Error on accept too many open files

error on accept too many open files

The first thing we can do is run ulimit to see the current imposed limits. If you see the failcnt increase for numproc, you'll want to check. › article. The problem is usually interimittent; the web server is continually closing files or sockets that it has opened, so the limit is reached briefly under the. error on accept too many open files

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grep open open files (-n) 524288 [[email protected] ~]# ulimit -n 524288 [[email protected] ~]#

When a process is created, it will inherit the limits from the environment which may be different compared to the current settings. With regard to GPDB, all database related processes will inherit the limits from the postmaster. The current limits set for the postmaster can be verified in the file system:

[[email protected] ~]$ ps -ef grep silent gpadmin 50746 1 0 Jul25 ? 00:00:00 /usr/local/greenplum-db-4.3.5.

The maximum number of file descriptors is controlled two different ways:

1. /etc/security/limits.conf

Focus on the error on accept too many open files lines:

* soft nofile 65536 * hard nofile 65536

2, error on accept too many open files. Explicitly set the number of file descriptors using the ulimit command.

Note: This can be done from one of the automatically run scripts on login/etc.

[[email protected] ~]# ulimit -n 524288 [[email protected] ~]#

For more information about ulimit and the number of file descriptors, see the ulimit man page and Linux documentation.

DCAv1 originally set the max number of open files per process to 64K (65536). This limit proved to be too low for many of the GPDB workloads, so recommend increasing this value to 256K or 512K.

DCAv2 standardized to 512K and this is the current recommendation.

DCA upgrade

Unfortunately we found out recently that DCA upgrade does not preserve this setting as it replaces the file,  with the original file from the ISO.