Rtc error during upload

rtc error during upload

Interesting Jazz.net Articles About General Topics The Deployment Wiki on Work Item customization: HTTPConector and OAuth in RTC 4.0 for OSLC by Jorge. Questions: How to correctly upload an attachment with Apache HTTPClient to RTC (IBM Jazz) I am currently facing the following issue. I upload the apple store, the prompt is 32 library, the actual should be 64 library. image. Later, I changed the WebRTC.framework to prompt ".
target.build_configurations.each do
installer.pods_project.targets.each do config target answered Aug 11 '10, rtc error during upload, 10:15 a.m.

rtc error during upload Hi,

It looks like you are using the RTC Eclipse Client. When I have seen similar error messages, I just reload my workspace and that usually clears this situation up. I believe that you may have encountered a period of "high network traffic" and there was some sort of "network time out" that was picked up by RTC. I am just speaking based on what I have seen. Your experience may be slightly (or greatly) different. Also, someone from the IBM RTC development team may want to weigh in on this with their interpretation of this situation.

Here is my basis for what I am saying:

When I see errors like this, I look in the log on the RTC server. For us, it is located under <tomcat_install_dir>\tomcat\logs (NOTE: this is not the file named "jazz.log"). Only IT Network Services here has access to that log. However this file, named "<tomcat_install_dir>\tomcat\logs\stdout_<date&gt.log" does have most of the same info that the jazz.log file does.

So, rtc error during upload, at times around seeing the error in the original post these messages are seen in the log:

=== Begin log info ===

14:59:49,736 ERROR ository.service.internal.RdbRepositoryDataMediator - CRJAZ1038I RuntimeException processing query

BuildRequestQueryModel r = BuildRequestQueryModel.ROOT;
AstQuery q = (AstQuery) IItemQuery.FACTORY.newInstance(r);
q.filter(r.buildDefinitionInstance().buildDefinitionId()._in(new IString[] {q.newStringArg(), q.newStringArg(), q.newStringArg(), q.newStringArg()})._and(r.processed()._eq(0)));
com.ibm.team.repository.service.internal.UncheckedRepositoryException: com.ibm.team.repository.common.RetryableDatabaseException: CRJAZ1318I A retryable database error occurred. Database deadlocks and timeouts can occur during periods of high server traffic, rtc error during upload. You should retry your operation, and contact your server administrator if the problem persists.
Serialization failure
SQL: select t1.ITEM_ID, t1.STATE_ID from BUILD.BUILD_REQUEST t1 where (t1.BUILD_DEFNTN_NSTNC_BLD_DFNTN_D in(?, ?, ?, ?) and (t1.PROCESSED = 0)) order by t1.CREATED asc
SQL Exception #1
SQL Message: Transaction (Process ID 57) was deadlocked on lock resources with another process and has been chosen as the deadlock victim. Rerun the transaction.

=== End of log info ====

Since we have been chosen as the deadlock victim, we just rerun the transaction. In this case, it was a "load" action that was part of a build request and resubmitting the request for a build cleared the issue. This type of situation has also been seen when loading workspaces and running the "load" action again clears the issue up.

As I said earlier, you situation may or may not be exactly what I have experienced, but if it is you now know a way to work through it.

Hope this helps,

- Walter

During an attempt to checkin and deliver a set of files, RTC fails with the following xrdp error x11/speedo Version

Configuration info:

*** Features:
com.ibm.team.concert.feature (2.0.2.I200911251653-2-17J311_23221562) "Rational Team Concert"
org.eclipse.cvs (1.1.2.R342_v20090122-7C79E9x9sLM1t6M9YD7_A7) "Eclipse CVS Client"
org.eclipse.draw2d (3.4.2.v20090218-1145-3317w311_122502441) "Graphical Editing Framework Draw2d"
org.eclipse.emf.codegen (2.4.0.v200902171115) "EMF Code Generation"
org.eclipse.emf.codegen.ecore (2.4.2.v200902171115) "EMF Ecore Code Generator"
org.eclipse.emf.common (2.4.0.v200902171115) rtc error during upload Common"
org.eclipse.emf.ecore (2.4.2.v200902171115) "EMF Ecore"
org.eclipse.emf.ecore.edit (2.4.1.v200902171115) "EMF Ecore Edit"
org.eclipse.emf.edit (2.4.2.v200902171115) "EMF Edit"
org.eclipse.emf.mapping (2.4.0.v200902171115) "EMF Mapping"
org.eclipse.emf.mapping.ecore (2.4.0.v200902171115) "EMF Ecore Mapping"
org.eclipse.gef (3.4.2.v20090218-1145-67728084A56B4I233613552) "Graphical Editing Framework GEF"
org.eclipse.help (1.0.2.R342_v20090122-7r7xEKaEJBZu5oGhP3u6nOmbM9VK) "Help System Base"
org.eclipse.jdt (3.4.2.r342_v20081217-7o7tEAoEEDWEm5HTrKn-svO4BbDI) "Eclipse Java Development Tools"
org.eclipse.pde (3.4.2.R342_v20090122-7T7U1E9imVKz-A8Vz-p_jRS) "PDE"
org.eclipse.platform (3.4.2.R342_v20090122-9I96EiWElHi8lheoJKJIvhM3JfVsYbRrgVIWL) "Eclipse Platform"
org.eclipse.rcp (3.4.200.R342_v20090122-989JESTEbig-SVaL8UJHcYBr4A63) "Eclipse RCP"
org.eclipse.xsd (2.4.2.v200902171115) "XSD - XML Schema Definition Model"

Any thoughts on what may be the cause?