Terrorist take down 2 free download

terrorist take down 2 free download

Terrorist Takedown 2: US Navy Seals is a first-person shooter video game developed and published by CI Games. It was first release for Microsoft Windows. Shooter Terrorist Takedown 2 invites the gamer to become the head of a special task force and visit the Middle Eastern hot spots. Buy % official licensed Terrorist Takedown 2 DRM-free game for PC - no activation code needed to play.

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Terrorist Takedown 2 HD Game download

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Genre: Action

The war on terror is raging. Violence is escalating. Time and again, civilians are being kidnapped for ransom. Despite earlier assertions, the government takes up negotiations to free the hostages. At the same time, they also send a special unit of the US Navy Seals just in case the negotiations take a little too long


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Terrorist Takedown 2 : US Navy Seals
PEGI Rating 16

Terrorist Takedown 2 : US Navy Seals

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TFace extremely dangerous and desperate opponents. They work in teams and can crouch up on you from behind, surround you, call in reinforcements, sneak up, give each other cover or, when they are wounded, retreat from the battlefield or seek cover behind the nearest obstructions.

  • Thrilling and captivating storyline, based on actual world events
  • Varied areas of action: Arab towns and bazaars, mountain ravines, caverns and derelict military bases, and even an ancient Persian palace.
  • Incredible game physics, based on the Havok engine, provide the player with a dynamic environment
  • Fantastic opponent AI, dynamic lighting and impressive special effects thanks to the Jupiter EX engine
  • Multiplayer: battles between special units of different countries!

Terrorist Takedown 2is based on the Jupiter EX engine, which had previously been used among others in the famous F.E.A.R. The “2” in the title stands for a new quality brought into the series. Immerse yourself in a modern game environment with realistic physics and fantastic visual effects: the bullets rip plaster from the walls, clouds of dust are everywhere and you can see sparks from the guns, pieces of concrete falling off and faithfully recreated roughness of all flat surfaces.

System requirement :
  • Windows /XP/Vista
  • DirectX c
  • Processor GHz
  • MB of RAM
  • Video Card: Ati Radeon or GeForce4 Ti with 64 MB RAM
  • 3 GB of Hard Drive Space
  • DirectX c compatible sound card

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