V3i error 35 02

v3i error 35 02

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ZF factory Richard watch 35-02 carbon fiber

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v3i error 35 02 alt="">

I recently bought a Razr V3 on eBay, v3i error 35 02. The listing below shows that it is made by Motorola. The pictures are of an authentic Razr. However I received a counterfeit Razr.

PS &#; I wrote a quick guide on spotting counterfeit Motorola Razr V3&#;s (without disassembly).

If the phone would have worked, I wouldn&#;t have cared. But it wouldn&#;t get a signal with my SIM, so I complained and got a refund.

I decided to purchase an authentic Razr V3 to for a comparison teardown.
The authentic black Razr is on the left. The counterfeit silver Razr is on the right.

The most obvious error on the fake phone &#; the keyboard is the wrong color! It should be reflective silver, not black.

The display and UI looks very similar between the phones. I couldn&#;t tell a difference. The counterfeit phone was significantly quicker than the real phone (we&#;ll mac error code 10813 out why, shortly). It&#;s fun to look at an older mobile UX. I noticed a few interesting things. The camera is buried underneath two submenus, image filenames are shown when opening each image, and each V3i error 35 02 text is separate (texts aren&#;t organized into conversations).

The counterfeit phone looks new from the outside, but contains a dirty (used) motherboard. This is odd. In the picture above, you can see wear marks from a grounding clip that was never installed. It seems the counterfeit phone has a used motherboard?

On the back of the board, the counterfeit phone&#;s EMI shielding is rusting. Hm&#;

On the front of the motherboard:

Authentic (left)Counterfeit (right)
  • Freescale SCVKP Baseband Processor
  • Intel L0YBQ0 Mbit Flash and 64 Mbit SRAM
  • Murata LBMA1U4AU which contains:
    Broadcom BCMKWB Bluetooth / Controller
  • Freescale MCF Front End RF IC
  • SAWTEK RF Filter
  • Freescale SCVKP Baseband Processor
    (this is a newer model than the authentic processor, hence why this phone seems faster)
  • ST M36L0R Mbit Flash and 32 Mbit SRAM
  • Unlabeled package containing:
    Broadcom BCMKWB Bluetooth / Controller
  • RF Micro Devices RF Front End RF IC
Authentic (left)Counterfeit (right)
  • Motorola F02 PMIC and Audio
  • Skyworks SKY GSM PMIC and Tx
  • Freescale SCP23A PMIC and Audio
  • RF Micro Devices RF GSM PMIC and Tx

Moving on to the display, there aren&#;t many differences between the two.

I suspect the camera module is made by the same manufacturer.

The flexible keypad circuit are quite similar.

However, v3i error 35 02, the difference in keypad cover&#;s quality is outstanding when held up to the light.

The frame and hinge mechanism are almost identical, albeit the counterfeit is made of more fragile plastic.

I don&#;t have closure on this yet &#; I can&#;t decide if the counterfeit phone has an authentic motherboard or not.

First, there are significant differences between the two motherboards. This could be a difference between the Russian and English variants, but I doubt it. It could also be differences between two revisions. Nowdays, a phone isn&#;t likely to receive such a major internal overhaul and still be sold as the exact same model, but I&#;m not sure if that was true in

Second, the counterfeit phone&#;s motherboard is used. It has wear markings that indicate it was likely from an authentic Razr. I think it&#;s more believable that a working phone&#;s motherboard was refurbished, v3i error 35 02, not a counterfeit&#;s motherboard.

Either way, it&#;s a testament to the Razr&#;s popularity that counterfeits versions are still being sold today (15 years later, as of ).

v3i error 35 02


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