Pioneer p5700mp error 11

pioneer p5700mp error 11

with RDS tuner. Reproductor de CD/MP3/WMA de alta potencia con. sintonizador de RDS y control de CD múltiple. DEH-PMP. DEH-PMP. Pioneer DEH-PMP CD Player User Manual Understanding built-in CD player error. messages Sound muting CD player and care If an error message such as ERROR is dis-. %. played, refer to Error messages on page Eject a disc! When a CD TEXT disc is inserted, the disc and.

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Opinion, actual: Pioneer p5700mp error 11

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Pioneer p5700mp error 11
pioneer p5700mp error 11



- Error Messages

Error is displayed with number for Error cause when CD is inoperative or stops with Error during operation.

The purpose is to reduce nonsense calls cpu fan error asus p9x79 deluxe users as well as to assist all related analysis and repair for defects

at service station.

(1) Basic Display Method

1) When CSMOD (CD mode area for system) is SERRORM, Error code will be written in DMIN (minutes area for

display), DSEC (seconds area for display). The same data shall be written in DMIN and DSEC. DTNO is blank as


2) Display Example of Head Unit

The following is about LCD display ability, pioneer p5700mp error 11. xx is Error number.

8 digits


(2) Error Code List

No. Classification Contents



Carriage Home NG



Focus Search NG



Spindle Lock NG

Subcode NG

RF-amp NG



Setup NG



Impossible to play



File Format NG



Search Time Out



Impossible to play



Disc Load / Eject NG



Power NG

Note : Error doesn't display in mechanism only. (CD off causes mechanism off)

If TOC can't be read, pioneer p5700mp error 11 wouldn't occur, but mechanism still continues its operation.

The upper digits of error code is mainly classified by 3 kinds as follows:

1x: Setup related error, 3x: Search related error, Ax: Other errors.



6 digits




Details &#x; Cause

CRG can't move to the inner.

CRG can't move from the inner.

&#x; HOME SW failure, CRG movement failure.

Focus can't be caught.

&#x; Back of Disc / Pioneer p5700mp error 11 dirt and vibration.

Not spindle, lock. Wrong subcode (can't read).

&#x; Defective Spindle. Scratch and dirt on Disc. Intense vibration.

The appropriate gain of the RF amp cannot be obtained.

&#x; Defective spindle.

&#x; Scratched or dirty disc. Severe vibration. Abnormal CD signals.

&#x; Blanc CD-R disc. Disc inserted upside down.

AGC protection doesn't work, pioneer p5700mp error 11, out of Focus soon.

&#x; Scratch on Disc/Severe dirt and vibration.

There is no playable MP3 or WMA file present in a disc.

&#x; No MP3 or WMA file exists in a CD-ROM disc inserted.

Contents are stored in an incompatible file format.

&#x; The contents in a CD-ROM disc inserted are pioneer p5700mp error 11 in a file format

other than ISO Level-1 and 2.

Can't reach the target address.

&#x; Defective CRG/tracking, or scratch on Disc.

There is no playable TRK No. present smart 301 hard drive error a disc.

&#x; All TRK Nos. In a disc inserted are specified as a track which should

be skipped, in the track skip information.

Disc loading/ejection cannot be complete.

&#x; Foreign objects entered into the mechanism. Disc caught in between

during loading/ejection.

Power supply (VD) isn't connected to the ground.

&#x; Defective SW transistor. Abnormal power (failed connector)




4 digits












Pioneer DEH-PMP Operation Manual

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  • Pioneer DEH-PMP 1 Reproduzca el CD cuyo título desea in- gresar. Presione a o b para seleccionar el CD. 2 Presione FUNCTION y mantenga presio- nado hasta que TITLE IN aparezca en el dis- play. Después de que visualice TITLE IN, presione FUNCTION repetidamente y aparecerán en el display las siguientes funciones: TITLE IN (ingreso de títulos de discos)ITS (program…


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  • For WMA/MP3/AAC discs

    Play time—folder name—file name—track title—artist name—album title—comment— bit rate

    For WAV discs

    Play time—folder name—file name—sam- pling frequency


    !You can scroll to the left of the title by pressing and holding DISP.

    !Audio CD that contains certain information such as text and/or number is CD TEXT.

    !If specific information is not recorded on a disc, title or name is not displayed.

    !Depending on the sharp copier code f2-74 cartridge error of iTunes® used to write MP3 files onto a disc, pioneer p5700mp error 11, comment information may not be correctly displayed.

    —iTunes is a registered trademark of Apple Inc.

    !Depending on the version of Windows Media Player used to encode WMA files, album names and other text information may not be correctly displayed.

    !When playing back VBR (variable bit rate)-re- corded WMA files, the average bit rate value is displayed.

    !When playing back VBR (variable bit rate)-re- corded MP3 files, VBR steam application load error displayed instead of bit rate value.

    !The sampling frequency shown in the display may be abbreviated.

    !When Ever Scroll is set to ON at the initial setting, text information scrolls continuously in the display. Refer to Switching the Ever Scroll on page

    Selecting tracks from the track title list

    Track title list lets you see the list of track titles on a CD TEXT disc and select one of them to play back.

    1 Press LIST to switch to the track title list mode.

    2 Use MULTI-CONTROL to select the desired track title.

    Turn to change the track title. Press to play.

    #You can also change the track title by pushing

    MULTI-CONTROL up or down.

    #You can also play the track by pushing

    MULTI-CONTROL right.

    #To return to the ordinary display, press BAND or LIST.

    #If you do not operate the list within about 30 seconds, the display automatically returns to the ordinary display.

    Selecting files from the file name list

    File name list lets you see the list of file names (or folder names) and select one of them to playback.

    1Press LIST to switch to the file name list mode.

    Names of files and folders appear in the display.

    2Use MULTI-CONTROL to select the desired file name (or folder name).

    Turn to change the name of file or folder.

    —when a file is selected, press to play.

    —when a folder is selected, press to see a list of files (or folders) in the seleted folder.

    —when a folder is selected, press and hold to

    play a song in the selected folder.

    #You can also play the file by pushing

    MULTI-CONTROL right.

    #You can also play a song in the selected folder by pushing and holding MULTI-CONTROL right.

    #To return to the previous list (the folder one level higher), press BACK. You can also perform this operation by pushing MULTI-CONTROL left.

    #To return to the top tier of list, press and hold


    #To return to the ordinary display, press BAND or LIST.

    #If you do not operate the list within about 30 seconds, the display automatically returns to the ordinary display.

    background image

    About this unit

    The tuner frequencies on this unit are allo-

    cated for use in Western Europe, Asia, the

    Middle East, Africa and Oceania. Use in other

    areas may result in poor reception. The RDS

    (radio data system) function operates only in

    areas with FM stations broadcasting RDS sig-



    ! Do not allow this unit to come into contact

    with liquids. Electrical shock could result.

    Also, this unit damage, smoke, and overheat

    could result from contact with liquids.

    ! A CLASS 1 LASER PRODUCT label is affixed

    to the bottom of this unit.

    CLASS 1


    ! The Pioneer CarStereo-Pass is for use only in


    ! Keep this manual handy as a reference for op-

    erating procedures and precautions.

    ! Always keep the volume low pioneer p5700mp error 11 so that

    you can hear sounds from outside the vehicle.

    ! Protect this unit from moisture.

    ! If the battery is disconnected or discharged,

    the preset memory will be erased and must be


    About this manual

    This unit features a number of sophisticated

    functions ensuring superior reception and op-

    eration. All the functions have been designed

    for the easiest possible use, but many are not

    self-explanatory. This operation manual will

    help you benefit fully from this units potential

    and to pioneer p5700mp error 11 your listening enjoyment.

    We recommend that you familiarize yourself

    with the functions and their operation by read-

    ing through the manual before you begin

    using this unit. It is especially important that

    you read and observe WARNINGs and CAU-

    TIONs in this manual.

    In case of trouble

    Should this product fail to operate properly,

    contact your dealer or nearest authorized Pio-

    neer Service Station.


    CD playback

    Music CD/CD-R/CD-RW playback pioneer p5700mp error 11 possible.

    MP3 file playback

    You can play back MP3 files recorded on CD-

    ROM/CD-R/CD-RW (ISO Level 1/Level 2

    standard recordings).

    ! Supply of this product only conveys a li-

    cense for private, non-commercial use and

    does not convey a license nor imply any

    right to use this product in any commercial

    (i.e, pioneer p5700mp error 11. revenue-generating) real time broad-

    casting (terrestrial, satellite, cable and/or

    any other media), broadcasting/streaming

    via internet, intranets and/or other net-

    works or in other electronic content distri-

    bution systems, such as pay-audio or

    audio-on-demand applications. An inde-

    pendent license for such use is required.

    For details, please visit

    Before You Start





    Messages 40, Sound muting 40 cd player and care 40, Understandingbuilt-in cd player error messages – Pioneer DEH-PMP User Manual

    background image

    Understandingbuilt-in CD

    player error messages

    When you contact your dealer or your nearest

    Pioneer Service Center, be sure to record the

    error message.




    ERROR, 12,

    17, 30

    Dirty disc

    Clean disc.

    ERROR, 12,

    17, 30

    Scratched disc

    Replace disc.


    The inserted disc

    does not contain

    any data

    Replace disc.

    ERROR, 11,

    12, 15, 17, 30,


    Electrical or me-


    Turn the ignition

    ON and OFF, or

    switch to a differ-

    ent source, then

    back to the CD


    ERROR, 23 The CD format

    cannot be played


    Replace disc.


    All tracks are

    skip tracks

    Replace disc.


    CD player over-


    Turn off the CD

    player until the CD

    player cools down.

    Sound muting

    Sound from this unit is muted automatically in

    the following cases:

    ! When a call is made or received using a

    cellular telephone connected to this unit.

    ! When the pioneer p5700mp error 11 guidance is output from a

    Pioneer navigation unit connected to this


    The sound is turned off, MUTE is displayed

    and no audio adjustments, except volume con-

    trol, are possible. Operation returns to normal

    when the phone connection or the voice gui-

    dance is ended.

    CD player and care

    ! Use only CDs that have either of the two

    Compact Disc Digital Audio marks as

    shown below.

    ! Use only normal, round CDs. If you pioneer p5700mp error 11 ir-

    regular, non-round, shaped CDs they may

    jam in the CD player or not play properly.

    ! Check all CDs for cracks, scratches or

    warping before playing. CDs that have

    cracks, scratches or are warped may not

    play properly. Do not use such discs.

    ! Avoid touching the recorded (non-printed)

    surface when handling the disc.

    ! Store discs in their cases when not in use.

    ! Keep discs out of direct sunlight and do

    not expose the discs to high temperatures.

    ! Do not attach labels, write on or apply che-

    micals to the surface of the discs.

    ! To clean a CD, wipe the disc with a soft

    cloth outward from the center.

    ! If the heater is used in cold weather, moist-

    ure may form on components inside the

    CD player. Condensation may cause the CD

    player to malfunction. If you think that con-

    densation is a problem turn off the CD

    player for an hour or so to allow it to dry

    out and wipe any damp discs with a soft

    cloth to remove the moisture.

    ! Road shocks may interrupt CD playback.

    Additional Information





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