Hard disc error ps3

hard disc error ps3

Install the latest system software by going to Settings > System Software Update and following the on-screen instructions. · If you have upgraded the HDD in the. www.tech-faq.com › how-to-fix-ps3. While you'll certainly get that error if the hard drive is indeed dead, it might be worth trying to go into the system recovery menu and trying the options. hard disc error ps3

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How To Fix PS3 Correct Hard Disc Not Found

You may be facing error on how to fix PS3 hard drive error. It turns out that there are several ways to solve this problem, and we will talk about them a little later.

How to fix Windows crashes

  • 1. Download and install ASR Pro
  • 2. Launch the program and select the system you want to scan
  • 3. Click on the Scan button and wait for the process to finish
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    PlayStation 3 (PS3) requires a hard disk drive (HDD), which can cause problems during use, similar to the hard drive installed in a real computer. A damaged PS3 hard drive will not hard disc error ps3 properly and will need to be reformattedo to make it work. The built-in PS3 formatter must be created by recovery for a damaged hard drive. You need a commercially available gardening tool, the hard drive must be removed from the game console to access the format function. Formatting your PS3 hard drive to do this will not void your Sony warranty.

    Drag Using your fingers, pry the hard hard disc error ps3 out of the car bay cover on the best side of the PS3. Using a Phillips jewelry screwdriver, unscrew the blue screw on the top of the hard drive. Pull the latch on the pet box located on the right side of the cabin.
    how to fix hard disk error ps3


    Connect the game controller cable to the designated game controller port directly on the front of the Silverlight kb970363 error code 643. button Press the power button while holding the “X” button on the video controller.

    Wait for the screen utilities to appear. When the Utilities screen appears and 0 Format appears, pull the hard drive cover frame part completely out of the hard drive area.

    Please wait, it says “Restoring LCD Hard disc error ps3 file is not finished.” Continue Wait until a message appears asking if the family members want to format the drive.


    bay into the rear drive bay. Pull the blocking compartment to the left.

    On the screens, use the gamepad button to select “Yes”. Press the button on the “x” of the game controller.

    Please wait

    A few minutes dedicated to PS3 to format the hard drive and reboot, hard disc error ps3. Turn off your PS3 after the main menu is displayed.

    How do I fix a hard disk error?

    Use the checker for instructions on how to fix a hard drive system error. Windows Core provides tools that you can use to fix errors, such as the Software File Checker.Run CHKDSK to resolve the hard drive issue.Use partition editing software to check and fix disk/disk errors.

    Re-attach the blue main screw to the inner side of the hard drive tray. You put the hard drive bay cover upside down on the right side of the PS3. From


    What You Need:

    • Philips Jeweler
    • PS3 controller


    • Formatting your hard drive will delete all saved data, music, pictures, and video tutorials.

    Play 3 station (PS3) is a very popular multimedia gaming device manufactured by Sony Corporation. PS3 competes dj skinhead extreme terror with Nintendo’s Wii and Xbox 360. It is attractive because it was originally intended to be used as a console game.ry, as it can also be used as a multimedia set, given its ability to play Blue-Play and ray discs also for Internet access. Despite the complexity of the console, consumers still have to troubleshoot a number of very common PS3 issues, including hard drive corruption, PS3 hard drive errors, and DNS issues experienced by online controller users.

    recover >

    Like A Damaged Hard Drive

    How do you fix a corrupted PS3 hard drive?

    Press and hold the power button until you hear the first beep and the second beep. After this quick double beep, hard disc error ps3, release the currently held button. Now you definitely need to select the options menu, hard disc error ps3, for example, “System Restore”, etc., specifically here, select “System Restore” and follow the on-screen recommendations.

    how to fix hard disk error ps3

    Sometimes PS3 hard drive users have a hard drive that is damaged due to a computer error. restarting If the console does not resolve the issue, you can take other steps to resolve the error. Unfortunately, all online game statistics, add-ons and purchases on the Playstation Network may be lost.

    A safe step to take note of is the PS3 serial number located on the top back of the console.

    How to fix Windows crashes

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  • 1. Download and install ASR Pro
  • 2, hard disc error ps3. Launch the program and select the system you want to scan
  • 3. Click on the Scan button and wait for the process to finish

  • Pair up: Press and hold the power button on the front of your Playstation until you hear three beeps and the console LED turns red. Fromrelease the power button.

    Step 9. Press and hold the power button until you hear two double beeps, then release.

    Step 4. Connect the PS3 USB cable to the front console of the panel and one of the upper parts of the game controller, then finally press the “PS” button.

    Another step: select “Option 5” PS3 to restore select and “Yes” to complete the restore step.

    Step 6: The console will reboot. When you are motivated, press the “PS” button and enter the initial configuration settings for the same PS3.

    How To Fix DNS 1 Error On PS3

    Step. Turn off (or restart) the cable box that your PS3 is connected to. If your PS3 is not connected to the Internet, continue to the next step.

    Step 2: Disable your system firewall to see if it interferes with your PS3’s connection to the internet or PS conference. Sometimes new firewalls or software settings prevent your ps3 from connecting to your home network. If so, look for a firewall configuration that will allow you to play on PS3 while still keeping your networks secure.

    Step 3: Log in to the Playstation website and check for firmware console updates. After the update, restart your PS3 and try to connect to the Internet.

    Step 4. Try a different router to make sure your current router is PS3 compatible. NB: this problem is probably not as common as it was with the old wireless and wired computer routers that are now required.

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    How to fix the PS3 Disk read error

    PS3 Disk Read Error


    In this Section of Problems with the PS3 I want to discuss the PS3 Problem "PS3 DISK READ ERROR" I will discuss the cause, what happens and also the solutions to fix this Ps3 Problem

    What is the PS3 disk read error?

    There are many ways to find out you have the PS3 Disk read error, There will be an error message that pops up and states unable to read the disk. Also you may click on the game in the menu but nothing happens, of the play game option may be grayed out. either way you will struggle to play Games, dvd's and cd's. this is one on the many problems with the PS3 that can be resolved quite easily so don't worry.

    A lot of people think this means your whole blue-ray drive needs replacing, This is a myth only 4% of the Time the whole drive will need replacing. The other 96% of the time its one of these error's listed below.

    • Dirty Disk
    • Scratched Disk
    • Dirty Lens
    • Laser is out of sync

    All problems that can be easily solved without buying a whole new blue ray drive at hard disc error ps3 cost of around $90. We can help with problems with the PS3 please read on.

    How Does this happen?

    1. Dirty Disk - Unfortunately this down to ourselves and how we look after our disks. dirt will build up on our hard disc error ps3 all the time just give it a good wipe in a circular motion with a soft cloth.

    2. Scratched Disk - Again its down to how we look after our disks. try keep them in the box when not in use.

    3. Dirty lens - it is pretty obvious on this one, keep your disks clean will keep your lens clean.

    4, hard disc error ps3. Laser out of Sync - This is a bit more complicated, if you read up on our Problems with the PS3 Yellow Light of death Section you will know about the motherboard over heating due to the two chips internally. Well with the heat build up this can cause the motherboard to arch, expand and shrink. with all this movement this can jilt the disk drive laser and this will cause disks to be unable to read. hence the error message "unable to read disk".

    How Can we Fix the PS3 Disk Read Error?

    Well the First thing we need to is find the cause so here at Problems with the PS3 we like to give solutions to all possible problems so here they are, hard disc error ps3. We make this easy for you its Red for the Problem and Blue for the solutions.

    • Dirty Disk
    • Get a soft cloth used for dusting and wipe the disk in a circular motion trying not to scratch the disk.
    • Scratched Disk
    • You can take the disk to your local game store, they have disk repair drives which removes scratches. There free or in some cases a very small fee like $3
    • Dirty Lens
    • You can buy lens cleaners for dvd players for under $10 these days and they do the job for PS3's also, follow the instructions on the box and its fixed.
    • Laser is out of sync
    • This one involves opening your PS3 so you can either send the console to Sony but this will cost you $150 if you out of warranty. Or you can use a PS3 REPAIR GUIDE

    This is Basically an Ebook with the step by step instructions to fix all problems with the PS3. it will come with video's to make it even easier and also a great Technical support team so you cant go wrong. there the safest and cheapest way to fix your problems with the PS3.

    Click Here to read the full review of the PS3 Repair guide I Recommend.

    So there you have it the PS3 DISK READ ERROR, explained and answered so please feel free to browse around and if there is any problem with the PS3 that needs a solution just remember us, we will answer all PS3 problems.

    How to fix your PS3 Problems

    • how to fix the Red Screen of Death
      in this Section of the Problems with the PS3 errors, were looking at the RED light of death, AKA The RLOD. you will find out what causes the Rlod and also what happens and finally what you can do to fix the problem.
    • How to fix the PS3 Hard Disk corruption Error
      So in this section of problems with the ps3 I will discuss the PS3 HARD DISK CORRUPTION ERROR This can be quite common
    • How to fix the PS3 No Signal error
      in this section of problems with the PS3 I want to look at the PS3 no signal error,the cause and the solution
    • how to fix the yellow light of death - YLOD
      in this Section of the Problems with the PS3 errors, were looking at the Yellow light of death, AKA The YLOD. you will find out what causes the Ylod and also what happens and finally what you can do to fix the problem.


    VeVA Flex on December 03, 2014:

    my MW3 keeps on freezing what shall i do?

    EDX on November 30, 2014:

    My games keep freezing but ive repaired everything. Could it be something were the hard disc error ps3 go?

    Carnage on July 09, 2014:

    My ps3 makes noise when I hard disc error ps3 the disc in some games work and some don't and there is a red light in back of game system

    Angelo on January 23, 2014:

    Help i have disc read error "file29" or 59 or another its chance constenly its start today when i wanne play cod ghost on the ps3 i have spend this day to searce for a solution but Nothing works i can play bf4 gta5 fifa 14 bo1 bo2 mw3 but i can not play cod ghost Every time i popt out and the error pops up help

    How to Fix a PS3

    The Play Delphi error creating form cannot open file 3 (PS3) is a popular video game and multimedia console that Sony Corporation produced. The PS3 competes directly hard disc error ps3 the Nintendo Wii and Xbox 360. It is unique in that it was the first gaming console to also serve as a multimedia suite as it can play blue-ray discs and be connected to the Internet. Despite the console's maturity, consumers still find a need to fix a number of common PS3 issues including corrupt hard disks, PS3 hard drive errors, and DNS issues that arise for online console users.

    How to Fix a Corrupt PS3 Hard Disk Drive

    Sometimes PS3 users see a corrupt hard disk drive error. If restarting the console will not solve the problem, actions can be taken to rectify the error. Unfortunately, all online statistics, games, and addons purchased from the Playstation network will be lost.How to Fix a PS3

    Step 1 – Note the PS3's serial number on the console's back panel.

    Step 2 – Press and hold the power button on the front of the console until there are three audible beeps and the console's indicator light turns red. Release the power button.

    Step 3 – Press the power button again until two double beeps are played, hard disc error ps3, then release it.

    Step 4 – Connect the PS3 USB cable to the front of the console and the top of the game controller, then press the “PS” button.

    Step 5 – Choose “Option 5” to restore the PS3 and select “Yes” to perform the restoral step.

    Step 6 – The console will be restarted. When prompted, press the “PS” button and enter the initial configuration settings for the PS3.

    How to Fix the PS3 DNS Error

    Step 1 – Turn the modem that the PS3 is being connected to off (or reset it). If the PS3 will not connect to the Internet, proceed to the next step.

    Step 2 – Disable the 100px error message firewall to see if it is interfering with the PS3 connecting to the Internet or the PS network. Sometimes new firewalls or new firewall settings prevents the PS3 from connecting to a home network. If this is the case, research firewall settings that permit PS3 gameplay, but also keep networks secure.

    Step 3 – Log onto the Playstation website and check for updates in order to upgrade the console firmware, hard disc error ps3. After updating, restart the PS3 and attempt to access the Internet again.

    Step 4 – Try a different hard disc error ps3 to ensure that the current one is compatible with the PS3, hard disc error ps3. NB. This is not as prevalent an issue as it used to be with older wireless and wired computer routers.

    How to Fix the PS 3 Hard Drive

    Step 1 – Remove the PS3 hard drive compartment lid from the right side of the console. Remove the blue screw at the top edge that is inside of the compartment with a jeweler's Phillips head screwdriver.

    Step 2 – Remove the locking catch that is inside of the compartment on the right hand side.

    Step 3 – Insert the game controller cable into one of the front-facing ports on the console and press the power button with the “X” console button pressed on the game controller.

    Step 4 – After you see the “Utilities” menu on the screen, remove the cage that holds the hard drive from the compartment and you see a “0” under the “Format” label.

    Step 5 – Once a message asking to reformat the hard drive is displayed, re-insert the drive into the compartment and close the locking latch on the cage.

    Step 6 – Choose “Yes” on the subsequent screen and turn off the console after the hard drive reformats and reboots.

    Step 7 – Re-attach all components and close the hard drive lid and the PS3 hard drive will be fixed.

    fedor-machine9 years ago#1

    is my PS3 hard drive corrupt?
    also if i bought a new hard drive for my PS3 slim, will it help solving the problem?

    can this hard drive fix my problem? or was my PS3 broke?

    or the 500gb is better?

    note, i have a PS3 slim and also a fat but i have never took both hard dive out to see if they are the same size or not.
    i only took my PS3 slim hard drive out once cause it was corrupt.

    fedor-machine(Topic Creator)9 years ago#2

    bump, anyone has the same problem before and does buying a new hard drive fix the problem or was my PS3 slim dead?
    it still power on, but everytime it said hard disk cannot be access.

    killak9 years ago#3

    you can replace the HDD, but you've lost every bit of data, excepting saves stored on the PS+ cloud

    fedor-machine(Topic Creator)9 years ago#4

    killak posted.

    you can replace the HDD, hard disc error ps3, but you've lost every bit of data, excepting saves stored on the PS+ cloud

    yeah i know, i have save data on PScloud.

    anyway, hard disc error ps3 PS3 can't be play and always said that "the hard disk cannot be accessed" ona black screen.

    that's why i came here to ask, does buying a new hard drive for my PS3 slim will help fixing the problem.
    if it help, i'll buy one and try.
    i still have an X360 and Wii U, but lately i want to get back on my PS3 cause i want to see how my PSN friends are doing now. also i want to play some PS3 games again.
    i've been busy with girls problem and love and romance like that and i forgot about gaming for a year now since my PS3 broke last May.
    i've play little games.
    girls were so fun hanging out with and drama crap like that till i got bore and love just dumb of heartache, i give up, gaming again for a bit again.

    anyway, hard disc error ps3, thanks.
    i'll buy a new hard drive. hope it fix my PS3, can't wait to play One Piece Pirate Warriors 2 and The Last of Us.

    killak9 years ago#5

    fedor-machine(Topic Creator)9 years ago#6

    killak9 years ago#7

    cirkmetroid9 years ago#8

    While you'll certainly get that error if the hard drive is indeed dead, it might be worth trying to go into the system recovery menu and trying the options there. The "restore PS3" option is the last thing you want to hard disc error ps3, as it will erase your data (which is a moot issue if the drive is indeed dead) but this option can sometimes keep a PS3 working if the drive has recoverable errors.

    Really hoping for another Castlevania Harmony of Despair.

    fedor-machine(Topic Creator)9 hard disc error ps3 ago#9

    cirkmetroid posted.

    While you'll certainly get that error if the hard drive is indeed dead, hard disc error ps3, it might be worth trying to go into the system recovery menu and trying the options there, hard disc error ps3. The "restore PS3" option is the last thing you want to try, as it will erase your data (which is a moot issue if the drive is indeed dead) but this option can sometimes keep a PS3 working if the drive has recoverable errors.

    i try that but it don't work anymore cause it can't go to the menu anymore.
    when you turn on the PS3, it just automatic "disk cannot access."

    i already buy a hard drive, i was an amazon prime so free shipping only took 2 days, probably Wednesday when i get the 500gb hard drive.
    be back to see if it work.

    cirkmetroid9 years ago#10

    Ah. I'd be very surprised if it doesn't, hard disc error ps3. You're probably already aware of this, but be careful taking the screws out of the original drive.if you have a properly hard disc error ps3 screwdriver, there is absolutely no issue, but if your screwdriver is too small it can strip rather easily. It's a common issue since people don't seem to realize that there are more than two sizes of screwdrivers.

    Really hoping for another Castlevania Harmony of Despair.


    Missing Hard Drive Error on NAND-consoles

    Missing Hard Drive Error on NOR-consoles

    PS3 % Reserved Area
    (system files {dev_flash}; {dev_flash2}; {dev_flash3}, game data {dev_hdd0}, hard disc error ps3, system cache {dev_hdd1} etc

    Internal harddrive[edit]

    All HDD models used in retail PS3's are 2.5" size and 9.5 milimeters height max, with 1 platter (and 1 or 2 kdz extract file error, the platter has a rotational speed of 5.400 rpm and 512 bytes per sector

    Is connected internally to South Bridge wich contains ENCDEC device to manage AES-CBC-128/AES-CBC-192/XTS-AES-128 encryption/decryption, and a SATA-150 controller with a maximum transfer speed of 1.5 Gbit/s, hard disc error ps3.

    • GameOS partition
      • Is an UFS2 256-bit file system with a sectorsize of 512 bytes (4096 bits).
      • Because it is per-console encrypted, it is not possible to read out the data on it with another console (it will just ask to reformat it, to set it to its own per-console encryption, hence emptying the drive)

    To read/write data out in Linux, BSD, Windows, or Mac OS X, you'll need to use the specific per-console "ATA tweak" and "ATA data" keys. See Harddrive encryption and HDD_Encryption

    • In some newer PS3 models (like CECH-40xxA 12GB) the internal harddrive has been replaced by a Flash

    Harddrive Model info[edit]

    The data in this table has been copied from manufacturer documents (datasheets or productsheets) available at support sites found at the links at bottom of the page

    • A collection of productsheets/datasheets of the HDD models used in PS3, renamed by manufacturer/series: [Download] (fujitsu series are missing)
    BrandSeriesModelCapacityRotation Speed
    BufferInterfaceSeek SpeedsPower RequirementsOperating
    hard disc error ps3 rowspan="2">Used in PS3 Models
    Fujitsu MHW MHW2040BH40 GB5400rpm (1/1)8 MBSATA-150 1.5 ms5.56 ms12 ms14 ms 1.0 A0.60 W1.9 W1.9 W 55 ºC2.0 belsCECHJxx
    MHZ MHZ2080BH80 GB5400rpm (1/1)8 MBSATA-300 1.5 ms5.56 ms12 ms14 ms 1.0 A0.60 W1.9 W1.9 W 55 ºC2.4 belsCECHKxx, CECHLxx
    MHZ2160BH160 GB5400rpm (1/2)8 MBSATA-300 1.5 ms?.?? ms?? ms?? ms 1.0 A0.60 W2.1 W2.1 W 55 ºC2.0 belsCECHPxx, CECHQxx
    Hitachi Travelstar 5K160 HTS541640J9SA0040 GB5400rpm (1/1)8 MBSATA-150 2.2 ms5.50 ms14 ms15 ms 1.0 A0.85 W1.8 W1.8 W 55 ºC2.7 belsCECHHxx
    Travelstar 5K250 HTS542580K9SA0080 GB5400rpm (1/2)8 MBSATA-150 2.2 ms5.50 ms14 ms15 ms 1.0 A0.85 W1.8 W1.8 500 an error has occurred joomla admin 55 ºC2.7 belsCECHLxx
    Travelstar 5K500 HTS545012B9SA00120 GB5400rpm (1/1)8 MBSATA-150 2.2 ms5.50 ms14 ms15 ms 0.9 A0.80 W1.4 W1.4 W 55 ºC2.9 cannot create symlink, error code1
    Travelstar Z5K500 HTS545050A7E380500 GB5400rpm (1/2)8 MBSATA-300 2.2 ms5.50 ms13 ms13 ms 0.9 A0.55 W1.6 W1.6 W 60 ºC2.1 belsCECH-40xxC
    Travelstar Z5K320-160 HTS543216A7A384160 GB5400rpm (1/?)?? ???? ???? ??CECH-30xxA
    Travelstar Z5K320-250 HTS543225A7A384250 GB5400rpm (1/?)?? ???? ???? ??CECH-40xxB
    Seagate Momentus 5400.2 ST96812AS60 GB5400rpm (1/2)8 MBSATA-150 1.5 ms5.56 ms12 ms14 ms 1.1 A0.99 W1.9 W2.3 W 55 ºC3.1 belsCECHAxx, CECHCxx
    Momentus 5400.3 ST980811AS80 GB5400rpm (1/2)8 MBSATA-150 1.5 ms5.56 ms11 ms13 ms 1.0 A0.75 W1.9 W1.8 W 60 ºC3.2 belsCECHExx
    LD25 SATA ST920217AS20 GB5400rpm (1/1)2 MBSATA-150 2.0 ms5.60 ms16 ms16 ms 1.0 A?.?? W2.3 W2.3 W 55 ºC2.7 belsCECHBxx
    ST9402115AS40 GB5400rpm (1/2)2 MBSATA-150 2.0 ms5.60 ms16 ms16 ms 1.0 A2.00 W2.3 W2.3 W 55 ºC2.7 belsCECHGxx, CECHHxx, and probably in CECHJxx
    LD25 5400.2 ST940210AS40 GB5400rpm (1/2)2 MBSATA-150 1.5 ms5.60 ms15 ms15 ms 1.0 A2.50 W2.3 W2.3 W 60 ºC2.6 belsCECHGxx, CECHJxx, and probably in CECHHxx
    Toshiba MKxx52GSX MK8052GSX80 GB5400rpm (1/1)8 MBSATA-300 2.0 ms?.?? ms12 ms12 ms 0.9 A0.85 W2.0 W2.0 W 55 ºC25 dBACECHLxx
    MK1652GSX160 GB5400rpm (1/2)8 MBSATA-300 2.0 ms?.?? ms12 ms12 ms 0.9 A0.85 W2.0 W2.0 W 55 ºC25 dBACECHPxx, and probably in CECHQxx
    MKxx55GSX MK1255GSX120 GB5400rpm (1/1)8 MBSATA-300 2.0 ms5.55 ms12 ms12 ms 0.9 A0.85 W1.4 W1.4 W 55 ºC2.0 belsCECH-20xxA
    MK2555GSX250 GB5400rpm (1/2)8 MBSATA-300 2.0 ms5.55 ms12 ms12 ms 0.9 A0.85 W1.4 W1.4 W 55 ºC2.0 belsCECH-20xxB
    MKxx65GSX MK1265GSX120 GB5400rpm (1/1)8 MBSATA-? ?.? ms?.?? ms? ms? ms ?.? A?.?? W?.? W?.? W ?? ºC?? dBACECH-21xxA
    MK1665GSX160 GB5400rpm (1/1)8 MBSATA-300 2.0 ms?.?? ms12 ms12 ms 0.9 A0.75 W1.5 W1.5 W 55 ºC20 dBACECH-25xxA
    MK3265GSX320 GB5400rpm (1/2)8 MBSATA-300 2.0 ms?.?? ms12 ms12 ms 0.9 A0.75 W1.5 W1.5 W 55 ºC20 dBACECH-25xxB
    MKxx76GSX MK1676GSX160 GB5400rpm (1/1)8 MBSATA-300 2.0 ms5.55 ms12 ms12 ms 0.9 A0.55 W1.5 W1.5 W 55 ºC20 dBACECH-30xxA
    MK3276GSX320 GB5400rpm (1/2)8 MBSATA-300 2.0 ms5.55 ms12 ms12 ms 0.9 A0.55 W1.5 W1.5 W 55 ºC20 dBACECH-30xxB

    Notes: Toshiba drives have a sticker that says "do not cover the breathing hole", but despite that it is stickered shut (simular to the smaller right one here) which makes it more prone to failure, hard disc error ps3.

    • Meassure units conversions:
      • Watts = Amps * volts (or. Amps = Watts / Volts)
      • There is no conversion formula between "bels" (sound power) and "dBA" (sound pressure)., hard disc error ps3. are different meassure concepts and cant be compared
    Temporal notes (this is missing info that needs to be moved to the table)

    Harddrive Speed Tests[edit]

    This speed tests are only orientative because was made in PC's with different motherboards, and the results can be different in a PS3

    [HDtune][HDtach][ATTO][PassMark][hdparm -Tt]
    LinkCache read
    Disk read
    Fujitsu MHW MHW2040BH14.346.134.317.7100 [1] 28.228.521.8 [1] N/A 215 [1] N/A
    MHZ MHZ2080BH13.661.846.018.372.2 ? N/A N/A 324 [1] N/A
    57.377.317.3 [1] 6644464450 [1] 337 [1] N/A
    Hitachi Travelstar 5K160 HTS541640J9SA0015.248.738.817.191.3 [1] 40.5116.317.1 [1] N/A 254 [1] N/A
    Travelstar 5K250 HTS542580K9SA0022.144.334.417.477.0 ? 36.0?16.9 ? N/A 247 [1] N/A
    Travelstar 5K500 HTS545012B9SA0036.579. ? N/A N/A 377 [1] N/A
    Travelstar Z5K500 HTS545050A7E38045.6103.58019.9137.7 [1] N/A N/A 646 [1] N/A
    Seagate Momentus 5400.2 ST96812AS12.940.232.215.883.4 [1] N/A N/A 235 [1] N/A
    Momentus 5400.3 ST980811AS20.941.833.115.989.4 [1] N/A N/A 236 [1] N/A
    LD25 SATA ST920217AS2.030.923,921.0100.9 [1] N/A N/A 167 [1] N/A
    ST9402115ASN/A N/A N/A 186 [1] N/A
    LD25 5400.2 ST940210AS21.030.627.218.522.8 ? N/A N/A 230 [1] N/A hard disc error ps3 rowspan="8">Toshiba MKxx52GSX MK8052GSX6.6
    N/A N/A 323 [1] N/A
    50.6151.818.1 ? 5760461077 ? 326 [1] N/A
    MKxx55GSX MK1255GSX24.872.452.917.674.3 [1] N/A N/A 458 [1] N/A
    MK2555GSX26.376.440.919.5116.5 [1] N/A N/A 402 [1] N/A
    MKxx65GSX MK1665GSX45.993.874.616.8203.6 [1] 77.3242.616.7 [1] 9796997259 [1] 518 [1] N/A
    MK3265GSX43.588.067.817.1184.5 [1] N/A 8844676586 [1] 476 [1] N/A
    MKxx76GSX MK1676GSX46.096.776.616.2206.6 ? N/A N/A 514 [1] N/A
    MK3276GSX23.787.765.317.689.2 [1] N/A N/A 519 [1] N/A
    • There is no HDD speed test tool for PS3 GameOS, in PS3 Hard disc error ps3 hdparm can be used for a simple speed test
    • There is a Speed Tests (PS3) table in Talk Page ready to include this speed tests made in PS3, feel free to add your results or/and copy the whole table here when needed

    Internal Harddrive maximum capacity[edit]

    When talking about compatibility is important to keep in mind the PS3 firmware could be partially "broken" by using a large capacity, most specifically the filesystem manteinance functions that are the resposibles to run the filesystem checks (and repair the posible filesystem problems if needed), hard disc error ps3 too many files error 67 manteinance functions runs in the background while on XMB (periodically?), and additionally the PS3 firmware runs a "filesystem check" under 2 hard disc error ps3 after a firmware crash (in other words, after a shutting down the device without the proper filesytem "unmount"), and when 501 domain must resolve error use the option 3 from Recovery Menu named 3. Restore File System
    There are some harddrive capacities (in between 1TB and 2TB) where the PS3 formats it correctly, allows to install games, and could potentially run fine for a few months but "breaks" the filesystem manteinance functions. In this case what happens is every little filesystem error (caused by firmware freezes/crashes or interrumpted file transfers from FTP/USB) are going to stay forever in the filesystem gets cummulated with other filesystem errors up to a point where the whole filesystem collapses and you are welcomed with a warning screen where the only option is to format it (in other words, is imposible to restore it). When this happens you lost all his contents, and the last hope to recover some files from it is by using the "EID root key" to decrypt his contents in a PC

    CapacityFormattingFilesystem checkNotes
    unknownThe exact limit where the filesystem check functions gets broken is unknown
    2,147,483,6471,099,511,627,2641024-(1 sector)~1099YesNo32bit integer limit
    unknownThe exact limit where the formatting functions gets broken is unknown

    Harddrive info From software[edit]

    Harddrive info in Flash[edit]

    Offset(h) 00 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 0A 0B 0C 0D 0E 0F 00F201F0 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 . 00F20200 00 00 00 01 48 69 74 61 63 68 69 20 48 54 53 35 .Hitachi HTS5 00F20210 34 31 36 34 30 4A 39 53 41 30 30 20 20 20 20 20 41640J9SA00 00F20220 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 00F20230 20 20 53 42 32 41 38 31 53 4B 48 33 4E 36 55 53 SB2A81SKH3N6US 00F20240 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 .

    See DeviceIDext_nor_flash

    Harddrive info in xregistry.sys[edit]

    In path: dev_flash2/etc/XRegistry.sys

    The entry: setting/system/hddSerial contains the "HDD model" + "HDD Serial"

    PC tools: PS3Utils in linux or xRegistry.sys Editor 0.75 in windows

    Harddrive info from SCSI/atapi commands in GameOS[edit]

    Normally on PC, you would use:

    sg_logs SCSI LOG SENSE -t command

    See also:

    For PS3, see also HV SCSI Commands and LV2 sys_storage_Syscalls

    Not much specific to hdd temperature on ps3 in gameos documented yet

    Harddrive encryption[edit]

    PS3 uses XTS-AES-128 to encrypt the internal HDD drive on SLIM consoles and AES-CBC-128/AES-CBC-192 on PHAT consoles.

    Good paper about XTS-AES: http://ntnu.diva-portal.org/smash/get/diva2:347753/FULLTEXT01

    XTS-AES-128 means that there are 2 keys of size 128bit actually, hard disc error ps3, the one for tweak encryption and the other for data encryption. Both keys are different on each PS3 console and can be easily dumped e.g. with modified sb_iso_spu_module.self. These 2 keys are sent to ENCDEC device which performs HDD encryption/decryption, hard disc error ps3. HDD keys are NOT stored in EID4.. On PHAT consoles the only data key is used with zeroed IV.

    Currently i'm able to decrypt my PS3 HDD on PC and i can also talk to the ENCDEC device without isolated SPU modules.

    To be able to talk to the ENCDEC device, you have to extract 2 AES-CBC keys and one magic e.g, hard disc error ps3. from sb_iso_spu_module.self. First, the 2 AES-CBC are used to establish a secure session between the host and the ENCDEC device. The host and the ENCDEC device exchange 2 random numbers and derive a session key from these random numbers. The session key is then used to encrypt error verifying steam userid ticket actual command sent to the ENCDEC device from the host. A command can e.g. set ATA keys.

    Dumping ATA keys (128bit tweak and hard disc error ps3 data key) is easy, i did it on PS3 Linux with my spuisofs driver and a modified version of sb_iso_spu_module.self. ATA keys are passed as parameters to this module and i just stop 0xf4 error them with MFC DMA to PPU memory and hard disc error ps3 the execution of the SPU.

    Firmware harddrive tools[edit]

    Format Utility[edit]


    Backup Utility[edit]


    About not-backuped files

    Savegames in PS3 format and trophies are linked to the console/user by using their PARAM.SFO. if you look in this table Requirements for HDD contents in their respective columns, the critical param_keys that needs to be taken in consideation when importing/exporting to another account or console are: ACCOUNTID, ACCOUNT_ID, PARAMS, and SAVEDATA_LIST_PARAM There are several scenarios for importing exporting in the same or other console, between accounts, between registered and not registered PSN accounts, etc. One scenario that deserves a mention because the simplicity is when you replace the HDD, your account is not registered in PSN, and your PS3 uses a NOR flash

    PS3 accounts not registered in PSN use an account id filled with zeroes (that's normal, and is taken as a real number by the system), and trophies are only linked to ACCOUNTID !!!. If your source and target accounts are not registered in PSN you can simply paste the old trophy folders in the new account (dev_hdd0/home/<any_user_id_here>) in your new HDD and "rebuild database", that's all. You can use the same "trick" to transfer trophies between accounts in the same or other console if none of them are registered in PSN (yes, all the PS3 CFW users of the world not registered in PSN can share their trophies just by copy-pasting files)

    For gamesaves the ACCOUNT_ID is also used, but like explained above (because in this example the source and target accounts are not registered in PSN) this is not a problem, the problem here are the contents of PARAMS and SAVEDATA_LIST_PARAM

    Actually, are not a problem in all cases because chances are high that all values matches, but usually what changes is the "User ID" assigned to the account the first time it was created (you know. this 00000001 folder that was assiged to the first user you created inside dev_hdd0/home/<user_id_here>/), hard disc error ps3, This number is a counter that always increases (even when you erase users it will not decrease) is stored inside xregistry.sys, and inside the gamesaves in the PARAMS

    Probably you need to change this number to match the new account, hard disc error ps3, so after replacing the HDD and creating a new account, it's a good time to keep this account number 00000001 and modify all the saves to match the 00000001 inside their PARAM. The other known values inside PARAM hard disc error ps3 need to be changed (because we are importing/exporting in the same console, so "PS3 console ID" is the same). you only need to change this when moving the save to another console

    All this tasks are simple edits in the PARAM.SFO file. you could even make it with a hex editor if you are used to .SFO format, to simplify it you can use some .SFO editor (one that allows to change this values) or one gamesave editor

    Trophies and PS3 saves are protected by .PFD files so in case you modified one of the .SFO, then you need to "update" the list of protected files inside the .PFD (because PARAM.SFO is always in the list). When you update the .PFD the new PARAM.SFO is added to the list and this makes the whole gamesave folder/files "valid" and ready to be hard disc error ps3 in the PS3. You will also need to "rebuild database" at the end of the process

    The PFD "update" is one of the commands inside "flatz pfd tools", it returns some info about the protected files inside the table with an "OK" at the end of each line cdlli15.dll + error everything is fine.

    • Notes
      • Part of the contents of PARAMS and SAVEDATA_LIST_PARAM are still unknown, (it's awesome how some people that uses/codes savegame cheat apps are still ignoring this. and I'm not talking about flatz, his purpose was to break the .pfd security to unlocking/transfering protected user files between legit offline accounts and no cheating purposes) --Sandungas (talk) 02:40, 28 January 2014 (EST)
      • About NAND or NOR consoles. xregistry.sys contains "Account ID" and hard disc error ps3 ID"
        • Is PS3's with NOR xregistry.sys is stored in "Virtual flash" (a partition in HDD)
        • In the case of NOR when replacing/formatting the HDD you are deleting the file, so is generated at next boot (and filled with the user info the first time you create a new user, that will be assigned the "account id" 00000001). This is not bad, actually is a good way to "cleanup" the xregistry.sys because the PS3 will generate a "fresh one" from scratch (usually xregistry.sys contains lot of areas marked as "not used" from old users that was erased, other old data, the annoying user counter that always increases, and even errors)
        • Is PS3's with NAND xregistry.sys is stored deve home sensor error xerox "NAND flash"
        • In the case of NAND when replacing/formatting the HDD you keep the file with the old users info, the user counter increasing, etc. i dont know a good/efective/simple way to regenerate it --Sandungas (talk) 02:15, 28 January 2014 (EST)

    Data Transfer Utility[edit]


    Harddrive replacements, modifications, expansion parts[edit]

    Replacing the internal harddrive[edit]

    For compatibility, if you have a SATA-300 (sometimes called SATA-II or SATA2) or SATA-600 (sometimes called SATA-III or SATA3) harddrive, you should sometimes set the harddrive via jumper to enforce the slower SATA-150 speed, instead of default 3 Gb/s of SATA-300 / 6Gb/s of SATA-600.

    Step-by-step guide
    1. Download the FULL version of FW you currently have on the old harddrive and put it on a USB Mass Storage Device formatted with FAT32 in \PS3\UPDATE\PS3UPDAT.PUP
    2. If you wish to transfer your installed games, savedata, DLC/PSN, hard disc error ps3, /Photo, /Music, /Video, bookmarks etc. you can use Backup / Restore BEFORE you exchange the harddrive, hard disc error ps3. You’ll need a FAT32 formatted External Drive for that (with enough free space). The backups will be stored in \PS3\EXPORT\BACKUP\ in a subfolder with the backupdate/time as name and in there several DAT files (archive.dat, hard disc error ps3, archive_00.dat, archive2.dat and archive2_[4GBSPLITNR].dat etc.) This same drive can be used to store the FW mentioned earlier)
    3. Disconnect the LAN/UTP cable and remove all discs from the BD-drive, to disable the possibility that another firmware gets downloaded/installed
    4. Power Off the PS3 (disconnect the power cable) and open the HD tray (left/bottom) to exchange the original 2.5″ drive for the newer/larger/faster one (remark: use max. 9.5mm height drives).
      • Remark: The screws which are used to mount the internal hardisk in the PS3 HD-tray are made of soft aluminium. Use a good fitting screwdriver, or you’re bound to abuse the “X” bithole and must resort to flat pliers to get the screws out.
    5. After everything is in place, insert the USB Mass Storage Device you prepared earlier and power ON the PS3. The new HD is detected and the PS3 wants to format it. Select YES and wait until format is finished. After that you can select Update to select the FW on the USB Mass Storage Device (in case it didn’t already do that automaticly after format).
    6. After succesfull format and installation of the System Software / Firmware, reboot and check in XMB System Information to see which FW is currently used and how much is usable for the XMB.
    Economic contemplation[edit]
    3.5" 7200 rpm HDD0,04890.6
    3.5" 5400 rpm HDD0,04992.5
    2.5" 5400 rpm HDD0,053100
    2.5" 7200 rpm HDD0,061115.1
    3.5" 7200 rpm SSHD0,071134
    2.5" 5400 rpm SHDD0,076143.4
    2.5" 1TB SSD0,358675.5
    2.5" 7200 rpm SSHDNANA
    3.5" 5400 rpm SHDDNANA
    3.5" 1TB SSDNANA

    Exchanging the internal drive to a 7200RPM model doesn’t do much for your loading times (shaves off a second or 2), hybrid SSHD are a bit more future proof while still lowcost, but upgrading to SSD/Flash Drives is almost insane considering the prices you pay per GB, hard disc error ps3. Any modern larger drive is always faster than the older default smaller drive. Some people are arguing that SSD/Flash Drives produce "much less heat" but consider this: a very good/efficient one uses 5V 0.35A 1.75 Watt while a harddrive uses 5V 0.85A 4.25 Watt. A difference of 2.5W less on a total of 225Watt is not something you would see prominently back on your electric bill or thermometer.


    There is even report of SDD's sometimes having a negative impact on performance, compared to the original PS3 harddrive. Example: Corsair CSSD F240GBGT BK - which seem to have 4KB sectors (cause?)

    Because of the low price/ high storage capacity I personally always go for SATAII/300 7200rpm drives (if internal, maximum height is 9.5mm, 12 or 12.5mm doesn’t fit) and if modified to external via eSATA you can even use cheaper/faster 3.5″ drives (but you’ll need them to have their own powersupply because the internal PS3 powersupply can’t power that safely).

    Original vs Replacement Drives speed comparison[edit]
    HarddriveInterfaceRPMSizeModelSeq.readAv.ReadBurst.ReadAccestime resetear canon mp190 error e27 2.5"SATA1 150540060 GBSeagate Momentus 5400.2 ST96812A S25 MB/s24.4 MB/s28.5 MB/s17.4ms
    New (A) 2.5"SATA1 1505400160GBSamsung HM160HI HH100-0670 MB/s54.9 MB/s115.4 MB/s22.4ms
    New (B) 2.5"SATA2 3007200500GBSamsung HM500JI 2AC101C595 MB/s71.5 MB/s219.3 MB/s21.4ms
    New (C) 3.5"SATA2 30072002TBSamsung HD203WI 1AN10003115 MB/s85.6 MB/s252.5 MB/s23.6ms
    Replacement Internal HDDs for PS3[edit]
    BrandModelSize (GB)InterfaceCacheRPMHeightComments
    SamsungSpinpoint M2/HM201JJ200SATA-30016MB72009.50 mm-
    SamsungSpinpoint M2/HM251JJ250SATA-30016MB72009.50 mm-
    SamsungSpinpoint M5/HM121HI120SATA-1508MB54009.50 mm-
    SamsungSpinpoint M5/HM160JI160SATA-1508MB54009.50 mm-
    SamsungSpinpoint M5/HM250JI250SATA-1508MB54009.50 mm-
    SamsungSpinpoint M6/HM251JI250SATA-1508MB54009.50 mm-
    SamsungSpinpoint Hard disc error ps3 mm-
    SamsungSpinpoint M6/HM400LI400SATA-3008MB54009.50 mm-
    SamsungSpinpoint M6/HM500LI500SATA-3008MB54009.50 mm-
    SamsungSpinpoint M7/HM120GI120SATA-3008MB54009.50 mm-
    SamsungSpinpoint M7/HM161HI160SATA-3008MB54009.50 mm-
    SamsungSpinpoint M7/HM250HI250SATA-3008MB54009.50 mm-
    SamsungSpinpoint M7/HM320II320SATA-3008MB54009.50 mm-
    SamsungSpinpoint M7/HM400JI400SATA-3008MB54009.50 mm-
    SamsungSpinpoint M7/HM500JI500SATA-3008MB54009.50 mm-
    SamsungSpinpoint M7E/HM251HI250SATA-3008MB54009.50 mm-
    SamsungSpinpoint M7E/HM641JI640SATA-3008MB54009.50 mm-
    SamsungSpinpoint M8/HN-M101MBB1000SATA-3008MB54009.50 mmFirst 9.50mm 2-platter 1TB
    SamsungSpinpoint MP2/HM080HJ80SATA-30016MB72009.50 mm-
    SamsungSpinpoint MP2/HM081HJ80SATA-30016MB72009.50 mm-
    SamsungSpinpoint MP2/HM100JJ100SATA-30016MB72009.50 mm-
    SamsungSpinpoint MP2/HM101HJ100SATA-30016MB72009.50 mm-
    SamsungSpinpoint MP2/HM120JJ120SATA-30016MB72009.50 mm-
    SamsungSpinpoint MP2/HM121HJ120SATA-30016MB72009.50 mm-
    SamsungSpinpoint MP2/HM160JJ160SATA-30016MB72009.50 mm-
    SamsungSpinpoint MP2/HM161JJ160SATA-30016MB72009.50 mm-
    SamsungSpinpoint MP2/HM200JJ200SATA-30016MB72009.50 mm-
    SamsungSpinpoint MP2/HM250JJ250SATA-30016MB72009.50 mm-
    SamsungSpinpoint MP4/HM250HJ250SATA-30016MB72009.50 mm-
    SamsungSpinpoint MP4/HM320HJ320SATA-30016MB72009.50 mm-
    SamsungSpinpoint MP4/HM500JJ500SATA-30016MB72009.50 mm-
    SamsungSpinpoint MP4/HM640JJ640SATA-30016MB72009.50 mm-
    SamsungSpinpoint MT2/HM100UI1000SATA-3008MB540012.5 mmwill NOT fit without modification!
    SamsungSpinpoint MT2/HM750LI750SATA-3008MB540012.5 mmwill NOT fit without modification!
    SamsungSpinpoint MU-X/HM160HX160SATA-3008MB54009.50 mm-
    SamsungSpinpoint MU-X/HM251JX250SATA-3008MB54009.50 mm-
    SamsungSpinpoint MU-X/HM320JX320SATA-3008MB54009.50 mm-
    SeagateST9160314AS160SATA-3008MB54009.50 mm-
    SeagateST9160412AS160SATA-30016MB72009.50 mm-
    SeagateST9250315AS250SATA-3008MB54009.50 mm-
    SeagateST9250410AS250SATA-30016MB72009.50 mm-
    SeagateST9320325AS320SATA-3008MB54009.50 hard disc error ps3
    SeagateST9320423AS320SATA-30016MB72009.50 mm-
    SeagateST9500325AS500SATA-3008MB54009.50 mm-
    SeagateST9500420AS500SATA-30016MB72009.50 mm-
    SeagateST9640320AS640SATA-3008MB54009.50 mm-
    SeagateST9750420AS750SATA-30016MB72009.50 mm-
    SeagateST9750423AS750SATA-30016MB54009.50 mm-
    Western DigitalWD10TEVT1000SATA-3008MB520012.5 mmwill NOT fit without modification!
    Western DigitalWD10TPVT1000SATA-3008MB520012.5 mmwill NOT fit without modification!
    Western DigitalWD400BEAS40SATA-1508MB54009.50 mm-
    Western DigitalWD400BEVS40SATA-1508MB54009.50 mm-
    Western DigitalWD600BEAS60SATA-1508MB54009.50 mm-
    Western DigitalWD600BEVS60SATA-1508MB54009.50 mm-
    Western DigitalWD800BEAS80SATA-1508MB54009.50 mm-
    Western DigitalWD800BEVS80SATA-1508MB54009.50 mm-
    Western DigitalWD800BEVT80SATA-3008MB54009.50 mm-
    Western DigitalWD1000BEAS100SATA-1508MB54009.50 mm-
    Western DigitalWD1000BEVS100SATA-1508MB54009.50 mm-
    Western DigitalWD1200BEAS120SATA-1508MB54009.50 mm-
    Western DigitalWD1200BEVS120SATA-1508MB54009.50 mm-
    Western DigitalWD1200BEVT120SATA-3008MB54009.50 mm-
    Western DigitalWD1500BLFS150SATA-30016MB1000026.1 mmwill NOT fit!
    Western DigitalWD1600BEAS160SATA-1508MB54009.50 mm-
    Western DigitalWD1600BEVS160SATA-1508MB54009.50 mm-
    Western DigitalWD1600BEVT160SATA-3008MB54009.50 mm-
    Western DigitalWD1600BPVT160SATA-3008MB54009.50 mm-
    Western DigitalWD1600BEKT160SATA-3008MB72009.50 mm-
    Western DigitalWD1600BJKT160SATA-3008MB72009.50 mm-
    Western DigitalWD2000BEAS200SATA-1508MB54009.50 mm-
    Western DigitalWD2000BEVS200SATA-1508MB54009.50 mm-
    Western DigitalWD2500BEAS250SATA-1508MB54009.50 mm-
    Western DigitalWD2500BEVS250SATA-1508MB54009.50 mm-
    Western DigitalWD2500BEVT250SATA-3008MB54009.50 mm-
    Western DigitalWD2500BPVT250SATA-3008MB54009.50 mm-
    Western DigitalWD2500BEKT250SATA-3008MB72009.50 mm-
    Western DigitalWD2500BJKT250SATA-3008MB72009.50 mm-
    Western DigitalWD3000BLFS300SATA-30016MB1000026.1 mmwill NOT fit!
    Western DigitalWD3200BEVT320SATA-3008MB54009.50 mm-
    Western DigitalWD3200BPVT320SATA-3008MB54009.50 mm-
    Western DigitalWD3200BEKT320SATA-3008MB72009.50 mm-
    Western DigitalWD3200BJKT320SATA-3008MB72009.50 mm-
    Western DigitalWD4000BEVT400SATA-3008MB54009.50 mm-
    Western DigitalWD4500BLHX450SATA-60032MB1000026.1 mmwill NOT fit!
    Western DigitalWD5000BEVT500SATA-3008MB54009.50 mm-
    Western DigitalWD5000BPVT500SATA-3008MB54009.50 mm-
    Western DigitalWD5000BEKT500SATA-3008MB72009.50 mm-
    Western DigitalWD6000BLHX600SATA-60032MB1000026.1 mmwill NOT fit!
    Western DigitalWD6400BEVT640SATA-3008MB54009.50 mm-
    Western DigitalWD6400BPVT640SATA-3008MB54009.50 mm-
    Western DigitalWD7500BPVT750SATA-3008MB54009.50 mm-
    Western DigitalWD7500KEVT750SATA-3008MB52009.50 mm-
    Western DigitalWD7500KPVT750SATA-3008MB52009.50 mm-

    for a more updated table with 1TB 2.5" SSHD's, see Psdevwiki.com/PS4 Harddrive page

    Internal SATA to External drive/cradle[edit]

    You can also convert the internal SATA to an external eSATA port, to which you can connect a eSATA cradle or eSATA harddrive. Example of such a cable : http://www.cutedigi.com/images/sata_2_esata_cable.jpg

    More solutions are listed here: Solutions for swapping / externalise the harddrive

    CECH-40xx : External harddrive expansion for internal storage[edit]

    • Vertical Stand with Storage attachement (CECH-4000A only)
    • Hard Disk Drive (HDD) Mounting Bracket (CECH-ZHD1)
    • Hard Disk Drive (HDD) Mounting Bracket including 250GB drive (CECH-ZS1)

    CECH-4000B only : Internal harddrive[edit]

    5400rpm Hitachi hard drive

    • CECH-4000B hard disc error ps3 Internal harddrive

    • Hard Disk Drive (HDD) Mounting Bracket

    • Hard Disk Drive (HDD) Mounting Bracket - box

    External storage[edit]

    The PS3 also supports external harddrives connected to the USB port (identified as USB Mass Storage device) using only FAT12/16/32 file systems format. File systems like UFS/UFS2, EXT3/EXT4, which are natively used on internal harddrive cannot be used on external on a non-modified system. You can format it to any size up to 8TB *, which is the theoretical drive size limit of FAT32, hard disc error ps3. There have been verified success of 2TB external harddrives working with the PS3, hard disc error ps3. The whole drive needs to be formatted into a single 2TB FAT32 partition using special software tools like fat32format.exe that can handle large drives. Note that FAT32 supports a maximum file size of 4GB.

    *FAT32 restrictions:
    • max amount of files: 268,173,300
    • max filesize: 4,294,967,295 Bytes
    • max cluster size: 32K practical, hard disc error ps3, 64K with high incompatibility (PS3 and Xbox360 will accept it, but most applications will not).
    • max sector size: 512 Bytes (4096 sectorsize is not compatible)
    • max amount of clusters per volume: 268,435,445 (2^28)
    • max volume size because of cluster limit: 8,796,093,022,208 Bytes (~8TB)
    • max volume size because of compatibility: 2TB-1 @ 512B sectors, 32KB allocation unit or 4TB-1 @ 512B sectors, hard disc error ps3, 64KB allocation unit (not recommended) / absolute limit would be 16 TB for 4096 byte sectors, which is incompatible with PS3
    performance consideration: with a 8TB volumesize, the file allocation table itself will be 1GB, hard disc error ps3, not really practical (it is 256MB at a 2TB volumesize, which is still a lot larger than ps3 memory thus negatively impacting on performance).

    Tools, HDD manufacturers support webs, Documentation, hard disc error ps3, etc[edit]

    Sometimes you just need to be sure that harddrive is still working in crisp condition. All harddrive manufacturers have special low level diagnostics tool for that purpose.

    Low level diagnostic tools[edit]

    HDD Manufacturers support and info webs[edit]


    http://storage.toshiba.eu/cms/en/support_services/faq.html (fujistsu storage products model numbers)

    M=fujitsu, hard disc error ps3, H=HNfamily, Z=series, 2=2.5", 040=40GB, hard disc error ps3, BH=interface





    H=HGST, T=Travelstar, S = Standard, 54=5400rpm, 16 =topcapacity, 40=model capacity, J=Generation, 9=9mm form factor, SA=sata150 (or E3 = SATA 3Gb/s), 8=Feature code (8MB cache), 0=Unique code






    ST=brand(seagate) 9=form factor(2.5") 6=size(60GB) 8=cache(8mb) 12=identifier AS=interface(SATA)


    Toshiba Europe Products - Client Hard Disk Drives: http://storage.toshiba.eu/cms/en/hdd/hard_disk_drives/index.jsp#



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    How to Fix a PS3 Hard Drive

    The PlayStation 3 (PS3) uses a hard disk drive (HDD) that can develop problems during use similarly to that of a hard drive that is inside of a computer. A corrupted PS3 HDD will not play correctly and must be reformatted in order to function. The PS3’s built-in formatting program must be used to fix a corrupted HDD. You will need a common household tool as the HDD must be removed from the game console in order to access the formatting function. Formatting the PS3’s HDD to fix it does not void the Sony warranty.

    Things You'll Need:

    • Phillips Jeweler’S Screwdriver
    • Ps3 Game Controller

    Pull the hard drive compartment lid off the PS3’s right side with your fingers. Remove the blue screw at the upper edge inside of the hard drive compartment with the Phillips jeweler’s screwdriver. Pull the locking latch on the cage that is inside of the hard drive compartment to the right.

    Plug the game controller’s cable into one of the game controller ports on the front of samsung clp-300 black toner supply error PS3. Press the power button while holding down the “X” button on the game controller.

    Wait for the “Utilities” screen to appear. Pull the cage which encases the HDD completely out of the hard drive compartment when the “Utilities” screen appears and a "0" can be seen under "Format."

    Wait for a “Restore incomplete” screen to appear. Continue waiting until a message appears asking if you want to format the HDD.

    Insert the cage back into the hard drive compartment. Pull the locking latch on the cage to the left.

    Select the “Yes” button on the screen using the game controller. Press the “X” button on the game controller.

    Wait a few minutes for the PS3 to format the HDD and reboot. Turn off the PS3 after the Home menu appears.

    Reattach the blue screw to the inside of the hard drive compartment. Place the hard drive compartment lid back onto the right side of the PS3.


    • Formatting the HDD will cause all of the saved data, music, pictures and video to be deleted.



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