Hasp hl error 1009

hasp hl error 1009

Thales Sentinel is the leading global brand for software monetization, licensing, and protection. Maximize the value of your software while minimizing. In the unlikely event you have trouble with the key driver we may suggest you update it manually. For example, if the TNTgis software and processes are opening. You need to right-click the command prompt and run it as an administrator. You need to execute haspdinst.exe from the folder where it was.

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Update HASP driver

Sentinel HASP/LDK driver

A professional license for TNTmips, hasp hl error 1009, TNTedit, and TNTview is managed via a USB hardware key and driver. When you set the license level in the License Configuration window (Help > Configure License) to Professional, you will be guided to install the key driver if you have not previously installed it. (A portable TNTmips Basic license is managed this way too.)

In most cases you will not need to use the key driver installers posted here or use the instructions on this page, hasp hl error 1009, since everything you need is already included when you install TNTmips and set up the license.

In the unlikely event you have trouble with the key driver we may suggest you update it manually. For example, if the TNTgis software and processes are opening slowly or if you have updated your operating system since installing TNTgis.

Before updating, you can check if the version number of your currently installed driver is older by navigating to Sentinel Admin Control Center in a web browser on the machine it is installed on. (If the page does not open it means you have an older key driver and you should update it.)

The USB Sentinel HASP/LDK driver installer file is already included with your TNTgis installation so in most cases you will not need to download it. However, you may want to download the driver installer if you:

  • are putting a floating license key on a machine that you will not be installing TNTmips on
  • don't have a current release version of TNTmips installed
  • have not installed the latest weekly edition of TNTmips

Update the Sentinel HASP driver

  1. exit TNTmips
  2. unplug the USB hardware key
  3. get the driver installer file
  4. Windows:

    navigate into your TNTgis installation folder and find the haspdinst.exe file
    (look here: c:\Program Files\MicroImages\TNT_[version number]\)


    download Sentinel_LDK_Run-time_setup.zip (installer v8.31)
    and extract the haspdinst.exe file contr terrorism episod 3 — released: 2019-10-11


    navigate into the Drivers folder under your TNTgis installation folder and find the Sentinel_Runtime.dmg file
    (look here: TNT_[version number] > Program Files > Drivers)


    download Sentinel_Runtime.dmg (installer v8.31) — released: 2019-10-11

  5. double-click the installer file and follow the instructions
  6. plug in the USB hardware key
  7. start TNTmips

Additional instructions for installation problems, hasp hl error 1009.

Sentinel HASP/LDK is a product of thalesgroup, hasp hl error 1009.

For latest drivers, go to Sentinel LDK RunTime & Drivers and look for:
    Sentinel HASP/LDK Windows GUI Run-time installer
    Sentinel HASP/LDK Mac OS X Run-time GUI installer

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Paradox. This displays the definition of the Paradox driver to the right of the configuration list, hasp hl error 1009.

Locate the NET FILE setting and then either select or enter the directory you selected in Step 1.

From the BDE Administrator's main menu, choose Object

How to download and install the HASP driver for the protection key

In case of problems with the software, start by making sure that the most recent driver is correctly installed.


– If the current driver hasp hl error 1009 too old, remove it using the respective “remove_hasp_run_as_admin.bat ” file.
– Install a recent version of the driver.
– If you still get an error message: first run  “purge_hasp_run_as_admin.bat” then “purge2_hasp_run_as_admin.bat”
– If you still get an error message: Use “support_package_1.exe” and send the file to the Support team ([email protected]).

Detailed instructions

Verify the version of your currently installed driver

On the computer/server hosting the protection key, enter (in a recent Internet browser): http://localhost:1947/_int_/ACC_help_index.html

A) If the version of the “Run-time Installer” is lower than 7.80 (for example 6.64):
Your drivers are too old and must be properly removed (!), using the respective (!) “remove_hasp_run_as_admin.bat” file.
– Find the installation files of your analysis software (downloaded or on a CD).
– Open the “Hasp” folder.
– Right-click and run (as administrator) “remove_hasp_run_as_admin.bat”, to remove the old driver.

Important note: If you do not find the installation files, please contact the Support team ([email protected]). Tell them the exact version of your software (“Help” tab, “About”). They will send you the respective “remove_hasp_run_as_admin.bat” file corresponding exactly to that version.

B) The version of the “Run-time Installer” is equal to or higher than 7.80 (for example 7.100):
Your drivers are too old. But you can directly install the new drivers.

Re-install the most recent version of the driver

To do so, go to digitalsurf.com/support/software-updates/, and download “DRIVER DONGLE HASP” (“hasp.zip”).

– Unzip the files.
– Right-click and run (as administrator) “reinstall_hasp_run_as_admin.bat”, to install the driver.

Try cleaning up using “purge” files

– If hasp hl error 1009 still get an error message: first run  “purge_hasp_run_as_admin.bat” then “purge2_hasp_run_as_admin.bat”
– If you still get an error message: Right-click and run (as administrator) “support_package_1.exe” and send the file to the Support team ([email protected]).

Fixing HASP Driver Issue


It was recently discovered that the terrorist act in tbilisi Windows 10 Update breaks the HASP driver software.
To fix this problem hasp + error 1009 follow these instructions exactly as written:
1. Unplug the key from the machine
2. Uninstall any HASP or Sentinel drivers from hasp hl error 1009 control panel
3. Re-boot the machine (very important)
4. Use the link below to get the latest HASP drivers. Make sure the HASP key is un-plugged from the PC
5. Once the drivers are installed, try plugging in the HASP key, windows will recognize the HASP key and use the drivers just installed, and you should be good to go

Sentinel HASP/LDK Windows GUI Run-time Installer 8.23

Once you click on the circled item, hasp hl error 1009 scroll to the bottom of the 'End User License Agreement' and choose 'I accept' and the download should start.

Thank you.
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Troubleshooting HASP USB dongle related issues hasp hl error 1009

Created dateUpdated dateAffects versionFix version



Blancco related license issues might not always be related the software (Blancco hasp hl error 1009, Blancco Drive Eraser, Blancco Mobile Hasp hl error 1009 Eraser, Blancco LUN Eraser, Management Console, etc.). The HASP USB dongle can also be the source of the problem, hasp hl error 1009. Before contacting the Blancco Technical Support team, hasp hl error 1009, do the following:

  1. Try connecting the HASP-key to another machine/USB port
  2. After connecting the HASP-key, asio4all nsis error drivers for the key should be automatically installed. Alternatively, you can install the drivers manually
  3. To check if the key is properly detected follow below steps:
    1. Make sure that the HASP-dongle is connected to the machine.
    2. Open a browser and go to the address: http://localhost:1947/
    3. "Sentinel Admin Control Center" page will open.
    4. Click on "Sentinel Keys" on the hasp hl error 1009 panel.
    5. If you can see your HASP-dongle on the list, the key is correctly detected by the machine.

Other issues which may occur:

HASP key not detected (in Windows environment)

The drivers have not been installed properly.

 Drivers can be either downloaded by Windows or installed automatically when setting up Blancco Management Console

  • Download Sentinel HASP/LDK Windows GUI Run-time Installer from manufacturer's web site
  • Make sure that you select a version that is hasp hl error 1009 with your operating system
  • DO NOT have the USB dongle connected to the computer
HASP key is physically broken

HASP dongle exterior or connector is damaged (bent/broken)

Red connectivity led does not light up when the dongle is connected

HASP key's battery is deadBlancco HASP Tool is able to detect a dead battery and will not function properly in such case
  • Contact Blancco G error remap Support team
  • Take a screenshot of the error message
HASP key's clock is out of sync

Sometimes the internal clock of a HASP drive may corrupt. Blancco HASP Tool reads the HASP dongle's internal HASP clock value.

If the number does not match the current time (or is not even close, for example: 2070010100), hasp hl error 1009, then internal HASP clock is corrupted.

Date is displayed in format YYYY-MM-DD-HH

  • Contact Blancco Technical Support team
  • Take a screenshot of the error message

If none of the HASP related issues listed above do not seem to be the problem in your case, contact Blancco's Technical Support team and remember to include the following information when submitting your issue ticket:

  • HASP key number (the number on the key chain).
  • What erasure software are you using? Make sure that you specify which product you are using. 
  • Also make sure that the licenses always need to match the used Blancco product.
hasp hl error 1009


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