Error fcgiperl failed stop

error fcgiperl failed stop

$rtype) { $self->{error} = "unexpected stream type"; return 0; Autoload methods go after __END__, and are processed by the autosplit program. haskell-assert-failure ( [universe]; haskell-async (2.2.2-1build1) [universe] libplack-handler-anyevent-fcgi-perl (0.01-1) [universe]. When invoked via an http request to apache, I get a 500 Internal Server error and the output of the script is printed to the Apache error.

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Error fcgiperl failed stop
Error 503 service unavailable
Error fcgiperl failed stop

Error fcgiperl failed stop - remarkable

utf8mb4                    "); unless(defined($pid)) { print("Content-type: text/plain\r\n\r\n"); print "Error: CGI app returned no output - Executing $req_params{SCRIPT_FILENAME} failed !\n"; next; } if ($pid > 0) { close(CHILD_RD); print PARENT_WR $stdin_passthrough; close(PARENT_WR); while(my $s = <KID_TO_READ>) { print $s; } close KID_TO_READ; waitpid($pid, 0); } else { foreach $key ( keys %req_params){ $ENV{$key} = $req_params{$key}; } # cd to the script's local directory if ($req_params{SCRIPT_FILENAME} =~ /^(.*)\/[^\/]+$/) { chdir $1; } close(PARENT_WR); close(STDIN); #fcntl(CHILD_RD, F_DUPFD, 0); syscall(&SYS_dup2, fileno(CHILD_RD), 0); #open(STDIN, "<&CHILD_RD"); exec($req_params{SCRIPT_FILENAME}); die("exec failed"); } } else { print("Content-type: text/plain\r\n\r\n"); print "Error: No such CGI app - $req_params{SCRIPT_FILENAME} may not exist or is not executable by this process.\n"; } } }