1994, two offi-
cers were sentenced to 30 months in prison for violating King's civil rights,
and "Rodney" has since gotten into several troubles--drug and spousal abuse,
violence, and motoring offenses--on his own.) (Al Pacino was funnier.),28804,1614117_

The "camera" doesn't look ahead of the lead player or their vehicle as strict-
ly in SA. Where previously you swiveled the standing lead player around, "cam-
era" behind them, with one move of the mouse, you now swivel the "camera" around
the standing lead player, and, as you move him with the keyboard, the "camera"
gets behind him again. This can be interesting in playing at making a movie,
but it isn't as good for aiming, something GTA's Mouse Steering was especially
good for.

Waiting for the "camera" to stop swirling after C.J. leaves a vehicle, and
trying to aim a fast Banshee while admiring the view behind it during "Burn and
Lap," are a couple of examples of situations I've heard a lot of complaints

The way just a tap of acceleration sent the "camera" looking ahead of the ve-
hicle in "Vice City" was better than pressing acceleration and crashing into
things, like Police cars, while the "San Andreas" "camera" slowly looks ahead of
the vehicle, or having to press the RMB and turn the mouse, or have C.J. look
behind himself for a moment, to aim the "San Andreas" "camera" forward. (Using
the Number Pad "camera" controls in SA won't always point the "camera" ahead of
the vehicle--it may just make it spin in a view that's looking down from above,
for some forsaken reason.)

The ability of the VC vehicle "camera" to aim forward with a tap of accelera-
tion combined with the SA ability to press the RMB to look around the vehicle
would be better than the current SA vehicle "camera" controls.

If either Tommy or C.J. would have a problem from running into something be-
fore they get to a vehicle door, I don't remember Tommy having such a problem
finding the door otherwise. I've seen C.J. run in a circle then go all around
the vehicle before he gets in, which is fun when you're in a hurry....

And if someone made a mod to make the instant replays have the slow motion of
the Unique Jumps and a variety of "camera" angles, show the fire trails from ve-
hicles on fire and the turning of motorcycle wheels, and keep the lead charact-
er's legs from looking so jittery in motorcycle replays, like the ones in "Vice
City," I'd grab that right up.

The land vehicles are bouncier and feel flimsier. You might see them run not
only over but under each other, like some strange way worms mate or something.
And if you get C.J.'s bike skill up, so he's a lot less liable to fall off his
bike, you can even turn it around by running it into a wall. I guess something
about making the flying vehicles able to go higher and have more to fly over
means the land vehicles become flimsier, like pizza dough that's been spread out
too much. You're going to drive a lot in a GTA, and land vehicle traction was
better in "Vice city."

Because it's supposed to be parts of California and Nevada, the Hermes and all
look like they've been preserved better, but the landscape is so big the shading
got screwed up. Some things, like distant sections of the road, come into focus
as the lead character approaches them like in the PC version of the game "Ma-
fia." Compared to before, vehicles with fixed locations may not show up till
the lead character has gone by the spot two or three times, and his latest ve-
hicle is more prone to disappear.

The spinning propellers don't look as good, the escalators don't work (unless
C.J. is on one of the bikes or lighter motorcycles), the red radar screens don't
revolve, and none of the lighthouses have lights that revolve, as in "Vice
City." The SA pedestrian's mouths move when they talk, but not like in "Ma-
fia"--it's sort of like a 1950's wax museum of the Presidents of the United
States made by an Asian company with a cheap translator.

And the occurrence of enter-able and funny places is more spread out just to
give the flying things more to fly over. An exception is that there are a lot
of bathrooms but they're bland-looking and C.J. can't even interact with the
sinks (but see X.9.b). "North Point Mall" was a funny take on a suburban mall,
but I'd probably just drive past the SA interiors, and a slot machine isn't as
funny as a pinball machine could be. (You could make the ball do insane jumps,
give things on the board rag doll physics, use funny voices and sound effects--
don't get me started.)

More importantly, wherever you go, things are less shaded (some even bleached-
looking, like some of the U.S. flags) and have less of a mixture of hues, or are
so much lighter they seem that way, than in "Vice City." A lot of the things in
"San Andreas" remind me of a colorized black and white movie--one whole wall is
one shade of orange, one whole roof is one shade of brown, etc. Compare the
hues of otherwise identical VC and SA junkyard sheds in screenshots from my por-
tion of I.1: the SA versions look like sketches for what in VC are like impres-
sionist paintings of a variety of richer hues.

Compare the contrast, therefore depth of dimension created by shine and shad-
ow, and the clarity of the darker things, on a "Vice City" and "San Andreas"
PCJ600 at the next two links.

And that's with a good computer--the SA hues are supposed to look like that.
I like a little unique surreal impressionism with care taken for rich hues bet-
ter than a lot of sloppy bland realism just like I'd rather watch a good Looney
Tune than read Prince Valiant from a paper that's been out in the rain. It's
like someone saw a Bugs Bunny cartoon and asked, "Wouldn't it be better if it
looked more like a real rabbit?" More likely, it's due to wanting more to ap-
pear on a bigger map. The rule should be to make the game as big as it can be
and still look good and no bigger.

The graphics include more cloud effects, bleached light things, realistic mid-
range hues except for a lot of uncoordinated shading (things that glow in the
dark that shouldn't, mis-matched door and house colors), less shaded, and paler
(rainbows, etc.) things, and murky dark things (use daylight for You Tube vid-
eos). Much of SA looks like the same artwork for outlines but a bad Xerox copy
of VC for hues. How some people say the graphics look better, I have no idea.

With "Vice City" you can use the Liberty City mod to give it "III" with the
PCJ600, but for "San Andreas" I'd settle for an ambitious modding team that
tried to give SA the hues of VC.

In "San Andreas," you need a better computer--what's currently considered a
moderately good computer--to turn the graphics fancies up to get it to look its
best. I think one reason for lagging PC sales of SA is that some people are
waiting to upgrade their PCs. Another may be that new copies are probably Se-
cond Edition copies, which you can't mod as much.

And it's made the li'l Dodo, always bright red and white, cheerful in the face
of adversity, look gray and sad in the middle of a field on a bright sunny day
(and the li'l mouse isn't thrilled, either). And you can't do that.

And I know why the "camera" and controls changed and the graphics were dimin-
ished--a lot of message board posts complained that the flying vehicles need to
be easier to fly and over a bigger landscape. Compromises were made to make
planes and jets very easy to fly and even more to make the landscape bigger.
Nevertheless, I've read complaints by reviewers about the flying controls for
"San Andreas" and praise for the graphics. These people aren't wired up right.
We need our motorcycle stunts with the slow motion replays and different cinema-
tic angles in scenery that's good to look at--it's one of the coolest things
GTA's ever did. This may be a plot on the part of competing game makers to have
Rockstar ruin the scenery and the handling of vehicles on the ground.

People who can't fly the Skimmer get on the message boards, and Sony and Wal-
Mart money looks at the boards for marketing trends, and Rockstar looks at Sony
and Wal-Mart money. Since Skimmer weenies play an important part in why GTA has
gone in the direction it's gone since the PC "Vice City" I'm familiar with, it's
important to try to understand what they are.

I'll try to depict a Skimmer weenie--you try to figure out what it is:

"I want it real big, like the last two in one. You can have motorcycles and
stunts but you don't have to do them. I want to buy some snacks--you have to
get the snacks. And I want the cars to just rub each other a lot (pause for a
strange smile)...and make little scratchy sounds when they do. And I want the
Minigun to show up late in the game and hum like the blender I make my pancakes
with. And I want to go for a swim. I don't want any sunken subs or boats down
there, they scare me--just little fish, and when you go by them, they swim away
real quick."

"I want as little aiming as possible--it gives me a complex for the game to
make me shoot targets. Let me just press a button for that. The "camera"
doesn't have to stay behind the lead character or their vehicle real good--I
want to be able to turn them around to see if I bought them some nice shorts. I
want him and his girlfriend to be like Barbie and Ken--people get worried enough
if I see that--in case I see that sex thing. The lighting and draw distance
doesn't have to be good, just good enough to show the scenery I watch when I
ride low in the seat in the back of a car. I want the planes to be easy to
fly--you have to force them at the ground to wreck so I can forget that and
watch the clouds. Some old movies light up the lead character in a dark room so
you can see their acting--I want them in shadow in a bright place because I
don't think anyone has done that since Ed Wood....Could you just make The Sims
for Sony with different music?"

Let me read the box again--do you have to be over 18 or under? Who are these

I'll try a suggestion. Even if you didn't know the controls for a Skimmer,
you'd try the ones you know, and the Skimmer uses the same controls as a motor-
cycle. Skimmer-weenies aren't 'cycle people. You're gonna have Skimmer ween-
ies, and you should be nice to them, but you don't put them in charge of the
GTA's. I think their favorite thing about "Vice City" was North Point Mall ex-
cept they wished they could shop there more.

By "Skimmer weenies," I don't mean all PS2 people--Nitzkit was flying PS2 VC
cycles onto roofs. I don't mean all 17 year olds, although there's some common
ground with the controversy makers with what I'm saying: if the "Skimmer ween-
ies," at least, among those under 18 years old don't handle the issues the soft
sex cartoon brings up any better than they try to fly the Skimmer, they could
become social aberrants.

I think I've isolated the weirdness of the Skimmer weenies. They actually can
fly the Skimmer but are too quick to complain before giving it the effort to
learn. So Rockstar makes the learning curve lower to accommodate the impression
of a common learning curve this laziness creates. It's not the actual general
learning curve or the Microsoft flying series wouldn't be popular. You can just
push a button to have C.J. ride a jet to another city--you don't have to fly it.
If shopkeepers keep letting Skimmer weenies get this game, get on message
boards, and influence Rockstar, pretty soon no more flying, no driving cars--you
just push a button. And you can buy him some shorts, and some new socks, and
make him deep and sensitive, and it's going to be "The Sims." And, for some
reason, we don't know why--zombies.

A few things in "San Andreas" are the same as in "Vice City," such as the
things I learned before about using copies your User Files to play again with
certain things already done. This isn't usually brought up in reasons to be
partial to the PC version, but I'd put it among things at the top of the list:
if anything is hard or repetitive, the things I learned before about changing
vehicles and weapons with the handling and weapons files, to make racing and
fighting things easier, work for either the original version or second edition
of San Andreas (TGIPC). The programming is basically the same as for "Vice
City" with some added parameters.

Some of the people comparing next generation PC hardware and consoles seem
totally oblivious to it, so I'll explain how you can raise C.J.'s vehicle/weap-
on/health Stats in one sitting, give him a Tec9 like a Minigun, and use Dee-
Zire's mod to put a load of deleted missions and dialogue back into the game
(and let C.J. ride the trolley, etc.).

As before, somebody might get back up after C.J. runs over them with a vehicle
if he doesn't do it too fast.

One curious thing about a main plot point is that bad guy Officer Tenpenny
holds it over C.J.'s head that he could frame him for the death of a police
officer. All he's have to do is follow C.J. around with a camcorder for a half
an hour, let alone what he'd have by the time you're nearly through with the
game, and why would he bother threatening to make anything up? You play a guy
who thinks nothing of running down five old ladies to drive down the street to
beat the timer in a race, and the plot resolution is to kill a bad guy. But the
lead character is a bad guy. But a different bad guy.

The guy gets rich and still runs around stealing cars. That's a desperate
poor person thing to do. Who would risk getting shot to get a car when they get
rich (not to mention, in C.J.'s case, after he's supposed to be reformed into a
nicer guy)? Oprah Winfrey and Paul McCartney don't run around stealing cars.

Another curious thing: C.J. spends a lot of the game killing drug people to
clean up the area for Sweet, but in the end at least one, Ken, of his close
friends is still a drug addict. After "End of the Line," his gang members still
buy things from the pushers outside and help finance organized crime. If he
killed them, his Respect Stat would go down. I guess it's who you know.

It's those weenies again--"he's more sensitive and deeper now." Less 'centric
and more sensitive than who--Hitler? Does the phrase "dramatic sense" register
as a blip anywhere on their radar scope?

But as a work of fiction with a sense of tongue-in-cheek humor about finding
a way to come up with an excuse to play with the videogame weapons and vehicles,
it makes a kind of sense. You would be a bad guy, but it's a funny fiction--a
kind of early Mad magazine take on a world of the bad adults of all the groups.
A more serious, ethical approach usually means it's relatively boring, and even
seems kind of silly for the context. You'll probably point and click your way
around to some boring incidental music and with a big sheaf of clerical work
papers to kill big muscle guys with lizard heads. If the shopkeepers won't
keep the Skimmer weenies from the game, Rockstar has to keep that in mind when
they read the message boards--some kind of Hot Weenie mod censor.

Complaints aside, the GTA series is still a blend of surreal gaming tradi-
tions, the real world, and humor in a blend I like. The most important thing is
that the little Dodo is back--awwwr!

Thanks to the Gamefaqs web site, Steve Ng of IGN, Dennis of Super Cheats, Kev-
in Walter of StuckGamer, neoseeker, Brooks Huber of 1UP and My Cheats, Andreea
Orosz of GamersHell, Spenser Hall of GamerHelp, Tim of Game Revolution, and
Emanuele of GameBorder. I can use all the help I can get--and thanks to every-
one for giving so much. (PS: I've since learned that the letters "IGN" aren't
initials for words anymore--"IGN" just represents the company like "DMA" once
did for another company.)

Thanks to freewebs, now called webs, for giving this walk-through a web site
where you can click the links instead of copying and pasting the web addresses
to the URL bar and clicking "Go." (It won't let me turn off Word Wrap, though,
which is why the vertical columns and lists are out of alignment a bit):

Thanks to Tim at Game Revolution for giving this walk-through a site with ac-
tive links that open web sites in separate windows (which is good for comparing
the real and game cars, etc.) at:

Thanks to Icey, of the MultiEdit listed at the start of the "Vice City"
data\carcols.dat file mentioned in "Rockstar support for modding" (see X), for
letting me run this walk-through through a parser, which lets it have active
links for both the Internet sites, which open in separate windows, and for the
chapter designations, so you can click around rather than have to explore around
the huge thing:

Thanks to Robert Rusk, of the PS2 walk-through for ("III," "Vice City," and)
"San Andreas" at Gamefaqs and IGN, and my oldest friend at Gamefaqs, once again
leading the way (don't go blaming him for where I go running after that) with
his very sensible organization and strategies for the game.

You might also be interested in his "Hidden Text FAQ" for "San Andreas" at the
same web site. it contains a lot of dialogue he extracted from the PS2 version
of the american.gxt file--dialogue that Rockstar created but didn't use in the
final release of the game.

Thanks to filefront for hosting my videos and "Glenster's Go On, San Andreas
v.1 Mission Select Save Games," and GTA Garage, The GTA Place, fileplanet,
planetgrandtheftauto, moddb, gta-action, and gta-downloads for hosting my mis-
sion select save games.

Thanks to the BradyGames strategy guide for Xbox and PC. It has lots of use-
ful maps (except for the screw-ups; I took a pen to some of the dots on the
maps--why couldn't they pinpoint correct locations with darker dots that way?)
and screenshots, and statistics for the percentage of Fat, percentage changed in
Respect for killing gangsters, the Sex Appeal of watches, etc., I'm sure most of
us would never have known without it. Either Rockstar told them or they figured
it out with the files of the game somehow.

Thanks to Ben "Cerbera" Millard for being a good friend, and for helping with
the modding section, car names, punctuation, etc. ("Cerbera" is for "TVR Cer-
bera," which is a British sports car.)

Thanks to Spaceeinstein for taking the time from his many, many contributions
to "Vice City" and "San Andreas" modding (his "San Andreas" "All In One Mod" is
at x.13.ii) to help make this walk-through a better place for the world with a
batch of helpful ideas he wrote to me about. If anyone knows a good strategy
(including the the fastest ways to do "Explosive Situation" and "Black Pro-
ject"), from the information given in the mission to the coding it's based on,
it's him, and I've enjoyed hearing from him.

Thanks again to Klarnetist, whose "Vice City" mod of a 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air
hardtop has been converted for "San Andreas" twice in separate efforts by Bren-
dan62 and Escandero (see X.13.jj).

Thanks to OrionSR for giving me a lot of possibilities to pick from and writ-
ing the Darkpactor script for the additions made to "Glenster's Go On, San An-
dreas v.1 Mission Select Save Games," I.3.b. (Now there's an Andromada at Ver-
dant Meadows, you can save at Madd Dogg' Crib without getting the basketball
glitch, etc.) I'm glad his help runs through this guide in telling us how im-
pound garages work, III.27, strategies for "Wrong Side of the Tracks," IV.17,
getting Snapshots, V.1.a, wanted rating tips, I.9, four star survival, I.16,
recommendation to stop the frame limiter for boat school, VII.6, etc.

Thanks to Colin Attle for being my friendly correspondent for U.K. references,
I.1, which he's also helped with for "Vice City," and his explanation of emer-
gency vehicle mission pay, III.25.a.

Thanks for the E-mails and message board responses from the good friends among
my readers who've included:
A.M.S. Siva Ganesh Maharajan, a.k.a. HandsomeRockus (of helpful "Vice City"
walk-through acclaim),
Anurag Sinha, a.k.a. crazyanurag (credited for many ideas in this walk-
Ghostchild (for the mighty stunting help, I.7.ff),
Carl Johnson ("Up, Up, and Away!," VIII.35, that Katie shows up at the start
of the game, and the jealous girlfriends section, XI.b, etc.),
Timo Hakala (Ryder reacts differently if C.J. gets a cool haircut, the Verona
Beach gym is open immediately, the Voodoo license plate can be shot to make the
Voodoo explode, etc.),
Chen Dong (C.J.'s Knife skill makes for a faster "Gray Imports," IV.24, and
"Los Sepulcros," IV.26),
Gman8 (real names for vehicles, I.8.a),
sonofkorol (the real name of the Windsor, I.8.a),
Peter Jong (the Cargobob fuselage real name help, I.8.a),
Pete Zsolnay (real names of places, I.1),
Shane Wong (people without assigned vehicles and who follow C.J. can swim,
Steve Harvey ("A Home in the Hills" entertainment references, IX.1),
Kristan McGuinness (who was a Maccer before there was a "San Andreas,"
Andrew Snowie ("San Andreas" Miniguns sound muffled as in aircraft, III.3),
zubier abdullah (the Samuel Jackson "S.W.A.T"/Tenpenny lookalike idea, I.1),
Tony B (the "Pier 69" exploration glitch, VI.34),
Bryan Lowe (Control Center/Freight train mission advice, VII.12),
Frank Bernson (the Emmanuel Goldstein/"1984" reference, I.1),
Wolfie2k5 (real names of places, I.1),
fonz808 (the madonna wall painting similarity, I.1),
Garrett Daniels (tip to ensure the Tag spraying registers, III.2),
anOILERSfan (the slot machine tip, XI.e),
Dr. Tornado (reaffirming that the Vigilante gimmick works for PC, III.24,
Ruffin Bailey (the Oldsmobile 442 "Cutlass"--"Sabre" name connection, I.8.a),
Hameyadea (Pulaski drives the Green Sabre in "The Green Sabre," IV.28, etc.),
scorpion_great (recommending pdescobar's cure for the Taxi mission glitch,
Morgoth (N.O.E. videos, VIII.13),
GTA_Phreak (videos for "Burn and Lap," VI.26.e, and "Backwood Wanderer,"
VIII.9.c, frame limiter advice, I.4, Rustler name help, I.8.a, jacking a police
helicopter, I.12.b, the Pimping and Vigilante vehicle health boost gimmick,
III.22, etc.),
juicce (a map for Orion_SR's Snapshots shopping strategy, V.1.a),
rubregg (a kind mention of my walk-through in his "Early Side-Missions In
Locked-Off Areas" guide, I.16),
ryan92 (I.3.c, "How to use save games from v.1 for v.2...."),
gui (reminded me to give a link to a copy of the paper map, III.1),
pez2k_ (Rockshore East scaffolding climb for the Minigun, III.3),
Dertyjerzian ("Bay Area" and "West Side" combined for "Bayside" tip, I.1),
Hitokri Battusai (Ghost Cops, I.7),
Ring_of_Fire (how to go through doors into Ghost World, how to drive blown-up
boats, I.10),
punknoodle (Las Colinas ghost world entrance, I.10),
Great Saiyaman (Blackfield ghost world entrance, I.10),
Tornado_2 (real names for the Manana and the Las Venturas Police cars, I.8.a),
DazzaJay (Linerunner and Packer I.D. help, I.8.a),
Logan King (range of years for the real life versions of the Rancher/Ranger,
F.B.I. Rancher, and Fortune, and help identifying the Yosemite, I.8.a),
dj_chrismanno (the programming explanation for train derailments, VI.32),
DarkJ5 (you can derail the train and drive it with the Control Center, VI.32),
gtahoodlum, a.k.a. Wajid (the Inside Track gimmick that lets you pick a win-
ning horse every time you bet after the 1st time, III.12, though I still have to
figure out the circumstances that cause it to work),
David Anderson (British slang, VIII.21), and
Diego Mendez (Rhino cannon boost "camera" gimmick, I.12.b, and Maverick for
"Interdiction," VIII.3).

Thanks as well to Ganesh S. and Onkar Pandhare just for sending friendly E-
mails. Sometimes it feels like I'm trying to write a newspaper without a staff,
but it feels a lot more worthwhile when I get friendly help and encouragement.


A special thanks to Young MayLay, the trampoline high, ultra Visine (see tram-
poline high), call out the Marines young man about the town, and the star of the
show, for kindly dropping me a note (and he must have a hundred people tugging
on his coat sleeve all the time) after I asked him to help when I messed up his
lyrics a little bit.


Thanks to Jacob and Racer_S: The San Andreas Place Manager (see X.13.a), Bleh-
beb: The Map Teleporter/Vehicle Spawn (see X.13.b), and Alper Saracoglu: The
Control Center (see X.13.c), for the help in finding the Tags, etc., faster.
(For the last address, you have to Copy and Paste the 2nd line to the 1st line
in the address bar.)

Thanks to pdescobar for the way to explore areas that create a wanted rating
without getting a wanted rating, I.12.b, how to increase Gambling skill, I.5.h,
advice about C.J.'s girlfriends, XI.b, the cure for the Taxi mission glitch,
I.12.a, etc.

Thanks to a post by Old School Hustla at GTA Forums for his considerably time-
saving file-changing tip which lets you maximize all vehicle, weapon, Stamina,
etc., Stats a lot faster.

Thanks to PatrickW: author, Hammer83: the sacensor tool, Craig Kostelecky:
"Opened Up" mod creator, Barton Waterduck: animation finder, and illspirit: nude
model finder (that sounds like a good job) for the Hot Coffee mod (see X.9.a).

Thanks to Mxyzptlk, the famous chronicler and cartographer, for overcoming
the vowel shortage where he comes from to further Shaft21's formidable list of
"San Andreas" secrets and references...

...and oversee the GTA Forum expansion of it, supplying very useful maps for
it as well.

Thanks to thedude777 for both his contributions to the topic and for taking
the helm of the message board for it since mid-June, 2006:

Thanks to Kevin Walter, aka savior at the StuckGamer web site, for telling me
I could relay his sensibly organized method of doing the NRG-500 Challenge in
the least amount of time. I'd been passing along a few tips I'd picked up from
his web site, which features videos he's made showing how to pass the missions,
but I thought this mission deserved a fuller rendition of his treatment. You
can see his videos of "San Andreas," "Vice City," "Conker: Live and Reloaded"
(which Rusk told me I might think was fun some time ago), and many others at:

Thanks to the ASCII Generator web page for the "San Andreas" I used in the
title. (For the freewebs version, which uses a different font, I used Microsoft
Paint, which is not the easiest thing for me to try to draw with.)

Thanks to these web sites for a lot of the, as Forrest would call them, "big,
fat ol'" pictures of vehicles: now called

Thanks to imageshack for letting me make copies of a lot of the pictures so
you won't have pop-ups or have pictures of things for sale disappear after
they're sold.

Thanks to the Internet Movie Data Base (IMDb) site for much of the information
about the voice actors we're going to spend so much time with.

thanks to Merriam-Webster Online and Wikipedia for being my Internet diction-
ary and encyclopedia.

Note: although some have called Wikipedia's accuracy into question recently,
this study by Nature magazine found that their accuracy was at least as good as
that of Britannica:

Thanks to the Urban Dictionary site for translations of some of the slang.

Thanks to the babelfish web site for the translations of some of the Spanish

Personal info:

I was born about two months before "Roll Over, Beethoven" came out.

I live in an apartment in Pittsburgh, PA, and was raised in a lower middle-
class house in Bridgeville (which I liked better), PA, about eight miles SSW of
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Bill Winstein won the Golden Quill Award for newspaper excellence in 1971,
and his art and cartoons were in the Baseball, Football, and Basketball Halls
of Fame, and a number of local bars and barbershops, like Evangelista's. It
was cool to watch him draw, and he knew a lot more of the cooler comedians and
movie stars than the other kids parents (you have to imagine an eight year old
going around thinking, "Well, they're just kids, they don't know....") And my
Mom, who was a volunteer at the local library and hospital, had such and inven-
tive sense of gentle silliness and sing-song voice delivery I can't imagine any-
one imitating it.

Something about them was passed over by the world it didn't mesh with, and
was passed on to me.

My Dad was born in 1914, and my Mom was born in 1923. Their childhoods lived
on in them, and live on in me. And that's bigger than anything in these two PC-
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"San Andreas Theme Song" lyrics by Young MayLay/Chris Bellard copyright 2005.

And all the other Internet things I mention are by people who have their copy-
rights for that stuff (however you're supposed to say that).


I.1 Paying tributes and having things in common

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas" won the most awards--gongs--at the 2005 Golden
Joysticks Awards: Best Soundtrack, Playstation 2 Game of the Year, Hero of 2005
(C.J.), Villain of 2005 (Officer Tenpenny), and Ultimate Game of 2005. 200,000
voted, making it the biggest awards show ever in the U.K.. ("Half Life 2" was
PC Game of the Year. The Girl's Choice award went to "The Sims 2.") I guess
that's something like the People's Choice Awards in the U.S.A..

Thanks to Shaft21 for a very healthy-sized list of secrets, references, and
in-jokes of "San Andreas."

Thanks to Mxyzptlk, who, with the assistance of many "San Andreas" fans of the
GTA Forums web site, expanded the list, and thanks to Mxyzptlk for making very
helpful maps for it. Go to the web addresses I give here for the maps and more
secrets like these.

Thanks to thedude777, given a number of times below as a worthwhile contribu-
tor to the topic, for carrying on in Mxyzptlk's stead after mid-June, 2006:

Another good map is by Jennifer "Tia" Lynn--"GamerLady"--at the Gamefaqs web

A lot of the ideas brought from earlier Grand Theft Autos are described at
this link (to use it, Copy and Paste the 2nd line to the 1st in the Address

The locations of San Andreas are described in this article:

In Los Santos there is a wall painting with a heart, Mary, an angel, and the
words "Jesus Saves." (The closest examples initially are in the Ten Green
Bottles bar W of the Johnson house.) In "GTA2," the church where you saved the
game said that in lights with the lights burned out except "U SAVE." (Some of
you may want to go there and ask for forgiveness from the prince of peace for
what you've been doing in the rest of town occasionally. On the other hand,
controlling an interactive movie is a little like playing God yourself, like in
the game "Black and White," so you might just use your prerogative to think of
it as a pun about the saving part.)

(There's more about this near the end of this section, in my contributions to
physical likenesses fans have found with things in the game.)

A guy with "Keep out" written on the box on his head, and "God is playing with
us" written on the sign hanging from his neck, can be found in San Fierro near
Turning Tricks Driving School. (Thanks to samadriel.) (It's at the N end of
the light gray block S of where "DOHERTY" is written on the paper map. It's as
if he rebels against the idea of you playing with him in a game, or like some-
thing out of the movie "The Truman Show," 1998. He and a guy with a sign that
says, "Weel work for pot," also found around there, may say some curious things.
I found another guy with a sign, "Will bet for money," in Redsands East.)

A church with the Rockstar logo near the top of the designs in the stained
glass window is at the NE corner of the block above "SON" of "JEFFERSON."

Pedestrians may walk up to the Drive Thru Confessions booth on the SE block
that's surrounded by road of downtown Palomino Creek.

A roller with designs on the face of the roller, S of the Santa Maria save
house and across the parking lot, looks like the one created by Chen Chang in
1988 for Santa Monica Beach, CA. He designed it to be hitched and towed to make
designs in the sand.

The game controller, called a CJD 500, in the Johnson house, Wu Zi's place,
and Big Smoke's crack den, looks like a Sega Megadrive, popular in the early
1990's, with a PS2-type keypad except with keys lettered C, J, M, and D. The
"C" and "J" probably stand for "C.J."/"Carl Johnson." (Some wonder if the "M"
and "D" stand for "Madd Dogg, whom Carl ends up producing. Mxyzptlk thinks of
it as referring to "Mega Drive.") (Thanks to thedude777.)

Verdant Meadows is similar to part of Davis Monthan Air Force Base, which is
in Tucson, Arizona. (Thanks to Shadenfreude.)

I'll just add that the part that's similar is the 309th Aerospace Maintenance
and Regeneration Group (AMARG), also called "The Boneyard." It's the main site
for the storage and preservation of decommissioned aircraft in the U.S..

Burgher Shots have Freedom Fries--what French Fries were called in the U.S.
Capitol in response to the lack of support from France during the Iraq war of

(The International Corporation set up by Saddam Hussein to launder money from
his various enterprises was called "Montana Management." Tony Montana is the
name of the title character of "Scarface," 1983, another major organized crime
leader, if not as grand in scope, damage, and fatalities.)

The Julius Thru Ways, Harry Gold Parkway, Greenglass College, and Ken Rosen-
berg were named after people involved in the trial of Julius and Ethel Rosen-
berg, executed, after a confused trial about spying, in 1953. (Thanks to
thedude777.) Some good articles about the Rosenberg trial are at:

In "Intensive Care," Lawyer Ken Rosenberg's parrot Tony says, "I never f**ked
anyone over in my life who didn't have it coming to 'em." Tony Montana, played
by Al Pacino, says that in "Scarface," 1983, to which "Vice City" makes a vari-
ety of references. (See "Glenster's Guide to Some of Vice city," section I.2.)

Zero's RC Shop, about where the "CIA" of "GARCIA" is San Fierro, has Tommy
Vercetti and Lance Vance, of "Vice City," and James Earl Cash and Piggsy, of
"Manhunt," action figure dolls, and model kits for Hydras, Swat vans, NRG-500's,
Turismos (spelled "Tourismo"), Jesters, ZR-350's, U.S.S. Liberty's (like the
aircraft carrier at Easter Basin), and trains.

The Gasso station, on the SW block of Dillimore, has Max Pane bullet-proof
glass and "Vice City" (gum or candy?) boxes on the counter. Rockstar published
the game "Max Payne" for PS2 and Xbox, and is the sole publisher for "Max Payne
2: The Fall of Max Payne." The station is featured in "San Andreas" in "Tanker

There's a V-Rock Hotel W and across the RR tracks from the "CA" of "ROCA ESCA-
LANTE" in Las Venturas. There's a V-Rock building, where Lovefist records,
Downtown in "Vice City." Lovefist is referred to, and seen in pictures in vari-
ous places, in "San Andreas," too.

A construction site sign, at the S side of Blueberry, Red County, says, "Avery
Construction," referring to crooked realtor Avery Carrington in "Vice City." An
area SE of Mt. Chiliad is called "Shady Creeks" (similar to the "Shady Acres" he
advertised in "Vice City"). Avery himself appears as the Vegas Vic sign of Las
Vegas on the Old Ventura Strip.

"Bi**hin' Dog food" (featuring "pu**y flavored horse eyelids") from "GTA III"
is in the dog food section of some of the 24-7 stores. They all sell "Cherry
Poppers" ice cream, the brand made in the place of that name in "Vice City."
One big 24/7 is W of the W tip of the Mulholland Intersection, Los Santos, and
another is on the block N of the block with "O" of "THE STARFISH CASINO," Las

A little similar to knocking off a store in "Vice City," C.J. can shoot a cash
register (in a clothes store, 24-7, etc.) apart and make paper money appear
briefly. He can't run through it to make it disappear and add to his cash,

Similar to the Goodfellas nature of the body hanging in the freezer near Sonny
Forelli at St. Mark's Bistro at the start of "Vice City," if C.J. shoots the re-
frigerator in the Abandoned A.C. Tower save place at Verdant Meadows, blood
comes out. (Thanks to a post by Jediranger at GTA Forums.)

The Video Poker machines in the Casinos of Las Venturas have cards with pic-
tures of people from "III" and "Vice City."

The key in "Key to Her Heart" is the ID swipe card from "No Escape" in "Vice
City." (Thanks to PresidentKiller.) (It's also used in "Black Project.")

"FleischBerg," on a billboard, is German for "Flesh" (or "Meat") "Mountain."
(Thanks to Cojanfee; "Winstein" is German, but I didn't know that.) (The bill-
board advertises the factory that's W of lower downtown Blueberry.)

The roads of the Badlands, from around "FLINT COUNTY" to "EASTER BAY CHEMI-
CALS," look like a caricature of a woman facing E taking a stream of fluid be-
tween her lips at the "FLINT INTERSECTION." (Thanks to DApeoplezCHAMP).

A graveyard with several tiers in Hashbury has rows of gravestones that have
the Rockstar emblem and say, "RIP OPPOSITION 1997-2004." The stones are easi-
er to read at night when they're lit up by nearby lampposts. Some think "oppo-
sition" refers to competing game developers, but I think it's more likely a ref-
erence to game makers or others who did what they did in opposition to Rockstar.

The Montgomery hospital, Crippen Memorial, probably refers to Dr. Crippen, who
became infamous, and was hanged, in England in 1910 for murdering his wife and
calculatingly disposing of her remains. (Thanks to Mogyle.)

There are a bunch of dead bodies in bags by a Bobcat in El Castillo Del
Diablo (Spanish for "The Castle of the Devil") in the desert SW of the Verdant
Meadow Aircraft Graveyard. (There's a mostly E-W road below "AIRCRAFT"; there's
a broken circle, representing a rock formation, SW of where the W segment curves
N; the pit with the bags is on the W side of the rock formation.) (In "Vice
City," there are two guys underwater with their feet in cement.)

By a spade near Catalina's shack, which is at the dot NE of the "O" of "RED
COUNTY," there are three mounds of recently filled in graves. (There's a shal-
low open grave in "Vice City" behind Funeraria Romero, which is a reference to
director George Romero, who filmed "Night of the Living Dead," 1968, and several

There's a biowaste well in a lot in the middle of the block E of the Montgom-
ery hospital. Since there's a Sprunk building on the block to the E, it could
be a reference to Coca-Cola having to recall 500,000 bottles of Dasani water in
the U.K. in 2004 after the water was found to contain illegal levels of bromate.
(A controversy making a company recall so many products--did you ever hear of
such a thing?)

Shazard saw that Blueberry and Montgomery have shop windows with skeletons as
mannequins. (In Blueberry, the shop is on the S side of the S of the two W
blocks. In Montgomery, the shop is across the street E of the E block.)

The W side of the Los Santos Graveyard in Vinewood contains a crypt with a
TV, a La-Z-Boy chair, and pizza boxes. Spike, seen in the last five years of
the 1997-2003 TV series "Buffy The Vampire Slayer," has a similar setup. On
the E side of the graveyard, between 20:00 and 6:00, there are several ghost
tags/examples of graffiti on the walls. The graveyard is on the block N of the
one with "WOOD" of "VINEWOOD."

In San Fierro, on the block of "DOWN" of the "DOWNTOWN" that's E of "CHINA
TOWN," is the Zombotech Sky Tower, which is similar to the Umbrella Corp. of the
game series, 1996 onward, "Resident Evil," which seem influenced by Romero's
zombie movies, too. You can enter the building through the roof or on any cor-
ner but the SW. The statue in the center of it represents a genetic code
strand in the shape of a double helix. (This, and the jet rides you take with
the push of a button, may be a premonition of what's to come if the little Skim-
mer weenies ruin the game--sensitive zombie sims that can't drive. And a smat-
tering of the latest hit songs. It's not right.)

Mogyle saw that, if you look from far to the E of it, you can imagine you're
looking at one of the big statues of a head (moai) that are found on Easter Is-
land when you look at a shack that's on top of an Arco del Oeste rock formation.
Hideo Kojima, creator of the "Metal Gear Solid" videogames, 1998 onward, which
star the character Solid Snake, likes to hide images of those statues in his
games. And a little to the S of Verdant Meadows is a snake farm.

There's a blood stained empty wheelchair at the end of a dock, with a shack
nearby that has a light red glow inside at night, at Fisher's Lagoon. Some
think the wheelchair may suggest the wheelchairs, usually empty, in the 1st few
"Silent Hill" games, 1999-2003, which, like the "Metal Gear Solid" series, are
also popular games sold by Konami. Use "Edit" > "Find" with "wheelchair" at
this site:

trikkstah, at GTA Forums, put a lot of speculation to rest by identifying that
wheelchair as the one seen by a dumpster in the 1st scene of Rockstar's game
"Manhunt," 2003, although the textures (.txd files) for it are different. The
"Manhunt" version is gray and the two big wheels have spokes, but the shape oth-
erwise is the same. He thinks the textures are from "Manhunt," too, because the
font for the writing on them ("SKIP HIRE," "3:30," and "2:30 PM" or "12:30 PM,"
along with some other numbers) is like font used in "Manhunt."

The big wooden spools by the dock say "J ARTHUR CABLE COMPANY CARCER," and
Carcer is the city "Manhunt" takes place in. "J ARTHUR" reminds me of J. Arthur
Rank, who was a movie producer in the early days of movies. It may be a the
reference to a scene in one of his movies, but, according to the Wikipedia arti-
cle at the link below, "J. Arthur Rank" is Cockney rhyming slang that means "to
masturbate (wa*k)," which, in a GTA, is probably all it refers to.,_1st_Baron_Rank

I'll add that the handlebars have a couple copies of a picture wrapped around
them--one around each handlebar. The picture looks to me like the kind of speed
limit sign seen around schools--if it is, it has the times the speed limit is in
effect at the bottom of the sign.

(I still think it may be a kind of "Silent Hill" use of an abandoned wheel-
chair. GTA's rib popular games, and context is important. You put a guy with a
sore foot in that wheelchair in a post office, and it doesn't have the same mys-

The wall of art in many bars shows a black and white depiction of the upper
body of a soldier wearing red goggles and holding a gun in his hand. It looks
like the concept art you can unlock of one of the Cerberus Foot Officers in

(According to a Wikipedia article about "Manhunt," the design for the officers
is the same as for the French police in "Mall Shootout" in "Vice City" except
the coloring is different and the officers have a gas mask instead of a regular

The same article adds:

- a junkyard trailer used by one of the Skins gang is a lot like Phil Cassi-
dy's trailer in "Vice City." It says Cash kills the gang member to get a nail
gun, and Wikipedia should have added that "San Andreas" Ammu-Nations sell nails.
- the Angel Pine Junkyard (NE of the "E" of "WHETSTONE") with car crushers,
etc., is the one used by the gang called the Skins in "Manhunt";
- Sprunk soft drink appeared in "Vice City" and "Manhunt" before "San An-
- "San Andreas" stealth knife kills were developed during the making of "Man-
hunt"--the victim falls in the same position, too;
- and the use of a cone that points down to a target's head and goes from
green to black to indicate health to death was developed for "Manhunt" before
"San Andreas.")

K-Rose features an advertisement for Carcer City, where "Manhunt" takes place.
(Carcer City was also mentioned on LIPS 106 in "III" as being near Liberty City
and where a police chief was cleared of corruption charges. It's also mentioned
by a caller to KCHAT in "Vice City" as a place where B.J. Smith played foot-

The police station in NE Las Venturas has a couple of bulletin boards with
pictures of James Earl Cash and a hood from "Manhunt."

(Thanks to Wikipedia for this batch:
the Angel Pine Junkyard (NE of the "E" of "WHETSTONE") with car crushers,
etc., is the one used by the gang called the Skins in "Manhunt";
Sprunk soft drink appeared in "Vice City" and "Manhunt" before "San Andreas";
"San Andreas" stealth knife kills were developed during the making of "Man-
hunt"--the victim falls in the same position, too;
and the use of a cone that points down to a target's head and goes from green
to black to indicate health to death was developed for "Manhunt" before "San An-

Big Smoke's crack den is on the NE corner of the block that's W of the one
with "F" of "LOS FLORES." The door mat outside the door on the top floor says,
"Not Welcome" and "Rockstar North."

On the N side of the road N of the "D" of BAYSIDE MARINA," the white and or-
ange barricades that say "C-JS BARRICADES" are the ones used at the E end of the
Hyman Condo alley, the alley by the V-ROCK building, the N-S alley of the N-most
block of Downtown, and an alley S of the pay phone used at the start of "Loose
Ends" in "Vice City." Sway-4829 showed that the end credits for "San Andreas"
give C-J Dick as an Interior Environment Artist, probably the same person the
"Vice City" booklet calls Map Designer Campbell J. Dick.

The windows of the buildings to the E of the five silos NE of Mt. Chiliad have
some blurry Steven Bliss cartoon cover art from "III" and "Vice City"--some are
shown as reverse images. There are others that aren't reversed on the corner of
the pink-orange building at the 2nd intersection N of the "W" of "VINEWOOD."

On the W side of the "L"-shaped block that's NW of the "EAST" of "EAST LOS
SANTOS" is a Tiki Theater Xymposium with a big display of a "Vice City" hidden
package. (It's like something you'd see on the shore of Easter Island except
shaped like a royal Asian pelican that flew into a window.) (Fragger, in a dif-
ferent post at the site, says it, without the statue, is in LA on Western at the
corner on Western and Santa Monica.)

Racso562 saw the resemblance between the Angelyne billboards around Los An-
geles and a Candy Suxxx billboard in Los Santos:

On a phone booth in Bayside (others?), the bottom sex ad sticker has the same
depiction of Candy Suxxx' panoramic fraps that Tommy Vercetti has projected onto
the side of a Downtown "Vice City" building at night from the end of the "G-
Spotlight" mission and onward. The sticker uses the same depiction of that
which shows up on the posters of Candy that appear in Tommy's Ocean View apart-

Across the street from the Angel Pine Cluckin' Bell are three trash cans. You
can knock over the two with open tops to find maps of Vice City inside them.

The Angel Pine Sawmill, Mogyle noticed, is shaped the same as the one in Port-
land in "III."

ArturP at GTA Forums noticed that the interior of a Transfender mod garage has
some of the same interior features as Joey Leone's garage in Portland in "III."
(The shafts of light are black in "San Andreas" for some weird reason.)

The computer, the Kruton 9000, of Joey's Garage appears in the Sunshine Autos
vehicle list garage in "Vice City" and in Michelle's garage in "San Andreas,"
too. (I think the board of wrenches and "Dude" company name appear in all
three, too.) According to the Merriam-Webster web site, a crouton is "a small
cube of toasted or crisply fried bread," so "Kruton" might refer to the small
cube-like shape of the computer.

A number of places or things in the game feature the names of people who have
been employed by Rockstar North. Steven Mulholland, one of those who worked on
the Los Santos art for "San Andreas" and was one of the Map Designers for "Vice
City," has his name on a tombstone in the window of Funeraria Romero in "Vice
City" and has a neighborhood and an intersection named after him in Los Santos
in "San Andreas."
(Mulholland is also a wealthy Drive in LA.)

Mattlac, on the same GTA Forums message board, noticed that Scott Wilson, who
worked on the countryside art for "San Andreas, is named on a tombstone in the
game (in the SW corner of the SW block of Palomino Creek in NE Red County).,21721/,21721/

thedude777, at the same message board, suggests these possible sources for

Steven Mulholland--Los Santos art--the city "Mulholland";
Lee Montgomery--interior environment art--the city "Montgomery";
Toks Solarin--character art--the PC "Solarin Industries" sign that replaces
the PS2 "Shady Industries" sign in San Fierro;
Nicholas Montgomery--cut scene supervising sound editor--the city
Noelle Sadler--voice-over production, the voice of Bettina (also seen as the
blonde lady with her tongue out in a loading screen), a radio commercial voice,
and a pedestrian voice--the "Sadler" truck; and
Tony Romero--pedestrian voice--the "Romero" hearse. (Tony's name might add to
the reason there was a reference to the director of "Night of the Living Dead,"
1968, George A. Romero.),87509/,50593/,50055/,163633/,87658/,163910/

Thanks to LuigiBrotha at GTA Forums for figuring out that one of the possible
loading screens at the start of the game, the screen that shows a blond lady
with a tattoo on her breast,...

...shows Bettina, voice acted by Noelle Sadler. The .txd file of her is Cut-

She's a prostitute abused by Jizzy after talking back to him in "Ice Cold
Killa." Her scene appears after you have C.J. get about halfway across the 1st
floor of Jizzy's place toward Jizzy. ReDeemer made the 1st screen shot below,
and I added another:

The fuselage of the Hydra jet has "DMA56" printed on it. (Many from DMA De-
sign Limited, founded in 1988 in Edinburgh, Scotland, and the creators of "Grand
Theft Auto," became part of Rockstar North, the main developers of the GTA se-
ries. Originally, "DMA" didn't stand for anything, leading to a member of it to
joke it stood for "Doesn't Mean Anything." In "GTA III," the big ROCKSTAR jets
that don't fly have "DMAir" on the tail fins.)

In "Vice City," the Tourist Guide indicated that people couldn't survive the
deep water because of sharks. The shark wasn't employed for "San Andreas," but
the people in it other than C.J. still drown in water that's too deep to stand
in (except for, at least, Ryder in "Pier 69," and anyone that follows C.J. that
isn't required to use a specific type of vehicle; see I.7.c.). I think I've
figured out an explanation for it--even for the photographer by the Flint Inter-
section trailer park--you can use with confidence if it comes up on the Inter-
net game message boards: they don't swim. They lay forwards with their arms
down, and, of course, drown.

The question then becomes: "Why do they do that?" You look around for some-
thing in the game to explain it in the context of the world the game creates,
and I think it could be the chili dogs. They eat that heavy food just before
going in for a swim, and they develop a cramp. (The ones who walk off of the
roof of the Emerald Isle could be self-destructive, but they sound too surprised
to be doing it deliberately. I think someone may have just given a large party
of nearsighted new tenants the wrong directions to some part of the hotel or
such.) This segues pretty nicely into:

Mogyle, who's French, caught that the gimp in "Key to Her Heart" is named Ben-
ny, which is French for "la crampe," and the gimp in the 1993 movie "Pulp Fic-
tion" is called The Cramp. (Samuel L. Jackson plays Jules Winnfield in that.)

(The pedestrians who jump into the path of C.J.'s vehicle could be disoriented
as a hypoglycemic reaction to the ice cream. Besides, "San Andeas" 24-7's sell
the "Vice City" Cherry Popper brand, and God only know what they put into that.)

On the S side of the 24-7 that's on the W side the block of "O" of "LITTLE
MEXICO," Los Santos, is one of 8 Ball's Bomb Shops. It works like the one in
Staunton in "GTA III." You can have C.J. drive a four-wheel (even an emergen-
cy) vehicle into it, which causes the vehicle to have a bomb with a timer in-
stalled in it. Press F or Enter while C.J. is in the vehicle to prime the eight
second or so timer, and have C.J. leg it.

The Welding and Weddings shop, mentioned twelve paragraphs above, is a bomb
shop that works the same way.

BlOoDStReAm101 detected that the last six numbers of the phone number of 8
Ball's Los Santos bomb shop are the same numbers on his prison outfit he wears
in the picture of him on the "GTA III" paper map, and the last five numbers of
it are the zip code of the address of Rockstar Games in New York City, NY.

ThouShaltBeToxic, at the GTA Forums section by Mxyzptlk and co., says the
problems of famous hacker (the actual illegal kind) Kevin Mitnick, arrested in
1995, are parodied on WCTR in "San Andreas," and is probably meant as the one
referred to in "GTA III" on Chatterbox when one of the callers calls out, "Free
Kevin!" before hanging up. The book that comes with the PC "SA" gives "Kevin
Mitnick" as one of the Radio Station callers, and the radio segment seems to
play off the fact that it was rumored (confirmed to be a rumor), while he was
controversially held four years in prison without bail, trial, or charges listed
against him, that he could start a missile crisis by whistling into a telephone
and pressing a few numbers on the keypad. (The four years he was held was
counted towards the five years he got.)

pdescobar adds that Emmanuel Goldstein (actually named Eric Corley, editor-
in-chief of "2600: The Hacker Quarterly," and writer, director, and producer of
the documentary about the Free Kevin movement: "Freedom Downtime," 1999) is a
radio caller in "III," "Vice City," and "San Andreas." In the Area 53 section
of WCTR, Emmanuel calls to say: "Hi, my nameís Emmanuel. Iím really worried
about hackers sending a nuclear bomb after meó-you know, through the phones. Do
you think they could pinpoint my location?"

According to United States District Judge Lewis A. Kaplan:

"2600: The Hacker Quarterly has included articles on such topics as how to
steal an Internet domain name, how to write more secure ASP code, access
other people's e-mail, secure your Linux box, intercept cellular phone
calls, how to put Linux on an Xbox, how to remove spyware, and break into
the computer systems at Costco stores and Federal Express...."

Frank Bernson wrote to me that "Emmanuel Goldstein" "...was the head of the
supposed 'Resistance' or 'Brotherhood' in the book '1984' by George Orwell. I
just thought you should know, because the Emmanuel Goldstein you mention was
only using that name as a pseudonym. It would appear to me that he chose this
moniker because he essentially was doing the same thing." Thank you to Frank
Bernson--I think that's interesting. It's a good ethical point (and a good
book). I read that book years ago, but I forgot about that.

The Mothership van of The Truth has a license plate that says, "OUTTHERE" in
mirror image. The 1993-2002 TV series about UFO's and such, "The X-Files,"
used the slogan: "The truth is out there."

The license plate of a car in the "Badlands" mission says "ASSMAN," which is
what Kramer, played by Michael Richards, was upset to learn his new license
plate said in the "The Fusilli Jerry" episode, April 27, 1995, of the TV sitcom

The number on the NRG-500 is 46, the number of MotoGP race champion Valentino
Rossi. You can find the bike by the largely bowl-shaped dry dock shown on the
paper map by the big square NW of the ship that's E of "DOHERTY." (There are
also two in the multi-story parking garage at the S end of the "L"-shaped block
two blocks N of the E side of Los Santos Forum. Valentino used a Honda NSR 500
in the 500cc class of motorcycle Grand Prix racing to come in 2nd in 2000 and
be the world champion in 2001.)

It's also the number on the nose of the Hydra (probably because its also fast
for the category it's in).

SilencedSMG noticed that a Rodeo sign that says "GROTTI" and has a drawing of
a rabbit is a take on the Ferrari logo. (The Cheetah is based on a Ferrari.)

All I have for the word "grotti" is that it was UK slang for "grotesque" in
the 1960's. Screenplay writer Alun Owen had George Harrison say it in the movie
"A Hard Day's Night," 1964, but I vaguely remember George saying the Beatles
didn't use the word in real life. He had a Ferrari, though.

Police can be seen beating up someone in the impound lots, such as a pair of
policemen in the garage of the Los Santos police station. The entrance is on
the W side of the building that's at the S end of the pretzel-like intersection
S of the Mulholland intersection. (C.J. can enter without a wanted rating if he
uses a police vehicle. The victim seems to be able to take interminable abuse.
If C.J. drives closer, they all stand still, but the errant policemen don't seem
happy about it.)

(This, and the ways of Tenpenny and Pulaski, seems meant to reflect the "Rod-
ney" King beating by corrupt LA police men on 3/3/1991. The 4/29/1992 1st
judgement on the officers acquitted three, with jurors undecided about a fourth,
which created a shocked reaction that led, hours later, to the LA riots, which
left 53 people dead, over 7,000 people arrested, and created more than $1 bil-
lion in property damage.)

(The riots at the end of the game seems meant to reflect those LA riots, ex-
cept C.J. goes right to the source, although King's subsequent violence and
driving abuses make him about as likely a nominee for a good-guy hero, and scan-
dals involving some of the other LAPD officers seem to ring a bell with the GTA
officers, too.)

(On 8/16/1993, officers Koon and Powell were convicted of violating King's
civil rights and sentenced to 30 months in prison.)

There's a bribe pickup in an underground tunnel. The N opening is lower on
the hill and W of where the winding road to the Big Ear leaves the main road,
and the S opening is about due S of the N opening and by a RR track. I guess
it's for people who are timid about going on a very minor unofficial rampage.

A pedestrian in Los Santos is dressed similar to the way Tre Styles, played by
Cuba Gooding Jr., did in the movie "Boys N' the Hood," 1991. He wears an orange
shirt but it has a square instead of a round black shirt pocket. His face, like
that of the manager C.J. targets in "Management Issues," looks more like Will
Smith's face.

One the Grove Street gangsters looks like Kevin "O-Dog," played by Larenz
Tate, in the movie "Menace II Society," 1993, which also stars Samuel L. Jackson
as Tat Lawson. Like O-Dog, the gangster has short dreadlocks, and he wears the
kind of green and black checkered shirt that O-Dog wore at times.

There is an observatory on Verdant Bluffs in S Los Santos, NW of the airport,
like the one (Griffith) in LA where the ending of "Rebel Without a Cause," 1955,
was filmed. One of the stars, Dennis Hopper, did the voice acting for Steve
Scott in "Vice City."

Ryder looks like (I'd say vaguely--the baseball-type cap is more similar than
the face) Easy-E, Eric Wright, a rapper of NWA sometimes referred to as Easy.
Dennis Hopper was one of the stars and writers, and the director, of the movie
"Easy Rider," 1969. Another star of it, and co-writer (along with Terry South-
ern), producer Peter Fonda, does the voice of "The Truth" in "San Andreas."

Some think one blonde lady pedestrian in a short white dress looks like Sharon
Stone as Catherine Tramell in the movie "Basic Instinct," 1992. (It must be the
blonde hair and white dress--her face isn't the same to me.)

After you have C.J. shoot down some RC Barons with a Minigun in the "Air Raid"
mission for Zero, Zero says, "Nice shooting kid, but don't get cocky," which is
a line Han Solo, played by Harrison Ford, says to Luke Skywalker, played by Mark
Hamill, in the movie "Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope" (the 1981 title change
given to "Star Wars," 1977). The pilot ratings Briggs and Wedge were taken from
the Star Wars series, too.

Simon Rodia's Watts Towers (the Simon Rodia State Historical Park) of Los An-
geles are represented in Jefferson, Los Santos. (Simon is the 2nd person from
the right of the top row of people on the cover of the album "Sgt. Pepper's
Lonely Hearts Club Band," 1967.) According to the Taxi mission, the "San An-
dreas" version is called "Sculpture Park."

The Verona Beach outdoor gym looks like ones on Muscle Beach of Venice, Cali-
fornia. (Thanks to Macsandnines.) (GTW note: I'll guess that the canal that
goes N from between Verona and Santa Maria beaches is supposed to be similar to
one of the canals in Venice, CA.),_Los_Angeles

(Stefan noticed that "Verona Beach" comes from the Leonardo di Caprio movie
"Romeo + Juliet," 1996, in which the setting of Verona is set in Venice Beach,
renamed Verona Beach, Los Angeles.)

In San Fierro, the wreckage of some buildings seems to reflect the Oct.17,
1989 magnitude 7.1 earthquake that shook San Francisco. A destroyed section of
paved road along the N side of the onramp to the Garver Bridge reflects the dam-
age the quake did to the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge.

There's a crack on the ocean floor by San Fierro that's similar to the San
Andreas Fault. (It runs E-W N of the two ships that are N of San Fierro. From
the E end of it, it runs N-S to the runway of Easter Bay Airport, then runs
about parallel to the runway on the N side of it. In some spots, C.J. can go to
the bottom of the fault and make the screen go pitch black.)

The tallest building in Los Santos, which is on the NE side of the block
that's NW of the intersection that looks like a pretzel S of the Mulholland In-
tersection, has a Parachute at the top. C.J. can enter the building on the NE
side to be transported to the top. C.J. can go on foot or use a two wheel vehi-
cle to enter this building--if C.J. uses a motorcycle, he can take a passenger.
C.J. has the option to return to the spot where he appeared on top to return to
the bottom.

The Big Pointy building, on the block E of the one with "AL" of "FINANCIAL,"
has a Parachute at the top and messages about it on signs at the bottom. C.J.
can enter the building on foot on the S side to be transported to the top. C.J.
has the option to return to the spot where he appeared on top to return to the

The tower S of the Big Ear and the N tower of the Gant Bridge have Parachutes
on top, too. C.J. can enter the N side of the base of the 1st tower on foot and
be transported to the top, but he has to fly or Parachute to get on top of the
2nd one.

Those Parachutes, and others in high places, reflect the BASE jumping that's
illegal at most spots it could be done from in the U.S.A. because many have died
from trying it. BASE (Building, Antenna, Span--bridges, etc., and Earth--
cliffs, etc.) jumping is like sky diving, except it involves jumping from some-
thing tall for the thrill of the rush toward the ground before opening the para-
chute. BASE jumps are usually made from 1,000 ft. or less, and sky divers are
told to deploy their parachutes at no less than 2,000 ft.. At 1,000 ft.or less,
the parachute must be quickly deployed, with less ability to correct movement
once it's deployed, and there would be no time to deploy a 2nd chute if the 1st
one malfunctions.

The Gant Bridge Visitor Center, S of the Gant Bridge, has a few interesting

There aren't any Easter Eggs on the Gant Bridge, though there's a Parachute
atop the N tower and this sign on the S tower:

In San Fierro, in the "Downtown" that's E of "CHINA TOWN," there's a tall
building N of the onramp for the Garver Bridge. The windows of it light up at
night to form letters: "C" on one side and "K" on another. Some imagine an "R"
and "O" up there on a 3rd side, too (for "ROCK"star), but it requires some imag-
inative interpretation or wishful thinking to do so. Mokiesmoky wonders if it
could be related to the CoK cigarette pack found on the floor by Cluckin' Bell
cashiers, and some wonder if it's related to "C"esar and "K"endl.

(I dunno. In earlier GTA's, we had the letters just before them: B and J. I
know what they meant.)

The number 69 figures prominently at the Easter Bay airport runway, in shop
windows, Area 69, etc. (The Dodo in "III" and "Vice City" said YME-369. It
might reaffirm my suspicion that the "369" part was a reference to a mutual
oral sex threesome to see that the number 69 figures prominently in the overall
punning and kidding around about sex in "San Andreas.")

Area 69, in the No Fly Zone at the end of a road in Bone County, kids the ru-
mors about Area 51, a 6 x 10 mile secret aircraft testing Air Force base, off-
limits to outsiders, in Groom Lake, Nevada, about 90 miles N of Las Vegas. It's
been the victim of rumors about it harboring evidence of outer space folks from
a Roswell space craft crash, etc. (It's also fictionalized as the Black Mesa
Research Facility in the game "Half Life." The lead character of it, Gordon
Freeman, is popularly known to use a crowbar as one of his weapons, which Area
69 kids by displaying a red and white crowbar on a table in a lab room.)

(I guess in the same spirit of kidding, Mxyzptlk compares, Erich Von Daniken-
style, some dark marks of the side of a cliff to those in Nazca, as being an-
cient yet requiring modern technology to make them. The Cliff is along the N
side of the E-W potion of the road E of "THE FARM" and NW of "BEACON HILL.")

(Serious editorial interlude: Erich Von Daniken got famous with cooked-up,
allegedly compelling, possibilities about flying saucer people being required
to explain various acts of ancient ingenuity, typically picking on darker-
skinned African and South American people and not the makers of Stonehenge or
such. I think he manages to con as many people as he does because the remedy to
his effort is information that's obscure to most, as in his book "Chariots of
the Gods"--one web source gives it 1967 for a 1st pub. date, another has 1968.
Look for a lot of "no other reasonable way to explain it"-type persuasive rheto-
ric in it.)

(For a good remedy that's entertaining as well, see your local library, possi-
bly for an inter-library loan, of "Flim Flam," 1982, by James Randi, and "The
Space Gods Revealed," 1976, by Ronald Story with a Foreword by Carl Sagan. It's
good to remember that in any area of sincere religious or non-religious belief
or speculation, there will be bilko artists who cook stuff up to sell the be-
lievers what they want to hear. Both the sincere believers in the possible and
non-believers should be on the same page that fibbing is unethical and untrust-
worthy, serves neither of them any good, and that making money from that is a
form of stealing.)

(In a similar line of concern, there's a representation of a set as imagined
for the "lunar landing hoax" hoax in the film studio in "Vice City," a reference
to the idea by a caller to the "Area 53" segment of WCTR in "San Andreas," and,
most clearly giving Rockstar's regard of the "hoax" hoax, given by The Truth as
one of a number of conspiracy ideas he's fallen for.)

The Lil' Probe Inn is like The Little A'Le'Inn (as in "the little alien") in
Rachel, Nevada (near Area 51). (The abbreviation for "little" is "li'l," but
the game uses "lil'." I guess someone at Rockstar is fond of someone named Lil-

The Lil' Probe Inn and Toreno's cabin each contain a map with markers. The
map seems meant to reflect that UFO-watchers and secret agents like Mike Toreno
would regard certain locations with a significance unknown to the rest of us.
The Lil' Probe Inn also has a lot of pictures of alleged "UFO"s on the wall.'Le'Inn

(Some have wondered if the blinking light that leaves a trail across the sky,
as in "Vice City," is meant as a UFO. I go along with the ones who think you're
supposed to imagine it as a jet flying across the stratosphere. It goes kind of
fast, but some of our jets are fast, and the evidence of the combustion techno-
logy we're familiar with for getting across shorter distances and that leaves a
trail isn't an indication of an advanced kind needed for getting across the cos-
mos. If the idea of an alien origin for it is arbitrarily imaginable, there's
no compelling reason to think so beyond that.)

(If you manage to get close enough to see that it's just a corona of light and
try to imagine what that would be in real life, it could be some kind of testing
device being blown along in a high wind current. Again, the idea of an alien
origin would be arbitrary, not compelling. But I think you're supposed to ima-
gine it as a high flying jet seen from ground level.)

(I don't want to spoil your fun if you want to imagine it's an alien ship.
But if so, they must be little eeny aliens. It is, after all, just a little dot
of light. They must be like bugs.)

(There have been many fans who wondered if the rumors about a Sasquatch or Ye-
ti monster, Bigfoot, are kidded by Rockstar with an actual monster in the wil-
derness. There is a Monster truck S of the Flint Intersection, and Bigfoot is
the name of the original Monster truck.)
(Thanks to a post by MrSmiles888 at the Gamefaqs message boards.)

(Here's the most famous film alleged to be of the nearly human, hairy-type
Bigfoot. The shakiness has been stabilized and reveals the gait of a guy in a
monkey suit.)

(Despite nobody bringing to light the live or dead body of a Bigfoot animal,
those determined to look for the creature in a game might like Steve Purcell's
PC game "Sam and Max Hit the Road," 1993.)

(To solve the problems of trying to play it on any version of Windows more re-
cent than Windows 98, you could use the updated .exe file for it.)

(DiRF, on the Gamefaqs message board for the game, recommended ScummVM, which
was created by fans to play many of the Lucasarts 2D adventure games on newer
computers. It let me play the game in full screen mode with all the audio on
Windows Home XP. It also lets Mac OS X and Linux users play the game.)

Adding to the similarity of the Garver and Kincaid bridges to ones in Scot-
land, mentioned below, lucho writes that a lot of the license plates in the game
are Scottish or Scottish football-related. "Amato, Gazza, McCoist all played
for" the "Rangers, which, going by previous games cheats ('9inarow' for exam-
ple), are the team of R*'s choice. 'BAW BAG'" (the license plate of an imported
Journey) "is also a Scottish derogatory term. This also applies to some of the
horses in the betting shops, e.g. 'Henrik's Jaw,'" since "Scottish footballing
legend Henrik Larsson had his jaw smashed in a tackle by an opposition player."

At the same forum, pes4rules11 adds these references to Scotland on license
plates that appear randomly (I added a few notes):
R4N G3RS The popular football (soccer) team: Rangers F.C. ("F.C." stands for
"football club"; the Rangers have won more trophies than any other
football team)
GL4S G0W a city (the largest in Scotland and home of the Rangers)
AM0 RUS0 a Rangers F.C. player
GA ZZA an ex-English football player (the nickname of Paul John Gascoigne)
MC C01ST Rangers legend (the nickname of Alistair "Ally" Murdoch McCoist)
MR J0BBY "jobby" is slang for feces
BAW BAG slang for scrotum

And thedude777, who's compiled a list of the plates, adds some likely refer-
ARRAN the Isle of Arran off the west coast of Scotland (noted golf courses)
ZID ANE French international footballer--pdescobar adds that it refers to
Zinedine Zidane
AMAT0 Gabriele Amato, forward for the Rangers from 1998-2000


Here are some findings from the gamers at the GTA Forums regarding the real
life names and places of those in the game:

Thanks to ogf_ak for the names of these casinos:

Pink Swan The Flamingo Hotel and Casino
(The lighting outside the Pink Swan resembles the
lights that look like the plumes of a flamingo over
the entrance of the Flamingo since 1972.)

Caligula's Caesar's Palace Casino and Resort
(I noticed it also features a copy of the Caesar's
Palace copy of the statue Winged Victory.)
(For the 2nd link, you have to Copy and Paste the 2nd line to the 1st in the
address bar.)

Four Dragons The Four Queens Hotel and Casino (similar in name, not
appearance--likewise, Franco Dragone)

Come-a-lot The Excalibur Hotel and Casino

The Visage The Mirage Hotel and Casino

Pirates in Men's Pants Treasure Island Hotel and Casino (and the Gilbert and
Sullivan operetta "The Pirates of Penzance," 1879)

It's advertised in "GTA III" and the Liberty City mod.

The Clown's Pocket
and nearby crane Circus, Circus (with the crane nearby to prepare for
the large dome with an amusement park inside put up in
1993-1994) (thanks to milkymilky)

ice cold killa adds that "clown's pocket" is a derogatory sexual euphemism
(referring to a homosexual male or a heterosexual female) based on the idea that
clowns wear baggy clothes with big baggy pockets.

matt27689 recognized that the red and orange "SOUVENIRS GIFTS T-SHIRTS" sign,
seen across the street from the Vegas Vic-looking depiction of Avery Carring-
ton, looks identical to the sign that Vegas Vic currently stands on. (There's
more about Vegas Vic in the last section of I.1.)


Thanks to those whose findings were given at the GTA-SanAndreas web site for
some more real life names.

Thanks to fonz808 for this batch:
A one-floor house in Los Santos (I think fonz808 means the save house NE of
Madd Dogg's place) looks basically like Pierre Koenig's 1960 house called House
No. 22, aka the Stahl House.

In one of the wall paintings in LA, the part that depicts the Madonna, with
flame-like shading around her, is like that part of the "Jesus Saves" wall
painting in Los Santos. (There's more on that in my segment near the end of
this section.)

The Big Pointy building looks like the Transamerican Pyramid. (It's on the
block E of the one with "AL" of "FINANCIAL.")

Tuff Nut Donuts (and other little shops with big replicas of donuts on the
roof) looks like Randy's Donuts in Inglewood, CA., a little one story shop with
a big replica of a doughnut on top.

The Los Santos City Hall building looks like Los Angeles City Hall.

(The Cathay building looks like) Grauman's Chinese Theatre in Hollywood.

(I'll add that it was renamed "Mann's Chinese Theatre" in 1973 after it was
purchased by Ted Mann, the owner of the Mann's Theatre chain and husband of
actress Rhonda Fleming. But in 2002 it was named "Grauman's Chinese Theater"
again. "Cathay" is the Anglicized version of "Catai" and an alternative name
for China in English. The Cathay building is on the S side of the block that's
W of the block with the bottom of "TE" of "TEMPLE.")

The sidewalk by the Cathay building is like the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

In Los Santos, Blastin' Fools Records, which makes rap records, looks like
The Capitol Records building. (It's on the NE part of the block that's N of
"ARKET" of "MARKET" in Los Santos.) (Thanks to nsupra27.)

The Los Santos Conference Center looks like The Los Angeles Convention Center,
where The Electronic Entertainment Expo is held. (Thanks to yensed.)

The San Fierro building with window lights that spell "C" and "K," mentioned
earlier, looks like the Bank of America Center in San Francisco. (Thanks to
krackhead80s.) Some think it refers to "C"esar and "K"endle, and Mokiesmoky
thinks it may refer to the "CoK" cigarette pack found on the floor by Cluckin'
Bell cashiers. Ice cold killa, in turn, thinks "CoK Filters" refers to condoms.

The Sherman Dam is like the Hoover Dam.

The Welcome to the Fabulous Las Venturas sign (NW of the Pilson Intersection)
looks like the one by a road at the edge of Las Vegas.

The V-ROCK Hotel and Casino in Las Venturas looks like The Hard Rock Cafe
Hotel and Casino. (The Hard Rock Hotel has a big replica
of a Fender Strato-
caster guitar on the roof, and the V-ROCK Hotel has a big replica of a Gibson
flying V guitar on the roof.)

The name of the Hippy Shopper store is like the Happy Shopper line of foods,
also some shops, in the U.K.. (Thanks to martinson-line.) (It's on the W side
of the block N of "HASH" of "HASHBURY.")

Rodeo in Los Santos looks like Rodeo Drive. (Thanks to vivatforx.)

A recent "Jeopardy" TV show interpreted Glen Park as being like MacArthur Park
(similar bridge or strip of land over a pond, location, and ethnic group)...

... and the N-S highway to the E of Los Santos Forum as like Sunset Boulevard
and the Pacific Coast Highway. (Thanks to Mokiesmoky.)

The Avispa Country Club at the S edge of San Fierro is similar to the Olympic
Golf Club on the SE edge of San Francisco. (The 1st photo is by Arnold Palmer.)

Esplanade East in NE San Fierro is like the Embarcadero, which is a water
front. (Thanks to thedudley.)

C**k Rock, W of Verdant Meadows Aircraft Graveyard, looks like Big Stoney in
Kodachrome Basin State Park, Utah. (Thanks to flying fox; I'm not sure which of
us thought of it 1st.)

Thanks to -La-RaZa, who came up with a whole batch to thank for (although the
"Haight" part of "Haight-Ashbury" is disputed; I supplemented the information
where I could):

Los Santos Los Angeles

Ganton Compton

Idlewood Inglewood

Willow Field Willowbrook

East Los Santos East LA,_California

Vinewood Hollywood

Mulholland Beverly Hills

Santa Maria beach Santa Monica,_California

Las Colinas El Monte,_California

Glen Park Morningside Park,_California#Morningside_Park

Palomino Creek Palmdale,_California

(Downtown Downtown Los Angeles)

San Fierro San Francisco

Easter Basin Naval Docks Hunter's Point Naval Shipyard

Chinatown Chinatown

Hashbury Haight-Ashbury

Queens Castro,_San_Francisco

Paradiso Presidio

Juniper Hollow Pacific Heights,_San_Francisco

(Financial The Financial District),_San_Francisco

(Beach SW of Gant Bridge Baker Beach)

Las Venturas Las Vegas,_Nevada

Blackfield Spring Valley,_Nevada

Rockshore Henderson

Redsands Paradise

Roca Escalante Winchester

Prickle Pine Sunrise Manor,_Nevada

KACC Military Fuels Nellis Air Force base

(The Strip The Strip)

Thanks to D-D-R, who thinks E Los Santos is more like W LA, Glen Park is more
like MacArthur Park and similarly located, and Grove Street could be Martin
Luther King Boulevard (or "The Jungle" as some in CA call it), Crenshaw Boule-
vard, or La Brea Street. I'll add that Jefferson is named after Jefferson Park.,_Los_Angeles


Reader Wolfie2k5 gets my thanks for telling me he recognized these similari-

Interglobal Film Studios has two water towers like the one of Warner Brothers
studios. (Interglobal Film Studios in "Vice City" has a tower like it, too.)

The tallest building, the one with a Parachute on top, in Los Santos (it's at
the oval NW of the pretzel-looking intersection that's S of Mulholland Intersec-
tion)--the U.S. Bank Tower, aka the Library Tower (formerly the First Interstate
World Center)

Santa Maria pier--Santa Monica pier (The "...SPORT FISHING BOATING...." sign
over the start of the road leading down to it is about identical except it
doesn't have "Santa Monica" on the top; Santa Monica pier has more amusement

The High Roller--Bally's Las Vegas (It has similar columns lit blue at night,
moving sidewalks, and elevators.)

The round tower, covered with windows, with four shorter such towers surround-
ing it, S of the right side of the "A" of the big "LOS SANTOS" letters (it has a
bridge to the E to the Atrium)--the Westin Bonaventure Hotel

Starfish Casino--the Barbary Coast


Thanks to my reader Colin Attle, who contributed a number of references to my
"Vice City" walk-through, for finding the references in this section.

N across a block and street from the "AR" of "MARKET" (also a couple of blocks
W of the Market Ammu-Nation) is a store called "SPACEY!"

Colin wrote to me that it probably refers to arcade video games like "Space
Invaders." When he was young, he and some of his friends called such games

Colin also wrote to me that he remembers a scene like the one in the chase of
"End of the Line," in which Sweet holds onto the ladder extended behind a fire-
truck, performed before by 007 in the 1985 James Bond movie "A View to a Kill."

You can find the same "San Andreas" ladder truck used in the mission behind
the San Fierro Fire Dept., which is S of the Doherty garage. (I'll add that the
movie chase takes place in San Francisco, and San Fierro is where you can find
the "San Andreas" ladder truck.)

The PIK N' GO MARKET, west of the Jefferson Hotel, may be a reference to the
British Pick 'n' Mix Sweets method of buying candy. It's to take various can-
dies, each type offered in a separate bin, and put them in a single bag to have
the cost determined by weight.

(It sounds like the way you buy candy at the downtown Pittsburgh Candy-Rama
store at 212 Fifth Avenue.)

To the east of the park with the Watts Towers "there is a shop called 'IDEAL
HOMIES STORE'--this is a reference to a magazine...

"...and a yearly show."

One passenger in the Taxi mission says, "Let's go, Mr. Driver," which is a
quote from the game "Chase H.Q.." It was released as an arcade game in 1988 and
later in other formats.

The "Legal" cinema, in Market, with "Legal" put over "Regal" on the sign, is a
reference to the chain of Regal Cinemas in the U.K. (I'll add there's a chain by
the same name in the U.S.).

The "Locals Only!" shop in Blueberry is a reference to the "Local Shop" of the
U.K. TV series "The League of Gentlemen."

The GTA San Andreas/data/Decision folder has a folder named "Craig" and anoth-
er named "david"--they may be named after the U.K. singer.

Colin Attle noticed that the sofa seen in the N room of the 1st floor of the
Diaz > Vercetti mansion in "Vice City" looks like the sofa seen in some of the
landings of the Jefferson Motel in "San Andreas."

In the eastern LVA freight depot area is a business called "SHAFTED APPLI-
ANCES." Someone who was shafted was swindled or stolen from, but in this case
it probably refers to the appliances as having been stolen.

Nearby, over some loading bay doors, are signs that say "CARRIE & GOODES."
"This is a retail shop that sells most things like 24/7s in the United States."
The name may also have been chosen due to law enforcement use of the words "car-
rying goods" in phrases like "carrying goods across the border" or "carrying
stolen goods."

Colin caught the reference of "Chuff" security vans to a British security firm
called Chubb.

In the western LVA freight depot area "is a business called 'Sumo'" which ap-
peared in "GTA III." In "III," Sumo is advertised on a billboard and a "van had
the logo: 'sumo, the industry heavyweight,'" which is meant as a comparison with
the heavyweight wrestlers of Japan called sumo wrestlers.

Colin also noticed that "kakagawa," written over some storage building doors,
is similar to the name of a city in Japan. It's probably a pun based on combin-
ing "Kakegawa," the name of the city, and "caca" (changed to "kaka"), which
means "cr*p.",_Shizuoka

He also noticed that the ped in a green jacket (with a voice by Danny Dyer,
who plays Kent Paul) refers to Richmond, which is a section of London (and a
lady mainly in black with a blonde ponytail is a Cockney), and an LV car show-
room is called "Auto-Bahn," which refers to the high speed German roads.,_London

He also thinks "Frogs Pawn," the name of a warehouse in LV, may refer to a

Crossfire enabled


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rbV5 is still being judged by the masses

I always use "no AVI output" for my first pass, you're just generating a "stats" file anyway which basically looks at the action in the scene to determine which codec to use (low-motion/ fast motion) for that particular scene. If you save your *.stats file, you can re-encode the 2nd pass only anytime, changing your parameters if you like. One excellent trick is to generate the stats file, then do small test encodes at different bitrates to see if a 1 CD encoding will be acceptable, or if you need to split into 2 for good quality.

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Has anyone been able to get thread pool paramaters to work with ffmpeg?

I've tried passing in x265-params pools=16,16 as well as pools=+,+, but I only ever get a single thread pool instead of the 2 pools that I expect.


Intel Xeon E5-2670 x2, Fedora 23. Lastest static build of ffmpeg that includes x265 version 1.9+141-02d79be487d7

Command line:


ffmpeg -i -c:v libx265 -preset veryslow -x265-params crf=20:pools=16,16 test.mkv
x265 [info]: HEVC encoder version 1.9+141-02d79be487d7
x265 [info]: build info [Linux][GCC 5.3.1][64 bit] 10bit
x265 [info]: using cpu capabilities: MMX2 SSE2Fast SSSE3 SSE4.2 AVX
x265 [info]: Main 4:2:2 10 profile, Level-4 (Main tier)
x265 [info]: Thread pool created using 16 threads
x265 [info]: frame threads / pool features : 6 / wpp(17 rows)
x265 [info]: Coding QT: max CU size, min CU size : 64 / 8
x265 [info]: Residual QT: max TU size, max depth : 32 / 3 inter / 3 intra
x265 [info]: ME / range / subpel / merge : star / 57 / 4 / 4
x265 [info]: Keyframe min / max / scenecut : 24 / 250 / 40
x265 [info]: Lookahead / bframes / badapt : 40 / 8 / 2
x265 [info]: b-pyramid / weightp / weightb : 1 / 1 / 1
x265 [info]: References / ref-limit cu / depth : 5 / off / on
x265 [info]: AQ: mode / str / qg-size / cu-tree : 1 / 1.0 / 32 / 1
x265 [info]: Rate Control / qCompress : CRF-20.0 / 0.60
x265 [info]: tools: rect amp limit-modes rd=6 psy-rd=2.00 rdoq=2 psy-rdoq=1.00
x265 [info]: tools: signhide tmvp b-intra strong-intra-smoothing deblock sao

Bug listing with status RESOLVED with resolution UPSTREAM as at 2022/09/03 10:46:26

  • Bug:6292 - "loadkeys broken, or kernel memory garbled!!!" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:major
  • Bug:7994 - "Patch to net-tools to allow mii-tool to activate/deactive interfaces based on media" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:enhancement
  • Bug:10996 - "unmount of cdrom blocked by kdeinit in KDE3.1-rc?" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:17838 - "fileutils symlink removal problem" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:17954 - "gpa fails to recognise valid passwords with danish characters in them" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:major
  • Bug:19694 - "xmms-infinity Doesn't play well with others (Mark Unstable?)" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:minor
  • Bug:19743 - "Ebuild for gTybalt" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:enhancement
  • Bug:19817 - "libtool: waits indefinitely for lock (ttmkfdir 3.0.4 -> 3.0.9)" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:19973 - "mozilla 1.3-r1 fails to load _correctly_ https pages, reloading the page seems to help." status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:20855 - "hisax isdn patch to pcmcia-cs" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:enhancement
  • Bug:20897 - "audiooss causes everything to die" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:critical
  • Bug:21058 - "chrony fails to run if CONFIG_HZ is not set to 100" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:minor
  • Bug:21721 - "swami-0.9.1a.ebuild (new ebuild)" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:enhancement
  • Bug:21814 - "Enhanced version of app-crypt/md5deep for portage" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:enhancement
  • Bug:21956 - "aacraid broken" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:blocker
  • Bug:22482 - "Can't read boot information on VIA M10000" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:major
  • Bug:23979 - "pcmcia-cs-3.2.4-r1.ebuild (Update)" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:enhancement
  • Bug:24153 - "webmin USE flag request, swat &c" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:enhancement
  • Bug:24441 - "Req: Chandler ebuild" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:enhancement
  • Bug:24511 - "libvideogfx and sampeg - threading" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:enhancement
  • Bug:24579 - "2.5/2.6 framebuffer system no longer uses fbset" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:24661 - "8139too driver icmp leak" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:critical
  • Bug:24723 - "gxine crashed while in fullscreen mode. Stable in windowed mode." status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:major
  • Bug:25179 - "mutt 1.5.4i segfaults on adding Lines-Header" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:25447 - "librtp-0.1 (new package)" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:enhancement
  • Bug:25449 - "gphone-0.5.2 ebuild (new ebuild)" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:enhancement
  • Bug:25698 - "Sound playback in SDL through ALSA >= 0.9.2 on VIA 8233A chipset is out of sync" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:26044 - "cdrecord creates coasters in 2.6 test kernels" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:major
  • Bug:26293 - "vhost-config tool" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:major
  • Bug:26648 - "Starting X via startx messes up vc perms" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:critical
  • Bug:26694 - "Sys::Syslog with metalog: no date/time in syslog for spamd" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:27001 - "GRP has hidden ldap and mysql deps?" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:27066 - "Can not print from acroread" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:27686 - "acme 2.0.6 does not set 'Use PCM volume instead of Master Volume'" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:27935 - "Gaim only allows me to have IM conversations in tabbed windows" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:27954 - "Can't connect to any server because punkbuster not copi to current user directory (~/.armyops190/)" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:28029 - "substring search: "contains" != "matches regexp"" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:28376 - "Ebuild for geeklog, a weblog powered by PHP and MySQL." status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:enhancement
  • Bug:28440 - "Kylix 3.0 Open Edition doesn't run" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:enhancement
  • Bug:28913 - "MozillaFirebird 0.6.1 refuses to load" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:29022 - "OpenSSH 3.7.1p2 upgrade truncates banners from server?" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:trivial
  • Bug:29026 - "EBUILD (new): dev-python/pyblosxom-0.8" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:enhancement
  • Bug:29211 - "mysql warning" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:enhancement
  • Bug:29392 - "Fluxspace has python2.2 paths hardcoded" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:29450 - "xinetd does not permit connections to single-threaded servers (wait=yes)" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:major
  • Bug:29496 - "kinoplus-0.2.2.ebuild (New Package)" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:enhancement
  • Bug:29729 - "ERROR: dev-util/strace-4.5 failed" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:29741 - "shadow: useradd default extra groups" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:enhancement
  • Bug:29900 - "X/xdm nicing to -1 if started as root (bad for O(1) kernels)" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:29978 - "KDM doesn't display full name (ISO-8859-2) correctly" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:30133 - "kdebase can depend on enscript if user wants to print and convert text files" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:minor
  • Bug:30252 - "cdrdao fails to read audio data from CD" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:30663 - "Font size in gdm login screen become large after Gnome 2.4 update" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:30721 - "Slimp3-4.2.6 (New Package)" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:30723 - ""artsdsp esd" crashes on first connect in esound-0.2.31" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:major
  • Bug:30872 - "kdbg incompatible with latest version of gdb" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:major
  • Bug:30974 - "fcron ebuild suggestion" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:enhancement
  • Bug:30986 - "patch against pcmcia-cs-3.2.5" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:enhancement
  • Bug:31343 - "libvorbis crashes while compiling info.c with an assembler message" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:31398 - "mozilla-1.5 fails to compile accessproxy when merge with mozaccess" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:31414 - "bash enhancement(patch) to have zsh(,tcsh,..) PREEXEC like function" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:enhancement
  • Bug:31638 - "Ardour 0.9_beta5 MIDI port problems." status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:31961 - "kfind freezes when searching text content" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:major
  • Bug:31983 - "gtk2 support for fbpanel-2.2" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:32016 - "Samba claims that I am setting codepage twice in smb.conf while not true" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:major
  • Bug:32039 - "kkeyled has the wrong theme / icon directories specified as default in config" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:trivial
  • Bug:32089 - "tinyproxy doesnt close stdin, stdout, stderr" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:32182 - "xterm started in ratpoison sometimes tells other applications he's only got 24 lines" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:minor
  • Bug:32289 - "linux-2.6.0-test9: module ds not found + PCMCIA compile in kernel" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:32325 - "veejay and gveejay ebuild request" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:enhancement
  • Bug:32494 - "GAIM+Encryption connection window crashed while launching gaim with the launcher..." status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:32591 - "Add bproc to portage" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:enhancement
  • Bug:32731 - "Allow profiling option" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:enhancement
  • Bug:32763 - "GCC with -c and two -o parameters fails with unrecognized option `-strip'" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:critical
  • Bug:32850 - "bitkeeper and new releases ..." status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:enhancement
  • Bug:32880 - "alsasound on 2.6.0 does not work unless soundcard module preloaded" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:33101 - "kdebase/kde-base: helpcenter crashs instead of being closed smoothly" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:33218 - "Blender menu doesn't display correct with mouse themes." status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:33246 - "enlightenment 0.16.6: cannot set nautilus root window settings" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:33401 - "test" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:33420 - "Evolution causes memory increases each time you view Contacts" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:33445 - "Upgrading to x11-libs/qt-3.2.2-r1 causes Konqueror's tabbed browsing to behave incorrectly" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:33447 - "kghostview 0.20 (from kde-3.2_beta1) displays only the half of landscape oriented pages" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:33477 - "flex versionning problem (2.5.4a is 7 years old, 2.5.31 is 7 monthes old)" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:33580 - "dhcpd fails with 2.4.22-ck (ck-sources) kernel" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:major
  • Bug:33621 - "Autohide panels unhide behind existing windows in Sawfish" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:minor
  • Bug:33628 - "ALSA kernel module snd-usb-audio crashes under heavy system load" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:critical
  • Bug:33755 - "Bad detection of the slots in a transcend usb multi-card reader" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:33781 - "make mrproper misses a couple of files in linux 2.4.20-gentoo-r8" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:minor
  • Bug:33783 - "beaver-0.3.1.ebuild (version bump)" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:enhancement
  • Bug:33828 - "mv --reply not working properly" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:33875 - "Missing entries in agp_bridge_info structure setup in 2.4.22_ac4 kernel" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:major
  • Bug:33964 - "mozilla-1.5-r1 ebuild breaks" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:34003 - "IDE-SCSI cause vanilla-kernel panic with GCC > 3.3" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:critical
  • Bug:34024 - "sane doesn't work with CanoScan FB630u" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:critical
  • Bug:34080 - "ganglia-webfrontend" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:enhancement
  • Bug:34111 - "KMess 1.3 leaks memory over time" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:minor
  • Bug:34221 - "gcc-3.2.3-r2: internal compiler error (templates-related)" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:34270 - "kxconfig 3.1.4 segfaults" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:34301 - "AMD64 gentoo-dev-sources kernel panic if legacy USB enabled in BIOS" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:major
  • Bug:34310 - "lirc fails on kernel 2.6" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:34365 - "Neither Anjuta 1.1.97 nor 1.1.98 will open files on an amd64 box" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:34430 - "net-misc/pxes-0.7 : various problems" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:34450 - "gentoo-dev-sources-2.6.0_beta10-r1 error building drivers/ide/pci/cmd640.o" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:blocker
  • Bug:34507 - "gnomeicu doesn't remember window size if Gnome session is exited while gnomeicu window is hidden" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:minor
  • Bug:34526 - "Enigmail GnuPG MIME/PGP Signature breaks in multipart e-mail due to header unfolding" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:enhancement
  • Bug:34618 - "mozilla breaks when accessing" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:34639 - "gnome-panel crashes on startup" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:blocker
  • Bug:34682 - "Printing to PDF doesn't allow other file name than default (output.pdf)" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:34737 - "HP9000 715(100) install crash, Beta 3 and 4" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:blocker
  • Bug:34744 - "OpenOffice freezes when rendering certain fonts with XFS" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:34755 - "gnomeicu-0.99 always defaults to hard-coded auto respond message" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:minor
  • Bug:34928 - "xine-ui-0.9.22 build fails" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:blocker
  • Bug:35084 - "No /etc/updatedb.conf file causes error message when /etc/cron.daily/slocate runs" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:trivial
  • Bug:35092 - "X uses far too much memory when using konqueror to view a large number of images" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:35133 - "Logs are filled with errors from my 3COM Tornado card that will eventually crash my computer" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:critical
  • Bug:35147 - "kernel 2.4.23 triggers "os install mode"" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:minor
  • Bug:35159 - "bugzilla return a bad result when using the @ shortcut instead of owner:" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:35173 - "Install hangs vectoring from bootloader to kernel" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:critical
  • Bug:35221 - "fluxspace doesn't do anything" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:35241 - "Yahoo messenger is seg faulting" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:critical
  • Bug:35254 - "make linux ARCH=um fails with SMP and HIGHMEM options on." status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:35267 - "new developer: shawk" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:35584 - "invisible underscores with freetype 2.1.5 and vera bitstream monospace in any term" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:trivial
  • Bug:35634 - "coreutils 5.0.91 - date behaves unexpectedly" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:35659 - "constantly falling through the track. (games-action/tuxkart)" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:35663 - "speedtouch-1.2beta3 released on" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:35669 - "syntax error in /etc/init.d/zetagrid" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:35687 - "REQ: extra dscaler filters for tvtime" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:enhancement
  • Bug:35722 - "wolk 4.10-pre7 kernel does not compile. error in acpitable.c" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:35790 - "2.6.0-test11 unable to recognize USB2.0 mass storage on USB 1.1 bus" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:35816 - "GPLFlash undetected" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:35878 - "cups-1.1.20: cupsd and admin.cgi hang" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:critical
  • Bug:35899 - "jack-audio-connection-kit init script?" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:35955 - "Cannot create devices in /dev with udev now" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:36004 - "updated xft patch for fluxbox-0.9.6.ebuild" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:enhancement
  • Bug:36026 - "sylpheed-claws 0.9.7 no longer checks pgp signatures" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:36074 - "REQ: freedesktop systray integration for k3b" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:enhancement
  • Bug:36130 - "burncenter should stop if creations of iso image fails" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:36192 - "GOPchop-0.9.1.ebuild (New Package)" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:enhancement
  • Bug:36212 - "squirrelmail 1.4.2 corrupt distfile" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:critical
  • Bug:36234 - "korn is unable to check ssl-imap. (feature request)" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:enhancement
  • Bug:36398 - "kppp doesn't connect if 'auth' is set in the /etc/ppp/option" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:blocker
  • Bug:36399 - "Kppp logs taked from syslog specific files (cause errors and impossibility to debug)" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:36406 - "mplayer assumes rtc device is at /dev/rtc" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:enhancement
  • Bug:36411 - "gentoo-dev-sources, development-sources 2.6 >= test10 will not boot with previously working .config" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:36415 - "Audigy LS soundcard not recognized by ALSA" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:36421 - "Ebuild Enhancement xine-libs" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:enhancement
  • Bug:36496 - "Fix IA-64 -pie support" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:36497 - "'pear' crashes when the xdebug extension is loaded. (PHP)" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:36625 - "'cat /proc/acpi/battery/BAT0/info' does not return valid battery info" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:major
  • Bug:36711 - "KAudioCreator stores ripped tracks in /tmp/kde-user if the file location path is invalid." status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:36729 - "cups-pdf produces an incomplete pdf file if document being printed contains an .eps object" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:36821 - "Artsd 3.2.0_beta2 crash" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:36899 - "KMail 3.2.0-beta2 fails to open a message encrypted with EnigMail" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:36929 - "KDE-3.2.0-beta2: can't change desktop with "Show desktop" on" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:minor
  • Bug:37002 - "umbrello 1.2-beta, code generation ignores class associations." status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:37088 - "NEW ebuild ponyprog-2.06c.ebuild" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:enhancement
  • Bug:37228 - "netselect (0.3) doesn't resolve IPv6 hosts" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:minor
  • Bug:37272 - "add nnnesterj to portage" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:37280 - "SpamAssassin 2.61 bug in spamc (not detecting spam)" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:major
  • Bug:37425 - "A little script to control CPU throttle -> It would be cool to add this to KLaptop! (KDE)" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:enhancement
  • Bug:37465 - "new TYPO3 ebuild for 3.8.1" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:enhancement
  • Bug:37473 - "logwatch ebuild doesn't function with metalog" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:major
  • Bug:37519 - "fluxbox 0.9.7 doesn't show fluxboxes boarders for the mplayer movie overlay window after going back from fullscreen" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:37606 - "it_IT locale does not have correct values for decimal places" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:major
  • Bug:37621 - "DDD fails to emerge on PPC" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:blocker
  • Bug:37664 - "linux-2.6.0 preemptive kernel preempts to burn CDs" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:major
  • Bug:37686 - "Kernel 2.6, gentoo-dev 2.6, gentoo-dev-2.6.1-rc2 and gentoo-2.4.22-r3 don't power off several machines" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:major
  • Bug:37735 - "dvd-rw not working when dma on" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:37764 - "kernel header parse error" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:37838 - "SuSE9 Usermode Linuxinstaller (uml-install-suse) ported to gentoo" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:enhancement
  • Bug:37862 - "GAIM 0.75-r1 perl plugin not loading" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:37890 - "efence won't emerge" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:major
  • Bug:37938 - "Get libtool to use distcc" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:enhancement
  • Bug:37944 - "gaim 0.75-r1 is duplicating smiles when the keyboard combination is used" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:minor
  • Bug:38088 - "gnome-font-properties (control-center-2.4.0) segfaults" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:38125 - "osdb-0.15.1.ebuild (New Package)" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:enhancement
  • Bug:38137 - "spamassassin: suggestion to add this useragent string as forged one" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:enhancement
  • Bug:38154 - "vnc v4 builds Xvnc without render extension" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:38183 - "xlockmore 5.08.2 cannot unlock when run as normal user" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:major
  • Bug:38308 - "limits.h containing __INT_MAX__ not automatically included when building xemacs (was: dev-lang/ccc and dev-lang/gcc-3.3.2 do not play well together)" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:major
  • Bug:38345 - "ftpfs-0.6.2 wont compile kernel 2.6.1-rc2" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:major
  • Bug:38413 - "Zope randomly times out on http connections on NPTL system" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:critical
  • Bug:38496 - "Evolution 1.4.5 crashes when I press Alt + L in a text field" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:38505 - "pornview violates the GPL" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:38613 - "stepmania fails to compile" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:38668 - "Changing login (email address) breaks custom queries" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:38763 - "apple2 screensaver displays garbage on PPC" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:major
  • Bug:38836 - "mutt get a SIGSEGV while sorting mailbox" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:critical
  • Bug:38863 - "sys-apps/qingy-0.2.3 doesn't like "userpriv"" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:38887 - "Bttv dosen't work with Winfast TV 2000 Delux under Kernel 2.6.1" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:38957 - "Perl::Tidy generates a warning when run with Perl 5.8.3" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:minor
  • Bug:39133 - "tutos-1.1.20030715.ebuild (New Package)" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:enhancement
  • Bug:39157 - "BIND 9.2.2-r2 will not answer on IPv6 interfaces" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:39206 - "Can't compile aa-sources kernel with pcmcia SCSI drivers enabled as modules" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:blocker
  • Bug:39228 - "ACPI issue prevents fan and battery monitor from working properly" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:39287 - "wget 1.9-r2 / 1.9.1 fails receiving a file on active mode ipv6 ftp" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:39292 - "games-sports/foobillard-2.9: hang while starting server" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:minor
  • Bug:39310 - "Cabletron RoamAbout 802.11 DS loads wrong drivers" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:minor
  • Bug:39346 - "Konqueror opens webpage and seems to get stuck in a loop and keeps making new windows of the exactly same page." status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:major
  • Bug:39412 - "ew Gpdf renders blank pages on some PDF files" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:39505 - "CD-ROM "hangs" while ripping audio CDs" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:major
  • Bug:39516 - "2.6.2-mm series kernel nfs client cannot report df on mounted share" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:39618 - "gaim 0.7x cant display special german chars with TOC protocol" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:39666 - "Konqueror Folder Select is like moving the folder" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:39671 - "Snort-sensor for Prelude not working" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:39742 - "mldonkey-2.5.4: bad error with bittorrent" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:major
  • Bug:39791 - "epsxe-1.6.0-r3 doesn't work with psemu-petesxgl2 plugin and ati-drivers" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:39867 - "2.6 livecd megaraid oops" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:blocker
  • Bug:39878 - "mm-sources-2.6.2_rc1-r3 bug with Fusion MPT driver and sched.c" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:39898 - "KOffice 1.3 About Dialogs report inacurate copyright dates." status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:trivial
  • Bug:40018 - "2.6.2_rc2-mm1 stack trace Badness in try_to_wake_up at kernel/sched.c:722" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:40055 - "Evolution 1.4.5 hangs when trying to open a image/pjpeg attachment" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:40177 - "evolution 1.4.5 no calendar, tasks, contacts, inbox shortcuts" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:40200 - "ALSA won't work with the trident driver in gentoo-dev-sources 2.6.1 (or 2.6.1-r1) but works fine with the vanilla sources with the same config" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:40229 - "Emerge America's Army fails from" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:40371 - "Bugzilla dosen't hide my email" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:critical
  • Bug:40387 - "No keyboard or mouse after the first "enter" during the Gentoo linux install. Keyboard is running off a UHCI controller...." status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:blocker
  • Bug:40424 - "emu10k1-0.20a-r5 fails to emerge with a src_compile error." status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:major
  • Bug:40457 - "After enabling the OpenGL specturm analyser any atempt to disable it crashes xmms-1.2.9" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:40586 - "kuickshow doesn't expand listbox to fit in browser window" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:40595 - "temp , fan sensors freeze in Gkrellm 2.1.24. fails after running for a while with kernel 2.6.1-rc1." status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:40678 - "doxygen-1.3.5 fails to build on distcc setup across different architectures" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:40693 - "CRAM-MD5 auth issues with KMail from KDE 3.2" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:40736 - "KDM doesn't allow typing" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:critical
  • Bug:40785 - "Distcc fails when box with distccd has full hard drive" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:minor
  • Bug:40799 - "Patched Kernel Suggestion: Custom DSDT Table Loading for ACPI" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:enhancement
  • Bug:40891 - "nvidia drivers 1.0.5336 w/ SiS 746 and AGP -> system lockup on vanilla 2.6.X, but second try succeeds!!" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:40929 - "Card needs to be added to wlan-ng.conf" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:40946 - "Kernel 2.6.2-gentoo make the system freeze if using artsd (kde 3.2) at realtime priority" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:major
  • Bug:41036 - "app-admin/partgui-0.2.3 does not open a gui, and parted v1.6.6 is dangerous." status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:minor
  • Bug:41061 - "grip segfaults after startup on amd64" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:41177 - "Gnome 2.4.2 version number and build date aren't updated from 2.4.1 in About GNOME window" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:trivial
  • Bug:41264 - "Vim Component broken: vimpart hangs forever inside kdevelop" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:critical
  • Bug:41281 - "mpeg4ip doesn't like compiling on amd64" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:blocker
  • Bug:41472 - "Sound in JuK, Noatun, Kscd broken on amd64" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:major
  • Bug:41504 - "rio500 utils freezes when creating a folder on the player" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:major
  • Bug:41556 - "kdm doesn't handle IPv6 mapped IPv4 addresses" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:41563 - "KDE3.2 kcmnotify module from kcontrol segfaults." status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:41574 - "KSSL causes crashes and lockups" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:41577 - "e1000 locks up the system (Intel Gigabit onboard adapter)" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:critical
  • Bug:41612 - "Gnumeric segfaults with -Os" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:41627 - "Tranquility cannot find various of its ini files, including those in its own directory, under WINE" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:major
  • Bug:41672 - "non-root user warning for splat not helpful" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:enhancement
  • Bug:41691 - "x0rfbserver from the rfb-0.6.1-r2 recognizes the < key as >." status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:41702 - "xaos does nothing on startup" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:41771 - "g++ Internal compiler error in c_expand_expr, at c-common.c:3714" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:41833 - "Error in /usr/kde/3.2/share/apps/konsole/vt420pc.keytab" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:minor
  • Bug:41895 - "Konqueror crashes on Globe & Mail stories" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:41949 - "reiserfsck reporting "count_blocks: block device too large" using reiserfsprogs 3.6.12-r1" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:critical
  • Bug:41968 - "Mozilla dialogs don't display radio button settings with some gnome themes" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:42049 - "new gcc register allocator breaks for some packages" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:major
  • Bug:42083 - "mm-sources has broken firewire (ieee1394) and/org hotplug-ieee1394" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:major
  • Bug:42276 - "Xchat help does not function." status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:42293 - "ALSA modules somehow conflict with capabilities in kernel 2.6.3_rc4 & greater" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:42313 - "xmms 1.2.9-r2 playlist and equalizer don't minimize with the main window" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:42337 - "Konversation UI screwed up after upgrading to Qt-3.3.0" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:critical
  • Bug:42425 - "System unable to power off properly when halted with acpi enabled in recent 2.6.x kernels." status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:minor
  • Bug:42563 - "Kernel 2.6 fails to boot from md with initrd" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:major
  • Bug:42596 - "Ark doesn't read well rar archives in format .001 .002 .003..." status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:42617 - "sys-libs/glibc, sys-apps/man-pages: man getent is missing." status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:42648 - "PHP 4.3.x is not supporting Oracle 10g" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:42667 - "GPM patch for Copy/Paste between console and Xwindow" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:enhancement
  • Bug:42692 - "mysql init needs better error handling" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:42736 - "Unresolved symbols in ip_tables" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:42781 - "xmms alsa plugin seg faults volume" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:42790 - "qt-3.3.0-r1 ignores font aliases in /etc/fonts/local.conf" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:42836 - "re-emerging drod-bin destroys save-game files" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:42848 - "swsusp doesn't resume" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:42849 - "gaim .75-r8 crashes when smiley theme is changed if (l) or (k) emoticons are present" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:42924 - "opengl kscreensavers flicker, while xscreensaver versions of same do not" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:43032 - "sys-apps/eject 2.0.13 open and close my CDROM three times" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:43055 - "2.6 kernel doesn't follow symlinks on samba3 share" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:43077 - "New ebuild for wdghtml" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:enhancement
  • Bug:43085 - "wdg-css documentation from htmlhelp .com ebuild" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:enhancement
  • Bug:43163 - "system often freeze when issue sync command immediately after i deleted a large file or directory or when i'm compiling kernel" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:43198 - "mucke-0.5.1.ebuild (nwe submission)" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:enhancement
  • Bug:43273 - "net-news/pan shows almost every word in composer underlined and red" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:43283 - "gcc emerge fails with USE="java multilib"" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:43465 - "when coockies are disabled, no file upload is possible on bugzilla" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:critical
  • Bug:43468 - "kdegraphics could have a fast comment-out feature" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:enhancement
  • Bug:43472 - "kpovmodeler has the arrow keys reversed when scrolling a view" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:minor
  • Bug:43606 - "8254 Timer not connected to IO-APIC" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:43730 - "KDE 3.2 : Configure - Local Network Browsing / Windows shares : Passwd not used/remembered" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:43734 - "elinks often can't connect to server" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:major
  • Bug:43847 - "Bophp 0.13.1 Ebuild" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:enhancement
  • Bug:43928 - "Simple Konqueror Patch - Fixes broken javascript cookies test in 3.2.0 (Including Washington Post)" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:major
  • Bug:43931 - "qmail gives User_over_quota._(#5.1.1)/ error if .maildir is not correctly set up in user home directory" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:43980 - "USB scanner support broken with libusb in gentoo-dev-sources-2.6.3, development-sources-2.6.4-rc1" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:44001 - "bad checksum of /usr/kde/3.2/bin/klaptop_acpi_helper application" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:44024 - "Synaptics touchpad does not respond after APM resume on kernel 2.6.3-r2" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:44062 - "kernel 2.6.4-rc1 kernel panics while apache2 tries to start up if ip filtering is enabled in the kernel configuration" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:critical
  • Bug:44087 - "kernel panic while trying to run "dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/hda"" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:critical
  • Bug:44133 - "Mozilla FireFox 0.8 doesn't install themes; download manager broken?" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:major
  • Bug:44149 - "mixxx-1.2.1 far from responsive" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:44205 - "KDE Font Installer wipe out contents of ghostscript Fontmap file" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:44216 - "Gaim's "Show Empty Groups" option doesn't work" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:major
  • Bug:44275 - "When a new profile is created, it is applied to all open gnome-terminal" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:trivial
  • Bug:44322 - "media-video/SVGATextMode" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:enhancement
  • Bug:44342 - "support for gpr400 pcmcia chip-card reader in pcmcia-cs ebuild" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:enhancement
  • Bug:44348 - "Update Ming to 0.3beta1" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:enhancement
  • Bug:44362 - "Cannot paste into a form sequence longer than 4681 chars" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:44371 - "When using Kmail after emerging KDE 3.2.1, some buttons when adding emails from the Address Book are missing." status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:major
  • Bug:44381 - "emerge kdepim-3.2.1 fails (during kmail compile)" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:blocker
  • Bug:44382 - "nagios-plugins ebuild hangs indefinitely which checking /bin/ping during configure" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:44388 - "Celestia doesn't save settings on exit" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:major
  • Bug:44404 - "cdemu .cue images can't be unloaded when loaded by normal users" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:major
  • Bug:44421 - "VIA EPIA won't boot with 2004.0 LiveCD" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:44422 - "idesk-0.5.6-r1 (update, new patch)" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:44492 - "Unable to record show with MythTV's program finder when shows overlap" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:44496 - "stage3-i686-20040218.tar.bz2 is broken if you don't have /usr and /etc in same partition" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:44595 - "www-apps/zoph-0.7.ebuild ( New Package )" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:enhancement
  • Bug:44607 - "some kdegames (klickety, ksirtet, kfouleggs) may crash on startup" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:44664 - "sys-apps/hotplug-20040311 : pci.rc syntax error (shell limitation ?)" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:44698 - "connect button in krdc can not be clicked" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:44734 - "kbear crashes on overwriting a local file" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:major
  • Bug:44781 - "Closing Mozilla Calendar Closes all of Mozilla" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:44931 - "-fstack-protector-all problems with some c++ code" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:44940 - "ALSA fails to autoload" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:44999 - "stack smash protection possibly evadable" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:major
  • Bug:45020 - "acpi LID interrupt error in mm-sources >= mm-sources-2.6.4-r2" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:major
  • Bug:45023 - "genlop reports incorrect time of emerge" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:minor
  • Bug:45123 - "emacs-cvs has problems with GTK+-2.4.0" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:45192 - "Gaim 0.75-r10 crashes after upgrading to gtk+ 2.4 & glib 2.4" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:major
  • Bug:45315 - "gnome-panel-2.5.93 compile fails with makeopts -j > 1" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:45341 - "New ebuild: GNUitar, a realtime guitar effects processor" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:enhancement
  • Bug:45347 - "Csound ebuild request" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:enhancement
  • Bug:45373 - "QT Designer can't create template files." status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:45455 - "lablGL 0.99-r1 won't compile when upgrading" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:45464 - "kernel build issue on U2 with qlogicfc on 2004.0" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:minor
  • Bug:45571 - "net-misc/goldwater (New ebuild)" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:enhancement
  • Bug:45579 - "Quanta 3.2.1: multiple [modified] flag adding to filename in tabbar" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:minor
  • Bug:45627 - "AbiWord crashes when loading some documents" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:45779 - "Can´t use the gentoo cpio to install informix cliensdk" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:45818 - "VMWare 4.5.1-build-7568 /dev/vmmon: fast clock rate 1044 -> 84 UI hang with gentoo-sources-2.4.26_pre5" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:45863 - "Endeavour 2.3.6 fails to detect CPU" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:major
  • Bug:45919 - "ALSA: no poliphony" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:46043 - "emerge binutils fails when i use -j5 flag on SMP machine" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:major
  • Bug:46080 - "udev fails to do clean shutdown ( Stopping PCI USB hotplugging )" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:46102 - "Minimal iso cd hangs on a100u2w when booting with smp doscsi option" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:critical
  • Bug:46145 - "Odd behavior from ICMP apps(ping/tracepath) when MTU is 9000" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:46214 - "no cut+paste to openoffice" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:46293 - "gaim closes with a BadWindow (invalid Window parameter) error randomly when changing focus to IM window." status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:46401 - "compilation of gcc-3.3.3 fails when i compile it with --target=avr" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:major
  • Bug:46462 - "media-sound/nforce-audio doesn't compile kernel 2.6" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:46556 - "dvipdf doesn't pass options to dvips at all" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:minor
  • Bug:46665 - "bzflag 1.10.4: bzfs SEGV at startup" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:major
  • Bug:46738 - "AisleRiot solitare of gnome-games- dies" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:46800 - "Cannot initialize the Ximian Evolution shell" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:46807 - "gaim 0.76 won't connect to yahoo" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:46839 - "gweather from package gnome-applets don't show correctly sky icons" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:minor
  • Bug:46872 - "Gentoo (AMD64) incompatibility w/ Microsoft Optical Desktop Pro 2.0 Keyboard" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:46902 - "Ispell freaks out in kde kword" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:46906 - "PPP - why has been renamed to" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:46922 - "kernel panic - sk98lin module ???" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:critical
  • Bug:46976 - "Gnugadu ebulid conflict with gtkspell" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:47035 - "gaim encryption no longer works" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:major
  • Bug:47133 - "xcdroast whines about gtk-widget" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:47142 - "Running KDE app on Gnome throws this error: Mutex destroy failure: Device or resource busy" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:minor
  • Bug:47203 - "Private key in /etc/ssl/certs/ca-cert.pem" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:47290 - "Gaim 0.76-gentoo-r1 history plugin and fonts in logs causing crash" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:minor
  • Bug:47294 - "PEAR-Spreadsheet_Excel_Writer produces multiple worksheet files that Excel 2000 can't open." status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:47302 - "amd64 gentoo-dev-sources fails during compile" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:47331 - "sfxload (awesfx) hangs when loading soundfont" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:47338 - "Flashing lines on benh 2.6.x kernel on powerbook 15 with NEW ati driver" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:major
  • Bug:47352 - "bug in KMail's search engine" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:47380 - "Gaim 0.76-gentoo-r1 buddy tooltip won't display if away message contains ampersand" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:47388 - "GAIM 0.76-r1 crashes whenever someone IMs me" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:critical
  • Bug:47396 - "unable to dictate window placement in gnome on a dual head system" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:47436 - "alsa works terrible since kernel 2.6.3" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:47565 - "pam_ssh 1.9 does not work with gdm + security hole" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:trivial
  • Bug:47576 - "valgrind reporting error in ld" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:47622 - "wmix-3.0-r1 fails (gcc 3.3.3, linux-headers-2.6.4)" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:47646 - "Splittscreen at boot when using framebuffer" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:major
  • Bug:47660 - "sandbox violation when building amanda 2.4.4-r3" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:47708 - "bind-tools 9.2.3-r1 breaks ipv6 reverse for dig and host" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:47716 - "C++ Threads library ebuild" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:enhancement
  • Bug:47753 - "Kernel: Local DoS using sigqueue overflow (GENERIC-MAP-NOMATCH)" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:minor
  • Bug:47754 - "app-misc/gentoo-0.11.47 build fails in install" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:47755 - "Xorg-x11 has XV problems on ati-drivers" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:major
  • Bug:47818 - "uclibc-0.9.26-r1 is missing i386-uclibc-gcc" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:47821 - "KWrite and Kate ignore the %U when print a file" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:47822 - "Slow network (one direction) with gentoo-dev-sources-2.6.5" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:48038 - "wings 3d segfaults due to xmms-osd" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:48055 - "impossible to have special chars in ogg files" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:minor
  • Bug:48077 - "fax2tiff segfaults (but libtiff-3.5.5 doesn't and it's not in portage)" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:48111 - "Wrong size of LONG/SLONG in libmikmod produces garbage audio" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:48333 - "Portage Failed to parse proxy pass with a ';' character" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:major
  • Bug:48405 - "ebuild for mplayerd" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:enhancement
  • Bug:48437 - "dpt_i2o.c compile fails w/ CONFIG_HIGHMEM" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:48488 - "karamba and black frame" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:major
  • Bug:48589 - "BIND 9.2.x is using obsolete setsockopt SO_BSDCOMPAT in kernels 2.6.x" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:48590 - "checkroot init script fails if root filesystem is reiser4" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:critical
  • Bug:48604 - "Seagate SATA drive doesn't work with kernel-2.6.5 onwards" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:critical
  • Bug:48708 - "Crystalspace-CVS dies when building python module" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:48727 - "Vector games do not work with >=XMame-0.81.1 using NVidia GL drivers" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:48816 - "gaim dosnt fill in background for last character" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:48932 - "patch for tse3-0.2.7 on amd64" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:49004 - "klipper hangs" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:critical
  • Bug:49038 - "xorg-x11 can't resolve some symbols at build time because of server-module structure" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:49044 - "Patch for gaim .77 AIM formatting bug." status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:49052 - "rmmod segfault when unloading alsa module snd-via82xx" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:critical
  • Bug:49152 - "arpwatch ebuild fails to create an empty file" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:49180 - "xorg-x11 crashes with signal 11 when starting with a SiS 330 ("Xabre") video card" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:major
  • Bug:49196 - "Kopete chat windows intermittently send themselves to the background when I or the person I'm chatting to presses the enter key." status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:minor
  • Bug:49223 - "easytag 0.31_pre2-r3 encoding (utf8, iso8859-15) problems" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:49249 - "/bin/ls file dates using -l option ignore the locale settings" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:minor
  • Bug:49266 - "RTL-8196 gigabit network card driver Crashes Locks Kernel system" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:critical
  • Bug:49277 - "Compile of usermode-sources-2.6.x fails" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:49290 - "subversion-1.0.1 does not work properly with swig >= 1.3.20" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:49425 - "app-sci/algae-4.3.6 - language for numerical analysis (New Package)" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:enhancement
  • Bug:49489 - "Mplayer-1.0-pre4 has problems with locale" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:49530 - "gentoo-dev-sources-2.6.5 alsa via82xx wrong mixer control type" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:49543 - "all <subject> != ALL <subject>" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:49603 - "Mozilla 1.7rc1 `Download Error`" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:49747 - "Complete system crash because of XFS in kernel 2.6.5-gentoo-r1" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:major
  • Bug:49782 - "nrg2iso does not produce useable iso files" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:major
  • Bug:49791 - "Midnight Commander does not support large files in FTP view (>2GB)" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:49799 - "ntpd must be restarted when network connection reset; isn't" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:49814 - "reiserfs kernel bug when copying from software raid-0 to software raid-1 partitions" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:critical
  • Bug:49882 - "cube-20031223: rockets blow up in my face! (ATI-Driver problem?)" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:49981 - "4k Stack Issues in mm-sources-r6 and PS/2 Mouse issues" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:49993 - "kde 3.2.2 konqueror 'permission denied'" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:enhancement
  • Bug:50012 - "unable to produce useful backtrace" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:major
  • Bug:50014 - "alsa driver (kernel) produces error and introduces "jitter" in soundoutput" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:50035 - "Request for postfixadmin ebuild" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:enhancement
  • Bug:50037 - "clock is offset when resuming from a suspend" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:50074 - "gzip and gzip-x86 have an integer overflow in gunzip -l output" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:major
  • Bug:50098 - "somaplayer-0.1.7.ebuild (new package)" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:enhancement
  • Bug:50174 - "Handspring Treo 90 causes usb.agent / hotplug crash leading to lock up or loss of input." status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:critical
  • Bug:50334 - "Kmail's sockets are still active after kmail shutdown" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:minor
  • Bug:50443 - "No APM support in gentoo-dev-sources 2.6.5-r1" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:50477 - "ALSA 1.0.4 doesn't support newest SBLive!" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:50550 - "gogo 3.10-r1 segfaults" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:major
  • Bug:50579 - "gaim crashed while trying to connect to MSN" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:critical
  • Bug:50596 - "mozilla gcc-3.4 java problem" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:50629 - "Docking station hard disk (/dev/hde) not found by kernel 2.6/devfs" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:major
  • Bug:50631 - "svgalib 1.9.17 don't work on nvidia GeForce MX 200, while svgalib 1.4.3 without r128 patch do" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:50714 - "kernel BUG at net/core/dev.c:3030!" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:50741 - "disabling kicker background image leaves clock unchanged" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:minor
  • Bug:50748 - "devices:/ misses my cdrom drives and my cam" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:50770 - "[PATCH] GNOME 2.6 mixer_applet2 fades to mute under ALSA" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:major
  • Bug:50778 - "Cannot rotate 360 deg. around ball in Neverputt with game resolution set > desktop resolution." status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:minor
  • Bug:50797 - "Squirremail: GPG Plugin: Email Address not valid when generating key pair" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:major
  • Bug:50858 - "Konsole execute commands present in the shell on exit" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:critical
  • Bug:50900 - "xmms-mad breaks streams playback" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:50915 - "Kernel 2.6.6 fails to boot due to interrupt loss" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:50916 - "Memory corruption using Boehm GC in C++ application" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:50958 - "kolf putter stuck in upper left hand corner of window." status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:50989 - "Apache 2 with LDAP segfaults" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:critical
  • Bug:51076 - "libgnomecanvasmm-2.60 will not build with gcc-3.4" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:51131 - "xorg-x11-6.7.0 undefined symbol errors" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:51158 - "Kivio-1.3.1 in kde-3.2.2: can't select "Page" and page change buttons also not working" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:51222 - "gcc-3.4.0-r{2,4} segfaults when compiling qemu on amd64" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:51227 - "drip fails configuring with libmpeg2-0.4.0b" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:51262 - "make bzImage fails for mm-sources-2.6.6-r2 when CONFIG_MODULE_UNLOAD is not set" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:51426 - "ark-2.1.9 (KDE-3.2.2) "extract here" multiple archives bug" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:51574 - "In gnome-terminal problems using the next/previous tab keyboard-shortcut when on the last/first tab" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:minor
  • Bug:51649 - "gnome-incon-theme-1.2.0 does not create desktop.index files" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:51654 - "KDE-3.2.2 opens a lot of terminals" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:major
  • Bug:51662 - "Request: claroline" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:enhancement
  • Bug:51689 - "tg3 module in kernel 2.6.5 panics (cause may actually be kobject)" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:critical
  • Bug:51755 - "emerge makes konsole go mad" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:major
  • Bug:51769 - "xorg-x11 dosn't start. complains about i810 modules" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:51775 - "kdvdbackup ebuild" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:enhancement
  • Bug:51793 - "installing themes in firefox make the apllication quit" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:51822 - "GtkFileChooser patch for gvim" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:51957 - "bugzilla: bug display should wrap the text users post" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:51975 - "/usr/bin/file identifies an ogg file as audio/ogg instead of application/ogg" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:52078 - "media-video/xine-ui Error in trying to use List with scrollbars locks up and cpu hog" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:52097 - "wmweather+-2.3/b0rken/mktime.c has no code, only a error message" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:52111 - "Konqueror-3.2.2 duplicate %% in filenames" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:52204 - "bittorrent-theshadow: thinks it's being firewalled, but has no problem." status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:minor
  • Bug:52227 - "odd /var/tmp/portage/glibc/work references left in executables compiled by gcc" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:trivial
  • Bug:52228 - "abeni can't handle multiple overlays" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:52244 - "Gaim crashes with gaim-encryption and festival-gaim when requesting encryption key over AIM protocol." status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:critical
  • Bug:52275 - "GAIM - MSN - newlines in outgoing messages are not handled properly. fix supplied." status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:52344 - "alsaconf: -bash: syntax error in conditional expression" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:52379 - "USB fs mount problems" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:52403 - "usb-pwcx / gentoo-sources 2.6.7 problems" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:52407 - "NEW: media-sound/combine_wave-0.1.ebuild" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:enhancement
  • Bug:52517 - "jinzora (New Package)" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:enhancement
  • Bug:52541 - "juk does not generate TRMs for Meta-Infos, just saying "generating TRM signature" (TRM-Signatur erstellen)" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:52552 - "distcc support for large cluster of laptop users request" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:enhancement
  • Bug:52644 - "Error in distccmon-text man page - Syntax Section is wrong" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:trivial
  • Bug:52654 - "GCC: internal compiler error (while compiling simple example)" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:blocker
  • Bug:52749 - "adding hungarian layout doesn't work in keyboard preferences" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:major
  • Bug:52755 - "glibc 2.3.3_pre20040420 compile failure on reiser4: ./nss/nss.h: Permission denied" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:major
  • Bug:52762 - "alsa usb driver causes kernel oops" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:critical
  • Bug:52788 - "executing /etc/init.d/distccd start from ssh hangs." status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:minor
  • Bug:52795 - "st driver error message at boot" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:52837 - "gdm fails to start X server" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:52976 - "eclipse 2.1.3-r3 shortcut bar for selecting perspectives missing with gtk frontend" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:52993 - "zgv corrupts colors when animating some gifs" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:53038 - "hicolor-icon-theme : kdecore (KIconLoader): WARNING: Icon ... not valid" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:53154 - "glibc 2.3.3_pre20040529 resolver uses ipv4 address before ipv6 address" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:53193 - "distcc front end similar to P2P appz for adding/removing 'friend' machines" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:enhancement
  • Bug:53209 - "Updated esync" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:enhancement
  • Bug:53219 - "Firefox keyboard focus gets attached to wrong firefox window and stays there" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:major
  • Bug:53220 - "phpmyadmin tries to create an auto_increment field wich defaults to `0`" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:53238 - "acpi (I think) is leading to crashes/bad paging in kernel" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:critical
  • Bug:53312 - "KMail 1.6.2 does not show mails directly delivered to an open maildir folder" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:53336 - "cdemu didn't emerge - sandbox problem" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:53343 - "x11-plugins/gkrellm-bfm - Bubblefishymon water level doesn't represent memory usage" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:53409 - "sonar 1.2.2-r1 gives floating point error" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:53412 - "Kernel help says second extended fs support is required" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:minor
  • Bug:53613 - "Abnormal IOwait on 2.6 kernels causing machine to freeze" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:53710 - "nvidia drivers failing with USE=pie xorg-x11" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:major
  • Bug:53779 - "ssmtp-2.60.7-r1 with flag use "md5sum": Segmentation fault" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:minor
  • Bug:53884 - "Changing CPU speed/governor freeze system" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:critical
  • Bug:53970 - "Unable to set window stacking to above in enlightenment-0.16.7_pre3" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:53996 - "XFree86 does not report fontconfig fonts / OpenOffice cannot use fontconfig" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:54000 - "xmms-mplayer has "issues" on amd64" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:54066 - "/etc/init.d/timidity is starting Timidity as the wrong user (?) - alsa dmix" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:54114 - "porthole enhancement: list of package contents" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:enhancement
  • Bug:54118 - "Text Cursor Missing In Aterm When Using Lucida Font" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:major
  • Bug:54190 - "bash_completion should also complete pgrep and pidof" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:enhancement
  • Bug:54235 - "Konqueror opens external viewer to see an image, instead of showing it in the built-in viewer." status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:54239 - "samba-3.0.2a-r2.ebuild: torture/vfstest.c error during compile" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:54269 - "vmware /dev nodes not restored on pure udev systems" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:54360 - "KGhostView: bad antialiasing" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:54413 - "[gentoo-dev-sources]-2.6.7 hangs when hotplug runs" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:critical
  • Bug:54428 - "VFAT issues prevent data exchange between Gentoo and Windows 2000" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:critical
  • Bug:54436 - "sys-apps/filelight-1.0_beta1: Crash When Changing Settings" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:54514 - "gentoo-dev-source-2.6.7 has problems with nforce net and nforce audio" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:major
  • Bug:54639 - "gentoo-dev-sources 2.6.7 breaks forcedeth" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:major
  • Bug:54680 - "Xmms messages when .mpc files not found" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:54687 - "openoffice-ximian-1.1.59 fails when building project external" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:54730 - "SCSI problems in kernel 2.6.7 usercopy 3ware 7000" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:54887 - "oops: unlaoding snd_mpu401_uart crashes 2.6.7 kernel" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:54897 - "emerge cadaver fails" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:54908 - "Bugzilla should have option to use SSL or TLS for LDAP Authentication" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:enhancement
  • Bug:54948 - "System hang while using Firefox, Evolution and Gaim until MTRR is diabled." status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:critical
  • Bug:55086 - "gaim yahoo login problems" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:major
  • Bug:55095 - "courier-imap (authldap) can't bind to openldap unless allow bind_v2 is set in slapd.conf" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:major
  • Bug:55118 - "Gaim-0.79 crashes when trying to modify accounts." status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:major
  • Bug:55179 - "gentoo-dev-sources 2.6.7-r6 and gentoo-dev-sources-2.6.5-r1 filesystem operations hang on USB mass storage device" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:critical
  • Bug:55180 - "URL makes Konqueror crash" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:major
  • Bug:55197 - "Display corruption with ati-drivers on X startup" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:55205 - "Updated Prism54 drivers fail to hotplug" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:major
  • Bug:55232 - "SAA7134 v4l2 driver with md5044 card misses PAL-60 mode, which is fully supported on Windows (Using composite in)" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:55265 - "sys-kernel/hppa-sources-2.4.26-p4 don't compile, ld problem" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:minor
  • Bug:55299 - "Gaim 0.79 MSN filetransfer and avatar not finished" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:minor
  • Bug:55467 - "Gaim segfaults if attempting to set an accelerator to an away message." status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:55472 - "Modified alsa-oss-1.0.5 ebuild to add "fopen" patch" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:enhancement
  • Bug:55503 - "Mozilla and Firefox crash on referenced url and other sites, does not if Use Other Fonts is off" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:critical
  • Bug:55511 - "can't alt-tab away from fullscreen firefox using fluxbox" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:minor
  • Bug:55540 - "xorg.conf in / breaks X when started by gdm" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:trivial
  • Bug:55821 - "biblestudy complains about utf-8" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:major
  • Bug:55840 - "gnocky-0.0.3.ebuild (new package) update" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:enhancement
  • Bug:55922 - "rio500 module crash the player" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:critical
  • Bug:55999 - "Gkrellm2 will crash if 'alsasound' is stopped or restarted if the gkrellm-volume plugin is enabled" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:56036 - "nforce-net (nvnet) doesn't work under gentoo-dev-sources-2.6.7*" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:56077 - "System Stops Booting After "using anticipatory io scheduler..."" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:critical
  • Bug:56148 - "iproute2- missing tc-filters man page" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:56165 - "Beep entry in KDE taskbar flickers" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:56189 - "DirectFB <= 0.9.20 incompatible (locks up) with kernel 2.6.7" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:56290 - "vimrc default colorscheme" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:56296 - "Bibletime 1.4.2_pre1 possibly misnumbered" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:56361 - "enlightenment-0.16.9999 bug with jpg background" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:major
  • Bug:56386 - "Firefox 0.9.1 Crashes Displaying Large Animated GIF" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:critical
  • Bug:56389 - "dev-libs/cyrus-sasl-2.1.18-r1 shows sql plugin errors" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:major
  • Bug:56413 - "The XMMS graphical equalizer doesn't appear when starting XMMS with the EQ and playlist enabled." status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:56416 - "thunderbird won't start" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:critical
  • Bug:56427 - "dvdauthor core dumps" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:56463 - "kopete icq-plugin instantly disconnects after connect" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:major
  • Bug:56484 - "mozilla-firefox-bin (0.9-r1, 0.9.1, and 1.0_pre-r1) do not load properly under fluxbox (locally built versions do)" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:major
  • Bug:56493 - "alsa swaps channels sometimes" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:56539 - "Kdevelop will on run "configure" when the project is in a directory with spaces in the path" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:56593 - "sys-apps/speedfreq: New" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:enhancement
  • Bug:56612 - "v4l conflict with nvidia-kernel-1.0.6106 / nvidia-glx-1.0.6106" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:56709 - "inclusion of glut.h in xmingw-w32api?" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:56739 - "Any Kernel >= 2.6.x is slow with Asus Cusl2-C" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:critical
  • Bug:56762 - "korganizer has wrong dates for japanese holidays" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:56799 - "moinmoin causes Python FutureWarning on hex/oct constants in Apache 2 error_log" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:minor
  • Bug:56802 - "Unable to use iRiver iFP-190TC with mass storage driver in 2.6 kernel" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:56816 - "Enable web-browsers to change the end date of cookies to a user specified date." status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:enhancement
  • Bug:56839 - "2.6.8-rc1 can't mount vfat filesystems" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:56857 - "UI enhancement for GNOME" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:56874 - "gimp-1.2.5-r1 (Update)" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:enhancement
  • Bug:56921 - "Thunderbird downloads links from emails instead of passing on the URL" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:56959 - "Added patch to support mpu and overhead to iproute2 ebuild" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:enhancement
  • Bug:57010 - "kernel 2.6.8-rc1 panics while emerging perl." status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:57019 - "kxmleditor 1.1.0 fails" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:57061 - "xcdroast crashed" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:57089 - "festival error while trying to use esound "ESD playback not supported"" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:57138 - "mplayer-1.0_pre5 failed to build with matrox option" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:57160 - "Qt-3.3.2 behaves badly with columns and rows" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:57253 - "kernel 2.4.26-gentoo-r5 & 2.6.7-gentoo-r11 fail to "mount -o remount,ro /" in /etc/init.d/" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:57298 - "xmms-mad lacks streaming support" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:57337 - "mailman can't use VERP as supplied by qmail" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:enhancement
  • Bug:57369 - "wrong setlocale for fluxbox fixed with included patch" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:minor
  • Bug:57399 - "Portage doesn't show filenames during emerge sync" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:57476 - "no icon in kde menu for openc6" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:trivial
  • Bug:57483 - "[patch] OpenAL multichannel >4 and surround downmix" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:enhancement
  • Bug:57619 - "/usr/bin/sensors -s makes computer start beeping" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:57639 - "Unnecessary/Problematic <pre> tags around messages" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:57739 - "Java (J2SDK) install fails with error about the file being corrupted" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:57773 - "TV-out support in atyfb (kernel ATI Rage framebuffer driver)" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:enhancement
  • Bug:57777 - "genlop --current fails with crypt++ compiling" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:57848 - "Gnome weather 2.{4,6} does not supply forecasts for UK locations" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:57862 - "kmail chokes on Content-Type: application/pkcs7-mime mails sent from Outlook" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:major
  • Bug:57864 - "'recode' extension not available in php-5" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:57903 - "xf4vnc does not compile" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:57949 - "USB Aiptek TRUST work tablet 100, usb probe error" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:major
  • Bug:58126 - "gpm 1.20.1-r1 ebuild with enhanced evdev-support" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:58145 - "new reiser4 partition fails to mount" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:major
  • Bug:58184 - "Entrance crashes, attempts to restart, goes into loop when bad theme passed" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:minor
  • Bug:58209 - "gqview-1.5.1 does not install .desktop file" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:58224 - "Incorrect gcc -march and -mcpu options in Mplayer-1.0_pre5-r2" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:58230 - "SPE-0.5.1.d segfaults when attempting to change the name of a class (bug in wxPython?)" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:minor
  • Bug:58251 - "Keyword: tcptrack-1.1.2" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:trivial
  • Bug:58345 - "gaim has 1012 log files open when no log window is open!" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:major
  • Bug:58348 - "genlop -f should be able to read compressed files" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:enhancement
  • Bug:58414 - "KDE 3.3.0beta2 does not like SOCKS anymore" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:major
  • Bug:58429 - "".blender" directory missing from source installation" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:58473 - "genlop -c printing incorrect ETA" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:enhancement
  • Bug:58482 - "3c59x as module prevent nic negociation to complete" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:critical
  • Bug:58515 - "commoncpp2's ccgnu2-config is broken" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:58561 - "gthumb's toolbar doesn't appear as in all other gnome apps" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:trivial
  • Bug:58646 - "New ebuild for GOPchop v1.0.0 and v1.1.3 (stable and development)." status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:enhancement
  • Bug:58722 - "kopete crashed while trying to connect to msn" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:58725 - "lgeneral fails to emerge with "Failed to generate scenario data."" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:58802 - "karchiver-3.0.8 crached" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:critical
  • Bug:58813 - "Alsa in kernel 2.6.7 stops working after a while." status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:58815 - "gentoo-dev-sources: found unsupported CPU with Enhanced SpeedStep" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:58877 - "kde determines the fullscreen size incorrectly" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:major
  • Bug:58889 - "moinmoin create script "moin-create" fails with traceback" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:58999 - "khubd crash Traces" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:59006 - "Corruption in /etc/asound.state causes alsa to hang when restoring mixer levels during reboot." status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:minor
  • Bug:59085 - "[KDE-3.3_b2] Login from KDM, Audio permissions are changed and must be manually reset" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:minor
  • Bug:59131 - "xtraceroute segfaults when executing traceroute is denied" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:59132 - "squirrelmail: locale it_IT for pluglin gpg not compiled" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:minor
  • Bug:59485 - "Gnome sound control panel can't disable event sounds" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:59575 - "plone-2.0.3 login_form doesn't work with zope-2.7.2" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:59621 - "AB2-ssl Segfaults whe i want to test an ssl host" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:59652 - "aMSN don't start after emerging last version (0.92)" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:minor
  • Bug:59657 - "Gaim 0.81 crashed on startup" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:59686 - "Wesnoth .desktop ends up at wrong loc. and has duplicate for kde." status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:59722 - "Linux Flash not rendering properly vs. Windows Flash" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:59787 - "libgnome only uses comment field in /etc/passwd to save username in gnome-games" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:minor
  • Bug:59812 - "nvidia-glx libGL missing version info" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:59869 - "KDE The menus are really ugly when using another kind of transparancy than xrender" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:59890 - "beecrypt-3.1.0-r2 fails to compile, cflags problem" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:60005 - "My system halts on the Universal CDROM DRiver Revision 3.2 in 2.6.7-r8-13" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:blocker
  • Bug:60063 - "KGet (kdenetwork 3.3rc2 crashes when trying to autosave filelist" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:60067 - "enhancement to speedfreq initscript to detect ac adapter status on startup" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:enhancement
  • Bug:60103 - "Korganizer 3.2.3 uploads wrong time to Exchange server" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:60127 - "Bash 3 breaks array stripping" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:60159 - "grip 3.2.0 always crashes with unexpected async reply from Xlib" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:major
  • Bug:60172 - "Bad EIP value. - Kernel panic: Attempted to kill init! with Dimension 8300 and P4 with Hyper Threading enabled" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:60267 - "Firefox 0.9.3 on PPC crashes on certain flash webpages" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:critical
  • Bug:60329 - "additional 'display' extension for app-shells/bash-completion" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:enhancement
  • Bug:60333 - "system freezes while using firefox" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:critical
  • Bug:60341 - "Kernel>2.65 not bootable on certain mainboards: Intel 865 & 875 chipsets w/ SMP, ACPI enabled" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:major
  • Bug:60346 - "Grip fails to work when started from gdb" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:60373 - "xvid overlay problems on dual head system" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:60376 - "GAIM 0.81 shows time online as 49710 days for users just logged in - supposed to be fixed in 0.80" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:60377 - "After loading firewire drivers, doesn't re-scan scsi devices" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:60402 - "sys-apps/qingy-0.4.1 works with errors under linux kernel 2.6.8" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:major
  • Bug:60431 - "galeon 1.3.16 1.3.17 does not warn before accepting a cookie" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:60486 - "app-doc/doxygen needs testing w/ PHP 5" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:60550 - "Gaim 0.81-r1 cannot add MSN buddy icons because of missing directory." status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:60617 - "kernel 2.6.8 breaks k3b" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:60704 - "The Linux Registry, or something." status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:60713 - ""dia --help" command line doesn't work" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:60728 - "Typo in HELP page for gentoo-dev-sources menuconfig in kernel 2.6.8-r1" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:trivial
  • Bug:60763 - "lufs causes uninterruptible sleep state in applications connected to sshfs mount filesystem" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:critical
  • Bug:60812 - "Porthole 0.3.1 cannot handle user input when requested by licence agreement" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:60824 - "messages from adt746x-therm driver appear on current active terminal" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:60832 - "garbage in bottom lines of framebuffer-console" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:60853 - "KDE Panel (kicker) crashed and caused the signal 11 (SIGSEGV)" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:60863 - "Google Toolbar Googlebar" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:enhancement
  • Bug:60895 - "dangerous: MOL is able to use a hfs+ partition which is already mounted" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:critical
  • Bug:60969 - "openntpd errors" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:61008 - "poopmup runs too fast on amd64" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:61015 - "firefox: wrong access rights for /usr/lib/MozillaFirefox/searchplugins" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:61045 - "apr-0.9.[5-9] a real dependency of svn 1.1? apr-0.9.4 is latest release" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:61066 - "Compiling qt 3.3.3 with gcc 2.95.3" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:61070 - "cdemu-0.6_beta emerge fails" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:major
  • Bug:61096 - "entrance- always refuses to pass arguments to /etc/X11/xdm/Xsession" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:major
  • Bug:61101 - "Timeout accessing USB hard drive" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:critical
  • Bug:61133 - "gtkBitchX segfaults on amd64" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:61148 - "xmule-1.8.4 have bad script startup" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:61151 - "app-portage/ebuilder: HOMEPAGE wrong" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:trivial
  • Bug:61167 - "KDE PIM (kontact/kalendar) crashes on launch of calendar component" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:61177 - "Kernel 2.6.8 kills keyboard scroll wheels" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:61186 - "kdenetwork fails to compile with USE="-arts wifi"" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:major
  • Bug:61241 - "erss window disappers after a while" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:61259 - "OpenGL package will not install in CPAN" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:61314 - "Openoffice-ximian 1.3.0 problem when typing apostrophes in the middle of words" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:61332 - "eclipse-2.1.3-r5: clipboard is unavailable after GTK+ upgrade up to 2.4.7 version" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:major
  • Bug:61370 - "skype- does not disable the gnome-session-manager, it should" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:61400 - "broken xpm color spec handling in qt" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:61446 - "lsusb returns bad information" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:61463 - "" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:major
  • Bug:61470 - "System lockup, pdc20265, asus-a7v multiple drives." status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:critical
  • Bug:61492 - "amarok 1.0.2 WARNING: GStreamer could not create the element: Alsa" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:61561 - "error with make xconfig wolk sources" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:61569 - "BugDay test bug" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:61582 - "kdesu failes with pam_usb" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:critical
  • Bug:61617 - "can't encrypt emails using enigmail and mozilla-thunderbird-0.7.3-r1" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:61669 - "Orinoco Monitor mode patch in gentoo-dev-sources?" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:enhancement
  • Bug:61699 - "alsa-driver 1.0.6a does not load powermac driver" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:major
  • Bug:61876 - "KDE doesn't pass a Ctrl-Alt-Del through to the Citrix ICAClient." status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:minor
  • Bug:61954 - "gaim-0.82.1 in portage (~x86) but can't be properly downloaded" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:61963 - "gentoo-dev-sources-2.6.8-r3 causes lockup on logout from gnome" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:major
  • Bug:62116 - "Pears 1.7 RSS auto updates fail to run" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:major
  • Bug:62160 - "desklet-battery sensor crash if no battery present" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:62193 - "net-im/gnome-jabber-0.4 seg faults when registering new protocol" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:62216 - "kdebase 3.2.3-r1: kwrite ignores utf8 encoding when opening files" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:62274 - "ALSA unaccessable until aplay is run, using kernel 2.6.9_rc1" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:62320 - "avidemux-2.0.28: issue with hypened characters" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:trivial
  • Bug:62400 - "New ebuild. An international version of miscfiles." status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:enhancement
  • Bug:62527 - "gaim 0.82.1 fails to receive special chars (e.g. äöß)" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:critical
  • Bug:62538 - "games-fps/quakeforge-0.5.5 broken on amd64 (due to gcc bugs ?)" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:62547 - "kwrite and kate 3.3.3 crash when trying to open binary files" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:62676 - "GAIM crashes when I drag a buddy into a conversation window" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:62690 - "gv is not does not work properly on amd64" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:62698 - "libtool-1.5.2-r5 failes maketests - sh.test failed - nested quotes in" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:62738 - "cluttered homedir ~/.etc" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:enhancement
  • Bug:62773 - "bootsplash causes garble when viewing text with apps such as less in a virtual console" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:62797 - "mm-sources-2.6.9-rc1-mm3 compile error" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:62878 - "firefox looks for something in init.d No running windows found" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:62900 - "Kopete 0.9.0 crashes on Incoming msg IF custom notification "start a chat" is activated" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:62920 - " ( xorg-x11 6.7.0-r2) gets wrong events when mouse wheel is scrolled very fast." status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:62934 - "mjpegtools-1.6.2-r{1,3}: mplex still ignores '-S 0' despite being fixed in" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:62944 - "silicon image si3112 doesn't init on gentoo-dev-sources 2.6.8" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:critical
  • Bug:62971 - "Gaim crashes / segfaults on exit" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:critical
  • Bug:62988 - "Ebuild: OddMuse Wiki" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:enhancement
  • Bug:63070 - "Request for PHPCodeGenie ebuild" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:enhancement
  • Bug:63112 - "g++ 3.3.4-r1 picks wrong method, confusing char* and va_list" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:critical
  • Bug:63140 - "snd-nm256 module causes Dell Latitude CPi laptop to hang" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:63143 - "KDevelop Designer couldn't open the C++ source." status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:major
  • Bug:63202 - "kio_fish cannot load file" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:blocker
  • Bug:63203 - "hardened-dev-sources with pax enabled won't compile" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:63231 - "juk, artsd with KDE 3.3.0 playing ogg vorbis on ppc / big-endian architectures results in noise" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:63311 - "reiser4 filesystem badly breaks apache2 with .htaccess files" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:major
  • Bug:63312 - "usb mass-storage; devices are not generated reliably; kernel 2.4.25_pre7-gss-r11" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:63334 - "gaim does not display messages with umlauts" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:major
  • Bug:63343 - "bnr2-0.14.2 database corruption" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:major
  • Bug:63364 - "avidemux-2.0.28 limit in audio timeshift" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:63370 - "Acroread Font problem with reiser4" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:63403 - "new feature to Kmail - enhanced email expiration" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:enhancement
  • Bug:63476 - "icewm forgets focus when switching virtual desktops" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:minor
  • Bug:63518 - "kdemultimedia-3.3.0 have a kmixctrl error" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:critical
  • Bug:63525 - "Patch to the for the new deltup alternative by blackpengiun" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:63531 - "sox-12.17.5 fiails to compile." status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:blocker
  • Bug:63537 - "reboot/freeze with kernel 2.6.7-win4lin-r5, prism54 (Netgear WG511), hotkeys, mozilla" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:critical
  • Bug:63567 - "xorg-x11 6.8.0 eyecandy / xinerama incompatibility" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:63580 - "Default /dev/dri/card* permissions don't match between udev and X" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:minor
  • Bug:63595 - "Mounting Solaris HSFS CDs only make the first slice visible" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:63615 - "mm-sources: 2.6.9-rc1-mm4 breaks svgalib, ati-drivers and madwifi-driver" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:blocker
  • Bug:63632 - "System hangs if KDE Noatun winamp interface plugin is selected" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:63635 - "patch to support more command line args for transset, so it can be used from scripts + man-page" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:enhancement
  • Bug:63639 - "missing kmail documentation" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:minor
  • Bug:63642 - "didiwiki-0.3.ebuild (New Package)" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:63715 - "IceWM problems with X.Org Composite" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:63793 - "glibc lacks #ifdef in stdio-lock.h" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:63796 - "dsniff - segmentation fault" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:63824 - "samba 3.0.6 breaks use of smbusers" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:major
  • Bug:63990 - "kget crashed if i turn on animation" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:64007 - "xorg-x11 freezes when an invalid mouse device is specified" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:critical
  • Bug:64010 - "raccess 0.7b hangs on remote os detection" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:64031 - "Vim abbreviations are broken" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:major
  • Bug:64062 - "mm-sources-2.6.9_rc1-r5 doesn't link" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:64081 - "Alsa-driver (in kernel) doesn't work for CS4232 (Thinkpad 600E)" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:64128 - "ambiguous putpwent manpage" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:64167 - "When using bootsplash progrems that uses ncurses cant scroll uppwards" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:64169 - "updfstab from kudzu or kudzu-knoppix does not generate fstab entries with kernels 2.6" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:minor
  • Bug:64205 - "Firefox 1.0 preview: doesn't create bookmarks in correct location" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:64255 - "via_velocity module in 2.6.8 and seg faults" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:64308 - "text format toolbar under kopete does not work" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:minor
  • Bug:64372 - "gentoo-dev-sources speedstep-centrino module doenst recognize the new dothan 1.6 ghz pentium-m processor" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:64396 - "kopete 0.9.0 from kde 3.3.0 crashes, when trying to connect to irc over ssl" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:major
  • Bug:64412 - "genloop broken after I upgraded portage at 2.0.51_rc1" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:64468 - "Realplayer10 doesn't work with artsdsp" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:64492 - "amarok-1.1-beta2 crashes when trying to play mp3 files" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:64562 - "Perhaps related to 53005: Stopping hotplug causes kernel crash" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:critical
  • Bug:64591 - "pbbuttonsd ambient light sensor fix" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:64592 - "Kernel patch (2.6.x) to enable powerbook keyboard illumination keys" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:64648 - "Kernel dosn't compile conflict with FASTCALL" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:64728 - "Kernel crashed while using xawtv (bttv)" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:critical
  • Bug:64750 - "udev fails to create /dev/md?" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:64753 - " has text relocation in j2sdk 1.4.x versions" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:64771 - "app-cdr/cdemu-0.6_beta fails to build with gentoo-dev-sources-2.6.8-r4" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:64850 - "Grub doesn't follow linux/i386 boot protocol" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:minor
  • Bug:64883 - "(grsec) gradm gets confused by the equivalence of lib and lib64. I am providing an ugly patch." status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:major
  • Bug:64916 - "[Kopete 0.9.0] Away message will not set remotely" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:65000 - "Using KDE 3.3.0 "logout" crashes system" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:65001 - "Patch to add icon drawing support to fbpanel's pager plugin" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:enhancement
  • Bug:65043 - "(kde-3.3) korganizer crashed once and now refuses to open" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:65044 - "(kde-3.3) korganizer Exchange plugin functions do not work" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:65056 - "/etc/init.d/numlock locks up keyboard in kdm" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:65186 - "fluxbox won't start with xorg-x11-6.8.0-r1" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:65195 - "Compiling Asterisk-1.0.0 fails on chan_phone" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:65227 - "kbear-2.1.1 enlarges System Tray in KDE-3.3.0" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:65264 - "dev-lang/perl regular expression segfault" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:65267 - "Openntpd not adjusting time" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:major
  • Bug:65273 - "xorg-x11-6.8.0-r1 segfault with a particular /etc/hosts" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:65282 - "hotplug (or coldplug) still bugged." status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:65307 - "typo in help/usage output of net-wireless/wepattack-0.3.1-r1" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:trivial
  • Bug:65318 - "Ebuild for web-cyradm" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:enhancement
  • Bug:65353 - "KGet tooltip appears only for an instant at a time" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:trivial
  • Bug:65394 - "Hack restriction patch for xscreensaver" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:enhancement
  • Bug:65414 - "spamassassin 3.0: spamd needs way too much memory" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:65457 - "rekall configure fails to find mcopidl" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:65488 - "patch to kernel causes the Revoltec USB/IDE bridge to misidentify HP DVDRW" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:major
  • Bug:65496 - "arts hard-locks entire system when loading" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:major
  • Bug:65581 - "kaudiocreator crashes" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:major
  • Bug:65614 - "grip fails to encode correct genre fields in ogg files" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:65641 - "cupsd segfaults on amd64 when trying to change printer settings" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:critical
  • Bug:65646 - "fluxbox-0.9.10-r3: make distclean keeps defaults.hh" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:trivial
  • Bug:65703 - "krdc not accepting keyboard input in full screen mode" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:major
  • Bug:65711 - "Amanda ebuild should add amanda-afs if afs in USE flag" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:enhancement
  • Bug:65727 - "media-video/avidemux -> jpeg export -> libSDL_image incompatibility" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:65752 - "GCC 3.4.2 alignment bug possibly, media-sound/zynaddsubfx-2.0.0 crashes" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:major
  • Bug:65766 - "wavesurfer, when playing a file immediatly segfaults" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:65780 - "Preferred text editor settings not remembered" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:65791 - "net-im/centericq-4.11.0 doesn't compile with gcc3.4" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:65810 - "3C556B on IBM Thinkpad A21 not loading properly" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:blocker
  • Bug:65814 - "Gaim Crashes When Working With "Meta" Contacts" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:critical
  • Bug:65922 - "[EBUILD] new package: amanda-afs-0.0.4.ebuild" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:enhancement
  • Bug:65947 - "patch for ndiswrapper and PREEMPT-enabled kernels" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:66002 - "emerge wine-20040716.ebuild: preloader.c:237: error: can't find a register in class `BREG' while reloading `asm'" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:66031 - "beep-media-player volume problem" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:major
  • Bug:66066 - "kile-1.7_beta2 missing icons under KDE 3.3" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:minor
  • Bug:66184 - "gcc breaks during make bzImage using version 3.4.2 while compiling gentoo-sources 2.4.27" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:critical
  • Bug:66197 - "usb memory stick not mounting - ep0out timeout" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:66211 - "Angband install bug" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:minor
  • Bug:66212 - "cube-20040522 fails to install" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:66277 - "recent wine builds lock up when used with reiser4" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:66369 - "System hangs when loading module ohci_hcd. Way out: reset." status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:critical
  • Bug:66383 - "SAMBA 3.0.7: creat directoryes with drwx------" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:minor
  • Bug:66432 - "Amarok 1.0.2 and 1.1 crash immediately at start" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:major
  • Bug:66505 - "KGhostView fails to display whole of .pdf file" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:66598 - "mplayer xv & xvidix drivers yield flickering lines distortion when video window size is relatively small (w/ matrox g550)" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:66654 - "[New ebuild] phpgrabcomics-1.3.3" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:enhancement
  • Bug:66673 - " with 2.6 kernel using config-kernel fails to build kernel modules" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:66742 - "gaim-1.0.0 crashes when removing an irc-channel from the buddy list" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:66845 - "KDE kfind locks when famd running" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:major
  • Bug:66902 - "Amarok 1.1.1 has 100% CPU load when playing mp3s (using mad or ffmpeg with alsa and no dmix)" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:66967 - "net-p2p/amule-1.28 crashes on startup" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:critical
  • Bug:67011 - "yelp (gnome-help) goes into an infinite loop when an "info" document is requested" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:67055 - "fluxbox-0.9.10-r[3,4]: ru_RU.UTF-8 NLS messages are broken" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:minor
  • Bug:67253 - "Sylpheed-claws 0.9.12 stack smashing attack in quote_fmtparse" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:67299 - "The Gentoo Bugzilla breaks Konqueror" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:minor
  • Bug:67479 - "(toolchain) internal compiler error in protector.c with hardened gcc-3.4.2-r2 and dclib-0.3.3" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:67538 - "nxcomp-1.4.0-23 wont compile; errors in Types.h" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:67544 - "emacs: revert-buffer doesn't retest used line endings and simply keeps using the originally loaded one" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:minor
  • Bug:67597 - "Cannot boot from SATA drive when Advanced Partitions are compiled in kernel" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:67651 - "mozilla-firefox-1.0-pre-r2 corrupts HTML on saving" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:major
  • Bug:67717 - "xhost crashes when user is specified -- man page unclear on whether it's possible" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:67720 - "doc creation in kernel" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:67745 - "Kdevelop crashes loading a c++ project on amd64" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:critical
  • Bug:67838 - "Mplayer picks up LINGUAS when it shouldn't (according to other people)" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:67934 - "enhancement, dhcp to support ldap, update ntp and nis and fixes same problems" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:enhancement
  • Bug:67953 - "kernel linux-2.6.9-rc4-mm1 alsa sound/core/seq/seq_device.c: In function `snd_seq_device_register_driver' error." status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:blocker
  • Bug:67979 - "xcompmgr bails out with errors when background image is set" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:67996 - "xorg-6.8.0-r2 doesn't compile without glx (xv needs it), pam also broken" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:68051 - "gaim crashes upon drag-and-dropping a contact into a dialog" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:68174 - "openoffice-1.1.3 & openoffice-bin-1.1.3: Segmentation fault" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:68214 - "qc-usb doesn't compile with kernel 2.6.9" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:68240 - "2.6.9-gentoo kernel "hangs" for about 30 seconds during boot" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:68247 - "kde-base/kdelibs-3.3.1 fail to compile" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:68332 - "xorg gets/generates random fake mouseclick events with new 2.6.9 kernel" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:68383 - "Ebuild request for DirectFB development version" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:enhancement
  • Bug:68416 - "4 pages to 1 layout in gpdf just prints out 1 pager per sheet." status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:68417 - "gpdf: Print to file function tries to print to / by default" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:68437 - "Juk quits (not crash) when end of playlist reached." status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:minor
  • Bug:68486 - "New version of ipsec-tools 0.4 beta1" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:enhancement
  • Bug:68527 - "gcdmaster missing important menus" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:major
  • Bug:68590 - "Twin sorts CFLAGS -- which is wrong." status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:68681 - "firefox+thunderbird can't handle too long URLs" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:68703 - "gcj's fails to cause threads blocked in ServerSocket.accept() to throw a SocketException immediately as per specifications" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:68773 - "media-sound/gamix-1.99_p14-r1 segfaults with gtk+-2.4.9" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:68778 - "make check fails with linker error on kde-base/kdelibs-3.3.1" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:minor
  • Bug:68825 - "cdrecord doesn't work with 2.6.9-r1" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:68849 - "gentoo-dev-sources-2.6.9-r1: keyboard crashes after resume" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:critical
  • Bug:68870 - "e1000 driver on 2.6 Kernel only has transmit timed out and cards are unusable" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:major
  • Bug:68904 - "ps/2 mouse erratic with kernel-2.6.9 and KVM switch" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:68936 - "xcompmgr greys the background on every wm I've tried it with" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:68978 - "amarok 1.0.2 crashes without specific error when playback set to gstreamer or xine" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:69005 - "Porting: net-ftp/atftp does not build on macos" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:69077 - "glibc- and glibc- are missing sr_YU locales" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:major
  • Bug:69231 - "sys-apps/partimage-0.6.4-r1 cant be compiled" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:69356 - "guile-1.6.4 and lower contains a use-after-free bug which causes segfaults" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:69403 - "kacpid eats 80% CPU when compiling, kernel 2.6.9" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:major
  • Bug:69458 - "gringotts 1.2.8 doesn't start" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:69541 - "qcad save - restore loses some components of a drawing" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:major
  • Bug:69544 - "emerge kde-base/kdepim-3.3.1 fails make check on amd64, fix included" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:minor
  • Bug:69606 - "sys-kernel/ac-sources-2.6.9-r5 FAT problem" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:major
  • Bug:69616 - "Ebuilder handles tar.Z files incorrectly" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:69617 - "Ebuilder loss all information in the event of a crash" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:69618 - "Ebuilder doesn't add KEYWORDS" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:69714 - "RFE: per-package 'eclasses'" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:69853 - "gift-soulseek-cvs-0.0.1.ebuild (New Package)" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:69903 - "After upgrading from x11-wm/fluxbox-0.9.10-r3 to x11-wm/fluxbox-0.9.10-r4 the menu does not show text anymore, but it is possible to click and navigate" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:major
  • Bug:69945 - "unzip extract broken filename." status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:69953 - "udev does not automatically create /dev/parport devices when ppdev is loaded" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:69966 - "app-crypt/gnupg-1.9.10 breaks keyserver retrieval again" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:69982 - "no isdn devices created with sys-fs/udev-042 (just capi)" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:minor
  • Bug:69989 - "Skype automatically turns on Capture channel" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:69994 - "e-uae not picking up scsilib stuff + poss. jfs issue" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:70046 - "kpager - big traffic X11" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:70050 - "emerge alsa-driver-1.0.6a fails on kbuild enabled system" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:70163 - "speedfreq needs some love" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:70168 - "Xsetup_0 enhancement for plain xdm" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:enhancement
  • Bug:70219 - "glibc- creates oops in jfs modules" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:critical
  • Bug:70238 - "Compile error in Driver qlaxxxx" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:major
  • Bug:70266 - "xorg-x11 6.8.0-r1 3d rendering badness and hard crash w/ tdfx" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:critical
  • Bug:70284 - "less search doesn't work correct, when searching big files with very long lines 26k chars" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:70312 - "Xorg lockup with i810 and kernel gentoo-dev-sources-2.6.9" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:blocker
  • Bug:70391 - "gxine needs" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:70393 - "Firefox freezes when closing unfinished embedded movies with mplayerplug-in" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:critical
  • Bug:70455 - "kernel 2.6.9-r crashes upon unplugging usbstick while dbus (+ ivman, hald) is running" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:critical
  • Bug:70458 - "TAB completion in konsole changes after first use" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:70556 - "Upgrade to gentoo-dev-sources 2.6.9-r1 broke maestro3" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:70604 - "Fluxbox font sizes alternate between boots!" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:70618 - "gkrellm-mldonkey-0.9.4.ebuild (New Package)" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:enhancement
  • Bug:70645 - "apcupsd (snmp) crashs/hangs when loosing network connection to ups" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:normal
  • Bug:70653 - "vlc-0.8.0 fails to compile in slp.c" status:RESOLVED resolution:UPSTREAM severity:major
  • Bug:70661 - "Hiss/Static heard on .mp3 playback with arts-1.3.0[

    Versjonshistorie RipBot264

    <<Tilbake til programvarebeskrivelsen

    Endringer for v1.25.0 - v1.25.1

    • Changed: Native BDSup2Sub is now used by RipBot264 for subtitle manipulation instead of JAVA version (Java environment is no longer required by RipBot264!)
    • Fixed: KNLMeansCL [Adaptive] not working with 10bit sources
    • Fixed: EnhanceFineDetails script not working with 10bit sources
    • Fixed: Bitrate/size not calculated correctly if user added custom audio profile in Audio.txt
    • Fixed: Preview not working due to misconfiguration of mpc player
    • Fixed: Missing multi-channel audio profiles in 3rd audio tab

    Endringer for v1.24.0 - v1.25.0

    • Added: EncodingClient combines chunks with output file on fly as soon as they are encoded in correct order
    • Added: Option in EncodingClient to suspend jobless server
    • Added: Option in EncodingClient to shutdown server at IDLE state
    • Added: Audio profiles in ProfileAudio.txt
    • Added: Variable priority mode to EncodingServer.
    • In this mode EncodingClient will be automatically changing encoding priority in order to balance progress on multiple servers running on the same machine.
    • Added: EncodingClient now also shows encoding priority set on server side ,selected encoding numa node and communication delay.
    • Added: Support for GPU decoding via lsmash plugin
    • Added: HDR HLG support
    • Changed: DGHable tonemapper to BT2446. Furthermore BT2446 has been configured to emulate MadVR's tonemapping.
    • Changed: lsmash is now a default decoder for all formats.
    • Fixed: EncodingClient is now copying file to shared folder in buffered mode.
    • Windows disables buffered write if write buffer in application is higher than 16MiB.
    • Because of this write buffer has been reduced from 64MiB to 16MiB.
    • Buffered write significantly reduces copy time on machine with huge amount of RAM.
    • Fixed: Excessive flickering of encoding status in EncodingClient
    • Fixed: EncodingServer not starting on some Xeon machines with high number of threads.
    • Fixed: Few minor bugs found since last version.

    Endringer for v1.23.1 - v1.24.0

    • Added: Two new options in RipBot264.ini (RunCommandSuccess,RunCommandError).
    • Example: RunCommandSuccess="C:\Some Folder\YourProgram.exe" /some_switches %JOB%
    • Runs specified command when a job is finished.
    • Added: CPU utilization graph in EncodingServer and in EncodingClient.
    • Added: KNLMeansCL [Adaptive] denoiser. (denoising strength is being reduced according to luminosity of the pixel)
    • Added: /server-name , /avisynth-prefetch-threads and /knlmeanscl-opencl-device-type to supported switches by EncodingServer.exe.
    • Added: /restart-if-no-progress switch also activates extra process (SuperviseProcess.exe) in order to detect any hangs directly in EncodingServer.exe.
    • (logs are stored in %TEMP%\SuperviseProcessLog.txt and %TEMP%\EncodingServerLog.txt)
    • Added: Auto reconnect option in EncodingClient.exe
    • Changed: /knlmeanscl-opencl-device to /knlmeanscl-opencl-device-id and /x264-opencl-device to /x264-opencl-device-id
    • Changed: EncodingClient no longer re-indexes video file.
    • Fixed: EncodingServer.exe not starting on machines with more than 32 logical processors.
    • Fixed: Instability in EncodingServer on some machines.

    Endringer for v1.23.0 - v1.23.1

    • Added: Option to bind EncodingClient to specific IP
    • Added: Commandline switch to bind EncodingServer to specific IP (for example EncodingServer.exe /IP
    • Added: Commandline switch for EncodingServer /restart-if-no-progress (automatically restarts stalled encoding task)
    • Changed: Audio and Video streams are now indexed simultaneously.
    • Fixed: Various bugs reported since last major version

    Endringer for v1.21.0 - v1.23.0

    • Added: Better queue management
    • Added: support for commandline switches in EncodingServer.exe
    • (/minimize , /port , /node , /affinity , /priority , /x264-opencl-device and /knlmeanscl-opencl-device)
    • Example: EncodingServer.exe /minimize /port 2000 /node 2 /affinity AAAA /priority low /x264-opencl-device 0 /knlmeanscl-opencl-device 1
    • EncodingServer will start in tray and start listening using port 2000.
    • Encoding task will be assigned to NUMA node 2 with affinity mask for CPU1,CPU3,CPU5,CPU7,CPU9,CPU11,CPU13,CPU15 in low priority.
    • Futhermore x264 opencl will be set for first device and KNLMeansCL filter for second device.
    • Added: Support fot 3rd audio stream
    • Added: Preffered audio language option
    • Added: HDR to SDR conversion directly in script (no bottleneck if used with prefetch)
    • Added: Automatic pre-indexing of all audio streams after demuxing
    • Added: support for PRORES as input format.
    • Changed: WatchFolder Mode now adds first unlocked file to queue instead of waiting for first detected file in folder to be unlocked
    • Fixed: Crashing in EncodingServer when other instance was being closed. EncodigServer also starts much faster than before.
    • Fixed: Various bugs reported since last major version

    Endringer for v1.20.0 - v1.21.0

    • Added: Support for AviSynth+ MT x64 (installer located in ToolsAviSynth folder)
    • Finally no need to automatically limit processing threads due to 32bit memory limitation.
    • Warning! Jobs created by older version won't work with this version! You must start with freshly created job!
    • Fixed: Various tweaks and changes under the hood.
    • Updated: MKVToolnix v15.0.0, EncodingServer v1.8.1

    Endringer for v1.19.6 - v1.20.0

    • Added: Automated Batch Mode (aka watch folder mode). Shortcuts are supported as well.
    • Added: Option to start Ripbot264 minimized and with activated Automated Batch Mode
    • Added: Remux subtitle option in Batch Mode
    • Added: Ripbot264 automatically selects m2ts files belonging to main movie (blu-ray demuxing -> EDIT option)
    • Added: Log file "JobsRejected.txt" is created when file can't be decoded
    • Added: Digits on taskbar and tray icon showing number of selected jobs
    • Added: Ripbot264 now always minimizes to tray instead of taskbar
    • Added: Animated tray icons in EncodingClient and EncodingServer
    • Added: Option to demux DTS-HR (blu-ray demuxing)
    • Added: New encoding profile AVC-INTRA (fast intermediate format for editing)
    • Changed: Major code refactoring and some cosmetic changes in GUI
    • Updated: MediaInfo v0.7.97, MKVToolnix v13.0.0, x264 r2851, x264 v2.4.96

    Endringer for v1.19.5 - v1.19.6

    • Added: EAC3, DTS-MA and TRUE-HD are no longer automatically converted to flac
    • Added: Faster (up to 1.5x on Ryzen 7) and more accurate auto-crop algorithm
    • Added: Faster frame extraction
    • Added: Improved BDO algorithm in EncodingClient.
    • First change is range. It now accepts only values between 0 and 1. (if value is larger then 1 is used)
    • There is also a new safety limit how much bitrate can be reduced for low complexity chunks (credits and so on).
    • In old version it was 100kbps. Now the limit is 25% of nominal bitrate.
    • Updated: ffmpeg 2017.04.04, ffms2 v2.23.1, MediaInfo v0.7.94, MKVToolnix v10.0.0, NicAudio v2.0.6

    Endringer for v1.19.4 - v1.19.5

    • Added: Custom script in batch mode
    • Added: QTMC deinterlacer
    • Added: MDegrain denoiser
    • Fixed: Incorrect IP detection in EncodingServer
    • Fixed: Locked UI elements in EncodingClient after loss of focus
    • Updated: KNLMeansCL v1.0.0 , MKVToolnix v9.8.0 , x264 r2762 , x265 2.2.30

    Endringer for v1.19.2 - v1.19.3

    • Added: New OpenCL tab in settings with basic information about detected OpenCL platforms and GPU Devices.
    • User can also select what OpenCL GPU Device should be used for x264 encoder and KNLMeansCL plugin.
    • For example: Integrated GPU (APU) for x264 and dedicated GPU for KNLMeansCL.
    • Added: Audio Amplification option
    • Added: Play sound when job is done
    • Added: GPU denoiser KNLMeansCL
    • Changed: Levels and Colors are now in separate ComboBoxes

    Endringer for v1.19.1 - v1.19.2

    • Added: Auto-update option.
    • Added: Denoise option in Batch mode.
    • Fixed: DownloadPoster app is now working again.
    • Fixed: Various bugs introduced in previous version.

    Endringer for v1.19.0 - v1.19.1

    • Added: Poster/Cover can be downloaded directly from GUI
    • Added: Option to increase (double) volume in center channel during downmixing to stereo
    • Added: Option to flag subtitle as Default
    • Added: Mouse click on codec icon opens mediainfo
    • Updated: MKVToolnix v8.7.0, MediaInfo 0.7.77, x264 r2597, x265 1.7.478

    Endringer for v1.18.2 - v1.19.0

    • Added: GUI for settings
    • Added: Distributed encoding can be activate/deactivated directly in GUI
    • Added: Shortcut for logs in GUI (Right Click on selected job)
    • Fixed: Bitrate Distribution Optimization in DE MODE
    • Fixed: Audio encoding on some machines (did not work due to wrong decimal symbol used in BlankClip() function)
    • Fixed: HEVC files didn't work in DE MODE (local path was not changed to network path)
    • Updated: MKVToolnix v8.2.0, x264 r2579, x265 1.7.382

    Endringer for v1.18.1 - v1.18.2

    • Added: support for extra audio stream
    • Added: support for 2 extra servers in encoding client (10 in total)
    • Added: EncodingClient now saves encoding summary in \Chunks\DE_Log_passX.txt file
    • Added: support for HEVC main 10 (x265 16bit)
    • Added: 4K-UHD resize profile
    • Fixed: "RichEdit line insertion error" (hopefully;)
    • Updated: eac3to 3.29, FFmpeg 2015-06-02, MediaInfo 0.7.74, MKVToolnix 7.9.0, x264 r2538, x265 1.7.95

    Endringer for v1.18.0 - v1.18.1

    • Added: Support for HEVC as input format (mkv and mp4 containers only)
    • Changed: GUI will terminate processes via PID instead of file names
    • Fixed: Opus and Vorbis audio as well as subtitles were not demuxed from mkv container
    • Fixed: "Frozen frames" in DE mode with open-gop h.264
    • Fixed: wrong version of x265_x86.exe was inlcuded (was 64 bit but should be 32 bit)
    • Updated: FFMS 2.20 , mediainfo 0.7.70 , MKVToolnix 7.2.0 , x265 1.3.206

    Endringer for v1.17.5 - v1.18.0

    • Added: Support for x265 (DE mode works as well)
    • Added: Permanent Subtitles option in Batch Mode (automatically renders subtitles on frame if subtitles have the same name as video file)
    • Added: AVS meter (You can now easily check processing speed of your script)
    • Added: workaround for crashing encoding client at the very end (while closing form)
    • Changed: encoded audio is now stored in Jobx folder
    • Updated: ffmpeg 2014-08-27, mediainfo 0.7.69 , MKVToolnix 7.1.0 , OPUS Tools 0.1.9 , x264 r2479 , x265 1.3.35

    Endringer for v1.17.4 - v1.17.5

    • Added: UT Video is now accepted in DE mode
    • Added: workaround for grey frames in DE mode
    • Fixed: combining large number of chunks in DE mode
    • Fixed: hanging with hardcoded .ass subtitles
    • Changed: On windows 8 libavcodec is now set as default VC-1 decoder in FFDshow
    • Updated: FFmpegSource 2.19, Fraunhofer AAC Encoder v3.02.16 , FFmpeg 2013-12-07, MediaInfo 0.7.65, MKVToolnix 6.6.0, x264 r2345

    Endringer for v1.17.3 - v1.17.4

    • Added: Demuxing DTS-MA and TrueHD (for those who really need them in mkv container for some reason)
    • Added: Audio is now encoded simultaneously with video (More efficient cpu usage)
    • Added: FRAPS recordings are now allowed in Distributed Encoding mode
    • Added: .FLV is allowed in Distributed Encoding Mode
    • Added: Opus audio as supported input format
    • Added: Automatic Upmix Mono to Stereo (reason: FhG AAC does not support mono)
    • Added: EncodingClient will now automatically share Ripbot264temp folder
    • Added: Prgress indicator while combining chunks
    • Added: AC3 192kbps,224kbps,256kbps profiles to mkv container
    • Added: Option in RipBot264.ini to tweak sharpening after resizing
    • Fixed: Hanging on some AAC files during 'Gathering information' stage
    • Fixed: Incorrect fps added to TextSub() function with enabled Inverse Telecine + Decimate
    • Changed: Vorbis codec removed (Reason: New better OPUS codec will be added later)
    • Changed: Bepipe.exe replaced by avs2pipemod.exe (Reason: Later does not require .net 2.0 to be installed)
    • Updated: BassAudio 2.4, eac3to 3.27, FFmpeg 2013-01-19, MediaInfo 0.7.61, MKVToolnix 6.0.0, x264 r2245

    Endringer for v1.17.2 - v1.17.3

    • Added: WakeOnLan support in Encoding Client (valid MAC ADDRESSES must be specified in EncodingClient.ini)
    • Added: DE mode will now also work correctly on mixed 32bit/64bit systems (for example Client on x64 , Server on x86)
    • Added: Support for password protected sharing (valid username and password must be specified in EncodingClient.ini)
    • Added: Multiple Encoding Servers can be activated on single PC (Maybe usefull if for some reason CPU usage is not at 100%)
    • Changed: renamed Poster label to Cover and poster.jpg to cover.jpg in job folder (reason: Icaros 2.1 only extracts cover.jpg from .mkv!)
    • Updated: FhG AAC 2012-06-24, FFmpeg 2012-07-30, FFmpegSource r700, MKVToolnix 5.7.0, VSFilter 2.41.5626, x264 r2008

    Endringer for v1.17.1 - v1.17.2

    • Added: Encoding Client now supports 8 servers
    • Added: Encoding Progress in DE mode is saved immediately when number of encoded chunks increases
    • Added: Progress indicator during 'combining vob' stage (thanks to Trayman for his tiny vjoin app)
    • Added: Progress indicator during 'Copying file to shared folder' stage in Encoding Client
    • Fixed: stability issues in Encoding Client and Encoding Server
    • Fixed: Encoding Server not visible while using remote desktop
    • Fixed: Problems with illegal decimal symbol
    • Fixed: chapters were incorrectly modified with inverse telecine function
    • Fixed: not detected languages in mkv container with mkvtoolnix 5.3.0+
    • Fixed: missing chapters for AVCHD after speed conversion
    • Fixed: error message while demuxing DVD subtitles with more than 16 languages
    • Fixed: Ripbot264 was showing Demuxing error instead of Decoding error
    • Updated: EncodingClient 1.2, EncodingServer 1.2, FFmpeg 2012-06-08, MediaInfo 0.7.58, MKVToolnix 5.6.0, VSFilter 2.40.5096, x264 r2200

    Endringer for v1.17.0 - v1.17.1

    • Added: support for 10 bit encoding ( ).
    • Added: AVI, MP4 and MKV can also be used in Distributed Encoding Mode.
    • Added: Resuming in Distributed Encoding mode
    • Added: 5.0 to 5.1 audio upmix (Adds silent LFE channel)
    • Added: AVCHD format to batch mode
    • Added: Convert fps and Deinterlace options to batch mode
    • Added: DVD subtitles demuxing
    • Added: Automatic subtitle conversion Sub -> Sup for AVCHD format
    • Added: Prevent windows from entering sleep-mode/power-off while ripbot is working
    • Added: Command to start encoding from command line ( RipBot264.exe /start )
    • Added: Chapters are now automatically adjusted if output speed changes ( for example 25 fps -> 23.976 conversion )
    • Changed: 1 min chunks for CQ mode instead of 10 min
    • Changed: FFT3DGPU denoiser replaced by HQDN3D. GradFun2db replaced by flash3kyuu_deband.
    • Fixed: not working 'Shutdown when Finished'
    • Fixed: error message in batch mode. Broken video file will be automatically discarded
    • Fixed: EncodingClient was using Domain-Name instead of Computer-Name
    • Fixed: Incorrect number of frames between passes in Distributed Encoding. Now number of frames in last chunk will be limited according to stat file
    • Fixed: corruption at the begining of the chunk after encoding in Distributed Encoding mode
    • Fixed: EncodingClient will now try to restart chunks which did not start for some reason
    • Updated: EncodingClient 1.1, EncodingServer 1.1, FFmpeg 2012-04-26, MediaInfo 0.7.56, MKVToolnix 5.5.0, VSFilter 2.40.4496, x264 r2197

    Endringer for v1.16.5 - v1.17.0

    • Added: Distributed Encoding for DVD/HD-DVD/BD sources (see RipBot264 Distributed Encoding Tutorial)
    • Added: BATCH MODE
    • Added: COPY STREAM for video (HD-DVD/Blu-Ray ONLY)
    • Added: Blu-Ray playlist is now editable
    • Added: DVD will be first pre-processed by PGCdemux in order to avoid A/V sync issues
    • Added: VSfilter in Haali Media Spliter is now automatically disabled (no more accidental hardcoded subs)
    • Added: Force subtitles for MKV and AVCHD
    • Changed: CT-AAC encoder to FhG AAC (Reason:
    • Updated: avs2yuv 0.24 BM mod 2, FFMPEG 2011-12-26, MediaInfo 0.7.52, MKVToolnix 5.2.0, remuxtool 1.2.5, VSFilter 2.40.3904, x264 r2120

    Endringer for v1.16.4 - v1.16.5

    • Added: HD-Full and HD-Ready resize profile for 1,33:1 (4:3) aspect ratio
    • Added: ConvertSUPtoSUB=1/0 option to RipBot264.ini. More info in .ini file
    • Added: TrueHD is now automatically converted to FLAC after demuxing from .mkv container
    • Added: New profile HD . Interlaced
    • Changed: Default HD profile has been renamed to HD . Progressive
    • Updated: MediaInfo 0.7.43, MKVToolnix 4.6.0, MP4Box 0.4.6 rev2735, x264 r1924

    Endringer for v1.16.3 - v1.16.4

    • Added: support for .wtv (WindowsTV)
    • Added: demuxing Blu-ray subtitles from .mkv container
    • Added: demuxing TrueHD from .mkv container (demuxed .thd MUST be manually selected after demuxing!!!)
    • Added: core option for TrueHD and DTS-MA/Hi-res in demuxing window
    • Fixed: audio/subtitle opendialog was not set to current job folder after selecting audio/subtitle from previous task
    • Fixed: DelayAudio() was not added to script after selecting audio file
    • Updated: ffmpeg r26397, MKVToolnix 4.4.0, MediaInfo v0.7.39, MP4Box 2010-12-14, x264 r1867

    Endringer for v1.16.2 - v1.16.3

    • Added: support for .rmvb
    • Added: new jobs can be added while encoding
    • Added: new profile [Base 1.3] Simple Mobile Device
    • Fixed: SRT subtitles weren't ignored in Stream window
    • Changed: 6.1 DTS-MA/Hi-Res can be now correctly decoded to .w64
    • Updated: eac3to 3.24, MKVToolnix 4.3.0, x264 r1732

    Endringer for v1.16.1 - v1.16.2

    • Added: Ripbot264 will force Haali Media Spliter as default splitter for all supported extensions
    • Added: Ripbot264 will force correct fps in DirectShowSource() if source contains doubled frames (common in AVCHDLite cameras)
    • Added: Ripbot264 will automatically remux .mov to .avi if video codec is MJPEG (Haali Media Splitter does not recognize MJPEG in .MOV)
    • Fixed: oversize in 2-pass
    • Fixed: under Permanent Subtitles open dialog was sometimes not reset to jobx folder
    • Changed: HD Audio is now decompressed directly to .w64 instead of intermediate .wav (eac3to 3.21 fixed bug in .w64 header)
    • Updated: eac3to 3.22, MediaInfo 0.7.34, MKVToolnix 4.1.1, x264 r1683

    Endringer for v1.16.0 - v1.16.1

    • Added: support for .webm
    • Fixed: hanging during muxing to AVCHD
    • Updated: mkvtoolnix 4.0.0, x264 r1643

    Endringer for v1.15.1 - v1.16.0

    • Added: DivxPlus format (restrictions can be found here
    • Added: Progress bar on TaskBar - Windows 7 only! (Thanks to Lord_Mulder for his implementation)
    • Added: option to add poster to .mp4 and .mkv (ask Divx guys if you want image extraction from mkv in Windows7)
    • Added: support for raw YUV4MPEG (*.y4m)
    • Added: Force ffdshow as default mjpeg decoder in Windows 7
    • Added: iPAD profile has been combined with PSP profile
    • Fixed: 'Waiting for graph...' error introduced in 1.15.1 on some machines
    • Fixed: missing audio downmix for 4ch audio
    • Fixed: missing DVD subtitles in HD-DVD sources
    • Fixed: average bitrate for AAC 192kbps and 256kbps was slightly inaccurate (~196kbps and ~260kbps)
    • Fixed: missing '--aac-is-sbr 0/1' in mkvmerge commandline with COPY STREAM option selected
    • Fixed: After automatic shutdown Low Priority checkbox was sometimes being unchecked
    • Fixed: bitrate in CRF field
    • Fixed: Decimal symbol was not converted to '.' (dot) for TimeStretch function
    • Fixed: Audio demuxing/conversion from wmv container
    • Changed: 'Add' link will automatically open file selection
    • Changed: GUI will be reset to CQ mode instead of 2-pass
    • Changed: AppleTV profile (more ref frames and higher buffer and max bitrate)
    • Changed: mp3 audio is now decoded by NicAudio instead of BassAudio (reason: BassAudio tends to hang during 'Gathering info..' stage)
    • Updated: ffmpeg r21231, mediainfo 0.7.33, mkvtoolnix 3.4.0, mp4box 2010-04-10, x264 r1613

    Endringer for v1.15.0 - v1.15.1

    • Added: Ripbot will automatically repeat demuxing if ArcSoft DTS Decoder fails (dts core will be extracted instead)
    • Added: multiple subtitles can be added at once.
    • Fixed: corrupted picture caused by incorrect resolution used in avs2yuv (now avs2yuv will use yuv4mpeg format instead of raw. No need to calculate resolution by GUI)
    • Fixed: Ripbot will now check if width is mod 4 after croping (YV12 requirement)
    • Fixed: Demuxed FLAC from mkv container did not have extension
    • Fixed: No Audio in mkv on german Windows (locale folder removed from mkvtoolnix)
    • Fixed: Audio Sync problems in demuxed audio from .avi (older ffmpeg restored)
    • Fixed: added '--aac-is-sbr 0/1' for AAC-LC/HE in mkvmerge command line
    • Changed: 6.1 DTS-MA/Hi-res is not supported by ArcSoft DTS Decoder therefore dts core will be extracted instead
    • Changed: Flac audio has it's own icon instead of PCM
    • Changed: 'all subtitles' are now selected by default in Stream demuxing window
    • Updated: DGIndex 1.5.8, eac3to 3.18, MediaInfo 0.7.29, MKVToolnix 3.2.0, x264 r1471

    Endringer for v1.14.6 - v1.15.0

    • Added: 5.1 downmix checkbox for 6.1 and 7.1 sources
    • Added: Subtitles and audio language will be automatically detected if possible
    • Added: VobSub subtitles are now recognized and automatically demuxed from MKV
    • Added: Custom resolution with locked aspect ratio is now remembered
    • Added: Demuxed bluray subtitles will now have added resolution to file name. Subs won't be resized if video has the same size
    • Added: AviSynth error is now displayed in gui instead of Media Player
    • Changed: ConvertToRGB has been removed from preview script. (Decoding via HelixYV12 is ~1.7x faster)
    • Changed: Increased step from 2 to 16 pixels in Custom resolution with locked aspect ratio.
    • Changed: Tray icon. (Previous icon will be used in new project)
    • Fixed: AAC audio was not recognized in .TS files
    • Fixed: Weight p-prediction was sometimes checked even if commandline had this option disabled
    • Fixed: mpg files are again decoded by DGindex. Hanging was solved by using NicAudio as mp2 decoder instead of BassAudio
    • Fixed: Apple TV and ipod profile (weight-p is disabled)
    • Updated: Aften 2009-12-26, BDSup2Sub 4.0.0, CT AAC encoder 1.3 (WinAmp 5.57), FFmpeg r20472, MediaInfo 0.7.26, MKVToolnix 3.0.0, x264 r1376, VSFilter 2.39

    Endringer for v1.14.5 - v1.14.6

    • Added: forced subtitles will be automatically demuxed
    • Added: priority can be changed during conversion
    • Changed: mpg files will be decoded by DirectShowSource instead of DGIndex. (RipBot should not hang on some mpg)
    • Changed: Ripbot264 will use new unix cli syntax for DGIndex (DGindex should not hang on weird file/folder names for example ../[DVD]/..)
    • Fixed: RipBot264 will correctly unlock DirectShow filters on non english Windows 7. (Ripbot should not hang on VC-1 sources)
    • Fixed: missing downmix for 7 channels
    • Fixed: missing audio in mpg/m2t
    • Removed: b-pyramid (Reason: Not compatible with more usefull MB-tree!)
    • Updated: BDsup2Sub 3.9.9, DGindex 1.5.7, MediaInfo 0.7.25, MKVToolnix 2.9.9, Yadif 1.7, x264 r1352M

    Endringer for v1.14.4 - v1.14.5

    • Added: RipBot264 will force XviD decoder for Divx files in ffdshow. (libavcodec sometimes causes audio sync problems)
    • Fixed: Demuxed FLAC from MKV had wrong format (OGG instead of RAW FLAC)
    • Fixed: PCM audio sometimes was not accepted by TSmuxer. (Added extra conversion wav->w64 before muxing)
    • Updated: BDSup2Sub 3.9.8 , eac3to 3.17 , MediaInfo 0.7.23 , MKVToolnix 2.9.8 , x264 r1292M

    Endringer for v1.14.3 - v1.14.4

    • Added: RipBot264 will force ffdshow as prefferd Xvid and Divx 4/5 decoder in Windows 7
    • Changed: Avi files will be decoded via DirectShowSource instead of OpenDMLSource (Reason: OpenDMLSource does not work well with Windows 7 RTM)
    • Changed: Avs files wiil be imported via Import() instead of DirectShowSource
    • Changed: Lossless audio is automatically selected instead of first audio stream in Demuxing window
    • Changed: Bitmap based suptitles are also allowed for none-standard resolutions (MKV)
    • Fixed: Blu-ray subtitles were not resized if user changed resolution after adding subtitles
    • Fixed: FLAC will be decoded by madFLAC instead of BassAudio due to weird problems on Windows 7 RTM (Avs script hangs if bassaudio.dll is loaded)
    • Fixed: temporary files will not be automatically stored on non-NTFS drives (external usb drive for example)
    • Fixed: 24fps subtitles were automatically converted to 23.976fps due to missing /fps:keep option
    • Updated: x264 r1251M, NicAudio 2.0.4, MediaInfo 0.7.21, Yadif 1.6, BDSup2Sub 3.9.7

    Endringer for v1.14.2 - v1.14.3

    • Added: Inverse Telecine function in Deinterlace section
    • Added: --min-keyint (fps) and --keyint (fps*10) and --fps (24000/1001 for example) to x264 commandline
    • Added: fraction will be used in script instead of rounded values (24/1.001 instead of 23.976 for example)
    • Added: --title switch for mkv container (based on output filename without extension)
    • Changed: x264 command line syntax according to changes introduced in r1177 (old profiles may not work!)
    • Fixed: Only Subtitles (PGS) will be shown in GUI. Reason: Subtitles (SRT) do not work.
    • Fixed: incorrect height in custom resize with locked aspect ratio (for example 1280x532 instead of ...x534)
    • Fixed: too big undersize for mkv
    • Update: BDSup2Sub 3.9.6 , DGIndex 1.5.5 , ffmpeg r19159 , MediaInfo 0.7.20 , MP4Box 0.4.6 , x264 r1195M

    Endringer for v1.14.1 - v1.14.2

    • Added: DTS Master Audio and Hi-Res conversion to wave or FLAC (ArcSoft DTS Decoder required! More help in \tools\ax\ArcSoft DTS Decoder\Readme.txt)
    • Added: Blu-Ray subtitles (.Sup) are now supported in Properties -> Subtitles section (Hardcoded subtitles)
    • Added: Demuxing all subtitles at once
    • Fixed: DTS size calculation for AVCHD
    • Fixed: if order in job list was changed during conversion checkboxes were not assigned to current encoding job
    • Fixed: incorrect --sar values if source had aspect ratio higher than 1.33 and lower than 1.56 (for example 624x464)
    • Fixed: All empty temp folders will be removed
    • Fixed: .avs scripts did not work in RipBot264 with AviSynth 2.5.8
    • Fixed: AVCHD incompatible resolution error even if video has correct resolution
    • Update: DGindex 1.5.5, BDSup2Sub 3.9.3, MediaInfo 0.7.17, x264 r1169

    Endringer for v1.14.0 - v1.14.1

    • Added: PCM, TrueHD and EAC3 can be optionally converted to FLAC
    • Added: muxing flac into .mkv
    • Fixed: Incorrect audio duration in uncompressed audio
    • Update: x264 r1162

    Endringer for v1.13.3 - v1.14.0

    • Added: Job queue can be modified during conversion. It is also possible to skip current job.
    • Added: real-time preview during croping
    • Added: support for wave64
    • Added: muxing .wav/.w64 to AVCHD structure
    • Added: muxing DVD subtitles (idx/sub) to matroska
    • Added: Blu-Ray subtitles (.sup) will be automatically converted to VobSub (.sub) if mkv container was selected
    • Added: Blu-Ray subtitles will be automatically resized to proper resolution if AVCHD was selected (1080p->720p for example)
    • Added: srt to sup conversion for 576p/480p (Warning: 576p subtitles are not visible on PS3!)
    • Added: warning message if resolution is not compatible with AVCHD
    • Added: FFdshow will be automatically set as preffered directshow decoder for H.264/VC-1/MPEG-2 in Windows 7 (thanks clsid for help with SetACL)
    • Added: OSD and subtitles in FFDShow will be automatically disabled
    • Changed: PCM, TrueHD and EAC3 will be always converted to .w64
    • Changed: Status color to dark blue
    • Changed: x264.exe renamed to x264_x86.exe (GUI won't kill x264.exe)
    • Fixed: script error if video had wav audio
    • Fixed: correct sar values were not applied for 704x576 and 704x480
    • Update: DGAVCDec 1.0.9, BDSup2Sub 3.8.2 eac3to 3.16, MediaInfo 0.7.16, MKVToolnix 2.9.0, Oggenc 2.85 aoTuVb5.7, TSMuxer 1.10.6, x264 r1158M

    Endringer for v1.13.2 - v1.13.3

    • Fixed: Not working FF/RWD/Chapters on some Blu-Ray players due to missing --aud --nal-hrd in command line
    • Updated: eac3to v3.12, TSMuxer v1.8.18

    Endringer for v1.13.1 - v1.13.2

    • Added: Support for 3 channel audio
    • Fixed: Not working chapters on some Blu-Ray players due to missing --fps value in command line (win64)
    • Fixed: too big undersize for Blu-Ray structure with added subtitles
    • Fixed: Audio profile , normalize value and ipod was not remembered
    • Fixed: Tempo values in script were not restored when user changed from NO AUDIO to audio file
    • Fixed: Incorrect muxing command in jobx_MuxFiles.cmd if 'NO AUDIO' was selected
    • Updated: x264 r1114, eac3to v3.11, DGIndex v1.5.4, MediaInfo v0.7.11, MKVToolnix v2.4.2, ssatosrt r2

    Endringer for v1.13.0 - v1.13.1

    • Changed: 'NO AUDIO' option moved to audio combobox
    • Fixed: Bitrate and size wasn't calculated according to changes made in avs script (for example added trim function or AssumeFps)
    • Fixed: Haali Media Splitter wasn't detected if OS was set for negative timezone (for example : USA , Canada and so on)
    • Fixed: Language combobox wasn't enabled when user selected video and audio separatedly
    • Fixed: Copy Stream wasn't available if audio extension contained capital letters (.AC3 instead of .ac3 for example)
    • Updated: x264 r1109M , eac3to v3.07

    Endringer for v1.12.0 - v1.13.0

    • Added: support for x264 64bit (up to 10% faster encoding)
    • Added: if COPY STREAM is not selected assumeFPS will also adjust audio speed (easy 25 -> 23.976 conversion)
    • Added: custom resize profile with locked aspect ratio
    • Added: always first VST_01_x.vob will be indexed instead of VIDEO_TS.VOB
    • Added: language combobox for audio stream
    • Added: support for .sup subtitles (Warning!!! Original 1080p .sup WILL NOT be visible in 720p!!!)
    • Added: support for .ass .ssa subtitles in mkv container
    • Added: chapter extraction from .mp4
    • Added: UAC manifest (from now on you don't have to disable UAC)
    • Added: FFDshow DV decoder will be automatically enabled if necessary
    • Added: BD-25 size
    • Changed: Audio delay for convenient moved to Properties
    • Changed: .ts and .m2t files will be decoded via DirectShowSource instead of DGIndex or DGAVCdec (Reason: Faster decoding with FFDshow MT)
    • Changed: Audio from .ts and .m2t files will be demuxed in one pass
    • Changed: A/V same length combobox removed. CUT function is now always on (Audio and Video will always have the same lenght)
    • Changed: 'Tahoma' font to 'Consolas' (Installed by default in Windows Vista and 7)
    • Fixed: Bug which always resets VC-1 decoder to libavcodec. Default decoder is now wmv9 (Reason: Supports interlaced material)
    • Fixed: error 'Couldn't import DownMix2Stereo.avs'
    • Fixed: jobs.ini will be created immediately after creating new job
    • Update: x264 r1092M , eac3to v3.06 , Oggenc 2.85 aoTuVb5.61 , MediaInfo v0.7.10

    Endringer for v1.11.5 - v1.12.0

    • Added: tesa motion algorithm (Veeeeeerrryyy Sloooooowwww)
    • Added: -seektoiframes to eac3to command line (better compatibility)
    • Added: correct sar values if source resolution is 1440x1080 or 1280x1080
    • Added: support for .mov
    • Added: support for weird 5 channel audio (always downmixed to stereo)
    • Fixed: If 'Keep Jobs queue' was checked along with 'shutdown when finished' jobs were deleted after conversion
    • Fixed: Files were not muxed into mkv container if subtitles didn't have specified language
    • Fixed: If source had 720x576 or 720x480 resolution and 'Do not resize' was selected sar was always 1:1
    • Fixed: SD-PAL 2.35 and 2.40 resize profiles had wrong addborders values (2.35 should have 70 (not 75) and 2.40 should have 75 (not 70))
    • Fixed: Registry error if value didn't exist
    • Fixed: AnyDVD won't be closed automatically by RipBot264
    • Updated: DGAVCDec 1.0.7 , eac3to v2.87 , MediaInfo 0.7.8 , MP4BOX 0.4.5 , x264 r1066M,

    Endringer for v1.11.4 - v1.11.5

    • Added: chapters extraction from DVD
    • Fixed: Registry error
    • Fixed: 'invalid integer value' error if R-frames and B-frames were higher than 9
    • Fixed: calculation formula for Blu-Ray structure with subtitles
    • Changed: maxbitrate and buffer size increased to 25000 (HIGH PROFILE 4.0)
    • Update: Aften r832 , eac3to v2.78 , MediaInfo v0.7.7.8 , x264 r1029

    Endringer for v1.11.3 - v1.11.4

    • Added: Warning message if UAC is enabled
    • Added: RipBot264 will automatically enable decoding for MPEG-1/2 and M-JPEG in FFDShow if necessary
    • Fixed: Weird stuttering (it was caused by convertfps=true)

    Endringer for v1.11.2 - v1.11.3

    • Fixed: Wrong ffdshow registry path for 64-bit OS
    • Fixed: AVCHD compatibility is back (--aud --nal-hrd)
    • Updated: eac3to v2.77,x264 r1028 with HRD patch

    Endringer for v1.11.1 - v1.11.2

    • Added: RipBot264 will automatically enable decoding for WMV1/2/3 and VC-1 in FFDShow if necessary
    • Added: .m2ts outside blu-ray structure will also allow to select streams
    • Fixed: (E)AC3 EX , Surround , Headphone streams detection
    • Fixed: 'invalid integer value' if Deblocking sensitivity was lower than 0
    • Fixed: Abort button didn't kill correctly all running threads (old bug since v1.10.2)
    • Updated: x264 r1028

    Endringer for v1.11.0 - v1.11.1

    • Fixed: (E)AC3 EX , Surround , Headphone streams are now detected
    • Updated: x264 r1026

    Endringer for v1.10.7 - v1.10.8

    • Added: Codec changes for latest x264 (do not use older profiles)
    • Fixed: MaxBitrate and BufferSize have been restored to 30000 (reason: tvix does not like higher values)
    • Fixed: removed progress in log during muxing to blu-ray structure
    • Updated: x264 r999 , eac3to v2.66

    Endringer for v1.10.6 - v1.10.7

    • Added: 720x576 profile in size section
    • Added: 'Delete temp file' checkbox
    • Added: 'ExecuteAnyDVD' option in .ini
    • Added: Demuxing process will be automatically repeated if eac3to generates .gaps files.
    • Changed: If source is .evo or m2ts belongs to bluray structure selected streams will be demuxed in one pass
    • Changed: MKV na MP4 are now decoded via DirectShowSource()
    • Fixed: FFDshow is now correctly detected under x64 OS
    • Fixed: Shorten log files (Progress will not be written into log files)
    • Updated: DGAVCDec v1.0.2 , eac3to v2.65 , MediaInfo v. , MKVToolnix v2.3.0 , TSMuxer v1.8.8 , x264 r994 , NicAudio v2.0.2

    Endringer for v1.10.4 - v1.10.6

    • Added: progress during demuxing audio (except avi,flv and vob)
    • Added: FastFirstPassin2passMode in .ini (1=fast first pass , 0=full slow first pass)
    • Changed: resize profiles have been renamed
    • Changed: Level 4.1 has been changed to Level 4.0 (Reason: some devices do not accept anything above Lv4.0. For example Tvix. Quality settings has not been changed! It's just cosmetic change)
    • Fixed: if eac3to reported DTS-Audio as 'DTS' audio stream was omitted (only in blu-ray structure)
    • Updated: DGAVCDec a35,eac3to 2.59,FFmpeg r14675, FFmpegSource 1.21,x264 r956

    Endringer for v1.10.3 - v1.10.4

    • Fixed: 5.1 Audio profile was missing if audio had 8 channels
    • Fixed: Missing wav.bmp file
    • Fixed: Sometimes .evos files were not combined
    • Fixed: 'No compatible ACM codec to decode 0x0055 audio strem to PCM' error
    • Updated: x264 r912 , eac3to v2.52

    Endringer for v1.10.2 - v1.10.3

    • Fixed: mp4s encoded for iPOD were not compatible with iTunes after 1.9.10
    • Fixed: DTS Hi-res detection (not Hi-Res DTS -> silly error :)
    • Fixed: Calculation formula for DTS 1536kbps should not give oversized file in Blu-Ray structure
    • Updated: x264 r892 , DGAVCDec a26 , eac3to 2.51

    Endringer for v1.9.8 - v1.10.2

    • Added: From now on user can specify which Audio,video stream wants to demux from Blu-Ray and HD-DVD structure
    • Fixed: Hi-Res DTS audio will be detected and converted to core DTS
    • Updated: x264 r891 , eac3to v2.49 , DGAVCDec a25

    Endringer for v1.9.7 - v1.9.8

    • Added: avi,divx,mkv,mp4 decoded via FFmpegSource (except mkv with VC1)
    • Added: Pulldown flags detection in VOB (if detected VOB will be treated as Film)
    • Added: Joining splitted evos
    • Added: Possibility to disable m2ts splitting via .ini
    • Fixed: evo video remuxing
    • Fixed: pcm audio after demuxing from m2ts was not converted to flac
    • Fixed: DTS size calculation (BETA2)
    • Updated: x264 r877

    Endringer for v1.9.6 - v1.9.7

    • Added: support for HD-DVD (*.evo)
    • Added: 4GB splitting for Blu-Ray (Reason: FAT32 on flashdrives)
    • Replaced: FGO with Psy RDO (Always enabled)
    • Updated: x264 r869 , MediaInfo v0.7.7.1

    Endringer for v1.9.5 - v1.9.6

    • Added: .flv (flash video) support
    • Added: Chapters are now demuxed from .mkv and automatically used in Blu-Ray structure
    • Fixed: Jobs in some cases could have the same number.
    • Fixed: DTS calculation for Blu-ray (Still in Beta however)
    • Updated: x264 r859 , DGIndex 1.5.0 Final

    Endringer for v1.9.4 - v1.9.5

    • Added: Film Grain Optymalization (--fgo 10 medium safe strength)
    • Added: .ass subtitles are also extracted from mkv
    • Fixed: Mpeg2 AAC audio instead of Mpeg4 AAC (It was a bug in old mp4box)
    • Fixed: logging to file (Logs wasn't created correctly)
    • Fixed: audio extraction from AVI (PCM audio was extracted with .pcm extension instead of .wav)
    • Updated: eac3to v2.46 , MediaInfo v0.7.7.0 , MSU Denoiser 2.5 , ssatostr

    Endringer for v1.9.3 - v1.9.4

    • Fixed: audio extraction from avi
    • Fixed: #Delay audio section in script is now above #Tempo

    Endringer for v1.9.2 - v1.9.3

    • Added: GPU Denoiser with two profiles (old movie and old anime)
    • Added: All subtitles are automatically demuxed from mp4 and mkv
    • Added: SRT support for Blu-Ray
    • Added: Possibility to mux many subtitles
    • Added: Automatic DTS-core extraction
    • Added: Decimate 119.88 -> 23.976
    • Added: Option in .ini responsible for how DGIndex treats NTSC source (Default settings will ignore all flags so if your source is FILM 23.976 then use AssumeFPS 23.976)
    • Fixed: Aften AC3 encoder didn't encode whole file in some cases
    • Updated: x264 , TsMuxer and so on

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