Error initializer element is not constant

error initializer element is not constant

Answers 7: of Error initializer element is not constant when trying to initialize variable with const The compiler assigns a location in. The Initializer Element is not constant because GCC identifies the code as C, and C specifies that initializing global variables must be a. initializer element is not constant OK well, by choosing to declare the array outside of main or any other function you are implicitly saying. error initializer element is not constant

Error initializer element is not constant - that can

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1 week ago May 08, 2017  · of something called 'foo', which is assumed to be an 'int' type. In C, declaring the type of a variable is optional, so the compiler thought it. was this: ch foo; int foo = "01-01-80"; (Pretty stupid of the language to allow that, but no compiler has wanted. to be the first to ban it outright, it case some ancient code no longer.

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"error: initializer element is not constant" is driving me nuts.

1 week ago Mar 03, 2021  · Joined: 11/7/2003. Location: Australia, Melbourne. Status: online. Re: error: initializerelement is notconstant is driving me nuts. Wednesday, March 03, 2021 2:44 AM ( permalink ) 0. You can't use it as an initialiser. You will have to create the variable, then assign the value to it in running code. I also post at: PicForum.

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Why is the initializer element not a compile-time variable?

1 week ago The reason is that your are defining your imageSegment outside of a function in your source code (static variable). In such cases, the initialization cannot include execution of code, like calling a function or allocation a class. Initializer must be a constant whose value is known at compile time. Why is the initializerelementnotconstant in ...

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