Phlash16 error .wph

phlash16 error .wph

i get an error that says that the programa(Winphlash.exe) cant Your boot floppy should contain the Phlash16.exe and the ZC1_3520.wph. Re: Unbricking G580 after BIOS update failure (Solved / Guide) QIWB5.bin / phlash16.exe / Crisis tool / WiNCrisis / boot.wph. Hello everyone! I've got a problem while trying to backup an image with phlash16. Using a phlash16, i need an original *.wph file.

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Thread: HOWTO: Flash BIOS, The Ubuntu Way

I just gave Dell's utility a try, and it worked perfectly to make a bootable image to flash the BIOS. However, their software is targeted to Fedora, phlash16 error .wph, so it needs some little tweaks.
I have a Dell Inspiron 1300 laptop running Ubuntu Feisty.
I had tried before to run the .exe file under M$*******, but since my battery is dead it didn't let me go through. So this is what I did under Ubuntu. Again, try it at your own risk.

1) I went to downloaded the updates I needed (I was 6 versions behind!!!). In my case, they are executables files with name ME051xyy.EXE where xyy is the version number.

2) I downloaded the biosdisk-<version>.tar.gz tarball from

3) biosdisk needs dos2unix and some other stuff. Everything should be ok doing


sudo apt-get install sysutils syslinux
4) I unpacked and installed biosdisk with (in the directory where the tarball is)


tar -xzvf biosdisk-<version>.tar.gz cd biosdisk-<version> sudo sh
which should install the script /usr/sbin/biosdisk

5) since the installed script is a sh script, under Ubuntu (and under any Debian based distro I think) this must be modified into a bash script because of some shell conflict. Therefore, phlash16 error .wph, do


sudo gedit /usr/sbin/biosdisk
edit the first line #!/bin/sh into #!/bin/bash, save and exit.

6) Install the FILE.EXE executable Bios update file downloaded from Dell with


cd <the directory where FILE.EXE is> sudo biosdisk install FILE.EXE
this produces a /tmp/FILE.img image file and then exits, complaining that the automated phlash16 error .wph only works under Fedora. The file must then be manually copied with


sudo mv /tmp/FILE.img /boot/
7) modify grub's boot menu with


sudo gedit /boot/grub/menu.lst
adding the following lines at the end:


title BIOS Flash FILE kernel /memdisk initrd /FILE.img
Then reboot and select the new entry in the boot menu. This should launch the DOS utility to flash the BIOS. If everything goes well, it should check if the system is OK, ask if you want to update the BIOS, update it and automatically reboot.

I hope this helps!

How to open file with WPH extension?

WPH file extension

Associating the WPH file with the installed software

Open with

At the first start of the WPH file, after installing a new application from the list above, the operating system should automatically associate our WPH file with the installed program. However, if that did not happen, we can do this step ourselves. Therefore, it is necessary to:

  • Right-click the WPH file that phlash16 error .wph want to open, then clicking the option "Open with"
  • Then go to the "Choose default program" and we look for the path where our new application has been installed (in most cases it is the "Program Files" directory on drive C: at our computer and then the folder with the name of the installed program)
  • Confirm by pressing the OK button

When you do this, the operating system should automatically associate our WPH extension with the new application. If for some reason this operation could error c2512 c+ + mfc be performed in the manner indicated, see how to add association manually in the Windows Registry

Possible problems with the WPH file

Typical error of the WPH extension is shown by an error message when you try to open or read a file with extension that is not compatible with the programs installed on your computer. If while trying to open a WPH file Windows will not be able to locate a particular program, the following errors may be displayed "No script engine for WPH file extension", phlash16 error .wph, "Invalid file extension: undefined", "Incompatible file extension and file table", "Invalid file extension". It is important to react quickly and fix errors that may be caused by the following cisco fcs errors file may be corrupt
In this case, the solution may be to find another copy of the WPH file, to ask for another copy of it (if you got it from another person), or to try to download it again from the internet.
Entries of associations of the WPH file in the Windows Registry may be incorrect
In this case, you can try to delete the file for the extension of the WPH file and create it again. The information about how to find the registry entry can be found in the further part of the article
The entry containing the file associations in the Registry may have been deleted.
In this case, you must associate the WPH file with the application either by selecting the application (information here) error unresolved external manually (information here), phlash16 error .wph.
The application for supporting the WPH file has not been entirely installed.
Check if the application opens up properly. If there is a problem, you can try to install it again.
The file has been infected by viruses or spyware.
Install any antivirus program, specializing in the removal of Malware and Spyware types of viruses, scan your computer and try again.
Your computer does not have sufficient resources phlash16 error .wph the currently open the WPH file.
To open some files, the program needs now a large amount of CPU resources. If you are using many applications at the moment, try closing unnecessary ones and try again.
We do not have updated drivers for the application to open the file.
We install all the drivers that are needed to run the application that supports the WPH file.

Manual entry of the file type to the Windows Registry

Registry edit

Very important!
Before you make any manual changes to the Windows Registry, make its copy earlier. With manual operations it is not difficult to make a mistake, and the changes are irreversible. Therefore, it is good to have a backup, phlash16 error .wph. Remember that the website is not liable for any damages that may arise during the use of the information given. If you are not sure that you can do these things, ask an expert for help.

How to do this?
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To associate the WPH file type with the new application, you must define the ProgID for a particular application and if you want to get information on defining a new ProgID, you should see the program identifiers. For information about file extensions and its associations with applications look in the key HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT , phlash16 error .wph.

To make it easier, here is an example:
We assume that we want a file type with a short extension .WPH and a system error 1396 extension .WPH-file was opened using MyApplication. You should therefore use the syntax (creating in the registry a short extension .WPH and a subkey for the long extension .WPH-file) in the following way:

Have you ever got a file that you could not open? Probably the situation was that it had an extension not used before on your computer, e.g. WPH. Such a situation could also take place with other extensions, but it always ended the same - giving you a headache when determining which program should be used to properly open the file.

Typically, Windows has the appropriate software to open the WPH file or just preview its contents. Often, however, there is no such software, and then we need to identify what kind of file it is, and download the appropriate software to support it.

Many people have no idea where to start. The simplest solution is to visit our website and search for the appropriate extensions in our database.

Hello everyone, 

I just registered here to post my findings with other people who might find it useful. No idea if this has been posted but phlash16 error .wph couldnt find anything like this for a week on internet. My brief story, I have an INSPIRON 1564 with unknown battery and ac adapter errors which can't charge the battery but just run on ac power. Lappy had one of the older bios revisions on it and i couldn't manage to flash the BIOS with known methods posted by DELL or others posted in the internet.

1- Obviously, official dell windows flasher. Doesnt flash.
2- Official windows flasher with "forceit" paramater through cmd, no dice.
3- Hold down "END" while powering on laptop with a FAT formatted usb flash drive with the bios rom file in it, no luck.
4- CTRL + ESC keys combo at the boot, no luck.
5- F12 boot menu, bios flashing option is absent, no luck again.

I just wanted to flash the bios, no matter what. Lol. What i post below might brick your laptop with unrepairable  damage, i can not be held responsible for anything, so take the risk like i did. 

1- Download the latest version of phlash16.exe dos based phoenix flash tool from wimsbios.
2- Create freedos usb with rufus.
3- Download dell winphlash tool for your laptop.
4- Press Windows + X keys and click RUN, phlash16 error .wph, type %temp%
5- locate the BIOS1.WPH file and copy it your usb flash drive.
6- Copy phlash16.exe to your usb flash drive.
7- Boot to freedos and type " phlash16.exe BIOS.WPH "
8- Dont disconnect ac adapter or interrupt the process.
9- Phlash16.exe doesn't give a flying f. about the battery or ac adapter and will flash the bios with success.

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How To Fix Lenovo BIOS Failure [PHOENIX BIOS]

Lot of the recent updates of the BIOS of Lenovo Laptops caused the devices to get bricked, We figured out a fix for the Lenovo BIOS Failure. Let’s get started, You need to download a few files and a pen drive to get started to fix bricked Lenovo BIOS.

How To Fix –

  • Format USB disk as FAT file system.
  • Download the Phoenix crisis recovery tool –  Link (UPDATED mercedes bas error July, 2016)
  • Extract the files and run WINCRIS.exe.

How To Fix Lenovo BIOS Failure [PHOENIX BIOS]

If it doesn’t run and give an error try to run it in compatibility mode like shown below.

How To Fix Lenovo BIOS Failure [PHOENIX BIOS]

  •  Once the application opens, select the formatted USB stick.

How To Fix Lenovo <i>Phlash16 error .wph</i> Failure [PHOENIX BIOS]

image 4

  • Click the “Start” button wait until this message pops up and click OK (Do not close WINCRIS.EXE)

How To Fix Lenovo BIOS Failure [PHOENIX BIOS]phlash16 error .wph src="" alt="image 4" width="1" height="1">

  • Choose “YES”,and hit start again and exit the tool.

image 5

  • Remove your USB stick and reconnect.
  • Copy the files “MINIDOS.SYS” and  “PHLASH16.EXE” that are present in the same folder as the tool to USB Pen Drive.
  • Copy your bios with name “bios.wph(BIOS file differs for each laptop model,The one included in the zip is for G450 ONLY. If you have any other Lenovo model kindly read the note below)


bios.wph” included in the zip is for G450 ONLY, If you have a different model make sure to REPLACE the included file with the “bios.wph” file of your model, download the BIOS file specific for your model from the Lenovo website and extract the downloaded .exe (Use 7-Zip) file to obtain the “bios.wph” file for your model.

  •  Once your USB Pen Drive looks like this, you are ready to go.

Lenovo BIOS Failure

 Recovering the laptop :

  • Turn off your laptop, disconnect the power source, plug in the USB stick.
  • Connect the Power source, Press and hold “fn” key + “R” and while doing so hit the power button and wait for 5 seconds until you see the pen drive blink and the fan running.
  • Leave your laptop alone for few minutes and it will reboot on its own, if not then simply remove and replace the battery and turn it on and keep your fingers crossed.

BIOSBIOS FailureLenovo

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BIOS flashing is destructive. If you don't understand what this means, start reading here ( and here ( Read these documents and all related documents very carefully.

All versions of Ubuntu have been tested using the methods listed below (4.10 - 12.04).

Many vendors now include native Linux utilities to assist in a BIOS flash (or replacement ( If you fit into this category then it is recommended to use the method provided by them. Another example: Dell has the biosdisk ( project. You can also try your luck with the flashrom ( project (more on flashrom below). If you know what you are doing, are feeling daring, or just want to know a little more about this topic, then continue reading.

Flashing a BIOS ( typically serves the following functions: to fix specific bugs, to support newer hardware, phlash16 error .wph, or to fix a damaged BIOS. Using Ubuntu Linux as our host OS, phlash16 error .wph, we will create a bootable floppy disk or CD using FreeDOS as our OS of choice. On this disk we will place a new BIOS image and any related files used for flashing. Once the disk has been created, reboot error reco chain system and allow your newly created disk to load automatically and begin the flashing process. See your particular BIOS vendor's web site for these files and for more information on the commands you will to need to use to begin the flashing process. In other words, read what your BIOS vendor has to say about flashing. READ the README file.

Learn more about your BIOS and its features (e.g., make, vendor, phlash16 error .wph, release date).

sudo biosdecode
sudo hwinfo --bios

If you upadated your Hp DV6500 BIOS to the last version from Windows 7 and you get in return a wonderful black screen try follow this! You need to download this file Wincrisis and also the oldest version of BIOS of your Hp laptop for the DV6635EL phlash16 error .wph can find it here Ok, now you need a Usb Stick, I used a 1Gb usb key, phlash16 error .wph. – You have to do a format to FAT. – Extract phlash16 error .wph into a folder. – Using a software like 7-zip extract the BIOS .exe file (right click and “extract phlash16 error .wph – In the extracted folder search the file .WPH, for the DV6635EL the name is “30CCF08.WPH” where “F08” at the end stands for the bios version. Rename this file to BIOS.WPH and copy it into the folder where you extracted wincrisis. – If you are working on Win7/8 right scp lost connection error on WINCRIS.EXE and run it in compatibility mode (Windows XP Service Pack 3).wincrisis01Select your Usb key, phlash16 error .wph, leave other options as default and hit Start. – When the message “Remove your stick and reconnect” appears remove the Usb key (without doing phlash16 error .wph safe-remove process) and click OK: do not close the WINCRIS.EXE and don’t click anything else, phlash16 error .wph, now you can reconnect the usb key. – Choose “YES” in the window says “Do you want to format another crisis disk?” and click again the Start button, leaving options as defaults and usb key selected (This is to make sure we update the CRISBOOT.BIN in usb boot sector). – At the end of the process disconnect the usb key and close WINCRISIS. – Now reconnect the usb key and copy into it files MINIDOS.SYS, PHLASH16.EXE and BIOS.WPH that are located in the folder that contains WINCRIS.EXE. – Now the usb key is ready to restore the damaged BIOS of your laptop to the normality. – Disconnect the battery and the AC cable from the laptop, phlash16 error .wph. – Connect the usb key – Connect the AC cable – Hold down at the same time Win Key + B – Press the power button with Win Key + B held down – When you hear a “beep” release all buttons. – If you do everything well now you’ll listen a series of beeps with the fan going on sometimes. You have to wait 5 minutes and when the restoring process is complete the laptop shutdown itself. Now you can disconnect the usb key, power on and enjoy your brand new laptop back to life!

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