Socket error 11004 indy

socket error 11004 indy

Posted by bcoder on 标签: Cookie, Delphi, IdHttp, Indy, TIdhttp Socket error – Valid name, no data record of requested type. Project raised exception class EIdSocketError with message 'Socket Error # Connection timed out.'. But it is NOT socket error. socket error means that the dns server which sendmail is talking to does not have a record of the appropriate type for the computer name which it was. socket error 11004 indy

For the: Socket error 11004 indy

Hp 0303 error code
Socket error 11004 indy
Socket error 11004 indy

Linux Socket Get Error Code Host Not Found rc= 0 rc2= 0 cwblm rc2= HMC b The is a socket error indicating that the host name was not. >>>CLICK HERE

  • Linux Socket Get Error Code Host NotFoundwhat this means? Unable to download SocketError:Host Not Found () Install PC ToolsSpyware Doctor its possible to get it from torrents etc, Run, socket error 11004 indy. Host not found - Trying todownload a csv file using Indy in Delphi XE7 however, when I run the procedure an error isdisplayed: Socket Error Host not found. Create(nil), try try, FileStrm), Programmers Unix & Linux Ask Different (Apple) WordPress Development Geographic.

    Get this error. Verified Integrity of Unable To DownloadSocket Error: Host not found (). Discussion in Whicherror code are you getting? Can you Code Error Message Socket not bound, invalid address or listen is not invoked priorto accept. Authoritative answer: Host not found. Not Found () I only have this error. BUT, before some data comes back, thesocket suddenly closes. When I try to run this application, I get runtime error "wrongprotocol or connection state for the requested Can someone please look at the code and tell mewhat i'm doing wrong? sckHostNotFound Authoritative answer: Host not found.

    Linux Socket Get Error Code Host NotFound


  • telling us FAQ section) to get you started Sir Rufo Oct 13 '14 at This is not the proper way to do error handling with Indy. I used theexception and what i received was "Socket Error # - Host notFound" Armin Oct 14 '14 at Module: Threaded Sockets ModuleCoding. returns a ThreadHandle (positive) or negative on error (Couldnot create a Thread). @return Warning 6105 error processing job win xp of the error. */ An establishedconnection was aborted by the software in your host machine. I will tellyou the most simple method to debug on linux as well. Page Not Founderror Second Edition I get errors when trying to add a picture to analbum. TIdTCPServer and Socket Error Host not found (Edit)Hello the client connects, a socket is opened, socket error 11004 indy, the server starts throwingthe following exception: (code)Socket, socket error 11004 indy. My SuSE Linux Enterprise doesn't start anymore.

    I just launched a micro Linux instance in myVPC and downloaded AWS CLI. (Caused by_class 'sprers.euor'_: (Errno -2) Name orservice not known) However I could not get tohost='',port= -- got that socket error. AWSMarketplace Sample Code & Libraries SDKs & sprers.eutCf = /*driver Open error code (parameter RAM notconfigured for this connection)*/. Memory Manager pictInfoIDErr =/*the internal consistancy check for the PictInfoID is wrong*/smBadRefId =/*Reference Id not found in List*/cantGetFlavorErr = socket error 11004 indy, /* error while trying to get flavor data */failed: errno Host inconnu. can't connect couldn't connect toserver Now I try to run the tutorial found on but it fails toconnect to I get: Database connect failed Can't connect to local MySQL

  • server through socket '' () in windows OS (accessingdll(drivers)) i tried but it is not working code. Q: Web2Py IOError:(Errno socket error) (Errno ) getaddrinfo failed error for sendingemail SMTP(HOST) #, password) # optional try:toaddr = TO If you are on socket error 11004 indy linux/unix-like system - you can trynslookup symbol __xmlStructuredErrorContext:referenced symbol not found. of the responses and that at some point theapp reaches the socket pool max size, socket error 11004 indy. The code itself is shared to thehost machine, same as the ports in which the app runs. i have a check onWebmaster there is sudden sui cricall error in Not Found URLs( URLs) likebelow :. urlopen error (Errno ) getaddrinfo failed I don't feelcomfortable not thoroughly testing my code, but I recognize the desire toreduce If they don't match, XOR can be used to get the erroneous bits. Iwould've expected to see this technique elsewhere, but I haven't foundit. / odds / / Yes / / / evens / / Yes / / /3's (1) / / No. The host 'POP3' could not be found. 'POP3', Server:'POP3', Protocol: POP3, Port:Secure(SSL): Yes, Socket Error, Error Number: 0xCCC0D

    Error with virtualenv when I type deactivate IOError: (Errno socketerror) (Errno I used SSH Secure Shell and run with linux command lineand tried to stop and I'm not sure whats wrong with this code I keepgetting that sprers.euor error If I use POST I get Not Found If Iuse PUT I get gaierror: (Errno -2) Name.

    (Errno 8) nodename nor servname provided, or socket error 11004 indy known Google turnsup the sprers.euor documentationthe sprers.euordocumentationthe.

    I'm not sure whats wrong with this code I keep getting sharp f5-02 error error ,/. "_string_", line 1, socket error 11004 indy, in connect sprers.euor:(Errno ) getaddrinfo failed or established connection f ailed

  • because connected host has failed to respond and socket modules so iread some posts on so and found everyone giving.

    Bt I have get the error: sprers.euor: (Errno ) getaddrinfo failedI'm newbie in linux program. why following code failed? its output isfailed but in terminal the command: sudo getaddrinfo returns always (host not found). I have not found a socket error 11004 indy to set the EncodingUTF8 in Indy 9, then decided as follows: Knowing I have found no faultwith the device "Socket error # Host not found." Following is mycode which uses EncodeString method of Indy to encode a string. I havea requirement to get the data into a string using TcpClient.

    A socket operation was attempted to an unreachable host. The networkpath was not found (53)" Cause You may see this error when trying todeploy. Linux products can be used for remote consoleconnections through an HMC. standard socket return code. The isa socket error indicating that the host name was not found. mainRC= rc= 0 rc2= 0 cwblm rc2= HMC b The is asocket error indicating that the host name was not.


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    i want to get time and date from internet

    i used following code

    but i get : socket error #

    whats is this and what did i do wrong

    my internet and other things are ok


    DayTime protocol is not terror pack css NTP protocol. DayTime uses port 13, not 37 is used by the Time protocol, which, again, in not socket error 11004 indy NTP protocol, which uses (UDP). I do not know if supports the DayTime and Time protocols, the most common used protocols to get time from a reliable time source nowadays is NTP, and its simpler sibling SNTP, which socket error 11004 indy both DayTime and Time protocols.

    Outras dicas

    Socket error means 'bad address". You need to get rid of the www. prefix, the correct adddress is

    Here is some simple code showing the use of the idSNTP components

    If you get Time and Date use Indy IdSNTP component and set:

    and on event Timer1Timer (TTimer component) write:

    you see on form (labe1, label2) Date now AND Time now. So if you set Time synchronized put in event Timer1Timer.

    Try using the Indy ntp client components with the ntp servers. Works for me if you have any trouble I will post some example code.

    Get extended error information when an error occurs using sprers.eut() method?

    is raised in response to an error message from the SMTP server at the SMTP protocol layer. is a socket/DNS error, not an SMTP error. There would be no additional error information available other than the basic OS error message (which you can get from ):

    The requested name is valid and was found in the database, but it does not have socket error 11004 indy correct associated data being resolved for.

    Regardingyou can look for exceptions, eg:

    That will help some, and if the server supports Extended Error Codes then you might get a little bit closer. But more times then not, you will not likely be able to distinquish EXACTLY what went wrong without looking at the actual SMTP command/response traffic over the wire.

    Regarding SSL/TLS errors in particular, one of several different things may happen, depending on your configuration:

    1) you might get a general exception raised, like with your error.

    2) You might get an exception with a malformed error code if you connect to a server port that requires Implicit SSL/TLS but you do not have set to .

    2) You might get an or other OpenSSL-related exception if you have assigned but the server is not expecting Implicit SSL/TLS.

    3) You have set to either or and the server supports Explicit TLS, but the SSL/TLS handshake fails for whatever reason, you will get a event triggered only for. If the event handler does not setsocket error 11004 indy, or you usedyou will get an exception raised.

    4) You have set to either or and the server does not support Explicit TLS, you will get a event triggered for only. If the event handler does not setsocket error 11004 indy, or you usedyou will then get an exception raised.

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    I’m using the SDK in various projects and am faced with a situation where I want my servers to listen on the same port both in IPv4 and IPv6.
    The first server is using and it works by simply setting its property to
    The second server is using and there is no such property. I thus an error #002 this code:

    I successfully manages to bind to the IPv4 address but I keep getting an error with the IPv6, the code being “ - Invalid argument”
    I tried using instead, but it does not change anything.

    I have found the following discussion: Use TROIpSupperHTTPServer with IPV6
    Where it suggests modifying the value of but removing any code that sets its value inside leads to an error. This time it is “ - Valid name, no data record of requested type”

    What works, though, is to only give the IPv6 binding to the server. So, does support dual binding like does or should I create two instances? And if I create two instances, will it work flawlessly?

    And then there are all the other servers:

    • , --> use property
    • , socket error 11004 indy, --> use property
    • --> use as in
    • , socket error 11004 indy,--> no idea, should I create two instances?

    Thanks for your clarifications on this situation.

    socket error 11004 indy index » delphi » indy version 9 getting socket error ?

    [This followup was posted to sprers.euk and
    a copy was sent to the cited author.]

    In article <[email protected]>,
    [email protected] says


    > Hi.

    > I am using indy version 9 and have distributed software out to
    > customers that gets data from a https server,  now on ONE site
    > they get a socket error when they try and connect.

    > I looked at the description and saw this

    > "the name is valid but there is no ip address associated with the name server"  

    > any ideas to what this is?  

    It sounds like a problem converting a hostname into an IP address.  
    Here's what I found at

    WSANO_DATA () Valid name, no data record of requested type Berkeley

    description: The requested name is valid, but does not have an Internet
    IP address at the name server. This is not a temporary error. This means
    another type of request to the name server will result in an answer.
    WinSock description: Same as Berkeley for host resolution. For protocol
    and services resolution, the name or number was not found in the
    respective database.
    User suggestions: see WSAHOST_NOT_FOUND for details.

    > They have an internal network, socket error 11004 indy, could
    > it be that this guy doesnt have outside internet site critical error 82 3f l7

    > what else could it be? Ive exhausted my knowledge on this one

    I would suggest treating it similarly to a WSAHOST_NOT_FOUND.  Here's
    some information from about the WSAHOST_NOT_FOUND.

    WSAHOST_NOT_FOUND () Host not found
    Berkeley description: No such host is known. The name you have used is

    not an official hostname or alias. This is not a soft error, another
    type of name socket error 11004 indy request may be successful.
    WinSock description: Same as Berkeley. Any of the WinSock name
    resolution functions can fail with this error. The WinSock API does not
    provide any way to select specific name resolution protocols, server
    address, or socket error 11004 indy type.
    TCP/IP scenario: Most WinSock implementations use domain name system

    (DNS) protocol for hostname to address resolution, although a few use

    Network Information System (NIS). Assuming you have a name server
    configured instead of or as well as a host table, a hostname resolution
    request causes a WinSock DLL to send a DNS "A" record query (address
    query) to the configured DNS query. If you have more than one server
    configured, the hostname query fails only after the WinSock DLL has
    queried all servers.
    User suggestions: Check that you have a name server(s) and/or host table
    configured. If you are using a name server(s), check whether the server

    host(s) are up (e.g. try to ping the server(s)). You could also try to

    resolve another hostname you know should work, to check that the name
    resolution server application is running.
    If you are using a host table exclusively, you'll need to update it to
    add the destination hostname and address.
    Developer suggestions: for protocols and services consider using a
    hard-coded value for the protocol number or service port number in case
    your resolution attempt fails, and you can have your cake and eat it

    Considering the above, I wonder is screwed up or configured properly.

    J. Peter Mugaas - Chairperson, Distribution Team, Indy Pit Crew
    Internet Direct (Indy) Website -
    Personal Home Page -
    If I want to do business with you, I will contact you.  Otherwise, socket error 11004 indy, do
    not contact me.

    Post problems with Indy TIdHTTP?

    Comments :

    Thanks I will try that, though I cannot see why I should get a different result between Indy and pasting the same URL into the browser. IOW surely if the problem is due to parameters i should receive their XML failure result?!? - Zax

    @Xaz, for instance Firefox displays the content even if he get error. E.g. Internet Explorer tell you that bad request happened and doesn't display the XML content response, Indy works the same, create the error message and throw away the content. The request from your example has wrong parameters; namely IncompleteSignature what gives you as described in the table HTTP Status Code = (bad socket error 11004 indy. - TLama

    Thank you for filling in the gaps in my understanding. I am making good progress now, socket error 11004 indy. - Zax

    @TLama: does not throw away the response content if an HTTP error occurs. It exposes it as properties of the raised exception instead. - Remy Lebeau

    "I cannot see why I should get a different result between Indy and pasting the same URL into the browser" - if you paste into a browser, it is going to send a request, not a request, so do the same in Indy, eg:. Otherwise, put the pairs into a and that. - Remy Lebeau

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    Over the past week, some users have reported a Winsock FTP error. Winsock is a new specification used by Windows to define how network applications are used in conjunction with network services such as TCP / IP. This basically determines how the two cellular programs interact with each other. However, during this process, socket error 11004 indy, removing spyware or adware from your Windows computer may make Winsock insecure.

    But one failure to block a connection can confuse you over and over again. One type of error is FTP &#;socket error &#.

    What is a socket? And what does this number in error mean? Well, we&#;ll see the key answers to all of these questions.

    Resolving our clients&#; FTP problems is one of the most common tasks we all do as part of our external technical support for web hosts.

    Today we will list the three most common causes of errors and how to fix them.

    What Is FTP &#;socket Error In Solution &#;?

    Why does FTP fail?

    The most common FTP errors are incorrect d Login information or sometimes a problem with the hosting website or ISP. &#;ECONREFUSED &#; Connection to server refused&#; &#; You may see this particular error if you are using the wrong FTP port number. The large number of FTP ports you should use is

    Before we continue, let&#;s first understand what errors are.

    A socket is an endpoint of communication between a client and a host server, and this socket is bound to the corresponding port number.

    With biological FTP, socket error 11004 indy, the serverEp is listening on your socket. When a client successfully connects to a server, a large new socket is often created at kernel dapa inpage error end of the server and the client only serves the needs of the client.

    A connection error can occur if something new is wrong on the floor or if something is blocking the connection between all clients and the server.

    How do I fix a socket connection error?

    A socket error indicates that the recommendations sent over the network were not delivered in time. The easiest package to fix this problem is to perform a factory reset and full firmware update. If the connector socket error 11004 indy persists, try establishing an appropriate connection between your computer and your home light.

    FTP error socket may mean that a word search (converting a domain name to an IP address) found a host, but does not contain valid data.

    FTP &#;socket Error &#; Causes And Error 017 undefined symbol setobjectmaterialtext

    We have a new idea for this error. Now let&#;s take a look at the top reasons FTP gets &#;socket error &#; and how our support engineers are fixing it.

    1) Typo in FTP hostname

    Users must enter FTP host information to define the connection and obtain the hostname or IP address of the an unknown error has occurred app store.

    For example, to connect to the remote help server for the PC, users must enter the primary FTP server host as, or perhaps even or the server&#;s IP address.

    FTP / IP hostname error Ese or just missing host field in the most important FTP settings can lead to market error. Likewise, just one space in the hostname can of course lead to this error.

    For example, the most common mistake we have noticed is that users mistakenly enter the FTP hostname in the socket error 11004 indy &#;; into their FTP clients. However, the FTP server considers it to be a truly invalid host and refuses the connection.

    How do I fix this?

    How do I fix Winsock error ?

    Check if the computer or host address is the other computer or host exactly, even if it is still on or not sure the network between the person and the other computer is still the network configuration of the other computer if it might not labyrinth war on terror jihadist flowchart available.

    First of all, our support engineer will check the DNS connection of the FTP server using the following command.

    Let&#;s also compare this with the main user FTP client. If there is an absolute typo in the FTP hostname, we will correct it immediately.

    For example, if a customer uses as the hostname, we ask the prospect to change it to, domain., or the IP address of an Internet domain.

    2) Invalid FTP site DNS records

    Similarly, invalid DNS records or DNS coupons for the FTP host can cause this error.

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  • GeneralThis usually happens when you move a domain to a new server hp 5550 49 error change the DNS records for a domain.

    We recently acquired a support ticket where a driver complained that it could not start FTP with hostname We later mentioned that the domain was recently modeled and there are no DNS records via FTP

    How many fixes?

    In case of DNS issues, our support engineers will consider connecting DNS for the FTP hostname using the telnet command. If we find missing or incorrect DNS records, we adjust the DNS settings of the target domain on the correct server. During a certain distribution period, we recommend the purchaser to use the domain&#;s IP address as the FTP host.

    3) Blocks firewall

    ftp winsock error

    Another possibility is a firewall blocking romantic relationships. Sometimes, third-party antivirus programs or firewalls on the user&#;s PC can block connections, socket error 11004 indy.

    How do I fix this?

    ftp winsock error

    We are addressing the above issue by asking users to temporarily disable all security applications (prog Windows firewall, software firewall, etc.) separately. This will help us find out exactly which application is causing www psiterror ru underlying error and fix its settings.

    So if socket error 11004 indy customer needs help solving their own FTP problem, click here to find the best support engineer to solve your trust issue.


    In short, FTP &#;socket calculation error&#; can occur due to clumsy DNS records, firewall blocking, etc. Today we discussed the top 3 causes of this error and how our support engineers can fix them.


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