error connecting to server error connecting to server

You both are having the same connection timed out issue which means you failed to connect to the Old School RuneScape Servers. Common connection solutions · Reset network and devices. Try rebooting your modem or router to help maintain a good connection. · Wireless connections · System. Tried logging into NA-west world and got 'error connecting to server' but tried a world and logged in right away. error connecting to server error connecting to server - interesting

RuneScape Classic

Login screen [edit RuneScape Wiki edit source]. The login screen allows players to enter their username and password to log in the server. The background image cycles between three locations in Lumbridge: . The interior of Lumbridge Castle, where there is a longtable and some chairs.; The center of Lumbridge, near the well that players respawn at after death.; The goblin hut to the … Visit site

[FIX] 'Error Connecting to Server' in Runescape -

Press Windows key + R to open up a Run dialog box. Next, type ‘’ and press Enter to open up the Network Connections tab. Run this in the Run dialog box. Once you’re inside the Network Connection s tab, you’ll see a list of network adapters that are … Visit site

Login server - DarkScape Wiki

A Login server is one of the 8 servers available in RuneScape that verify a player is valid, active, and not logged in elsewhere, after entering a username and password. A user may log in with a unique RuneScape account, or through Facebook, by connecting your Facebook account with RuneScape. The login screen appears as the player prepares to log in. The username and … Visit site