Script run-time error stack-heap collision

script run-time error stack-heap collision

Runtime and Classloader, PH39981, JVM mbean dumpthreads() can create heap or server with wrong user or/and password failed with error from stack trace. Stack heap collision Ran out of memory (see the "Memory" section ofthis chapter). llSomeFunction error running rule #n unknown rule. Managed heap overview. The managed heap is a section of memory that your Unity project's selected scripting runtime (Mono or IL2CPP) automatically manages.

With you: Script run-time error stack-heap collision

Script run-time error stack-heap collision
Runtime error 217 delphi 7
Steam error 53

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Errors 3 (Debugging Run-Time Errors)

Managed memory

Memory allocator customization

Unity’s managed memory system is a C# scripting environment based on the Mono or IL2CPP Virtual Machines (VMs). The benefit of the managed memory system is that it manages the release of memory, so you don’t need to manually request the release of memory through your code.

Unity’s managed memory system uses a garbage collector and a managed heap to automatically free memory allocations when your scriptsA piece of code that allows you to create your own Components, trigger game events, modify Component properties over time and respond to user input in any way you like. More info
See in Glossary no longer hold any references to those allocations. This helps safeguard against memory leaks. Memory leaks occur when memory is allocated, the reference to it is script run-time error stack-heap collision, and then the memory is never freed because it needs a reference to it to free it.

This memory management system also guards memory access, which means that you can’t access memory that has been freed, or that was never valid for your code to access. However, this memory management process impacts runtime performance, because allocating managed memory is time-consuming for the CPU. Garbage collection might also stop the CPU from doing other work until it completes.

Value and reference types

When a method is called, the scripting back end copies the values of its parameters to an area of memory reserved for that specific call, in a data structure called a call stack. The scripting back end can quickly copy data types that occupy a few bytes. However, it’s common for objects, strings, and arrays to be much larger, and it’s inefficient for the scripting back end to copy these types of data on a regular basis.

All non-null reference-type objects and all boxed value-typed objects in managed code must be allocated on the managed heap.

It’s important that you are familiar with value and reference types, so that you can effectively manage your code. For more information, see Microsoft’s documentation on value types, and reference types.

Automatic memory management

When an object is created, Unity allocates the memory required to store it from a central pool called the heap, which is a section of memory that your Unity project’s selected scripting runtime (Mono or IL2CPP) automatically manages. When an object is no longer in use, the memory it once occupied can be reclaimed and used for something else, script run-time error stack-heap collision.

Unity’s scripting back ends use a garbage collector to automatically manage your application’s memory, so that you don’t need to allocate and release these blocks of memory with explicit method calls. Automatic memory management requires less coding effort than explicit allocation/release and reduces the potential for memory leaks.

Managed heap overview

The managed heap is a section of memory that your Unity project’s selected scripting runtime (Mono or IL2CPP) automatically manages.

A quantity of memory. Marked A on the diagram is some free memory.

In the above diagram, the blue box script run-time error stack-heap collision a quantity of memory that Unity allocates to the managed heap. The white boxes within it represent data values that Unity stores within the managed heap’s memory space. When additional data values are needed, Unity allocates them free space from the managed heap (annotated A).

Memory fragmentation and heap expansion

A quantity of memory, with some objects released represented by grey dashed lines.

The above diagram shows an example of memory fragmentation. When Unity releases an object, the memory that the object occupied is freed up. However, the free space doesn’t become part of a single large pool of “free memory.”

The objects on either side of the released object might still be script run-time error stack-heap collision use. Because of this, the freed space is a “gap” between other segments of memory. Unity can only use this gap to store data of identical or lesser size than the released object.

This situation is called memory fragmentation. This happens when there is a large amount of memory available in the heap, but it is only available in the “gaps” between objects. This means that even though there is enough total space for a large memory allocation, the managed heap can’t find a large enough single block of contiguous memory to assign to the allocation.

The object annotated A, is the new object needed to be added to the heap. The items annotated B are the memory space that the released objects took up, plus the free, unreserved memory. Even though there is enough total free space, because there isnt enough contiguous space, the memory for the new object annotated A cant fit on the heap, and the garbage collector must run.

If a large object is allocated and there is insufficient contiguous free space to accommodate it, as illustrated above, the Unity memory manager performs two operations:

  • First, the garbage collector runs, if it hasn’t already done so. This attempts to free up enough space to fulfill the allocation request.
  • If, after the garbage collector runs, there is still not enough contiguous space to fit the requested amount of memory, the heap must expand. The specific amount that the heap expands is platform-dependent; however, on most platforms, when the heap expands, it expands by double the amount of the previous expansion.

Managed heap expansion considerations

The unexpected expansion of the heap can be problematic. Unity’s garbage collection strategy tends to fragment memory more often. You should be aware of the following:

  • Unity doesn’t release the memory allocated to the managed heap when script run-time error stack-heap collision expands regularly; instead, it retains the expanded heap, even if a large section of it is empty. This is to prevent the need to re-expand the heap if further large allocations occur.
  • On most platforms, Unity eventually releases the memory that the empty portions of the managed heap uses back to the script run-time error stack-heap collision system. The interval at which this happens isn’t guaranteed and is unreliable.

Memory allocator customization


Make sure you’re wearing your Badge, otherwise you won’t see them.


IM an ALO about it, they will help you.


If your information is invisible, try raising your Level of Detail (LOD) parameter on the Graphics tab of the Preferences pane. If your skill points are actually 0, fill out the support form.


Make sure you delete any old versions of the HUD when you get updates, and empty your trash. Certain items such as food will lower your fitness, as well as older versions of the quidditch brooms. If none of these are the culprit, fill out the support form.


This is a temporary bug that will be corrected soon, script run-time error stack-heap collision. For the time being, just close all dialogs/textboxes and then wait for a new one to appear and fill that one out.


Make sure you are only trying to type in English letters (so no apostrophes or accents or anything like this). If your name has any of those symbols, first type it without them (for instance, OConnell instead of O’Connell) then IM an admin for them to correct your name on the database. If this error is happening even without any weird symbols in your name, fill out the support form.


Try getting a new HUD, if that doesn’t solve the issue, fill out the support form.


Make sure you’re not wearing more than one HUD simultaneously. If you’re certain you aren’t, fill out the support form.


No can do, script run-time error stack-heap collision, sorry. Please be careful when assigning points and plan them out before assigning them. Consider what your character will use the most and what their skills are.


If it’s an obvious mistake, like putting in 200 points when you meant to put 20, we can fix you; otherwise, we can’t.


Remember that your character’s age on September 1st determines their year. Every single student joins Hogwarts on the year when they’re 11 on September 1st, no matter what. When you create your character, you must input their age today. For example, if they’re a 5th year, today is November 11, and their birthday is December 25, they’re 15; if their birthday was October 18, they’re 16. We can offer you a single character reset due to wrong year, but no more.

I WANT TO Script run-time error stack-heap collision MY CHARACTER’S HOUSE/YEAR/AGE/BIRTHDAY/SOCIAL CLASS/ETC.

The general rule is that if you’ve not RP’d much and your character is less than 2 weeks old, you can change stuff; otherwise, you’ll need to apply a new character. If you believe your case is exceptional you can IM the ALOs, but if we judge it is not we reserve the right to smack you upside the head.


Make sure you don’t have some other transparent/invisible HUD on top of yours (use Ctrl + Alt + T to see transparent prims). If you don’t, make sure other buttons work, and that your HUD said “Character loaded!” when you attached it. If they don’t work, or it didn’t say that, detach and reattach, or get a new HUD from the giver. If that doesn’t work, fill out the support form.


If it’s a bug, first try one or more of the following: detach and reattach, relog, or get a new HUD from the giver. If those don’t work, fill out the support form. If it’s not a bug, check the other pages regarding the HUD. You never know, it could be on there!

CRI 2350. Very large bug in latest update 8.5b6 (2019-05-26 22:23:55)
CRI 2100. General inconsistency in module detection, identity loading, etc. on attach (2018-02-12 12:32:25)
NEW 2762. Power outlet disconnects immediately (2022-08-22 00:14:13)
NEW 2751. Changed child inventory does not cause 2039 WAKE_CHANGED_INVENTORY to be sent to child prim. (2022-07-19 21:42:51)
NEW 2747. Consent deactivating (2022-06-13 19:04:30)
NEW 2743. recurring vox bug possibly tied to sentinel (2022-03-08 19:20:50)
NEW 2731. missing compatibility mode (2022-02-14 01:16:10)
NEW 2730. Saved power profiles vanish upon log off (2022-02-12 19:41:56)
NEW 2726. NS-476 aegis combat unit issues. (2022-01-15 04:12:48)
NEW 2725. widespread malfunctions on no-script (2022-01-13 14:12:59)
NEW 2718. instructor program does not respond to command line command @instructor (2021-12-28 13:16:45)
MAJ 2704. could not find animation 's_charging' and more script run-time error stack-heap collision 17:57:07)
MAJ 2703. Stack-Heap Collision & Script run-time error (2021-12-19 18:19:03)
MAJ 2486. Dictionary not working (2021-06-23 16:28:44)
MAJ 2483. @autolock is permanent (2021-05-10 13:55:17)
MAJ 2383. [22:45] NF/3 Ella Bot [script:_exhibition-core] Script run-time error [22:45] Stack-Heap Collision (2019-10-01 23:52:25)
MAJ 2370. Failure to release 'booth' accessory address on device disconnect. (2020-02-25 19:45:08)
MAJ 2250. Battery depletion upon upgrade (2021-12-19 18:17:49)
MAJ 2223, script run-time error stack-heap collision. I keep getting script error messages when connecting to the server or even accesing my main menu. (2019-10-01 23:54:55)
ENH 2673. Roll out pipe_send() wherever possible (2021-10-04 15:21:57)
ENH 2652. new encode_8 key compression method based on llChar()/llOrd() (2021-08-12 22:17:24)
ENH 2649. Reduce spam from libraries during typical reset scenario (2021-08-12 22:14:18)
ENH 2647. Convert system to support 4 lighting colors (2021-08-12 22:11:05)
ENH 2551. Personality Tweaks feature (2021-05-10 13:45:46)
ENH 2549. NS-478 support (2020-10-23 11:48:33)
ENH 2513. New implementation of ft_glitch; faster, higher maximum value, and more consistent (2020-07-24 05:13:19)
ENH 2320, script run-time error stack-heap collision. SXDjr support (2019-03-27 02:06:19)
ENH 2310. Update fs_vocabulary to use Dataflood (2019-03-20 19:21:01)
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ENH 1105. RE-FIXED: adding and removing boot and menu schemes with 'scheme add' and 'scheme remove' (2017-01-27 11:22:46)
ENH 1102. (experimental titler now activex error skype into superbit) (2017-01-27 11:22:46)
ENH 1093. started rebranding as 'Companion'; main menu and boot screen will now always display correct version (2017-01-27 11:22:46)
ENH 1049. added stubs for _hierarchy and _compliance (see 8.4.0) (2017-01-27 11:22:46)
ENH 1045. fm_standard and fl_polyglot now reset when receiving message 801 (2017-01-27 11:22:46)
ENH 1027. compatibility with the NS-476 Aegis controller (2017-01-27 11:22:46)
ENH 994. proof-of-concept Meissner effect interference shield (possibly to be sold as a separate product? undecided) (2017-01-27 11:22:45)
ENH 976. updated included Arabesque actions. (2017-01-27 11:22:45)
ENH 972. built-in script updates (2017-01-27 11:22:45)
ENH 932. various obscure bugs (2017-01-27 11:22:45)
ENH 909. internal announcement for module resets instead of 10% volume announcement (should make updates less spammy) (2017-01-27 11:22:45)
ENH 905. identity -> color should save color too (2017-01-27 11:22:45)
ENH 892. reduce command spam (2017-01-27 11:22:45)
ENH 889. re-integrate some of elysia's menu change decisions (make main:status do power status) (2017-01-27 11:22:45)
ENH 882. restore network submenu (2017-01-27 11:22:45)
ENH 880. rename 'configure' menu (2017-02-22 22:49:57)
ENH 871. integrate some of elysia's menu change decisions (made main:status do power status) (2017-01-27 11:22:45)
ENH 855. Moved user data into the memory card to keep the root clean (2017-01-27 11:22:45)
ENH 853. Renamed and refactored lots of things (2017-01-27 11:22:45)
ENH 842. Redesigned DAX/2 controller to use the SXD 8.0 touch screen, to have a more compact profile, to include a memory card slot, and to require a battery. (2017-01-27 11:22:45)
ENH 836. Added documentation file for 7.2 light bus and linked messages protocols explaining how to use the system. (2017-01-27 11:22:45)
ENH 833. default to verbosity = 1 (2017-01-27 11:11:07)
ENH 803, script run-time error stack-heap collision. chassis specification support: _foundation, _power, and _sentinel (ATOS/E 12.0.1) now all recognize a number of chassis options using messages 993 and 994 from _puppet (updated chassis controller module will be released soon) (2017-01-27 11:11:07)
ENH 778. Renamed 'System' package to 'Companion' henceforth; added 'ATOS/E' package to list of updatables. (2017-01-27 11:11:07)
ENH 744. restructured menus into putative 8.4.0 format (2017-01-27 11:11:07)
ENH 741. added 'e_charge-start', script run-time error stack-heap collision, 'e_shutdown' events (2017-01-27 11:11:07)
ENH 740. renamed '_init' script to 'e_boot' (2017-01-27 11:11:07)
ENH 675. @audience and @guests checking of viewer blacklist via RLV (2017-02-01 09:51:18)
ENH 673. cron app (2020-07-24 05:13:29)
ENH 573. Roll out hardware update (2017-02-06 21:02:51)
ENH 570. module hibernation (2017-07-02 00:18:25)
ENH 559. i18n support (2016-12-16 22:08:49)
ENH 555. Full OOBE (via ex5) (2021-12-19 18:16:24)
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ENH 402. Command-line file manager (2021-08-19 12:15:56)
ENH 357. piloting (2016-12-14 08:28:35)
MOD 2635. vFT.904.k0 Sprocket Doll Key no copy (2021-07-30 09:19:23)
MOD 2510. Vox Vocabulary Dictionaries not loading (2021-06-23 16:24:42)
MOD 2463. can't change authority to be blank and it resets on attach (2021-08-19 12:14:09)
MOD 2413. Chat tone does not play (2021-05-10 13:55:58)
MOD 2341. Chat tone no longer works (2019-06-29 10:50:41)
MOD 2333. Small issues noticed in latest beta (2019-06-16 23:44:23)
MOD 2319. Fix for Hephaestus hinge script loss (2019-03-27 02:06:23)
MOD 2313. Smooth install process (2019-06-29 11:04:45)
MOD 2206. NS aegis main controller menu (2018-11-21 13:26:02)
MOD 2164. IRR and NAV conf support (2019-02-25 01:43:40)
MOD 2073. System color lost on attach (2018-01-13 12:03:55)
MOD script run-time error stack-heap collision. FTL drive, and the ability to sit shutdown by Alteran Stargates (2017-10-04 06:24:17)
MOD 1981. Animation could not properly played hasp error 129 navigation route script node (2017-10-04 06:23:40)
MOD 1967, script run-time error stack-heap collision. When logging in while wearing a whirlpool icon the local console errors. (2019-03-20 19:28:50)
MOD 1897. Vocabulary Memory Management Bug (2017-05-27 17:19:46)
MOD 1118. (fixed neovision bugs relating to power and broken states) (2017-01-27 11:22:46)
MOD 929. fixed owner query on scan (2017-01-27 11:22:45)
MOD 907. fixed erroneous information in some command help messages (2017-01-27 11:22:45)
MOD 888. battery loading still a pain? re-issued metacell and OC battery to fix dropped listeners (2017-01-27 11:22:45)
MOD 759. fixed missing menu graphics in manage > policy (2017-01-27 11:11:07)
MOD 657. Encoding issues causing vanishing/imploding menu items (2017-01-11 08:08:58)
MIN script run-time error stack-heap collision. WAKE_TIMER messages never end (HV, AM) (2020-10-21 11:13:47)
MIN 2260. Script Warnings (2019-01-19 20:13:00)
MIN 2171. Update legacy apps to use hibernate for ex5 apps menu (ex5) (2021-12-19 18:17:40)
MIN 890. power switch has no range limit (2017-02-22 22:48:25)
TRI 2321. NS-44T Fullstop breaks the local console (2019-05-26 22:32:49)
TRI 2194. Holo display stills showing 8.4 after going 8.5 (2018-07-15 00:57:48)
TRI 2106. "Unregistered Command" notice, but command works! (2018-03-23 01:30:01)
IDK 2578. Entering an RLV restraint and then having your client crash whilst locked breaks _restraint probe (2021-08-19 12:19:24)
IDK 2500. Dot commands fail after persona switch (2021-05-26 23:43:59)
IDK 2482. Personas not fully loading (2020-11-05 23:09:20)
IDK 2335. Firestorm AO turning left and right on 8.5 b4 and higher (2019-04-13 13:16:32)
IDK 2207. NS Aegis Main Controller script error. (2019-05-26 22:29:11)
IDK 2195. esisthym zehetbauer (Esis Femmilli) Can't use the bug report (2018-07-15 00:53:00)
IDK 2008. listener error in access manager (2017-11-03 17:29:45)
OLD 2724. 8.6.3 HUD Script Error (2022-02-25 01:37:06)
OLD 2693. Settings Reset script run-time error stack-heap collision Default on reloads (2021-12-19 18:20:40)
OLD 2691. improve vox chain integrity - Messages not sending on OS version 8.6.3 (2022-08-13 18:08:39)
OLD 2665. _echo rewrite: Chat Tone setting keeps resetting (2022-04-17 21:04:33)
OLD 2498. Companion 8.6.0 (Jun 11 2020) software menu bugged (2020-11-05 23:08:35)
OLD 2492. Unable to install from update servers (2020-07-24 09:20:01)
OLD 2491. (Fatal BUG) Fresh BacDrive does not work / E-Mail (2020-07-24 09:18:58)
OLD 2474. Attaching occasionally resets controller (2020-10-23 11:59:55)
OLD 2411. Filters not working (2021-06-23 16:26:01)
OLD 2408. Unable to change name using personas. (2019-12-31 02:03:36)
OLD 2395. XSU Version 8.5rc3 Bug (2020-07-24 09:21:29)
OLD 2394. XSU Version 8.5rc3 Script Error (2019-10-14 04:40:09)
OLD 2388. XSU with 8.5rc3: Software installation does not work, pre-installed software is missing (2020-07-24 09:20:33)
OLD 2387, script run-time error stack-heap collision. Aegis 8.5.0rc3 Script Error (2020-02-25 script run-time error stack-heap collision REJ 2658. Typing Animation/Event Issues (2021-10-03 15:29:14)
REJ 2577. Controller is making my screen pixelate every few seconds. (2021-06-23 14:40:02)
REJ 2537. I cant install TESI 0.7.6 and 0.7.3 to NS-478 Revenant controller (2021-06-23 14:40:02)
REJ 2501. CSU interferes with Mouselook - EG Weapons stop responding after first use. (2021-01-22 04:57:19)
REJ 2489. Icon does not work with 8.6 (2021-06-23 14:40:02)
REJ 2485. 8.6 Beta: _console-native fails to attach on teleport (2020-07-24 09:18:12)
REJ 2479. scout lid jammed (2021-06-23 14:40:02)
REJ 2473. Controller always detachable regardless of power state (2020-10-23 11:53:24)
REJ 2353. Does not recognize devices (2019-10-14 04:45:55)
REJ 2342. Obsidian Nova skin issue on male w/ one piece avi (head attached) (2020-02-11 12:31:12)
REJ 2334. No local chat use, even when at 1005 volume, as well as menu desync (2019-10-14 04:45:55)
REJ 2259. Teleport animation - energy explosion from avi - does not happen after teleport. instead it happens after local chat. (2019-10-14 04:45:55)
REJ 2208. Relay randomly resets and shuts off (2019-10-14 04:45:55)
REJ 2204. Subsystems menu doesn't exist (2019-10-14 04:45:55)


Learning Simple Methods to Solve Script Runtime Error Stack-heap Collision Second Life

Script Runtime Error Stack-heap Collision Second Life will always be there as you use your personal computer. Regardless of how experienced you are in working on your computer, script run-time error stack-heap collision always be problems that will come your way. Internet browsing is among the common processes that attracts the existence of these errors. When you think of it thoroughly, these will issues will actually assist you know if the computer is having some issues and needs some care. Time is your main enemy as it will make the situation worse if not solved immediately. Coming up with the perfect remedy simply by understanding the nature of the problem is the good thing to do.

A faulty driver or an incompatible application is only two of the countless reasons why Script Runtime Error Stack-heap Collision Second Life happen. Nothing is better than knowing how to troubleshoot it yourself. This is due to the fact that having a new operating system or device entails you to exhaust your resources. This article will offer you a highlight of the common computer errors and the ways to fix it, you could find it below.


Hardware and software updates are needed to make computer more useful, thus we always want to install such. The truth is, script run-time error stack-heap collision, when you keep on updating your PC, you will sometimes bump into an error causing your computer to show script run-time error stack-heap collision flash of blue in the screen as you restart it. No matter how hard you try to keep on advancing your Operating-system, this error will still put your computer at risk. The great thing that you can do is unplug or uninstall the device or software recently installed in your PC as you restart and open it using safe mode. Trouble-shooting this error is more than just restarting your computer or even pressing the ESC control. You need to at least learn the fundamental processes of your PC in order for you to troubleshoot Script Runtime Error Stack-heap Collision Second Life.

Insufficient Virtual Memory

RAM is a vital component of your personal computer. The issue known as low virtual memory results from the prolong usage of such programs or apps that exhaust the RAM space. Once you have a huge space of RAM, such problem won’t take place. However, if you have only limited RAM space, you might need to purchase additional RAM chips if you’d like to keep using your computer smoothly. Boosting the PageFile is another solution you can take. You just need to go to the system settings through the control panel. After getting into the system settings, click on advanced system. The next thing that you need to do is go to the advanced tab and settings. Increasing the PageFile up to 2 times bigger than the RAM memory is then possible to do from there.

DLL Files are Lost

If there is a program attempting to be run and suddenly stopped, there may be a missing file causing this Script Runtime Error Stack-heap Collision Second Life. You can install the software the second time around to attempt solving the said error. On the net, you can get a copy of the file in the event the missing one is a system file. But always make certain that you are getting one from a trustworthy website. Nonetheless, don’t expect too much because not all copies from the internet can work a hundred percent. Also, there are instances wherein viruses are the cause of this specific error so better get an excellent anti-virus.

These are some of the most common Script Runtime Error Stack-heap Collision Second Life you might experience. The following tips are surely helpful since you can save cash and learn new technical skills at the same time, plus the fact that you have solved the problem by yourself. This just means that trouble-shooting the problem first is always better than replacing anything in your computer immediately.

LSL Errors

Run-time error messages

A script may stop running, and chat at you the complaint "Script run-time error", followed by another complaint such as:

Script run-time error: Heap Error

Don't speak nonsense. For example, don't return a list of one entry that is the result of a routine that returns no result.

Script run-time error: Lists may not contain lists

Don't try adding a list into a list.

Script run-time error: Math Error

Float divided by zero, integer divided by zero, etc.

See Error/Math for functions that can generate this.

Script run-time error: Stack-Heap Collision

The Stack has collided with the Bytecode or the Heap. (The script has run out of memory)

In LSO each script runs inside 16 KiB of memory divided out among Bytecode, Stack, and Heap.

You can cause collision by compiling too much script, which produces too much Bytecode. The script compiles and saves successfully, but when you rez an object containing the script, the script crashes, immediately or while running.

See llGetFreeMemory and Memory for more details.

Run-time error demo scripts

Compile and run examples like these to experience the script run-time errors.

default{state_entry(){llOwnerSay((string)[llOwnerSay("bye")]);// Script run-time error: Heap Error}}
default{state_entry(){listonce=[];listtwice=[once,once];// Script run-time error: Lists may not contain lists}}
default{state_entry(){floatone=1.0;floatzero=0.0;floatquotient=one/zero;// Script run-time error: Math ErrorllOwnerSay((string)quotient);}}
default{state_entry(){listentries=[0];while(TRUE){entries+=entries;// Script run-time error: Stack-Heap CollisionllOwnerSay((string)llGetListLength(entries));}}}

Compile-time error messages

The SL GUI may reject some code that you feel is perfectly clear, printing ERROR at you and then explaining with some further complaint.

ERROR : Type mismatch

You must name the .x .y .z .s components of a vector or rotation that you're assigning, you can't assign them all at script run-time error stack-heap collision from a list, for instance:

default{state_entry(){vectorvec=(vector)[1,2,3];// ERROR : Type mismatchllOwnerSay((string)vec);}}

ERROR : Byte code assembly failed -- out of memory

You must make each script reasonably small.

For example, the compiler says you typed too much script if you cascade too many else-if's:

demoElseIfCompileError(integercount){if(count==0){;}elseif(count==1){;}elseif(count==2){;}.// ERROR : Byte code assembly failed -- out of memory.// or ERROR : Syntax error.elseif(count==.){;}}

How much script is too much script can vary astonishingly. For example, the 2007-08 Second Life clients varied as much as 30X, from one to the next. Specifically, the Windows client accepted 22 else-if's and refused 23 else-if's, while Mac OS X was accepting 692 else-if's and refusing 693 else-if's. On Second Life compilation is now delegated to the server, so these differences have mostly vanished. Standalone test environments and non-LL grids may still compile scripts differently.

Compilation limits that vary by operating system in effect work as a copy-restriction mechanism. Any resident can run the script compiled by the less limited compiler, but residents who have only the more limited compiler cannot save changes to the source.

See llGetFreeMemory, llMessageLinked.

ERROR : Syntax error

You must punctuate the script and spell the words of the script as will please the compiler, of course.

Also you must make each script reasonably small. The compiler may astonishingly complain of a "syntax" error rather than politely complaining more specifically of an "out of memory" "byte code assembly failed" error, when you make a script unreasonably large.

For example, the 2007-08 Windows Second Life client complained of a Syntax error if you cascaded too many else-if's. The exact limits enforced can vary astonishingly. For example, the 2007-08 Windows Second Life client sometimes accepted as many as 22 cascaded else-if's, but also sometimes rejected as few as 19 cascaded else-if's, depending on other details of the script.

Programmers who learned LSL on one compiler may feel that that compiler's limits are reasonable, e.g., up to five hundred cascaded else-if's in Mac OS X, while programmers trained on another compiler may feel instead that only its significantly different limits are reasonable, e.g., no more than a dozen cascaded else-if's in Windows.

script run-time error stack-heap collision


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