Mov edx, [ebp + error

mov edx, [ebp + error

Today we're going to look at an application compatiblity problem. Actually, today, we'll just look at the crash that is the reason why we. IY57662: SYSROUTE OF IY51361:WEBSEAL CRASH INTERMITTENTLY W/O ANY ERRORS IN 74bb311b 8bf0 mov esi,eax 74bb311d ff157485be74 ds:74be8574=74edfa50 call. Try to find the unmanaged address of IOCompletionCallback (don't know how to do that) and set a data write breakpoint.

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Solucionar el error VBA en Excel 2013 (FÁCIL Y RÁPIDO 2017) SBP SBP 0x00000000 0x080bb708 argc

Mov edx, [ebp + error - thanks for

ebp -> esp+0x18 -> ebp-0x8 -> <-esp '-------------'

What is the number 0x80bbb708? Well that is the address of the string containing .

gdb) x/s 0x80bb708 0x80bb708:"/bin/sh"

If that is so, what does the address repersent? Well, that is the address, of an address to a string containing , which means it is a – a pointer to a string (which is also pointer). Another way to think about it is that it is an array of strings that is null terminated, so is the value of in our program .

char *args[] = {"/bin/sh", NULL};

The next lines are the setup for our call to execve():

0x08048890 <+20>:mov eax,DWORD PTR [ebp-0x8] 0x08048893 <+23>:push 0x0 0x08048895 <+25>:lea edx,[ebp-0x8] 0x08048898 <+28>:push edx 0x08048899 <+29>:push eax

We've established that at address we have the address of the string and that the address , itself, is the value of the array. Following the operations above, we now have the following vision of the stack.

ebp+0xc -> ebp+0x8 ->

Have hit: Mov edx, [ebp + error

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mov edx, [ebp + error


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