Error su_get_update_status_req n9

error su_get_update_status_req n9

2714 kB 2587 kB/s] [_] rootfs [finishing 100 % 32768 / 1163796 kB NA ] ERROR: SU_GET_UPDATE_STATUS_REQ terminated with error code 1: Unknown error image. This guide will allow you to build Qt5 and WebKit2 for N9/N950 (MeeGo kB NA ] ERROR: SU_GET_UPDATE_STATUS_REQ terminated with error code. ERROR: SU_GET_UPDATE_STATUS_REQ terminated with error code 1: Unknown error Next Nokia N9 64GB touch screen working,but display is black.

Error su_get_update_status_req n9 - intelligible message

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Microsoft Windows XP [Version 5.1.2600]
(C) Copyright 1985-2001 Microsoft Corp.

C:\Program Files\Nokia\Flasher>
C:\Program Files\Nokia\Flasher>
C:\Program Files\Nokia\Flasher>flasher -f -F DFL61_HARMATTAN_40.2012.21-3.339.2_
PR_LEGACY_339_ARM_RM-696_PRD_signed.bin -F DFL61_HARMATTAN_40.2012.21-3.339.1_EM
MC_339.bin --flash-only=mmc
flasher 3.12.1 (Oct 6 2011) Harmattan
WARNING: This tool is intended for professional use only. Using it may result
in permanently damaging your device or losing the warranty.

ERROR: CreateFile, error = 5
Suitable USB interface (bootloader/phonet) not found, waiting...
ERROR: CreateFile, error = 5
ERROR: CreateFile, error = 5
ERROR: CreateFile, error = 5
Ping attempt 1 (250 ms)
Server application: 1.7.2
Found product RM-696 rev. 1603
Server implements softupd protocol version 1.8
Image SW version DFL61_HARMATTAN_40.2012.21-3.339.2_PR_339
Image cmt-2nd skipped
Image cmt-algo skipped
Image cmt-mcusw skipped
Image xloader skipped
Image secondary skipped
Image kernel skipped
Image moslo skipped
Image rootfs skipped
Image tar skipped
Image config skipped

Battery level 63 %, continuing.

image [state progress transfer flash speed]
[x] cert-sw [finished 100 % 1 / 1 kB NA ]
[ ] mmc [pending 0 % 0 / 0 kB NA ]
ERROR: SU_GET_UPDATE_STATUS_REQ terminated with error code 1: Unknown error

image [state progress transfer flash speed]
[x] cert-sw [finished 100 % 1 / 1 kB NA ]
[f] mmc [pending 0 % 1024 / 1627219 kB NA ]
Fetching error list:
Update content failed to verify against cert: SW certificate not updated
bb5_rdc_cert_read failed
bb5_rdc_cert_read failed
bb5_rdc_cert_read failed
bb5_rdc_cert_read failed
bb5_rdc_cert_read failed
mmc: sfdisk returned status 1
mmc: Could not exec '/sbin/dosfslabel /tmp/sudmmcFDTgFp/internal0p1 "Nokia N9"'
mmc: Unable to remove mount point '/tmp/sudmmcFDTgFp/mnt/home': No such file or
mmc: Could not remove mount directory /tmp/sudmmcFDTgFp/mnt: No such file or dir
[Pipe 1] Finishing in error state with status 1

ERROR: Failed to flash images

February 2, 2013, 4:09 am

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The promotional 'video' which is packed into N900's memory by Nokia - it can be found on YouTube - how was it created? And is there similar video for N9? And for N950?
Just curious. Press 'Ctrl' and, holding it down, touch the screen with you finger; does anything happen? On N950, a blue circle is displayed wherever the screen is touched - and a second blue circle which is positioned with central symmetry to the first one.
Best wishes. Questions, questions...
[Edit]There might be video for N9, but it's not nearly as stunning - maybe, because they had shown several devices nearby each other; or it is lack of special effects...[/Edit]

February 2, 2013, 9:16 am

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I'm looking for something that will convert .mp4 to .avi using Xvid decoder.

Handbreak and VLC can't seem to do this.

The settings I would like are:

640x352 (no change from the original video)
bit rate 800-900
maybe something that let's me tweak fps
Audio .mp3
frequency 128k
audio bit rate 44100

Any good suggestions?

February 2, 2013, 9:49 am

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February 2, 2013, 12:37 pm

Next Download flasher ?

Previous [hardware mod] additional lens: fish eye, macro, wide angle

February 2, 2013, 2:30 pm

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February 2, 2013, 2:59 pm

Next Softwareupdates not working anymore

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I know this is probably a complete shot in the dark, but I've tried everywhere so far with no avail.

I have an IPhone 4 16GB(at&t) and i'm looking to barter for an N900
I got my IPhone as a gift and I never cared for iOS. It is jailbroken currently.

-The phone right now is at a 7.5/10
-Battery still holds a good charge.
-No noticeable scratches.
*The home button is temperamental. but still works.
*I use the Activator app because my phone is jailbroken, I never have to use my home button anyway because if i tap my clock it takes me to the home screen.

Even if I can't find someone on here, tell me honestly. Do you think this will be possible? I live in Florida and it seems everyone here owns a damn IPhone.

Thanks in advance

February 2, 2013, 3:42 pm

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I hope there is no other thread with this problem. I couldn't find anything.
So the problem is i don't get all updates to the application manager and can't update some apps via store...

i had this problem now with MeeCast and Fahrplan. There was no notification in app manager but store showed me that there is an update... when i try to update via store is sais "can't install application allready installed"

this is not for all apps so i have no idea whats the problem

February 3, 2013, 7:42 am

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Finally a decent syncing note app!
From their website

What you get:
*Access to all your notes, notebooks and tags
*Full editing support for plain-text notes; appending text for
rich-text notes
*Creating and editing notes when offline
*Viewing images in notes
*Viewing note attachments (PDFs, audio)
*Adding images to notes
*Removing attachments from plain-text notes
*Offline access for notes marked Favourites and for notes in
Offline Notebooks

What you don't get:

*Rich-text notes can't be freely edited (appending only)
*Cannot add arbitrary files as attachments (images only)
*Cannot rename or remove notebooks / tags

Price: 3€ (In Finland)
After a few days of usage I can highly recommend the app.

Disclaimer: I have no connections to the devs. Posted to give information to members, not to promote. I was very happy to find this on store.

February 3, 2013, 8:15 am

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Hi all,

is it possible to disable echoing of characters when typing the security code?

February 3, 2013, 8:29 am

Next Strange USB issue.

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Hi all,

i am trying to run this script when network interface is up on my N9:


The script path is:


The file /root/data is an existing empty file.

Upon connecting to my wlan, the file /root/data is still empty, which suggests the script does not run.

Any pointers?


February 3, 2013, 8:36 am

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Hi all.

I got my N900s in 2010, so the USB dangers were well known to me beforehand. Accordingly, I took great care of my USB port, and it's been fine up until now. In the last couple of weeks I noticed it wasn't charging at work where I have it plugged into my PC. It also wasn't syncing. I then noticed Windows was telling me the USB device wasn't recognised.

Strangely though, it was charging from wall chargers fine. I then discovered the same device not recognised error at home. I tried updating Nokia Suite, to no avail.

I figured that one or both of my D+/D- pins had come loose, and the VBUS and GNDs were probably fine, hence the charging from wall chargers. The port itself feels solid. So I research USB repair on here, and disassembled my spare N900 for practise. I figured all I'd have to do is reflow the solder on a cracked joint to fix my issues (as shown here)...but then I saw how constrained the work area is once you prise off the memory card board. I cut away some of the EMF shielding and figured if I filed down one of my tips I had a chance of pulling it off.

I then had a brainwave - I plugged in a USB cable to my main N900, stuck a multimeter probe into the full-size connector, then used the test pads under the battery to check continuity.

Unexpectedly, D+ and D- are fine.

I decided to disassemble just in case, and low and behold, the joints look fine too. So I'm lost.

Has anyone got any ideas why my N900 isn't being recognised any more?

I should also throw in that when I switch it off and load up bootmenu, using the console option I can see kernel messages, and I can see that the battery charges fine from my work PC via USB.

February 3, 2013, 10:16 am

Next Selling a N900 - price debatable

Previous Strange USB issue.

I am interested in selling My N900 32GB with the latest Maemo OS(updated) and has no issues. Everything else is best. the camera, the OS. Around one year used so out of warranty. Being on i dont need to explain you what wonders the phone could do.
The phone condition is good and has never been overclocked. I want to sell it for 11k and I am located in Pune. I will not be able to ship in abroad or even in India.I would prefer customers from Pune and Mumbai. I have also written a review about the phone at

Please send me a mail at [email protected] if you are interested.

February 3, 2013, 11:26 am

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My N900 has gone through a lot of troubles with its usb port and now it seems like the digitizer isn't responding accurately on touches, so I'm putting it for sale.

No box or manual is available. The device is in semi-functional condition - the usb port isn't working, the digitizer I described above, there are signs of wear and the keypad frame has a crack. I shall include a travelling charger, a spare battery and the connector of a headset (you can plug your own headphones in to use, it has a mic and an answer button).

Accepting offers on 30E and up - The first satisfying offer will get it.

Selling worldwide from Greece, shipping costs are charged on the buyer.

February 3, 2013, 2:59 pm

Next N9 thinks its connected to computer when not help

Previous Selling a N900 - price debatable

All my text messages, recent calls and contacts DELETED! :mad: What happened? Has this happened to anyone else here?

February 3, 2013, 3:29 pm

Next is it real ?

Previous [HELP] All Messages, Contacts & Call Logs Missing

is this a hardware failure? N9 thinks its connected to pc...therefore can not use camera nor download stuff using web broswer.

February 3, 2013, 8:22 pm

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Previous N9 thinks its connected to computer when not help

February 3, 2013, 11:10 pm

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Hey guys,

Wanted to ask does anyone know a good N9 car holder? Want to use my N9 as GPS.

Thanks :)

February 4, 2013, 2:07 am

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hello. i want to know if exsist for N9 an application for connect the desktop and the smatphone like Remote RDP on android.
now the only thing that i have is QRemoteControll.
this it's really a good app but it's not enough, i want to see my desktop on N9.
can someone help me?

February 4, 2013, 4:25 am

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MWKN Weekly News: 4 February 2013

The four wheels spinning MeeGo 1.2 Harmattan

Eighteen months ago, following the launch of the N9, Quim Gilposted his thoughts that even if the N9 was the "only MeeGo device from Nokia", the future wasn't all dead: the Linux kernel, Qt, WebKit and a "swipe" UX are


what really matters about MeeGo 1.2 Harmattan when it comes to discuss about future products, platforms and ecosystems. Note that these four pieces are very versatile and flexible, they can play with each other and they can also head towards other paths, offering many possibilities for future products.
At the time, he was (almost certainly) talking about the skunkworks Meltemi project. Which was subsequently killed by Nokia.

However, his point stands, this week we've seen the launch of BlackBerry 10 (Qt, WebKit and a swipe UX) and the start of community involvement in Ubuntu Phone (Linux, Qt, WebKit and a swipe UX, and even Debian packaging!).

Jolla (again, all four technologies) is also going to be released this year, and is even more intimately tied to the Maemo heritage, with many involved community alumi and a direct path from the investment in MeeGo, through Mer and Nemomobile.

Although Nokia is irrelevant to those wanting open computing devices, 2013 is promising to be an interesting year.

Read more (

2012 in review

MWKN is now three years old, and - it's not been three years without challenge. However, here's a look back on the last twelve months:
  • February: reverse engineering WhatsApp; PR1.2 for N9 - brings Google Talk video calling;
  • March: Flash available for N9; Inception provides "jailbreak" without open mode; Reuters confirms existence of Meltemi; alpha version of Nitdroid for N9; council election period started;
  • April: council election period extended; Quim Gil dampens suggestions of a "sudden switchoff" of as he becomes the community manager at Nokia again; forum<->email bridge for offline TMO collaboration; "independence" discussions grind on; Cordia releases alpha version of Hildon Desktop stack for Mer;
  • May: cock-ups prevent council election starting on time; first (and last?) Tizen Conference held in San Francisco; Nokia aims to give away 100 devices as part of Summer 2012 Device Program; and Nokia 770 turn seven; new council elected; MeeCoLay lets Harmattan apps run on Fremantle;
  • June: last hopes of more Linux, Qt, WebKit and swipe devices from Nokia dashed as Meltemi canned;
  • July: discussions properly start on having a "" legal entity and migrating to community infrastructure; Jolla goes public; Nokia N9 PR1.3 rolls out; Jonathan Wilson launches string of open source Fremantle component replacements;
  • August: Nokia sells Qt to Digia; Tizen's first birthday; libhybris allows reuse of Android binary drivers; concrete proposals for "Hildon Foundation"; Thumb2 build of Fremantle CSSU;
  • September: Quim Gil leaves Nokia to join Wikimedia Foundation; details of 2009 Harmattan and keyboarded N9 devices emerge; elections for council and board start; Nokia "fake" Lumia 920 adverts;
  • October: council nomination period re-opened; Jolla launch "Sailfish" moniker; Samsung to merge Bada and Tizen; first Hildon Foundation board elected;
  • November: council elected; Jolla reveal UI and strategy; infrastructure starts moving to community control;

It's been a year of change so it's far too uncertain to predict what the open device landscape will be like in another year. However, if you want to get involved in covering it, all you have to is tweet @mwkn. Your editor, Ryan Abeland Andrew Olmstedwant to thank all those who have submitted news and a Ryan and Andrew especially for their committment to ensuring the issues of MWKN go to 'press' each week.

Read more (

In this edition...
  1. Front Page
    • The four wheels spinning MeeGo 1.2 Harmattan
    • 2012 in review
  2. Applications
    • Nokia N9: first phone in the world to run IPython 0.13.1 with Notebook & Qt console interfaces
  3. Community
    • Minutes for Hildon Foundation board meeting on 26th January
  4. In the Wild
    • Development of Ubuntu Phone's 12 "core apps" starts with community volunteers
    • BlackBerry launch new phones with Qt-/swipe-based user interfaces