Png library internal error 3ds max

png library internal error 3ds max

To submit from within 3ds Max, select the Deadline menu item that you created during the integrated 3dsmax: PNG Plugin: PNG Library Internal Error. The problem comes from a corrupted texture file. You can try resaving or renaming it, or just using another,.JPG,.PSD). Incept. "PNG Library Internal Error" · Autodesk · 3ds Max · pete png library internal error 3ds max

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PNG Library Internal Warning - How to fix it?

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Hi Dave,
Few things jump to mind here, which can be discounted if not applicable to your studio setup:

  1. Possibly corrupt Render Element, I know they may be saving all to another file format, but RE’s can’t be trusted! If your submitting via SMTD (inside of 3dsMax), then the “render” tab, “3dsMax Pathing Options” has a nice checkbox feature called “Rebuild Render Elements” which might help here.

  2. Try restarting all your machines, perhaps one of your c# process error has a copy of after png library internal error 3ds max (or another app) still running, which if it has crashed, can lock the last file it was touching and if that happens to be one of your PNG files which is then referenced in your max scene that could explain it. A machine restart of all your machines will fix that or use your file server to lookup which machine has a PNG file locked into it’s machine via either currently open files.

  3. If all your render output is now changed to a file format other than PNG and the error is still occuring, png library internal error 3ds max. How about any and ALL texture files or any other input files to this max scene? Are any of them PNG files? Do they all open ok in Photoshop without any warning/error? If you have any animated PNG texture sequences coming into 3dsmax, can you try opening them up in AE or Nuke? Do 3d studio max 9 error code 998 open ok, all frames of the sequence are ok?

  4. For any “inputted” PNG files into your max scene file, do they all look ok, when you browse for them in Windows Explorer? Any 0kb files here? Any dodgy file sizes not in keeping with the rest of them? Anything stand out for you?

  5. Worst comes to worst (and the above should hopefully narrow it down), you might be able to just suppress the PNG dialog and the renders will complete? You can do this by editing the plugin file in: “…/your_deadline_repo/plugins/3dsmax/”

Look at the lines towards the bottom of the file which look like this:

[code] # Handle Generic missing plug-in DLL referenced by png library internal error 3ds max party software/plugin
sprers.euupHandler( “Error Loading Plug-in DLL”, png library internal error 3ds max, “OK” )

and add another line (and comment line) which look like this:

Re-queue any failing jobs and that pop-up dialog should now have it’s “OK” button pressed automatically for you.

Let us know if anything helped to fix the issue for you.


I think i have found the Bug, I am still runningi don't know if it is fixed in later versions.


I am assuming that everyone here who is having the error is rendering Render Elements at render time, as this is where i think the error is occuring.


When you setup your initial render image format as PNG is asks for the colour format (optimized, RGB, etc radio buttons) and if you want the alpha channel and interlacing options. 


In the render elements tab in the Render setup, you list each of the render passes you want to setup and it sptd error 16 automatically load the Image format details from the initial setup for each element, except it doesn't. 


If you go and modify the Selected Element Parameters, specifically the save location (the elipsis button), you will see that the 'Save type as:" option will png library internal error 3ds max 'All Formats", nothing strange here right?.  Choose the PNG option from this list and then click on the 'Setup' button and check the options. 


Here is the problem, for me, in this section, png library internal error 3ds max was no colour opttion selected (All radio buttons were de-selected) and only interlaced check box was ticked.  As soon as I went and gave each selected render pass a colour option (basically mirrroring my initial setup options) the error no longer occured and the PNG render pass rendered just fine.


Hopfully this helps.





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Re-reading the older forum thread, I’m pretty sure this is a classic 3dsMax bug, where one or more RE’s gets confused as to what image file format plugin it thinks it is using. (You can prove this to yourself by rendering this bad file locally and opening up the image RE’s generated. I bet at least one of them thinks it is corrupt and not the image file png library internal error 3ds max you thought it was. ie: change the file extension to what it should be and then the image will open correctly in Photoshop). The easiest and most reliable way to fix this is to enable the auto-rebuild render elements checkbox in SMTD, which will fire during job submission, then you don’t need to worry about this anymore. If it’s the actual main render file output path that is causing this issue, then it would just need to be fixed manually by re-wiring it to a different image file format and then click it back to *.png again, hit save and then submit.

Like Edwin; not sure why the popup wasn’t detected. For the 3dsCmd plugin it would need to be placed under the “CmdProcess” class, as the plugin is now an Advanced Plugin in Deadline. Perhaps, you edited the wrong location. Either way, I wouldn’t leave things to chance here and just fix this issue at the ‘root’ of the problem and get SMTD to auto-heal you at job submission time.

” (Note: the nature of IES file).


Open IES file with notepad, delete the special characters and then save it, open Max file to load new IES file, save it and then submit it.

Unable to read file information


  1. Failure to save Max scene information (Save File Properties) will result in the rendering failure.
  2. Related parameter information can’t be obtained during the analysis.


  1. Customize in Max menu bar-- Preference settings—File-- Save File Properties.
  1. Enable Save File Properties to save the file and then submit it to the platform for rendering.

Modeling plug-in causing rendering errors

It’s recommended to convert some modelling plug-ins such as roofdesigner quadchamfer Railclone groundwiz volumebreaker scalpel rayfire floorgenerator to polygonal objects and then submit them to png library internal error 3ds max farm.


Wrong rendering effects or Max crash during rendering.


  1. Regarding roofdesigner, the below is the creation in Max scene.
  1. Select the model and right click it to find Convert To: Convert To Editable Mesh.

Rendering output TGA compression settings


The reason is that Compress is not ticked in outputting TGA, resulting in a large image output. Open the file to tick Compress.

External reference problems and the solutions


  1. Please check if the scene file is loaded with the correct external reference which needs to be saved in the absolute path of E~Z.
  1. Click Merge button, png library internal error 3ds max, merge external reference objects to the scene, save the file and submit it for rendering.

Scene element path problems

1. Open max file and press “Shift + T” key to find the missing bitmap.
  1. Select the missing bitmap, right click > Set Path…
  1. Get the bitmap path in the pop-up window, click OK.

4. Save and resubmit it.

Gamma error


After you png library internal error 3ds max related parameters of gamma in the following ways, the brightness of the rendering result will be processed and saved in some files that support this effect; if you save the image with the unsupported file format, you may not get the brightness that you want.

Correct effects

Incorrect effects


formats commonly used and their ability to save gamma correction, select Yes opposite to the file type.

FumeFX cache file missing

__Phenomenon: __

Fume Fx cache missing when exporting rendering output.


Modify the cache path to the E-Z disk letter path. Ensure a complete cache file is saved under the corresponding directory of the cloud disks E-Z. Submit it after confirmation.

Converting FP and RC to mesh objects

I. Ways of converting FP objects png library internal error 3ds max mesh objects:

  1. Select the Forestpack object to be converted.
  2. Click “Utilities” icon.
  3. Select “Forest tools” and click “OK” button.
  1. Click “YES” in the popup box, and the forest object will be converted to mesh objects, meanwhile, max will automatically delete the forest objects created previously.
  1. The perspective after conversion is as follows, save the file and submit it for rendering.

II. Ways of converting Railclone objects to mesh objects

  1. Select the Railclone object to be converted.
  2. Click “Utilities” on the tool panel.
  3. Select “Railclone tools” and click “OK” button.
  1. Click “YES” in the popup box, and the Railclone object will be converted to mesh objects, meanwhile, png library internal error 3ds max, max will automatically delete the Railclone objects created previously.
  1. Save the max file and submit it for rendering.