Track_errors = on

track_errors = on

Php – Directive 'track_errors' is deprecated. mysqlphpphpstormweb-services. I'm a total beginner to PHP so please forgive my ignorance. So, if 'track_errors' is on, we preserve * the $php_errormsg value and restore it later. If 'track_errors' is not on, we turn it on (because * we need it). enable logging of php memory leaks; php_flag report_memleaks on; # preserve most recent error via php_errormsg; php_flag track_errors on.

That: Track_errors = on

Ht upct loader.exe error
Freesoft ru error html
Track_errors = on
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It's been working for ages and stopped. I must be missing something obvious.

File /etc/php5/apache2/php.ini relevant settings are:

In my code I have:

I see "About to log" on the page, but nothing in the error log, track_errors = on. How can I fix this?

mlemos mlemos answer at 2011-02-22 16

Restart the Web server. Until you do changes are not considered.

Also, if you want to track PHP errors, you need to have andtrack_errors = on, although that is not related with calls. Also make sure that the error log file is writeable by the Web server user.

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