Rrdtool error invalid y-grid format

rrdtool error invalid y-grid format

It may not work when the HTTP DATA graph is opened. Open Debug and display RRDTool Says: ERROR: invalid y-grid format. Enter "Graph Template" and find HTTP. If RRDtool detects that it is not successful in labeling the graph under the given circumstances, it will switch to the more robust --alt-y-grid mode. By specifying the monitor set in the select statement bug fixed. default in affairControl C a wrong SQL format for selecting from AFFAIR_COMPUTERPARS.

Rrdtool error invalid y-grid format - consider, that

--imgformatPNG --font-smoothing-thresholdsize]

(this gets ignored in 1.3 for now!)

This specifies the largest font size which will be rendered bitmapped, that is, without any font smoothing. By default, no text is rendered bitmapped.

[-P input_xxxx --startseconds (default end-1day)

The time when the graph should begin. Time in seconds since epoch (1970-01-01) is required. Negative numbers are relative to the current time. By default one day worth of data will be graphed. See also AT-STYLE TIME SPECIFICATION section in the rrdfetch documentation for a detailed explanation on how to specify time.
-e --rigid
rigid boundaries mode. Normally rrdgraph will automatically expand the lower and upper limit if the graph contains a value outside the valid range. With the r option you can disable this behavior
-b XML --lazy]

Only generate the graph if the current graph is out of date or not existent. Note, that all the calculations will happen regardless so that the output of PRINT and graphv will be complete regardless. Note that the behavior of lazy in this regard has seen several changes over time. The only thing you can really rely on before RRDtool 1.3.7 is that lazy will not generate the graph when it is already there and up to date, and also that it will output the size of the graph.

[-d rrdtool error invalid y-grid format

Phrase: Rrdtool error invalid y-grid format

Rrdtool error invalid y-grid format
Error 21 selected
Rrdtool error invalid y-grid format
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