Socket error connection refused

socket error connection refused

Cause. The Mail Error: Socket Error #10061 usually tells us that the SMTP server has refused your connection. Resolution. The problem obviously was (as you figured it out) that port 36250 wasn't open on the server side at the time you tried to connect (hence. Windows socket error 10061 is a Connection refused error sent to you by the target machine. You could not make a connection because the target machine actively refused it. socket error connection refused

Sorry: Socket error connection refused

Socket error connection refused
Socket error connection refused
Windows xp stop error 218
Error while loading shared libraries
User Interface, section Web Server, table Currently Active IP Address/Port Combination(s).

Step 4: Apply Socket error connection refused settings according to the table above. In both the PRTG Administration Tool and Enterprise Console, confirm the settings. When applying changes to the PRTG Administration Tool, socket error connection refused, PRTG Windows Services must be restarted so the changes take effect. You should now be able to connect with the Enterprise Console.


If you still cannot connect to the Enterprise Console, please check the following:

  • Make sure a local software firewall does not block the connection.
  • Make sure a local virus protection program does not block the connection.
  • Make sure that the port is not already used by another application. Please see How can I list all open TCP ports and their associated applications?
  • When you're connecting to the PRTG Core through a network (either LAN or WAN), socket error connection refused, make sure a (hardware) firewall does not block the connection.