Interfec kyedboard error

interfec kyedboard error › › Motherboards, Bios|UEFI & CPU. A user error is an error made by the human user of a complex system, usually a computer (interface chaise-clavier), a problem with the keyboard-chair interface. F1 is most likely a fuse for the keyboard. Check it for continuity, if it is not continuous, then bridge it from one side to the other. interfec kyedboard error

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Keyboard/interface Error press F1 to Resume

Can: Interfec kyedboard error

Interfec kyedboard error
Interfec kyedboard error
4200 lsu error
Interfec kyedboard error

You can normally set up the GT10B-SU in the following steps

-What you need


  • ・PC
  • ・GT10B
  • ・Attached USB cable

Software and Manuals

-Connection procedure
  1. sprers.eut the BA10 to the PC's USB port with the attached USB cable.

     Note that using a USB keyboard interface does not require installation of the driver. Because this interface use the USB device class driver for HID (Human Interface Device) which is included in Windows 98 or later Operating Systems.
  2. some application, for example, the Windows' Memo and then read any bar code with the GT The read data is displayed on the application program's screen.
-Parameter setting procedure

Setting with Bar Code Menu

Use the bar code menu to designate the basic parameters such as available bar code types. Refer to the GT10 User's Manual for the available parameters and the menu. 

Setting with Scanner Setting

Use the configuration software to designate the detailed parameters such as scanner's reading mode.

Scanner Setting (for GT10B series)

Follow these steps to use the configuration software.

  1.  sprers.eul the Scanner Setting on your PC
  2.  sprers.eut a printer to the PC.
  3. the Scanner Setting.
  4. OK to continue this software, even if an error message "Connection failed." appears.  
  5. the option setting window appears, select the product name of your scanner and then click OK.
  6. each of the required parameters by following the menu.
  7. Print Barcode for Setting(P) from the File menu.
      The code for setting up is outputted to the connected printer.
  8. the outputted code with the GT
      All parameter setting processes for the GT10 are completed.

As an alternative, you can configure the GT10 directly from your PC with Scanner Setting.
In interfec kyedboard error case, interfec kyedboard error, you need to first install theActive USB-COM Port Driver and connect it via a USB-COM interface.

User error

Error made by the human user of a complex system

A user error is an error made by the human user of a complex system, usually a computer system, in interacting with it. Although the term is sometimes used by human–computer interaction practitioners, the more formal human error term is used in the context of human reliability.

Related terms such as PEBMAC ("problem exists between monitor and chair"), interfec kyedboard error, identity error or IDT/1DT error ("idiot error"), PICNIC ("problem in chair, not in computer"), IBM error ("idiot behind machine error") and other similar phrases are also used as slang in technical circles with derogatory meaning.[1] This usage implies a lack of computer savviness, asserting that problems arising when using a device are the fault of the user, interfec kyedboard error. Critics of the term argue that the problems are caused instead by a device that does not take into account human limitations and is thus designed in a way that induces errors.[citation needed]

The term can also be used for non-computer-related mistakes.


Joel Spolsky points out that users usually do not pay full attention to the computer system while using it. He suggests compensating for this when building usable systems, thus allowing a higher percentage of users to complete tasks without errors:

For example, suppose the goal of your program is to allow people to convert digital camera photos into a web photo album. If you sit down a group of average users with your program and ask them all to complete this task, then the more usable your program is, the widows socket error the interfec kyedboard error of users that will be able to successfully create a web interfec kyedboard error album. To be scientific about it, imagine real world users. They are not necessarily familiar with computers. They have many diverse talents, but some of them distinctly do not have talents in the computer area. Some of them interfec kyedboard error being distracted while they try to use your program. The phone is ringing. The baby is crying. And the cat keeps jumping on the desk and batting around the mouse, interfec kyedboard error.

Now, even without going through with this experiment, I can state with some confidence that some of the users will simply fail to complete the task, or will take an extraordinary amount of time doing it.[2]

Experts in interaction design such as Alan Cooper[3] believe this concept puts blame in the wrong place, the user, instead of blaming the error-inducing design and its failure to take into account human interfec kyedboard error. Bruce "Tog" Tognazzini describes an anecdote of Dilbert creator Scott Adamslosing a significant amount of work of comment moderation at his blog due to a poorly constructed application that conveyed a wrong mental model, even though the user took explicit care to preserve the data.[4]

Jef Raskin advocated designing devices in ways that prevent erroneous actions.[5]

Don Norman suggests changing interfec kyedboard error common technical attitude towards user error:

Don't think of the user as making errors; think of the actions as approximations of what is desired.[6]

Acronyms and other names[edit]

Terms like PEBMAC/PEBCAK or an ID10T error are often used by tech support operators and computer experts to describe a user error as a problem that is attributed to the user's ignorance instead of a software or hardware malfunction. These phrases are used as a humorous[7] way to describe user errors. A highly popularized example of this is a user mistaking their CD-ROM tray for a cup holder, interfec kyedboard error, or a user looking for the "any key". However, any variety of stupidity or ignorance-induced problems can be described as user errors, interfec kyedboard error.


Phrases used by the tech savvy to mean that a problem is caused entirely by the fault of the user include PEBKAC[8] (an acronym for "problem exists between keyboard and chair"), PEBCAK[9] (an alternative, interfec kyedboard error, but similar, acronym for "problem exists between chair and keyboard"), POBCAK (a US government/military acronym for "problem occurs between chair and keyboard"), PICNIC[10] ("problem in chair not in computer") and EBKAC ("Error between keyboard and chair"). Another variant is PEBUAK (Problem Exists Between User and Keyboard).

InIntel began running a number of PEBCAK web-based advertisements[11] to promote its vPro platform, interfec kyedboard error.

IDT error[edit]

ID-Ten-T error[12] (also seen as ID10T and ID) is a masked jab at the user: when ID-Ten-T is spelled out it becomes ID10T ("IDIOT"). It is also known as a "Ten-T error" or "IDT error". The User Friendly comic strip presented this usage in a cartoon on 11 February [13]

In United States Navy and Army slang, the term has a similar meaning, though it is pronounced differently:

  • The Navy pronounces ID10T as "eye dee ten tango".[14]
  • The Army instead uses the word 1D10T which it pronounces as "one delta ten tango".

Related terms[edit]

Some support technicians refer to it as "biological interface error".

The networking administrators' version is referring to the cause of a problem as a "layer 8 issue", interfec kyedboard error, referring to the "user" or "political" layer on top of the 7-layer OSI model of computer networking

The computing jargon refers to "wetware bugs" as the user is considered part of the system, in a hardware/software/wetware layering, interfec kyedboard error.

The automotive repair persons' version is referring to the cause of a problem as a "faulty steering actuator", "broken linkage between the seat and the steering wheel", "loose nut between the steering wheel and the seat," or more simply, "loose interfec kyedboard error behind the wheel." Similarly, typewriter repair people used to refer to "a loose nut behind the keyboard" or a "defective keyboard controller."

The broadcast engineering or amateur radio version is referred to as a "short between the headphones". Another term used in public safety 2-way radio (i.e. police, fire, interfec kyedboard error, ambulance, etc.) is a "defective PTT button actuator".

Another similar term used in the United States military is "operator headspace and timing issue" or "OHT," borrowing terminology related to the operation of the M2 Browning machine gun.[15]

In Danish it is called a Fejl 40, or "Error 40", indicating that the error was 40 centimetres (16&#;in) from the device.

In Swedish the phrase skit bakom spakarna ("shit behind the levers") or the abbreviation "SBS-problem" is used. A variant used in the ICT domain is skit bakom tangenterna ("shit behind the keyboard") abbreviated "SBT".

In French it is described as an "ICC" problem (interface chaise-clavier), a problem with the keyboard-chair interface, very similarly to the PEBKAC, interfec kyedboard error.

In Québec interfec kyedboard error is called a Cas, indicating that the error was 18 inches (46&#;cm) from the device. Better known as "Code".

"(It's a) carbon based error", indicates a user problem (as humans are a carbon-based life-form), as opposed to a silicon one.[16]

In Portuguese it is called a "BIOS problem" (Burro Idiota Operando o Sistema), translated as "Dumb Idiot Operating the System", or USB (Utilizador Super Burro), translated as "Super Dumb User".[citation needed]

In German it is called a "DAU" (Dümmster anzunehmender User), literally translated as "dumbest assumed user", referring to the common engineering acronym "GAU" (Größter anzunehmender Unfall), interfec kyedboard error, for a maximum credible accident, or worst-case scenario.

See also[edit]


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i am having the error : keyboard/interface error press f1 to resume

ps2 keyboard and mouse is not working, i have checked with known working ps2 KB  and mouse but the error came,

i checked with other SMPS, i didn't find any error on the screen but still interfec kyedboard error ps2 KBMouse is not working.

then i checked with USB keyboard mouse and with old SMPSit gave me error but it worked.

can anyone tell me how to fix this error ?

  • Bad motherboard.

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  • 2nd on the bad motherboard.

    Either the keyboard controller is bad or its fuse is blown.

    This kind of thing used to be fairly common due to the fact that PS2 keyboards and mice have to be plugged in when the system is powered on and users were notorious after USB appeared on the scene for just plugging and unplugging their PS2 keyboards/mice when they had a problem.

  • USB is working so you just want to get that error to stop, right?  Check in BIOS to interfec kyedboard error if there is an option to turn off the notification of error on keyboard.  Not all of them have it, interfec kyedboard error, but it's worth looking.

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  • i am not finding any option by which error can be removed.

  • * interfec kyedboard error BIOS

    Was this post helpful?thumb_upthumb_down
  • So from the sounds of it you may have two options; 1) replacing the motherboard like has been mentioned or 2) putting up with the error message and using a USB keyboard

  • want to interfec kyedboard error for knowledge : how this error came ? i was running pagemaker and MSoffice files in this PC, what is cause behind it ?

  • Well, one of the most common causes is unplugging (or plugging in) a PS/2 device while power is on.  But, like anything else in this world, sometimes things just break.

  • It is not related to usage of any particular software as it is h/w issue. Mobo issues can come anytime.

    In bios search for Halt at no errors and select that it can help u.

  • I searched for Halt option and tried with all sub-options like  halt all errors, all but keyboard and no error, still error is coming.

  • now the error is coming with USB KB also

  • You will just have to live with the error if you cannot disable the warnings in the BIOS.

  • %uFEFFWe have landed the konsburg mcu master unit for repair,but the display appeared to be blank at that we connected with the local monitor in the office,we concluded the hard dick to be corrupt because the pcb above heats when the hard disk gets connected,due to which the display appears to be furthur we tried with the data recovery but it was't possible,then we carried out with second hand unit,but the mother board of both the units were different having a flash drive of only mb but still we adjusted these 2units on the vessel but the result was null since the card of the master unit seem to be corrupt and with out keyboard same connection we adjusted(ecr side)jar which supplied only 24V and started working on monitor conection but showed some error this error is still to be unknown (as to why)if we connect the the other unit on same connection the key board error is seen

  • We have facing problem of disk error message non system disk Disk error and replace disk ,

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    We have facing problem of disk error message non system disk Disk error and replace disk ,

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How do I fix keyboard interface error?

Some times you have seen that your desktop pc reports a keyboard error “Keyboard Interface Error” press F1 to resume during BIOS boot up. This problem is related to the two PS/2 ports situated on the back of the desktop computer for mouse and keyboard.

What to do if keyboard is not working in BIOS?

Once in the BIOS, you want to be looking for and option in there that says &#;USB legacy devices&#;, make sure it is enabled. Save the settings in the BIOS, and exit. After that, any USB port the key board is connected to should allow you to use the keys, to access the BIOS or Windows menus interfec kyedboard error booting if pressed.

How do I disable keyboard errors in BIOS?

Press the &#;Left&#; cursor key to navigate to the &#;Main&#; menu header if not already active. Press the &#;Down&#; cursor key to scroll down to the &#;Halt On&#; or &#;Halt On Errors&#; option, then press &#;Enter.&#;

How do I fix F1 on my resume?

Fix Press F1 Key to Start Windows Issue

  1. Go to your BIOS and load default settings.
  2. If you don&#;t have a floppy drive then disable the Floppy Mode option in BIOS.
  3. Look for the option &#;Halt On&#; and set it to &#;No Error&#.
  4. Save the settings and exit from BIOS.

Can&#;t use keyboard in Windows Boot Manager?

2 Answers

  1. Reboot pc.
  2. Enter BIOS.
  3. This step may vary in different BIOS versions. In my case the PC had a Gigabyte motherboard: Select Interface of Integrated Peripherals from the main BIOS menu and locate the USB Keyboard Support option and set it to Enabled it.

How do I enable USB keyboard in BIOS?

To enable USB in older operating systems, select &#;USB Legacy Support,&#; &#;USB Keyboard Support&#; or similar option and change the setting to &#;Enabled.&#; BIOS setup varies from motherboard to motherboard, interfec kyedboard error. Review the documentation that came with your computer if you have a difficult time navigating the BIOS.

How do I disable HP keyboard in BIOS?

How to temporarily disable laptop keyboard

  1. Head into your Start Menu, and type in Device Manager.
  2. Open up the Device Manager and find your way to Keyboards and hit the arrow to the left of it.
  3. Here you will be able to find your laptop&#;s keyboard. Right click on it and hit &#;Uninstall&#;

How do I bypass strike F1 key to continue?


  1. Press the &#;F2&#; key to enter system setup.
  2. Arrow down to &#;F1/F2 Prompt on Error&#;
  3. Select &#;Disable&#;
  4. Press
  5. Select &#;Exit and Save Changes&#; and press

How do you interfec kyedboard error F1?

How to fix F1: 5 key things the bosses need to do to make F1 great again

  1. Make interfec kyedboard error cars lighter and more ferocious.
  2. Add a sprint race to the Grand prix weekend.
  3. Distribute the money more fairly.
  4. Bring back tyres that allow drivers to push hard.
  5. Stop people talking the sport down.

Why do I get a keyboard error when I start my computer?

On start up, I get an error message &#;keyboard error&#;. This has been happening about interfec kyedboard error % of the time randomly since I purchased the computer in June I contacted HP customer support and they were not able to correct the problem. This does not appear to compromise the computer&#;s performance, but it is a nuisance.

What to do if your keyboard won&#;t boot?

Request you boot the computer to the desktop. Reseat the batteries on the keyboard and mouse or try a new set of batteries and check. If the issue persists, interfec kyedboard error, please contact our phone support for the service options available. Keep me posted.

Why is my mouse and keyboard not working?

The mouse lights up for a second but quickly goes black. I did a hard reset and &#;Restore Default Settings&#; per forum results but this didn&#;t help. I also tried several and USB ports and confirmed that the wired mouse and keyboard I&#;m using work on a different computer.

What is the problem with my hp keyboard?

Try the suspect HP keyboard on a different PC if possible. Try the HP keyboard or another keyboard using different USB ports on your PC. Try other USB and USB ports. There is either something wrong with the keyboard or something wrong with USB on the motherboard.

Many a times you have seen that your desktop pc reports a keyboard error &#;Keyboard Interface Error&#;press F1 to resume during BIOS boot problem is related to the two PS/2 ports situated on the back of the desktop computer for mouse and interfec kyedboard error delivers the &#;Keyboard Interface Error&#;because it is unable to find any PS/2 keyboard on the sprers.eur when you connect a USB keyboard then it will work but you will still see this keyboard error during bios,in this tutorial I will show how I realized and fixed the keyboard interface error for PS/2 port.

Basic Terms Used Port Power Supply are form factor specification of the buy power supply according to this form example I will buy uATX power supply for a motherboard having uATX form factor. stands for micro ATX.

How To Fix Keyboard Interface Error
The only solid reason that I found which is responsible for this problem is a low interfec kyedboard error ATX power supply which is incapable of providing sufficient power to the motherboard to function properly.I was using a W (W=Watts) power supply on a W ASUS motherboard and a W GIGABYTE W ATX SMPS is not sufficient for my W ASUS Interfec kyedboard error W GIGABYTE GMTS2;s why both the motherboards are power hungry since 4 years that&#;s why I am getting this keyboard I explain it in detail starting interfec kyedboard error checking power supply.

Check Computer Power Supply
A computer motherboardneeds enough power to run without any this you need to install a power supply with correct sprers.euboards have different form factors like ATX,micro ATX,AT,EPS is micro ATX which uses a 24 pin main power connector and a 12V 4 pin CPU power the form factor of your motherboard whether it is AT,ATX,micro ATX(uATX) or EPS before buying a new power every motherboard today has ATX form your motherboards&#; manual for this.

24 pin atx power connector

Every motherboard manufacturer sets an optimal power limit in Watts for the motherboard which will be enough at which it can run without being power hungry and all its ports receive enough power.A motherboard has 2 dedicated power sources one is the 24 pin ATX power connector which supplies power to rest of the board except the cpu and a 4 pin 12V dedicated power connector for two connectors supply the overall current to the motherboard to run at its full.

It is crucial that you check your desktop computer&#;s motherboard manual for its power requirement and check whether it matches with the power supply installed in your desktop computers require at least W ATX power supply to operate without malfunctioning.I have GIGABYTE GMTS2 and its power requirement is W which means I need to install an ATX power supply which have a power output of interfec kyedboard error this power I can use all the internal ports and external ports of my interfec kyedboard error without any this motherboard was running on a W ATX SMPS with a 20 pin ATX connector and 2 pins are left unused which is not sufficient power to run this motherboard at its full capacity.

Why I Was Getting Keyboard Interface Error
I was getting keyboard interface error due to disk read error modern warfare power ATX W power supply is unable to provide enough current to all the ports and expansion slots of the to very low power current in the PS/2 ports the system was unable to find the keyboard because the PS/2 port was not working due to very low current in when I used a USB keyboard it worked fine because all USB ports are getting enough power to sprers.eue at USB end is 5V at the PS/2 pinout diagram.

The pin number 4 was not getting enough power to operate due to a weak power supply.

How I Fixed The Keyboard/Interface Error
Firstly I would say if you are running a W motherboard on a W ATX power supply then you are interfec kyedboard error going to encounter this only this problem but other internal and external ports may malfunction due to low current.I strongly recommend to upgrade the power supply of your desktop pc according to the motherboard&#;s form factor and power requirements for correct the manual for correct information about motherboard power requirements.

WARNING: Do not open the motherboard if you do not know anything about it because you can get an electric shock and never open the cabinet cover while the system is connected to AC power outlet and computer is is hazardous.

After I realized that the power supply installed in my desktop is incapable for providing sufficient power to the motherboard then I removed interfec kyedboard error of the peripherals like DVD RAM drive and floppy drive because these two drives are drawing power for no use and are wasting it and I don&#;t use them I removed their power and data connectors while the system is off and is not connected to AC power outlet.

I connected the power cord and restarted the pc,now it is running with only a mouse and a I see during bios bootup that the keyboard interface error vanished and the PS/2 ports came back to life and are working properly with a PS/2 keyboard because the motherboard is now getting enough power for itself to operate and the power supply is not under heavy load due to a number a devices connected to it,as I already removed the DVD drive and floppy the keyboard error doesn&#;t show up in bios and PS/2 ports works I will have to upgrade the power supply to at least W.

If you are getting keyboard interface error then this might the case with sprers.eur it is not necessary that you may face the same symptom as I am facing but I will strongly recommend you to check for this low power ATX/uATX/EPS power supply symptom before any can follow these tips to fix this keyboard error.

  • The very first and the most important step is to check the ATX/uATX/EPS power should be at least W or your computer&#;s motherboard manual for correct wattage power rating of power supply is written on their top cover.
  • If you find that your ATX/uATX/EPS interfec kyedboard error supply is incapable of providing enough power then try detaching the DVD interfec kyedboard error drives or any other device connected to it for a short time to ensure that the motherboard doesn&#;t have any the motherboard is OK then this keyboard error will vanish on next boot up after you removed the two drives because now the motherboard will get enough sure to remove the power cord from AC power outlet  before opening the cabinet cover and touching the motherboard otherwise you will get an electric shock and motherboard will get a short circuit and may even catch careful about this.
  • If possible then upgrade the power supply according to the motherboard&#;s power specification.A W power supply is too low for todays desktop minimum requirements is W.

Some Other Reasons And Misconceptions About Keyboard Interface Error

  • PS/2 Solder Joints Are Loose : Most experts say that the keyboard interface error can occur due to loose PS/2 port solder joints on this is not completely true if your motherboard is of trusted brand like ASUS,Intel or Gigabyte.I checked the solder joints of the PS/2 port and found them solder joints are created by automatic machines not by human hands and lasts till the life of the won&#;t get loose on their a very rare case in which solder joints get sprers.eur if your pc&#;s power supply is okay then you can take the help of a hardware expert to check the solder joints.
  • Faulty I/O Microcontroller Chip : Most experts also say that keyboard interface error can also occur due to a failed I/O microcontroller chip on the chip is responsible for controlling the input from keyboard and this chip fails or burns then your desktop pc will not accept any input interfec kyedboard error from USB mouse or this is also not true the I/O controller chip has failed if the USB mouse and keyboard works on your desktop pc.
  • No Keyboard Drivers Installed : You don&#;t need to install any keyboard driver on a windows driver will be automatically installed when you connect a PS/2 keyboard to the motherboard.

Final Resolution
The keyboard error occurs mostly due to a low power supply which can&#;t provide enough power to motherboard to operate PS/2 port requires exactly 5 it gets low power then port will malfunction.I upgraded the power supply unit to W according to motherboard power specification and uATX form both PS/2 portsare working, interfec kyedboard error. But interfec kyedboard error it is not necessary that this is them same case that applies to your motherboard, your computer's may have other hardware problems. So get it checked before buying a new power supply. Also running a computer motherboard on a low power supply will definitely cause it to malfunction.

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Keyboard interface error message

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Started by BasscarverJul 22 AM

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#1 Basscarver


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Posted 22 July - AM

I am using Windows 10 and I have a logitech K keyboard. Just recently I get a message during start up that there is a keyboard interface error, press F1 to continue. It works fine after I press F1. Could this be the USB connection ? Or is it time for a new keyboard ?

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#2 mikey11


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Posted 22 July - AM

if it is a wireless keyboard try replacing your batteries

#3 Basscarver

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Posted 22 July - AM

This model is wired. Thanks for your reply.

#4 britechguy


    Been there, done that, got the T-shirt

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Posted 22 July - AM

I'd say it could be either a USB port problem, a keyboard problem, or (very unlikely) both.

It's easy enough to test out the USB port theory. Move it to another port and see if the problem persists. If it does then it is most likely some subtle thing starting to go wonky with the keyboard itself, interfec kyedboard error.

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    Posted 24 July - PM

    I installed a new keyboard and pluged into a different USB port and I still get the keyboard interface error message during start up. :smash:&#;

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    Posted 24 July - PM

    As I said, you can change that alarm in the BIOS settings.


    Are you sure it says the problem is the keyboard Maybe it is telling that your Hard Drive WILL fail, press F1 to resume.

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    Posted 24 July - PM

    The message says keyboard interface error. Everything is working fine I don't see any problem at all with this computer.

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    Posted 16 January - AM

    There is a setting in BIOS called Keyboard Error Reporting&#;that you can disable. I can only confirm this on a fujitsu computer though, but it probably exists in other forms on other brands aswell.


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      Default Re: Keyboard/interface Error, Help?

      Try removing the Keyboard, blow out the connection / plug, just in case there is any rubbish / dust in them. Then reset the BIOS back to default settings, someplace in the BIOS settings on the main screen will be what key to press. See if that helps.

      Just to clear up - is the keyboard you are having problems with the wireless or a PS2 ?

      Also have you tried another PS2 Keyboard ?
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      Default Re: Keyboard/interface Error, Help?

      If you are able, try a standard PS2 keyboard. Usually I have found you need a PS2 to repair a wireless if they play up.

      Resetting the BIOS may also fix it, but remember to set up USB keyboard support, ususally some place like onboard Pref's Location

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      Default Re: Keyboard/interface Error, Help?

      Could be out of range possibly, try moving it to where you would usually be in front of the PC, or check the batteries to make sure they have not gone / going flat.

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      Default Re: Keyboard/interface Error, interfec kyedboard error, Help?

      If they were going flat then it may but veryyyyyy slow with lots of lag, I've seen spyware take out a wireless keyboard on several interfec kyedboard error. Needing a wired one to repair the system, interfec kyedboard error.

      Personally I'd change the batteries and see if it makes any difference, interfec kyedboard error, if not then it may also be the wireless softwares gone "A Bit Funny", reinstalling it may fix it.
      My media center PC with wireless Keyboard/mouse has a range of around 5 mtrs, when its batteries start to go flat they drop quick, the range goes from the other side of the room on the couch ( 4 mtrs) to 1/2 mtr in a matter of 10 minutes, interfec kyedboard error.
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