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runtime error codelobster

Hi, I am trying to debug my customer module using Codelobster. If I try to debug the Drupal index.php located on C:\xampp\htdocs\drupal. Many potential errors can be corrected even before the working JavaScript is generated. This saves you from having to spend additional time and effort debugging. CodeLobster is a multi-functional portable IDE designed to make coding accessible. While most popular and commonly used IDE's fall in the range.

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runtime error codelobster

TypeScript Support In CodeLobster IDE

In this article, we will discuss TypeScript Support In CodeLobster IDE. So keep reading.

From the very moment of its appearance, TypeScript has enjoyed stable high popularity among programmers.

As the complexity and scale of modern Error sql syntax projects have increased significantly, more and more developers have become interested in TypeScript and are planning to write on it in the future.

In this article, runtime error codelobster, we will talk about the features of CodeLobster Runtime error codelobster which make it easier and faster to work with TypeScript.

This functionality will help you to effectively maintain your existing codebase or to start using TypeScript in your new projects faster.

Typescript Features And Benefits

TypeScript allows you to use strict static typing in JavaScript development, and type matching is checked at the compile stage, runtime error codelobster, rather than during runtime error codelobster execution.

Many potential errors can be corrected even before the working JavaScript is generated. This saves you from having to spend additional time and effort debugging and testing applications.

Of course, this language is designed for experienced developers who are familiar with the principles of OOP. It allows you to program in the JS ecosystem the same way as in C# or Java, to use a type system, classes, interfaces, access modifiers, generics, enumerations, and namespaces.

TypeScript is well suited for big teams working on large-scale projects. Someone else’s code written on TS becomes more understandable and easier to read.

So even programmers with different levels of skills can share the results of their work and also it will be much easier for other teams to work with your runtime error codelobster For TypeScript Syntax And Semantics In CodeLobster

Smart autocomplete for TypeScript performs several important functions at once. It helps you to observe the syntax of this complex object-oriented programming language, reduces the likelihood of errors, and simultaneously speeds up the code typing.

TypeScript Syntax

To use it, just enter the prefix and press Ctrl + Space. You will get additions for the TS code that are best suited in this case, since the list is filtered depending on the context.

Auto-completion will give you hints on TypeScript keywords, propose suitable names of classes and interfaces, runtime error codelobster, and it will make it easier to choose the members of classes, methods, and variables.

The IDE well understands both syntax and semantics of WEB languages. The editor offers convenient semantic highlighting for TypeScript, coloring the code in such a way that it is better visually perceived.

It is possible to allocate all of its major structures from the first glance: the keywords, comments, runtime error codelobster, names of modules, classes, runtime error codelobster, or interfaces.

In the CodeLobster IDE, such decoration of the code is called “Color scheme”. The program already has more than 20 schemes and they can be flexibly configured according to your own preferences.

Go to the main menu, select “Tools” -> “Preferences” and in the dialog box that appears, open the section “Editor” -> “Colors”.

In the “Show settings for” section, click “TypeScript”, and then for any component from the “Display items” list, set the colors that suit you best.


You can use the error - 22 alsa settings, which have long been sbdadm unknown error to most programmers, or modify tar directory checksum error save any of the color schemes under its own name.

Tooltips And Dynamic Help

Since TypeScript is still JavaScript, we can easily interact with the environment in which our scripts will run.

Use any JS constructs and work, for example, with browser objects or DOM. You have at your disposal all the functionality of the help system built-in into the IDE.

The “Dynamic Help” tab displays links to documentation for the JavaScript elements and objects that we are currently working on within the editor.

Tooltips and Dynamic Help

By clicking on the link from the dynamic help, you will always get up-to-date information on any WEB technology. In addition, you can use quick pop-up suggestions that appear when you hover your cursor over the runtime error codelobster element you are interested in.

Code Navigation In The CodeLobster’s Editor

Any software solution exists as a project, that is, a set of source files that are displayed in the “Project” tab.

CodeLobster provides excellent code navigation and a quick search in the contents of files with highlighting of matching segments.

When you need to quickly examine the internal structure of any function, class, or interface, click on the element name while holding down the Ctrl key and you will instantly move to its definition.

Tooltips and Dynamic Help

TypeScript helps you write well-structured code. You will need much less time to read the source code and understand the logic of the program.

The ability to set local bookmarks in the editor and collapse code blocks with a quick preview of their contents ensures smooth operation even with large files.

To better understand the source code in TypeScript, you need an alternative view of the project structure that allows you to see the hierarchy of all its software components.

The “Class View” tool helps you to quickly find specific modules, namespaces, classes, interfaces, properties, and methods.

Class View

Using the element tree, it is easier to find out, for example, which namespace certain classes belong to, and by double-clicking on the list, you will immediately move to any function or variable.

The distinctive icons that accompany all “Class View” components make it possible to instantly distinguish class members from methods, interfaces from classes, runtime error codelobster, and namespaces.

Automatic Formatting

If there are tight deadlines, you have to use TypeScript and JavaScript code that was hastily written by other programmers or simply copied from the Internet. It may be poorly designed and almost unreadable.

In CodeLobster, you can easily copy and paste code from any source. The IDE will automatically format it directly during insertion or after the Alt + Shift + F command.

The program uses a ready-made set of standards that are popular in the programming community and are easy to configure.

This functionality also allows you to create your own rules for source code formatting and strictly adhere to them.

How To Quickly Compile TypeScript Files

In order for your app to start functioning, you need to convert the original TypeScript files to pure JavaScript.

If Node is already installed on your computer, just use the NPM package manager to install the compiler. Launch the terminal and run the command:

npm install -g typescript

After that, runtime error codelobster, you can check vpn error code 741 correctness of the installation, just enter the line:

tsc –version

To compile the file that we worked on within this article, we move to the directory with our project and run the following command:

tsc runtime error codelobster compiler will check the script for errors and generate a file with the “js” extension. Now it can be attached to an HTML file or executed as a Node application.

Let’s Summarize

TypeScript itself is not interpreted by JavaScript engines, and all the advantages of this language are implemented at the stage of an application design.

It does not transfer anything unnecessary to runtime – no checks are performed during execution. Cross-browser and compatible JavaScript code is generated, which works quickly and does not require any improvements.

With TypeScript, you will have more errordocument 404 .htaccess php when designing WEB applications, while at the same time, thanks to the capabilities of CodeLobster IDE, your coding will become more confident and fast.

Novice programmers will sooner or later have to get acquainted with TypeScript because many of the modern frameworks are developed using TS or easily integrated with it. For example, these are such tools as Angular, Babel, Dojo, Express, Knockout, React, and Vue.

TypeScript has good documentation and it is easier to learn it if you already know JavaScript. This will be an excellent upgrade of your programming skills.

Comparing Best Code Editors for PHP Developers

Reading time: 11minutes

This is a guest article by Stanislav Ustimenko from CodeLobster.

Since programmers spend a lot of time in their editors and IDEs, runtime error codelobster, they are extremely serious about their choice of software. Runtime error codelobster a minimum, the programming environment should provide syntax checking and code correction, autocompletion and auto-addition – all known as “code intelligence.” You should consider the whole aggregate of technologies used – HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, as well as the distributed nature of any WEB-application.

PHP is a server programming language and, in most cases, scripts are written on one computer and run on the other, in the environment of the hosting operating system. The server part of any site may also include a huge number of SQL queries and intensive interactions with databases.

If you decide to go beyond hobby-level projects to program professionally, it is critical for your program to support the FTP protocol, understand the syntax of SQL, and provide an interface for connecting to databases, in addition to advanced editing capabilities.

Let’s examine how popular code editors and IDEs implement such important capabilities for PHP developer functions.

Sublime Text

Sublime Text presents an excellent example of balance between functionality and speed, along with an economical use of system resources. The runtime error codelobster version works efficiently and quickly, and a reduced amount of RAM used too. It works on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS. Additionally, there is a portable version for Windows.

There is a flexible system of settings for both the interface and all kinds of functions using configuration files in JSON-format. The editor provides a set runtime error codelobster APIs, so it can be programmed and extended using Python. There is even a built-in Python interpreter.

Immediately after starting the program, go to the main menu Tools -> Install Package Control. Package Control is a tool that allows you to manage other packages.

To expand the functionality, you have to install the packages. Start the Package Control, go to the main menu Preferences -> Package Control and enter the command Install Package from the keyboard.

Working with the code

If you open the folder with code, runtime error codelobster editor will consider it a project.

To check the syntax of PHP when saving files, install the PHP Runtime error codelobster Checker extension. Then if there are errors, a warning dialog will appear.

To highlight syntax errors on the fly, install the plug-ins SublimeLinter and SublimeLinter-php. For them to work properly, also install PHP 7.0.

Sublime text editor

Now the editor will check the file and highlight the problem line of code. You can also get information about the error in the tooltip and on the bottom panel of the editor

To get a list of links including the file with the function declaration and its use cases, simply hover the pointer on the function name.

You can also instantly go to the function declaration or class definition by right clicking on it and selecting Go to Definition from the context menu.

For those who work with frameworks and OOP, runtime error codelobster, there is PHPCompanion, a special plugin  that immediately adds a whole set of useful tools to the program. This module helps to work with namespaces and import classes.

Debugging capability

Use the plugin Xdebug Client to perform full debugging with minimal settings. To work with this package, enable the Xdebug PHP extension on your server.

SQL and databases

There are two extensions for this – SQLExec and SQLTools. They share similar functionality and settings. You can also connect to PostgreSQL, runtime error codelobster, MySQL, Oracle, MSSQL, SQLite, Vertica, and Firebird. You must also install a binary distribution of DB, runtime error codelobster, with which you plan to interact.

Working on FTP

You’ll find it convenient to work with a remote runtime error codelobster system using FTP, runtime error codelobster, FTPS, and SFTP with the SFTP extension. It provides a very simple interface for viewing the folder structure and manipulating files.

Viewing files structure on Sublime Text

Viewing files structure on Sublime Text

Files are automatically uploaded to the server after saving, and there’s support for the output of information about the process of connection, downloaded, and uploaded files. All settings and actions within this plugin can be found in the menu File -> SFTP/FTP.

Support for frameworks

There is only basic support for MVC frameworks, mainly represented by various snippet collections and quick access to online documentation.


Atom is the editor the PHP community would like to know more about. Many developers who have experienced it were pleased with it – the editor is very flexibly configured, but the default settings also work well.

Atom is an open source editor, created using WEB-technologies. Extensions for Atom are created using simple JavaScript and a Node.js framework.

It is a cross-platform with versions for Mac OS, runtime error codelobster, Windows, and Linux, runtime error codelobster. There is also a portable version for Windows systems.

The portable version allows you not only to use the program without installation, but also to use several versions of the editor for various programming tasks simultaneously.

Working with the code

Atom allows you to open both individual files and entire directories as a project. Initially, there is basic support for PHP syntax.

This editor easily turns into a PHP IDE, runtime error codelobster. To do this, runtime error codelobster, install the Atom-ide-ui add-on and the specific plug-in IDE-PHP. In runtime error codelobster, PHP 7.0 runtime must be installed.

After applying these actions, Atom gets a more functional appearance

After applying these actions, Atom gets a more functional appearance

These add-ons provide error detection, warnings display, autocompletion and auto-addition, and improved code navigation.

Debugging capability

You can add this with extensions. For example, support for Xdebug can be enabled by installing the modules PHP-debug and Atom-debug-ui.

SQL and databases

The Data-Atom package is used to enable the support of MySQL, PostgreSQL and Microsoft SQL Server. It allows you to create connections, then view the structure of the database and tables, and perform any queries.

SQL support in Atom

SQL support in Runtime error codelobster will find settings and appropriate functions in the main menu Packages -> Data Atom. To properly install this plugin, Git should also be installed.

Working on FTP

An ability runtime error codelobster connect to a remote computer without extraneous FTP clients is achieved with the FTP-Remote-Edit package.

First, create a connection. Then you can view the contents of the remote directory, and the files will be automatically uploaded to the server after saving.

Support for frameworks

As you know, editors are runtime error codelobster the best choice when you need to work with a lot of frameworks. However, their support can be configured by installing one or more additional packages.

Virtually, editor has extensions for various PHP frameworks, but for this software, JavaScript libraries support is better implemented.

Rapid PHP

Rapid PHP is a PHP editor with a good reputation and advanced functionality, so you could call it a lightweight IDE.

It includes the entire set of components for writing scripts in PHP and JavaScript as well as for using HTML and CSS.

There are several useful features to make it easier for novice programmers runtime error codelobster start coding, for example, the familiar user interface, the lack of unnecessary controls and the built-in PHP interpreter.

Immediately after launching the program, runtime error codelobster, you are offered a minimal user interface. Then, during the operation, you can hide and show all open panels by pressing the F4 key. There’s also an upgraded editor with PHP syntax checking, fragments insertion, highlighting search entries, and high performance when opening large files.

There is a convenient function, Goto Anything, that allows you to quickly start a search by pressing the Ctrl + G keys to go to any section of the code or file in the project.

Many useful features can be added to the editor by installing additional plug-ins. To see a list of available extensions, select the Plugins -> Manage Plugins option from the main menu.

Working with the code

Rapid PHP has ­advanced features c atoi error checking editing PHP files, including integrated documentation and tooltips on functions.

ftp getlasterror 12031 example, to get a hint on the parameters of a function, just enter its name and press Ctrl + Shift + Space" width="1280" height="800">

For example, to get a hint on the parameters of a function, just enter its name and press Ctrl + Shift + Space

Debugging capability

The PHP debugger works in conjunction with Xdebug and provides all the standard functions for finding errors in scripts. You can track the state of the user-defined and global variables, view call stack, execute the file step by step or by using checkpoints.

SQL and databases

Rapid PHP has a built-in SQL Database Explorer with an ability to connect to MySQL, PostgreSQL, Firebird and SQLite. It allows you to execute queries and view the structure of the database.

Working on FTP

A convenient file browser and the built-in FTP client allow you to work with remote files using both simple FTP and secure connection using TLS, SSL and SSH.

Support for frameworks

Smarty is supported by default. To work with the syntax of other libraries, go to the main menu Options -> Frameworks.

Available components in Rapid PHP: CakePHP, CodeIgniter, Laravel, Nette, Prado, Symfony, Yii and Zend Framework

The following components are available: CakePHP, CodeIgniter, Laravel, Nette, Prado, Symfony, Yii and Zend Framework. From content management systems only, WordPress is supported


CodeLobster is created by our team and it’s a well-known IDE with support for all WEB-technologies. It’s written in C++. And consequently it has a responsive interface and notable fast editing – there are no delays while typing code.

Here, you will find all the tools that PHP programmers might need. Project work is provided by a simple navigation through code and files, understanding of the structure of the project, instant search, and identification of syntactic errors.

Working with the code

It’s a multilingual editor that runtime error codelobster files with mixed code and provides appropriate highlighting in different colors. When working with large sources, use local bookmarks and the ability to collapse blocks of code.

Most actions in CodeLobster are duplicated by keyboard shortcuts. For example, press Alt + C and you can instantly comment on the current line or selection. Then press Alt + Ctrl + U to uncomment the fragment. There’s an integrated help system – you can see tooltips when hovering over an item of interest, an autocomplete for all PHP functions, and additional libraries.

Codelobster dynamic help

Dynamic help works depending on the context. The IDE automatically selects a list of links to relevant documentation for the current element in the code. To use this function, go to the Dynamic Help tab on the right panel of the editor

To view online help on the element on which the cursor is positioned, press the F1 key to open the official documentation in the browser.

Debugging capability

The Xdebug extension is used during the search and elimination of errors in PHP scripts. However, you should first enable and configure it on the server.

SQL and databases

The system of interaction with databases contains a built-in SQL-client; you can create several connections and link them to projects in the settings. Syntax highlighting, autocompletion, and auto-substitution are implemented according to the structure of the current database. Created queries are saved in files with the sql extension, so that you can later edit them and view the results.

Working on FTP

CodeLobster is enabled with an FTP connection manager, which can be flexibly configured for any type of server and copes well with downloading and uploading a large number of files. The files are transmitted in binary or ASCII modes; you can work with the server over an encrypted connection using SSL/TLS or SSH.

Support for frameworks

CodeLobster comes with a whole set of plug-ins for working with the most popular PHP libraries and CMS, among them such frameworks as CakePHP, CodeIgniter, Laravel, Phalcon, runtime error codelobster, Smarty, Symfony, Twig, Yii.

You can download, install, and add to the project any of the listed frameworks directly from the program environment.

You can start creating your online store on the basis of Magento, the famous eCommerce platform

You can smarty error problem writing temporary file creating your online store on the basis of Magento, the famous eCommerce platform – just select the type of project you need and configure access to the database

The latest version of the CMS will be downloaded and installed in automatic mode, without even using the Web-interface.

The same functionality is provided for Drupal, Joomla, and WordPress. Using all the capabilities of these error creating direct3d 9 arma 2 will greatly accelerate the process of developing and launching Internet projects of any scale.


PHPStorm is a popular IDE with a huge number of different functions and features. Runtime error codelobster performs an in-depth analysis of the project and understands its structure and dependencies very well.

It’s developed in Java programming language based on IntelliJ IDEA – an open source platform, meaning that PHPStorm inherited all the best from its parent platform.

Every detail can be customized. There are numerous hot keys, various sam has crashed the error report styles, and themes for the user interface.

Working with the code

If the folder in which you placed a new project already contains files, the project will be created based on the existing sources.

To use auto-completion, start typing the name of the method or class and press Ctrl + Space – all available options will appear as a list. After that you can get a hint about the parameters To do that, press Ctrl + Shift + Space.

For instant reference information on any function, just place the cursor on its name and press Ctrl + Q.

PHP Storm

Click on the link in the window that appears to go to documentation on the official website for more detailed analysis

Debugging capability

There is a full Visual Debugger that’s recommended for use in conjunction with the Xdebug extension, but integration with Zend Debugger is also possible.

SQL and databases

To display SQL-tools and view the list of connections, select View -> Tool Windows -> Database from the main menu. You can connect to many different databases: DB2, Derby, HSQLDB, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server, SQLite, and Sybase.

After all the necessary settings are made, runtime error codelobster, the connection is established and these options become available: overview of the database structure, editing of tables, deletion and addition of fields and new records, execution of various SQL queries, and many others.

Working on FTP

Download and upload files via FTP using any type of connection – FTP, SFTP, or FTPS. To use this function, go to the main menu File -> New Project from Existing Files and select the option Web server is on remote host files are accessible via FTP/SFTP/FTPS.

Next, name runtime error codelobster project, set up an FTP connection, and download remote files for editing.

Support for frameworks

Template engines Blade and Smarty, runtime error codelobster, MVC frameworks in particular such as Laravel, CakePHP, Symfony, Zend Framework, Yii are supported.

The ability to create projects based on content management systems, such as Drupal, Joomla, and WordPress, are well implemented. The IDE supports WordPress Actions and Filters. It offers an autocomplete and dynamic hints on existing parameters.

PHP Storm is able to index the code of any PHP library

The IDE is able to index the code of any PHP library and then use this data to display documentation or function hints

Let’s squid error no running copy linux work was done by the developers when creating the tools discussed in this article.

As a rule, IDEs come with a lot of functionality that can’t just be selected and disabled. But it is thanks to such advanced functions that PHP programmers can get the most out of a programming environment while creating their applications and websites.

But why should an IDE lose performance with expanding functionality? At what stage of its life cycle may the development environment become “slow-moving” and inconvenience its users?

We, the CodeLobster team, tried to find an effective solution to this problem. So, we chose the low-level C++ language and the Qt library to preserve all the advantages of the native application.

As a result, the program is experiencing robust growth and we constantly add support for the new and most up-to-date WEB-frameworks. Despite the complexity of this approach and all the difficulties in maintenance of low-level code, the user experience has been greatly improved.

Because a completely cross-platform version has recently been released, you can now independently test this application on any OS.

But any editor is still a construction set. After installation, we get only the most necessary, universal capabilities. It will be necessary to install additional extensions to turn any of the editors into a full-featured IDE. But they start almost instantly, work quickly, and are not demanding on computer resources.

Which program is the best? Everyone should decide that for themselves individually.

To use a simple and fast editor or to take a full-fledged IDE – that depends on the developer her/himself, on what solutions they are seeking at the moment, and under what conditions they’re working.

Stanislav Ustimenko from CodeLobsterStanislav is a project manager in Codelobster Software with 10-year experience in PHP coding.

Want to write an article for our blog? Read our requirements and guidelines to become a contributor.

Free IDE for web developer – Codelobster IDE

Today I find out a good and free IDE for web developer. Though it’s not a cloud one, I think it’s good enough for a free PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript editor. It’s caleld: Codelobster IDE

Here’s why

Codelobster IDE allows you to edit PHP, runtime error codelobster, HTML, CSS and JavaScript files, it highlights the syntax and gives hints for tags, functions and their runtime error codelobster. This editor easily deals with those files that contain mixed content.

If you insert PHP code in your HTML template, then the editor correctly highlights both HTML tags and PHP functions. The same applies to CSS and JavaScript code, which is contained runtime error codelobster HTML files.

The program includes auto-completion function, which greatly speeds up the programmer’s work and eliminates the possibility of errors.

Codelobster IDE provides contextual help on all supported programming languages, it uses the most up to date documentation at this moment, downloading it from official sites. So we can quickly get a description of any HTML tag, CSS attribute, PHP or JavaScript function by pressing the F1 key. 

The built-in PHP debugger allows you to execute PHP scripts step by step, sequentially moving through the lines of code. You can assign checkpoints, view the process of the work of loops, and monitor the values of all variables during the execution of the script.

You can view the HTML templates directly in the editor, highlight the interesting elements on the page and explore the associated CSS styles. HTML and CSS inspector works by the principle of all known FireBug.

Rich of features

Other useful functions and features of the IDE:

  • A pair highlighting of parentheses and tags – you will runtime error codelobster have to count parentheses or quotation marks, the editor will take care of it.

  • Highlighting of blocks, selection and collapsing of code snippets, bookmarks to facilitate navigation on the edited file, recognition, and building onfigure error c compiler cannot create executables the complete structure of PHP projects – these functions ensure easy work with projects of any scale.

  • Support for 17 users interface languages, among them English, runtime error codelobster, German, Russian, Spanish, French, and others.

  • The program works on the following operating systems: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Mac OS, Linux, Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian.

The professional version of Codelobster IDE provides the programmer with even more features.

For runtime error codelobster, you have an opportunity to work with projects on a remote server with the use of the built-in FTP client. You can edit the selected files, preview the results and then synchronize the changes with the files on the hosting.

In addition, the professional version includes an extensive set of plug-ins:

  • Fully implemented support for JavaScript libraries, such as jQuery, Node.js, AngularJS, BackboneJS, and MeteorJS.

  • A large set of extensions that help to work with PHP frameworks. For example: CakePHP, runtime error codelobster, CodeIgniter, Laravel, Phalcon, Smarty, Symfony, Twig and Yii plug-ins.

  • Plugins for working with the most popular CMS – Drupal, Joomla, Magento, and WordPress.

We can download and install any framework directly from the program without being distracted from the main tasks.

In general, for a year of work, our team had no complaints against the editor.  Codelobster IDE  works fast, does not hang and allows us to work even with large PHP projects.

You can download Codelobster IDE from the official website

Or if you know another good and free IDE for web developer, please let me know.

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runtime error codelobster Of Contents

Are you new to WordPress programming or an expert looking for an ideal source code editor for WordPress or PHP programming in WordPress environment?

Coding can be a tiring and exhausting job if you are not using a source code editor as it helps in coding faster in an efficient manner.

While there are many source code editors out there, a web developer or designer will always choose the one that saves time and help avoid errors.

Here’s where CodeLobster comes for the rescue.

Whether you are a beginner in programming or runtime error codelobster experienced developer/designer, you will not find a source code editor more efficient and simpler than CodeLobster IDE.

The main use of this coding tool is its ability to integrate the top Content Management Systems out there in its Integrated Development Environment.

With this IDE and WordPress plug-in, the tedious and strenuous task of WordPress programming becomes a cakewalk.

CodeLobster IDE Review


CodeLobster is a multi-functional portable IDE designed to make coding accessible. While most popular and commonly used IDE’s fall in the range of $100 – $500, CodeLobster Portable IDE is available for free.

However, you must upgrade to their Pro version to use the IDE on popular CMS’s or Frameworks like WordPress.

CodeLobster IDE is an ideal runtime error codelobster assist that offers an array of different features, including autocomplete features for many PHP, HTML, JavaScript, and CSS functions and attributes.

Another element that makes this best code editor stand out is the PHP debugger tool. This tool lets you validate your code on the go and detects your server settings and configurations automatically to adapt accordingly.

Interesting Features Of CodeLobster IDE

1.Highlight Code

An expert coder can use the most straightforward editor like a notepad for coding, runtime error codelobster, but they need to use a source code editor tool is for its ability to make it simple and clutter-free. Yes, you read it right.

CodeLobster’s highlight feature helps the coder identify different codes using specific colors for PHP, HTML, JavaScript, etc. Such a highlight feature makes the coding process easy for the coder’s fingers as well as the eyes.

2. AutoComplete

Why use any 21st-century program or tool if it doesn’t automate things for you! Well, CodeLobster doesn’t only make coding easy but also runtime error codelobster you with the autocomplete feature.

This powerful feature provides the options for different functions, arguments, tags, and attributes while the programmer is coding. With the help of the autocomplete feature, the coder no longer needs to type the full name of a function or attribute anymore.

3. Code Inspector

Editing an existing code can be challenging even for a highly experienced programmer. However, the task gets more comfortable with CodeLobster’s HTML/CSS Code Inspector, which helps the coder find HTML elements within the code quickly.

You can modify the HTML and CSS codes simply by clicking the elements on the page instead of digging deep into the source code page.

4. PHP Debugger

What worse can happen than uploading a file with error code? Well, not anymore with CodeLobster. The PHP Debugger tools help the coder validate the PHP codes locally before uploading it to the server.

This best Free PHP IDE will save you a lot of time and effort as it validates the PHP code automatically reading through a thousand lines of code.

Pro Features

1. SQL Manager

Most websites use a database to store data for synchronized and convenient data processing. CodeLobster IDE Professional Version comes with an inbuilt SQL manager to help coders for smooth execution of operations with the database.

SQL manager is apt to work with MySQL, which is the database management tool used in the WordPress architecture.

You can edit SQL tables from within this best PHP IDE using features like SQL autocomplete, Structure editing, Data editing, and Export wizard.

2. Code Validator

Code Validator is an excellent tool to avoid errors. Whether a novice coder or an expert developer with years of experience, they are all bound runtime error codelobster make mistakes.

With the error code reported is efilenotfound inbuilt code validator in place which supports PHP, HTML, and CSS languages, CodeLobster is a lifesaver for every programmer out there.

3. Node.JS Support

Npm, the Node.JS’ package ecosystem, happens to be the most extensive ecosystem when it comes to open source libraries. The lightweight and efficient Node.JS is one of the most widely used JavaScript Runtime Environments by programmers worldwide.

Hence, the support for Node.JS on CodeLobster IDE will be regarded as a bonus for many coders with features like autocomplete for Node.JS classes, libraries, and methods as runtime error codelobster as Context and Dynamic help.

CodeLobster – Awesome WordPress Code Editor

In my CodeLobester review, I would like to have a word about its WordPress plugin with which you can install WordPress CMS and helps you to write the code faster through the autocomplete feature.

Moreover, runtime error codelobster, it has a theme editor for WordPress which is a simple tool that assembles the pages into a WYSIWYG version so that you will be able to edit the data in the inspector.

Since it combines the WordPress theme files into a single page with an editable option, you can easily navigate into the codes to do the needful.

Recently, I have used this CodeLobster WordPress Chassis intruded fatal error. system halted for my client and it was easier to make the theme.

I would say that it is an awesome option for a WordPress Code Editor.

Are you a WordPress developer like myself? If so, your greatest concern would be to create the most productive work possible.

Let’s take a look at what we want when creating a website on WordPress.

Being a programmer and WEB designer goes way beyond simply editing PHP files. It requires the skills and capacity to work with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

And an amazing text editor or IDE that supports all the frequently used programming languages and technology. All to the benefit of end-users.

If you are looking for such a text editor than it is a great time to explore CodeLobster tool.

A fully functional IDE, CodeLobster offers the right tools for a web developer. Not only does It facilitate editing in HTML, PHP, CSS, and JavaScript, but it also offers the options of autocomplete and other suggestions.

You can directly access the database and edit the files using CodeLobster IDE on your personal computer while accessing through FTP on a remote server.

Other options you can make use of include PHP debugger as well as contextual and dynamic help.

It allows for convenient installation of WordPress directly through the program. The CMS is also installed simultaneously and configures itself instantaneously, way quicker than the WEB-interface.

I can give you a runtime error codelobster example of how to use CodeLobster for a new project.

To create a new project, proceed to the menu ‘Project’ -> ‘Create Project

In the dialogue box that appears, specify the type of project to be created with the help runtime error codelobster the framework or any one of the popular CMS.

Next, select the ‘Create Empty WordPress Site’ and provide the name and location of the directory for installation. The New WordPress Site Wizard will run at this stage.

Within a few steps, it will be able to configure its connection to the database. As a final step, you need to specify the parameters of the project.

Once you select the ‘Finish’ tab, a new WordPress distribution completes its installation and a new project is created. You may begin work.

To get some information about a function moves the pointer to its name, the information would be displayed in a tooltip.

For more information, select the function’s name and press F1, and information from the official WordPress document would open up.

To get help from autocomplete, simply begin typing the name of the function and press Ctrl + Space.

The professional version of CodeLobster IDE contains a plugin for WordPress.

This ensures that the programmer can start working straight away with the CMS, without requiring any additional installations.

It is equipped with the necessary tools for programming in PHP, HTML, markup, CSS styles and JavaScript.

Other Significant Features

  • Find & Replace: Just any text editor, the Find & Replace feature on CodeLobster lets you find and replace a few parameters using a regular expression.
  • Context And Dynamic Help: With dynamic help feature, you can find all references for the current word, whereas context help provides all the information on shortcut keys.
  • Split Window: Split window screen to edit seamlessly.
  • Browser Preview: Preview the output on a browser to check how it’s going.

CodeLobster IDE Pricing Details

CodeLobster IDE is a free-to-use program for coders interested in a seamless, simple, yet active source code runtime error codelobster, you can also upgrade to utilize CodeLobster’s premium features available for Pro users.

Let’s look at its available plans in my CodeLobster review!

Free Version: CodeLobster With PHP Edition

Beginners can opt for the free version of CodeLobster with PHP Edition as the free package comes with all the essential features required in a quality source code editor.

You get editors for HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, etc. combined with built-in features like PHP debugger, autocomplete, CSS & HTML code inspector, etc.

If you are looking for a clean, user-friendly, and free source code editor, then the free version of CodeLobster is your best bet.

Pro Version: CodeLobster Professional With PHP Edition

If programming is your bread & butter and you wish to excel against your peers in the industry, then you can invest in CodeLobster Professional with PHP Edition.

In the Pro version, you get all the features of the free version with some additional advanced features.


At the cost of $79.95, you can avail the Professional plan of CodeLobster with PHP Edition.

The package also includes 3 activations on runtime error codelobster devices plus a year of free updates. However, after a year, you must pay $19.95 every year for future updates.

The Pro version of CodeLobster with PHP Edition brings in few advanced features such as FTP and SFTP support, SQL manager, Code Validator, Code Snippets, Code Formatting, Split Window, Node.js support, etc.

If that’s not enough, runtime error codelobster, then CodeLobster IDE also brings in additional support for 18 different CMS and frameworks such as WordPress, Joomla, runtime error codelobster, Citizen clp-521 error JS, Bootstrap, etc.

At a one-time cost of $79.95, it’s a steal deal if you are into advanced programming. However, I will recommend you to test out the free version to get the feel of this source code editor first.

Our Verdict On CodeLobster IDE

  • The standout feature of CodeLobster IDE is its ability to integrate with different libraries and frameworks. So, if you are into WordPress programming, then CodeLobster is your ideal bet.
  • The source code editor also brings in the most critical syntax highlighting and auto-complete feature to shift the maximum load of the coder.
  • The surprising fact about CodeLobster IDE is that unlike other IDEs out there, you don’t have to install the add-ins separately. They are already included in the free package itself.
  • You can also check for browser support for each CSS property in real-time by simply hovering over it. You can even check the preview of color code used in the CSS which most modern-day IDEs lack even today.
  • CodeLobster isn’t a fancy tool with attractive design or UI, but it is entirely customized to suit a programmer or coder focusing on getting the job done. They also have a fantastic support team to help you out when you’re stuck somewhere.

Few Concerns

  • As I already said, it’s not that fancy. The only concern, if I must pick one, then it will be the overall design of the program. It doesn’t go with the current trends.
  • While it has a great and intuitive design and interface, it lacks the visual appeal as per modern-day demands. The company can sacred 2 - gold edition startup error towards improving it to make it visually runtime error codelobster as well.
  • Although programmers or coders spent a lot of time behind the scenes, they won’t criticize runtime error codelobster the software comes with a more attractive and exciting design.
  • Even the official website can also have a makeover to match the modern-day standards.
  • Through this CodeLobster review, I would like to request the team to make some free features for the WordPress users.

Pros Of CodeLobster IDE

  • Lightweight PHP IDE and hence doesn’t take too much on the hard disk.
  • Free multi-platform IDE for developers and professions aiming for faster coding.
  • Integration with 18 popular CMS and Frameworks.
  • Excellent list of built-in features designed for runtime error codelobster and hassle-free coding.
  • Amazing Testing, Debugging, runtime error codelobster, and Validation tools to make coding easy for professionals.

Cons Of CodeLobster IDE

  • Design and UI are too simple and basic.
  • The free version has restricted features.

Final Words

There’s no doubt that CodeLobster is one of the best open-source IDE for WordPress development on Windows platform.

Yes! working with WordPress development in CodeLobster IDE is easy and speedy. It ensures quick set up, speedy work and enhanced functionality.

This Best WordPress IDE worked wonders for me and is as a great new addition runtime error codelobster my web development tools.

Considering the list of features and functions included in the free version, CodeLobster is also the best programming tool for beginners and experts alike.

CodeLobster does the job of making life easy for coders/programmers and helps them get the tasks done in a faster and efficient manner.

If you are into developing PHP or WordPress websites, the CodeLobster IDE is an ideal companion. However, you need to get the PRO version to reap its entire features.