P2k advanced editor - 1 error

p2k advanced editor - 1 error

Comparison of text editors kelaskaryawan.uby.ac.id Bahasa Indonesia, from within editor, capturing the compiler output and stepping through errors. 1 Edit; 1.2 Debug; 1.3 Limitations · 2 Example Code · 3 Aftermath. 3.1 Atari Macro Assembler · 4 References · 5 External links. VBScript has been installed by default in every desktop release of Microsoft Windows since Windows 98; in Windows Server since Windows NT 4.0 Option Pack; and. p2k advanced editor - 1 error

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Perbandingan -- text editors

This article provides basic comparisons for common text editors. More feature details for text editors are available from the Category of text editor features 302 error swfupload from the individual products' articles. This article may not be up-to-date or necessarily all-inclusive.

Feature comparisons are made between stable versions of software, not the upcoming versions or beta releases – and are exclusive of any add-ons, extensions or external programs (unless specified in footnotes).


AcmeRob Pike1993Plan 9 and InfernoCFreeLPL p2k advanced editor - 1 error approved)Yes
AkelPadAlexey Kuznetsov, Alexander Shengalts20034.8.0CFreeBSDYes
AlphatkVince Darley19998.3.3 $40Proprietary, with BSD componentsNo
AquamacsDavid Reitter20052.4C, Emacs LispFreeGPLYes
BBEditRich Siegel1992-0410.5.1 $49.99ProprietaryNo
BluefishBluefish Development Team19992.2.2CFreeGPLYes
ConTEXTConTEXT Project Ltd19990.98.6Object Pascal (Delphi)FreeBSDYes
Crimson EditorIngyu Kang, Emerald Editor Team19993.72CFreeGPLYes
E Text EditorAlexander Stigsen20052.0.2 $46.95Proprietary, with BSD componentsNo
edKen Thompson1970unchanged from originalCFree?Yes
EditPlusSangil Kim19983.50 $35SharewareNo
EditraCody Precord20070.6.77PythonFreewxWindows licenseYes
EmEditorEmurasoft, p2k advanced editor - 1 error, Inc.199710.0.1 $39.99 1-userSharewareNo
epsilonLugaru Software198413.06C$250ProprietaryNo
geditGNU Project20003.2.2CFreeGPLYes
GeanyEnrico Tröger20051.22C, GTK2FreeGPLYes
GNU EmacsRichard Stallman198424.2C, Emacs LispFreeGPLYes
Gobby0x539 dev group20050.4.12C++FreeGPLYes
JEDJohn E. Davis19920.99-19CFreeGPLYes
jEditSlava Pestov1998 (?)5.0.0JavaFreeGPLYes
JOEJoseph Allen19883.7CFreeGPLYes
KateKDE Project2000-123.5.3C++FreeGPLYes
KEDITMansfield Software Group, Inc.19831.6 $129ProprietaryNo
Komodo EditActivestateopen-sourced 20077Python, JavaScript, Perl, Tcl, PHP, RubyFreeMPL, GPL, LGPLYes
Komodo IDEActivestate20077Python, JavaScript, Perl, Tcl, PHP, Ruby$295ProprietaryNo
KWriteKDE Project20004.4.5C++FreeGPLYes
LEAlexander V. Lukyanov19971.14.5C++FreeGPLYes
MetapadAlexander Davidson20113.6CFreeGPLYes
MinEdThomas Wolff19922011.17CFreeGPLYes
MS-DOS EditorMicrosoft19912.0.026 Bundled with MS-DOS and Microsoft WindowsProprietaryNo
NanoChris Allegretta19992.2.6CFreeGPLYes
neSebastiano Vigna, Todd Lewis, Daniele Filaretti19932.5CFreeGPLYes
NEditMark Edel19915.5CFreeGPLYes
NotepadMicrosoft19856.0MASM (originally)Bundled with Microsoft WindowsProprietaryNo
Notepad++Don Ho2003-11-256.3C++FreeGPLYes
Notepad2Florian Balmer2004-044.1.24C++FreeBSDYes
NoteTabEric Fookes, p2k advanced editor - 1 error, Fookes Software19956.20Object Pascal (Delphi)Free, $10 Standard, $20 ProProprietaryNo
nviKeith Bostic?1.79CFreeBSDYes
PicoUniversity of Washington?4.64 FreeProprietaryNo
PolyEditPolySoft Solutions19985.0 Preview Release $27.95SharewareNo
Programmer's NotepadSimon Steele19982.3C++FreeBSDYes
PSPadJan Fiala20024.5.6Object Pascal (Delphi)FreeProprietaryNo
Q10Baara Estudio20071.2.21 ?FreeProprietaryNo
RJ TextEdRickard Johansson20048.42Object Pascal (Delphi)FreeProprietaryNo
SciTENeil Hodgson1999-032.21C++FreeHPNDYes
skEditSean Kelly, skti20023.6.1 $24.95 for lifetimeProprietaryNo
SlickEditSlickEdit, Inc.198816.0.0C, Slick-C$299ProprietaryNo
SmultronPeter Borg20043.8Objective-C$5ProprietaryNo
Source InsightSource Dynamics ?3.50.0065Source Insight macro language$239-$255ProprietaryNo
SubEthaEditTheCodingMonkeys20033.5.2 (3294) $35 commercial useProprietaryNo
Sublime TextJon Skinner20082126C++$59 commercial useProprietaryNo
TED NotepadJuraj Simlovic20015.4.2CFreeFreewareNo
TextEditApple Inc.20011.7 Free, bundled with OS XNew BSDYes
TextMateMacroMates2004-10-101.5.7Objective-C++€39Proprietary, with MIT components. Version 2 released under GPLv3Yes (From version 2)
TextPadHelios Software Solutions19926.2.2 $30.00 (£16.50)SharewareNo
TextWranglerBare Bones Software20034.0.1 FreeProprietaryNo
The SemWare EditorSammy Mitchell1985-114.4C, SAL$99ProprietaryNo
TinctaMr. Fridge Software20112.0Objective-CFreeProprietaryNo
Tincta ProMr. Fridge Software20112.0Objective-C$15.99ProprietaryNo
UltraEditIDM Computer Solutions199418.00 $59.95ProprietaryNo
VEDITTed Green, Greenview Data19806.21Assembly, C$89 standard, $239 Pro64ProprietaryNo
VimBram Moolenaar19917.3C, VimscriptFreeGPL compatibleYes
XEmacsLucid Inc.199121.4.22C, Emacs LispFreeGPLYes
YiDon Stewart20050.6.6HaskellFreeGPLYes

Operating system support

This section lists the operating systems that different editors can run on. Some editors run on additional operating systems that are not listed.





Natural language (localization)

Document interface


  • Multiple instances: multiple instances of the program can be opened simultaneously for editing multiple files. Applies both for single document interface (SDI) and multiple document interface (MDI) programs. Also applies for program that has a user interface that error initializer element is not constant like multiple instances of the same program (such as some versions of Microsoft Word).
  • Single document window splitting: window can be split to simultaneously view different areas of a file.
  • MDI: Overlappable windows: each opened document gets its own fully movable window inside the editor environment.
  • MDI: Tabbed document interface: multiple documents can be viewed as tabs in a single window.
  • MDI: Window splitting: splitting application window to show multiple documents (non-overlapping windows).

Basic features

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