Postfix/postfix-script error unknown command

postfix/postfix-script error unknown command

cd $command_directory || { $FATAL no Postfix command directory $FATAL Postfix integrity check failed! exit 1 } $INFO starting the Postfix mail system. I have installed postfix, dovecot and openDKIM, but OpenDKIM is giving me errors Mar 30 11:47:48 x postfix/postfix-script[1373]: error: unknown command. According to this message: Feb 22 13:51:47 ip-172-26-12-131 postfix/smtp[939759]: warning: TLS library problem: error:02001002:system. postfix/postfix-script error unknown command

You can watch a thematic video

Power Tip: Solving the Unknown Command Error {INSERTKEYS}{$FATAL no Postfix meta directory $meta_directory! exit 1 }cd$queue_directory exit 1 kill -HUP `sed 1q pid/`$command_directory/postsuper &;; flush)cd$queue_directory hold tr ' ''\12' bounce{/INSERTKEYS}


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