Purgecomm function failed win error code 5

purgecomm function failed win error code 5

github.com › pyserial › pyserial › blob › master › serial › serialwin32. Windows 2016 server. I am getting the following in the Agent log on Windows 2016: 20180618/132637.350 - U02001040 Error in function 'CreateProcessAsUser', error. If Windows had to disable the device, generating the Code 22 error due to a lack of system resources, clearing CMOS might fix the problem.

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[FIVE M] FALHA NA CONEXÃO DO SERVIDOR - RESOLVIDO 2022 C++ Builder UWP apps]Target PlatformWindowsHeaderwinbase.h (include Windows.h)LibraryKernel32.libDLLKernel32.dll

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