Racoon error rejected enctype

racoon error rejected enctype

forums.gentoo.org › viewtopic-t-460939-start-0. racoon: INFO: received Vendor ID: FRAGMENTATION Nov 11 00:13:47 pbx daemon.info racoon: ERROR: rejected enctype: \ DB(prop#1:trns#1):Peer(prop#1:trns#1). 2005-06-10 15:14:38: ERROR: ipsec_doi.c:404:print_ph1mismatched(): rejected enctype: DB(prop#1:trns#1):Peer(prop#0:trns#0) = 3DES-CBC:7.

Racoon error rejected enctype - afraid

address)[port]sharedsecret; The host name or ip address, optional port value and shared secret value of a radius accounting server. Up to 5 radius accounting servers may be specified using multiple lines. timeoutseconds; The timeout for receiving replies from radius servers. The default is 3. retriescount; The maximum number of repeated requests to make before giving up on a radius server. The default is 3. Specialdirectivescomplex_bundle(on Please help to answer open questionsBack to top
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