Symantec service framework error

symantec service framework error

I have an a-1 IdeaPad I bought two months ago. I get this very common error message: "Sorry!" The application Google Services Framework (process executable file that belongs to Symantec Service Framework from Symantec Corporation – Application error If you search the Internet. › Forum › Tags › symantec service framework error.

Symantec service framework error - remarkable, very

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I think that whether you fixed it depends on chance timing of what you installed along the way and when.

On my machine, Norton support remotely uninstalled, cleaned out other Norton programs, made some registry changes, and then reinstalled. This is the classic Norton fix. In my case, everything seemed to work for as short as min or as long as a day, but ultimately the problem came back. I'm still worried about some of the registry changes.

It was my contention from the beginning that NIS had a bug. It turns out that it did. In my case, the problem was intermittently completely disabling my machine. I was afraid to open programs with critical data for fear that they would crash. CPU usage could hit %. One of my optical drives didn't recognize DVDs and I'd spent some time looking for a replacement.

So, I'd suggest you go ahead and run the Fix Tool anyway. My guess is that they've tested this one pretty thoroughly. It's an .exe file that you download and save to your Desktop. Running it and restarting patches the bug, which Norton finally came around to admitting they had.

Symantec Application Error problems, in one form or another, are frequently cited on the web, though not often well described. Most surprisingly, considering the frequency of references elsewhere, is poorly documented by Symantec, and, up until this problem, you could scarcely find any reference to either the file or the errors on the Symantec site.

Systemically, btw, I don't think this is simply a Symantec problem. There is a proliferation of auto-updaters out there. While you can stall off some Windows updates or browser updates for a week or two, until everyone else has beta tested them, that's neither easy nor wise to do with antivirus and anti-malware updates.

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Symantec service framework error -

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