Pioneer 281 error 17

pioneer 281 error 17

Congratulations on choosing your Honda Pioneer. Instruments & Controls 17 If the fuel system has an error, the fuel gauge indicators will be. •The Pioneer CarStereo-Pass is for use only in Germany. ERROR-07, 10, 11, 12, 15, 17, 30, A0. → There is an electrical or mechanical error. 17. 3. What Is a Case Study Good For? Case Study versus case studies – including Middletown and Yankee City and the pioneering. pioneer 281 error 17

Other (Troubleshooting)

¶ This component may fail to operate properly due to influence of static electricity or other external influences. In this case, try turning

off the POWER switch, and turn on the power again only when the disc has fully stopped rotating.

¶ This unit cannot play DVD-R or DVD-RW discs recorded in video format unless they have been finalized.

¶ This pioneer 281 error 17 cannot play DVD-R/DVD-RW discs recorded in VR format.

¶ This unit cannot play partially recorded CD-R or CD-RW discs that have not been finalized.

¶ This unit plays only standard 12 cm discs and 8 cm discs mounted in proper disc adapters; it cannot play irregularly shaped discs

(damage or malfunctions may occur).

¶ When playing 8 cm discs mounted on adapters, pioneer 281 error 17, some speed loss may be experienced when using scratch and reverse operations.

This unit for high performance when rotating discs at high speed, but when 8 cm discs are mounted in adapters, the rotation speed

is reduced for safety. This is not a malfunction.

¶ BPM values measured with this unit may differ from published values found on DVD or CD labels, or those measured on Pioneer DJ

mixers. This is a result of differences in BPM measuring methods, and is not a malfunction.

¶ When playing DVD-R/RW or CD-R/RW discs, some degradation in performance may be experienced depending on the recording

quality of the individual disc.

¶ This unit supports analog copy-protection technology. Some discs include copy-protection signals and when such discs are played,

some images may display horizontal stripes or other distortions, this is not a malfunction. Also, when viewing or recording images

through a VTR, the copy guard device may prevent proper playback.

¶ In DJ mode, the following option values change, regardless of the setting of the Setup Menu.

Setup Menu item

[TV Screen]:

[Still Picture]:

[Angle indicator]:

¶ When playing DVDs, the same disc may display different playback patterns when played in DJ mode and NORMAL mode.

¶ SD memory cards formatted using ordinary computer OS formatting software are not generally compatible with SD memory card


Error message display

When the unit is unable to operate properly, pioneer 281 error 17, pioneer 281 error 17 error code is displayed on the display panel. Check the error code displayed against the

following table and take the recommended action to correct the error. If an error code other than any of the error codes listed in the

table below is displayed or if the same error code is displayed even after corrective action has been taken, contact your nearest Pioneer

Service Station or contact the store from which you purchased your player for assistance.

Error code

Error type

E–72 01


E–83 01


E–83 02

E–83 03

E-83 04


E-83 05


E–91 01


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Detailed product information



→USB device was not formatted properly.

–Format the USB device with FAT12,

FAT16 or FAT32.


→The iPod firmware version is old.

–Update the iPod version.

→iPod failure.

–Disconnect the cable from the iPod.

Once the iPod’s main menu is

displayed, reconnect the iPod and

reset it.


→There are no songs in the current list.

–Select a list that contains songs.


→No related songs.

–Transfer songs to the iPod.

Bluetooth device


→The power failed for the Bluetooth

module of the unit.

–Turn the ignition switch OFF and back

to ACC or ON.




→No Bluetooth device found.

–Connect the unit and the device via

Bluetooth (page 8).



→Bluetooth connection failed.

–Press BAND/ to make a connection




→Bluetooth connection failed.

–Press BAND/ to make a connection



→Connection to the application failed.

–Follow the instructions that appear on

the screen.


→The application has not started running


–Operate the mobile device to start up

the application.

Discs and player

•Use only discs that feature either of the

following two logos.

•Use 12-cm discs.

•Use only conventional, fully circular discs.

•The following types of discs cannot be

used pioneer 281 error 17 this unit:


–8-cm discs: Pioneer 281 error 17 to use such discs

with an adaptor may cause the unit to


–Oddly shaped discs

–Discs other than CDs

–Damaged discs, includingdiscs that are

cracked, chipped or warped

–CD-R/RW discs pioneer 281 error 17 have not been


•Do not write on or apply chemicalsto the

surface of the discs.

•To clean a CD, wipe the disc with a soft

cloth outward from the center.

Handling guidelines

•Condensation may temporarily impair

the player’s performance. Let it rest post error e3

about one hour to adjust to a warmer

temperature. Also, wipe any damp discs

off with a soft cloth.

•When using discs that can beprinted on

label surfaces, pioneer 281 error 17, check the instructions and

the warnings of the discs. Depending on

the discs, inserting and ejecting may not

be possible. Using such discsmay result

in damage to this equipment.

•Do not attach commercially available

labels or other materials to the discs.

–The discs may warp making the disc


–The labels may come off during

playback and prevent ejection of the

discs, which may result in damage to

the equipment.

USB storage device

•Connections via USB hubs are not


•Firmly secure the USB storage device

before driving. Do not let the USB storage

device fall onto the floor, where it may

become jammed under the brake or

accelerator pedal.

•Depending on the USB storage device,

the following problems may occur.

–Operations may vary.

–The storage device may notbe


–Files may not be played back properly.

–The device may cause audible

interference when you are listening to

the radio.


•Do not leave the iPod in places with high


•Firmly secure the iPod when driving. Do

not let the iPod fall onto the floor, where

it may become jammed under the brake

or accelerator pedal.

•The settings of the iPod such as the

equalizer and repeat play are changed

automatically when the iPod is

connected to the unit. Once the iPod is

disconnected, those settings will return

to the original settings.

•Incompatible text saved on the iPod will

not be displayed by the unit.

•Only the first 32 characters can be

displayed as a file name (including the file

extension) or a folder task host windows 7 error unit may not work properly

depending on the application used to

encode WMA files.

•There may be a slight delay at the start of

the playback of audio files embedded

with image data, or audio files stored on a

USB device with numerousfolder


•Russian text to be displayed on this unit

should be encoded in one of the

following character sets:

–Unicode pioneer 281 error 17, UTF-16)

–A character set other than Unicode that

is used in a Windows environment and

is set to Russian in the multi-language



•Pioneer cannot guarantee compatibility

with all USB massstorage devices, and

assumes no responsibility for any loss of

data on media players, smartphones, or

other devices while using this product.

•Do not leave discs or a Pioneer 281 error 17 storage

device in any place that is subject to high


Compressed audio


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