Putty network error connection refused

putty network error connection refused

· 1) Common cause is - Your IP is blocked or not whitelisted in the server which can be done by editing the file at /etc/csf/sprers.eu sprers.eu › how-to-fix-putty-network-error-connection-ref. Putty to AP results in Putty Fatal Error. Network error: connection refused. I'm able to Putty to any of the other AP's in the building. Any ideas? Thanks.

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[FIXED] Putty Network Error Connection Refused Error Issue Index

Network error: Connection to &#;&#;&#; refused

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You may get this message when connecting to a server for the following reasons:

  • You are trying to use WinSCP for a purpose for which it is not designed. WinSCP needs an SSH or FTP server to be installed at the other end (on the machine you want to connect to). In particular, you cannot easily use it to connect to another Windows workstation, since Windows does not have an SSH or FTP server included by default. Please refer to the guide to exchanging files over Internet.
  • You are trying to use protocol that the server does not support. Particularly you are trying SFTP/SCP (over SSH), but the server supports FTP; or vice versa, putty network error connection refused. Check selected protocol on login dialog. Note that WinSCP defaults to SFTP protocol, putty network error connection refused, while most other similar applications default to FTP.
  • The server is running on a non-standard port. Please make sure you enter actual port number on login dialog.
  • You may need to connect through a proxy server, but you have not specified one on Proxy page of Advanced Site Settings dialog.
  • Connection was blocked by the firewall. Please refer to FAQ.

If you are trying to use WinSCP to connect to your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad, please refer to FAQ.

In Other Languages

  • Deutsch &#; Netzwerkfehler: Verbindung zum Host „&#;“ wurde abgelehnt
  • Español &#; Error de red: conexión a «&#;» rechazada.
  • Français &#; Erreur réseau : connexion à l&#;hôte &#;&#;&#; refusée.
  • Italiano &#; Errore di rete: connessione a &#;&#;&#; rifiutata.

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Chapter Common error messages


Everything You Need to Know to Fix SSH Connection Refused Errors

Getting a “Connection Refused” error while jetflash get flash id error to connect to your website using SSH? This is one of the most common issues that arises when using a program like Putty network error connection refused to access your web server.

Not to worry! While it might seem overwhelming, it’s easy to fix this issue yourself. You just need to run a few tests and try a few different settings.

In this short article, we’ll briefly talk about what SSH is, putty network error connection refused. Then, we’ll examine the SSH “Connection Refused” error and see what can cause it.

Finally, we’ll show you how to solve it!

If you want to jump straight to the solutions, click here.

What Is SSH?

SSH screen

Before we dive into solving this issue, let’s briefly review what SSH is. Secure Shell (SSH) is a network protocol that is used to access a web server.

In short, it allows you to connect to your website using secure encryption, even over an unsecured network.

SSH is often compared with FTP/SFTP, which is also a way to connect to your website. FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is used to transfer files between computers via a TCP/IP network.

The main issue with FTP is that it is unencrypted. A bad actor can hijack your connection and manipulate files on your server.

To solve this, SFTP was invented. SFTP, which stands for either Secure File Transfer Protocol or SSH File Transfer Protocol, works in a similar fashion as regular FTP. However, it does this over a secure connection, rather than an unencrypted one.

To make your connection secure, SFTP uses SSH, which is a much broader technology. SFTP thus runs “on top of” SSH.

While FTP/SFTP is limited to file management, SSH allows you to do a number of other tasks.

These include…

  • Remote command-line. If you want to use a Command Line Interface (CLI) instead of the default GUI, you can do so with SSH. In fact, you can even activate your Astra license via the command line!
  • Login. Locked out of your WordPress site? You can actually use SSH to log in.
  • Remote command execution. Want to execute commands on your server remotely? Not a problem with SSH.
  • Use developer tools for WordPress. These include WP-CLI, Git version control, and package managers for PHP and JavaScript, just to name a few.
  • Remove damaged or hacked files. If your site has been hacked, you can use SSH to view any recently modified files and see if they contain malicious code.

Ultimately, FTP/SFTP is a way of transferring and managing files to/from a server, while SSH is a secure protocol for accessing your server.

What’s PuTTY?

putty logo

Chances are, if you’re trying to access your site via SSH, you’re using PuTTY, the most popular SSH client.

PuTTy installs on your local computer and connects securely to the SSH daemon on your web hosting server. All traffic sent between the two is encrypted and safe from prying eyes.

While PuTTY is the most popular SSH client, there are other options available.

What Is the SSH “Connection Refused” Error?

If you’re trying to use SSH, the “connection refused” error is one of the most common ones that you’ll have to deal with. But what does it mean?

Connect refused means exactly what it says. It means the connection couldn’t complete properly or the login details you’re using are not correct.

There are a few different potential causes of this error. Let’s briefly go through each one.

  • There’s a problem with your network. If your network is having issues with performance, then SSH will probably be affected too.
  • The credentials are wrong. If your host name, username, password, or port are incorrect, SSH will not connect.
  • SSH is not installed. While SSH usually comes pre-installed on web hosts, some dedicated hosting plans require you to manually install it.
  • SSH is down. putty network error connection refused are a few reasons why SSH might be down, including a DDoS attack or too much traffic.
  • Firewalls are preventing access. It is common for universities, corporate offices, and schools to block traffic on port 22, which is the port used for SSH.

How to Fix the SSH “Connection Refused” Error

Now, let’s walk through some different solutions. If you aren’t sure which of them is most likely to work, start at the top and work your way down.

1. Check Your Network Connection

While this may seem obvious, it doesn’t hurt to check! Is your network connection working well? Are you able to visit other web pages without any issues? Is your website loading correctly?

Make sure everything works as expected.


If it isn’t, there are a few things you can try. Reboot your router and/or computer. If possible, test the connection via a different network location. Using the tethered Internet connection from your phone is a quick way to do this.

Finally, see if other web services like SFTP are working.

2. Double-Check Your Credentials

Connection working fine? What about your login credentials? Using the wrong credentials is the most common reason why your connection isn’t working.


There are a number of things you’ll need to ensure are accurate:

Host Name

The Host Name is your complete domain name (Fully-Qualified Domain Name or FQDN) or your IP address. Not sure what your IP is? Use this nifty tool.


For username, you’ll need to input your FTP/SFTP username, putty network error connection refused. Typically, this can be found inside your web hosting panel and/or in putty network error connection refused email sent from your host when you purchased the plan.

Here are links to some common hosts:


Likewise, this is the password for your FTP/SFTP account, putty network error connection refused. If you can’t find it, putty network error connection refused, look in your hosting panel.

3. Reboot Your Server

Are you on a dedicated server? Or maybe you physically own your server?


Try rebooting your server. This can often fix connectivity issues. Just make sure rebooting won’t impact visitors if you’re running your website from it!

4. Make Sure SSH Is Installed

For SSH to work, it needs to have a program called a daemon installed on the server for PuTTY to connect to. This is a tiny program that listens for incoming connections and then accepts them, if the credentials are correct.

Virtually all servers will have this daemon installed, especially if you are using a managed WordPress host. However, if you are using a dedicated host, you may need to install it yourself.


The exact installation process will depend on your host and server. If you want to install it manually on a Linux Ubuntu server, you’ll need to use OpenSSH.

If you are a SiteGround user, you can easily enable SSH by going to Site Tools > Devs > SSH Keys Manager.

SiteGround SSH key creator

Once there, enter a key name and generate a random password, then press Create.

Be sure to write down these credentials, as you’ll need them to access your site in PuTTY. You can read the entire tutorial on SiteGround’s website.

In cPanel, you’ll need to go to Advanced > SSH/Shell Access, enter the required information, and click Generate.

Other hosts have similar processes for adding SSH keys.

5. Make Sure SSH Is Working Properly

As mentioned above, you’ll need to have a daemon installed to connect via SSH. If it is not working, you won’t be able putty network error connection refused access your server.

There are many reasons why the daemon might be unresponsive, such as hosting problems, DDoS attacks, or a large amount of traffic.


To check if your daemon is running, you’ll need to enter a command into PuTTY. Which one? It depends on your server and the particular Linux installation that it’s using. Linux is the most popular operating system for web hosting providers.

Note that this isn’t your personal computer, but the server of your website that you are connecting to.

systemd systems (Arch, Ubuntu +, Debian 8+, CentOS 7+, etc)sudo systemctl status sshd -l
CentOS 6sudo service sshd status
UbuntuDebian 7sudo service ssh status

If you get an error message, then it is likely that you’ve found the source of the issue. Potential fixes include:

  • Verify that your hostname is spelled correctly
  • Use the ping command to verify that you can resolve the hostname on your client computer (the one you are trying to connect from)
  • Checking firewall status and blocked ports
  • Restarting your daemon

The links below go into more detail than we can provide here:

6. Ports and Firewalls

If you’re logged in from a university, corporate campus, or other large organization, it’s very possible that a firewall is blocking port

SSH server connectivity test


To see if it is, use this tool. Simply add your domain, make sure 22 is listed as the port, and press Check.

If the connection test is successful, it means that the issue is with your computer or connection and not with the port. Check the firewall rules or get in touch with the system administrator for your network.

7. Contact Your Host

Still having issues? It’s time to contact your host! It’s likely that they can help you.

Or it might be a totally different error like &#;ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED&#; So you have to check this possibility as well.


SSH is a powerful technology and learning how to use it is well worth your time. It allows you to access your site securely, manage files, run processes, and do a number of other useful tasks.

Hopefully, you&#;ve resolved the “Connection Refused” error using this guide. While this problem can seem bewildering, it’s not too difficult to fix. You just need to run some of the tests that we mentioned above.

Experienced the “Connection Refused” error yourself? What solution did you use? Share it in the comments to help us and other readers!

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This error means that the network connection that PuTTY wanted to establish with your server was rejected by the server. This usually happens because the server does not provide the service PuTTY is trying to access.

Check if you are connecting to the correct protocol (SSH, Telnet or Rlogin) and if the port number is correct. If this is not possible, contact your server administrator.

The PuTTY application of Telnet and Secure Shell or SSH terminal emulator provides the user with a simple interface for these relatively advanced Internet functions. Although the application makes great efforts to provide a seamless experience, from time to time server-side errors such as “Connection Refused” can occur. With a little information, PuTTY users can work with server administrators to solve these connection problems.

A PuTTY User Guide that appears on the Quest Software website provides a simple explanation of the “Network Error“: a connection denial problem that PuTTY users may encounter from time to time. According to the manual, this error message appears when the application tries to connect to a server that does not provide the service PuTTY wants to access. If a user tries to connect to a Telnet server using PuTTY, but this server does not support Telnet connections, for example, PuTTY returns a “network error” message: Connection rejected.

Using puttygen for Windows

  1. Copy the private key (id_rsa) into Windows.
  2. Launch’PuTTY Key Generator’ (sprers.eu) and click on the Load button.
  3. Go to All Files (*.*) and open your private key file created in Ubuntu (id_rsa).
  4. Enter the passphrase, if any, and click OK. A notification will appear – click OK again.
  5. Modify the key’s comment and passphrase if you need it and click Save Private Key.
  6. Save your sprers.eu key in a suitable location.
  7. Use sprers.eu key with PuTTY to connect to Ubuntu.

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Implementation of the correct IP address

It is possible that the IP putty network error connection refused you are using is not the one of Raspberry Pi. Therefore, in this step, we will identify the correct IP address and use it for the connection. To do that:

  1. Click on this link to download the Advanced IP Scanner tool.
    Note: This tool is free and can easily be used to identify the IP address.
  2. Click on the”.exe” and follow the on-screen instructions to install it.
  3. After installation, launch the tool and click on the “Scanner” button.
  4. Wait until the scanning is finished.
  5. Check if there is a connection named “RaspberryPi” in the list.
  6. Otherwise, press “Windows” + “R” and type “sprers.eu”.
  7. Press “Shift” and click on a “LAN” connection and on the current “Wifi” connection.
  8. Click on the Bridge Connections option to create a bridge.

Execution of a CLI order

It is possible that a configuration error occurred during the Raspberry Pi connection process that prevents you from using the ssh command php set_error_handler trace connect. It is therefore recommended to connect using the command below.

$ sudo rm /etc/ssh/ssh_host_* && sudo dpkg-reconfigure openssh-server


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