Image type error

image type error

System Error:The specified resource type cannot be found in the image file. When I start the bii4p7 process on my server, I get the message above. For some reason the following code keeps returning the "Unknown Error Type" found in the script. I have used similar code for both image and. Solution: You have not saved the JPEG image file in a proper format. For instance, if you save a.

Image type error - share

depth == 5 in function cv::cvtColor

If I run HoughLinesP without converting to grayscale I get the following error(2):

error: (-215) image.type() == (((0) & ((1 << 3) - 1)) + (((1)-1) << 3)) in function cv::HoughLinesProbabilistic

I don't know what conversion I need to get rid of the error

This is the code for where the errors occur:

asked Jul 5, 2018 at 3:08

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