Linux include parse error

linux include parse error

Descripción Detallada. Al instalar las rutinas de soporte del generador C/SQL en un LINUX con soporte ODBC ocurren errores de sintaxis en ls directivas SQL. insn-output.c:676: error: parse error before "sll" /usr/lib/gcc-lib/i486-linux/3.3.5/include/varargs.h:4:2: #error "GCC no longer implements. include/linux/pnp.h:248: parse error before ')' token. Martin Dahl. 20 years ago. Permalink. Got this when compiling parport_pc.c, looks like a typo in pnp.

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Fix the Parse Error Syntax error Unexpected error in WordPress

Chapter 5. Understanding SystemTap Errors

5.1. Parse and Semantic Errors

These types of errors occur while SystemTap attempts to parse and translate the script into C, prior to being converted into a kernel module. For example linux include parse error errors result from operations that assign invalid values to variables or arrays.
parse error: expected abc, saw xyz

The script contains a grammatical/typographical error. SystemTap detected type of construct that is incorrect, given the context of the probe.

The following invalid SystemTap script is missing its probe handlers:
probe probe vfs.write
It results in the following error message showing that the parser was expecting something other than the keyword in column 1 of line 2:
parse error: expected one of '.( ? ! { = +=' saw: keyword at perror.stp:2:1 1 parse error(s).
parse error: embedded code in unprivileged script

The script contains unsafe embedded C code (blocks of code surrounded by. SystemTap allows you to embed C code in a script, which is useful if there are no tapsets to suit your purposes. However, embedded C constructs are not safe; as such, SystemTap warns you with this error if such constructs appear in the script.

If you are sure of the safety of any similar constructs in the linux include parse error and are member of group (or have root privileges), run the script in guru mode by using the option:
semantic error: type mismatch for identifier 'ident' . string vs. long

The function in the script used the wrong type ( or ). This error presents itself in Example 5.1, “error-variable.stp”. Because the function returns a string, the format specifier should benot.

Example 5.1. error-variable.stp

probe { printf ("%d(%d) open\n", execname(), pid()) }
semantic error: unresolved type for identifier 'ident'

The identifier (a variable, for example) was used, linux include parse error, but no type (integer or string) could be determined. This occurs, for instance, linux include parse error, if you use a variable in a statement while the script never assigns a value to the variable.

semantic error: Expecting symbol or array index expression

SystemTap could linux include parse error assign a value to a variable or to a location in an array. The destination for the assignment is not a valid destination. The following example code would generate this error:

probe begin { printf("x") = 1 }
while searching for linux include parse error N function, semantic error: unresolved function call

A function call or array index expression in the script used an invalid number of arguments/parameters. In SystemTap arity can either see the number of indices for an array, or the number of parameters to a function.

semantic error: array locals not supported, missing global declaration?

The script used an array operation without declaring the array as a global variable (global variables can be declared after their use in SystemTap scripts). Similar messages appear if an array is used, but with inconsistent arities, linux include parse error.

semantic error: variable ’vaar’ modified during ’foreach’ iteration

The array is being modifed (being assigned to or deleted from) within an active loop. This error also displays if an operation within the script performs a function call within the loop, linux include parse error.

semantic error: probe point mismatch at position N, while resolving probe point pnt

SystemTap did not understand what the event or SystemTap function linux include parse error refers to. This usually means that SystemTap could not find a delphi olesyserror uses for in the tapset library. The N refers to the line and column of the error.

semantic error: no match for probe point, while resolving probe point pnt

The events and handler function could not be resolved for a variety of reasons. This error occurs when the linux include parse error contains the event, and name does not exist. In some cases, the error could also mean the script contains an invalid kernel file name or source-line number.

semantic error: unresolved target-symbol expression

A handler in the script references a target variable, but the value of the variable could not be resolved. This error could also mean that a handler is referencing a target variable that is not valid in the context when it was referenced. This may be a result of compiler optimization of the generated code.

semantic error: libdwfl failure

There was a problem processing the debugging information. In most cases, this error results from the installation of a kernel-debuginfo package. The installed kernel-debuginfo package itself may have some consistency or correctness problems.

semantic error: cannot find package debuginfo

SystemTap could not find a suitable kernel-debuginfo at all.

Fix parse error syntax error unexpected end of file in wordpress

We are unable to access our website after we some changes to the core file. It shows parse error syntax error unexpected end of file in WordPress error log. Could you please fix it?

This is a common support request that we receive as a part of our WordPress Management Services.

This WordPress error is usually caused by a bug in the WordPress plugin, theme, or core file, usually due to custom editing by the website owner.

Let us look at the possible fixes for this error message today.


Causes of parse error syntax error unexpected end of file in WordPress

At times WordPress loads with a critical error, a white screen of death or a 500 error. There won’t be any other clues about this error on the screen.

The support request that we recently received stated that the website is loading with a critical error as given below:

parse error syntax error unexpected end of file in wordpressOur Support Engineers turned on the debug mode to true by setting the WP_DEBUG value to true.

They noticed parse error syntax error unexpected end of file in the error log for WordPress.


This error normally indicates a coding error, linux include parse error. If you have recently edited any of the files of the WordPress particularly core files, it probably is the cause for this error.


How to fix the parse error syntax error unexpected end of file in WordPress

The possible ways to fix the parse error syntax error unexpected end of file in WordPress include:

1.Fixing the code

2.Backup restore

3.Wordpress core files Replacement

4. Reinstalling /Deactivating plugins

Let us look at each of them in detail now.


Fixing the code

As this error is most probably triggered by bad code, the obvious fix for it would be to fix the code. The details of the exact line of code that trigger this error can be obtained from the error log.

For instance, in the error message that we showed earlier, the error is on file /home/tech/public_html/wp-content/themes/twentyninteen/functions.php on line 324. This in most cases is related to a missing opening or closing PHP tag. For the most part, adding the missing tag will solve the issue.


Backup restore

At times when the fix on code does not work, a backup restore may be required to bring the websites back. Procedure to restore from backup vary based on the backup tools used. However, a restore would certainly help to overwrite the changes made to the files and can help to resolve the error completely.

In most cases, a file restore would be enough rather than a whole account restore. The error log will provide details of the file to restore.


WordPress Core File Replacement

At times, the corruption of the WordPress core file can also trigger similar errors. Replacing the core files of WordPress will help to fix it.

You can download the exact version that you use from here or the latest version from here.

Always note to take a backup of the existing core files as you may lose any of the customizations that you have already done. to core files. A backup would help if you may need to roll back to the original state.

The steps to take backup also varies based on the control panel/server that each user uses. However, if it is a cPanel based website, the copy operation can be easily performed from the File Manager.

To replace the core file, replace everything other than wp-config. htaccess, and wp-content. Replacing any of the contents in wp-config. htaccess, or wp-content will affect the details/ lead to data loss. This is primarily because, WordPress store configuration and other related content in these files and folders.


Reinstalling /Deactivating plugins

Apart from all the error write pds failed points, at times this error may be merely an issue with a single plugin/theme installed on the website.

The error message provides the details of the error no such partition grub rescue. For instance, the error message above “twentyninteen” theme is triggering the error. Therefore replacing the theme with another one or deactivating the offending plugin in certain situations will fix the issue. These actions can be easily done from the WordPress dashboard.

If the WordPress dashboard is not accessible, renaming the actionscript error 1502 plugin folder at the backend will perform the same task.

[Need help to fix parse error syntax error unexpected end of file in WordPress? We are available 24×7]



In short, a bad code generally triggers the parse error syntax error unexpected end of file in WordPress. Today we discussed how our Support Engineers fix the issue. Fixing the code can easily resolve the issue. However, if that does not work restoration or WordPress core file replacement can resolve the error.

Workaround for: PHP syntax error, unexpected T_STRING in load.php on line 1104 (when installing)

I’ve received the error:

PHP Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING in linux include parse error on line 1104

trying to install wordpress on a linux server.

Googling the problem I’ve found that the error depends on a older version of PHP and it is solved in PHP version 5.6 (at least). See for instance this support issue.

My question is: there is a workaround to solve this problem without updating PHP? (I do not control the server) Current version of PHP is 4.4.8.

Many thanks in advance.


WordPress doesn't run on PHP 4. This version is 10 years old and completely broken by any current standards, linux include parse error. You have to use a newer PHP version, there is no workaround.

You can always look up the current requirements on

Right now, PHP 7.3 is recommended, but 5.6 might still work.

If you can't change the PHP version, find a better host.

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