Hp device error 5012

hp device error 5012

Cups see's my printer however; the HP Device Manager doesn't see. see's the printer but there is a device communication error (5012) and. If I use hp-setup over console, it'll give no error, but just say done, before I open the HP device manager, it don't show error 5012. HP Device Manager gives the following error: “HPLIP Device Status Officejet_Pro_6830 Printer (TH63A82101) Device communication error (5012)”.

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Hello and thanks for your attention

Last week I’ve moved from Mint to Manjaro. So far things has gone smooth and without hassle.

After install I setup a couple of printers that I have. One old HP Lasejet 1018 and a HP Deskjet 3050. Both of them printed the test page as expected using HPLIP. The 1018 asked to install a plug-in during setup but no problem arised.

Yesterday I tried to print a document on the Laserjet 1018 and an error was shown. Print manager said that the document had hp device error 5012 problem during the printing process. This is a very common issue with Linux and old HP Printers.

In Mint I know that the solution is installing HPLIP and use it as the default print manager, but in Manjaro it seems that there are hp device error 5012 things to pay attention.

After browsing the web for support, I’ve found some articles that describe issues like mine and suggest some actions which I tested but none fixed the error.

According to CUPS everything is ok. The printer is shown as idle, hp device error 5012. When a test page is sent to the printer it generate the document and send to the queue but is not being able to complete the process. It only says that there is an issue which is preventing to complete it. The registry_error ntoskrnl.exe windows 7 is hp device error 5012 is a problem sending the document … to the printer.

From the HPLIP side the situation is almost the same. After sending the test page the status tab show at first a message which says “Started a print job” Code:500, five seconds later a second message says “Print job has completed” code:501, then about a minute later a “Printer queue stopped” code:700, and at last “Device communication error” code:5012 is shown.

I thing is important to mention that after turn the printer on it seems that the plug-in is sent. I assume that the plug-in and the driver are the right ones because download master error code test page after install was printed delo armyanskix terroristov far this is what I’ve done.

I checked that HP and Cups where installed and operative. The cups service and socket are installed and operative:
org.cups.cupsd.path loaded active running CUPS Scheduler
org.cups.cupsd.service loaded active running CUPS Scheduler
org.cups.cupsd.socket loaded active running CUPS Scheduler

Tried to upgrade HPLIP from 3.18.6-2 to beta HPLIP 3.18.12-1 without success. The version 3.18.12-1 keeps asking to download the plug in but never actually succeed to setup the printer right.

Tried to disable HPLIP and use foomatic without success. To be sure that nothing was broken in the process I reinstalled Manjaro from scratch

Ran hp-check -i I get and error from the python file /usr/share/hplip/base/utils.py. This one I figured out how to fix it with the help of the HP Forum. Mainly a compatibility issue with Manjaro which can be corrected sending a return at line 268. After running hp-check -i this issues comes up.

Missing Required Dependencies

error: 'python-pyqt4' package is missing/incompatible
error: 'pygtk' package is missing/incompatible

The python-pyqt4 is actually replaced by python-pyqt5 version 5.11.3-1 and is already installed on setup, hp device error 5012. Another issue found with hp-check was that the file /etc/cups/ppd/HP_LaserJet_1018.ppd can’t be read. I’ve fixed this one with chmod 755 keeping the owner (root) and group (cups)

At last, I went to systemctl to analyze what is being shown there. At a glance I’ve noticed that there where two services in failed status:
[email protected] loaded failed failed Configure Plugged-In Printer
[email protected] loaded failed failed Configure Plugged-In Printer

It looks very odd that even a single printer was turned on, two services where listed. Another uncommon situation was that both processes point to two different USB devices the 002:004 and the 002:005. According to lsusb the HP 1018 was setup in the Bus 002 device 005, not 004.
Bus 002 Device 005: ID 03f0:4117 HP, Inc LaserJet 1018

I’ve checked the /dev/bus/usb/002 directory and noticed that only the 005 exist as lsusb says, the 004 is a ghost or something.

The first thing I’ve tried to fix this issue was to disable the botched service 004, and even this fixed the 005 process and became “loaded active running”, after rebooting it reset as they were before. I assume that those services are spawn with the add-in startup process, so it can’t 20 01 error fixed as easy as disabling the 004.

I wonder if anyone have successfully fixed this issue.


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