Error table u99526.passwd doesnt exist

error table u99526.passwd doesnt exist

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You can watch a thematic video

Error: relation tablename does not exist while Inserting data from code to Database SOLVED - Part 2

Confirm: Error table u99526.passwd doesnt exist

Error table u99526.passwd doesnt exist
Changing the book type error code 1065
error table u99526.passwd doesnt exist

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KB Articles for Microsoft Disk Operating System

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  • Q71161: Appending Binary Files Using the COPY Command
  • Q71168: Printing a File from MS-DOS Shell
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  • Q73293: When MS-DOS Fails to Load in the HMA
  • Q73296: MS-DOS 5.0 Technical Reference Availability
  • Q73314: CTRL+PRINT SCREEN Causes ANSI Escape Sequences to Print
  • Q73315: Using Microsoft Mouse Menu Software with MS-DOS 4.x - 6.0
  • Q73316: MS-DOS Shell Error Message: Unable to Load COMMAND.COM
  • Q73320: GW-BASIC/BASICA Keywords Not Supported in QBasic
  • Q73322: Backfill for EMM386.EXE Cannot Be Disabled
  • Q73323: Packard Bell SPEED.COM and Error table u99526.passwd doesnt exist 5.0 and Later
  • Q73324: Devices/TSRs Do Not Load High with RAM Switch
  • Q73405: DOSKEY Macros Supersede Internal Commands
  • Q73406: Program Group File Format Differences with MS-DOS Shell
  • Q73410: MS-DOS 5.x and 6.x Install to Drive C Only
  • Q73411: Commenting Lines in DOSSHELL.INI
  • Q73412: MS-DOS Shell Shortcut Key and the Help Menu
  • Q73413: Default CONFIG.SYS and AUTOEXEC.BAT on MS-DOS 5.0 Working Disk
  • Q73414: Requirements to Run SETUP /F from 3.5- to 5.25-Inch Drives
  • Q73415: Can’t Backup/Restore from Peachtree Complete 3 with MS-DOS 5.0
  • Q73416: Uninstall Disk Must Be the Same Media error table u99526.passwd doesnt exist Drive A
  • Q73442: Disabling or Re-Enabling Mouse in MS-DOS Shell
  • Q73444: Using DiskLock PC with MS-DOS 5.x or 6.x
  • Q73447: MS-DOS 4.0 Redirector Needed When Upgrading PCSA Networks
  • Q73450: SETVER.EXE Immunized with Central Point Anti-Virus Causes Hang
  • Q73452: HIMEM /int15:xxxx Switch Does Not Work with AutoCAD 10
  • Q73453: WordPerfect 5.1 and EMM386.EXE Conflict
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  • Q73581: Can’t Exit from Lotus Agenda with EMM386.EXE
  • Q73582: Sysgen External Drives and MS-DOS 5.0 Upgrade
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  • Q73711: Backup/Restore of an Empty Directory
  • Q73712: Running Solomon III Accounting Software with MS-DOS 5.0
  • Q73716: BACKUP Deletes Files from Root of Destination Disk
  • Q73723: HDBKUP\HDRSTORE Definition and Usage
  • Q73725: Meaning of MODE "Illegal Device Name - COMx" Message
  • Q73726: Sperry 286 BIOS Versions Earlier Than 1.57 Need an Upgrade
  • Q73727: Opening Editor with the File Last Edited in MS-DOS Shell
  • Q73728: Switches Available with the MS-DOS 5 Upgrade Setup Program
  • Q73729: Using an Expanded Memory Board with EMM386.EXE
  • Q73735: LDRIVE.SYS Incompatible with MS-DOS 5.0 or Later
  • Q73736: Effects of FDISK on Boot Record, Root Directory, and FATs
  • Q73737: DOSSWAP.EXE Problem Occurs When Swap Not Allowed
  • Q73738: ATI Wondercard and MS-DOS Upgrade Setup
  • Q73740: ATI Wondercard Comes with Mouse Port
  • Q73741: Task Swapper Problems on Tandy 1000 Computers
  • Q73743: Use of the [Savestate] Section of the DOSSHELL.INI File
  • Q73744: Tandy DOS 5.0 Available from Radio Shack
  • Q73747: QDOS II Must Be Upgraded for Use with MS-DOS
  • Q73829: Windows/386 2.1x Compatibility with MS-DOS 5.0 or Later
  • Q73843: Files and Buffers Memory Usage
  • Q73844: MS-DOS 5.0 or Later Ignores /X Parameter on BUFFERS= Line
  • Q72013: Examining Contents of UMBs
  • Q72015: Redirection of PRINT Does Not Redirect All Error Messages
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  • Q72044: Deleting Files with Stacker Installed
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  • Q72095: Legally Purchasing Microsoft MS-DOS 5
  • Q72096: Reporting Illegal Sales of MS-DOS
  • Q72112: ‘0 Bytes Available Contiguous Extended Memory’
  • Q72113: Differences Between DOSSHELL.COM and Error table u99526.passwd doesnt exist BACKUP Fails When Writing Log File to Unformatted Disk
  • Q72159: MS-DOS 5 README.TXT: Machine-Specific HIMEM.SYS Switches
  • Q72160: MS-DOS 5 README.TXT: Installing on OS/2 Dual-Boot System
  • Q72161: MS-DOS 5 README.TXT: Notes on Memory Management
  • Q72162: MS-DOS 5 README.TXT: Notes on Windows
  • Q72168: MS-DOS 5 README.TXT: Making Your Network Compatible
  • Q72169: MS-DOS 5 README.TXT: Documentation Corrections and …
  • Q72171: Workarounds for 128 Character PATH Limitation
  • Q72182: APPNOTES.TXT: Using Applications with MS-DOS Version 5.0
  • Q72183: Loading MS-DOS 5.0 TSRs and Device Drivers into UMBs
  • Q72187: Error Removing SUBSTed Directories
  • Q72188: MS-DOS Command Extension Table by Version
  • Q72198: MS-DOS 5 Contents (3.5-Inch Disk Set)
  • Q72285: Non-MS-DOS Format Conversion Utility: Xeno Copy PC
  • Q72302: Specifying A20 Handlers with HIMEM.SYS /M in MS-DOS
  • Q72304: OPTI 486 Memory Chips Require Special AWARD BIOS
  • Q72342: Restoring the Original Version Table in SETVER.EXE
  • Q72360: "Packed File Corrupt" Error Message
  • Q72364: Virus Reduces Total Conventional Memory
  • Q72412: Math Coprocessor Detection Hangs System in QBasic
  • Q72487: Error Messages Caused by DIRCMD
  • Q72489: Support for LINK.EXE Shipped with MS-DOS
  • Q72502: Converting Programs from GW-Basic to QBasic
  • Q72517: UNDELETE Won’t Work If the Subdirectory Has Been Removed
  • Q72568: Using Third Party Disk Partitioning Software with MS-DOS 5.0
  • Q72595: Using Weitek Math Coprocessor with MS-DOS
  • Q72723: QRAM 1.01 LOADHI FILES +M Command Fails Under DOS 5.0
  • Q72735: Loading SMARTDRV.SYS High with Adaptec Controller Hangs System
  • Q72739: The Difference Between HDBKUP.EXE and BACKUP.EXE
  • Q72740: Bypassing the ‘Welcome to MS-DOS QBasic’ Window
  • Q72757: SETVER.EXE Not Affected By Read-Only Bit
  • Q72758: EMM386.EXE with IBM PCS 3270 Causes Lockup
  • Q72796: Common Ways of Detecting a Virus in MS-DOS
  • Q72890: Uninstall Hangs at 7% Complete from "Bloody" Virus
  • Q72926: Upper Memory Managers for 8086, 8088, or 80286 Computers
  • Q74037: Use Only Application Name when Adding to SETVER Version Table
  • Q74038: DOSKEY Macro to Search for File Text
  • Q74046: Setver /? [Drive:Path] Refers to SETVER, Not Executable
  • Q74047: How to Boot a PS/1 from a Floppy or Fixed Disk
  • Q74048: Running Excel 2.1 with Run-time Windows and MS-DOS 5.0
  • Q74152: EMM386.EXE Slows Down System Performance
  • Q74166: MS-DOS: Piped DIR Command Shows Temporary Files
  • Q74174: Invalid SET TEMP Prevents Operation of Task Swapper
  • Q74177: Troubleshooting Problems with MS-DOS Shell
  • Q74180: MS-DOS: Compaq Plasma Display Requires MONO.INI File
  • Q74182: ANSI.SYS /L Switch Not Available in MS-DOS 5.0 or Later
  • Q74188: Running Paradox 3.5 with EMM386.EXE and MS-DOS 5.0 or later
  • Q74191: MS-DOS Editor Corrupts Nontext Files
  • Q74195: Can’t Install MS-DOS 5.0 Upgrade on Tandon Pac 286
  • Q74196: EDIT.COM Will Convert Eight Spaces to a Tab in Some Cases
  • Q74199: MS-DOS Shell Does Not Update the Directory Tree with CTRL+F5
  • Q74200: Cannot Task Switch Some DESQview Versions from MS-DOS Shell
  • Q74201: MS-DOS: Program and Group Item Passwords Are Case Sensitive
  • Q74202: Contents of the MS-DOS 5.x and 6.x Upgrade Uninstall Disk
  • Q74203: MS-DOS 5 Can’t Install On An IBM AT With Plus Hardcard II XL
  • Q74204: MS-DOS CHKDSK Does Not Show Disk Label As a Error table u99526.passwd doesnt exist File
  • Q74206: Packard Bell Mouse Driver for MS-DOS Shell 5.0 or Later
  • Q74207: MS-DOS Backup Err Msg: Could Not Allocate Segment
  • Q74209: Why MEM /C Does Not Show UMB Information
  • Q74210: Emulating Expanded Memory Using EMM386.EXE
  • Q74211: Using Compaq CACHE.EXE with MS-DOS 5.0
  • Q74212: Search Algorithm of MS-DOS 5.0 EMM386.EXE
  • Q74213: MS-DOS Shell: Select Across Directories Option
  • Q74257: Shortcut Key Incorrectly Displayed in MS-DOS Shell
  • Q74271: Northgate OmniKey Dvorak Configuration is MS-DOS Compatible
  • Q74279: No Support for 2.88 Megabyte Disks During Setup
  • Q74296: EDLIN Saves a Backup File when editing; EDIT Does Not
  • Q74305: Logitech Mouse Driver Will Not Work with E000 Page Frame
  • Q74307: MS-DOS Upgrade Detects DOS Path as D:\DOS with Stacker
  • Q74309: View File Contents Option Under MS-DOS Shell
  • Q74331: Compaq 132-Column Mode and EDIT.COM
  • Q74339: Hyperdisk Conflicts with SETUP and FORMAT
  • Q74367: MS-DOS 5.0 Shell Refers to PRINT.COM; Should Be PRINT.EXE
  • Q74369: Compuadd Mouse Driver for MS-DOS 5.0 Shell
  • Q74391: HDRSTORE May Restore Previous DOS Files into the DOS Directory
  • Q74393: Future Domain Disk Maestro Version 6.0 with MS-DOS
  • Q74417: Logimenu or Click Do Not Work with MS-DOS 5.0 or 6.0 Shell
  • Q74422: MS-DOS Does Not Upgrade from Compaq DOS 2.11
  • Q74428: Golden Bow VOpt Requires Version 3.0x for MS-DOS 5.0
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  • Q74447: MS-DOS Shell Version Check on Mouse Drivers
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  • Q74450: Upgrading to Microsoft Mouse Driver Version 8.1
  • Q74451: Plus Hardcard II Is Very Slow with EMM386
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  • Q74454: MS-DOS Shell and the Colorado Tape Backup System
  • Q74462: DTC Hard Disk Controllers with BIOS Located in UMA
  • Q74463: Extended Error Code Information
  • Q74464: Pipe ( error table u99526.passwd doesnt exist

    Start up process of java stack

    February 12, 2015, 7:57 pm

    : Latest and popular articles on SAP ERP

    Next epson rx700 service required error TMS configuration after system copy

    connect error 10060 Previous Dual-Stack Split

    while bootstrap process two methods are used what are they? what happens in each method?

    June 30, 2009, 9:48 am

    : Latest and popular articles on SAP ERP

    Next X-frame-options set - ABAP 731 - SP7

    Previous runtime error 13 mismatch excel Start up process of java stack


    I am about to copy existing SAP system by overwriting this with another SAP system via error table u99526.passwd doesnt exist copy, error table u99526.passwd doesnt exist.

    (e.g. system ABC will be overwritten by system ABD (system export) and still called as ABC).


    Which option within tcode SE06 should I choose during the initialization of TMS and what are the differencees?

    a) system copy or

    b) installation

    Any helpful information will be very appreciated!

    August 28, 2013, 8:37 am

    : Latest and popular articles on SAP ERP

    Next Old DB2 tablespace name during SP update ( SUM ), error table u99526.passwd doesnt exist, step failure

    Previous TMS configuration after system copy

    Hi All,

    We are working on a sales-force - SAP integration prototype, error table u99526.passwd doesnt exist. As part of this, we are opening up the SAP CRM (on SP7) web UI  screen inside salesforce as a mashup. However, when we call the mashup screen, SAP is sending x-frame-option: SAMEORIGIN in its HTTP header response. But the framed page (SAPs) and the parent page (SFDCs) are not of same origin and this is making the browser to deny rendering the page.

    We have another SAP instance which is on SP6 and we are able to successfully see its screen error table u99526.passwd doesnt exist SFDC. So I feel the SP7 upgrade has got to do with this x-frame settings, error table u99526.passwd doesnt exist.

    Any help would be much appreciated.



    February 13, 2015, 1:46 am

    : Latest and popular articles on SAP ERP

    Next System Copy - secstore in NW 7.4

    Previous X-frame-options set - ABAP 731 - SP7

    Hi All

    We are doing a SP update on a sandbox system ( ERP600 EHP6 SP06 -> SP13, Using SUM
    ). The sandbox system is a system copy ( refresh/Database-Specific, error table u99526.passwd doesnt exist, DMD->ZMD).

    We see similar issue that is described in, error table u99526.passwd doesnt exist. Unfortunately no final solution is add to that thread, error table u99526.passwd doesnt exist.

    After the system copy all tablespace names were changed and tables TADB6, TSDB6 and IADB6
    were updated, ref system copy guide/Database-Specific System Copy, 5.4 IBM DB2
    for Linux, UNIX, if errorlevel find Windows Specific.

    The SUM process stops in “tp” step during preparation phase, referring to old
    tablespace name,

    Step executed:



    mvntabs ZMD"

    From "SUM" logs

    16:08:01: Retcode 512: SQL-error "-204-SQL0204N  "DMD#BTABD"
    is an undefined name.  SQLSTA

    2EETP345 TE=42704" in DDL statement for "PUTTB_SHD_1 "

    DDL statements shows in table TATAF, and we see statements including the old
    tablespace name in that table.

    If we manually change the tablespace name in table TATAF ( SE38, report: RUTTATAF )
    from DMD# to ZMD#, error table u99526.passwd doesnt exist, the SUM process continue few steps, but then again stops due
    to same issue.

    Searching SYSCAT for DB ( SYSCAT.TABLES, SYSCAT.TABLESPACES ) shows no findings on "DMD#"

    All table buffers reset ( /$SYNC )

    DMD" does not show in system profiles /SYS/profile/* or in environment settings
    except for environment var dbs_db6_schema=sapdmd, error table u99526.passwd doesnt exist, dbs_db6_user=sapdmd
    ( - but this is as described in system copy guide, IBM DB2 for Linux, UNIX, and Windows-Specific Procedures: "You cannot

    change the name of the database schema. The name of the database schema is the same
    as that of the source system." )

    All feedback will be appreciated.


    February 13, 2015, 11:39 am

    : Latest and popular articles on SAP ERP

    Next Best Practices activation with wrong Support Package Stack?

    Previous Old DB2 tablespace name during SP update ( SUM ), step failure

    Hello everyone,

    I have performed a DB migration (NW 740), however, I don't have the Key for Sectore, is there a way to recover it from the source system? I have access at SAP/OS/DB level.

    Or the other option would be to regenerate the Content of the Secure Storage like SAP Note 1532825. I have all RFC working now, however, I still got the following entries in red:

    • Credentials of WebServices for CCMS
      • OS userID for logical port SAPCNTRL_<Hostname>_<NR>
      • OS password for logical port SAPCNTRL_<Hostname>_<NR>
    • SOAP Runtime Configurations
      • Type: 'CF'. Link: '<long number'

    Any adviced?



    January 26, 2015, 2:39 pm

    : error code 2000-01-42 dell Latest and popular articles on SAP ERP

    Next SAP ERP 6.07 on Linux Redhat el7.x86_64 uuidd service problem

    Previous System Copy - secstore in NW 7.4

    This may be in the wrong section, so forgive me.

    We will be performing a Best Practices activation of the Canadian Baseline.

    Within this documentation, error table u99526.passwd doesnt exist, it states that the it requires Enhancement Package 7 for ECC6.0, and Support Package Stack 5

    However, the only version that can be downloaded from the SWDC is EHP7 for ECC6  SR2, which starts at Support Package Stack 8.

    Obviously, the SP stack of the system should match what is listed in the documentation, as there can be activation errors. This excerpt is from the documentation:

    If you run the activation on a higher SPS you may run into activation errors.

    What can be done? Should I simply proceed with activation and try to resolve any activation errors manually?


    February 20, 2015, 12:11 am

    : Latest and popular articles on SAP ERP

    Next Consume SAP Web Service (in C#)

    Previous Best Practices activation with wrong Support Package Stack?

    Dear all,

    I am installing SAP ERP 6.0 EHP 7 Oracle on Redhat 7 Enterprise Server, but at SICK tcode we have an error " "The UUID daemon (uuidd) is not active (code 30256). Check SAP note 1391070." this note isn't helpful.

    The UUIDD service is running :

    [[email protected] ~]# service uuidd status

    Redirecting to /bin/systemctl status  uuidd.service

    uuidd.service - Daemon for generating UUIDs

       Loaded: loaded (/usr/lib/systemd/system/uuidd.service; static)

       Active: active (running) since Fri 2015-02-20 14:36:05 WIB; 22min ago

    Main PID: 10091 (uuidd)

       CGroup: /system.slice/uuidd.service

               ââ10091 /usr/sbin/uuidd --socket-activation --timeout 60

    Feb 20 14:36:05 sapserver systemd[1]: Started Daemon for generating UUIDs.

    [[email protected] ~]# rpm -qa uuidd


    The installed kernel is : 741 patch number 200.

    Does anyone have problems like me, please share for resolution.



    February 17, 2015, 12:03 am

    : Latest and popular articles on SAP ERP

    Next ccms alerts via mail

    error table u99526.passwd doesnt exist Previous SAP ERP 6.07 on Linux mazda p0610 control module vehicle options error Redhat el7.x86_64 uuidd service problem

    1. I created Web Service ZWS_SQRT, based on WSDL, which uses function module Z_SQRT, which calculates the square root of a given input parameter:



    *"*"Local Interface:


    *"     VALUE(NUMBER) TYPE  F


    *"     VALUE(RESULT) TYPE  F




    if number >= 0.

    data  outNumber type f.

    CALL METHOD cl_foev_builtins=>square_root


         im_number = number


         ex_result = outNumber.

       result = outNumber.


    raise negative_argument.



    2, error table u99526.passwd doesnt exist. Then, in SOAMANAGER transaction I configured the service. The service works well locally in SE80 transaction

    3. In the last step, I made a C# program in Visual Studio, which calls the service. The program is correct (WebReference is created web service reference):

                WebReference.ZWS_SQRT root = new WebReference.ZWS_SQRT();

                root.Credentials = new NetworkCredential("<username>", "<password>");

                WebReference.ZSqrt x = new WebReference.ZSqrt();

                WebReference.ZSqrtResponse y = new WebReference.ZSqrtResponse();

                y = root.ZSqrt(x);

    But the problem is that, when calling the service, I usualy (but not always) get an error "The request was aborted: The request was canceled". If I wrap the statement y = root.ZSqrt(x) in while loop like this:

    int i=0;

    Boolean b=true;

    while (b)




              y = root.ZSqrt(x);







    if (i==20) break;


    the program works, but this surely is not the right solution.

    So, the error must somewhere in Web Service Configuration of SOA Management (the picture is below, surely it is not enough, but I must start somewhere).

    Please help me to error table u99526.passwd doesnt exist this.

    Thanks in advance


    February 17, 2015, 9:30 pm

    : Latest and popular articles on SAP ERP

    Next Remote client copy error

    error table u99526.passwd doesnt exist Previous Consume SAP Web Service (in C#)

    Hi All,

    I wanted to receive ccms alerts via email of my ECC 6.0 ehp7 for that i did some configurations i.e  in rz21 i created method zCCMS_OnAlert_Email assigned  that method to MTE nodes in rz20  but i am not able receive any mails from system can any error table u99526.passwd doesnt exist please help on this.



    February 4, error table u99526.passwd doesnt exist, 2015, 5:02 am

    : error table u99526.passwd doesnt exist Latest and popular articles on SAP ERP

    error table u99526.passwd doesnt exist Next technical URL path information of SAP NW AS JAVA apps

    Previous ccms alerts via mail

    Hi Experts,

    During client copy of SAP_CUST profile from (Production) to

    (Development) in test mode, I have come across error.(Faced issue with only 3 tables as shown in below.

    1) Table has Incompatible Fields. (FMFGT_IPAC_ACCT)

    2) Table not Convertible.(T7PIQRLKEYFNOMVA,T7PIQRLNOMVAL)

    1. Sr.No

    Impacted Table

    Application Component ID

    Software Component

    Patch Level





















    After more analysis, I have found that there is difference between

    software components patch level .

    So my query is thatIs there is any option to resolve it except matching patch level.

    I have tried with Tcode SCC9--Expert setting--Exclude Tables,But still issue is as it is.


    Parag Kumbhar.

    February 20, 2015, error table u99526.passwd doesnt exist, 4:23 am

    : Latest and popular articles on SAP ERP

    Next Mass change valid from role of BP

    Previous Remote client copy error

    Hi there,

    we have some SAP NW AS JAVA systems in our dmz for internet usage. This systems are protected also from our rweb.

    It's our desire to filter out automatically default SAP URLs, which should be on a rweb blacklist for example like the string "tc~lm~itsam~ui~mainframe~wd" for /nwa-access - see overview under /nwa/QuickLinks.jsp (=Quick Links for SAP NetWeaver Administrator) - to protect the systems against unauthorized persons from the outside.

    To get an information about which apps are running we use the following command: sapcontrol -host xxx -nr yy -function J2EEGetApplicationAliasList

    F.ex. for /sld, we get ", /sld, error table u99526.passwd doesnt exist, 13, Yes, No."

    Stupidly square mean error sld is running as a webdynpro like the following URL shows: http://host:port/webdynpro/resources/

    So the AppAlias for sld "" and the technical path "" are different.

    Therefore to protect the system we should add string "tc~sld~wd~main" (technical URL path) to the blacklist.

    My questions:

    Where can i find the informations about the technical URL paths of error table u99526.passwd doesnt exist sap nw java apps like f. ex. sld, error table u99526.passwd doesnt exist, without manual testing in a browser?

    How can we link these informations (ApplicationAlias with the technical URL path of the app)?

    Thanks in advance,


    April 14, 2014, 5:15 pm

    : error table u99526.passwd doesnt exist Latest and popular articles on SAP ERP

    Next ADS: SOAP Runtime Exception: CSoapExceptionFault : SOAP(100102)

    Previous technical URL path information of SAP NW AS JAVA apps

    Dear friends,

    MaybeI'm wrong with place of my new discussion, ifthatcorrect please change.

    We faced with problems of mass changing date "valid from" of BP, How we can change it mass?

    BR Albert

    January 20, error table u99526.passwd doesnt exist, 2012, 2:51 am

    : Latest and popular articles on SAP ERP

    Next ST05 trace issue

    Previous Mass change valid from role of BP


    One of my RUSSIA Consultant ( where maximum PDF's are being used) is trying to generate a report PDF forms .

    When consultant generating the required report for 1 user - the PDF form is opening,

    But, error table u99526.passwd doesnt exist, When he is trying to generate for mass users (like a for a business unit around 1500 users)he is getting the error as below


    Error we are getting


    ADS: SOAP Runtime Exception: CSoapExceptionFault : SOAP(100102)



    An error occurred when Adobe Document Services (ADS) error table u99526.passwd doesnt exist launched.

    System Response

    Error message


    When troubleshooting, follow the steps described in SAP Note 944221.

    First check the connection to ADS.

    You can use the program FP_PDF_TEST_00 to do this.

    From SAP NetWeaver Release 7.0, the program

    FP_CHECK_DESTINATION_SERVICE must also run successfully

    (both with and without the checkbox selected on the selection screen). If this program does not run successfully, there is a error in the configuration.


    Please note for 1 user it is working, but for mass users it is not working.

    I requested them to do in slice the data and do this, but  for what ever  reasons, they require this in a single run (let us not challenge there why sliced runs can not work)

    can any one throw some light on this issues



    February 20, error table u99526.passwd doesnt exist, 2015, 2:50 am

    : Latest and popular articles on SAP ERP

    Next Two Instance ID's are created during java system copy.

    Previous ADS: SOAP Runtime Exception: CSoapExceptionFault : SOAP(100102)

    Hi Experts,

    When we try to displya ST05 trace we are facing the below issue sporadically. Kindly let me know why this happens and how to slove this.

    Thanks in advace!!



    Preetha Balan

    February 19, 2015, error table u99526.passwd doesnt exist, 8:14 pm

    : Latest and popular articles on SAP ERP

    Next Users still showing in AL08, SM04 after logging off from sap

    Previous ST05 trace issue

    Hi Experts,

    While Java System copy Import phase 26 getting error like:

    ERROR: 2015-02-19 12:13:14 run
    Fatal exception during execution of JSwitch. A configuration with the path "cluster_data/dispatcher/ID9347600" does not exist.
    at Source)
    at Source)
    error table u99526.passwd doesnt exist Source)
    at Source)
    at Source)
    at Source)
    at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke0(Native Method)
    at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(
    at sun.reflect.DelegatingMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(
    at java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke(

    INFO: 2015-02-19 12:13:14
    JSwitch is stopped.

    System details

    Source System:                         

    Windows 2003R2


    Oracle DB

    Java Version:

    Instance ID: ID99526

    Source System:                          

    Windows 2003R2


    Oracle DB

    Java Version: 1.6.0_22

    Instance ID: ID99526 & ID93476

    In the Target system two Instance ID's are created, one id "ID99256" which is same as source system id created with Dispatcher and server0, another ID93476 is created with empty no values are found.

    Please suggest some Workaround.

    Thanks In advance,



    February 18, 2015, 7:43 am

    : Latest and popular articles on SAP ERP

    Next Error while installing NW 7.03 Trial version

    Previous Two Instance ID's are created during java system copy.

    Hi Experts,

    Sessions are active even after user  logs off the system. The user logged off as SHOPPER10A almost 20 minutes back. User is still showing as logged in AL08 logs.

    This will cause issues for users when they log back in again. It will show error in portal and they will not be able to process the shopping carts

    Can you please let me know how to get them logged off once they have exited their session? Greatly appreciate your help!



    February 23, 2015, 7:47 am

    : Latest and popular articles on SAP ERP

    Next error table u99526.passwd doesnt exist content server document upload issue

    Previous Users still showing in AL08, SM04 after logging off from sap

    Hi There,

    I get an error in the second phase of installation when I run sapinst for trial version.

    An error occurred while processing option SAP NetWeaver 7.0 including Enhancement Package 3 > SAP Application Server ABAP > MaxDB > Central System > Central System( Last error reported by the step: Assertion failed: in function () { NW.trace("NWInstall.createPorts()"); gui.updateMsg("nw.progress.creatingPorts", this.getSID()); installer.writeInfo("nw.progress.creatingPorts", this.getSID()); var ports = []; ports.push({name:"saphostctrl", number:1128, protocol:"tcp", comment:"SAPHostControl over SOAP/HTTP"}); ports.push({name:"saphostctrl", number:1128, protocol:"udp", comment:"SAPHostControl over SOAP/HTTP"}); ports.push({name:"saphostctrls", number:1129, protocol:"tcp", comment:"SAPHostControl over SOAP/HTTPS"}); ports.push({name:"saphostctrls", number:1129, protocol:"udp", comment:"SAPHostControl over SOAP/HTTPS"}); var instances = NWInstanceInstall.find(NWInstance.bySID(this.getSID())); for (var i = 0; i instances.length; ++i) { ports = ports.concat(instances[i].getPorts()); } if (this.needGWPorts()) { var ranges = [{prefix:"sapdp", base:3200, comment:"SAP System Dispatcher Port"}, {prefix:"sapgw", base:3300, comment:"SAP System Gateway Port"}, {prefix:"sapdp", postfix:"s", base:4700, error table u99526.passwd doesnt exist, comment:"SAP System Dispatcher Security Port"}, {prefix:"sapgw", postfix:"s", base:4800, comment:"SAP System Gateway Security Port"}, ]; for (var i = 0; i ranges.length; ++i) { var r = ranges[i]; if (!r.postfix) { r.postfix = ""; } for (var j = 0; j 100; ++j) { var num = String(j); if (j 10) { num = "0" + num; } var name = r.prefix + num + r.postfix; var number = j + r.base; ports.push({name:name, number:number, comment:r.comment}); } } } ports = ports.concat(this.getDB().getPorts()); var nwmgt = new NetworkMgt(); var mgt = new FileMgt(); var changed = false; var nodeName = nwmgt.getServicesFileName(); if (!installer.onOS400()) { var node = mgt.getNode(nodeName, true); ASSERT_DEFINED(arguments.callee, node, "node(" + nodeName + ")"); node.saveVersion(installer.onUnix()); } for (var i = 0; i ports.length; ++i) { var p = ports[i]; var entry = nwmgt.createServicesEntry(); entry.set(, "tcp", p.number); if (!p.force && entry.getFromServices()) { installer.writeTrace("services entry '" + + " " + p.number + "/tcp' exists. Nothing to do."); continue; } if (p.comment) { entry.addName("# " + p.comment); } entry.addToServices("REPLACE_NAME"); changed = true; } if (!changed && !installer.onOS400()) { NW.trace("NWInstall.createPorts(): nothing changed, reverting ", nodeName, "."); node.revertVersion(); } if (installer.onzOS()) { var node = mgt.getNode(nodeName, true); node.convertToEBCDIC(); node.tagEBCDIC(); } NW.trace("NWInstall.createPorts() done"); } Variable node(C:\Windows\system32\drivers\etc\services) should be defined). You can now

    Also find the log file attached. Please help.

    February 23, 2015, 8:24 pm

    : Latest and popular articles on SAP ERP

    Next Problem with installing NAD 3.0 on miniSAP

    Previous Error while installing NW 7.03 Trial version

    We are trying to upload a document to SAP Content Server using a C# application that connect to SAP over https.

    the upload URL is something like this:


    We get error table u99526.passwd doesnt exist exception when trying to connect :

    The underlying connection was closed: Could not establish trust relationship for the SSL/TLS secure channel.



    The remote certificate is invalid according to the validation procedure.We exported the certificate (but is it the correct one?) from SAP.

    We installed it in the store of the local machine when are trying to connect from (but is it in the correct part of the store?)

    any suggestion would be very helpful. thanks !!!

    February 24, 2015, 2:16 pm

    : Latest and popular articles on SAP ERP

    Next I am looking for OLAP (BW) system response time refrences

    Previous content server document upload issue

    Pls help, i read this forum, error table u99526.passwd doesnt exist, about my Error, but nothing help me. This error appered, on miniSAP, on different PC.

    Error in phase: CHECK_REQUIREMENTS

    Reason for error: TP_CANNOT_CONNECT_SYSTEM

    Return code: 0208

    Error message: error in transportprofil (param missing,


    all say about SMTS or SE06 when i can to install the TP, but, i did this, and this didnt help me.
    Help me, error table u99526.passwd doesnt exist, write step by step what can i do. I write all about whats error i have and where.

    February 10, 2014, 9:01 am

    : Latest and popular articles on SAP ERP

    Next How to Create data source for Oracle DB

    java lang error Previous Problem with installing NAD 3.0 on miniSAP


    I need to present Reference Times DIA for my BI system. I have seen the Reference Time in RFC as below in EWA report, error table u99526.passwd doesnt exist. I am not able to get any  of such values in Google for BI system. We have these reference/SAP recommended values for ECC system but was not able to get these values in BI system.


    1. for Avg. Response Time[ms] - Yellow Rating
    2. for Avg. Response Time[ms] - Red Rating
    3. for Avg. DB time[ms] - Yellow Rating
    4. for Avg. DB time[ms] - Red Rating






    Please help error table u99526.passwd doesnt exist with some values that can be used as reference/SAP recommended values for BI system to mark the transactions as green-red-yellow.



    More Pages to Explore .

    Error table u99526.passwd doesnt exist - down!

    > > > >


    ) After IF EXIST Fails
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  • Q75078: Installing MS-DOS 5.0 on a Tandy 1000HX
  • Q75080: Installing MS-DOS 5.x or 6.x on Tandy 2500XL2 or 1000RLX
  • Q75081: Cannot Use /U Switch with DOS=LOW and MOUSE.COM Version 8.0
  • Q75085: Incorrect OEM DOS Causes MS-DOS Upgrade Setup Error
  • Q75086: DOSSHELL.VID Not Compatible with AT&T BIOS 1.21 and Earlier
  • Q75087: 3.5-inch MS-DOS 5 Upgrade May Fail with Early DOS Versions
  • Q75093: Cannot Load DOS High on Wyse 286 Machines with Daughter Boards
  • Q75095: CLS Does Not Clear Screen on AT&T 6300
  • Q75105: Award BIOS Earlier than 3.1 Not Compatible with MS-DOS
  • Q75127: How to Modify the Command Prompt within MS-DOS Shell
  • Q75128: SMARTDrive, AST RAMpage, and REMM.SYS
  • Q75129: Stacker Coprocessor Card with MS-DOS 5.0 and EMM386.EXE
  • Q75130: MS-DOS Shell Colors May Blink on CGA Display
  • Q75131: Standard Floppy Disk Formats Supported by MS-DOS
  • Q75133: Installing MS-DOS Upgrade on a Texas Instruments Model 12
  • Q75137: AT&T 6386E Hangs with RAM Option on EMM386
  • Q75143: Using DISPLAY.SYS and PRINTER.SYS Drivers with QEMM
  • Q75145: Using Serial Microsoft Mouse with Bus Mouse Card Installed
  • Q75148: System Requirements for IBM PC-DOS 5.0 Upgrade
  • Q75169: Differences Between IBM PC-DOS 5.0 and MS-DOS 5 Upgrades
  • Q75180: Troubleshooting Print Screen Problems
  • Q75188: Installing MS-DOS over Emerson ROM DOS
  • Q75192: Zenith Multiboot Option and MS-DOS 5.0
  • Q75193: Possible CHKDSK Errors with Coherent Partition and MS-DOS
  • Q75195: Requesting MS-DOS Version Number with DEBUG
  • Q75217: Xerox Ventura Publisher Behaves Erratically
  • Q75226: Upgrading Toshiba T1000 Laptop to MS-DOS 5.0 and later
  • Q75227: Microspeed Trackball Incompatible with MS-DOS Shell
  • Q75230: PCSupport 2.1, MEM /C, and Enhanced Mode Windows 3.0
  • Q75231: MS-DOS and CSC Fastcache SCSI Controllers
  • Q75232: Saving Files over the Network on Novell v2.15
  • Q75233: DTK BIOS version 4.26 Pre-Revision 36 and IDE Drives
  • Q75235: F-15 Strike Eagle II Requires LOADFIX to Run
  • Q75272: Problems Printing on Novell Network with MS-DOS 5.0
  • Q75355: Automatic Exit to Command Prompt After Running QBasic Program
  • Q75356: AT Gigafile Disk Driver Does Not Work with MS-DOS 5.0
  • Q75358: Installing the PCLP Network with MS-DOS 5.0 and Later
  • Q75361: Using Search Master CD-ROM Software with MS DOS 5.0
  • Q75362: CMS Tape Software 2.46 Needed with MS-DOS 5.0 or Later
  • Q75379: Minimal Install Does Not Set COMSPEC to Upgraded COMMAND.COM
  • Q75392: RESTORE /D Returns ‘Restore File Sequence Error’ Message
  • Q75414: Explanation of SPECIAL=DEFAULT in DOSSHELL.INI
  • Q75419: Create a Bootable Floppy Disk Without Running Setup
  • Q75443: Gazelle Systems OPTune with MS-DOS Versions
  • Q75461: Sperry XDISK.SYS Is Incompatible with MS-DOS 5.0
  • Q75462: Always Technologies Controller and Syquest Removable Media
  • Q75463: Plus Hardcard II Drivers and MS-DOS 5.x
  • Q75470: Incorrect Recommendation for BIOS Upgrade for Always SCSI
  • Q75474: Western Digital ViaNet Is Incompatible with MS-DOS 4.x, 5.0
  • Q75482: Setup Repeatedly Prompts for Same Disk
  • Q75520: Changes to Code in QBasic Disappear After Pressing CTRL+BREAK
  • Q75529: Differences Between Tandy DOS 5.0 and MS-DOS 5.0
  • Q75592: EMM386 Not Installed–Unable to Set Page Frame Base Address
  • Q75620: LAN Manager/MS-DOS 5.0 Supplemental Disks
  • Q75633: How to Delete PCTRACKR.DEL File
  • Q75634: Percent Signs Stripped from Batch File Text
  • Q75649: Sysgen Durapak and MS-DOS 5.0
  • Q75670: Err Msg: There Was an Error Writing to the File DOSSHELL.INI
  • Q75678: Alphabetic Listing of MS-DOS 5 Upgrade Files with Disks
  • Q75689: Using Bernoulli Driver Version 7.0 or Later with MS-DOS
  • Q75710: "SYS2090" Error with Novell Btrieve Utility
  • Q75712: Alphabetical Listing of the MS-DOS 5.0 Working Disks Contents
  • Q75723: AT&T 6300 Needs Driver for Date/Time Stamping
  • Q75786: RESTORE Command Requires Path and Filename of Files to Restore
  • Q75787: MS-DOS 5.0 and IBM AT with BIOS dated 1/10/84
  • Q75789: Setup Hangs on Uninstall Disk with JRAM Board Installed
  • Q75837: Using BACKUP/F After Installing the MS-DOS 5 Upgrade
  • Q75850: Using SHIFT+PRINT SCREEN with Setup Video Problems
  • Q75861: Using Lotus Metro Versions 1.0 and 1.1 with MS-DOS Version 5.0
  • Q75895: EMM386.EXE Exclude Ranges for IBM Token Ring Card
  • Q77003: Novell NET5.COM Installation and Command Line Help Information
  • Q77052: Default Values for Drivers/Commands in CONFIG.SYS
  • Q77083: Optimizing Your Use of Upper Memory Blocks
  • Q77094: Orchid PC Turbo 286 E Board Incompatible with MS-DOS 5.0
  • Q77178: Mylex 80486 EISA Motherboard and MS-DOS 5.0/6.0/6.2
  • Q77182: Using MS-DOS 5.0 or later EMM386.EXE on Altima NSX
  • Q77205: SHIFT+UP/DOWN ARROW Combinations Don’t Work on Toshiba 5100
  • Q77207: Using Math Works MATLAB with MS-DOS 5.0
  • Q77209: Moving the DOSSHELL.INI File to a Network Drive
  • Q77210: Loading MS-DOS High on Zenith SuperSport 286 with 1 MB RAM
  • Q77212: FaxIt! 2.0 with MS-DOS 5.0
  • Q77216: Unable to Edit Shell Program with 23 Character Title
  • Q77219: XMS Memory Is Not Reported Until Accessed
  • Q77224: LapLink and MS-DOS 5.0
  • Q77225: Zenith Z-180/Z-184 Loses Date/Time with MS-DOS Upgrade
  • Q77239: Tandy 1400 Laptop Clock Problem Under MS-DOS 5.0 and Later
  • Q77246: System Clock Speeds Up When Using Task Swapper
  • Q77262: Incorrect Date on Vendex Headstart XT Computer
  • Q77269: Setup May Give Disk Errors with Plus Passport Hard Drive
  • Q77276: Irwin Magnetics EasyTape Backup with MS-DOS 5.0
  • Q77319: Setup Detects Disk Manager Partitions
  • Q77320: Err Msg: SMARTDrive Reports Incompatible Partitions
  • Q77322: Err Msg: Cannot Load COMMAND, System Halted (with Novell)
  • Q77351: Samsung S-5200 Requires HIMEM /MACHINE:12
  • Q77369: Automatically Loading MIRROR High
  • Q77397: KEYB.COM, German 83/84 Key Keyboard, and Phoenix BIOS
  • Q77400: Incompatible XENIX Partition Detected with SMARTDrive
  • Q77405: View File Does Not Show Subdirectories in MS-DOS Shell
  • Q77426: Setup /F on Machines Without a Formatted Hard Disk
  • Q77448: Generic CADD Does Not Run from MS-DOS 5.0 Shell
  • Q77450: 84-Key Keyboard Support for Special Character Set (Code Page)
  • Q77456: NET5.COM Requires /C= Switch to Use SHELL.CFG
  • Q77457: Accepting Keyboard Input in Batch Files
  • Q77458: MS-DOS Shell Leaves Temporary Files on Hard Drive
  • Q77463: ‘INVALID PATH’ Message Following ‘DISK IS FULL’ Message
  • Q77471: Knowledge Dynamics INSTALL.EXE and MS-DOS 5.0
  • Q77542: Norton Speed Disk Not Compatible with SMARTDrive
  • Q77587: Scott 286 Model 2000-SC Must Disable ROM DOS
  • Q77624: MS-DOS Shell Fails to Start
  • Q77625: XIOS Corporation Software Conflicts with MS-DOS 5.0
  • Q77626: Uninstalling After Deleting the OLD_DOS.1 Directory
  • Q77627: MS-DOS and DPT PM2001/95 SCSI Controller
  • Q77632: Trailing Spaces in SET TEMP Returns Error in MS-DOS Shell
  • Q77635: Lotus 1-2-3 Version 3.1 Won’t Start
  • Q77706: Himem /M:12 on Vendex VTI with Award 3.03 BIOS
  • Q77707: Turbo XT BIOS, Floppy Drives, and MS-DOS 3.3 and Later
  • Q77722: Vertisoft Double Disk Compatible with MS-DOS
  • Q77768: Leading Edge Memory Test Diagnostic May Cause System Hangs
  • Q77771: Err Msg: "Error Reading/Writing Drive x" with WD-1006V-SR2
  • Q77778: BTRIEVE Versions 5.1 and Later Compatible with MS-DOS 5.x/6.x
  • Q77810: Doskey will not Execute Layered Macros Separated by a Command
  • Q77819: My Computer Hangs When Using MS-DOS Shell Task Swapper
  • Q77821: Repartitioning Your Hard Disk After MS-DOS 5 Upgrade
  • Q77847: MS-DOS 5.0 Setup Fails with Lightning Disk Cache 5.52
  • Q77850: Lotus 1-2-3 Release 3 and MS-DOS 5.0
  • Q77853: Older Versions of Disk Manager Do Not Have XBIOS.OVL
  • Q77855: Lotus 1-2-3 Versions 3.x and EMM386.EXE
  • Q77856: IF EXIST Finds Hidden and System Files
  • Q77874: TOPS Network Versions 2.x Not Compatible with MS-DOS 5.0
  • Q77878: IBM PC 3270 Emulation Ver. 1.22 Incompatible with MS-DOS 5.0
  • Q77880: Nth Group Peripherals Device Drivers, PS/2, and MS-DOS 5.0
  • Q77888: Bitstream Facelift 1.0 Hangs with MS-DOS Shell Task Swapper
  • Q77983: Using MS-DOS 5.x/6.x with Win 3.0 Enhanced Without WINA20.386
  • Q77984: Which MS-DOS Version Should I Boot to Run MS-DOS Setup?
  • Q76065: Summa Graphics Pointing Devices and MS-DOS 5.0
  • Q76089: Pyro! Causes MS-DOS Shell to Blink
  • Q76098: MS-DOS Err Msg: SMARTDrive: Not Enough Memory to Load Driver
  • Q76182: Above DISC Compatibility with DOS=HIGH or HIMEM.SYS
  • Q76185: Erratic Floppy Drive Behavior on Mitsubishi 286
  • Q76186: Up to 48 Buffers Load in HMA with MS-DOS 5.0
  • Q76187: Norton Utilities Version 6.0 Updates DOSHELP.HLP File
  • Q76191: Installing Tips Plus Version 1.5 with MS-DOS 5.0
  • Q76199: Using Quarterdeck’s BUFFERS.COM With MS-DOS 4.0 and Later
  • Q76205: MS-DOS Shell Does Not Have to Read Files at Startup
  • Q76207: Preserving Compaq DOS Keyboard Click Feature
  • Q76242: MS-DOS 6.x Setup: Error Renaming Old Utilities
  • Q76297: LAN Manager/MS-DOS 5.0 Supplemental Disks README File
  • Q76454: Leading Edge Model D Loses Date/Time with MS-DOS
  • Q76457: Colorado Tape Backup Boards FC10, TC15, and MS-DOS
  • Q76459: Disabling Volume Label Request in Format
  • Q76523: PC Shell Requires LOADFIX with MS-DOS in the HMA
  • Q76622: FORMAT Parameters Versus DRIVPARM/DRIVER.SYS
  • Q76644: Fastback Plus 5.14 and Earlier Incompatible with MS-DOS 5.0
  • Q76672: Dexxa Mouse Requires Driver Version 5.0 for MS-DOS Shell
  • Q76674: MS-DOS Shell Has Trouble Maintaining Dual File Lists
  • Q76677: How to Determine if BIOS Reports Floppy Drive Type Correctly
  • Q76749: Enabling Internal Modem on Zenith Laptop
  • Q76750: MS-DOS 5.0 on Zeos Computer with Mylex BIOS Earlier than 6.04
  • Q76788: QAPLUS 4.21 Produces Errors with EMM386.EXE
  • Q76792: MS-DOS Setup Repeatedly Asks for the Same Disk
  • Q76793: MS-DOS 5 Setup Screen Instructions are Unreadable
  • Q76801: SideKick Versions Earlier than 2.0 Conflict with MS-DOS 5/6
  • Q76803: Novell Causes "Cannot Load COMMAND.COM" After Upgrading MS-DOS
  • Q76810: Marstek Mouse Driver 6.01 or Later with MS-DOS 5.0
  • Q76812: Fastback Versions 2.11 and Earlier Give Divide Overflow Error
  • Q76817: Fountain 286 Computer Slows After MS-DOS 5 Upgrade
  • Q76819: Installing MS-DOS 5 Upgrade on NetWare Diskless Workstation
  • Q76820: Programs Don’t Load into Upper Memory Area
  • Q76831: SMARTDRV.SYS Reports "Bad or Missing Command Interpreter"
  • Q76845: System Hangs with Kraft Mouse and Driver 3.01
  • Q76846: CHKDSK *.* Hangs on 1.44 MB Disk with Zero Byte File
  • Q76865: IBM MOUSE.COM Version 1.1 or Later with MS-DOS Shell
  • Q76879: Installing MS-DOS 5 Upgrade on Zenith MinisPort HD
  • Q76882: Uninstalling Older Version of MS-DOS Without Uninstall Disk
  • Q76899: Restoring Boot Partition Boot Sector Using Uninstall
  • Q76916: Size of Expanded Memory Pool Adjusted
  • Q76921: Executing TSRs Through MS-DOS Shell with Task Swapper Active
  • Q76922: ROM and RAM Error Codes Explained
  • Q76927: Cannot Modify Label After Using Norton Safe Format
  • Q76977: Plus Passport Hard Drive Appears As Two Drives to FDISK
  • Q76996: Creating Backup Disks of the MS-DOS 5 Upgrade
  • Q76997: Turbo Debugger 2.0 and Later with MS-DOS 5.0
  • Q76998: Running Lansmart with MS-DOS 5.0
  • Q78004: Compaticard, AMI BIOS, and MS-DOS 5.0
  • Q78008: Troubleshooting Third Party Memory Managers
  • Q78009: Troubleshooting When TSRs Are Loaded
  • Q78109: MS-DOS Setup with LOCKIT Utility, Version 1.5
  • Q78112: AMD Palasam Requires Version 1.2 of SP.EXE File
  • Q78123: HP PaintJet with MS-DOS GRAPHICS.COM and GRAPHICS.PRO
  • Q78124: Emerson Promouse Driver and MS-DOS Shell
  • Q78135: Becoming a Microsoft OEM for MS-DOS 5.0
  • Q78149: AST Premium 286 May Require Premium BIOS 2.0
  • Q78153: "Golden" (Complete) Backup and Restore
  • Q78154: AST Research ASTDSK.DRV with MS-DOS Upgrade
  • Q78198: Move’Em Memory Manager from Qualitas
  • Q78289: LOADHIGH Command with Non MS-DOS Command Interpreter
  • Q78290: Intel EMM.SYS Dated June 1990 or Later with MS-DOS
  • Q78404: Print Command Returns Name of List Device Message
  • Q78407: Wyse DOS 3.3 Partitions Incompatible with MS-DOS 5.x and 6.x
  • Q78408: Erratic Behavior with MS-DOS 5.0 and Phillips BIOS
  • Q78410: System Hangs with dBase III 1.0 or III+ 1.0
  • Q78411: Restoring MS-DOS Editor to the MS-DOS Shell Main Program List
  • Q78412: System Hangs with DCA E78 (IRMA) and EMM386.EXE
  • Q78413: Procom SCSI Drives Require Updated Driver with MS-DOS
  • Q78416: UNDELETE and Filename Containing a Dollar Sign ($)
  • Q78418: Marstek Mouse Driver 6.01b Required with MS-DOS 5.0
  • Q78420: Heath/Zenith XT 151 Is Incompatible with MS-DOS 5.x or 6.x
  • Q78422: Incorrect DIR Listing with Personics Ultravision
  • Q78433: Detailed Explanation of EMM386.EXE Switches
  • Q78434: Comparison of BUFFERS=, STACKS=, and SMARTDRV.SYS
  • Q78435: What Is EGA.SYS and What Is Its Function?
  • Q78437: Internal Stack Overflow with WordPerfect 5.1 and MS-DOS 5.0
  • Q78438: Newer Epson Computers Use A20 Handler 1 with HIMEM.SYS
  • Q78439: Fulbak Backup Utilities 2.0 or Later with MS-DOS 5.0
  • Q78441: EMM386.EXE Hangs on GoldStar 386SX Model GT316
  • Q78442: MS-DOS Shell Task Swapper and Framework III/Frameword IV
  • Q78444: Incompatible COMMAND.COM with Solomon III Versions Before 7.0
  • Q78445: Using MS-DOS with Pacific Rim External Drives
  • Q78448: MS-DOS 5, 6, and 6.2 Upgrades Provide DMDRVR.BIN & SSTOR.SYS
  • Q78458: NEC 80286 APC4 Is Not Supported by MS-DOS 5.x & 6.x
  • Q78504: EVDISK.SYS Is Not Compatible with MS-DOS 5 Upgrade
  • Q78505: No Warning Beep with MS-DOS 4.x, 5.0 BACKUP Utility
  • Q78506: Additional EMM386.EXE Include Ranges with AMI BIOS
  • Q78524: SMARTDRV.SYS Incompatible with Some Disk Managing Programs
  • Q78527: Using Oracle 5.1c with EMM386.EXE
  • Q78528: Shadow RAM Basics
  • Q78536: Shadow RAM Technical Information
  • Q78557: EMM386 Troubleshooting and Technical Information
  • Q78560: Determining Inclusion Address Ranges for EMM386
  • Q78573: The Second Parameter of the BUFFERS Command
  • Q78578: DRIVER.SYS Usage and Information
  • Q78590: Xerox XC 6060 Computer Hangs with MS-DOS ANSI.SYS
  • Q78596: Why MS-DOS Shell May Require Updated Mouse Driver
  • Q78597: MS-DOS 5.0 or Later May Require a ROM BIOS Upgrade
  • Q78609: Troubleshooting HIMEM.SYS
  • Q78612: The ANSI /S Switch
  • Q78657: Acer /M:1100 Switch Only for 1-MB Acer Machines
  • Q78659: Sytos and Sytos Plus Tape Backups with MS-DOS 5.0
  • Q78664: Generating an Updated IPX.COM File for Novell Network
  • Q78670: Startup Directory Option Ignored in MS-DOS Shell
  • Q78672: Computers That Do Not Maintain Date/Time with MS-DOS 5 or 6
  • Q78675: Upgrade 5.0a Setup Automatically Updates DMDRVR.BIN/SSTOR.SYS
  • Q78679: WordPerfect Office TSRs Don’t Function Correctly
  • Q78681: VTI Turbo 55 80286 Requires BIOS Version 3.22 or Later
  • Q78718: Tempus Link Version 3.2 Required with EMM386 and MS-DOS 5.0
  • Q78719: Default Device Drivers in SETVER Table
  • Q78720: PRINTQ Version 4.0 Requires STACKS Statement
  • Q78721: MS-DOS Editor Can Edit Lines Greater than 256 Characters
  • Q78722: DOSKEY Error Message: "Cannot Change BUFSIZE"
  • Q78813: HIMEM.SYS Reports Loading A20 Handler X,Y
  • Q78846: Incomplete DEVICE Line in CONFIG.SYS Causes Screen Garbage
  • Q78847: SHIFT+F9 Gives MS-DOS Prompt, "Command Prompt" Item Disabled
  • Q78925: EMM386.EXE Err Msg: WARNING: User Specified Ranges Overlap
  • Q79041: LANtastic and Zero-Length Files
  • Q79090: Michaelangelo Virus Disables Floppy Drive
  • Q79220: Archive Fastape Version 5.0 with MS-DOS 5.0 and Later
  • Q79236: Hydro Plus/Prolock Program Hangs with DOS=HIGH
  • Q79245: DOSKEY Macros Must Be Executed from the Command Prompt
  • Q79247: MSCDEX.EXE Version 2.2 or Later Required with MS-DOS 5.0
  • Q79248: COREtape Light Backup System Incompatible with DOSKEY
  • Q79250: IBM PCJr Incompatible with MS-DOS 5.0 and Later
  • Q79533: Upgrading MS-DOS 5.0 Over Stacker with STACDOS5.BAT
  • Q79537: VFeature Deluxe Partition Is Not Compatible with MS-DOS 5.0
  • Q79538: 360K Floppies Used in 1.2 MB Drive May Be Unreadable
  • Q79539: FAST Versions 3.0x or Later Required with MS-DOS 5.0
  • Q79541: Filesafe Software Versions Required with MS-DOS
  • Q79658: Using MS-DOS 5.0 COPY Switches /A /B to Remove ^Z
  • Q79747: Current License Agreement Policies for MS-DOS and Windows
  • Q79777: AutoCAD Version 2.62 May Not Function with HIMEM.SYS
  • Q79806: Desklink Compatibility with MS-DOS 5.0 or Later
  • Q79890: Printing to Auxiliary Ports from MS-DOS Editor and QBasic
  • Q79891: PrintRite Version 1.5 or Later Compatible with MS-DOS 5.0
  • Q79892: MS-DOS LABEL Command May Truncate Spaces
  • Q80001: WRQ Inc. Reflection Network Series and MS-DOS
  • Q80002: Quicken Should Not Be Task Swapped from MS-DOS Shell
  • Q80224: FORMAT May Incorrectly Return ERRORLEVEL of Zero
  • Q80297: FASTOPEN Should Not Be Used with Speed Disk or Compress
  • Q80301: How to Change the MS-DOS Cursor
  • Q80303: Unable to Use MS-DOS 5.0 BACKUP to NetWare Drive
  • Q80304: "Missing Operating System" and "No ROM BASIC" Error Messages
  • Q80364: Removing Terminate-and-Stay-Resident Programs from Memory
  • Q80387: Deleting Partitions Can Reduce Usable Hard Disk Space
  • Q80434: DRIVPARM Must Be Used with Tandy 1000HX, 1000TX, 1400LT/HD
  • Q80491: MS-DOS Upgrade Detects Current MS-DOS in Root Directory
  • Q80492: "Path/File Access Error" with MS-DOS Editor
  • Q80496: When Not to Use MS-DOS 5.0 CHKDSK and UNDELETE Commands
  • Q80537: PC Kwik Cache Causes Error in Formatting DD Disk in HD Drive
  • Q80566: MS-DOS Shell Flashes with Metheus Display Card
  • Q80570: Switching from DR-DOS 6.0 to MS-DOS 5.0
  • Q80607: MS-DOS 5 Upgrade (5.0a) Disk Directories (3.5-Inch, 720K)
  • Q80608: MS-DOS 5 Upgrade 5.0a Disk Directories (5.25-Inch, 1.2 MB)
  • Q80610: MS-DOS 5 Upgrade (5.0a) Disks (5.25-Inch, 360K)
  • Q80745: Saving GW-Basic/BASICA ASCII File to Use with QBasic
  • Q80746: Dell NX-20 Requires HIMEM.SYS /M:1
  • Q80751: MS-DOS EXPAND.EXE Functionality
  • Q80874: EMM386 May Not Provide LIM 3.2 Support
  • Q80890: Drives Inaccessible After Upgrading from Compaq DOS
  • Q81283: Replacement Utilities for MS-DOS FORMAT
  • Q81360: MS-DOS EDIT and QBASIC Command Line Switches
  • Q81361: MS-DOS Err Msg: Not Resetting System


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