Maxtor hdd controller error

maxtor hdd controller error

They have a Dimension with 2 Maxtor 6YM0 in. The hardware diag tools show a failure on the first disk with error code 7. Your drive is actually a Seagate drive, branded as Maxtor. Your problem is % nothing to do with PCB. It looks like media issues (bad. Maxtor external drive is not working? This article will provide you several methods to make Maxtor external hard drive work again.

This morning, maxtor hdd controller error, i turned my computer on and receive the unceremonious message "Primary Master Hard Disk Fail".

I have two hard disk - a 20Gig Maxtor (primary master) and a gig Western Digital (primary slave). Windows is installed on the Maxtor, and it is this disk which is giving the error.

The error was thrown after a ~30second pause soon after the amibios does its memory check thing, and displays the list of attached ide devices. The pause, along with the message, are highly abnormal.

I got into the bios to investigate, entered the IDE listing section, maxtor hdd controller error found that my Maxtor hard disk is now being refered to as a "Maxtor ATHENA". This is not what it used to be called. The rest of my devices are fine.

Given that my computers error messages suggested that the HD wasn't found to boot off, maxtor hdd controller error, i check the Boot Sequence settings, only to find that the Maxtor disk had completely vanished from the order! I was also incapable of finding it in the list of devices to set as a boot device, so cannot set it up in the boot sequence.

Half of bios can see my disk, albeit inaccurately. Half cannot.

Now here i choose my words carefully. I've put the error message, and related words, into google; and have found post after post after post of people with exactly the same problems with their Maxtor (and other) devices.

Although i don't want to put words into your proverbial mouths, i feel that if i don't, I won't get a decent solution/answer - so here goes

In 85% of these posts that i found, there seems to be a suggestion that the HD controller on the HD itself, has died, maxtor hdd controller error.

Is this really likely?

The HD is about 3 years old. I'm running win2k, no i haven't installed any other hardware recently, yes i do have a virus checker, yes i am clean, and basically [correct answer] to almost any other questions you have.

Please help me - 'They' say maxtor hdd controller error have to buy a new HD, which isn't such a hassle, but i'd rather not if it maxtor hdd controller error be avoided.


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Maxtor N40P Error

A common failure with the Maxtor N40P family of drives is firmware corruption. On these particular drives there is nothing the end user can do to correct the problem, maxtor hdd controller error, and it is also not a problem that many (if any) computer repair companies are equipped to handle. When these drives have firmware corruption, maxtor hdd controller error, it manifests itself by simply displaying the drive information as N40P in the BIOS, instead of the full model information. At this point, user data is completely inaccessible, and the firmware corruption much be corrected.

The firmware, also known as the System Area of the drive, is essentially the operating system for the hard drive. It controls every bit of the functionality of the drive. Without the System Area, it would be maxtor hdd controller error having a computer without a hard drive or operating system, pretty useless. In Maxtor N40P drives, it is common to find the G-List table corrupted. The G-List (growth list) is an adaptive table that stores the location of bad sectors on the drive, so that the drive knows not to write data to those sectors. If this becomes corrupted, it needs to be rebuilt with specialized software and equipment made specifically for accessing the System Area of the hard drive. Once the table has been rebuilt, in nearly all cases the data is accessible and the recovery process can be completed.

It is important to note that in the event your drive has a symptom such as this, that simply swapping out the PCB, or controller board, will have no effect on making the data accessible. The unique adaptives for the drive are not stored on the PCB for this particular family of drives. You will need to contact a data recovery professional. We can help you get your data back from this type of failure. Simply give us a call a and we'll be happy to help you.


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How to Solve: Maxtor External Drive Not Working in Windows 11/10/8/7

Overview of “Maxtor External drive not working” issue

Maxtor External drive not working

Hi, I have an external Maxtor GB HDD is not working any more, I tried to reconnect it to different wires without any luck. Can you help me solve this problem?

- Question from Tom's hardware

You may have met a problem the users mentioned in different forums, like “Maxtor external drive not working”, “Maxtor USB/hard drive can’t be detected by computer” and “USB flash drive not showing up.

External Drive

Here are some causes of this kind of problem; you can find a method from this post according to these causes.

● Connect with wrong cable, or poor contact
● USB port not working under-saving mode
● Device driver is outdated.
● The drive becomes a raw drive or does not have a recognized file system.
● Bad sector on the external drive

How to fix “Maxtor external drive not working”?

Maxtor is connected via USB cable, before trying the following methods, you can try to reconnect the external drive through another USB cable and port to see if it is caused by wrong cable or poor connection. If the problem is still maxtor hdd controller error, try the following solutions.


Method 1, maxtor hdd controller error. Disable USB power-saving mode

Windows enables the USB power saving mode by default. Saving mode can save power by turning off the USB port and use it intermittently. However, sometimes, USB will not turn on successfully when you plug in an external hard drive. Then you need to disable the USB power save mode.

Step 1. Click on the “Start” button and select “Device Manager” or search it with Search Box to open Device Manager.

Step 2. Expand “Universal Serial Bus Controllers” and double-click “USB Root Hub&rdquo.

Step 3. Under the “Power Management” and disable “Allow the computer to turn off this samsung 4e error to save mode”, and click “OK&rdquo.

Disable Turn Off Device

Method 2. Update device driver

If device driver is outdated or incorrect, an external hard drive can’t be detected by computer. You can try to update the driver to check whether the problem is solved.

1. Open Device Manager as Method 1 instructs.

2. Expand Disk Drives and right-click the driver and click “update driver software&rdquo.

Update Driver Software

3. You need to choose the way of updating driver. The first option allows Windows to find the latest driver to update on the internet. If you have downloaded the latest driver, choose the second option.

Choose Update Driver Software

Then, open the Maxtor hard drive and see if the problem gets fixed.

Method 3. Check error using CHKDSK utility

CHKDSK is a repairing tool frequently used to check and corrects errors error c4996 strcat many users when encountering issue about hard drive.

Here we introduce two ways of launching the CHKDSK tool.

● Launch CHKDSK via Command Prompt

Step 1. Press “Win + R and type“cmd” and press Enter.

Step 2. Type “chkdsk [drive letter]: /f /r /x” on the Command Prompt window, and press Enter, this command will check errors and restore readable data as much as possible.

● Open CHKDSK with the best free repairing software

Maybe, the Command Prompt makes you confused, and it probably fails to launch and prompt you “Access Denied as you do not have sufficient privileges&rdquo.

Then, you can use the hard drive repairing software-AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard. It is a free repairing tool and it has great features to make it all convenient. It is compatible with most Windows operation systems, like Windows 10/8/7, Windows XP, maxtor hdd controller error, Windows Vista. Besides, maxtor hdd controller error, its intuitive interface makes CHKDSK fixing much simpler, and minimalize operation risks.

Step 1. Install and open AOMEI Partition Assistant. Right-click Maxtor external drive on the main interface, and click “Advanced”> “Check Partition&rdquo.

Advanced Check Partition

Step 2. We choose the “Check partition and fix errors in this partition by using You can also choose other options or just run them one by one, and click “OK&rdquo.

Check Partition And Fix Errors

Step 3. Then wait for the check to be completed, and click directx error on 2 devices creation alt="Check Partition For Errors Completed" height="" src="" width="" width="" height="">

Method 4. Rebuild the MBR of Maxtor external drive

Master Boot Record (MBR) is a special type of boot sector to store booting information at the beginning of a storage device. If the MBR is damaged, maxtor hdd controller error, a Maxtor external drive would be not working or not showing up. Also, maxtor hdd controller error, you can rebuild MBR with AOMEI Partition Assistant.

Step 1. Open AOMEI Partition Assistant, Right-click the Maxtor drive, and choose “Rebuild MBR&rdquo.

Rebuild Data Disk Mbr

Step 2. Choose the OS of your computer, and click “OK&rdquo.

Choose Mbr Type

Step 3. In the main interface, maxtor hdd controller error “Apply” and view the Pending Operations and click “Proceed&rdquo.


Method 5. Format the external drive to correct file system

If your Maxtor external hard drive/USB is detected but not accessible because it does not contain a recognized file system, you can use AOMEI Partition Assistant to format it to a compatible file system.

✍Attention: Format will delete all data and files on the drive, please backup the external hard drive before formatting.

Step 1. Open AOMEI Partition Assistant, and right-click the Maxtor external drive and choose “Format Partition&rdquo.

Format Partition gb

Step 2. Then, choose a proper file system from drop-down menu. And click on “OK&rdquo.

Select File System gb

Step 3. Go back to the main interface and click “Apply” > “Proceed” to start formatting.

Apply Proceed gb

After the formatting operation, its file system will be changed.


I hope the 5 methods can help solve the “Maxtor external drive not working” issue. They can also apply to other hard drives having similar maxtor hdd controller error, Toshiba, Seagate, WD, Samsung, and so on.

And if you upgrade it to Professional Edition, which provides more advanced features, including convert system disk between MBR and GPT, maxtor hdd controller error, extending system partition, and write random data to hard drive to wipe a hard drive completely.



I went to turn on my computer this morning to print my tax return and no go, no backup either. I know.I protection error 45, very bad.


Dell Diagnostic Confidence test reports hard drive problems but Repair Console says no hard drive found.


Here are the details of what I've done, any help or suggestions would be a god send. I bought the computer last Sept, so no warranty left. It's a Dimension


1. Turn on computer Windows XP screen just hangs.

2. Restart Press F12, get into Boot Device Menu

3. Go to Boot Utility Partition and run Confidence Test

4. At 8% get Error Code 0F (data error or media is write protected. I'm able to continue  testing and get through the test but the same error messages appears several times

5. Run Read Test and it Fails

6. Run Verify Test and it Maxtor hdd controller error, S.M.A.R.T and Device Self Test all Pass

8. Exit out of Diagnostics and Reboot from XP Disk

9. Get to Windows Setup and  press R for Recovery Console thinking I could run CHKDSK or something and get message that says "Setup did not find any hard disk drives installed in your computer…"Setup cannot continue, maxtor hdd controller error. To quit Setup, press F3


Why does Dell Diagnostics read the drive but the Recovery Console doesn't? What are my options at this point?


Thanks for any help.

This article is for informational purposes only and no longer being updated by Seagate.

Troubleshooting in case the Seagate Manager cannot detect the FreeAgent drive.

Sometimes, Seagate Manager  and Maxtor Manager do not see the drive.

This article focuses on drives that can be seen in Windows, but are not seen in the software.
If you are using Windows 8, please note that Seagate Manager/Maxtor Manager is not supported in Windows 8, so you will need to use a different backup solution.

First, make sure that the drive is being detected by the computer. If it is not being detected by the computer then the software will not see the drive and additional troubleshooting is needed. 

After connecting the drive, please give it up to 1 minute to display in the middle of the main screen in Seagate Manager.

View Flash Guide

If the drive does not display, open My Computer (Computer for Vista) and confirm the drive is listed there. The drive should be listed as "FreeAgent Drive". If you have formatted or renamed the drive, then it will show up with the name you provided.

If the drive is detected in Windows, check if the Seagate service is running.

  1. Right-click on the My Computer (Computer for Vista/7) icon.
  2. Choose Manage.
  3. In the Computer Management window, click Services and Applications.
  4. Open the Services area.

    View Flash Guide
  5. Scroll down the Seagate/Maxtor Service (they are listed alphabetically).
  6. The Seagate/Maxtor service should display Started in the Status column.
    If it does not, right-click on the service and choose START.
  7. If the service reports as Disabled, enable it to start automatically.
    To do this, right-click on the service. A Status Type drop-down menu will appear. Click on the General tab. Select Automatic and click OK.
    View Flash Guide
  8. Reboot the computer.
  9. If the service maxtor hdd controller error to start after you reboot with these settings, then check the logs of your Antivirus or Antispyware software to confirm they are not restricting the startup of this service, as some aggressive protection programs can prevent services from starting until you approve them. Maxtor hdd controller error, you may need to approve this program specifically in the Antivirus/Antispyware software. Please contact your anti-virus software support for help.
  10. If the service will not start or is working already, uninstall the software (for steps on uninstalling the software, see this article).
  11. Once the software is uninstalled, reboot the computer.
  12. Then reinstall the software it can be downloaded from here.
  13. If the drive is still not seen by the computer, connect the drive to other USB ports on the computer.
    Some eSATA cards block the drive’s identity and prevent it from working. Updates have been made to Seagate Manager and to some vendors' eSATA drivers to help this issue. See our eSATA tips article for details.
  14. If the drive still does not display after these steps, please contact Technical Support.

Check Required Windows Component Installations

1. Check to make sure you have the MSXML Parser installed:

  • Open Control Panel
  • Open Add/Remove Programs / Programs & Features (Vista)
  • Check box for “Show All Updates”
  • Look for “MSXML Parser ”

If this is not found, visit Microsoft’s website to install this component:

2. Make sure Microsoft .Net Framework installation

  • Open Control Panel
  • Open Add/Remove Programs / Programs & Features (Vista)
  • Check box for “Show All Updates”
  • Look for “Microsoft .NET Framework ”.

If this is not found, visit Microsoft’s website to install this component.

3. Try the steps listed here.

4. Remove the Seagate folder from C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data (XP) or C:\Program Data folders (Vista) and reboot.

5. Download and install the newest Windows Installer.

6. Download newest Seagate Manager from our Website and re-install a clean copy. Note: Do not do the update when the message pops up saying one is available.


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