System configuration data error

system configuration data error

When this error message shows up, it means that the Windows Boot Manager cannot function properly because of a problem with the Boot. Recovery Your PC needs to be repaired The Boot Configuration Data for your PC is missing or contains errors. File: \Boot\BCD Error code. How to Fix 'Bad System Config Info' Error in Windows · 1. Try Restarting Your Computer · 2. Roll Back Windows Update · 3. Check your RAM and Hard.

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How to Fix Windows BCD Boot Erros 0xc0000098 0xc000000f 0xc0000034

Read error - SOLUTION system configuration data

  • Satellite AD - BIOS - System Configuration data read error

    After starting a Satellite AD laptop computer, the following error message appears:

  • Computer laptop Gateway does not load windows Vista, reads configuration data read error: System.

    OK a friend knows me to fix his laptop. Apparently what she was experiencing major problems, so he erased the disc and tried to reinstall Win Vista from disk. Will not work. I can get to where you can choose a partition to install the operating system to, and it says: Windows cannot find a system volume that meets its criteria for installation. My friend says he has just tried, form disassemble the computer an audit of all the parties to try ALL the different options during installation, as well as the options for the BIOS. Any lili usb creator boot error people? Here are the approximate specifications, because the owner has not been able to get the computer working for awhile:
    4 GHz, 4 GB RAM computer Gateway laptop,Phoenix TrustedCore, and a string of other interesting info that appears on the first screen of the error:

    9D BIOS version

    K RAM passed system
    M extended RAM passed
    KB of L2 Cache
    System BIOS with a shadow
    Video BIOS with a shadow
    ATAPI CD-ROM: Optiarc DVD RW AD has
    Fixed disk 0: WDC WDBEVSVATO
    Initialized the mouse
    Updated System Configuration data
    System Configuration data read error.

    I'm not very tech savy and I'm not the owner of the PC, so I don't know all about it so go easy on me :).

    If your friend tried to reinstall Windows by using the defined gateway recovery disc (and this is the best way) and this recovery fails, the laptop has hardware problems. Disassemble laptops is a fickle business at best and while it sounds like the hardware problems started before your friend did this, it may have put the nails in the coffin of the laptop to take apart.

    At this point, you can try troubleshooting hardware or your friend can take the laptop to a competent professional (not a type of BigComputerStore/GeekSquad of the place). However, if the laptop has had hard use, your friend must remember that a cell of 4 years with major hardware problems probably won't be cost effective to repair. MS - MVP - Elephant Boy computers - don't panic!

  • Equium AD - 13 X - Configration system data read error


    I have a problem with my Equium AD - 13 X laptop, everytime I turn on my laptop it starts and loads the initial startup screen as usual, Toshiba once asked that loud "BEEP" comes from my laptop, and lists the following information:

    Phoenix TrustredCore (tm) NB
    Copyright Phoenix Technologies Ltd.
    All rights reserved

    Herring of the ITA (DDR2 + T/RSM/SB)
    CPU speed = MHz

    K system sql 2000 union sql 2005 conversion error RAM
    M extended RAM passed
    KB of L2 Cache
    Occult system BIOS
    Video BIOS with system configuration data error shadow
    Fixed disk 0: WDC WBEVTSCSTO
    Fixed disk 1: Hitachi HTSK9SA00
    Initialized the mouse
    System Configuration data read error


  • Satellite AAH6: Error Message: System CMOS checksum bad after BIOS update

    I've updated my laptop Satellite A - AH6 PSAE0C (Bios and graphic update) after the installation of Toshiba Power Saver.
    I downloaded the update of the BIOS on the Site of Toshiba and flashed my BIOS.

    After reboot and all start/stop that I do now, I get a black screen (splash screen) with these details listed thus:

    Updated System Configuration data
    check date and time
    System CMOS checksum bad - default configuration used

    Can someone help me please?
    If anything, I would just restore my old BIOS, if possible.

    Please, someone help!


    Have you tried to access the BIOS and tried to set it to default settings?
    Isn't it? Do this!

    By pressing the F2 key, you would be able to access the BIOS. Set the BIOS back to default settings and set up.
    Then start the laptop again and system configuration data error if the same notification will appear on the screen.

    Welcome them

  • Satellite P Vista Ultimate - boot configuration data read error

    I have a Toshiba Satellite P running Vista Ultimate.

    Recently I started having a problem after restarting after the installation of vista updates. In fact, it will not start at all and gives system configuration data error the following message on a black screen.

    Windows could not start. A recent change in hardware or software can cause of bethe. To solve the problem:

    1. Insert your windows installation disc, and then restart your computer
    2. choose your language settings, and then click Next.
    3. click on "repair your 500 internal server error error jib, rf you do not have this system configuration data error contact your manufacturer aministrator or the computer of the help system.

    File: \Boot\BCD

    Status: 0xcc

    Info: An error occurred trying to read the boot configuration data.

    The only way I can fix it to insert the recovery dvd and click on repair. This levonorgestrol only when the computer restarts after an update. If I manually turn off the computer, then on start up fine.

    I don't want to put automatic offf to update more because I think system configuration data error are important from the safety point of view, however, this situation is not acceptable.

    Can someone please help.
    I have a screenshot of the error, but have reproduced the information above.


    In my opinion, there is something wrong with your mater boot (MBR) of the drive and therefore the bootloader causes an error.

    Usually, you might be able to fix it using the original disk of Vista but it s really strange that this problem still occurs after the update to vista.

    In my eyes, you should really check if the same problem would happen using the Toshiba factory settings and configuration.

    Good luck

  • Equium P t - system error writing Configuration data

    Salvation message for the first time

    I have a Toshiba Equium P t and it has developed an error starting on the screen, it says

    System error writing Configuration data
    F1 - F2 CV - Bios settings

    When it appears that I can't get the option of recovery for work the bios settings seem to be completely in-accessible.

    This error appears just under the version number of the bios and the specifications of the RAM, just after the toshiba screen. The laptop is also a beep which I think is its length bios error code just two beeps very loud and even with a very short break inbetween

    On the page that appears after F1 (curriculum vitae) is pressed it shows just an another two options that are
    F2 - Setup F12 Multiboot Menu selection

    None of these options no matter what and the system is just idle on this screen.

    Obviously, system configuration data error, without the bios menu there is not much I can do

    Really research help solve this problem as im not very clued up fatal error no virtual joystick the configurations of the system

    Oh and incase it allows BIOS version - PhoenixBIOS release

    Thanks in advance

    Hi mate

    It would be interesting to know if the HARD drive is listed in the BIOS.
    Could you if you please check this?
    In the BIOS, you should see the HARD drive and HARD drive details
    If it is not visible, then that would mean that the HARD drive is faulty and therefore the operating system cannot be started.

    In this case, the HARD disk needs to be changed.

  • Satellite A - system error writing configuration data


    Cannot start. On the start screen have the message: write data the system configuration error. Only options F1(setup defaults) and F2 (setup). This occurs after flashing the BIOS.

    Computer laptop satellite A model PSAFJE.
    BIOS file was: M10A ROM

    Its possible flash from the BIOS? Maybe isn't here document key or combination of keys?

    Any ideas?


    Post edited by: Arturas


    > This happens after flashing the BIOS.

    Looks like something was wrong with the Bios flashing procedure. System configuration data error reflash the bios you back base Bios and usb floppy.

  • When I try to use msconfig, I get an error message that reads; SYSTEM CONFIGURATION XRX55 __

    When you try to use the system setup, I get system configuration data error following error message.
    An access denied error was returned while attempting to change a service.  You may need to log on using an asministrator account to make specific changes.  I am logged in as administrator on the computer.  I used to be able to make these changes up until October system configuration data error November   I think that something could change when the automatic updates have been downloaded.


    Welcome to Microsoft Windows 7 answers Forum!

    Could you please answer these money questions?

    (a) do you have the latest changes on your computer?

    (b) error only occurs with the system configuration utility?

    Method 1:

    This issue may also occur if your computer security program blocking the system configuration utility, so disable the security program and check the issue.

    Method 2:

    If the steps provided above don't resolve the issue, and then create a new user profile.

    You must create a new user account and check the question of do you need to follow the steps below.

    Open user accounts by clicking the Start button, clicking Control Panel, clicking user accounts and family safety, then clicking on user accounts.

    Click on manage another account. If you are prompted for an administrator password or a confirmation, type the password or provide confirmation.

    Click on create a new account.

    Type the name you want to assign to the user account, click an account type, and then click on create an account.

    Now search for the question.

    If the problem is resolved, then you can follow the link below to the difficulty of the corrupted user profile.

    For reference:

    Thank you, and in what concerns:

    Suresh Kumar-Microsoft Support.

    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forumand let us know what you think.

  • Unable to start Win8. Error: "0xc. "The system configuration data error configuration data file contains no valid information for an operating system".

    Original title: Windows 8 will not start

    I have a pre installed Windows 8 pro and have therefore no disks in the system. It does not start, but I get a message from the "Windows Boot Manager" with the message "Windows couldn't boot". «, etc, etc and told to contact the ' system administrator or computer manufacturer» "then the information:
    File: \BCD
    Status: 0xc
    Info: the boot configuration data file contains no valid information for an operating system.

    How can I get it back? Can I get a system disk or can I do?

    Hi David,

    Thank you for getting back to us with additional information.

    If you have another computer with Windows 7 or Vista installed, you can create Windows 8 DVD installation of this system. But you need to get the product key Windows 8 of the manufacturer of the computer. Please refer to this link and create a DVD of Windows 8.

    Hope this information is useful.

  • data has been replaced before it can be read by the system


    I use a flow sensor that creates a frequency output and which connected to my PCIE, system configuration data error. When I run it, it works for a few seconds and then gives an error, system configuration data error. Error ' data has been replaced before it can be read by the system. " I also tested with a pulse rather than the flow sensor generator, and the error only when I changed the frequency. How can I solve this prolem?

    Thanks in advance!

    Thank you for your answers, Bob.

    I got it now works, the problem was that I was using continuous samples. I am now a single sample with a while loop and it works.

  • the API system configuration error and freezes

    I used successfully the API system configuration to detect and read information on a PXI chassis.

    But now, when I try to initialize and collated all information runtime error 1004 odbc error a simple VI, the system returns error and crashes before the end of the VI.  Based on that the stop button does not work and I have to either soft or hard reboot the machine.

    I have attached a screenshot of it in a frozen state and error, like a report of what is installed on my system.

    The only thing I can think has changed since this last worked has been upgraded my MAX and other pilots from to and then the latest version as of today.

    It is usually the generic error, which means that some external code access violated the integrity of the system and the memory is likely to have been corrupted in the process. Since it is a NI API system AND it seems to have worked before, I guess it's not a bad disigned call library node, but a form of bribery in external code library itself which implements the API of the System Configuration.

    Reinstalling may solve the problem.

  • The Event Viewer error on startup: "the scheduled task of CARPET met a failure during configuration data collection. HR = 0xCF00E.

    I use Windows XP with AMD system configuration data error clocked at Ghz and 2 GB of RAM. This error appears in the event viewer whenever my computer starts. I don't know if it's doing any harm. can someone advise?

    original title: the scheduled task of CARPET met a failure during configuration data collection. HR = 0xCF00E

    Hello Steven,

    Did you ever receive notifications that a virus or malware has been removed from your system recently?

    My only thought is that it is the remains of an infection on your machine.

    It is most likely harmless, but I don't understand why you'd be concerned.

    Do you have any task scheduled to run at startup using Task Scheduler built into Windows?

    I would check to see if there are tasks to run at startup:

  • wuauclt.exe... application error the instruction at 0xc referenced memory at 0xb could not be read error whenever I start up system.

    Original title: application error the instruction at 0xc referenced memory at 0xb can not be read


    Get this message every time I start starting System I have XP and the system is fairly new I happen to buy and download a new version of "Registry Mechanic" and this question popped up a few days after I started using it If safe to say He must have done something.

    Anything goes wrong always fast system, and no further questions, but who want to fix the error of what I can take. Please notify :-)

    Thank you!



    Step 1: Perform the clean boot on the computer.

    From your computer by using a minimal set of drivers and startup programs so that you can determine if a background program is interfering with your game or program. This type of boot is known as a "clean boot".

    How to configure Windows XP to start in a "clean boot" State

    When you are finished troubleshooting, follow these steps to reset the computer to start as usual:
    1. click on Startand then click run.
    2. type msconfigand click OK.

    The System Configuration Utility dialog box appears.

    3. click on the general tab, click Normal batman arkham asylum wrong disk error - load all services and device drivers and then click OK.
    4. When prompted, click on restart to restart the computer.

    Step 2: Perform SFC (System File Checker) scan on the computer.

    SFC tool scans system files and replaces incorrect versions of system files by using the correct versions.

    1. open an administrator command prompt, system configuration data error. To do this, click Start, click principally made programs, system configuration data error, Accessories, right-click guest, and run time error 521 click run as administrator.

    If you are prompted for an administrator password or for confirmation, system configuration data error, type the password or provide confirmation.

    2. at the command prompt, type the following line and press ENTER:


  • Cannot open the Adobe reader protected mode due to incompatibility with your system configuration.

    Original title: trying to open a PDF file problems

    I use Windows 7 on a bit computer with Firefox and Adobe Reader X 1.  Try to open a PDF with any application or attempt to open Adobe Reader via the icon programs, product now the following error message:

    «Adobe reader could not open system configuration data error mode due to incompatibility with the system configuration you.» Want to open Acrobat Reader with protected Mode off? "Answer either 'Yes' to this question produces:"Adobe could not load the DLL base. "

    On other occasions, trying to open the pdf file has directed me to an interface recommending me to open it with my Canon printer.  Try to change the default program used on a PDF file generates the above error messages previously.

    I reinstalled Adobe and who did it.  Clearly a problem for Adobe.  Regret not having tried that earlier, I thought that it couldn't be that simple.

  • 0xcf: Error attempting to read the boot configuration data

    Get the fix to &#;0xcf: error attempting to read the boot configuration data&#; boot error for Windows 10, 11, XP, Vista, 7, or 8 operating systems.


    About the &#;0xcf&#; error

    The following information on this error has been compiled by NeoSmart Technologies, system configuration data error, based on the information gathered and reported by our global network of engineers, developers, and technicians or partner organizations.

    Description and Symptoms

    The error messages, alerts, warnings, and symptoms below are tied to this error.

    Symptom 1: 0xcf error screen on startup

    As a part of the system startup procedure, the BOOTMGR bootloader first introduced in Windows Vista and used in all later versions of Windows, including Windows 7, Windows 8(.1), and Windows 10, uses a database of entries and configuration options known as the BCD (Boot Configuration Database), which acts as a global store for all boot-related options and settings on newer Windows PCs. However, if the BCD file is not found, then a &#;0xcf&#; error appears and the boot process is halted.

    The following is a screenshot of this error as it appears during the Windows Vista and Windows 7 startup:

    Win7 0xcf startup error

    Windows failed to start. A recent hardware or software change might be the cause. To fix the problem: 1. Insert your Windows installation disc and restart your computer. 2, system configuration data error. Choose your language settings, and then click "Next." 3. Click "Repair your computer." If you do not have this disc, contact your system administrator or computer manufacturer for assistance. File: \Boot\BCD Status: 0xcf Info: An error occurred while attempting to read the boot system configuration data error nokia n900 qutim parameter error here is what this error looks like on Windows 8, Windows and Windows

    Win8 0xcf startup error

    Recovery Your PC needs to be repaired The Boot Configuration Data for your PC is missing or contains errors. File: \Boot\BCD Error code: 0xcf You'll need to use the recovery tools on your installation media. If you don't have any installation media(like a disc or USB device), contact your system administrator or PC manufacturer.

    Causes of this Error

    This error has been known to occur as a result of one or more of the following:

    Cause 1: BCD is missing or corrupt

    One hdd self test error read failure hp the most common causes of this error is the BCD that became missing or corrupt. That could happen because of disk write errors, power outages, boot sector viruses, or errors made while configuring the BCD manually.

    Cause 2: File system integrity compromised

    For the same reasons, the file system itself may become corrupt or damaged. That happens even more often if one turns off a PC while it is in the middle of writing crucial data to the boot sector.

    Cause 3: HDD data cable is faulty

    Like all components of our PC&#;s, hard drive data cables tend to deteriorate as the time passes. If the same cable is used for several years(or even across several different computers), then it might be the cause of periodic read/write errors that can affect the loading process.

    Fixing &#;0xcf&#; on Windows

    Windows Setup CD/DVD Required!
    Some of the solutions below require the use of the Microsoft Windows setup CD or DVD. If your PC did not come with a Windows installation disc or if you no longer have your Windows setup media, you can system configuration data error Easy Recovery Essentials for Windows instead. EasyRE will automatically find and fix many problems, and can also be used to solve this problem with the directions below.

    Fix #1: Rebuild BCD via Easy Recovery Essentials

    Easy Recovery Essentials&#; one-click automated system repair feature incorporates full repair and reconstruction of the BCD to resolve the &#;0xcf&#; error, even in cases where Windows won&#;t boot as a result of the error.

    The automated boot repair component of EasyRE will address all BCD-related issues, fixing the BCD or recreating it from scratch using the correct encoding and path for the partition that is refusing to load properly.

    Easy Recovery Essentials is guaranteed to fix the &#;0xcf&#; error automatically using its built-in Automated Repair option. EasyRE is currently available for Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8 and can be downloaded and created on any PC.

    1. Download Easy Recovery Essentials. Make sure to note your Windows version (XP, Vista, 7 or 8) before you download EasyRE. This guide can help you identify what version of Windows you have installed.
    2. Burn the image. Follow these instructions on how to burn the bootable ISO image very carefully, as making a bootable CD can be tricky! Alternatively, these instructions explain how to create a bootable EasyRE recovery USB stick/drive.
    3. Boot up your PC from the Easy Recovery Essentials CD or USB you created.
    4. Once EasyRE is running, choose the &#;Automated Repair&#; system configuration data error and click.
      EasyRE Home

      Choose &#;Automated Repair&#; in Easy Recovery Essentials

    5. After EasyRE scans your computer&#;s drives, identify and select the drive letter for system configuration data error Windows installation from the list, and then click on the button to begin.
      EasyRE displays a list of found Windows operating systems

      Choose the drive associated with the Windows installation you&#;re trying to repair.

    6. Easy Recovery Essentials will start analyzing the selected drive for problems. EasyRE will test for and attempt to automatically correct errors with the disk, partition, bootsector, system configuration data error, filesystem, bootloader, and registry. No intervention is required, as EasyRE&#;s repair is fully automated:
      EasyRE: Automated Repair

      Easy Recovery Essentials searches for errors and makes corrections to the selected Windows installation.

    7. Once the process is complete, EasyRE will report its findings, system configuration data error. Click on the button to reboot your PC and test the changes.
    8. The &#;0xcf&#; error should now be fixed as your PC begins to load:
      EasyRE: Automated Repair

      Windows, booting up successfully.

    You can download Easy Recovery Essentials from here.

    Fix #2: Make sure no additional devices are plugged in

    Before jumping into the command line or Startup Repair, it’s best to try another restart with the fewest number of devices and external drives plugged into the computer, system configuration data error. This will make sure that nothing that was recently added to the computer isn’t causing this issue. It would be best to unplug any recent USB drives, CDs, system configuration data error, DVDs etc. This includes a memory card reader too. Make sure that all external drives and USB keys or USB jump drives have been disconnected, then try again.

    Fix #3: Use Startup Repair to repair BOOTMGR

    On Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10 or 11, Startup Repair can be used to scan the system for damaged or missing system files to replace the BCD file if it is corrupt or missing.

    Windows Setup CD/DVD Required!
    Some of the solutions below require the use of the Microsoft Windows setup CD or DVD. If your PC did not come with a Windows installation disc or if you no longer have your Windows setup media, system configuration data error, you can use Easy Recovery Essentials for Windows instead. EasyRE will automatically find and fix many problems, and can also be used to solve this problem with the directions below.

    Startup Repair is an automated diagnosis and repair tool that is available from the System configuration data error setup disc and can be used to find and repair some common problems. More xcom terror psi traning about how Startup Repair operates and what it does can be found in our knowledgebase. The following steps will initiate Startup Repair from the Windows setup disc:

    Unable to boot into the Windows setup CD?
    See our guide on setting up a PC to boot from the CD or DVD for troubleshooting and more detailed instructions.

    1. Insert your Windows installation DVD into your PC&#;s CD-ROM drive,
    2. Fully power down your PC, and make sure it has fully shut off,
    3. Power up your PC,
    4. Press any key when you see &#;Press any key to boot from CD or DVD.&#;
    5. Click the link titled &#;Repair your computer&#; in the bottom-lefthand corner, after first selecting your language and keyboard options.
      Windows 7 setup Install Now dialog, with repair your computer link
    6. Wait for Startup Repair to scan your PC for Windows installations, then select your install from the list it shows:
      Startup repair lists available operating systems to repair.
    7. Choose &#;Startup Repair&#; from the list of available recovery options to begin:
      Startup Repair lists all available recovery options, <i>system configuration data error</i>, choose a recovery tool
    8. Startup Repair will begin scanning your installation for known issues and will attempt a repair, if possible.
      Windows Startup Repair is searching for problems

    Here is an example of what the PC’s startup repair should look like once the BCD file is properly restored:

    Missing BCD file restored by Startup Repair

    Missing BCD file restored by Startup Repair

    Fix #4: Rebuild the BCD manually

    Since the boot error is often caused by a missing BCD, rebuilding it is often a good solution.

    Here are the steps to rebuild system configuration data error BCD:

    1. Boot from the Windows install disc
    2. Click on Repair your computer after selecting proper language, time and keyboard input.
    3. Select the Windows installation drive, which is usuallyand click Next
    4. Choose Command Prompt when the System Recovery Options box appears
    5. Write the following command and press afterwards: bootrec /rebuildbcd
    6. If the program finds a Windows installation and asks whether it should add it to the boot list, press

    Here is an system configuration data error screenshot of what the PC&#;s console output should look like once Bootrec is done rebuilding the BCD.

    Bootrec utility results screen

    Bootrec utility results screen

    Fix #5: Check system configuration data error data cables, BIOS and drivers

    Unplug all HDD data cables, and then plug them again. Revert to the previous drivers and BIOS settings if they were changed, system configuration data error, or use &#;Restore factory settings&#; option in the BIOS. Make sure to write down all current BIOS settings that were previously selected, just in case it is required to switch back. If the error is caused by a change of the SATA disk controller’s mode in the BIOS or firmware, the fix can be as simple as entering the BIOS and toggling the SATA controller’s “mode” setting. The exact instructions differ from one manufacturer to the other, but the options will resemble what is shown in the screenshots below.

    To check the boot order, system configuration data error, follow these steps:

    1. Restart the computer
    2. Press the necessary key to open BIOS menu. This key depends on the computer manufacturer and computer model. This is usually listed on the first screen that appears on the monitor. It can be any of the following:,system configuration data error,or .
    3. If the screen shows multiple keys, find the key to open “BIOS”, “setup” or “BIOS menu”
    4. Attempt to toggle between all three (or more) modes until a combination that results in Windows booting successfully once more is found.
    BIOS loading screen

    Notice the key guide in the top-right corner

    BIOS configuration screen

    BIOS configuration screen

    Fix #6: Check your disk with CHKDSK utility

    If the hard drive has its system configuration data error integrity compromised, it is possible to use built-in Windows CHKDSK utility to scan the disk and fix the file system errors.

    Here are the steps to run CHKDSK:

    1. Boot from your Windows install disc
    2. Click on Repair your computer after selecting proper language, time and keyboard input.
    3. Select the Windows installation drive, which is usuallyand click Next
    4. Choose Command Prompt when the System Recovery Options box appears
    5. Write the following command and press afterwards: chkdsk C: /f

      Replace C: with the letter of the driver where Windows is installed.

    Here is an example of what the PC&#;s console output should look like once the is complete:

    Chkdsk utility results screen

    Chkdsk utility results screen

    More Information

    Linked Entries

    Support Links

    Applicable Systems

    This Windows-related knowledgebase article applies to the following operating systems:

    • Windows XP (all editions)
    • Windows Vista (all editions)
    • Windows 7 (all editions)
    • Windows 8 (all editions)
    • Windows (all editions)
    • Windows 10 (all editions)
    • Windows 11 (all editions)

    Propose an edit


    Give it more time to dry out.

    If the problem persisits, you may have to contact Gateway re replacing the Laptop Keyboard, etc Hardware:

    And if you ever need a Startup Repair disk in the future:

     Download the ISO file at the supplied link, and make a Bootable Startup Repair Disk from it.


    Go into your Bios/Setup, or Boot Menu, at startup, and change the Boot Order to make the DVD/CD drive 1st in the Boot Order, then reboot with the disk in the Drive.


    At startup/power on you should see at the bottom of the screen either F2 or DELETE, to go into Bios/Setup, system configuration data error, or F12 for the Boot Menu.


    When you have changed that, insert that Bootable Disk you have made in the Drive, system configuration data error, and reboot.



    Above link shows what the process looks like, and a how-to, as it loads to the Repair Options.


    Neosmart contains the contents of the Windows Vista DVD's "recovery center," as we've come to refer to it. It cannot be used to install or reinstall Windows Vista, and just serves as a Windows PE interface to recovering your PC. Technically, one could re-create this installation media with freely-downloadable media from Microsoft (namely the Microsoft WAIK kit, a multi-gigabyte download); but it's damn-decent of Microsoft to make this available to Windows' users who might not be capable of creating such a thing on their own.


    Read all info at the website about creating and using it.


    ISO Burner:

    It makes a very good Vista Startup Repair Disk.

    You can do a Startup Repair, System Restore, etc from it.

    It is NOT a reinstall disk.


    And the 32bit is what comes normally on a computer, unless 64bits requested.

    Mick Murphy - Microsoft Partner

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    system configuration data updated ERROR

    EntiatD wrote:

    > system configuration data updated ERROR,--Need a solution I have a
    > fairly new Gateway M laptop running windows vista 32 bit, system configuration data error, sp1.
    > I turned it on and beeped twice (beep, beep) and gave me an error
    > message that reads "system configuration data updated ERROR, system
    > configuration data read error"
    > Press f1 to continue f2 to enter set up.

    Click to expand

    The error message is coming from the BIOS. The "System Configuration
    Data" is information about the machine's hardware which is cached in
    CMOS memory this includes info about the hard disks etc. If this SCD
    gets damaged, then the machine cannot locate the hard disk, in order to
    boot up Windows.

    I'm not sure what BIOS is in system configuration data error gateway laptops; on an Award BIOS, 2
    short beeps means mag200 page loading error config data; so that would be pretty consistent.

    The most common cause of the CMOS failing is a dud battery - ie, not the
    main laptop power battery, but the very small battery on the motherboard
    which keeps the CMOS memory intact when the laptop is turned off, system configuration data error. These
    are quite easy to replace on big desktop machines (you can buy a
    replacement battery at any electronics shop); but it might be a lot
    harder/more fiddly to change one on system configuration data error laptop. If you can get it to a
    Gateway Support centre, I suspect that's your best bet.

    Other folks may have extra ideas, hope this helps a bit.

    amclar at optusnet dot com dot au


    7 Easy Ways to Fix Bad System Config Info Error on Windows 10/11 [Disk Recovery]

    What does bad system config info mean? How to solve the blue screen problem caused by it? This article will give you answers. It will provide 7 practical solutions to this error and you can try them one by one to fix error.

    What Causes Bad System Config Info Error Code

    Some computer users report that they have encountered bad system config info error and this error will cause blue screen and prevent them to boot up computer (there are other causes to blue screen, click here to know more). When bad system config error occurs, the computer often displays the following information and indicates the stop code bad system config info.

    stop code bad system config info

    Surely, the computer also may display the following information when bad system config info error system configuration data error. BAD_SYSTEM_CONFIG_INFO error is also indicated on the screen.


    Bad system config info error can be caused by both software problem and hardware problem, such as: 

    • Hardware Issues: damaged memory bar and hard disk, loose cable and port, etc.
    • Software Issues: problematic Windows update and software incompatibility, corrupted MBR, incorrect Boot Configuration Data (BCD) file, corrupted registry, bad drivers, etc.

    How to fix bad system config info Windows 10/11? You can adopt the following methods to fix it. Please note that most of the following methods require you dns error 11001 enter Windows. If you can't enter Windows, you can try entering Safe Mode. Here is the guide on how to enter Safe Mode Windows: 

    • Enter WinRE.
    • Navigate to Troubleshoot > Advanced options > Startup Settings.
    • Click F4 key to choose Enable Safe Mode option.
    choose Enable Safe Mode option

    Fix 1. Troubleshoot Hardware Issues

    Please make sure all cables and hardware components are connected correctly. Then, you should check RAM and hard drive for errors. Here is the guide:

    • Press "Windows + R" keys and type "".
    • Select "Restart now and check for problems". The computer will restart and run a memory check. This process will usually take a few minutes.

    If the result indicates that there are some problems with the RAM and it can't fix these issues, you may have to replace the RAM or contact the RAM manufacturer to get help. In addition, if you have two memory bars installed, please make sure they can work together.

    Then, you need to check hard drive and fix errors. Please refer to this post: How to Check Hard Drive and Fix the Error? Solutions Are Here!

    Fix 2. Uninstall Applications and Updates

    Some users report that the BAD_SYSTEM_CONFIG_INFO error appears after they install a new application or Windows update. In this case, the reasonable cause should be incompatibility problem. So, uninstalling the problematic application or update may solve this problem.

    How to uninstall applications and Windows updates: 

    • Open File Explorer.
    • Right click on This PC and choose Properties.
    • Click Control Panel Home at upper left corner of the new pop-up window.
    • Select Programs and Features in the next pop-up window.
    • Right click an application and click Uninstall.
    • In the same window, click View installed updates.
    • Right click a problematic update to uninstall.
    uninstall applications

    Fix 3. Update Drivers

    • Press "Windows + X" keys and select Device Manager in the pop-up menu.
    • Expand directory and select Update driver. Sometimes, the problematic driver will be displayed. But if not, you should especially try updating drivers for hard drives, USB, and other important devices.
    • Select Search automatically for updated driver software in the pop-up window.
    update driver in Device Manager

    Tip: If Windows can't find a new driver, users can find a driver on the device manufacturer's website and follow its instruction to perform operation.

    Surely, there are some users who report that the BAD_SYSTEM_CONFIG_INFO error occurs after they update to unsuitable drivers, system configuration data error. If so, users can uninstall device to fix this problem.

    Fix 4, system configuration data error. Use BCDEdit Command

    Windows 10 bad system config info error may occur due to incorrect system configuration like improper number of processors and wrong memory amount value. Some users report that the computer will overheat if the number of processors is very large, which will cause BAD_SYSTEM_CONFIG_INFO error sequentially.

    Besides, some users also report that the abnormal value (usually it is too small) of memory amount will prevent computer to boot up, system configuration data error. Fortunately, the two problems can be solved by bcdedit commands (even if the computer can't boot into safe mode). Here is the tutorial: 

    Step 1: Enter WinRE. Navigate to Troubleshoot > Advanced options > Command Prompt.

    Step 2: Input the following two command lines (each command line is followed by pressing Enter key):

    • bcdedit/deletevalue {default} numproc
    • bcdedit/deletevalue {default} truncatememory
    bcdedit command

    Step 3: Close the Command Prompt window and try rebooting computer to see whether it is OK.

    Fix 5. Fix Windows Registry

    Windows registry is an important database in Microsoft Windows for storing settings information of system and application. The various parameters stored in registry control directly the startup of Windows, system configuration data error, the loading of hardware drivers, and the operation of some System configuration data error applications.

    Therefore, some registry issues can also cause bad system config info error. And usually, system configuration data error, this registry issue can be repaired through command lines.

    Here is a tutorial for solving bad system config info Windows 11/10 error caused by corrupted registry.

    Step 1: Enter WinRE and navigate to Troubleshoot > Advanced options > Command Prompt.

    Step 2: Execute the following commands one by one.

    • CD C:WindowsSystem32config
    • ren C:WindowsSystem32configDEFAULT
    • ren C:WindowsSystem32configSAM
    • ren CWindowsSystem32configSECURITY
    • ren C:WindowsSystem32configSOFTWARE
    • ren C:WindowsSystem32configSYSTEM
    • copy C:WindowsSystem32configRegBackDEFAULT C:WindowsSystem32config
    • copy C:WindowsSystem32configRegBackSAM C:WindowsSystem32config
    • copy C:WindowsSystem32configRegBackSECURITY C:WindowsSystem32config
    • copy C:WindowsSystem32configRegBackSYSTEM C:WindowsSystem32config
    • copy C:WindowsSystem32configRegBackSOFTWARE C:WindowsSystem32config

    The cd and ren command lines will enter WindowsSystem32config and rename folders under it. Thus, Windows can't use them anymore and users can restore them later (in system restore) if necessary, system configuration data error. The copy command lines will copy the files in RegBack to config. In other words, these command lines will replace the old registry entry files with the registry backup.

    If these command lines don't work, users can type "" to open this program. Then click File and Open. And then, navigate to boot system > Windows > System32 > config. Display all files and rename them by just adding a symbol in case these files need to be restored. Then go to RegBack folder to copy all files from it and paste them to config folder.

    Windows/System32/config folder

    Step 3: Close the Command Prompt and restart computer to see whether bad system config info error is solved.

    Fix 6. Bootrec Command

    If the BCD files get corrupted, bad system config info error may also occur. is a computer program file that can be used in WinRE Command Prompt to solve and repair Master Boot Record (MBR) issue, boot sector issue, and Boot Configuration Data storage issue. But this tool requires you to enter System configuration data error is the tutorial.

    Step 1: Enter WinPE and open Command Prompt window.

    Step 2: Execute the following command lines one by one.

    • bootrec /fixmbr
    • bootrec /fixboot
    • bootrec /rebuildbcd

    Fix 7. System Restore or Reset Computer

    If the previous methods can't solve the bad system config info error, users can system configuration data error system restore or computer reset to solve Windows 10 bad system config info error.

    However, the bad system config info error may cause data loss, so users should recover and backup important files in advance. Aiming to recover data when computer can't boot, MiniTool Partition Wizard is recommended.

    Buy Now

    Here is a tutorial for recovering data when computer can't boot.

    Step 1: Make a bootable disk of MiniTool Partition Wizard.

    Buy MiniTool Partition Wizard and launch it on a normal running computer to get its main interface. And then click Bootable Media on the toolbar.

    click Bootable Media on the toolbar

    Click WinPE-based media with MiniTool plug-in. And then choose the media destination.

    choose media destination

    Tip: USB Flash Drive option is recommended, because the file will be burnt into it directly to complete a bootable disk. Or, ISO File option is selected, thus the file is generated and can be burnt to USB flash drive later by using another media creation tool. CD/DVD Writer option can also be chosen if the computer supports CD/DVD.

    Step 2: Set in the Firmware to make the computer boot from the disk containing the burnt file.

    set firmware

    Step 3: Recover data on system partition to other data partitions.

    When the computer is booted up by the bootable disk, MiniTool Partition Wizard will open automatically after a few seconds. Then, click Data Recovery.

    Note: The drive letters have been changed in bootable disk.

    click Data Recovery on the toolbar

    Choose logical drive E (the original boot partition C) and then click Scan.

    choose a partition for data recovery scanning

    Step 4: Find the files that need to be recovered and then click Save button.

    Tip: Features like Show Lost File, Find, and Filter can help users find files faster. Then please preview files before it is saved.

    find the files that need to be recovered and then click Save

    Here is a tutorial for system restore.

    Step 1: Enter WinRE and navigate to Troubleshoot > Advanced options > System Restore.

    Step 2: Follow the wizard the perform system restore. But please note that Show more restore points should be selected if users don't see any suitable system restore point.

    select a proper system restore point

    Click Easily Fix: Windows 10 System Restore Stuck (Focus on 2 Cases) for some help if system restore process is not smooth.

    If users disable system protection feature system configuration data error didn't create a system restore point manually, they may find that there is no system restore point. If that happens, please consider resetting this PC.

    Here is a tutorial for resetting PC.

    Step 1: Enter WinRE and navigate to Troubleshoot > Rest this PC.

    Step 2: Follow the wizard to reset PC, but please select Keep my files option.

    Click 3 Ways to Fix Windows 10 Reset Stuck at 1/66/99% Black Screen for some help if the computer reset process is not smooth.

    If the computer can boot up after system restore or reset this PC, please check whether the important files still exist. If the files are not there, users can refer to the above steps to retrieve them. However, if the bad system config info error still occurs after resetting PC, users should consider hardware problems.

    Here are 7 solutions to bad system config info error. These solutions are explained step by step and some of them are illustrated with pictures. Click to Tweet

    Bottom Line

    The above seven ways can solve bad system config info errors caused by most common reasons. But if you have any other solutions, please leave a comment below for sharing. Likewise, if you have problems in performing the above solutions, system configuration data error, please leave a comment for discussion.

    Surely, if you have problems in data recovery or backup, system configuration data error, please system configuration data error a comment or email [email&#;protected] to for help.

    Bad System Config Info FAQ

    What is bad system config info Windows 10/11?

    Bad system config info is a common BSOD bug on Windows systems. When it occurs, you can't boot up your computer.

    What causes bad system config info?

    The bad system config info error can be caused by hardware problems like memory back and hard disk corruption, and loose wire winding and port, as well as software problems like problematic update, software incompatibility, corrupted MBR, ust pro error 15 Boot Configuration Data (BCD) file, corrupted registry, damaged or corrupted RAM, bad drivers, etc.

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