Referenceerror error #1065 as3

referenceerror error #1065 as3

Code: var mainClass:Class = getDefinitionByName("Game") as Class;. there is a file with public class Game, so what the hell am i. I recently started playing around with ActionScript 3 in Flash Pro CS4. [Fault] exception, information=ReferenceError: Error # ReferenceError: Error # Variable StartScreen is not defined. I have seen a lot of errors in the 7 years I have been working with Flash and AS3 and.

Thematic video

Resolved error connection to localhost 5432 refused

Understanding AS3 getDefinitionByName (for logo counter terrorist eval maniacs)

Sometimes you may want to create a new class or DisplayObject only starting from its name, referenceerror error #1065 as3. This is where something like referenceerror error #1065 as3 function would come into play, but we have to manage it in a different way with AS3.

Look at this movie:

Circles are four different objects called, and and this is the script:

package { import; public class Main extends Sprite { public function Main() { var s1:symbol1=new symbol1(); addChild(s1); s1.x=95; s1.y=; referenceerror error #1065 as3 s2:symbol2=new symbol2(); addChild(s2); s2.x=; s2.y=; var s3:symbol3=new symbol3(); addChild(s3); s3.x=; s3.y=; var s4:symbol4=new symbol4(); addChild(s4); s4.x=; s4.y=; } } }

Obviously it&#;s a bit unoptimized, just think about if we had a thousand objects. That&#;s when comes into play. It returns a reference to the class object of the class specified by the name parameter.

This means the same script can be written this way:

package { import; import* public class Main extends Sprite { public function Main() { var symbolName:String; var symbolClass:Class; var s:Sprite; for (var i:int=1; i<=4; i++) { symbolName="symbol"+i; symbolClass=getDefinitionByName(symbolName) as Class; s=new symbolClass(); addChild(s); s.x=95+*(i-1); s.y=; } } } }

DisplayObjects names are passed as strings in method and created as generic classes that can be used anywhere in the movie.

If you want to see referenceerror error #1065 as3 real world example, cracks textures in my upcoming game have been made this way:

Starting from a random number I create the texture according to such number and the material name.

Something to keep in mind if l2 error 610 can't use anything similar to .

Download the source code.

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    Question First AS3 fileReferenceError: Error # Variable draggableClip is not defined. referenceerror error #1065 as3 OK, referenceerror error #1065 as3, this is my first attempt at coding in AS3.
    I have created a class (within a package) and added it as the documentClass (within the stage properties in Flash CS3).

    When I check the syntax of the code I get no errors, however, when I try to run the FLA file, I get the following error:

    ReferenceError: Error # Variable draggableClip is not defined.

    Here is the code I am using:


    package { import sprers.eulip; import sprers.euvent; class draggableClip extends MovieClip { private var dragging:Boolean; public function draggableClip():void { dragging = false; sprers.euntListener(sprers.eu_DOWN, thisMouseDown); sprers.euntListener(sprers.eu_MOVE, referenceerror error #1065 as3, thisMouseMove); sprers.euntListener(sprers.eu_UP, thisMouseUp); } private function thisMouseDown(event: MouseEvent):void { trace("here i am at "+this); if (!sprers.eung) { sprers.eung = true; this.x =; this.y =; } } private function thisMouseMove(event: MouseEvent):void { if (sprers.eung) { this.x =; this.y =; } } private function thisMouseUp(event: MouseEvent):void { sprers.eung = false; } } }

    What I'm basically trying to do is attach (cast?) apache error log syslog class (if possible) to 3 MovieClip instances on stage. Am I going about this the wrong way?
    I've been searching the internet for hours to try and get this FLA to compile successfully, so I'm hoping posting here will help.

    Any help much appreceated,

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    public referenceerror error #1065 as3 draggableClip

    Classes are by default internal.

    - The right of the People to create Flash movies shall not be infringed. -

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    Thanks very much for such a fast reply, that did the trick!

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    Last week some of our users reported link error variable not defined, referenceerror error #1065 as3. get definition by name.

    referenceerror error variable is not defined. getdefinitionbyname

    My problem is probably a bit more complex than the topic suggests. I’m running a website dedicated to 20 local flash games. Our players also have avatars that they can customize, and these avatars are used in our games.

    We have an file that is loaded by a special loader and then passed to I want to take this avatar clip and create a factory class. Then we can have many instances of this in our games.

    I can get 1 copy of the avatar music video without any downloader tasks. There are two ways to understand how a constructor can get something from an instance in AS3.

    1 works regularly, but about 1 time in some cases I get a null reference patron error from the resulting instance, referenceerror error #1065 as3. I don’t know why, but this is not a recurring problem. As if there were scripts, but there were no library contents. This happens in both debug mode and release mode. It also turns out that both are compiled with Flashdevelop CSThrows

    2 Error Variable avatar not set. I take it because I didn’t send the packageavatar and did not declare some kind of dummy instance of the avatar, but this approach is the whole point. If we keep evolving the avatar by adding a new piece of clothing to showcase, we certainly don’t want to and shouldn’t go through our often growing list of games and build them from scratch. In other words, if I didn’t want avatar advertisers to be present in every game, it would eliminate the need to load them into our preloader.

    Do you see the only broken Slip2 or is it the one you just tested with? Try the following and see if the problem persists and reappears…

  • Get error link∷ Error # and error 720 adsl modem The Transform3DController variable is not set. If you are using debug.


    I specifically updated my Flash Builder to version After upgrading, referenceerror error #1065 as3, I personally get the following error when running my web files while debugging:

    ReferenceError: Error The Transform3DController variable has not been set by itself.

    referenceerror error variable is not defined. getdefinitionbyname


    on sprers.eunspect::MouseInspector/onTmd3dModuleLoaded()

    I’m not sure if this is related to the original faucet update or if you think it’s meant to fix an issue with the new torch for 11,1,55 players. It seems that when I type com/software/flash/about/ from time to time I don’t load the flash movie

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  • I’m on the latest Mac OS X and mostly Chrome, but this issue happens on FireFox as well.

    Do people have any idea what to do?


    did this happen?

    Thank you.

    This is Firebug Firebug/Flash, the source of the problem. I was able to completely remove all firebugs from Firefox add-ons so that it no longer throws errors normally.

  • BB10 and a colon; Error Skinassets not defined

    I’m trying to help you get very simple AIR programs that work with AIR SDK BB10 and get this:

    ReferenceError: Error kinAssets may not be fully defined.
    at::ThemeWhite/createCSS() [E:hudsonworkspaceBB10_0_AIR_SDK_API src qnxui]
    at::ThemeWhite() [E:hudsonworkspaceBB10_0_AIR_SDK_APIsrc qnxui src]
    at::ThemeGlobals$/getTheme() [E:hudsonworkspaceBB10_0_AIR_SDK_APIsrc qnxui]
    to$/ /qnx/internal:getCSS() [E:hudsonworkspaceBB10_0_AIR_SDK_APIsrcqnxuisrcqnxfuseuithemeThemeGlobals. as]
    to .ui. core::UIComponent/get [] css()
    at::UIComponent/ init () [] core
    at::Te xtBase/ dran () [] .text
    on::Label/init() [] .text
    at::UIComponent() []
    at::TextBase() []
    at::Label() []
    at bb1() [U:workspace bb1]

    This happens when designing the label:

    import; import sprers.eulign; meaningful sprers.eucaleMode; qnx; import sprers.eulobals; public class bb1 provides a sprite personal label var :label;// = newly found label(); /////////////////////////////////////////// // // / / ///////////////////// public success bb1() Great(); // Auto Orientation Support means sprers.eu_LEFT; sprers.euode = sprers.eu_SCALE; sprers.eutTheme =; means new label(); = 'Hello World'; sprers.euualSize( 75, 50 ); sprers.euld(; Solve your computer issues now with this reliable download.

    Referenceerror 오류 변수가 정의되지 않았습니다 Getdefinitionbyname
    Blad Odniesienia Bledu Zmienna Nie Jest Zdefiniowana Getdefinitionbyname
    Referenceerror Erreur La Variable N Est Pas Definie Obtenir La Definition Par Nom
    Oshibka Referenceerror Peremennaya Ne Opredelena Poluchit Opredelenie Po Imeni
    Referensfel Fel Variabel Ar Inte Definierad Getdefinitionbyname
    La Variable Error De Referencia Error No Esta Definida Obtener Definicion Por Nombre
    Errore Di Riferimento Variabile Non Definita Getdefinitionbyname
    A Variavel De Erro De Referencia Nao Esta Definida Getdefinitionbyname
    Referenzfehler Fehler Variable Ist Nicht Definiert Getdefinitionbyname
    Referenceerror Error Variabele Is Niet Gedefinieerd Getdefinitionbyname