Netbackup i/o device error 1117

netbackup i/o device error 1117

This NetBackup error code means the system lacks sufficient memory for the operation to complete. There are a couple of steps you can take in. Cleanup of status code – These status codes include numbers The reason for the action is logged in the NetBackup error catalog (view the. [] io_write_block: write error on media id. A, drive index 0, writing header block,

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netbackup i/o device error 1117 day1image grep Backup
Backup ID: ORLSZBK02_
Backup Time: Mon May 4 ()
Previous Backup Files File Name: (none specified)
Parent Backup Image File Name: (none specified)
Backup Status: 0
Backup Copy: Standard (0)
nolxbkocnp/usr/openv/netbackup/logs/user_ops/admin/logs #
Making restore job to read from alternative copy without making that copy primary

Create the file ALT_RESTORE_COPY_NUMBER in the NetBackup root directory (/usr/openv/netbackup or <install path>\netbackup) containing the copy number to be used for restores – this value is than applied to all restores for all clients until the file is removed.


Steps involved in recovering the data on an alternative master server without import – NetBackup and above:

1. Export the images in the old master server

Master 1:

[[email protected]]$ cat_export -client WPK3ECOCMP02 -staging -source_master orlsxbk01 -replace_destination
cat_export succeeded with images exported = 93 and images skipped = 0
[[email protected]]$cp -R /opt/openv/netbackup/ /tmp/WPK3ECOCMP02
[[email protected]]$chmod /tmp/WPK3ECOCMP02
[[email protected]]$

2. Import the images in the new master server

Master 2:

dolxbkocnp/usr/openv/netbackup # cp -R /inst/patch/incoming/WPK3ECOCMP02 /usr/openv/netbackup/
dolxbkocnp/usr/openv/netbackup/ # cat_import -client WPK3ECOCMP02
[] Initiating import for client: WPK3ECOCMP02
[] Finished importing images for client: WPK3ECOCMP02 with 93 imported, 0 skipped, 0 corrupt.
[] Overall progress: 93 images imported, 0 skipped, 0 corrupt. Import rate = 93 images/sec
cat_import succeeded with images added = 93, netbackup i/o device error 1117, images skipped = 0, images corrupt = 0
dolxbkocnp/usr/openv/netbackup/ #

3. Open the BAR and check out the images



Where to find MIB files for NetBackup OpsCenter


MIB files can be found in the following locations on OpsCenter servers:

Windows path:

UNIX path: