Link error fatal error detected lme 1508

link error fatal error detected lme 1508

Enterprise Connection Fail (). 1 - Authentication Failed Negative Pulse Detection State (). 1 - Normal 31 - Fatal application error. Early detection of neurodegeneration, and prediction of when neurodegenerative diseases will lead to symptoms, are critical for developing. Links to relevant online content trust SUSE with their most mission-critical needs. If errors are discovered then SUSE may incur.

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Link error fatal error detected lme 1508
T3 support into > > FIXED make snes9x-sdl-qpe use qte-mt > WORKSFORME dbus postinst breaks opie-image > Link error fatal error detected lme 1508 opie-dagger wont build > DUPLICATE Freetype Build Fails WIth ipc-linux-gnu: command not > found > WONTFIX perl-native fails to build with stack-smashing protector > modified gcc > INVALID gtk-doc-native fails sanity test > INVALID db-native fails do_install > FIXED LibSDL-QPE > FIXED PalmLifeDrive machine update > WONTFIX perl-nativer3 fails to build on x86_linux > FIXED qpegps > FIXED diet-x11 makes bitbake fail > WORKSFORME librsvg build fails: QA Issue: non debug > package contains .debug directory > FIXED php fails when trying to compile it with pear > FIXED ntop fails do_configure > WORKSFORME rfakeap fails to build on x86 > FIXED Konqueror Embedded preliminary .bb file and patches > FIXED broken keymap for collie with kernel linux-rp_ > FIXED task-base does not contain kernel-module-ide-disk > DUPLICATE errore catorise plus fails to build > FIXED Scummvm configure can't find sdl-config > FIXED vsftpd fails to build > WORKSFORME parted fails to build > LATER gif2png fails to build > FIXED micro-emacs fails to build - source can not be downloaded > INVALID SIMpad CS3 latch to /proc/cs3 patch > DUPLICATE fortune-mod fails on powerpc (builds without > problem for x86) > INVALID brokenr0-do_configure > WONTFIX classpath-gtk picks up kaffe-gtk dependency randomly > FIXED gpe-expenses wont build > FIXED New Package: - VOIP Soft Switch/PBX > FIXED Updated Recipe for logrotate > FIXED fix for problem in compiling perl when > MACHINE=native > INVALID Patch not applied for perlr21 > FIXED Update sox to and add sox-native > WORKSFORME intercom fails do_configure > FIXED atftp fails do_compile > FIXED btscanner wont build > FIXED Rev 1 of OpenPBX package > FIXED classes/ missing > FIXED angstrom on hx not compile nano package > FIXED libgnomeui requires gdk-pixbuf >= which > is not built > FIXED Make dillo2 compile again > FIXED No proper PREFERRED_PROVIDER for gtk-pixbuf-* > FIXED perl-native is broken on feisty > FIXED building dependencies of meta packages does not work kms error 0x800700d WORKSFORME gtk-webcore (osb-nrcore_bb) doesn't compile > against gtk+ > WORKSFORME gnome-doc-utils_bb build failed (depend on > xlstproc) > WONTFIX opie-image failed build on hx > INVALID libvocenabler fails do_compile > FIXED Rev 2 of OpenPBX package > INVALID glibc build problem > FIXED New recipe (update): sshfs-fuse_bb > FIXED g_spawn_sync() fails to get the child return code if > launched from matchbox-desktop > FIXED Billiardz wont build cuz of missing gcc4 patch > DUPLICATE glibcr5 accesses /usr > INVALID monotone pulling fail witch 28/03/ DB > FIXED gst-plugins-bad FAAD2 checks incompatible with > cross-compilation > FIXED can't build dsniff (from bitbake gpe-image) > DUPLICATE Angstrom build failure (using toolchain) > WORKSFORME Angstrom build failure > WONTFIX rootfs_tar_do_rootfs function not defined > FIXED prevents loading > FIXED gst-plugins-ugly crosscompilation configure issue > WORKSFORME ettercap fails to build. > DUPLICATE osb-nrcore+cvsr1 fails to compile for > OZ with gtk errors > DUPLICATE gpsd build failure > WONTFIX zaurus wifi > FIXED SIMpad development update > WORKSFORME opie-rdesktop build failure > INVALID kismet fails compilation with getopt error > FIXED git read-tree LABEL__06_30_ failed > FIXED linux-omap1 builds notbootable image > FIXED link error fatal error detected lme 1508 line in runltp > FIXED aspell QA errors > FIXED puzzles package fetch failure > FIXED Checksum doesn't expand localpath with localdata > REMIND HTC Universal kernel keymap patch > WONTFIX Missing multiple shell in HTC Universal > FIXED New gst-ffmpeg package > FIXED package_deb: dpkg scripts are being genereted without > header: #!/bin/sh > FIXED btscanner wont build > FIXED Groff installs to host system > FIXED libwpd wont build > FIXED gkrellm wont install > FIXED puzzles package is non-fetchable again > FIXED uboot-utils under packages/uboot is missing all of its > patch files > INVALID Cups needs to use gcc to link on arm/eabi > FIXED Fix build of libnet_a on a AMD64 host > FIXED gpe-conf fails to build with errors in > linux/wireless.h include > FIXED Kernel on Poodle disables VCC (Pin11) on IO connector > FIXED qpegps-svn recipe > WONTFIX openzaurus-console-image > FIXED m4-native doesn't like Os > FIXED xqt2 minor bug > FIXED do_patch errors not propagated > FIXED update-alternatives-dpkg paths are wrong > FIXED Submitting first distribution file > DUPLICATE unwanted splash screen for console image on poodle > (01/04/) > FIXED plash screen stuck to 95% with X11 image for the poodle > (01/04/) > WONTFIX sqlite fetch failure > FIXED Angstrom spitz /home/root is not created on solusi box hwk error 20 install > FIXED Angstrom spitz gpe missing > INVALID Angstrom spitz gpe Networking (ifup) fails > after ipkg upgrade > FIXED Firefox segfaults > WORKSFORME Abiword installs with missing dependencies > WONTFIX qte fails to build for distro openzaurus > and bitbake > LATER db machine description broken > FIXED Cross Compile Badness - samba > WORKSFORME libxsetting build crash on angstrom gpe-image > FIXED mipsel missing in classes/ > FIXED Cross compile badness and ICL in poppler > INVALID libgemwidget build failure > FIXED Fixed QA issues for opie-image > FIXED Angstrom on akita can't login via gpe-login/xdm > FIXED libvncserver_bb > FIXED angstrom-console-image build now depends on GTK > FIXED libc-headers_ build fail > FIXED starling depends on non-existing packages > FIXED uClibc support > FIXED linux-libc-headers build fail > WONTFIX Tosa Angstrom x11 image suspend/resume failure > FIXED Add /var/log/messages syslogging for Angstrom (with > rotation) > FIXED gconf-dbus fails to configure with syntax error > FIXED [PATCH] resolution to depency problem > FIXED Touchscreen Calibration off > FIXED libpcre SRC_URI is incorrect > FIXED temporary solution for dbus-glib_bb bug > FIXED valgrind package update > WORKSFORME xdpyinfo build fails on automake error > FIXED do_install fails for libopensync > FIXED Insane RPATH in gnutls > FIXED angstrom collie basically hangs at boot > INVALID sprers.eu2 checksum fails. > FIXED snes9x-sdl compilation error and alignment runtime > errors > FIXED Added pango Needs testing before making default. > FIXED qemu fails to compile with gcc 4.x > FIXED To support WCF12 CF card > FIXED RPATH issue in sword > FIXED latest altboot packages have packaging issues > FIXED glib python variable expansion does not work > DUPLICATE opie-dagger fails do_compile > FIXED qemu fails to build due to > FIXED perl-nativer4 doesn't compile > DUPLICATE Bad RPATHs in gnutls-xx r0 > FIXED ipkg update fails > FIXED MD5Sum fails on libid3tag0 package > FIXED MD5Sum fails on libmad0 package > FIXED Building kernel for h fails because of missing > defconfig > FIXED gpe-autostarter fails compilation with wireless > headers related errors > FIXED prismstumbler build fails for two reasons. > FIXED kismet fails compilation when it finds host's > Magick-config > DUPLICATE angstrom x11 calibration off by pi/2 on borzoi problem > WONTFIX Opie datebook and KOPI no resume from suspend on alarm > FIXED qte-mt-static build fails > FIXED Mono and mcs throw a SIGILL exception after executing > FIXED glib configure fails on MIPS and x86 > FIXED libusbpp contains bad RPATH > INVALID libgcc-s1 wants to overwrite file from libgcc1 > FIXED Missing dependancy for evince (gamin) > WONTFIX Bad RPATH in xserver-kdrive-sdl > FIXED bad RPATH in libmodplug > FIXED libopie2 fails do_compile for MACHINE=qemuarm and angstrom > FIXED bitbake recipe for json-c > FIXED sword (opie) build fails for angstrom fails because of > symbols invisibility > FIXED angstrom opie-networksettings build fails due to wireless > headers problem > FIXED tslib fails do_compile for Sharp ROM > DUPLICATE QA issues in squashfs-lzma-tools-native > FIXED qte build for angstrom fails because of kernel includes > FIXED do_package of glibc fails because of lack of qemu-arm > WORKSFORME shasum-native and stagemanager-native are circularly > dependant > FIXED RPATH in madplay > FIXED The sample export command in the documentation does not > work because the syntax is invalid > FIXED QA issues in lftp (RPATH > FIXED Sound doesn't work with OPIE in .dev > FIXED OPIE: IrDA doesn't work properly > NOTOURBUG OPIE: Bluetooth doesn't work properly > FIXED evas-x11 build for angstrom-e-image fails due to kernel > headers changes > WORKSFORME gpe-contacts installs with missing dependencies > FIXED gpe-clock installed with missing dependencies > FIXED Patch to build strace for mips war on terror crack > FIXED site/mipsel-linux update for dbus-glib > FIXED MIPS updates for avahi > INVALID the latest opie-todo build fails > FIXED Stylus stops responding > FIXED git on the device has template path way off > FIXED insane actionscript error 5006 check has troubles with funny filenames. > FIXED Meta-Bug: new or updated bb recipes > FIXED gpe-login does not allow screen brightness adjustment > FIXED prismstumbler compiling failed on gpe-image for hx > FIXED Packages depending on 'jpeg' need rebuilding > FIXED Tosa gpe logout makes black screen > FIXED git on the device needs cpio and find > INVALID gpe-calendar fails to open: Angstrom on Tosa > FIXED cursor key rotation gets confused on c > FIXED spitz can't complete ipkg-upgrade Cannot satisfy > the following dependencies for xtscal > FIXED Make ipkg more fast > DUPLICATE suspend-resume on Tosa fails > INVALID look and feel: no background pictures > FIXED SIMpad Kernel > DUPLICATE suspend/resume crashes gpe on poodle > FIXED opie-tinykate fails do_package > WONTFIX missing iwconfig & iwpriv commands > FIXED move opie away from /opt to /usr > FIXED Bad python-fuse_cvs debug packaging > FIXED update gmailfs-fuse to > FIXED Missing dependency of opie-image: ipkg-native? > DUPLICATE failed nano on openwrt > WONTFIX [package request] - plotmm > FIXED opie-tinykate installs to /opt > FIXED opie-taskbar installs to /opt > FIXED opie-mailapplet installs to /opt > FIXED opie-qss installs to /opt > FIXED opie-mediaplayer installs to /opt > FIXED opie-pickboard installs to /opt > FIXED opie-today installs to /opt > INVALID cups installs to /opt > FIXED cups-doc installs to /opt > INVALID ncurses-doc installs to /opt > INVALID ppp installs to /opt > FIXED Check success of running terminal-opening commands > WORKSFORME Spitz machine feed doesn't contain > FIXED tasks r1 misses dependency/library > FIXED forcing neon (and therefore subversion) to support gnutls > WONTFIX rosetta not configuring > FIXED python_ packaging QA issue > FIXED tshark recipe > FIXED lirc-modules fails do_compile > DUPLICATE ipatience has missing dependency > INVALID gsoko is much too small on Spitz > FIXED ipaq-sleep doesn't restore backlight brightness correctly > WORKSFORME angstrom-ximage custom build breaks NAND > FIXED image for palmtx machine fails on task-base > WORKSFORME acpid warning error breaks build > INVALID udev - function do_stage failed > FIXED libsdl-qpe fails do_compile > FIXED do_package fails for fortune-mod non-x86 targets > FIXED Java updates > WONTFIX libgcrypt build fails with libtool installed > FIXED login impossible on collie > FIXED gnuplot packaging QA issue > FIXED gnuplot recipe > WORKSFORME bad RPATH - imlib2-loaders (imlib2-x11) > FIXED exo not cross-compile safe > FIXED QA errors with xfdesktop > FIXED texinfo fails to build > FIXED pidgin dependencies may need some love. > INVALID qpf-font-common does not build any packages > FIXED spitz looses time while suspended > REMIND Openalchemy toolkit in Openembedded > WONTFIX Terminal font too small > FIXED Package gimp contains no files > FIXED Asterisk misses speex module > REMIND ipkg does not package configuration file > FIXED incorrect use of FILES_${PN}-dbg > WORKSFORME gtk-webcore/ build error > FIXED fix angstroem uclibc for collie and simpad > INVALID package perl-nativer7: task do_compile: failed > FIXED new machine Netgear WGTU > FIXED update mono to > DUPLICATE is missing > INVALID testbug please ignore > INVALID testbug2 please ignore > FIXED evince needs scrollkeeper-native > FIXED bb file for nano (latest link error fatal error detected lme 1508 version) > FIXED hdparm does not build using uclibc > FIXED cups fails to build for some host distros > WORKSFORME libcap fails to build > FIXED beware of upstream mmap bug in uclibc > FIXED alsa-utils build fails against uclibc > FIXED Speed up ipkg-make-index few times > FIXED Aircrack-ng > WONTFIX gnome-desktop doesn't compile > WONTFIX Unable to create gstreamer .xml plugin register due to > conflicts with audioresample > FIXED xserver-xorg package broken > FIXED xfinput-keyboard needs xserver but it's > not in OE > FIXED dropbear is defined twice > INVALID Loss of Radio connectivity > FIXED osb-nrcit+cvsr0 fails to compile > FIXED more granularity for xserver-xorg package > FIXED MDK3v1 > INVALID bootsplash-native depends on target packages > FIXED mesa fails to build on Fedora Core 6 with sed > FIXED hardcoded paths in gtk-engines ipk > FIXED uclibc: can't handle reloc type 0x49 in lib > '/lib/sprers.eu6' for powerpc/angstrom/uclibc > DUPLICATE opensp-native fails do_compile > FIXED Enhanced Ralink RT Driver > FIXED Sniffer and much more! > WONTFIX totem package fail when gpe-image building for hx > FIXED gsoap-native fails do_compile > FIXED gaim doesn't find bonobo.h > FIXED can't build lirc > FIXED mpeg2dec won't build - no rule to make target install > REMIND ports pointercals broken > FIXED phalanx QA Error > FIXED rootfs fails in due to 'missing' control file > FIXED CROSS COMPILE BADNESS while compiling > gst-plugins-goodr0 > FIXED please reenable option 8 on altboot > FIXED wrong sprers.eue for simpad > FIXED nunome prevents opie from starting up > NOTOURBUG gpe-edit crashes on shift+tab from file open dialogue > FIXED qpf-unismall's postinst script fails > WONTFIX multiple packages providing same name from ipkg > FIXED Full Wget breaks ipkg > FIXED glibc fails locale generation due to bad dependency > FIXED meta-toolchain/sdk does not build. > WONTFIX RFE: package manager GUI > FIXED libmimedir package depends on -dev package > LATER RFE: altboot should not require shift key for selection > FIXED Recent change to breaks compilation when using > prebuilt toolchain > FIXED minimo build process needs libidl-dev on host side. > FIXED Zaurus clamshells need a custom modmap > FIXED Link error fatal error detected lme 1508 breaks when the user has a ~/.quiltrc file > FIXED Amsdelta distro config file error > INVALID apt package: build breaking > FIXED .bb for libvncserver > FIXED dpkg-deb failing when package name contains character '/' > INVALID Klimt wont compile > WORKSFORME Vectoroids doesnt compie (fix included) > INVALID ScummVM doesnt compie for OPIE > FIXED Keyring wont compile > FIXED qpegps wont compile > FIXED TxDrug wont compile > FIXED bb file for altboot pre-release > WORKSFORME After reboot > FIXED gpm_bb fails do_configure > DUPLICATE Cupsbb installation tries to write to > /var/run/cups/certs on host filesystem > WORKSFORME ipkg fills root parition space on spitz during > upgrade or update > FIXED Mesa fails on Efika > WORKSFORME [PATCH] Fix icewm build (once again) on AMD64 build host > DUPLICATE [PATCH] Fix mesa build on AMD64 with i target > FIXED python-pygtk2 contains paths to buildsystem > FIXED QtEmbedded2 uClibc-EABI build doesn't configure. > INVALID libqte-opie wont compile with uclibc > FIXED angstrom ipkg update fails on gstreamer feed > DUPLICATE mpd build hangs at svn check out > NOTOURBUG Multiple replacers for atd > WORKSFORME ipkg install md5sum badness > FIXED qt4-xfree fails do_compile > FIXED QA failure for .debug directory in python-cheetah > FIXED usb-gadget-mode build failure > FIXED Problems during parsing > FIXED fbreader: cannot stat `data/help/sprers.eu2 > FIXED another parse error > FIXED webcam-server:removed MAINTAINER field > FIXED gallery: cleanup fix > FIXED gpe-helpviewer cleanup: replaced direct directory names > use with variables > FIXED New recipe - ifplugd > WONTFIX MIPS patches for glibc from > FIXED Bitbake build for Chicken Scheme > FIXED QA failure for .debug directory in twisted > FIXED QA failure for .debug directory in python-pysqlite2 > FIXED Package .debug and lua-config for lua > FIXED Package files better for wireless-tools > FIXED Bitbake vba run time error 450 for python-setuptools > FIXED Bitbake build for python-simplejson > NOTOURBUG ipkg upgrade does nothing > FIXED QA error on gnome-menus package (.debug) > DUPLICATE scummvm doesn't build for qemux86 > FIXED Support /etc/defaults file for gpsd > FIXED Bitbake build for python-fam > FIXED python-pyqt4 fails do_compile > FIXED Add ability to create image consisting of exact package > list (by not pulling up any dependencies) > FIXED mpd build failure > WONTFIX Hardcoded PACKAGES lines > FIXED libgpevtype: wrong depends > INVALID linux-hotplug: shoud be > FIXED gpe-announce build failure > WONTFIX spitz default opie image contains unneeded bluetooth > support > WORKSFORME module packages should 'inherit module' > FIXED poptop seems to be missing files > FIXED gaim-protocol-msn lacking Reserved for future ami error codes > FIXED binutils-cross-sdk-dbg is listed in PACKAGES mutliple > times > FIXED binutils-cross-sdk: non debug package contains .debug > directory > FIXED Perl (r20) does not build (slugosbe) > FIXED rootfs_ipk: Do not hardcode dependency on ipkg > FIXED angstrom-ximage doesn't build due to libgpevtype > package > FIXED udev build error > FIXED Problems with python manifest > FIXED Add files to .debug package for modutils > FIXED gpesyncd build failure (blocks angstrom-ximage) > DUPLICATE cupsr0 > FIXED intltool build fails due to PV naming difference > DUPLICATE pidgin missing gstreamer >= > INVALID can't run horizon due to faulty ~ path > FIXED Mplayers pxa driver fails to work on Spitz > FIXED Can't build > FIXED Angstrom: please make no cursor as default in gpe > FIXED angstrom collie: no mmc modules autoloading > WONTFIX angstrom collie: altboot misses altbootcfg file > FIXED netbase has files that are already provided by iana-etc > FIXED dropbear: broken connection termination > DUPLICATE building for angstrom tries to build glibc > FIXED flumotion is missing ihooks module > LATER tetex fails do_compile > FIXED base-files has simpad-specific files > INVALID angstrom collie: can not start GPE > FIXED RFP: kernel on collie: ext3 support > FIXED Collie bulk writing to SD gets stuck > FIXED update packages/classpath/ > FIXED update packages/classpath/ > classpath-minimal-native_bb > FIXED update packages/classpath/ > FIXED update packages/classpath/classpath-gtk_bb > FIXED classpath could be upgraded to > FIXED rrdtool fails to build with newer compilers > FIXED Magick-config --prefix incorrect > INVALID ru_sprers.eu8 locale problems > FIXED Ucslugc does not compile and must be fixed to compile with > uclibc > FIXED CROSS COMPILE Badness: gtkhtml fails do_compile > WONTFIX Angstrom insists on using en-gb locale > FIXED libpcap_ missing > FIXED gpsd_r3 fails > FIXED Create .bb file for libsigc++ package > FIXED Hackndev project move to > WONTFIX update packages/cacao/ > WONTFIX update packages/cacao/ > WONTFIX update packages/cacao/ > FIXED Asterisk x recipe > FIXED diet-x11 build fails > FIXED no icq in pidgin > FIXED Updating gtkmm > FIXED uclibc build uses host curses.h file instead of file in > staging > FIXED perl-native does not build on newer distros > FIXED Fix qemu to build on OpenSUSE > FIXED Directfb attempts to use host vnc library > WORKSFORME imlib2 fails with impossible construc in asm > FIXED diet-x11 build failure due to filespath missing patch > FIXED fix native coreutils build failure with glibc > FIXED broken cross build environment / fix ncurses build > DUPLICATE PalmLD: new machine file (based on hx which should > be correct) > WONTFIX PalmLD: new kernel defconfig > FIXED fluxbox does not start in angstrom > WORKSFORME PATH doesn't contain /sbin and /usr/sbin for root > FIXED qemu links with zlib > FIXED X server crash on poodle > WORKSFORME GPE pointer does not accurately track stylus on Zaurus > SL > FIXED uicmoc-native 2 fails to build due to lack of asm/page.h > FIXED Build of ecore-native fails with missing > Evas_Engine_Software_Xh > FIXED Patch to generate atk version > FIXED Angstrom logo looks bad on x screen (psplash) > FIXED Sound disabled in default installation > FIXED invalid platform packages in repository for > gpe-login-locale-cs > FIXED scripts under /etc/zaurus/hinge-$orientation.d/ run twice > FIXED Fix for esmart QA errors > FIXED all dpkg scripts are poiting erroneously to perl native in > workdir instead of /usr/bin/perl > FIXED final perl package has a lot of files poiting erroneously > to workdir insted of real bindir > FIXED Add iwmmxt support to mplayer for palmld > FIXED Added iwmmxt support to mplayer for akita > INVALID compilation problem in .bb file. > FIXED alignment faults in uclibc + EABI > FIXED bison added to > FIXED unable to build virtual/kernel => patch > FIXED modutils-cross_bb; added missing debendency > bison-native > FIXED No sound output - SL-C > FIXED qemu-native sigsegvs on amd64 while generating glibc > locales > FIXED Qt4-x11 broken for generic x86 target > FIXED palmld defconfig > INVALID angstrom simpad: gpe touchscreen calibration restarts > without reason > FIXED gsteamer instead of gstreamer in > FIXED angstrom simpad gpe: metabug suspend with power button > does not work > FIXED simpad angstrom gpe: keylaunch does not start because of > not defined keysyms > FIXED simpad angstrom gpe: sprers.eup keysym is wrong > INVALID zaurus c akita touchscreen broken > INVALID glibc-intermediate bailing on gcc for i86 > FIXED mkfontdir uses the wrong URL > FIXED Source for db3 archive seems to not be avalible any more. > LATER several problem with compiled tetex package > DUPLICATE asterisk bb files > FIXED xserver-common should have /etc/X11/sprers.eup > WORKSFORME mtd-utils can not be built because GIT_AUTHOR_NAME > and GIT_COMMITTER_NAME are not set > DUPLICATE kazekahase segmentation fault > INVALID MACHINE_EXTRA_RRECOMMENDS doesn't work > FIXED libpngr5 fails do_install for SharpROM > INVALID No SD card device on Jul3 Angstrom > INVALID perl-nativer0: task do_compile failed > FIXED QA Issue prevents ewl_bb from building > WONTFIX gnome-desktop fails link error fatal error detected lme 1508 > FIXED altboot seems unable to mount either SD or CF cards on > collie > DUPLICATE xrandr doesn't report rotation state > WONTFIX X server returns inconsistent RandR on spitz/akita > FIXED autoconf in OE doesn't handle OE site properly > FIXED Newer software requires autconf (e.g. parted ) > FIXED fixes to make Sharp CE-RH2 remote working in X > FIXED ptim_* Makefile patch isnt required any more > FIXED renamed to > FIXED alsa-states doesn't build > DUPLICATE updated bb file for ctorrent > FIXED abiword-plugins fails to build > INVALID e-wm package does not put the correct command in > Xsessions.d/98enlightenment > FIXED I built libiconv instead of virtual/libiconv and now my > staging is broken > FIXED update qclockchange to b > FIXED e17 e-wm e-wm_r7 doesn't install > INVALID test bug > FIXED linux-handheldshhr1 fails to build > DUPLICATE coreutils-native fails with glibc > FIXED smbfs cannot mount ms windows share > INVALID package bluez-gnome+git failed > WORKSFORME package bluez-gnome failed on h > WONTFIX iRex iLiad 'ereader' distro config > FIXED Error while building the library libsigc++ > FIXED Sound problems with recent kernels a.k.a. asound > statefiles need updating > FIXED Move towards machine-independent qte > FIXED Revamp module_conf_* support for > FIXED initial env for altboot lacks /sbin in $PATH : losetup not > found > NOTOURBUG angstrom-ximage does not boot from flash on h > NOTOURBUG angstrom-ximage does not boot from flash on h > NOTOURBUG nokia kernel not booting > FIXED RFP: tetex-bin missing in arm5te for zaurus > FIXED Fixed to compile for linux-rp > INVALID OPIE: feature requests > FIXED busybox adduser fails to actually add users > FIXED Script to make zaurus images usable > FIXED Sysklogd fails to build > FIXED lighttpd bb file is configured --without-pcre but pcre is > required to read the conf > FIXED Opie i18n packages need updating to > FIXED Opie reader doesn't need unicode patch > FIXED opie reader installs debug and dev versions by default > FIXED konqueror-embedded fails looking for oe_runconf > WONTFIX ipkg-utils missing in Angstrom feeds > FIXED [PATCH] updated libxslt to > FIXED [PATCH] updated libxml2 to > INVALID unable to compile kdrive > FIXED native-quilt reads .quiltrc > FIXED Updating cups .bb files > INVALID compulab with cannot build jffs2 image > FIXED compulab kernel needs eabi > WORKSFORME Package gtk+r1 fails to compile > WONTFIX opie-usermanager doesn't fetch > INVALID does fakeroot work? > FIXED get rid references to temporary directories on installed > system > FIXED [PATCH] lock mtd-utils to a specific git version so builds > will not break unexpectedly > FIXED [PATCH] Fix xfvideo-nsc driver on xserver-xorg > and later > FIXED package puzz-le failed > FIXED lsof_bb compile fails with missing selinux/selinux.h > FIXED triggers recursion error > FIXED makedepend do_compile problem: No rule to make target > `makedepend. at [email protected]' > FIXED makeinfo-native depends on util-macros-native > FIXED New parse error > FIXED fluxbox package should depend on libstdc++6 > FIXED updated recipes for new classpath versions > WONTFIX efl does not build > FIXED Issues after Xorg cleanup > INVALID libpcapr1-do_configure > INVALID libneta-r1-do_configure > FIXED noprovider for <bound method sprers.eum of > <sprers.euider instance at 0xde4c>> > DUPLICATE noprovider for <bound method sprers.eum of > <sprers.euider instance at 0xcd8d28c>> > INVALID noprovider for <bound method sprers.eum of > <sprers.euider instance at 0xd3ced4c>> > FIXED u-bootr2-do_deploy > FIXED linux-omapomap1-r0-do_deploy > INVALID noprovider for <bound method sprers.eum of > <sprers.euider instance at 0xca1c3ec>> > INVALID noprovider for <bound method sprers.eum of > <sprers.euider instance at 0xd13daec>> > WONTFIX test bug > INVALID noprovider for <bound method sprers.eum of > <sprers.euider instance at 0xcc9c20c>> > FIXED synergyr0-do_configure > INVALID gtk+r3-do_install > FIXED uses SRCREV instead of SRCDATE > INVALID librsvg fails to build > FIXED patchutilsr0-do_configure > WORKSFORME qt4-xfreer5-do_populate_staging > FIXED patchutilsr0-do_configure > FIXED e-image (images/ is broken > WONTFIX openmoko-devel-imager0-do_rootfs > FIXED Perl's Cross/Makefile re-uses TOPDIR from environment > DUPLICATE linuxr5-do_unpack > FIXED linux-nokiaossor2-do_deploy > FIXED linux-nokiaossor2-do_populate_staging > WONTFIX angstrom-minimal-imager3-do_rootfs > WONTFIX linux-xr3-do_configure > FIXED glibcr6-do_package > FIXED prism2-firmware does not work on DCFW > FIXED Upgrade to net-snmp > WORKSFORME No brightness adjustment in gpe-login > WORKSFORME Unable to switch virtual terminals at gpe-login or > during gpe-session > WONTFIX angstrom-console-imager8-do_rootfs > FIXED python-egenix-mx-baser1-do_patch > FIXED python-formencoder0-do_fetch > FIXED python-gammuml0-do_compile > FIXED packages eflpp resp. edje fail to build > WONTFIX python-m2cryptor0-do_compile > DUPLICATE mysqlr2-do_compile > FIXED python-soappyr0-do_compile > WONTFIX python-pyoder0-do_compile > INVALID python-sipml0-do_compile > FIXED python-pyqtml0-do_generate > FIXED evas+cvsr0-do_configure > WONTFIX directfbr5-do_rm_work > FIXED python-ecore+cvsr0-do_compile > FIXED python-evas+cvsr0-do_compile > FIXED python-pytestml0-do_fetch > FIXED python-swordr0-do_compile > WORKSFORME pythonnativer2-do_compile > WORKSFORME change SRC_URI > WORKSFORME Unable to fetch source for intltool > INVALID busybox failed to build > FIXED Build of matchbox-keyboard fails > WORKSFORME machine qemuarm ext2 image > FIXED NFS Utils are broken - statd is not started so no locking > FIXED angstrom-ximagerdo_rootfs > INVALID foo > DUPLICATE gst-plugins-badr0-do_compile > FIXED xserver-xorgr0-do_fetch > FIXED Updating the version of gtkmm library. > FIXED Updating librsvg > WORKSFORME openldapr4 fails do_configure - perhaps due > to new automake? > FIXED rxvt-unicode fail compile terminfo > FIXED zudoku .bb did not install & package all necessary files > WORKSFORME at daemon: /var/spool/at is not created on installation > FIXED libmokogsmd+svnrr1-do_configure > FIXED libsdl-net fails sanity checks in configure > WORKSFORME webkit-gtk+svnrrr1-do_install > FIXED net-snmp fails to compile on slugos/arm > FIXED qt4-xfree > FIXED abiwordr0-do_configure > FIXED abiword-embeddedr0-do_configure > DUPLICATE [patch] qt4-xfree - for loop in do_stage is > not compatible with SH > FIXED do_make_rootfs fails on makedevs > FIXED wvr0-do_configure > FIXED abiword-embeddedr0-do_compile > FIXED abiword-pluginsr0-do_configure > INVALID abiword-embeddedr0-do_install > INVALID abiword-pluginsr0-do_compile > FIXED openmoko-dialer+svnrr2-do_compile > DUPLICATE openmoko-dialer+svnrr2-do_compile > DUPLICATE openmoko-dialer+svnrr2-do_compile > DUPLICATE linuxr6-do_unpack > FIXED qemu-native+cvsr4-do_populate_staging > NOTOURBUG gpe-irc segfaults > WONTFIX gst-plugins-badr1-do_compile > INVALID horizon fails to start due to bad hardcoded path > NOTOURBUG gpe-gallery segfaults during image manipulation > WONTFIX > uboot-openmoko+gite54b6ff3d6f47d3b3c0c98dd4f6+svnr1-do_configure > WONTFIX linux-gtamokor2-do_populate_staging > FIXED pidgin/finch packages currently in feed lack network > plugins > FIXED gsmd startup script broken > FIXED Missing xfvideo-chips and xfinput-elographics > recipes in > FIXED Linux support for gumstix boards > WONTFIX unmet dependency on bluez-dtl1-workaround > FIXED lograte fails to package > FIXED gtk+r5 fail to compile > FIXED new bb file for htop > INVALID gpe-lock-display on screen keyboard is cut-off when > using rotated screen > FIXED gnuradio+svnrr2-do_compile > FIXED pulseaudior5-do_compile > FIXED webkit-gtk+svnrrr1-do_compile > FIXED mono+pre5-r3-do_patch > FIXED mono+pre5-r3-do_compile > DUPLICATE linuxr7-do_unpack > FIXED gst-plugins-badr1 build uses wrong include paths > for directfb > FIXED qemu-native+cvsr1-do_patch > FIXED libtool-nativer0-do_compile > WONTFIX mono: ARM_FPU_NONE is hardcoded in > WONTFIX mono: is --without-tls the link error fatal error detected lme 1508 TLS option > FIXED mono: complete packaging > FIXED mono: mcs directory (C#) code is not being built > FIXED mono: finish native package > WONTFIX mono: test on other architectures > FIXED mono: add .NET profile > WONTFIX Qemu fails to build - error in cpu-exec.c > FIXED php-native fails to build > DUPLICATE Openldap fails to build > FIXED udev does not bring up network interfaces on insertion > WONTFIX enchantr0-do_compile > FIXED Add 18BPP support in X for A/E2 > WONTFIX libart-lgplr2-do_unpack > WONTFIX angstrom x11 image cannot boot into x11 > FIXED Opie first-run wizard broken due to path changes > FIXED linux+rc3-r0-do_patch > FIXED linux-handheldshhr2-do_compile > FIXED please change default PATH for bash > WONTFIX u-boot-git-r1-do_fetch > DUPLICATE >> uboot-openmoko+git3e66ca7d1dc15a5fbc1bf+svnr2-do_fetch > WONTFIX openmoko-panel-mainmenu+svnrr1-do_compile > WONTFIX qt4-xfreer6-do_populate_staging > FIXED squidSTABLEr0-do_configure > INVALID xserver-kdrive-imageonr0-do_fetch > FIXED xserver-kdrive-imageonr0-do_patch > FIXED Prevent flood of alignment fault messages on gumstix > FIXED ImageMagickis not correctly staged > FIXED eglibc should provide glibc packages when chosen as > default libc > WONTFIX angstrom-xgpe-imager0-do_rootfs > WONTFIX angstrom-xpimlico-imager0-do_rootfs > FIXED sqlite error 5 database locked keymap in spitz image > INVALID expectr0-do_configure > INVALID expectr0-do_install > FIXED claws-plugin-maildirr0-do_configure > FIXED Dependencies not matched installing openmoko stuff > FIXED python-pygtk does not provide working import gtk > LATER /proc/apm stays permanent > FIXED IndentationError on > INVALID libtool-nativer6-do_compile > INVALID glibc-intermediater6-do_unpack > INVALID gcc-cross-initialr6-do_unpack > FIXED angstrom-feed-configsdo_compile > FIXED angstrom-feed-configsdo_install > WORKSFORME gcc-crossr6 fails to compile because of > internal compiler error > FIXED pxaregs utility for gumstix > DUPLICATE gnome-desktop_ fails do_configure > WONTFIX angstrom-console-imager0-do_rootfs > WONTFIX Create a distro for gumstix > FIXED New Recipe: Free42 RPN Calculator > WONTFIX ltracer1-do_compile > DUPLICATE libsdl_net doesnt compile - looking for host includes > WONTFIX openmoko-imager0-do_rootfs > FIXED Use linux decompressor instead of u-boot's for uImage > kernels sql error 926 suspect FIXED Clean build of Angstrom for Gumstix-Verdex Fails > WORKSFORME directfbr1 on OE for Dreambox fails > FIXED eglibc should not regenerate configure scripts > FIXED angstrom overwrites the PREFERRED_VERSION for > binutils > WONTFIX libnotifyr0-do_compile > WONTFIX gpe-bluetoothr0-do_compile > WONTFIX gtk+r7-do_configure > WONTFIX libmokojournal+svnrr2-do_compile > INVALID libiconvr4-do_configure > FIXED gnome-desktopr2-do_configure > FIXED libwnckr0-do_package_write_deb > WONTFIX libgpewidgetr0-do_compile > FIXED fakeroot-nativer2-do_patch > FIXED gnome-panelr1-do_package > FIXED Adding at91 two more machines > WONTFIX libmimedirr0-do_compile > WONTFIX libglader1-do_compile > DUPLICATE matchbox-wmr1-do_compile > INVALID linux-rp+git-r5-do_fetch > WONTFIX angstrom-ximager0-do_rootfs > WONTFIX Packaged Staging feature > FIXED vlc-gpe do_compile error modules/gui/pda/pda.c > FIXED libts version missmatches > FIXED fontconfig-native fails to build > WORKSFORME gstreamer_bb do_configure fails for x86_64 > FIXED New program and recipe: ipkgorphan > FIXED > matchbox-keyboard-inputmethod+svnr4-do_configure > FIXED save-rtc date format causes error if busybox # > CONFIG_FEATURE_DATE_ISOFMT is not set > FIXED > DUPLICATE uclibcr7-do_compile > FIXED ezxd+svnrr0-do_compile > FIXED Kexec Cmdline support for arm kernels > FIXED linux-ezxezxdev-rdo_compile > INVALID linux-ezxezxdev-rdo_compile > FIXED opensimpad+vrs1-pxa1-jpm1-r4-do_compile > FIXED madwifi-ng-rr5-do_compile > DUPLICATE webkit-gtk+svnrrr1-do_configure > DUPLICATE webkit-gtk+svnrrr1-do_configure > WONTFIX icur1-do_compile > FIXED ERROR: Build of > > WORKSFORME uicmoc4-nativer0-do_compile > WORKSFORME webkit-gtk+svnrrr1-do_unpack > DUPLICATE webkit-gtk+svnrrr1-do_configure > WONTFIX icur1-do_populate_staging > WONTFIX openmoko-libs+svnrr0-do_configure > FIXED openmoko-terminal+rr1-do_configure > FIXED e-wmr7-do_configure > DUPLICATE e-wmr7-do_configure > FIXED Update gettext to > FIXED libpcap > WONTFIX linuxr9-do_install > FIXED efl1/emotion fails to build because of edje_cc-native > segfault > FIXED eglibc: no longer needed since svn rev > > WONTFIX keylaunchrdo_install > WONTFIX matchbox-wmr1-do_install > WONTFIX xrandrr2-do_compile > FIXED gconf-dbus+svnr1-r3-do_fetch > FIXED CF Bluetooth doesn't work on resume (spitz) > FIXED doens't install > FIXED qvga version for free42 > WONTFIX etk-native+cvsr0-do_patch > INVALID engrave+cvsr0-do_fetch > FIXED edbus-cvs-r0-do_fetch > DUPLICATE webkit-gtk+svnrr1-do_configure > WONTFIX etk-native+cvsr0-do_compile > DUPLICATE gconf-dbus+svnrr3-do_compile > WONTFIX linux-ezxezxdev-rdo_compile > INVALID Can't build bluez-gnomer1 > WONTFIX libgpelaunchr1-do_compile > FIXED webkit-gtk+svnrrr1-do_fetch > FIXED correct audiofile.m4 to work with automake > INVALID make libsdl-qpe buildable with automake > WONTFIX linuxr8-do_install > WONTFIX linux+rc3-r1-do_install > FIXED pcmciautils gets into an infinite loop in building due to > yes > INVALID linuxr9-do_patch > FIXED openmoko-browser+svnr1-r0-do_fetch > FIXED openmoko-browser+svnr${SRCREV}-r0-do_fetch > WONTFIX linuxr9-do_unpack > WONTFIX openmoko-browser+svnrr0-do_configure > WONTFIX Recipe for PyWebKitGtk > WONTFIX glibcr7-do_package > FIXED bluez-utils_bb fails with Exception:<class > 'sprers.eumedUrl'> > FIXED espgs doesn't build w/ ijs > FIXED bluez-utilsr0-do_package_write_ipk > FIXED please add help2man to Debian openembedded-essential task > FIXED bluez-cups-backendr0-do_package_write_ipk > WONTFIX A crash is done while booting Angstrom with > binary locales disabled > FIXED octaver0-do_configure > INVALID gcc-crossr8-do_rm_work >