Error mounting /dev/acd0 on /dist

error mounting /dev/acd0 on /dist

cd /path/to/workdir $ mkfile 5g fbsd.img Install FreeBSD Donwload FreeBSD Mounting from ufs:/dev/ada0p2 failed with error 19. FreeBSD complains that it can't mount /dev/ad4s1c and /dev/ad4s2c, which are ufs partitions. Code: Disk name: ad4 FDISK Partition Editor. I installed PFSense onto the hard disk using a external laptop and then re-installed This is equivalent to: mount -t cd9660 /dev/acd0 /.

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So I created the following:


Disk: ad4 Partition name: ad4s1 Free: 0 blocks (0MB) Disk: ad4 Partition name: ad4s4 Free: 0 blocks (0MB) Disk: ad4 Partition name: ad4s2 Free: 0 blocks (0MB) Part Mount Size Newfs Part Mount Size Newfs ---- ----- error mounting /dev/acd0 on /dist ---- ----- ---- ----- ---- ----- ad4s1d <none> 44037MB * ad4s2d <none> 364GB * ad4s4a <none> 512MB * ad4s4b swap 4046MB SWAP ad4s4d <none> 3047MB * ad4s4e <none> 512MB * ad4s4f <none> 51875MB *
the funny thing is; under the sysinstall disk labelor, I see the mount point for ad4s1d and ad4s2d as <none>.

look at the following:


[[email protected] /usr/home/disappearedng]$ ls -a /usr/mount/error mounting /dev/acd0 on /dist. . 350gb 50gb
So under /usr/mount, there are 2 directories, 50gb and 350gb, error mounting /dev/acd0 on /dist.
When i try to select /usr/mount/50gb and /usr/mount/350gb as the mount points for ad4s1d ad4s2d respectively, I get the following error:


Unable to add /dev/ad4s4b as a swap device: Device busy Error mounting /dev/ad4s2d on /usr/mount/350gb : Invalid argument Error mounting /dev/ad4s1d error mounting /dev/acd0 on /dist /usr/mount/50gb : Invalid argument
I have no idea what that means.

So i modified my /etc/fstab


# Device Mountpoint FStype Options Dump Pass# /dev/ad4s4b none swap sw 0 buffer i/o error on device sda1 0 /dev/ad4s4a / error mounting /dev/acd0 on /dist ufs rw 1 1 /dev/ad4s4e /tmp ufs rw 2 2 /dev/ad4s4f /usr ufs rw 2 2 /dev/ad4s4d /var ufs rw 2 2 /dev/ad4s1d /usr/mount/50gb ufs rw 2 2 /dev/ad4s2d /usr/mount/350gb ufs rw 2 2 /dev/acd0 /cdrom cd9660 ro,noauto 0 0
and when it boots up, i get the error that ad4s1d and ad4s2d can't be mounted; some error etc.

WHat gives?

error mounting /dev/acd0 on /dist


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