Ribbon 3ds max error

ribbon 3ds max error

Hi, no matter what I try, I can't stop Max giving me an error parsing Xaml file:Root element is missing. I've tried repairing via control. Material Replacer tool was not working; Fixed the configuration, Fixed Ribbon tab not showing in certain conditions in 3ds Max 2020. www.youtube.com › watch. ribbon 3ds max error

watch the thematic video

3d MAX ribbon


Bugfixing 3D Studio Max Design 2011


Maybe you also got this error before: when starting 3D Studio Max you get an error warning that says "error parsing xaml file: root element missing" or another error message that says something with the new ribbon user interface is wrong. The solution is relatively simple:
go to [USERNAME]\AppData\Local\Autodesk\3dsMaxDesign\2011 - 64bit\enu\UI
(change the username to you username and remove the brackets, 3dsMaxDesign should be changed to 3dsMax if you have the regular version)
and search for a file called "MaxManaged.xaml.backup". Replace ribbon 3ds max error file "MaxManaged.xaml" (which is zero bytes in size) with this file and 3D Studio Max runs as it should! I ribbon 3ds max error this error several times until I checked "read-only" in its file settings. Those problems are now gone!


My 3dsMax ALWAYS showed me an error when closing it. This was very annoying! Razz
All settings did not save and it was just. unnecessary?
This solution also was very easy! (btw. I never thought of this causing an error like that)
uninstall your graphic card's drivers and install new ones! This fixed it.

Getting to know the User Interface

First of all, it is useful to look at some of the conventions of the 3ds Max UI. While our goal at the moment is to get used to the patterns that windows, buttons, menus, and tabs follow in 3ds Max, some features of 3ds Max will surface along the way that we'll have to reserve discussing in depth until later.

For example, to edit objects, you can add Modifiers to them, and these can be added on top of each other as a stack. From modifier to modifier, ribbon 3ds max error, the stack GUI arrangement is always the same. Here is what to look out for: any icon like the one next to Editable Poly in the following screenshot means you can expand it to view further parameters. Other editors in 3ds Max, such as the Curve Editor, share this convention. Shown on the Bend modifier in the following screenshot, an iconwill collapse an expanded section back again. The little lamp icon for each modifier lets you enable and disable a given modifier temporarily, ribbon 3ds max error, without losing its settings. Right-click on the modifier label (for example, Bend) to get further options such as Delete, Rename,Copy,Cut, Paste, andOff in Viewport (which disables a modifier in the alpine cde 112ri unit error until render time).

A menu item with a+icon, similar to the ones shown in the following screenshot, can also be expanded by clicking on its label. Once expanded, it can be closed by clicking on its label again. These menu items can be re-arranged by dragging them, as can modifiers in the Modifier stack. A blue line will highlight the position they will drop into.

The various sections of Command Panel, which can be extensive, can be scrolled using a hand cursor that edbengineerror insufficient disk space when you drag on empty space in the Command Panel. You can also use the slider down the right side, ribbon 3ds max error. This is also true of the Render dialog (F10). The slider is quite thin, but is easy to use once you know that it is there. On the Editable Poly option, if you expand all the sections, you can see this slider. On a modifier such as Bend, which has few parameters, it isn't included.

Any icon that shows a text field with a downward triangle icon means you can expand a rollout list, as is the case with Modifier List in the Command Panel. Likewise, ribbon 3ds max error, any icon with a little black triangle in the corner can be held down to expand a fly-out revealing more options or tools that relate to it. An example is the Align tool: .

Any numeric field can either accept type or be adjusted using a spinner on the right . Most spinners can be right-clicked to drop their value to zero or its lowest possible value; for example, a Cylinder primitive's Sides parameter can only go down toor it would be a flat object.

Many text buttons and icons in 3ds Ribbon 3ds max error, if you float the cursor over them for a short time, will display the name of the tool, and often a tool tip or instruction referring to the use of the tool, ribbon 3ds max error. This is particularly true for the Ribbon tools, which often also display illustrations as they expand. An example of a tool tip is shown in the following screenshot:

The icon , which resembles a pin in the modifier stack, lets r47a phone code sig error fix keep a pinned object's modifier stack displayed even if you select a different object in the scene. The icon , which resembles a pin in the Ribbon UI, lets you keep an expanded rollout menu from being reverted closed (while the current object is selected), ribbon 3ds max error. This seems to work when you haven't minimized the Ribbon to one of its three minimized modes. In the following example, ribbon 3ds max error, the Teapot primitive's modifier stack is pinned, so it shows even though the Sphere primitive is currently selected. Meanwhile, in the Ribbon UI, ribbon 3ds max error, the extra tools of the Geometry (All) section have been expanded and pinned. This would remain so until some object other than the Sphere primitive was selected instead.

The Ribbon UI can be collapsed to a minimal set of headings by clicking on the upward triangle shown at the top of the following screenshot (and the tiny downward arrow next to that indicates there are some options for this collapse command). There is a strange redundancy to this set of options, as the option Minimize to Tabs seems just fine. While the Ribbon is minimized, all you need to do to access the Ribbon tool is click on the tab titles, which then expand out.

Similarly, if you are using the Ribbon, then you can drag the labels of each section to re-arrange them, as shown in the following screenshot. The example shows theGraphite Modeling tools, where the Loops section is being dragged next to the Polygon Modeling section. Note that the Ribbon menus change automatically depending on what is selected and the editing mode you are currently in (such as the Polygon mode or the Vertex mode).

The next thing to get used to is accessing Settings of tools while editing. Any tool with a box icon next to it, or exposed under it in the case of the Ribbon UI, opens further settings for the tool. In the Quad menu, shown in the following screenshot, many of the editing tools show this.

Right-click in a view with an Editable Poly selected to expose the major editing tools (tools 2). Also, a sideways arrow in the Quad menu, as in the case of Convert To:

4.1 How to render online using 3ds Max and RebusFarm?

How to submit a job using 3ds Max

Our RebusFarm software is directly integrated into your 3ds Max software. You will need our software to render online on our farm. You can open the Rebus setup window via three ways: the menu 'RebusFarm', the RebusFarm Ribbon or the buttons in your toolbar.

Before submitting your job to the render cloud, make sure you have finalized all settings in the render setup.

Via the Rebus setup, you have access to all functions for the upload.

Rebus Farminizer menu

Priority: You can change the priority in the queue (this will not affect the render speed).

Rebus Farminizer menu - priority in the queue selection

Autostart: When you select the 'Autostart' option, your job starts to render online automatically after the upload.

Rebus Farminizer menu - autostart activation

Render Distributed: Select the 'Render Distributed' option to distribute your single image render job among multiple machines in the render cloud. Remember, this option is more expensive than a single frame on a single machine, because the time of each machine will be added up at the end. However, ribbon 3ds max error, this allows you to render much faster. This option is recommended for very high-resolution images or if you need more than 3 hours per frame on your local machine.

Rebus Farminizer menu - distributed rendering activation

Batch render: If you activate this option, RebusFarm will transfer the Batch settings per view into separate render jobs. This way, you can generate several render jobs from just one scene and with just one upload to the render cloud.

Rebus Farminizer menu - batch render settings

Cost Estimation: If you click the 'CostCalculator' button you will be directed to our online CostCalculator. If you click on the 'Cost Estimation' button you will perform a cost estimation based on a few test frames. Check our 'How to calculate your render cost' section for more details about the cost estimation.

Rebus Farminizer menu - cost estimation options

Notifications: Activate this option if you want to be notified about the status of your render job by e-mail.

Rebus Farminizer menu - notification options

Your scene will be checked before sending. You can do a 'QuickCheck' at any time to see if your scene can be sent to render online.

Rebus Farminizer menu - QuickCheck button

Info, warnings, and error messages will appear on the left side of the engine error 11c0 seiko 64s Messages window'. Info and warning messages are to double-check and can be ignored, ribbon 3ds max error, but in case of errors, you have to fix them to be able to upload the job to the render cloud.

If everything is fine and you don’t get any error messages, click on 'Upload to RebusFarm' and the scene will be checked again, then you click on 'Send to RebusFarm'.

Rebus Render Farm messages window

The Rebus Farminizer will upload your job to the render cloud, including all assets required for rendering. You can check the progress of the upload and rendering by visiting the ControlCenter. Once the upload process is completed, the rendering process will start automatically if you activated the 'Autostart render' option before uploading. If not, you will have to start the rendering manually by clicking on the 'Start render' button in the ControlCenter. Check our 'How to use the ControlCenter' section for more details about the ControlCenter.

Once the render job is completed, your results will automatically be downloaded from the render cloud to the output save path that you set in your render configuration.


You see the message The ribbon does not have any tabs or panels currently loaded in the place of your Land F/X ribbons.


The ribbon does not have any tabs or panels currently loaded



You might see this message on your ribbon for a few possible reasons:

  • You may have the wrong workspace selected.
  • Your AutoCAD (ACAD) menus may not be loaded properly.
  • An acad.cuix file from any third-party software or office customization can also cause this issue.




Step 1: Select the correct workspace.

Your first step should be to either:

  • Confirm that you have a workspace selected, or
  • Switch from one workspace to another
No menus or no workspace available to use?

A file named AutoCAD.cuix has likely become corrupt. To fix this issue, please follow our steps to revert the file AutoCAD.cuix. Once you've completed those steps, check whether you still see the message "The ribbon does not have any tabs or panels currently loaded" in the place of your Land F/X ribbons, ribbon 3ds max error. If you see this message, please complete the steps outlined below.


Open the workspace menu by clicking the gear icon in the lower right corner of your CAD interface. The checked menu item represents the currently selected workspace. (In the example below, the workspace Drafting & Annotation is currently selected.) If you have an incorrect workspace selected – or no workspace selected at all – click the correct workspace to select it.


AutoCAD gear icon menu, Drafting and annotation option


Most users only need a single workspace. To investigate how many you might have, open the Customized User Interface by typing CUI in the Command line. There, you can consolidate to one workspace if necessary.


Step 2: Unload and reload the ACAD menus.

Type MENULOAD in the Command line, and press Enter.


Then follow our steps to unload and reload the ACAD menus.


You should now be able to see your ACAD ribbons.


AutoCAD ribbons visible

AutoCAD ribbons


Step 3: Load your Land F/X menus.

Follow our steps Load your Land F/X menus.



Step 4: Enable the ribbon.

Still don't see the ribbons? Type RIBBON in the Command line and press Enter. You should now see the ACAD and Land F/X ribbons.

Edit Polygons.

Command Panel has a couple of interesting features: it can be floated, and in versions from 3ds Max 2012, it can be minimized, a lot like the menus inZBrush, off to the side and out of the way unless needed, ribbon 3ds max error. By default, Command Panel is docked on the right-hand side of the screen. You can widen it to show several columns by dragging on its edges. Views can also be enlarged in the same way. You can float Command Panel by dragging on its top edge or by right-clicking and choosing Float. There is also the option ribbon 3ds max error Dock

DesignToolBox Changelog



  • Tool to measure the angle between two polygons faces.
  • Accumulative dimension Measure, ribbon 3ds max error. Useful to visualize the length ribbon 3ds max error a non linear path, or to get the perimeter of a shape.


  • Improved refRotation tool.
  • General optimizations.
  • Improved paneling tool and 2D array tool: the operation area is now easier to orient:
    • A rectangular area to operate will be delimited:
      1. Base point
      2. Second point will determine the height and alignment of the rectangle. Press for orthogonal tracking.
      3. Third and last point sets the width. Keep pressed to invert the up-direction.
    • Added two parameters in the dialog, to rotate the panels:
      • pre-adjust object: When using an existing object as panel source, sometimes the orientation will not be as expected, since the objects axes are not aligned to the operation matrix, ribbon 3ds max error. Use this parameter to rotate the object tu the correct orientation.
      • adjust: Apply a rotation to each panel after the creation. Use this parameter to fix transposed height caused by an inverted matrix.


  • Material Replacer tool was not working
  • Fixed the configuration, some settings where not saved
  • Fixed UI scaling problems in some tools (pattern array)



  • Mirror tool:
    • Fixed inverted rotation
    • Fixed clone mode not deactivating
    • Added a cancel button.
  • ref Rotate: fix for inverted rotation result
  • ref Scale: rewritten to be more reliable. In previous versions, the tool will fail if the reference vectors where perpendicular.
  • cameraManager: Unlocked the rollout height. In displays with a resolution of 1080p some buttons where cropped
  • Pivot tools:
    • Fixed Working Pivot to Pivot button
    • Added a tooltip for the “Pivot to Face” to express more clearly that only works with editable polys.
  • infoTool: Fixed swapped dimension labels.


  • Added an option to disable Bounding box snap auto activation in certain tools.
  • ref Rotate: If you press CTRL on the last step, the rotation is performed over a copy of the reference object.



  • Reference move tool (User requested): Move tool that uses two (origin and destination) reference points.
  • Swap position tool (User requested): Select a collection of objects (will follow the selection pick order) and cycle their transform from one to the next.


  • Fixed critical functionality problem with refGuides: Intersection points were not working correctly in 3ds Max 2022.
  • Fixed configuration option to change refGuide object to standard splines.


  • Tested compatibility with 3ds Max 2023



  • The angle measure tool was not displaying the angle correctly
  • The area measure tool was not displaying the value and was throwing an error


  • reDimension tool has now an option to ribbon 3ds max error object proportions.
  • Photographic composition guides updated to include golden ratio proportions.



  • New UI icons: Due to a data loss, the icons had to be redone. The new aesthetic is more consistent and blends well with native icons.
  • Camera manager
    • Added control for f-number, shutter, and ISO
    • Replaced image aspect presets to aspect ratio «X:Y» format.
    • Added buttons to get the resolution/ratio from an image and the current viewport background.
  • mtlReplacer received several improvements:
    • Simplified UI: to assign a replacement, select a material (or a range) in the list and double click to open the Material explorer.
    • Multi-materials are listed by default. Added support to list & replace sub-materials (one level deep, no nested materials, for now, a multi-level solution is on plans).
    • Added a “Use” column to the list that shows if the material is used in the scene or as sub-material.
  • Incremental Isolation:
    • Added an indication of canon mp495 error 6000 current level (i.e: level 7)
    • Decreasing the level selected all visible objects. This was corrected to maintain the current selection. Known Issue: working in sub-object and changing the level will return to object mode.
    • Newly created objects in a level were not correctly added to the stack.
    • Hiding an object when at a level will not keep the visibility state going one level up/down. This was changed so the object will remain hidden.


  • Included extras*:
    • Texture maps filename search and replace
    • viewport composition guides
  • Extras are tools that either do not fit well in another group of tools or are provided for free on our website and it is included in the package for convenience.


  • layTools: Fixed undo actions
  • mapTools: Optimized slow UI, fixed broken functionality
  • Some general maintenance and optimizations.



  • Divider tool: segments display didn’t follow the mouse cursor in orthographic views
  • Rotation tools
    • Crash when using 2.5D snap mode.
    • Ortho views were not restored after using the tool



  • Entirely rewritten Array tools Besides setting up a framework that allows to expand the tools feature sets, these are the changes for now:
    • 2D Array: If you press SHIFT when executing the tool, the object will be cloned to the grid cells instead. Also a new Macro was added to use this mode: 2D Array - grid cells.
    • Pattern Database error 7719 at exe the UI, just one button to add/update the row-column rule.
    • Major enhancement and performance improvement in some cases.
  • Paneling tool: Replaced the tool completely; the results will be the same, but is easier to use and follows the same mechanics that the 2D Array tool. For how-to-use, refer to the user guide.
  • Replaced the “Welcome” dialog with some more useful information for new users.
  • Some general optimizations all over the place, some tools should work faster in some cases.
  • New

    • Stamp tool (Experimental): Use an object to Interactively stamp its shape or cut holes in a mesh.


    • Fixed a problem with eyedropper tool ribbon 3ds max error caused the display of an error dialog after one use.
    • The Drop Objects tool did not work as expected when the target object’s pivot was displaced.
    • Distribute tools that were broken.


    • Reverted changes in Move and Align tool: Instead of picking an align origin point and reposition it until the tool is ended, now you can pick a origin-destination point pair each time.
    • Fixed some issues with Camera manager not updating correctly.
    • Material replacer: Now, after Applying changes, the list of materials is refreshed.
    • Added a settings option to disable updates check.
    • Incremental isolation now should include new objects created in the current isolation level.



    • Distance measurements in orthogonal viewport were misplaced.
    • Bounding box snap was still on after using Offset and reDimension tools.


    New tools

    • Pivot to snap point: Quickly move an object’s pivot to a snapping point.


    • Divide distance tool: viewport text that displays the number of segments and length was moved to follow the mouse position instead of being near start point
    • Explode and Merge: Ribbon 3ds max error pressing CTRL when executing the tool will skip the “keep original object” prompt.


    • refGuides: Fixed broken “standard splines creation mode”. NOTICE: It is reported that refGuides tools can conflict with the plugin “VG Snaps” and cause a total crash of 3ds Max, if you’re having this issue, please let us know.


    • Tooltips: 3ds Max uses the MacroScripts tooltips to list them in customization and the new hotkey editor. This makes difficult to find the right tool. As a workaround the prefix “Dstlbx -“ was added to the tooltips.


    New tools

    • Drop objects: Drop objects on below surfaces. Press SHIFT when activating the tool to align the objects to the surface form.
    • Arrange objects (start-end objects): Distribute objects (equally spaced) on a linear direction. Direction and length of the distribution determined by the position of two objects: 1. Select the START OBJECT – 2. Select the END OBJECT – 3. Select the objects to distribute between them. * Press the TOOL BUTTON+SHIFT to conform and align the objects to the underlying surfaces.
    • Arrange objects (real-time): Distribute objects (equally spaced) on a linear direction. Tracks the objects new position’s in Real Time, ribbon 3ds max error. Warning! slow. When tracking positions: Press SHIFT to conform to the underlying surfaces Press CONTROL to orient to the underlying surfaces
    • Arrange objects (interactive): Distribute objects (equally spaced) on ribbon 3ds max error linear direction. Tracks the objects new position’s with marks in the viewport. When tracking positions: Press SHIFT to conform to the underlying surfaces Press CONTROL to orient to the underlying surfaces

    Check the user guide for detailed instruction of how this tools work


    • Renamed “Move around” tool to “Polar array” to better reflect its intent.
    • Updated some icons to better match the overall look.
    • Combined tools launch floater dialogs:
      • Updated to include latest tools.
      • Treated now as a “legacy” feature. Is moved to “Extras” optional installation category. Considering not to update it anymore (user feedback welcome) since it was introduced in the firsts versions, then the current 3ds Max menu system was not implemented yet, and it makes this dialogs irrelevant now.
    • Added support for 3ds Max 2022


    • Eyedropper: Fixed UVWmapping mode, it was broken in
    • Just some internal changes.


    New tools

    • Three points align: Relocate a node from three pairs of points, from an origin position to a target position.
    • Material replacer: Automate the process of replacing materials. Intended to be used when importing scenes from other sources.


    • Camera manager:
      • Added per camera preview of resolution aspect ratio.
      • Added support for state sets
    • Improved some UI inconsistencies
    • Added some missing icons
    • Improved menu organization
    • Reorganization of the ribbon interface
    • Internal changes:
      • Changed how the tool is initialized.


    • Paneling tool:
      • Fixed a crash when using “custom object” mode.
      • Improved UI for ease of use
      • Added a live preview of the panel grid
    • Move and align tool: Better alignment result in some situations.
    • Licensing: changed the way of obtaining error cache access denied chrome machine ID, to address the lack of support for devices without an ethernet port.
    • General fixes and optimizations.



    • Eyedropper:
      • Added: option to match G-buffer ID.
      • Updated: Changed how node properties are classified: Common properties (by node type), Visual Properties and Render properties are now independent.
    • Pivot tools: Added a command to match the node pivot position to the current Working pivot.


    • Align assets: Fixed problem causing the pivots to be misplaced or the transform matrix corrupted.
    • Crash on start due to ribbon panel.
    • Minor fixes and improvements.


    New tools

    • Quick Merge(attach) and Explode(Detach) for editable poly / editable mesh elements.
    • Quick manage polygon material IDs


    • Improved Incremental Isolation tool. Added a dialog to control isolation level (Up and Down), ribbon 3ds max error. moved it to the main toolset and added it to the ribbon.
    • Improved ribbon organization and vertical layout.
    • Improved algorithm of reference scale tool.
    • Quick pivot: Added command to match a node pivot to the current working pivot position.


    • Fixed a problem with the Macros activation under 3ds Max 2017
    • Fixed behavior of reference guide in orthogonal views.
    • Fixed problem with reference delete tool. It removed just one at a time.
    • Several bug fixes and optimizations.
    • Fixed and improved “Scale factor” setting for Measure tools:
      • Units where wrongly calculated
      • Implemented an independent factor for linear - square - cubic units.

        Changing any of these values from the default 1.0 will not scale the values in the current Display Unit Scale (i.e.: 1.0m to 0.1m). The values will be printed in a generic unit representing the measured value transformed by the scale factor. The mapping is done this way:
        Display Unit * Factor -> Scaled value in generic units

        • MEASUREMENT: 1.0m
        • Linear Units Scale factor: 0.01 (for printing the value in centimeters)
        • PRINTED RESULT: 100.0 u
    • Fixed error in guide objects that disabled the command panel UI parameters.
    • Fixed ribbon 3ds max error in “Asset align” tool. Node pivots where wrongly repositioned.


    This is a maintenance release, centered in fixing some critical bugs.

    Addressed Issues

    • First Run or Reinstall actions: Under certain conditions, multiple error messages where displayed when opening Max. This has been fixed, also, some functionality (UI Reset and cleanup after uninstall or reinstall) that was mostly broken should be working now.
    • Multi-Language compatibility improvements: If you ribbon 3ds max error 3ds Max language, the ribbon Tab will be lost, and probably some tools will stop working. At installation time, 3ds Max language settings has been changed to allow selecting more than one. (Note that the only available language for DesignToolBox remains to be English)
    • UVW transform tool: using random transform option was broken.
    • 3ds Max compatibility issues:
      • versions 2015-2016: Fixed a problem causing tools to be disabled, UI issues, startup errors.
      • version 2021: Removed the use of no longer present default icons in ribbon or macros.
    • Update checker: Now you can opt to not include this, un-checking the component in the installer.


    New Tools

    • Points: New tool for placing reference points at temporary guides intersections.
    • Renderable dimensions: This was a old users request. The tool isn’t perfect, canon e05 error 2 creates standard line shapes and text, but it does his commit.

    General and existing tools improvements

    • Reworked how spinners values behave at different Max units configuration. It should be more consistent. i.e. Some default values where intended to be centimeters, if you set max to prology cmd-220ur error 3 with meters. In case the units where configured to centimeters, the value of the spinners where in millimeters, resulting in too small defaults.
    • UI related: Ribbon tab, simplified reiterative tools and moved settings toggles to panel breaks to leave more room.
    • General stability unrecoverable error bombing out l2 improvements in viewport drawing methods, ribbon 3ds max error. Some actions should be more fluid.
    • Reworked how settings works. This is mostly internal and performance related, ribbon 3ds max error, but in previous versions, there was some problems with tools not reflecting the changes.


    • Resolved some problems with activation.
    • In Demo mode (unlicensed) “activate now” dialogs and “Not activated” alerts where ribbon 3ds max error obtrusive, and some features ribbon 3ds max error broken.
    • Issues with several tools were identified and fixed.


    • Fixed problem with paneling tools and simplified UI
    • Simplified Ribbon panel
    • Improved Pivot from 3 points
    • Fixed Problem with activation dialog



    • Fixed critical issue with reflect tool.
    • Fixed issue with older (pre 2017) Max versions. 3ds Max 2015 should work, but it will remain marked as unsupported.



    • Reworked Isolate layer tool: now is faster and supports nested layers correctly
    • Chances in layer on/off tool: Now pressing SHIFT when selecting the tool, it will work in ON mode with frozen objects.
    • Reworked spatial info tool to make it more useful.
    • Paneling tools had some major rework to make it faster and more reliable.
    • Fixed some critical bugs.
    • Fixed behavior of UI dialogs and buttons in toolbars/menus. Now buttons on toolbars, menu and ribbon properly opens-close tools with UI dialogs.
    • Improved viewport graphics performance.
    • Overall optimizations.



    • Mirror tool:
      • Fixed ribbon 3ds max error mode not acting if no mirror axis is changed.
      • Improved:
        • Now mirror planes, and flip axis can be multi-checked.
        • Canceling the last plane-gizmo rotation does not end the tool.
    • ColorBar: Added option to adjust diablo loading error 126 brightness, saturation and hue.


    • Wirecolor adjust: Adjust selection wire colors. brightness, saturation and hue.
    • Extras (Tools under “DSTLBX tools” category):
      • Bitmap multi-loader: Create SME Texture Nodes from multiple images with one action. With option to override gamma of loaded images.
      • Map name from file: rename scene texture maps with their correspondent filename.
      • Select without material.


    • Error that causes the activation dialog to reopen.
    • Improved licensing messages
    • Error causing to accept invalid licenses.
    • Error causing a valid license to fail.
    • Error with menu generator


    This is a maintenance version with small fixes.



    • Addressed some issues with the activation system.
    • Broken refGuides track angle snap.
    • Fixed High DPI Icons

    New Tools

    • Reflect tool: Viewport interactive mirror tool. let’s you set a 3d gizmo for freely position mirror planes.
    • Added a simple action to rename Bitmap Textures to the filename of the corresponding image.
    • File name to Map: Change the names of Bitmap Textures to the name of the loaded files.
    • Remove material: Remove material from selection
    • ID from camera: Set objects ID for current camera view
    • Face Id: Select faces w/ same ID
    • Random ID Set: Set random IDs
    • Incremental Isolation: re-Isolate current selection
    • Toggle Trackbar: Toggle Time slider and Trackbar
    • Random Select: Select random nodes
    • Align Assets: Put nodes in line
    • Camera manager: Manage Cameras and render batch views.
    • Replace with Xref: Replace selected node with Xref Record.




    • Updated license engine.
    • Updated installer to support multiple 3ds Max versions on a single run.
    • Rearranged some menu items. Fixed a problem with menu registration.
    • Replicator:
      • Added option to replace the current selection. With an active nodes selection, press CTRL when activating Replicator tool and pick a source node to replace selection with.
      • Fixed error when replicating groups.
    • Eyedropper
      • Added option to work with current selection (bucket mode). With an active nodes selection, press CTRL when activating one of the tools.
    • Pattern Array.
      • Improved algorithm speed.
      • Small UI redesign.
      • Fixed crash bug when adding patterns.
    • MultiMap tool: Separated functionalities in individual dialogs to improve speed.
    • Improved speed of pivot tool.
    • Fixed Ribbon tab not showing in certain conditions in 3ds Max 2020.

    New Features

    • Added “Check for updates” feature.
    • Extra tool added: Incremental Isolation.


    Minor patch that address some issues and small features

    • Added missing refGuides units parameter: Intersection point extension.
    • Added more color customization options to refGuides configuration.
    • Fixed problem with Live Info and protractor tool.
    • Changed default refGuides ribbon button behavior: now the default action is “continued mode”
    • Fixed uninstall leftover files that causes a MacroScript error.

    Version 2.6.4

    • Changed behavior of rotation tools in 2D orthographic views: Now when working in a 2D view, the rotation axis will be set perpendicular to the view and then, the view will temporary change to the rotation work plane.
    • Fixed error with rotation tools in Demo version.
    • Fixed some MacroScript errors.
    • Fixed problem with replicator.

    Version error 50040 activation Resource error for 3ds Max versions prior to 2017

    Version 2.6.2

    • Fixed fatal plugin error in 3ds Max 2016

    Version 2.6.1

    • Fixed Offset tool error
    • Fixed error with Parametric Array preview

    Version 2.6.0

    This version addresses some problems found in the previous release and add some new features:

    New features

    Move and align (1D Align tool)

    Align objects using two directions from a common base point.

    1. Select a target node. Pick a reference point and a target point to displace the node to a new position. This is a ribbon 3ds max error space operation.
    2. Pick after effects error ae_opengl failed point to set a reference direction, and a target point to match the original direction to it.
    3. Use Right Click or ESCAPE to end the tool.

    Random transformations tool

    Tool packed with several options to randomize and clone nodes.

    Tool intended to speed up the use of the native batch render tool. Some features: Set render size per camera, ribbon 3ds max error, add active view to batch render with auto naming and output path, Add multiple cameras with one action.

    Tools improvements and fixes

    • Removed some outdated tools.
    • Replicator tool:
      • Fixed problem with grouped objects
      • Changed the “groups mode” option to two separate parameters (for grouped nodes only):
        • Use source node entire group. On/Off Setting.
        • Replace target node entire group, ribbon 3ds max error. On/Off setting.
      • Fixed instancing mode (was broken), added a note explaining this mode only works failed to join domain [net_error join ungrouped nodes.
    • Local rotation tool:
      • Fixed problem with merged objects
      • Fixed incorrect angle measurement issue
      • Added option to ribbon 3ds max error an additional reference point to offset the rotation angle measurement
    • Area and volume measure:
      • Added parameter for units multiply factor.
    • UVW Map tools:
      • Improved fitting algorithm.
      • Added option to change axis alignment
    • Fixed problem with menu registration
    • Fixed MacroScripts errors with 3ds Max 2016
    • Fixed installer issues with version 2016 compatibility.

    Version 2.5.5

    This version addresses some problems found in the previous release:

    • Backburner crash when submitting job fix (This fix ribbon 3ds max error to site forum.motofan.ru phone code sig error l7 spinners from the Ribbon).
    • Replaced Ribbon Spinners with dedicated dialogs, Ribbon cosmetic changes.
    • Hardware Lock retrieval error fix.
    • Eyedropper issues with groups, added some options.
    • refGuides InfoDisplay fix.
    • Incompatibility of previous version of refGuides objects causing “paramblock2” crash in scenes with saved refGuides objects. Solution: merge all except refGuides objects in new scene.

    Version 2.5.4

    • Added complete tool set menu
    • Fixed (partially) problem with paramblock2
    • Fixed issues with UVW map transform tool
    • Fixed behavior of Replicator with groups
    • Added option to Replicator to propagate or not to instances
    • Added random transformation tool
    • Added extras: Random selection
    • Code cleanup
    • Minor UI fixes and rollout layouts change

    Version 2.5.3

    • Fixed MacroScript error on max 2016
    • Fixed Ribbon error on max 2019

    Version 2.5.2

    Tools improvements and fixes

    • Updated Pivot tool
    • Fixed Ribbon problem in Max 2019
    • Fixed Multimap for referenced nodes
    • Partially added Ribbon support for vertical layout

    Version 2.5

    Tools improvements and fixes

    • Transform tools: Improved polar and orthogonal tracking.
    • refGuides
      • Polar placing: Now, when placing the polar createprocessasuser error 122 plane, you can orient and rotate (yaw-pitch-roll) it.
      • Orthogonal mode: Pressing CTRL will lock z-axis.
      • Removed option to place protractor with guide line.
      • New objects: Now line, ribbon 3ds max error, protractor and intersection points are configurable custom objects, you can now snap to vertex at a intersection point.
    • General performance improvements and fixes
      • Fixed error that causes the first install dialog to reappear at each launch.
      • Fixed error with random UVW map transformations.
      • Improved Pattern array.
      • Improved distance measure history dialog.
    • Fixed problems in demo version.
    • UI enhancements
      • Better tooltips, complete description in ribbon tooltips.
      • Some other refinements.
    • Net rendering (Backburner): Install the demo version in the render nodes to avoid warnings and potential render job fail.
    • Moved refGuides MacroScripts to category “refGuides”
    • Moved DesignToolbox MacroScripts to category “Designtoolbox”; Optional features remains on category (Replaced by DSTLBX tools).
    • 3ds Max 2019 compatibility. Fixed compatibility with versions prior to 2017.

    New features

    • New layer tools:
      • Isolate layers: Isolate the layers of the current selected nodes, or pick a node in the viewport.
      • Hide/freeze/Box Mode layer errors codes for sony dsr 45p a node in the viewport.
      • Added shortcuts to ribbon for some useful layer commands not present in 3ds max UI.

    Version 2.4

    • 3ds Max 2018 full support.
    • Implemented Demo version.
    • Fixes:
      • Fixed measure tool report.
      • General optimizations and fixes.
      • Updated activation dialog.
    • New tool: Measure distance history dialog.

    Version 2.3 (internal - unpublished)

    New features

    • Offset tool: added support for editable poly sub-selection.

    Version 2.2

    New features

    • Pattern Array maker
    • Fast Interactive (from viewport) 2D Array. Like the divide distance and clone tool, but in 2D.

    Tools improvements and fixes

    • Fixed error on replicator when picking groups as target.
    • reworked move around tool:
      • Added option to use current coordinates as rotation center. If you don’t pick a center node, it will work with current coordinates origin instead.
      • Now works wit groups.
    • Local rotation:
      • Now works with Editable Poly sub objects.
      • Fixed to work with groups.
      • Visual enhancements.
      • Fixed tracking with angle snap (shift) mode.
    • Offset tool:
      • Complete rework to make it more simple to use and have a more logic approach.
    • Fixed undo problems.
    • Fixed downscale problem in dimension tool. Added “measure report” to listener.
    • Fixed issues with map tools.
    • Fixed redimension tool problem with displaced pivots.
    • Addressed some problems with replicator tool: inverted UI switches, fixed problem when working with groups.
    • refGuides Info display optimization.

    General improvements and fixes

    • Minor UI enhancements to better match UI color profile and 2017 interface.
    • Core performance and fixes.

    Version 2.1

    Tools improvements and fixes

    Local reference rotation

    • Added preview of rotation axis
    • Now works properly when working in grid space mode.

    reDimension tool

    • Resolved incorrect resizing
    • Now works properly when working in grid space mode.

    Reference scale

    • Rewritten functionality, squid transparent proxy https error should work on more situations and produce more correct results.
      • The behavior has changed, it no longer tries to match the first reference direction with the second, now it will match the first reference line length with the second, keeping the first line direction and proportions.

    Local isolate

    • Now works with Edit poly / Edit mesh face selection.

    Offset tool

    • Fixed incorrect undo handling

    Angle measure

    • Fixed wrong angular measurements

    Divide distance

    • Fixed Orthogonal tracking when working with an active grid

    Measure distance

    • Improved orthogonal tracking.
    • Fixed behavior working in grid space.

    General improvements and fixes

    • Addressed incompatibility with 3Ds Max versions previous to 2016 (starting from 2014)
    • Changed viewport elements colors, added a dialog to change the colors, including some presets.
    • improved some performance and some general fixes all over the place.

    Version 2.00

    • New Tools
      • unFreeze by selection.
      • Continued measure distance.
      • Spatial and standard transformations live info.
      • Map tools.
    • New Features
      • reDimension:
        • Added orthogonal tracking.
        • Fixed incorrect results in scaled objects.
      • reference Scale:
        • Added keep proportions option.
        • Added Xform modifier mode.
        • Added Orthogonal tracking.
        • Enhanced behavior on certain situations, less incorrect results.
      • Measure Tool: Now the tape will be drawn until the next measurement.
      • Area measure: Added orthogonal tracking.
      • Divide tool
        • Added keyboard input mode instead of mouse movement.
        • Added Orthogonal tracking.
      • Move Around: Added clone object option.
    • General changes
      • General stability ribbon 3ds max error and fixes.
      • Improved viewports performance of refGuides tools.
      • Fixed “Lock” tool
        • Lock Object Scale wasn’t working properly.
        • Fixed behavior when some locks were already enabled.
      • Measure Tool: Now the tape will be drawn until the next measurement.
      • Divide tool: more responsive segments selection.
      • MultiMap : Previous extra tools (fit, center and reset UVW Gizmo…) are now a separate tool.
      • Improved “put assets in line” with a options dialog.
    • UI Improvements
      • Tooltips completion, information and ease of use tweaks
      • Redesigned “move Around” UI to make it more usable and straightforward.
      • Updated tools dialogs

    Version 1.87

    • Due to activation problems on systems with virtual hardware drivers, an option has been added for selecting the device to lock the activation to.
    • Fixed “Unhide by Selection” tool. Behavior with hidden layers, and hidden objects on hidden layers was not the expected.
    • Fixed error when installing refGuides for the first time or on a fresh 3ds Max installation.
    • Some other minor bug fixes.
    • Added new Extras: “Put Assets in line”: Aligns selected objects in a row. Useful for when you need to populate objects on a scene, for easy find and pick them.

    Version 1.86

    • Fixed an canon mp 190 error e42 when pressing ESCAPE using Replicator/Eyedropper tools.
    • User request feature: Added Orthogonal mode to Measure distance tool:
      • Pressing SHIFT when tracking distance will restrict to XYZ axes, on current active grid coordinates.
      • Pressing CONTROL on Orthogonal mode will lock the tracking to the current axis.

    Version 1.85

    • New Tools:
      • New Tool: 2-point planar rotation (in local coordinates): DesignToolBox - 2point local rotation
      • New convenient Tool : Unhide by selection.
      • New Tool category: Eyedropper. Includes:
        • Replicator: in-viewport (pick and point) ribbon 3ds max error replacer and instancer.
        • Eyedropper: in-viewport (pick and point) mass copier (transformation, material, general properties, mapping, modifiers …)
    • Tool speed improvements:
      • Measure Area should work more fast.
      • Rework done to Paneling tool. Fixed thickness parameter, better object mode.
      • Paneling Detailer: Now it can be launch as a separate tool, ribbon 3ds max error. Objects selection fixed, and added more mirror options (by number list).
    • UI changes:
      • More complete Tooltips in Error code 127 yt yfqltyf, Added tooltips in Ribbon and tools w/UI.
      • Some rework in Ribbon layout.
      • Added intersection mode (all guides or current) toggle command.
      • Reworked broken refGuides floater UI, ribbon 3ds max error, fixed bugs and cosmetic changes.
      • Added a floater UI for the ToolBox.
      • Added a floater UI for the rest of the tools.
      • Some other small cosmetic changes (Icons, Paneling tool, in-viewport information to improve reading).

    Version 1.80

    • Corrected broken functions in refGuides (lock guides, Objects color…)
    • Added some refguides configuration options (intersections behavior)
    • Updated refguides ribbon UI
    • Minor bug fixes, Some improvements in core tools.
    • Added: Transform Lock shortcuts. New Tool: Move Around.
    • Added Ribbon Reset after uninstall
    • Corrected licensing problems with some systems.
    • IMPORTANT NOTE: This update requires reactivation, ribbon 3ds max error, it’s necessary to generate a new activation code request.

    Version 1.7

    • Rewritten Dimension tool. Now it should work in most situations.
    • Fixed reference Isolation Tool.
    • Fixed some activation problems
    • Improvements in Scale tool
    • Several bug fixes
    • Some cosmetic changes and cleaning

    Version 1.6

    • Fixed compatibility issue with 3ds max 2014
    • Fixed major bugs on “Dimension” tool
    • refGuides now creates it’s own custom object instead of splines.
    • refGuides objects has now an option in the Modify panel for display properties and enable or disable LiveInfo for each object.

    Version 1.5

    • New Tool:
      • “Distance Scale”: Select an Object, Pick a reference vector and scale in current max’s units instead of a scale factor.
    • New extra Utility:
      • “Color Clipboard”: Dockable color palette.
    • Paneling tool improvements:
    • Add detail function:
      • Option to mirror Odd or Even copies.
      • Added option for re-center detail’s pivot
    • Fixed an error causing bad positioning of objects
    • Multimap: Randomizers should work as expected now.
    • General Bug fixes.
    • Other minor improvements.
    • Added ribbon 3ds max error version.



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