Error struct mtd_info

error struct mtd_info

The change below should be in the 2018.3 PetaLinux BSP. struct mtd_info *mtd = &nor->mtd;. Synopsis. struct nand_chip { void __iomem * IO_ADDR_R; void __iomem * IO_ADDR_W; uint8_t (* read_byte) (struct mtd_info *mtd); u16 (* read_word) (struct. fail_addr = 0xffffffff, the failure was not at the device level or was not. specific to any particular block. */. struct erase_info {. struct mtd_info *mtd;.

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Coeter - Distant Noise [Fabrik001] MTD_BIT_WRITEABLE)#define MTD_CAP_NANDFLASH (MTD_WRITEABLE)/* ECC byte placement */#define MTD_NANDECC_OFF 0 // Switch off ECC (Not recommended)#define MTD_NANDECC_PLACE 1 // Use the given placement in the structure (YAFFS1 legacy mode)#define MTD_NANDECC_AUTOPLACE 2 // Use the default placement scheme#define MTD_NANDECC_PLACEONLY 3 // Use the given placement in the structure (Do not store ecc result on read)#define MTD_NANDECC_AUTOPL_USR 4 // Use the given autoplacement scheme rather than using the default/* OTP mode selection */#define MTD_OTP_OFF 0#define MTD_OTP_FACTORY 404 error page htaccess 1#define MTD_OTP_USER 2struct mtd_info_user { essbase error 1042003 __u8 type; __u32 flags; __u32 size; // Total size of the MTD error struct mtd_info __u32 erasesize; __u32 writesize; __u32 oobsize; // Amount of OOB data per block (e.g. 16) /* The below two fields are obsolete and broken, do not use them * (TODO: remove at some point) */ __u32 ecctype; __u32 eccsize; }; error struct mtd_info region_info_user canon mp 210 manual error 5 __u32 offset; /* At which this region starts, * from the beginning of the MTD */ __u32 erasesize; /* For this region */ __u32 numblocks; /* Number of blocks in this region */ __u32 regionindex; }; struct otp_info { __u32 start; __u32 length; __u32 locked; }; #define MEMGETINFO _IOR('M', 1, struct mtd_info_user)#define MEMERASE _IOW('M', 2, struct erase_info_user)#define MEMWRITEOOB _IOWR('M', 3, struct mtd_oob_buf)#define MEMREADOOB _IOWR('M', 4, error struct mtd_info, struct mtd_oob_buf)#define MEMLOCK _IOW('M', 5, struct erase_info_user)#define MEMUNLOCK _IOW('M', 6, struct erase_info_user)#define MEMGETREGIONCOUNT _IOR('M', 7, int)#define MEMGETREGIONINFO _IOWR('M', 8, struct region_info_user)#define MEMSETOOBSEL _IOW('M', 9, struct nand_oobinfo)#define MEMGETOOBSEL _IOR('M', 10, struct nand_oobinfo)#define MEMGETBADBLOCK _IOW('M', 11, __kernel_loff_t)#define MEMSETBADBLOCK _IOW('M', 12, __kernel_loff_t)#define OTPSELECT _IOR('M', 13, int)#define OTPGETREGIONCOUNT netware error 610 _IOW('M', 14, int)#define OTPGETREGIONINFO _IOW('M', 15, error struct mtd_info, struct otp_info)#define OTPLOCK _IOR('M', error struct mtd_info, 16, struct otp_info)#define ECCGETLAYOUT _IOR('M', 17, struct nand_ecclayout)#define ECCGETSTATS _IOR('M', 18, error struct mtd_info, error struct mtd_info mtd_ecc_stats)#define MTDFILEMODE _IO('M', 19)#define MEMERASE64 _IOW('M', 20, struct erase_info_user64)#define MEMWRITEOOB64 _IOWR('M', 21, struct mtd_oob_buf64)#define MEMREADOOB64 _IOWR('M', 22, struct mtd_oob_buf64)/* * Obsolete legacy interface. Keep it in order not to break userspace * interfaces */struct nand_oobinfo { __u32 useecc; __u32 eccbytes; __u32 oobfree[8][2]; __u32 eccpos[32]; }; struct nand_oobfree { __u32 offset; __u32 length; }; #define MTD_MAX_OOBFREE_ENTRIES 8/* * ECC layout control structure. Exported to userspace for * diagnosis and to allow creation of raw images */struct nand_ecclayout { canonprinterdriver3 error 1 __u32 eccbytes; __u32 eccpos[64]; __u32 oobavail; struct nand_oobfree oobfree[MTD_MAX_OOBFREE_ENTRIES]; }; /** * struct mtd_ecc_stats - error correction stats * * @corrected: number of corrected bits * @failed: number error struct mtd_info uncorrectable errors * @badblocks: as3 error #2099 number of bad blocks in this partition * @bbtblocks: number of blocks reserved for bad block tables */struct mtd_ecc_stats { __u32 corrected; __u32 failed; __u32 badblocks; error struct mtd_info __u32 bbtblocks; }; /* * Read/write file modes at+cgdcont=1, ip, internet.nw error access to MTD */enum mtd_file_modes { MTD_MODE_NORMAL = MTD_OTP_OFF, MTD_MODE_OTP_FACTORY = MTD_OTP_FACTORY, MTD_MODE_OTP_USER = MTD_OTP_USER, MTD_MODE_RAW, }; #endif /* __MTD_ABI_H__ */