Smart 187 reported uncorrectable error

smart 187 reported uncorrectable error

(0xBB), Reported Uncorrect (a.k.a. UNC) (used only by some vendors): the count of read errors that could not be recovered automatically. SMART ID (0xC6) Uncorrectable Pending Sector Count is an important S.M.A.R.T parameter, which indicates many uncorrectable errors when reading/writing a. The Errors. The five key SMART errors Backblaze tracks are the following: SMART 5: Reallocated sectors count SMART Reported uncorrectable.

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Smart 187 reported uncorrectable error

watch the video

Unhandled Exception Has Occurred in Your Application. If You Click Continue The Application
well, you aware of it now so just watch it. I use hd sentinel and it has a icon in taskbar that always shows health of my ssd

I believe HD Tune does similar - that way you don't have to do anything to see it.

Raw read error count generally relates to hdd but can be seen on ssd. As this doesn't apply to ssd

RAW Read Error Rate, a SMART disk error, indicates problems with the disk surface (platter that stores the data), the actuator arm, and the read/write head.

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RAW Read Error Rate on an SSD is an indication that there are some bad connections between disk and the drive controller or the problem is within the SSD. Hence, the SSD may fail after a period of time.

Click to smart 187 reported uncorrectable error what i can tell the threshold for that score on HDTune is 6

if that score is Raw read error rate, this is what it says in the Kingston ssd manual I linked above

Raw error rate relative to the number of sectors read this power cycle. For the SF, this attribute includes both
Uncorrectable ECC (UECC) errors, smart 187 reported uncorrectable error, and Uncorrectable RAISE (URAISE)errors.
Normalized Equation: 10log10[BitsRead/(ReadErrors + 1)]
SectorsRead= Number of json error unexpected token & read
SectorsToBits= *8
BitsRead= SectorsRead*SectorsToBits

Normalized Value Range:
Best =
Worst = 38

Raw Usage:
[] : Number of sectors read this power cycle
[]: Read errors (UECC+URAISE)

So its auditd error setting audit stat score between &

its not very clear :)


___ N normalized value

I have another drive of the exact same model, age and usage and this other drive has "0" in the "Number of Reported Uncorrectable Errors" value.

At this point I just replaced this drive and will try an RMA, since I cannot trust it anymore.

And it is really strange. I just detected this problem because of the BTRFS checksum feature. Otherwise I would just be getting corrupted files without any notification from the drive. I would just consider bit rot and I would never suspect the drive if the "Number of Reported Uncorrectable Errors" statistics would not keep increasing

_ C monitored condition met
                                __ D supports DSN

Number of Reported Uncorrectable Errors does not match SMART

Haole Boy said:

Well, I've looked for a magic wand to wave over all of my customer's machines to convert them from HDDs to SSDs, but I'm not finding one on Amazon Prime (shipping to Smart 187 reported uncorrectable error is outlandish). Do you have a better source?

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Contact Hogwarts. Rumor has it they've setup a distance learning program because of the COVID pandemic. Supposedly you even get to keep the wand and broom when you graduate!

LOL!!! Ok. On to the OP, smart 187 reported uncorrectable error. I'm with @phaZedon this. SMART is far from an exact science. I've mentioned before that I've lost count of the number of times I've seen a BIOS POST SMART message, Hard Drive failure imminent, that's been going on for years. That being said it's better than nothing.

When I'm looking for solid hard drive stats the first place I look to is Those folks have been kind enough to publicly share their data for several years now. Their sample pool is small compared to available drives, all are ", mostly Enterprise class. But you can use any of them in a DT or NAS. In fact that's how I pick my drives for NAS, using their stats.

The link below goes to a discussion about SMART, failures, etc along with link to other great articles. Even has some spiffy looking charts you can show your customers. As it turns out SMART is something they pay close attention to because it does work well as a failure predictor.


smart 187 reported uncorrectable error