Error 720 adsl modem

error 720 adsl modem

The PPP configuration error in the DrayTek Smart VPN app is caused by a reconfiguration or damaged installation of the Wan Mini port (IP). Check the symptom with the user in reference to the following error messages. The Modem is being used by another Dial-Up Network connection or another program. Error 720: Dial-Up networking could not negotiate a compatible set of network protocols you specified in Server Type settings. Check your network configuration.

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Morpho RD 1300 E1 E2 E3 Error 720 Error Solution Information

Confirm: Error 720 adsl modem

Error 720 adsl modem
sql error php Error 720 = The local and remote computers cannot agree upon a PPP
> control protocol.

> Running W2K SP2 on both aDSL (through a Linksys router to a Efficient
> SpeedStream "modem) and dial-up (via USR PCI 56k).  The aDSL connection
> works perfectly.  The dial-up used to work but no longer does.  I *think
> the problem was installing SP2 but I really don't know.

> I have tried everything including: removing all protocols, services and
> clients; deleting all connections; re-installing W2K from the CD; re-
> installing SP2; creating a dial-up connection with the Connection
> Wizard. fresh out of the box, and with the aDSL cable pulled, I still
> get Error 720!  When I created the aDSL connection it again worked
> perfectly.

> FWIW:  I can use a terminal program to dial-up the Mindspring node, log
> in and watch the binary bits come flying at me. I don't think the modem
> is the problem., error 720 adsl modem. its the PPP request that's being refused that gets me
> the 720.

> FWIW:  The only anomaly in this system shows in the Device Manager.
> Without TCP/IP installed, the WAN Miniport (IP) driver under Network
> Adapters is fine, error 720 adsl modem.  When I install TCP/IP, a **second WAN Miniport device
> appears and it has got a problem.  It cannot be correctly installed
> (Error 31) and it cannot be deleted.  The NIC is a Network Anywhere
> NC100 (V2).

> My guess is either there is a device conflict with the WAN Miniport (IP)
> driver (what?) or something is "stuck" in the Registry (what?), but
> those are pure guesses, error 720 adsl modem.  Another guess:  MTU, which is global, error 720 adsl modem, is set to
> 1492 for the aDSL connection. is that a possible cause?  (Nah!)

> Any help you can provide will be sincerely appreciated.  Thanks.