Emm386 error #e2 memory

emm386 error #e2 memory

Im created VM with params 512Mb HDD, 32 RAM, 7 Video Ram, CDROM, now VBox crashed with message in its log: fatal error in recompiler cpu: triple fault. How to fix Windows crashes. 1. Download and install ASR Pro; 2. Launch the program and select the device you want to scan; 3. When you specify the RAM switch (or no switch at all), EMM386 memory for System BIOS which will causes this error. Page: 2 of 3. emm386 error #e2 memory

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MS DOS Configuration: Getting the Most Out of Upper Memory Blocks

Serious?: Emm386 error #e2 memory

Emm386 error #e2 memory
Emm386 error #e2 memory
Emm386 error #e2 memory

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Aptiva - EMM386 Exception Error #12

Applicable to:United States

When trying to run game software or other DOS application software in PC DOS, you may encounter the following error message:

EMM386 has detected error #12 in an application at memory address xxxx:yyyy. To minimize the chance of data loss, EMM386 has halted your computer. For more information, see the Readme.Txt file.

The information in the README.TXT file (either in the \DOS directory or in the directory where the installed program is located) may be somewhat vague about this problem, even if it is mentioned at all. There are fixes or workarounds for this problem, emm386 error #e2 memory, however, that can be tried.

The first solution -- and it is the most likely cause for the problem with game software -- is to disable the POWER.EXE driver in CONFIG.SYS. The best method for doing this is to create a boot disk to use when running your game program as follows:

1. Exit from Windows, nnodb operating system error number 995 to the DOS prompt, emm386 error #e2 memory, put a blank diskette in drive A:, emm386 error #e2 memory, and enter the command
When it asks for a volume label for the diskette, enter BOOTDISK or something that will help you identify it. When it is done, mark the paper label as Boot Disk for XXXX (XXXX is the name of the game you want to run).

2. With the boot disk in the drive, copy the CONFIG.SYS and AUTOEXEC.BAT files from C:\ to the A: drive. The commands would be:

3. Next, at the DOS prompt, enter the command:
to see the contents of the file on the screen.

error 50040 activation. Look for the line that has POWER.EXE and put the word REM in at the start of that line. It should look like:
when you're done with the change.

5. Press emm386 error #e2 memory F4 key to cause the change to be saved and return you to DOS.

6. With the diskette still in the drive, reboot the system. Exit Windows after bootup, and then try the game or DOS program again. In all likelihood, it will work now. You can then use the boot diskette to start up the system when you want to run this game or DOS application.

7. By disabling the POWER.EXE driver, the use of Rapid Resume or Standby may be affected. If this is the case, you can remove the diskette from the drive and reboot the system so that your system can boot up from the hard drive normally. Rapid Resume and Standby will then function as before.

If you have other game software programs that get the same error message, you may be able to use this same diskette for them.

If this first procedure does not resolve the problem, then proceed with the next set of gelato error level 3 below. Use them only if the above procedure does not help.

1. Using the boot diskette created in the above procedure, emm386 error #e2 memory, edit the CONFIG.SYS file again with the DOS command:

2. Look for the line:

3. Change the line to read:
STACKS=18,256 (if the line currently reads 9,256)
STACKS=9,256 (if the line currently reads 0,0)

4. Press the F4 key to cause the change to be saved and return you to DOS.

5. With the diskette still in the drive, reboot the system. Exit Windows after bootup, and then try the program again. Depending on the program and how it uses system resources, it may now work correctly. If so, you can then use the boot diskette to start up the system when you want to run the program. If it does not work, emm386 error #e2 memory, then edit the A:\CONFIG.SYS file again and change the STACKS= line back to its original contents.

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MS-DOS and Windows command line EMM386 command

Updated: 04/30/2020 by Computer Hope

emm386 command

Also know as EMM386.EXE, EMM386 is an Extended Memory Manager used with Emm386 error #e2 memory and above processors. This program allows MS-DOS computers to have access to memory more than 640 KB.


The EMM386 file is an external command in MS-DOS and is available for the following versions of Windows and MS-DOS as emm386.exe.

EMM386 syntax

Turns on or off EMM386 expanded memory support.

EMM386 [ON


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