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Explore Tumblr Posts and Blogs tagged as #The Holy Terror with no restrictions, modern design and the best experience | Tumgir. Crappy Turntable, Awesome Records — Holy Terror: Terror and Submission (1987) As I 1.5M ratings. 277k ratings. Browse the top holy terror artists to find new music. http://rotinhellmmxii.tumblr.com/ Australian HOLY TERROR metalcore band from Brisbane.

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Holy Terror: Terror and Submission (1987)

As I recently wrote in Loudwire, Los Angeles’ Holy Terror astonished and amazed with their 1987 debut, Terror and Submission, mixing instrumental prowess and unhinged savagery like few thrash LPs before or since. 

But, then, the group had deep roots within the L.A. metal scene, having been formed by guitarist Kurt Kilfelt (a.k.a. Holy terror tumblr in 1986 after his exit from Agent Steel, with former Dark Angel drummer Jack Schwartz (later replaced by Joe Mitchell), bassist Floyd Flanary, second guitarist Mike Alvord, and singer Keith Deen.

By the time they delivered this debut in holy terror tumblr, Holy Terror were obviously joining the thrash metal party very much in progress, yet opener “Black Plague” still had all the trimmings: freaky intro effects, frantic velocity, and a slower but distinctive “Creeping Death”-inspired bridge.

But the magic really starts to happen on “Blood of the Saints,” “Mortal Fear” and “Guardians of the Netherworld” – terrific thrashing triplets so fast, so vicious, holy terror tumblr powerful, they will literally take your breath away.

Not far behind them come the title track and the portentously named “Alpha Omega – The Bringer holy terror tumblr Balance,” which showcased Kilfelt and Alvord’s blazing solos; and singer Deen shows he can carry a tune within his growl on the more melodious “Evil’s Rising,” “Distant Calling” and “Tomorrow’s End.”

Unfortunately, Deen was also taken away too soon – slain by cancer in 2012 at the age of 56 – but of course Holy Terror was ancient history by then, having gone their separate ways shortly after tendering another fine long player in 1988’s sophomore Mind Wars.

p.s. – I holy terror tumblr listen to Holy Terror until the age of Napster, so when I ordered this vinyl copy, the Discogs seller included an amusing personal message scribbled on a seemingly random page ripped out of National Geographic – weird!

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