Essbase error - 1042017 - network error

essbase error - 1042017 - network error

Please re-run the Program again. If issue still exists contact Essbase Server administrator. Essbase error (1042017): network error: Timed out before receiving. The issue is related to the Memory setting on the Planning application. Increased memory data cache size to resolve the auto refresh of Essbase. essbase error - 1042017 - network error

Think: Essbase error - 1042017 - network error

Essbase error - 1042017 - network error

This is on version

Got the below error while performing the retrieval through SmartView.

"OLAP_error (1042017):Network error: The client or server timed out waiting to receive data using TCP/IP. Check network connections, essbase error - 1042017 - network error. Increase the NetRetryCount and/or NetDelay values in the essbase.cfg file. Update this file on both client and server. Restart the client and try again". 

By seeing this error we have increased NetRetryCount and NetDelay values as below
NetRetryCount 1000
NetDelay 600 

Restarted services and performed the retrieval but issue is still not resolved.
When we check logs found that it has generated exception file(log00001.xcp).

From the XCP file and the application log file found that sufficient server threads were not available for the users to connect to the database.

So added the below setting to Essbase.cfg file and restarted Essbase service for tandberg error channel unacceptable changes to take effect.


After this performed the retrieval and got another error
OLAP_error (1023134): Request grid size is more than allowed limit [10000000]. Increase it using the config setting MAX_REQUEST_GRID_SIZE 

Added the below setting to essbase.cfg file and restarted Essbase service essbase error - 1042017 - network error the changes to take effect
MAX_REQUEST_GRID_SIZE <ApplicationName> 100000000

Issue has been resolved after making these changes in Essbase.cfg file.

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Essbase error - 1042017 - network error - for


With apologies toMarc Fumaroli, did you know that French was once the world’s, ahem,lingua franqua?

French?  Cameron?  Mais bien sûr.  Have you ever gazed upon my Gallicnose?  Am I not the modernJean Gabin of Essbase?  Non?  C'est juste trop mauvais.  

Okay, enough with my French ancestry (all-American mutt at your service) and my love of French cinema – why am I going on and on about this?   
I won’t admit to how long ago I stopped my French lessons – let’s just say it was a long time ago.  And that’s a pity, not just because it highlights my ignorance, but because I can’t read an exciting new book titledOracle Hyperion Essbase:  Master the world of analysis and performance management.  That link takes you to the translated version, here’s the realdeal.  The printed copy is €51.30, the electronic copy is €43.20.

An important note – those Euros you see next to the book are not because I’ve upped sticks and moved back to Europe – this book is in French and you better be able to read it without recourse to a French/English dictionary.  It’s going after the not inconsiderable Franocphone market.  And remember, in the Old World, people aren’t completely monolingual like we Yanks, so the market is somewhat greater than the formerFrench Empire.
Network54’s very own  Sébastien Roux, along with coauthors Wojtex Janeczek,Antoine Dinimant, andLaetita Terlutte.  

From the back cover

This book about Oracle Hyperion Essbase (addressing versions 6, 7, 9 and 11) is intended for all people in the world of analysis and BI: for IT professionals on the one hand, for business people on the other (finance, FPM, analysts, and so on), without any pre-requisite IT or accounting skill. Essbase original technology, based on multidimensional (OLAP) modeling, eliminates the gap between IT and business people and places them on a similar level. The book thus starts from a beginner level, let the reader come in where he wants, and drives him throughout the software to an advanced level.

The approach is resolutely educational and is based on examples and case studies. Each chapter, designed as a course, presents Essbase various features through examples. A dozen workshops, spread at chapter endings, gives some practice with the chapter’s key notions. All exercises have detailed answers, with not only the key but also the reasoning. Exercise files are available for download

This book walks you round the whole Essbase solution, from designing a model common to users and techies, to the most advanced features of version 11.

The four authors, who have experienced very different educations, are recognized Essbase specialists, each of them being (or having been) consultant as well as trainer; which ensures the dual technical and educational expertise necessary for such a book. The variety of their professional and educational experiences reflects the versatility of Essbase and allows them to encompass all aspects of a very rich software.

The table of contents (in English, remember, this book is in French)

  • Foreword
  • Introduction: Essbase and BI systems
  • Part One: BSO architecture and use
    • Modelize an Essbase cube (Workshop: modelize a cube from users’ reportings)
    • Create the Essbase cube (Workshop: create the Country dimension with alternate hierarchies and Shared Members)
    • Automatic dimension building (Workshop: build dimensions, alternate hierarchy and alias table)
    • Data Import (Workshop: load free-form, load with DLR)
    • View Data with the Excel Add-in (Workshop: common errors, create reports with mouse only, use Member Selector)
    • Other Excel tools (QD, Smart View, Visual Explorer)
    • Advanced Export and Reporting (Report Scripts, DATAEXPORT, etc.)
  • Part Two: BSO calculation
    • Dense and Sparse
    • Dynamic Calculation and Formulas (Workshop: moving periods with years outside Time dimension)
    • Calc scripts (Workshop: sample budget planning)
    • Calculation commands, operators and functions
    • Advanced outline features (Workshop: Varying Attributes)
    • Currency conversion
  • Part Three: ASO cubes
    • Create and modelize an ASO cube (Workshop: migrate our sample cube from BSO to ASO)
    • The MDX language in Essbase (Workshop: drills on formulas and queries)
    • Parameter and optimize an ASO application
  • Part Four: Essbase administration
    • Administer, copy and backup cubes
    • Essbase native security and security filters (Workshop: filters vs access levels, Essbase styles, Metaread)
    • Security with Shared Services
    • Partitions
    • Optimisations
  • Part Five: Program Essbase
    • Administration languages : MaxL and ESSCMD
    • Essbase and Visual Basic (Spreadsheet Toolkit, API – workshops : one button to refresh all tabs, custom VB form)
    • Essbase and Java (JAPI, CDF)
  • Appendices
    • Install Essbase on your computer
    • Essbase Studio
    • The Oracle Hyperion suite
    • Third-party tools and applications
    • Application Manager: Essbase 6 administration console
    • References

It’s a clever approach:  write it from beginner to expert so readers can pick what they want, use examples and case studies via workshops, have exercise files available for download, and approach it from multiple levels and perspectives courtesy of the different experiences of the authors.  It’s quite an accomplishment and knowing Sebastien as I do, it can only be good for those of you lucky enough to read French.

And oh yes, any book that shows you how to keep on using the beloved Application Manager has got to be awesome.

One more thing:  Sebastien knew I’d give a good review when he described me as “expert Essbase et Planning et gros contributeur des forums”.   :)
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Oracle® Hyperion Smart View for Office, Fusion Edition Release

Readme [Skip Navigation Links]

Purpose ...................................................................................................................................... 1  New Features ............................................................................................................................. 1  Installation Updates ................................................................................................................... 2  Smart View Installation ........................................................................................................... 2  Defects Fixed in this Release ...................................................................................................... 3  Known Issues............................................................................................................................. 5   Tips and Troubleshooting ......................................................................................................... 10  Documentation Updates ........................................................................................................... 10 

Purpose This document includes important, late-breaking information about this release of Oracle® Hyperion Smart View for Office, Fusion Edition. Review this information thoroughly before installing Smart View. For overall Enterprise Performance Management System install-related issues and updates for this and other EPM System products, refer to Oracle’s Hyperion Enterprise Performance Management Installation and Configuration Readme. It is our goal to make Oracle products, services, and supporting documentation accessible to the disabled community. Oracle Hyperion Enterprise Performance Management System supports accessibility features, which are described in Appendix A of the Smart View User’s Guide. This readme file is accessible in this release in HTML format. Also included is information about Oracle Essbase; Oracle Hyperion Planning, Fusion Edition; Oracle Business Intelligence, Enterprise Edition; Hyperion Enterprise; Hyperion Shared Services; Oracle Hyperion Financial Management, Fusion Edition; Hyperion Reporting and Analysis; Oracle Crystal Ball, Fusion Edition, Oracle Essbase Visual Explorer, and Oracle Enterprise Performance Management Workspace, Fusion Edition, as they relate to Smart View. Top of Document

New Features See Oracle Hyperion Smart View for Office New Features. Top of Document


Translation Support This release supports non-English languages. The list of supported languages for all EPM System products is included in the Oracle Hyperion Enterprise Performance Management System Certification Matrix, posted at Top of Document

Installation Updates Smart View Installation Information You can install Smart View in either of the following ways: From Oracle Enterprise Performance Management Workspace, Fusion Edition. From a stand-alone file, smartview.exe or smartviewHVE.exe, available from eDelivery.

EPM Installation Information Late-breaking information about installation of EPM System products is provided in the Oracle® Hyperion Enterprise Performance Management System Installation and Configuration Readme. Review this information thoroughly before installing EPM System products. This release is intended for new deployments only. Upgrading or migrating from previous EPM System releases is not supported. In addition, products from this release are not compatible with products and applications from previous releases. There have been significant changes to the deployment architecture for this release. A brief summary is provided here but for a complete list, see “New Features” and “General Installation Information” in the Oracle® Hyperion Enterprise Performance Management System Installation and Configuration Readme. The EPM System directory structure has changed significantly. The default directories are now Middleware Home and EPM Oracle Home. EPM System Installer now installs WebLogic Server (replaces Apache Tomcat as the embedded Java container) and Oracle HTTP Server (replaces Apache Web Server as the embedded Web server). The manual deployment process is greatly simplified, using the Fusion Middleware Configuration Wizard (deployed with WebLogic) to manually deploy Web applications. The Shared Services relational database is now used as Native Directory (replaces OpenLDAP as the central storage for native EPM System user accounts and provisioning information). The new Foundation Services Web application is deployed to one managed server and includes these Web applications: Shared Services, and EPM Workspace. Top of Document


Defects Fixed in this Release Defect Number

Defect Fixed in this Release

General 6547753 1-457072716

The HSGetValue and HSSetValue functions used in the Function Builder and Copy Data Points feature should support the use of aliases as well as member names.


The thousands separator disappears when you perform a pivot operation.


During ad hoc analysis, if you change POV values from base values and refresh, refresh works as expected. However, if you then enter free form mode and refresh, all POVs are set back to base values. Workaround: Select or reselect the POV members after all free form processing is done.


If Repeat Member Labels Suppression is enabled in Smart Slice preferences, incorrect data may be returned when you refresh after performing an Excel delete.


The Data Source Manager is partially hidden by a phantom of its shortcut menu after the menu is closed. In this release, the Data Source Manager has been replaced by the Smart View Panel, and this is no longer an issue.


In worksheets with multiple functions, performance may be very slow.

Essbase 6584628 8-625757767

Dimensions are not displayed in the same order as they are in the Essbase outline.


When you attempt to use Visual Explorer, you may get an error: “Cannot perform cube view operation. OLAP error (1042017): Network error: The client or server timed out waiting to receive data using CP/IP. Check network connections. Increase the NetRetryCount and/or NetDelay values in the ESSBASE.CFG. Update this file on both client and server. Restart the client and try again.”


Function grids and tables in the Report Designer incorrectly use formatted text from Essbase instead of applying the format set as part of the Smart Slice.


Numeric formatting in some columns may be removed when you zoom out if there are comments next to the grid.


When you attempt to use member selection from the Function Builder in a query created from a Smart Slice, members may not be displayed correctly. Workaround: finish all Function Builder tasks for the connection before inserting Smart Slices for that session.


The VBA function HypFindMember returns numeric values for Generation Name and Level Name output parameters instead of the actual names.


For outlines that contain duplicate members, you must press F2 twice to enter edit mode.


To place a member cell into edit mode, you must press F2 twice.



When you open or close Excel 2003 SP3, you may get the following error: This error in SmartView happens when starting or closing Microsoft Excel 2003:“Microsoft Visual Basic” “Compile error in hidden module: HsTBarMod”


If the regional setting is German, which uses a comma as decimal separator and period as thousands separator, any value entered into Excel before a refresh is garbled into an unusable number after the refresh.


On 64-bit Windows operating systems, the Connection Manager is blank.


When you add a numeric member to the POV, the formatting is lost after you refresh.


The VBA function HypCell does not return the proper “missing data” label in cells with missing data.


You may receive an “Internal Provider Services error” message when you opt to suppress rows that contain missing data.

Planning 7182039

Planning user variables cannot be used in Smart View.


In French installations, Planning Web data forms that contain Smart Lists may cause errors when they are opened.


The “Within selected group” option is not supported for zooming in Planning Web grids.


When you open a Planning form from a shortcut menu in the form, the new form incorrectly opens with default values instead of the values of the selected member.


When you open a saved Planning sheet and enter data, the cell border incorrectly become yellow.

Financial Management 6924957

Dimension members cannot be changed on multiple sheets simultaneously. This can be done by cascading, which is now possible in Financial Management.


An initial refresh is required before submitting data.


Shortcut menus are not displayed in the correct cell.


In Smart View, if you try to select a WDEF in a folder that contains Cyrillic characters, you receive an “Invalid Parameter” error and cannot select or open the form.


In data forms opened in Smart View, some rows may be merged.


When you load a Data Entry Form that contains a row with account ICP and Custom1, the first refresh causes duplicate menu items in the POV Bar to appear (Year and Custom4).


Reporting and Analysis 8619424

When you select Cell Text, you receive an error: "Grid has been manually edited. Please refresh before reapplying the operation."


In Financial Reporting, Disconnect All or Invalidate SSO selections do not work.

Top of Document

Known Issues The following issues are the noteworthy known issues of this release. Defect Number

Known Issue

General On the Provider page of the Options dialog box, Force Client Upgrade and Warn Client Upgrade are not available in this release. 6576419, 8577431001

When installing on Vista, you are not prompted for administrator privileges at the beginning of installation as expected. Instead, you get an error message during installation that you do not have sufficient privileges. Workaround: right-click smartview.exe and select Run as administrator. You will then be prompted to supply administrator credentials.

6579310, 8600536204

When you open a saved free form workbook and change the Member Name Only or Member Name and Description setting in the Options dialog box before refreshing, the member display options do not work. Workaround: refresh the grid before entering Member Name Only or Member Name and Description.


Because of a Microsoft Word limitation, if the value of the system-defined option "List separator" is set to one of the regular expression anchor characters (including but not limited to "^" and "$"), Word might fail to insert fields of type "Formula," which will cause failure of copy and paste. Workaround: Go to Control Panel, then Regional and Language, then Options, then Standards and Formats, then Customize, and then Numbers, and change the list separator option.


Replacement labels for missing data and other preferences specified in the Smart Slice Options dialog box during Smart Slice creation are not applied to function grids based on the Smart Slice. Instead, the options specified by Smart View users in the Options dialog box are applied to function grids.



You cannot resize columns in table reports. Workaround: This is expected behavior; to enable column resizing, do the following. 1.

Insert a table on the grid and refresh.


Enter Excel Design Mode (available from the Excel Developer ribbon or Visual Basic toolbar).


Right-click the table and select Microsoft Office Spreadsheet 11.0 Object > Command and Options.


From the Properties dialog box, select the Protection tab, then select Resize Columns.


Select the Sheet tab, then select Column Headers.


Click OK.


Unlike Workspace, the Smart View Panel does not display hidden files or files with duplicate names. Therefore, file counts may differ between Workspace and Smart View.


Do not change the file extension when you save an Excel workbook with the Get function that has been retrieved through simulation workbooks in the Smart View Panel.


If you open a workbook in Excel 2003 that was previously saved in Excel 2007 as an .xlsx file, you may get an error message. This is a Microsoft issue. Workaround: Save the file in Excel 2007 with an .xls extension; it will then open properly in Excel 2003.

8839088 7634745

Do not uninstall this version of Smart View and then install a previous version of Smart View. If you must, then delete the registry key HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\Outlook\Addins\Hyperion.CommonAdd in.


Sheet names may be truncated if they are longer than 31 characters; this is an Excel limitation.


When you drill through to Workspace content from Smart View launched from the Planning web, you are logged off Workspace if you close the browser displaying Smart View.


When you try to close Excel, it may terminate abruptly. This is a Microsoft issue. Ensure that you save your work before closing Excel.


The Disconnect All option does not disconnect Common Provider connections. With the Smart View Panel introduced in this release, this is no longer an issue.


To use Outlook with Smart View, Visual Basic Scripting Support must be installed and Run From My Computer must be selected in Outlook. See Outlook product documentation for information.


Microsoft security update KB969604 for Office 2007 breaks Smart View functionality in Word. See the following for information about the Microsoft hotfix for this problem. KB969604 - Security update ( - search for "Known issues with this security update") KB970942 - Hotfix (



For long running queries you may receive the following error: "The request timed out. Contact your administrator to increase netRetryCount and netRetryInterval." Workaround: increase the timeout settings of Internet Explorer. See the following articles for information on adding the required registry keys: ReceiveTimeout: KeepAliveTimeout/ServerInfoTimeout:

9391676 9404092

The default for the URL required on the Crystal Ball Repository Options dialog box is http:///raframework/services/BiPlus.


When you connect to Essbase as a native user (that is, external authentication is disabled), you are required to provide your user name and password each time you connect to a different application on the same server. This is a security issue and is expected behavior.


In Microsoft Word, slider controls may be resized in reports created in the Report Designer.


When you perform drill-through from an Essbase Studio-sourced cube to FDM, if the EPM System Single Sign-On (SSO) token expires before the sessions of all products involved expires (Workspace, Analytic Provider Services, Essbase, Essbase Studio, FDM), the following message is displayed: “Error: An error occurred logging on to the system using single sign-on. Please contact your administrator. Error: 2067 - You do not have access to the application!” Workaround: Log in again to Workspace from Smart View.


In Japanese installations, you cannot type into the Enter a new name text box for Smart Slices. Workaround: Use copy and paste to enter a name.


If you enter an Excel formula into a data form, the formula cannot be deleted and the data cannot be refreshed until you close and reopen the form. Workaround: enter a single quotation mark (‘) into the cell containing the formula and click Submit. This replaces the formula with “#Missing”.

Essbase 8763144

In the Query Designer, Smart View generates a syntax error when you perform a descendants or top/bottom query on a member whose name contains a dot (.).

6573303, 8549584061

Calculation scripts that run from Essbase may not run from Smart View. This can happen if you have restricted calculation access in Smart View. Calculation scripts are run against the connected database.


When you perform an Undo, only the previously selected POV is saved, and recently selected members are removed. Workaround: instead of using Undo, use Pivot to POV, which will replace all members on that dimension to the POV.


In Word or PowerPoint, when you use the Copy Data button in a function grid from a Smart Slice, you get an error message and cannot copy. Workaround: Copy data directly from Excel or use Office copy/paste functionality.


When you perform Smart View operations in a Smart Slice and refresh, you may get an Assertion Failed error message if you try to close Excel by clicking the X in the upper right corner. The message is harmless; you can click OK to close it.



When you try to use Find in the Member Select dialog box, Excel may perform excessively slowly or freeze of the dimension contains more than approximately 100,000 members.


Tasks imported into Outlook via Smart View can cause errors if Outlook is configured for Oracle Beehive. Workaround: In Outlook Send/Receive settings, select None for the Task List folder. See the Outlook documentation for information.

9488558, 9492822

When working with recursive hierarchy drill-through, if you specify drill-through by generation, the drill-through report is not populated. Workaround: Specify drill-through intersections by levels, not by generations.

9491559, 9492822

When working with recursive hierarchy drill-through, if you specify drill-through by level and provide a level number, users are able to drill-through on all levels, not only the one you specified.

Planning 6533549

The summary time period may be marked as a dirty cell, even if it should not be.


If a member cell contains a formula that calculates the value for a summary time period, that cell should be locked, but instead, Smart View may mark it as dirty if the data for the member is modified.


If you have cascaded a report created from a new Smart Slice containing at least one function grid and a control (slider or POV) across an Excel workbook, Excel may crash if you choose not to save the cascaded report.


Smart View does not permit the use of #Missing in Calc Manager rules, even if the variable is set to permit #Missing.


In Planning data forms previously saved in an Excel workbook, expanding a member may result in data that is incorrectly displayed as zero or “No Access.” Workaround: To display the correct data, refresh the worksheet or submit data.


Mass allocation works only on data forms; it does not work in ad hoc grids. The Smart View documentation does not state this but will be corrected in an upcoming release.


If you are using Microsoft Office 2003, to start ad hoc analysis on a data form, select Ad hoc analysis on the Action Panel.


When you are connected to a Planning provider through shared connections and try to add a server via Provider Services, you may get the following error message: “"Check if the Server / URL you provided is correct and if the server is up and running." This is is an SSL certificate issue. In the enterprise SSL offloading setup, connections from Provider Services to Planning must be HTTP and not HTTPS.


Read-only Dynamic Calc cells may be displayed incorrectly as writable in offline data forms with the suppress missing option set to true.


The Offline wizard continues to be displayed in English when you change to a different language in Smart View.


Planning servers added via Add new server from the Smart View Panel are not displayed in the Smart View Panel in Outlook.

9455001, 9481367

If Suppress Rows is enabled enabled in the Planning data form, new rows of data created in offline mode by means of a business rule are not saved when you synchronize back to the server.



If you try to launch Smart View from Planning on Windows 7 or Vista, you receive an error: "Invoke method could not...." This happens when you are using Internet Explorer in protected mode. Workaround: Disable protected mode as described in


If the option Keep data changes made in offline mode is unselected, then any changes made in an offline data form should be overwritten with data from the Planning web when you refresh. However, if the suppress missing rows option is selected for the data from, these changes are retained when you refresh.


On the Member Options page of the Options Dialog box, “Bottom Level” is shown as an valid option for zooming. However, for Planning ad hoc, this option is not supported.

Financial Management 7608591

In German operating systems, multiple zeroes may be incorrectly appended to numbers that are entered into the Cell Text field. For example, 15 may become 1500000. To avoid this problem, precede numbers that you enter into Cell Text with a single quotation mark, for example, ‘15.


POV controls inserted into a report may be disabled when you close and reopen the document containing the report. This happens when ActiveX controls are disabled. Workaround: Enable ActiveX controls in Microsoft Office.


In the Customize Field dialog box, shortcut keys do not work. Workaround: To navigate fields in this dialog box, use the tab key.

Financial Data Quality Management 8725279

Financial Data Quality Management does not support alias tables for Essbase drillthrough.

Oracle BI EE 7136682

If you select Ad Hoc on the Data Source toolbar and then re-use an existing grid, you receive the message, "The worksheet contains data from prior operation. Do you want to clear the contents of the sheet? Select NO will perform a free form operation with sheet contents." However, if you select No, rows are replaced with data cells and the grid is unworkable. Workaround: use Refresh instead of Ad Hoc Analysis. Use Ad Hoc Analysis only when you want to treat the worksheet as freeform.


Null passwords are not permitted. Workaround: Use a space character in the password field.


When you use the POV refresh button in a Smart Slice, the data may change. This should not happen unless the POV has been changed.

Reporting and Analysis 6575786

Refresh and Refresh All do not work if two pages of a Web Analysis report are imported sequentially. Workaround: use All Pages to import multiple pages of a report.



Reporting and Analysis documents are not displayed in Import Workspace Document Folder Tree if Workspace is under WebSeal and configured for a context path (http://://workspace) other than the default (http://:/workspace).


Filters are not updated in POV toolbar after you edit them; however, data is changed successfully.


When you import a Financial Reporting report into Smart View and refresh, the worksheet becomes solid black, except for the cells imported from Financial Reporting. Workaround: From the Excel Tools menu, select Options. On the Color tab, click Reset and then OK.


If you have an open Excel document when you export a Financial Reporting report in query-ready mode to Excel, the open Excel document will be overwritten without warning. Workaround: save and close any Excel documents before exporting.


If you use Excel 2007, you may be required to activate the connection each time you import a Financial Reporting report. This happens when “Excel 97-2002 Workbook (*.xls)” is selected under Save Workbooks in Excel Options. Workaround: Change the Save Workbooks selection to “Select Excel Workbook (.xlsx).”

Tips and Troubleshooting 6534093 1-122351259

You will have better performance on grids that are spread across columns than on grids that contain large numbers of rows.


If you sort a data grid and then refresh, the sort order is not preserved. This is an Excel limitation.

Top of Document

Documentation Updates This section describes additional items, updates, and deletions that are not yet part of the Release documentation. Defect Number

Documentation Issue Wherever there is a discrepancy between the English and a language version of the documentation, the English version is correct. In the “Adding a Connection” procedure of Chapter 2, “Managing Data Source Connections,” please ignore step 4 “From Provider, select the type of data source…” For Smart View online help to be available, the Shared Connections URL on the Advanced page of the Options dialog box must contain an EPM Workspace URL. In the Installing Smart View section of the Smart View User’s Guide, “Make sure Microsoft Excel is installed with the Visual Basic Option” should precede the installation procedure.



In the Installing Smart View section of the Smart View User’s Guide, step 6 should be changed from: “6. Visual Explorer licensees only: To make Visual Explorer available to users, in the following location, rename smartviewHVE.exe to smartview.exe: MIDDLEWARE_HOME/ user_projects/epmsystem1/EPMSystem11R1/products/Foundation/workspace/AppServer/ InstalledApps/ workspace_static/SmartView” To:


“6. Visual Explorer licensees only: To make Visual Explorer available to users, copy smartviewHVE.exe to the following location and rename it to smartview.exe: ORACLE_HOME/ products/Foundation/workspace/AppServer/ InstalledApps/ workspace_static/SmartView” The help and User’s Guide should mention that when you use aliases, the POV Manager loses the selected members.


A note in the “Valid Grid Containing Dynamic Time Series” section states that date formats QTD (Jan), YTD(Mar), and MTD(Jun) are supported in Dynamic Time Series. This is incorrect. See the “Entering Dynamic Time Series Members” section for examples of supported and unsupported date formats.


The following errors appear in the “Smart View and Reporting and Analysis” chapter of the Smart View User’s Guide and online help: Information on importing Financial Reporting reports as function grids is missing. From Import Workspace Document, select a report and click OK. Then from Import Document As, select Function Grid and click Finish. Step 3 of both “Importing Financial Reporting Documents into Excel” and “Importing Financial Reporting Documents into Word and PowerPoint” sections of the Smart View User’s Guide and online help should be “Navigate to the Financial Reporting document…”


The Help button on the Promotional Path dialog box, which is accessed from the Process Management dialog box, does not work. See the Oracle Hyperion Planning User’s Guide for information on the promotional path.

Information about system requirements for EPM System products is now available in a spreadsheet format in the Oracle Hyperion Enterprise Performance Management System Certification Matrix. System requirements are no longer part of the Oracle Hyperion Enterprise Performance Management System Installation Start Here. This matrix is posted on the Oracle Fusion Middleware Supported System Configurations page on OTN (listed in the Oracle Business Intelligence product area):

Accessing Hyperion Product Documentation The most recent version of each Hyperion product guide and online help is available for download from the Enterprise Performance Management System Documentation Library on the Oracle Technology Network (OTN) Web site:


Deployment-related documentation is available on both Oracle Technology Network (OTN) and the Oracle E-Delivery Web site, which is:

Copying and Pasting Code Snippets from PDFs When you cut and paste code snippets from a PDF file, some characters can be lost during the paste operation, making the code snippet invalid. Workaround: Cut and paste from the HTML version of the document.

More Information For more information about Oracle® Hyperion Smart View for Office; Oracle® Essbase; Oracle® Hyperion Planning, Fusion Edition; Oracle® Business Intelligence, Enterprise Edition; Oracle’s Hyperion Enterprise; Oracle’s Hyperion Shared Services; Oracle® Hyperion Financial Management, Fusion Edition; Oracle’s Hyperion Reporting and Analysis; Oracle® Crystal Ball, Fusion Edition, Oracle® Essbase Visual Explorer, or Oracle® Enterprise Performance Management Workspace, Fusion Edition; please see the relevant product documentation. Top of Document

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