Pfsense warning - read_dma udma icrc error

pfsense warning - read_dma udma icrc error

143805, Base System, kern, bugs, Open, ---, [ata] WARNING - READ_DMA48 UDMA ICRC error with 63XXESB2 SATA300 [regression], 2017-12-31. These represent problem reports covering all versions including jail o kern/143805 [ata] WARNING - READ_DMA48 UDMA ICRC error with. Hello I am trying to run a pfSense with an Alix based hardware (alix ad0: WARNING - READ_DMA UDMA ICRC error (retrying request) LBA=63.

Pfsense warning - read_dma udma icrc error - very good

o usb/181425 usb USB keyboard with full N-key rollover not working f ports/181412 mi graphics/gdtclft should use updated default Tcl versio o ports/181394 eclipse java/eclipse-devel 4.2.0 could not install or update E o ports/181393 gecko www/xpi-quick-locale-switcher does not works w o docs/181390 doc seq(1) first appeared in 8th UNIX o kern/181386 kib SMP & USB hangs >254024 for mips64/octeon o kern/181377 fs [zfs] zfs recv causes an inconsistant pool o docs/181376 doc CLOCK_THREAD_CPUTIME_ID is not documented in clock_get o bin/181369 incompatibility between bsdpatch and gnupatch dealing o amd64/181358 amd64 Suspend to RAM not working correctly on Lenovo X121e ( o amd64/181357 amd64 LCD Brightness Control not working on Lenovo X121e (AC o kern/181352 [libc] setproctitle(3) doesn't work with Capsicum o ports/181349 gnome cairo.h missing in graphics/librsvg o kern/181346 [hwpmc] Sandy Bridge Xeon - workaround required for so f ports/181345 net/tigervnc: shortcuts like Ctrl-C does not work on v o bin/181344 Buildworld fail at xinstall when upgrading from 9.1-ST o ports/181337 sunpoet [REPOCOPY] www/trafficserver -> www/trafficserver-deve o gnu/181328 GCC 4.2.1 20070831 may delay initialization of automat f ports/181324 [patch] fix net/istgt with options VBOXVD (VirtualBox o kern/181323 [hang] reboot hang on's makepatch support spaces in o ports/181266 gnome cannot update net-im/telepathy-glib-0.18.2 to 0.20.2 o ports/181264 glewis math/gnuplot, math/py-gnuplot install files in the sam o bin/181263 grep(1) crashes at memchr/__sfvwrite when using colors o kern/181257 net [bge] bge link status change f ports/181251 net-mgmt/mrtg: rateup constantly segfaulted because of f ports/181248 [PATCH] print/cups-base Disable INSTALLS_ICONS for non o ports/181244 mva New port: devel/ocl-icd OpenCL Installable Client Dri o ports/181243 mva New port: devel/opencl-icd Khronos OpenCL Installable p stand/181240 jilles /bin/sh choking on a certain construct o kern/181236 net [igb] igb driver unstable work o kern/181235 smh [zfs] zfs block devices not appearing after zfs recv f ports/181228 crees databases/postgresql91-server rc.d script fails to sta o ports/181227 bf math/mumps: upgrade to 4.10.0 o www/181223 www Outdated emulator/hercules port information on the Fre o kern/181222 [panic] 8.4p2 panics during boot on Campaq M700 P3-650 o ports/181218 wen [UPDATE] devel/py-babel to 1.3 f ports/181212 kde [patch] textproc/redland: add ftp/curl dependency f ports/181210 kde [patch] textproc/rasqal: add ftp/curl dependency o ports/181202 x11 x11-servers/xorg: xorg-7.x meta package missing o ports/181165 avilla net-im/kde-telepathy not bild o kern/181161 wireless [wl] config a old compaq wl-110 wireless card make ker f ports/181160 rm Port sysutils/bacula-client - All bacula-fd processes o usb/181159 usb Problem attaching USB device o bin/181157 [patch] ftpd(8): New login.conf(5) capability "ftp-chd o ports/181156 joel lang/pcc does not build with parallel make jobs o kern/181155 [libc] [patch] *access*(2) does not handle invalid amo o kern/181154 [libc] snprintf(3) with out of bounds positional argum o kern/181153 sscanf(3) doesn't skip whitespace properly o kern/181152 [libc] %i fails with negative hex numbers with sscanf( o misc/181151 builtins/locale1.0 fails regression-test o kern/181148 [ata] sas expanders not available in 9.0.pc to claim to be libusb 1 o ports/181020 danfe graphics/luxrender update to 1.2.git files shouldn't be included when making a o ports/180938 gecko www/firefox: ia64: ../../../js/src/gc/Heap.h:827:1: er o bin/180937 fgrep(1) stalls when a file contains null character f ports/180927 kde build of x11-themes/kde4-wallpapers-freebsd fails o ports/180924 bapt ports-mgmt/poudriere does not write changed port confi o kern/180919 [ata] PEXSAT34 4-port PCI Express SATA card not workin o kern/180916 jail [jail] [regression] jail startup is broken for 8.4 wit o kern/180897 acpi [acpi] ACPI error with MB p8h67 v.1405 o ports/180896 cy sysutils/cfengine35: can't use edit_xml because libxml o kern/180894 [panic] rm -rf causes kernel panic o kern/180893 net [if_ethersubr] [patch] Packets received with own LLADD o ports/180887 New Port: databases/php5-mongodb o kern/180885 [panic] panic: kmem_map too small at heavy packet traf o kern/180881 [panic] Attack invalid user in mpd causes kernel panic o kern/180876 fs [zfs] [hast] ZFS with trim,bio_flush or bio_delete loc o kern/180873 tuexen [sctp] SCTP connection hangs on COOKIE_ECHOED o amd64/180862 amd64 [install] Installing FreeBSD 9.1 (AMD64 DVD) and then o bin/180861 gpart(8): gpart backup/restore doesn't restore labels o ports/180855 gecko www/firefox: Firefox 22 crashes on HTML 5 videos o misc/180854 Default permission bits for /var/account are insecure. o kern/180852 yongari re0 not working with 9.1-RELEASE o kern/180844 net [panic] [re] Intermittent panic (re driver?) o usb/180837 usb [scsi_da] [patch] Kingston DT 101 G2 usb stick quirk ( o kern/180824 Processes stuck in "msdosfs" o bin/180818 [patch] rtadvd(8): rtadvd generates warnings when usin o kern/180816 wireless [iwl] Intel Centrino Wireless-N 2200 not supported o ports/180790 emulation devel/linux_kdump prints BSD descriptions of errno nam o kern/180788 xen [xen] [panic] XEN PV kernel 9.2-BETA1 panics on boot f kern/180775 net [bxe] if_bxe driver broken with Broadcom BCM57711 card o docs/180767 doc [patch] printf.3: fix off-by-one in snprintf descripti o ports/180766 gecko Flash not work in www/firefox f kern/180744 FreeBSD 9.1 (9.2) GENERIC kernel panic on Intel D815EP o bin/180740 kbdcontrol(1) cannot override function keys for consol f ports/180739 ports/sysutils/ezjail patch o kern/180731 ipfw [ipfw] problem with displaying address o kern/180729 ipfw [ipfw] ipfw nat show empty output o usb/180726 usb XHCI umass support breaks between r248085 and r252560 o kern/180724 occasional file corruption when using cp(1) o ports/180723 office editors/libreoffice: calc spreadsheet external data li o kern/180722 net [bluetooth] bluetooth takes 30-50 attempts to pair to o kern/180719 [libc] [patch] Compatibility enhancement - sigsend() ( o ports/180705 portmgr [] patching a file with both EXTRA_PATCHES o ports/180695 itetcu Refactor mail/dspam-devel/Makefile and update to 3.10. o conf/180682 [regdomain.xml] [patch] ifconfig wlan0 country JP is m o kern/180678 fs [NFS] succesfully exported filesystems being reported o ports/180674 kde math/cantor: configure does not detect R, but R is ins o ports/180673 bdrewery ports-mgmt/portmaster: shall not delete build deps tha o ports/180668 japanese/mutt-devel update to 1.5.21-ja.0-CURRENT while runnin o i386/180599 i386 PCIe chipset test is not valid on recent Intel platfor a ports/180598 arved devel/pcsc-lite - distfile unavailable o ports/180596 gnome [patch] devel/libnotify: remove gtk20 and gettext depe o power/180593 ppc PowerMac G5 shuts down when building pcre o kern/180588 [cpufreq] [patch] cpufreq cannot be loaded as kernel m o conf/180572 [network.subr] [patch] SLAAC is enabled for ipv6_cpe_w o kern/180568 jlh r251668 breaks applications which depends on dlopen("l o ports/180565 office textproc/aspell compilation error with Clang o ports/180563 gecko www/seamonkey compilation error with Clang (*pp = '\0' o amd64/180562 amd64 amdtemp and ACPI not working with motherboard ASUS M5A o kern/180555 [openbsm] invalid trail name when host: specified in a f ports/180553 sunpoet net/mtr (mtr-0.85) broken o ports/180535 portmgr Gimp missing from ports/i386/packages-8-stable/ o ports/180534 cy net/vnc: vnc-4_1_3 fails to build on current o bin/180497 kbdcontrol(1) cannot override function keys < 65 o threa/180496 threads clock_gettime() does not return CPU-time for zombie pr o ports/180495 cy sysutils/doinkd exits upon start up from rc.d scripts o docs/180493 doc [handbook] Single-user mode console confusion o ports/180492 problem with /usr/ports/Mk/ f ports/180489 graphics/pecl-gmagick: Update to 1.1.2RC1 (with patch) o ports/180484 mm does not support full range of version sett o www/180482 clusteradm tls certificates on svn https mirrors cannot be verifi o ports/180475 audio/freeswitch-sounds: volume reduced to 20% of orig o ports/180470 ohauer r321585 port commit causes Apache 2.2 w/ www/mod_rpaf2 s kern/180468 net [request] LOCAL_PEERCRED support for PF_INET o ports/180467 kde [partial patch] Make devel/py-qt4-core work with pytho o ports/180459 gnome Port devel/py-dbus ' wrong PORTDOCS logic and pkg-plis o ports/180456 koobs multimedia/x264 on ia64: /usr/include/math.h:236: erro o ports/180452 New Port: devel/libbson: library providing useful rout p kern/180449 jfv Error in compiling kernel with device ixgbe o ports/180446 New port: print/p910nd A small printer daemon o misc/180443 SVN can't connect to