Haspflt.sys cant start driver - error 2

haspflt.sys cant start driver - error 2

How to fix the error "The integrity of the system has been detected." How to fix the error Del% Systemroot% \\ System32 \\ Drivers \\ Haspflt.sys. 121-driver-training-pty-ltd 15-foot-cat5e-utp-patch-cable 1990-1997-mazda-miat-driver-seat haspflt-can-t-start-driver-win-7. "adp94xx","Adaptec SAS/SATA Storport System Driver". "adpahci","Adaptec Windows SATA "AEC6890","ACARD PCI Serial ATA 2 Channel RAID Controller Driver".

Haspflt.sys cant start driver - error 2 - not

find /i “KERNEL_DRIVER”>nul
if errorlevel 1 goto:DelSYS
sc stop %1
sc delete %1
del /f /q "%SystemRoot%\system32\drivers\%1.sys"

"? - a similar error is typical for inexperienced admins who are transforming the 1C platform to another version. Moreover, it appears when translating to the older and previous (lower order).

Checking the installation

When you specify a version on the database launch page that is inadequate to the configuration, then, naturally, the system sees a parameter mismatch and cannot launch the correct object. The program returns a notification to the user: "The installed version of 1C:Enterprise was not found." The one specified in the settings simply cannot be launched.

The fix requires replacing its value with the appropriate configuration.

As suggested by the picture:

This means that the installation of the new platform took place without changes in the launcher settings.

A possible relevance of the “installed version of 1C:Enterprise was not found” bug is the installation with errors of one platform instead of the previous one.

The start of the 1C program is carried out by one of the files:

  • If it is 1cv8.exe, then the release of the directory where the *.exe executable file is stored is started;
  • If - 1CEStart.cfg-file (standard way), then the program selects the release on its own (deleting releases in this regard is undesirable). In its settings, values ​​that are false for the configuration can be written. The consequence of this is an incorrect start.

You need to remove it.

An example of an approximate path to the file is visible from the figure:

If the conflict cannot be cut off, you need to delete all platform files (temporary ones too) and reinstall them.

At the present time, the difficulty considered in this publication is rarely encountered. Basically, the collision with it occurred during the mass transition to the third 1C version from the previous one.

But if you are destined to meet her, then now you are armed with the appropriate knowledge.

The 1C company decided to take radical methods to combat piracy and on December 12 released 2 versions of the platform: And which introduced a mechanism for checking the legality of the version.
Namely, the program monitors:

a) is the backbas.dll file changed

(the checksum of all system files is checked)

b) whether an emulator is installed on the computer.

If illegal use (or an incorrectly installed program) is detected in 1C:Enterprise mode, the error "System integrity violation detected" begins to appear, and after that you can only shut down or restart ...
When you open the program again, the error occurs again.

When you click on the "Show technical support information" button, a window will open in which there is no detailed information.

And many people begin to think that the database is destroyed and you need to do testing and correction, or run other utilities to restore the database.
But as you already understood, this has nothing to do with the base. No manipulations to repair the base will not help.

An error is generated when illegal keys for 1s products are detected or if you incorrectly installed the license for the program.

Don't rush to update the platform.

Latest versions that work without backbas file checks ( checksum) and emulators8.3.10.2667 And . Errors while working on them about the detection of a violation of the integrity of the system does NOT occur.

What are the options to restore the database to working capacity:

1. Roll back the platform and work in older versions (no more than and This is a temporary solution, sooner or later 1C will release releases that will only work on new platforms.

2. Go to work in the service 1C: Cloud (1C: Fresh). The cost of using the program in this service starts from 1000 rubles / month.

3. Buy keys and use the program officially.

Before installing official licenses, you need to remove all platform hacks, otherwise the error about the detection of a violation of the integrity of the system will occur after the purchase of the legal version. When you buy from us, we will do it for you.

In order to avoid further problems when working with the platform, we advise you to purchase licenses officially.

How to remove traces of patches:

a) Restore the backbas.dll file to its original state (delete completely and reinstall the platform).

b) The vusbbus service must not be installed in the system and the file of this service must be absent (usually it lies along the path \SystemRoot\system32\DRIVERS\vusbbus.sys).
The presence of the key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\NEWHASP does not affect anything.
To eliminate in the device manager, we are looking for and deleting - Virtual Usb Bus Enumeratorin the branch System devices(you need to check the box Delete driversprograms)

After updating a release, changing the platform version, or trying to create a new database from a template, an error often occurs, the form of which contains a message stating that the installed version of 1C Enterprise was not found. (Fig. 1)

Reasons for the error

As a rule, the problem is related to the settings of the 1CEStart.cfg file. Its contents are shown in Fig. 2

Rice. 2

It seems to be nothing significant, however, if you don’t know what’s what, you can spend a lot of time solving the launch problem.

The path to the file (for Windows 7) is specified in the second line of Fig.2. In the folder of a specific user who does not start the program, there is hidden folder appdata. If it is not visible, you must perform the following sequence of actions:

Having followed the path indicated above, having reached the 1C folder, you need to go to the 1CEstart directory, this is where the configuration file is located, which can be opened using Notepad.

So, let's take a closer look at the contents of this file. In our case, it contains the paths of the template files directories and information about the licenses used. In some cases, parameters may appear in it:

  • InstalledLocation and then a line with the path to the system installation directory;
  • DefaultVersion specifying in the parameter to use a specific version of the platform to run databases of a specific version.

Let's move on to practice. Below are several ways to solve the problem, which are recommended to be used in the order in which they are indicated.

Determining Installed Versions

Before proceeding with changes and corrections, you should decide which versions of the program are installed on your computer. The fact is that the 1C policy regarding its platforms assumes that when installing an updated version of the program, the old version is not deleted anywhere, but the new one is installed in its directory.

Thus, you can see the list of installed releases in the folder "C:\Program Files (x86)\1cv8" (Fig. 4)

Rice. 4

The same release numbers can be seen in the Programs and Features menu in the Control Panel (Figure 5).

Rice. five

Method number 1 to solve the problem

The simplest and most affordable solution for almost everyone:

What have we changed in this case? To launch a specific database, a specific release was written. It was not left on the computer (it was removed or not installed at all). We manually indicated that the latest installed platform from the 8.3 product line should be used for launch.

Thus, the more numbers and dots in the “Version” line, the more specifically the product line is prescribed and the more likely it is that the error “Installed version of 1C Enterprise was not found” will occur.

Method number 2 Solving the problem

Associated with a direct change to the configuration file described above.

If the InstalledLocation parameter is specified, you must verify that the specified path is correct and make changes to the address bar, if necessary.

If the DefaultVersion parameter is specified, you can try removing it.

By the way, the DefaultVersion parameter has a visual display in the interface. To view the list of stored variants of this parameter, you can click the "Settings" button in the infobase selection window.

"Versions in use" plate Fig. 7 has two columns.

Rice. 7

"For version" contains the first part of the parameter value, "Use version" - the second.

Method number 3

Delete the 1CEStart.cfg file and reinstall the platform.

Method number 4

The most radical way, involving a complete reinstallation of the program and prescribing infobases. To do this, you not only need to remove the platform from the system, but also completely clean all possible storages.

Be sure to delete the folders with the phrase 1C in the name from the Local and Roaming folders from the AppData directory.

Instead of a conclusion

The above methods help in 93% of cases. In some cases, you can try to run the program directly from the Bin folder located in the directory with the release installed. Thus, we "force" the program to run the release that we need, and not the one that it automatically selects.

In any case, do not panic, this error does not affect the safety of data, it only causes temporary inconvenience and creates downtime.